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Famous Arranged Marriage

( Intro )

"Sweetie could you change your clothes into something more proper??"
"For what??"
"We're going out."
"I think I look cute and so did everyone else today."

I stood in the mirror looking at my tight shorts and my fitting top then at my sandals. My outfits always showed off my curves and my mom hated that. She said i was fat, but my grandmother always said I was thick and she loved it before she passed.

"Sweetie they only say that because they have to. You actually look very slutty."
"Just because I like my curves and I wanna show them off that makes me slutty!?"
"Well yes. Now go change so we can go out."
"No. You can go by your damn self and I’ll go out with my friends."

I went up to my room and locked the door. I changed into a cute short skirt, but not too short and and a half shirt with a "v" cut showing off my big boobs a little then I put on sandals. I did my hair up in curls and added a little body glitter then changed my accessories and walked downstairs.

"Channel could you come in here for a minute please??"

I rolled my eyes and walked into the living room. Sitting on my couch was Chris Brown, his mom, his manager, and Tyga. I had to pinch myself a little to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I kept my composure so I didn't look like a groupie even though I was madly in love with Chris.

"Hi everybody. Mom whats going on??"
"Have a seat sweetie."

My phone rang so i excused myself.

"girl I'm outside."

I let my best friend Bianca in and we walked into the living room. She nearly fainted when she saw them. Just like how I'm in love with Chris that's how she is with Tyga.

"Girl what is my husband doing here??"
"I don't know."

We both sat down and waited for my mom to continue.

"Well Chanell Chris' family and ours go way back to a line of arranged marriages.
"You and Chris are arranged to be married."

I almost fainted.


MORE RUNS nd I'll update tomorrow cuz im very sleepy and I dont want to give ya a crappy update . RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT

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why she so.....ugh idk lol

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They're cute, but I'm sick of her accusing him.

She is really getting on my nerves.


I'm glad she's waiting until she's ready.

Run this.

i knew it was a legit reason chill da fuk out girl u got 6 mnths to get it together!

Tyga funny af n a good friend Awh he was miserable I lov it run it I'm glad they worked things ot

Run it

( 14 )
Today is the day that Chris comes back home, but honestly I don’t give a f***. I’ve seen him grinding on b****es in his shows as if he didn’t have a girl back home and it bothered me. I was in my room then there was a knock.

“Sweetie it‘s mama. Can I come in??”

She walked in and closed my door then sat on the bed with me. She held me like a mother is supposed to and rubbed my arm. The water works started up again and I couldn’t control it. She stayed with me the whole time I cried until I fell asleep.

*after the nap*
When I woke up I heard voices coming from downstairs so I went down there. Chris, mama, Bianca, Tyga, and a few other people were down there. Chris got up the moment he saw me and tried walking towards me, but I put my hand up and told him to just leave me alone. I went out to the backyard and sat next to the pool then a few minutes later Tyga came and sat next to me.

“He didn’t cheat on you.”
“I heard the girl tell him to come back to bed.”
“Come with me.”
“Lets go.”

He pulled me up and dragged me back into the house with everyone. He forced me to sit next to Chris then pressed play and a video appeared.

“What‘s this??”
“Just watch.”

It was a music video to Chris’ song ‘Damage’. A part came up when he was talking to a girl having the same convo we were having except for a few parts then the girl in the background told him to come back to bed. The pain Chris had on his face after I hung up on him was real and that’s where Tyga paused the video.

“Chris wasn’t cheating on you he was doing a video.”
“That doesn’t change the fact that he was grinding on other girls on stage.”

Tyga walked over to me and showed me tons of pictures that Chris didn’t know he was taking. He looked depressed in all the pictures.

“Chris had to put on a show for his fans sake. You don’t know how much that nigga was miserable without you. His punk ass had ya teddy bear everywhere he went.”

Chris threw a pillow at Tyga and everyone else laughed a lil bit. Chris stood up and grabbed my hand then we went to my room and closed the door.

“I didn’t cheat on you. You mean too much to me.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you out.”
“I can understand why though. When I said I love you I meant it and I wouldn’t wanna do anything to jeopardize it. We‘re getting married in just 6 months.”
“I know. The thought of you hurting me just…”
“I understand, but get those thoughts out of your mind because I wont hurt you. EVER.”

He pulled me to him and kissed me then fell back on my bed with me on top. We were going at it and it was getting hot, but I couldn’t go further so I got off of him.

“I’m still not ready.”
“That’s fine with me. I told you I can wait.”

He pecked my lips and stood up.

“I just need to go shower now.”

We both laughed and he went to go shower while I chilled with everyone else.

Run it

i don't think he did anything cause
if her was i don't think he would have called
her while the chick was there.

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i dont think he did nun run it

More runs ?

ok i may have flipped out to at dat last part but damn chill out. also y wuld he call if he know he out doin wrong? hmm dey need to understand other. run it

Run it I lov it I DNT believ he did anythng

( 13 )
*2 weeks later*

I couldn’t sleep ever since Chris left. We video chatted, txted, and talked on the phone everyday, but it wasn’t the same. I wore his chain everyday and I was counting down the days until he cam home. Mama Joyce made me leave and get out the house with her because she didn’t like me moping around. When we got home after a long day of shopping my phone rang and it was my boo so I ran to my room and answered it.

“Hey baby.”
“Hey. I miss you. A lot.”
“I miss you more. You wearing my chain??”
“All day everyday. You sleeping with my teddy bear??”
“Every time I lay down. Damn I didn’t think it would be this hard.”
“Neither did I. I cant stop thinking of you.”
“Mama told me about how you‘ve been depressed and s***. I don’t like hearing that bae.”
“I know, but it‘s like I don’t know what to do without you.”
“Go out and enjoy yourself.”

I heard a girl’s voice in the backround telling him to come back to bed. Instantly I was angry.

“Chris who the f*** is that and why is she telling you to come back to bed?!”
“It‘s not what it sounds like-”
“No Chris I knew you were going to hurt me. f*** YOU!!”

I hung up on him and turned off my phone crying my heart out.

Run it I lov ot they so complicated n ugh

1-2 more runs and ill update

Run it

Run it!

( 12 )
*next morning*

I walked Chris to the door as his limo waited outside for him. The driver came and took his bag then told Chris to take as much time as he needed. I leaned against the hallway wall with his arms around my waist.

“This is it.”

I said, trying to hide the sadness in my voice.

“Yeah I guess so.”

There were a few minutes of silence.

“Do you have to go??”
“Sadly yes. My fans been waiting for this for months so I gotta do what I gotta do for them.”

He put his hand under my chin and leaned down to kiss me, but I turned my head. He sighed.

“Channel please don’t do this to me.”
“I’m not doing anything Chris.”
“You wont even give me any love.”
“It‘s not like you cant get any from the girls on the road.”

He took his arms from around me and leaned against the other wall.

“Forreal Channel?? You really bout to end us on a bad note??”

I didn’t say anything so he got off the wall and walked towards the door. I followed him and grabbed his arm turning him around then I pushed him up against the wall kissing him. He slid his hands down to my butt and gave it a squeeze. After a while the salty taste from my tears touched our lips so we came up for air and my tears were on his face. He gently rubbed the tears from my face and pulled me back to him holding me tightly.

“I‘m not gunna hurt you baby.”
“I know, but I cant stay away from you for a month either.”
“I told you to come with me.”
“You know I cant.”

The driver honked his horn and pointed to his watch. We both sighed and I tried to pull away from him, but he wouldn’t let me.

“You have to go.”

I said quietly.

“That doesn’t mean I have to let you go.”

He said quietly.

“Yes it does. The longer you stay the longer you‘re gunna be gone.”

He nodded his head, but still wouldn’t let me go.

“Do you love me??”

He asked catching me off guard with that.

“I don’t know what love is. I‘ve never had it.”
“Well I know what I feel and I love you Channel. You don’t have to say it back yet, but just know that I love your insecure ass.”

I laughed a little bit then we kissed 1 last time and he was gone.

Run it!!

1-2 more runs and i'll update

Damn man!

I hope it works out :(

Let's hope he keeps Rihanna's ass away.

Awwwwwww I feel bad for them run it lov it they can survive it it's gonna b ok

*days later*

Today is the day that Chris is leaving me and I’m going back to VA. I helped him pack while trying to keep the tears in.

“Baby you ok??”

He asked as I tried to quickly wipe a tear away.

“Yeah I’m fine. It‘s the dust.”
“Channel we both know there’s no dust in here. What’s really wrong bae??”

He sat on the bed and pulled me to his lap.

“I wont be able to see you for a month. Plus you know that sometimes you end up being on the road longer than expected.”
“I know babe, but I‘ll try my hardest to get here soon. I can always fly you out to see me.”
“I don’t want you going thru all of that.”
“Then come with me.”
“I have to help plan the wedding baby and you know that.”
“I want any chance to see you. We can video chat every night and you know that I‘ll text or call you when I get the chance to. ”
“It‘s not the same as having you next to me though Chris.”

I got off his lap and went into my room, closing the door.

Chris knocked on my door then walked in.


I turned and looked at him. I knew my eyes were red and puffy, but I didn’t care.

“Are you mostly scared that I‘ll cheat on you??”

I sighed and shook my head yes. He came and sat next to me, pulling me on his lap in the process.

“Baby girl you’re ALL I want and need. All them other chicks are hoes, but I prefer a wife which is what you are. You don’t need to worry about me doing you dirty.”
“It‘s not you it‘s the girls I worry about. You know how crazy ya fans get and what if 1 of them take it to far?? What if you get tempted??”
“The only temptation I have is you. If they do some crazy s*** you‘ll be the 1st to know. I‘ll even get more security so something like that doesn’t happen. I‘ll call you before and after my shows.”
“…I fell a little better now…Im still going to miss you a lot though.”
“I‘ll miss you even more. At least we have pictures of each other, you have my favorite shirt, and I have ya favorite teddy bear. I‘ll sleep with it every night so it reminds me of you.”

I looked up at him and he wiped away my tears then kissed me. Lord knows this is going to be a hard month for us.

damn though they was about to
get it on and poppington! oh
well lol at least she realized
that sht.


Yea she needs to contol herself she needs to stop bein insecure but I'm glad she apologized run it I lov it


She's going to keep acting like that though :/

This will jeopardize their marriage.

Run it.

( 10 )
I woke up the next morning and brushed my teeth then Bianca called my name. I walked into the kitchen and sat on the counter.

“We need to talk.”
“Last night.”
“What about it??”
“You definitely OVERreacted.”
“He signed her-”
“Let me finish. Chris is MARYYING you. The other b****es are his FANS. They might even want a lil peck from him, but you have to understand that they‘re FANS and NOTHING more. You blew it way out of proportion.”

I thought about it.

“He should’ve considered the fact that I was right there.”
“If he would’ve done it in private you would’ve accused him of doing something else with that girl.”

She was right.

“You owe him an apology Channel and you know it.”

I sighed and got my things then she dropped me off home then I took a deep breath and walked in. I heard sound coming from the living room so I went in there and he was singing with his headphones in. I put my things down then went and sat next to him. His eyes opened and he looked at me then got up and went to the bedroom. I followed after him and pulled his headphones out.

“Chris we need to talk.”
“You said all you had to say last night Channel.”
“Chris I’m sorry. I know I was wrong and I overreacted, but seeing you touch another girl‘s boob drove me crazy.”
“You act like I was feeling on the girl. I was giving an autograph. You cant be insecure when it comes to my fans.”
“I realize that now.”
“I will have fans who will say how much they love me, the things they wanna do to me, and all types of other s***. You can’t let that get to you though because at the end of the day I’m YOUR man not theirs.”
“I’m sorry Chris really I am. Can you please forgive me??”

He sighed and sat on the bed, but didn’t say anything for a while. Eventually I walked over to him and sat on his lap kissing the tattoo on his neck.

“This wont make me forgive you.”

I ignored him and started sucking on it then he gripped my hips and laid down. He turned my face to his and gave me a long kiss.

“Don’t EVER do some s*** like that again Channel. I don’t like insecure females.”
“I got you baby.”

We kissed again then I took a shower and stayed in for the day with my boo.

Ohhh Lawwwd.

Homegirl left..

Really Channel ?


Run it.

I love love love this story!!!!!