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<a href=>Channing</a> stood at the top of the bleachers and watched as her <a href=>brother</a> took his last shot in the gym. She looked down at her watch.

"Hey!" She called. He looked up at his sister and then down at the ball in his hands. "We've gotta go. C'mon."

He dropped the ball and walked slowly towards the bench where he'd sat his backpack. Channing walked down the bleachers and they met halfway. She rubbed his head and kissed his forehead.

"Did you turn in all of your books?" She asked.

He nodded, "Yeah. I officially don't go here anymore." He said, looking up at her.

She smiled, trying to save face. "Let's hit the road. The movers should be on their way to the house now. It's beautiful, I promise."

He shrugged, "It'll never be home." He mumbled, walking ahead of her.

Channing sighed and followed after her brother. She turned on the radio as they drove out of the school parking lot. Aaron stared lifelessly out of the side view mirror as they drove away from the school. Channing rolled down the windows and got on the highway. Their destination was 400 miles away. 400 miles away from memories. 400 miles away from <em>home</em>.


RUN IT!!!!

Awwwww, yay Ryan is HOME. <3
Family life seems very cute & great, I love them together.
Aaron & Ryan are father & son, brother & brother.
woooooow, Devin lost out, so he's out.

thank you readers (:


The End :)

AWWWWW Jas called Channing Ma, what a loving moment. I'd have cried to lol. Devins still sexy as hell but he messed up with Channing not as bad as Ryan did but he allowed her to give Ryan that second chance. And it's good to see Ryan and Aaron getting along. LOL Channings out numbered now. Loved the add. RUN IT!!!

Aaron needs to stop gambling. And Devin tryna get back I see. I understand what he's saying but I don't think calling Morgan is going to solve anything. He just needs to take some time and find that perfect girl for him somewhere else. Jasmine said Ma. Yay!!! Run it.

I don't know what's wrong with that link to the picture of Ryan, but oh well! Enjoy!

Channing waited anxiously to hear Ryan pull up in the driveway. She sat with Jasmine on the bed and put together a puzzle. Jasmine was pulling random pieces out of the box and handing them to Channing. Channing heard a door shut and she looked at Jasmine.

"Ryan's here." She said, smiling.

Jasmine spit out her pacifier and reached out her arms, "Ma." She said.

Channing picked her up and carried her downstairs. She opened the door to see <a href=>Ryan</a> walking towards the steps. He smiled when he saw her. He walked up the steps and pecked her lips.

"Hi baby." She said, wrapping one arm around him, while holding Jasmine with the other.

Jasmine squealed and Ryan broke his kiss with Channing and looked at Jasmine.

"What's up, Jas?" He asked, smiling over at her.

She reached out her arms and he grabbed her and kissed her forehead. He looked at Channing.

"Thank you for letting me come home." He said softly.

"Home missed you." She said, stroking his face with her thumb. She kissed his lips and pushed the door open.

The three of them went inside. As Channing went to close the door, she caught a glimpse of Devin looking over at her, as he got in the car. She shut the door and Ryan sat his bag down, still holding Jasmine. Channing went into the kitchen and he followed.

"Are you hungry?" She asked, looking over at him.

He nodded and sat down at the kitchen table. Jasmine wiggled out of his lap and crawled into the dining room. Ryan laughed loudly.

"She really be on the move!" He said.

"I know. Sometimes I think she tries to outdo herself, to see if she can get to the other room faster than last time." Channing said, smiling and looking at him.

Ryan sat and admired her from the table. She put a skillet on the stove.

"Grilled cheese?" She asked.

"Yes! I haven't had one of your grilled cheeses in ages." He said.

"K." She said, grabbing the bread and the cheese from the fridge.

Aaron walked into the kitchen and dapped up Ryan.

"What's up scrub?" Ryan said.

"s***, chillin. When yo b**** ass tryna get spanked on the 2K though?" Aaron asked.

"b**** ass?" Channing asked.

"Shut up Channing." Ryan and Aaron said at the same time.

Channing shook her head, "I see what I'm up against." She said, smiling.

"Nigga I'm here now. Everyday. Ain't nobody hiding. Let's put a wager on the table though." Ryan said, smiling.

"Alright, but I clean wallets for a living." Aaron said, taking a swig of his water.

Ryan shrugged, "How much you tryna put down though? 2?" He asked.

"2? No he ain't!" Channing said, looking at Aaron in bewilderment.

"Channing shut up." Aaron said, looking at Ryan. "$150."

"Alright let's go. That'll surely buy them foamposites I been having my eyes on." Ryan said, standing up and following Aaron into the living room.

Channing shook her head and put the first grilled cheese in the skillet.

Channing went to the door to see Devin standing there. She scratched her head and smiled a little.

"Hey." She said.

"What's up?" He asked, his hands shoved in his pockets. "You busy?"

"Um, not really." She said, "Is there something you need?'

"Just wanted to talk." He said, looking her in the eye.

Channing nodded and looked over at Jasmine, who was on the couch in Aaron's arms. Channing shut the door and stepped out into the air. She pulled her sweater closed and walked down the steps. She and Devin walked slowly to the end of the driveway and he smiled a little.

"How's motherhood?" He asked.

"I couldn't ask for anything more...pure." Channing said, smiling and looking over at him. "I'm happy."

"I'm glad." He said, looking her in the eye.

He put her hair behind her ear and she shuddered a little. He grabbed her hand and she shook it off and smiled.

"Devin..." She said.

"What?" He asked, smiling. "You don't like me anymore?"

"It's just...not this easy, Devin. You don't, say what you said that night, and just stroll back into my life. That really hurt me." She said, shaking her head.

"I thought we were past that." He said, confused.

"Because I've been nice to you? I'm always nice. Even when the person doesn't deserve it." Channing said, looking him in the eye.

He put his hands back in his pockets, "Guess I read that dinner wrong."

"You did." She said, nodding. "It was just dinner, as friends, like I said it would be."

Devin bit his lip and looked towards the street, "So, what needs to happen to bridge this gap?" He asked, looking back at her.

She shrugged, "The one bridge you got, was burned." She said, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"So you don't give second chances?" He asked, grabbing her hand.

She thought back to Ryan, "I do, actually. But I just gave one away, to someone else." She said.

"Oh...Your ex-fiancee?" Devin asked, dropping her hand. "I saw him over here."

Channing nodded, "Yeah." She said.

"So, I say something that hurts you...but he sleeps with your best friend and gets another shot?" Devin asked, in disbelief.

"I guess this won't make sense to you. Really, it's not supposed to." Channing said. "I'll see you later. I hope that you'll still be cordial."

She met his gaze before she headed back towards the door. Devin sighed and watched her go inside. He rubbed his head and looked back towards his house. He pulled out his phone and called Morgan.

Channing opened the front door to see Damon standing there.

"Hi, Damon." She said, opening the door wider for him to come in.

He walked in and smiled. Aaron jogged down the steps and dapped up Damon.

"Hey how you doin?" Aaron asked, looking up at his father.

"I'm cool. What's goin on with you?" Damon asked.

Channing smiled at the two of them and walked into the kitchen to check on the food. Jasmine was there, in her hi-chair, beating her hands.

"MA!" She yelled.

Channing froze in the middle of the kitchen. She looked over at Jasmine who was still beating her hands on the top of the hi-chair.

"Ma!" She yelled again.

Channing's eyes filled with tears and she smiled and grabbed Jasmine's applesauce.

"Say it again." She said, giving Jasmine a spoonful.

"Ma." Jasmine said, smiling with a mouth full of applesauce.

"Mommy loves you." Channing said, kissing her forehead.

Aaron and <a href=>Damon</a> walked outside and went to shoot around in the backyard. Channing got Jasmine cleaned up, when she hard Tiny's bells coming into the kitchen. She smiled down at Tiny.

"C'mon baby." She said, leaving the kitchen and going into the bathroom on the first floor.

She wiped Jasmine's face and washed her hands before she put Jasmine on the floor of the living room and let her watch TV with Tiny. When dinner was ready, she called Damon and Aaron back inside. At the dinner table, Damon basically shared stories with Aaron, who seemed to be hung on his every word. Channing even started to notice the resemblance between the two of them. They both held their forks the same way, and did this thing with their nose before they laughed. After dinner, Damon and Aaron sat on the couch and caught the highlights on ESPN while Channing talked to Ryan.

"I talked to Aaron the other day about you coming back to town. He seemed okay." Channing said, running her finger across the edge of the counter.

"I'm counting the days! For real, I can't wait to get back down there. I miss y'all." He said.

"Miss you too." Channing said, smiling. "You left a couple of your things here."

"I know." He responded. "I did it on purpose. Just in case you had male company or something. It's like peeing on a fire hydrant."

Channing scrunched up her face, "The f***? What am I? The hydrant?" She asked.

Ryan started laughing, "Yes."

"I'll pass on the pee." She said, shaking her head. "Anyway, I've got news." Channing said, smiling.

"What's up? Aaron daddy came over?" He asked.

"Yeah but that's not it. Jasmine called me Ma." Channing said, cheesing.

"What! Aw s***, that's beautiful. I bet you cried." He said.

"I was close." Channing said, smiling.

"You so damn cute. Facetime me later. I wanna see your face." He said.

"I will. Love you." She said.

"Love you too." He said.

She hung up the phone and smiled. Everything in her world made sense today. She started to finish the dishes, when the doorbell rang.

I commend Aaron for being the mature young man and taking the time to listen to his father. I look forward to seeing how this plays out.


Thank you readers!

I am happy she gets to keep Jasmine, a little upset she forgave Ryan. I really dislike Devin.
I cried for Aaron. Their mother was dead wrong. That was unfair of her to decied who was and who wasn't in his life. That is his sister and father he had every to know them sooner. Channing had every right to have you in her life to at least know or get to know her mother.

I felt the hurt and the pain!
Run this!

glad shes keeping Jas

i hope tht Aaron makes the right
moves based onlyy on wht
HE wants && no one else

still ot sure how to feel
abt Ryyan && Channing
hes cool but ahhh idk

runs though

Thank you readers :)

Changes, changes. Whoa.
I hope Aaron makes the right decision. :)
& yay, Jasmine! Welcome home!.

First of I'm sooooooooo excited Channing got to keep Jasmine yay. And aww Tinys to cute chillin' with Jas. WOW I was not expecting dude at the door to be Aarons dad. Damn sucks Regina didn't allow him a relationship with his son, but I like that he never gave up and wrote and continued to look for his son. I can't wait to learn more about him and see if he and Aaron's relationship can go somewhere. I just hope Aaron doesn't leave Channing or something. Loved the add Yeah you threw a twister with that add Carmine I wasnt expecting that Here I was thinking Nick or Devin was gone be at that door lol. RUN IT!!!

Awww Kudos to Aaron!! I'm glad he changed his mind. He needs his father to be there for him. They've just gone thru so much! I'm proud of him.

Man I absolutely love Aaron! He's so intelligent and respectful

enjoy (:

Aaron had argued with Channing when she brought him home the journal, but she left it on his dresser anyway. She sat in her room talking to Ryan while Aaron sat in his room, looking out the window. His eyes fell on the journal. He stood up and grabbed it. He flipped through it and noticed a letter shoved in the middle. He pulled it out and looked at the envelope. All it had was Aaron's name. He opened the envelope and pulled out at the piece of aged paper.


<em>Today is your 10th birthday. 10! Can't believe it's been 7 years since I got to hold you in my arms. Can't do that anymore, I'm sure. Everyday, I wake up, afraid that you've forgotten me. I'm here. I wish that I could be here for you, and with you. Just know that from afar, I'm cheering you on at every basketball or baseball game. I'm sure you're an athlete. At least I hope so. You would've gotten that from me.</em>

Aaron smiled a little. He was playing on the youth basketball team at the time.

<em>I don't know where you are, son. I hope Regina hasn't abandoned you. I hope that she's treating you like the prince that you are. I hope that one day these words reach you and you realize, that your father was here, thinking about you, with you, in spirit, everyday. I love you.</em>

Aaron shut the letter and put it back in the journal. He opened to the first page and began to read. He read for the majority of the night, until he fell asleep with the book open. When Channing came to wake him up for basketball practice Saturday morning, she found the journal and smiled. She walked towards him and kissed his forehead.

"Aaron. Time for practice." She said.

Aaron opened his eyes slowly and nodded. Channing went to leave the room.

"Channing." He said, his voice hoarse.

She stopped and looked at him.

"Sorry for the way I reacted last night. This is hard to swallow." He said.

"I know a thing or two about that. I know what it's like to not want to accept something because it changes EVERYTHING you've ever known about yourself. I promise, I know." She said, looking him in the eye.

He nodded and sat up, "Does it ever get easier?"

"When you accept that you can't change the past, it gets so much easier." She said.

"But I can change the future." He responded.

She nodded, "The cards are in your hands." She said, turning and leaving.

Aaron stood up and went to shower. Before he left, he took the business card from the back of the journal and dialed the number. Damon was walking through the airport when his phone vibrated. He pressed the button on his bluetooth.

"Damon Ross." He answered.

"...Ay, um, it's Aaron." He said, sitting down on the bed.

"Aaron, how ya doin?" Damon asked.

"I'm alright. I started to read the journal and, I, uh. I don't know how to do this yet but, I'd like to maybe...get some basketball pointers. I know you played in high school." He said.

"We can do that whenever you'd like son." He said, stopping in the middle of the airport.

"Are you still in town, or?" Aaron asked, looking out of the window.

Damon turned and started towards the exit, "Yeah I'm still here." He said.

"Maybe you could come for dinner this week. I'm not, jumping into nothing but, we could at least share a meal and watch ESPN, or some s***." He said.

"What made you change your mind?" Damon asked, flagging down a cab.

"Channing never got the chance to make things right with Regina, because Regina didn't want to. You want to make things right with me, so it's only right." He said.

"Regina raised you right, I see." Damon said.

"She did some shady stuff, but to me, she was just mom." Aaron said, shrugging.

"I'll see you this week." Damon responded.

"Bet." Aaron said, hanging up the phone.

Channing was at the door with Jasmine. She smiled at him. "You're making the right choice."

"I'm making <em>a</em> choice. Time will tell if it's the right one." He responded, grabbing his bag and leaving the room.

Channing sat across the table from Damon, who was carrying a journal with him. He slid it toward her.

"Since he won't agree to meet me, I want you to give him this. I've documented the majority of the last 13 years. There's a few letters to him and a few to Regina that I think he should read." He said, looking over at her.

Channing nodded and gripped the journal. She looked over at him.

"So why now?" She asked.

"I wish it was then and not now, but the cards didn't fall in my favor. Regina and I had a volatile relationship. A lot of small arguments would simply get out of hand. I never put my hands on her or Aaron. I wasn't an alcoholic. I wasn't shifty. I wasn't out in the streets doing anything shady. I worked in a factory while I was with Regina. For 3 years, I took care of my son while his mother was at work. I worked the night shift. Your mother, she...was a sneaky woman. I'm sure your father has told you." He said.

Channing didn't respond but she remembered what Shelby had told her about Regina.

"Came home one night, after she and I'd argued over a light bill, or something irrelevant. I'm sure it's in the journal but, when I got back, she was gone, with my son. I tried going to court, having them find her and bring her in for a custody hearing, but I found out real soon that kids are almost always placed with the mother. Even when she's, a conniving, deceiving individual. Apologize to Aaron for me. I'm sure my absence has affected him." He said.

"It has, but, Regina was a great mother." Channing said, nodding. "She was good for Aaron. When I met him, he was, self-sufficient and responsible."

"When you <em>met</em> him? I was sure Regina would've brought you around earlier." He said.

Channing shook her head and sighed, "I didn't know about Regina until after she'd died."

His mouth dropped a little and he shook his head, "I saw you once. You were with your mom and dad, at the mall. Aaron was a few months old and you had to be about 6. Your dad's mom used to keep in touch with Regina and, she'd sent her a few pictures, so I recognized you. I told Regina that it wasn't right what she was doing to you, but I guess my words never left an impression. I'm sorry Channing." He said.

"It's no one's fault. Regina didn't think that she could've taken care of me." Channing said.

"But it's a mother's responsibility to care for her child. She had what? 21 years to be in your life. She chose not to be. That's the Regina I remember. That's the Regina that took my son away from me." He said, looking Channing in the face.

As she sat there and saw the pain behind his eyes, she couldn't help but believe that what he'd said was true.

I don't blame Aaron, but he should hear his dad's side of the story

Channing was on her database from work, looking from Aaron. Technically, she wasn't supposed to, but she did anyway. She went to his file and began to read it over. Indeed, Damon Ross was listed as his father. His location was unknown. She shut her laptop and took off her glasses. She didn't even know how she'd tell Aaron. She walked down the hall to his room and stood in the doorframe. He looked over at her from the bed. He had been writing something in his notebook.

"What's up?" He asked.

She walked towards his bed and sat down. She rubbed his back.

"Stop." He said, slapping her hand away.

"Aaron, I have to be honest with you." She said softly.

He sat up and pulled his knees in. "About what?"

"The man that was here earlier...was your dad." She said.

Aaron's eyes fell on her and he shook his head, "You're lying."

"I'm not lying. I just looked it up in the system, Aaron. It's your dad." She said.

Aaron looked at the carpet and scratched his head, "So, now that I'm 16 he decides he wants a relationship with me or some s***?" He mumbled.

"He said that he never left you. I'm not sure what the story is but...he wants to know you now. Guess that's all that matters. It's your choice." She said.

Aaron shook his head, "I don't want to." He responded, lying back down and continuing to write.

Channing sat there for a few moments before she kissed the back of his head and stood up to leave. Aaron followed her with his eyes.

Tiny lied next to Jasmine while she took her nap on Channing's bed. Channing was in Jasmine's room cleaning up and talking to Ryan on the phone. She kneeled down and reassembled Jasmine's books.

"No there's an apartment around the corner from me. I'm not sure what rent's like, but it looks nice." Channing said.

"I'm looking at the website now. I wish that apartment I had before would just let me move back in." He said.

"Did you call?" She asked, walking to Jasmine's crib.

"No, I'm sure they filled the vacancy. It was in high demand." He said.

"And work? They don't mind transferring you again?" She asked, leaving the room and turning off the light.

"They asked me why but, I just told them I'd made the mistake of coming back." He said. "They said the next time I ask for a transfer, I'm fired so..."

"You owe your boss." She said, walking down the hall when she heard a knock at the door. "Hey babe, someone's at the door. Let me call you back."

"Alright." He responded.

She ended the call and walked downstairs. She opened the door to see <a href=>him</a> standing there. Channing smiled a little.

"Hi, may I help you?" She asked.

"Yes, Channing?" He asked.

She nodded, not sure who this man was.

"Wow..." He said, staring at her.

Channing raised her eyebrows and went to shut the door when he stopped with his hand.

"I'm sorry, it's just that...I knew your mother, Regina and you...look so much like her. I'm Damon Ross. I knew your mother a long time ago-" He continued to talk but Channing was hung up on his last name.

<em>Ross</em>...Aaron's last name is Ross.

"She and I were together for a while, but things didn't exactly work out. I just found out that she died. I can't believe it's been over a year." He said.

Channing opened her mouth to say something, but she rethought it.

"Sir, is there something that I can do for you?" She asked.

"Is...A-Aaron here?" He stammered.

"He's not, may I ask who you are?" She asked.

"I'm his father." He said.

Channing's mouth dropped and she shook her head, "Aaron's father left him when he was young."

"Is that the story?" He asked, his face serious. "That's not what happened, at all. I've been looking for my son, for the last 13 years, searching high and low. Regina's address was always unlisted. Her mother wouldn't ever tell me where they were." He said.

"So how did you find out that he was here?" Channing asked.

"I have a friend that works at social services now and she came across his name in the database. I'm sorry if this is...strange. I considered not coming, but I need to know my son." He said.

"Honestly, Damon, I don't know you and neither does Aaron. I'm not going to just let you walk into his life, until I know who you are." She said.

"That's understandable. I'll show you whatever documentation you need. If you'd like to just meet and talk, we can do that too." He said.

"Do you live here?" She asked.

"No I live in Boston, but I caught the first flight out of there, to come see about Aaron." He said.

Aaron pulled onto the street and Channing got nervous.

"Do you have a business card? I'll contact you." She said.

"Yes I do." He said, taking the card out of his wallet and handing it to her.

Aaron pulled up into the driveway, blasting his music. Damon turned and looked at him. Channing could see his heart beating out of his chest. <a href=>Aaron</a> shut his door and looked at Damon. He raised an eyebrow at Channing.

"The hell? You into old dudes now?" He asked, jogging up the steps. "What's up, man?" He said to Damon, as he entered the house.

Channing kissed his forehead and looked at Damon. Damon took a deep breath.

"You have my information...please, Channing, call me." He said.

She nodded, "I will." She said before she shut the door.

"Who was that?" Aaron asked, taking off his jacket.

"Something I have to look into." Channing said.

Channing bounced a whining Jasmine on her knee as she sat in front of the social worker who'd been helping her out. Channing smiled apologetically.

"She's fussy today." Channing said.

The social worker turned a cruel eye at Channing and cleared her throat.

"What are you doing to create a loving environment for Jasmine?" She asked.

Jasmine cried louder and wiggled out of Channing's lap. Channing looked down at her and sighed. She swallowed hard and looked at the social worker, who was looking at her with unsympathetic eyes.

"Jasmine will be afforded the same things that my parents afforded me. Love, an education, encouragement and an open environment for her to explore everything that this world has to offer. I made it a point, already, to read to her in English and Spanish. Even if she can't respond right now, I know that seeds are being planted, and that they'll eventually blossom." Channing said.

The social worker wrote something down and looked back at Channing.

"You're a single woman. How do you plan to provide that...complementary parental role for her?" She asked.

"I am that complementary role. Not to sound supercilious, in any way but..." Channing tried to choose her words carefully. She took a deep breath. "I think sometimes when there are two parents, one may love the child with only half of their heart, because they know that the child has another parent at the end of the day. I love Jasmine with ALL of my heart. Right now, in this moment, when I look in her eyes, I can't imagine a day when I couldn't anymore. I'm single, yes, but I raise my 16 year old brother, who is growing to be a sensible young man. I make the salary of a married couple, so financially Jasmine is well taken care of."

The social worker nodded and shut her file. She put it in her desk and looked at Channing.

"We'll be in touch." She responded.

"When will I know if I get to keep her?" Channing asked.

Jasmine crawled into her lap. She straddled Channing and lied her head on her chest. The social worker smiled a little and looked at Channing.

"I'll tell you what. I'll get the paperwork drawn up and send it over to the headquarters. This time next week, Jasmine will be all yours." She said.

Channing smiled. She was sure that she'd just failed that interview.

"What made you decide?" Channing asked.

"I was a little worried when I saw the way she was acting at first but...let's be frank here, Channing. There aren't too many of you coming through my office. I'd be a heartless woman to hold your marital status against you. Take her <em>home</em>." She said.

Channing smiled and kissed Jasmine's forehead.

"C'mon baby." Channing said, grabbing Jasmine's diaper bag and standing up. She looked at the social worker. "I can't thank you enough."

Aww man Carmen, what you got up your sleeve?

Adding this evening! I'm throwing a wrench at y'all, so be prepared! haha (:

I'm so happy they're back together

Yay! I always wanted her to be with him... It's obvious that he still had her heart, she just had to grow on her own. I love it!
Run it!