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Famous Arranged Marriage

( Intro )

"Sweetie could you change your clothes into something more proper??"
"For what??"
"We're going out."
"I think I look cute and so did everyone else today."

I stood in the mirror looking at my tight shorts and my fitting top then at my sandals. My outfits always showed off my curves and my mom hated that. She said i was fat, but my grandmother always said I was thick and she loved it before she passed.

"Sweetie they only say that because they have to. You actually look very slutty."
"Just because I like my curves and I wanna show them off that makes me slutty!?"
"Well yes. Now go change so we can go out."
"No. You can go by your damn self and I’ll go out with my friends."

I went up to my room and locked the door. I changed into a cute short skirt, but not too short and and a half shirt with a "v" cut showing off my big boobs a little then I put on sandals. I did my hair up in curls and added a little body glitter then changed my accessories and walked downstairs.

"Channel could you come in here for a minute please??"

I rolled my eyes and walked into the living room. Sitting on my couch was Chris Brown, his mom, his manager, and Tyga. I had to pinch myself a little to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I kept my composure so I didn't look like a groupie even though I was madly in love with Chris.

"Hi everybody. Mom whats going on??"
"Have a seat sweetie."

My phone rang so i excused myself.

"girl I'm outside."

I let my best friend Bianca in and we walked into the living room. She nearly fainted when she saw them. Just like how I'm in love with Chris that's how she is with Tyga.

"Girl what is my husband doing here??"
"I don't know."

We both sat down and waited for my mom to continue.

"Well Chanell Chris' family and ours go way back to a line of arranged marriages.
"You and Chris are arranged to be married."

I almost fainted.


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( 24 ) -

Tyga and I went back upstairs and sat in the living room. Eventually Chris and mama came back downstairs, but along with them was Paris and she was smiling.

“Channel what the f***?! You f***ing with Sammie?!”
“No Chris! Baby it‘s NOT what it looks like!”
“I don’t even wanna hear it. I’m good on ya ass. The wedding is OFF!”

He pushed passed everyone and walked out the door. I went from sad to furious in 2.2 seconds and all I saw was Paris’ laughing face. I jumped over the couch and knocked her to the ground then we started fighting. I was punching her and slamming her head into the ground. People were trying to pull me off then I heard Chris and Sammie outside arguing then it stopped and I heard mama yelling for Chris to get off of Sammie before he killed him. Paris tried getting off the ground, but I kicked her in the eye with my heel and started f***ing her up all over again.

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( 23 ) -

Chris went up to his room at mama’s house and closed the door. I sighed and went to mama’s room where she was on the phone. I knocked and she said she would call the person back then told me to come in.

“Hey sweet pea what’s troubling you??”
“Paris is here.”

She gasped then she got angry.

“How dare that little tramp show up at my house?!”

She stood up pacing back and forth.

“She tried to push up on Chris and she told him that her baby is his, but Tootie let it be known that a DNA test proved it‘s Sammie‘s baby.”

She shook her head.

“Where‘s Chris??”
“He left me and went upstairs to his room and closed his door.”
“I‘ll go talk to him. Stay away from Paris. I know she can get under anyone’s skin and the last thing we need is a fight.”
“Ok mama.”

She walked out her room and upstairs to Chris’. I put my shoes back on and put my earrings back in then went to the kitchen for something to eat.

“Wassup sexy??”

I turned and there was Sammie. It just so happens that Sammie is also my ex boyfriend, but of course Chris doesn’t know that.

“Sammie what are you doing here??”
“I came to pick up my daughter and I heard ya voice. Damn shawty you look so damn sexy.”

He walked up on me and put his arms around me. I pushed him away and walked to the other side of the kitchen.

“Sammie leave me alone. I’m engaged.”
“To who?!”
“Punk ass Breezy??”
“Don’t come at my man like that.”
“Baby you need a real man. I real man like me.”

He walked over to me and kinda pushed me up against the wall kissing on my neck. I tried pushing him off when I seen flash. I turned and looked at Paris who was taking pictures of Sammie kissing on me. I was so focused on Paris that Sammie was able to kiss me on the lips and grab my ass all in 1 move. She took more pics then walked out.

“Come on baby you know you want this.”

He picked me up and carried me downstairs to the basement. I was hitting and kicking him the whole way down there and yelling, but it seems like nobody heard me. He tossed me on a couch and unbuttoned his pants then I heard voices. I started yelling louder and I guess someone heard me because I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

“What the f*** is going on??”

It was Tyga.

“Get him off of me please.”

I started crying and Tyga yanked Sammie off of me then helped me up.

“We may have gotten interrupted this time, but this isn’t over b****.”

He ran up the stairs and Tyga held me as I cried.

“Please don’t tell Chris. He‘ll kill him.”
“What happened??”

I told him about everything from the kitchen, to the pictures, and leading up to now.

“Knowing Paris she‘ll either try to blackmail you into leaving Chris or she‘ll just show them to him. You might have to tell him.”

I knew he was right, but if I told Chris he would go crazy. What am I gunna do??

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( 22 ) -

I took off my earrings on the low and stepped out of my heels just in case the b**** tried to act crazy.

“I miss you boo.”
“You did me wrong not the other way around.”
“I’m sorry. Can we please just talk??”
“Nothing for us to talk about. That was 3 years ago. It is what it is now.”
“Don’t you wanna meet ya daughter??”

We both looked at her like she was crazy.

“You got an abortion remember??”
“Actually I didn’t.”

A little girl came out, but she looked NOTHING like Chris at all. She was dark and she resembled Sammie.

“She‘s the spitting image of Sammie. Don’t try to pin her on me because my career is going better than his.”
“How could you deny her Chris??”

His sister Tootie and her friend came out walking over to us. Tootie looked at Paris and laughed.

“Damn b**** you still on my brother‘s d***??”
“He wont take care of his daughter.”
“b**** bye ya older sister told me you had a DNA test done and that‘s Sammie‘s baby.”

Paris was stuck for a moment. She brushed it off and turned back to Chris who was just staring at her with a blank expression.

“I know you miss me Chris.”
“Nah. The only woman I want is my fiancé right here.”

He pulled me to him and gave me a long kiss. Paris sucked her teeth when we pulled apart.

“I bet she can‘t do you like I do.”
“Yeah you’re right she cant do me like you did. My baby is classy, beautiful, faithful, and trust worthy. Unlike you she wont f*** my best friend to get ahead in life. Oh yeah how‘s that acting career coming for you?? I still haven’t seen you in any movies or even heard ya name mentioned.”

Tootie, her friend, and even Paris’ friends laughed.

“This isn’t over Chris.”

I looked at her.

“Oh, but b**** please believe it is. If you even TRY to get close to my man you‘ll be dealing with me. I‘m sure you don’t want that.”

I picked up my heels and grabbed Chris’ hand then we walked inside to see mama.

Update tomorrow !

BTW thxx for the love ya =)

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( 21 ) -

Chris and I have been doing a whole lot better now. I’ve learned not to accuse him all the time and he learned not to shut me out when s*** gets hard. We’re at mama’s cook out and I’m watching him play ball.

“Damn look at Chris.”

Some girls said standing next to me.

“Yes yo I cant believe you did him wrong like that.”
“Shuttup. I’m gunna get him back.”
“I heard he has a girlfriend and they’re getting married.”
“Please. I know Chris misses me he even sends me texts every night.”

I didn’t let that get to me because I know b****es lie especially when theyre around their friends. Chris made a few more shots then turned to walk over to me, but stopped in his tracks.

“Hey boo. Miss me??”

The girl said as he finally walked over. His face was emotionless and I could see that him and this girl have some bad history.

“Paris what are you doing here??”

I was shocked because Paris is the girl that mama told me about. What the f*** was she doing here?????

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( 20 ) -

*Chris‘ POV*

I went downstairs a few hours later to see what she cooked, but to my surprise there was no food. I looked around the house for her, but found her nowhere and when I called her phone rang from her bedroom. I sat on her bed and went thru her messages to see if there was some type of sign as to where she went, but all I saw was messages to her friends talking about how I hate her. I heard a car pull up then keys and footsteps come up to her room.

“Why are you going thru my phone??”

She asked and walked over taking it from me.

“I was looking for a clue as to where you could’ve gone.”
“You don’t care Chris.”
“Yes I do.”

It was silent for a little while.

“Why would you think I hate you??”
“Why do you treat me the way you do??”
“Why do you accuse me??”
“Why did you diss me a few days ago??”
“We‘re not going to get anything solved just by asking questions Channel.”
“There’s nothing for us to solve. You hate me and I know it.”

She turned to walk away and I pulled her onto my lap.

*Channel‘s POV*

The feeling that went thru me when Chris touched me felt so good. We haven’t had any type of physical contact since he got back from his trip. He put his arms around me and put his chin on my shoulder.

“I don’t hate you bae. You don’t know how much I love you.”
“You don’t act like you love me.”
“I can’t front you hurt me every time you accuse me. I have a bad history of being accused and it still haunts me till this day.”

I knew he was referring to his 1st love, but I couldn’t bring it up because mama wasn’t even supposed to tell me.

“I don’t know how many times I can say sorry until you finally forgive me. I know I hurt you, but you’ve also hurt me. The way you treated me made me feel like you didn’t love me anymore and that hurts the most.”

He turned my body around to face him.

“I could never stop loving you baby girl. You’re going to be my wife soon and even though you piss me off I don’t want that to change. I’m YOUR man and I always will be, but you gotta stop accusing me though.”
“I will.”

He kissed me and I felt the piece of my heart that’s been missing come back.

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