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Ay now, Dis' tha New GuuuUrl..

Ayy Der',

Tha name is Rene Latte,
I'm coastin in from the islands on tha PinkTing..(lol,JK)
Tryna get uh' feel for dis' site..looks prtty ease crow
So far. Anyways, back to proper eng..i just wanted to say Hi
Everyone and tell abit about myslf. Im alil random,wild, and artsy
All in one. I can be quite the doll..but i'd rather not be fake at all..heh.
Ovr all imma cool dwn to earth person just obviously share my interests
Or likings too..else this wouldnt make sense..ok, im rambling now...
Imma go a head..n shut the durty Up..xP


you shld come to the
FanFic section

thts where everyybodyy is

nice to meet you
<strong>I'm NaNa</strong>

welcome to cbw