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Famous Arranged Marriage

( Intro )

"Sweetie could you change your clothes into something more proper??"
"For what??"
"We're going out."
"I think I look cute and so did everyone else today."

I stood in the mirror looking at my tight shorts and my fitting top then at my sandals. My outfits always showed off my curves and my mom hated that. She said i was fat, but my grandmother always said I was thick and she loved it before she passed.

"Sweetie they only say that because they have to. You actually look very slutty."
"Just because I like my curves and I wanna show them off that makes me slutty!?"
"Well yes. Now go change so we can go out."
"No. You can go by your damn self and I’ll go out with my friends."

I went up to my room and locked the door. I changed into a cute short skirt, but not too short and and a half shirt with a "v" cut showing off my big boobs a little then I put on sandals. I did my hair up in curls and added a little body glitter then changed my accessories and walked downstairs.

"Channel could you come in here for a minute please??"

I rolled my eyes and walked into the living room. Sitting on my couch was Chris Brown, his mom, his manager, and Tyga. I had to pinch myself a little to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I kept my composure so I didn't look like a groupie even though I was madly in love with Chris.

"Hi everybody. Mom whats going on??"
"Have a seat sweetie."

My phone rang so i excused myself.

"girl I'm outside."

I let my best friend Bianca in and we walked into the living room. She nearly fainted when she saw them. Just like how I'm in love with Chris that's how she is with Tyga.

"Girl what is my husband doing here??"
"I don't know."

We both sat down and waited for my mom to continue.

"Well Chanell Chris' family and ours go way back to a line of arranged marriages.
"You and Chris are arranged to be married."

I almost fainted.


Off to bed
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( 9 )
Ever since we had that talk Chris and I have gotten much much closer and honestly I feel like I’m starting to fall for him. We were on the beach relaxing just enjoying his time off.

“How long do I have you for??”
“A few days then I gotta get back to shows and all that.”
“I‘m gunna miss you while you’re away.”

He’s going to be going from state to state while I got back to VA with his mom.

“I‘ll miss you even more. That‘s why we need to live up these few days we have together.”
“How long will you be gone??”
“Maybe a month.”

I sighed.

“That‘s a long time to be without you baby.”
“I know bae, but I have no problem with flying you out to see me. Even if it is only for an hour or whatever.”
“You would spend money on plane tickets just to see me for an hour??”
“I would spend money anything just to see you for 2 seconds. I don’t wanna go a long time without seeing my woman.”
“I don’t wanna go a long time without seeing my man.”

We kissed then got back in the car and went out for dinner. He pulled out my chair for me then sat down in a secluded section.

“How did I end up with someone so sweet??”

I said looking at him in awe.

“It was arranged.”

He joked and we both laughed.

“Nah, but I mean even if it wasn’t arranged if we‘re meant to be then God would’ve brought us together eventually.”
“Yes that is true.”

Our waiter came over. She stared at Chris with big eyes and her mouth wide open.

“Y..Yo..You..Your..Youre C..Ch..Chr..Chri..Chris Brown!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!”

I rolled my eyes a little as Chris chuckled.

“Yeah I’m Chris Brown.”
“Can I-”
“Have an autograph and a picture??”
“Yeah you can.”

She took out a permanent marker and pulled he top down exposing half of her breast. I was too pissed. He shook his head and signed anyway then I took a pic of them. After she took our orders she walked away skipping.

“That b****-”
“Channel calm down baby please. She‘s a fan.”
“I don’t give a f***. She exposed her saggy boob to you and you’re MINES.”
“Exactly I’m yours so calm down. I don’t want her.”
“I wanna leave.”
“We already ordered.”
“Then you stay and I‘ll go.”

I stood up and walked to the door about to call for a ride when Chris came out behind me.

“Channel it isn’t that serious.”

I turned and stared him down.

“How would you feel if some guy asked me to sign his d***?!”
“She didn’t ask me to sign her pussy. It was her boob! Nicki Minaj does it all the time.”

I waved a taxi down and got in. I didn’t even go home that night I slept over Bianca and Tyga’s house.

His ass better act right too!

Humpin everybody on stage.


Run it!

i hope he keep his promise <_<

Run It!

Thas real talk
I hope it work out

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( 8 )

Chris and I decided not to go out with the rest we just went back to our hotel room. He took off his clothes leaving him in his boxers and I changed into 1 of his shirts with my panties after a shower.

“When do you think you‘ll be ready to get intimate?? I’m not rushing it I’m just curious.”

He asked as we laid cuddled up in bed.

“Honestly I don’t know. You’re my man and everything, but you know about my past and I still do have trust issues.”
“I understand. I’m not rushing into that part of our relationship. I completely respect your wishes.”
“Do you think you can last though??”
“For you of course. You’re going to be my wife soon.”

I turned in his arms and looked him in the eyes.

“How do you feel about us getting married in 7 months??”
“I‘m scared of becoming a husband. I feel like our time to get to know each other better is limited. I feel like the circumstances are unfair. I feel like I might fail you as a husband. I feel like 2 people she be in love when they get married. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying we cant fall in love, but there should be no time stamp on how long it takes.”
“I feel everything that you feel. I feel like I’m not good enough to even be your wife.”
“Look at me Chris. I’m no superstar or a model. I don’t look like the girls from the magazines.”
“The girls from the magazines aren’t perfect neither are their lives. Trust I’ve been with a few models before. They have make up on to make themselves look good, but you have all natural beauty.”
“You’re just saying that…”
“No babe I’m not actually. Let me ask you a few questions.”
“Go ahead.”
“Can you handle the media?? You know they‘ll make up lies in a quick second and I don’t want that to mess up what we have.”
“Honestly I don’t know. Since I have trust issues it‘ll be hard for me to believe everything you say. Sometimes I may believe the media, but can you handle doing whatever it takes to convince me of the truth??”
“Yeah, but can you handle the truth?? I’m a man and sometimes I may slip up because this is new for me.”
“As long as you’re 100% with me ALL the time then yeah.”
“What about my fans?? They can get crazy and start sending hate mail or some other crazy s***. Plus you know they like to feel on a nigga and I do gotta dance with them on stage.”
“I can try to.”
“I got you. I wont do no overboard s*** bae.”
“You better not.”
“I’m ALL yours.”

He sealed the deal with a kiss.

fck! Rihanna ass ugh lol
I hope she ain't no sneaky

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glad to see them getting along much better
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And im glad to see them together and getting along

he better not mess with rihanna doe

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( 7 )
*months later*

Chris and I have actually gotten closer since that night. I stopped putting him into the image of the other celebrities and he has actually been faithful to me now that we’ve made it official. It’s crazy because our wedding is now 7 months away. Right now I’m in the front row of Chris’ concert with Bianca as he performs. He pulled some b**** up on stage and grinded on her. He even bent her over as if he was f***ing her from behind to his song ’Sex’ that he was performing. I could feel myself getting aggravated and just sat thru the rest of his concert with an attitude. When it was over Bianca and Tyga went to his dressing room then Chris and I went to his.

“How did you like the show??”

He asked as he plopped down on the couch.

“It was good up until the end.”

He thought about it then realized what I was talking about. He pulled me on his lap and put his arms around me.

“Baby it‘s ALL apart of the show.”
“I know, but-”
“Who do I ALWAYS leave with and lay with EVERY night??”
“Who‘s my #1 woman besides my mama??”
“Who am I getting married to in 7 months??”
“Me. Baby it still hurts though seeing you up there with different b****es every show.”
“I‘m dancing with them and putting on a show for my fans, but I‘m honestly thinking of you the whole time. I knew where my woman was sitting and I wouldn‘t do that on purpose knowing you would be offended.”
“I’m sorry I got all worked up.”
“That’s natural. Sadly it‘s the life of a celebrity though. I gotta please my fans 1st bae.”
“I know boo.”

I kissed him and he deepened it then I helped him out of his shirt and he laid me down. At that moment there was a knock on the door disturbing us.

“Damn. Who is it??”

I knew it was Rihanna. I rolled my eyes as Chris looked down at me.

“Is it important?? I’m kinda busy right now.”
“Uh yeah it‘s important.”

He sighed and got off of me then opened the door. I peeped her eyeing his shirtless body and got angrier. I got his shirt and walked up behind him.

“Here baby.”
“Thanks bae.”

He gave me a kiss then put it on. Rihanna looked back and forth between us then rolled her eyes.

“Meet me when you‘re free.”
“Um ok I‘ll call you tomorrow or something.”

She walked away and he closed the door.

“I don’t trust ya in her dressing room alone Chris if you end up going tonight.”
“I’m not going tonight cause I wanna be with my lady. I‘ll make sure I have someone with me when I do go. I‘ll even give Tina a heads up about it ok??”
“I’m serious bae.”
“I got you.”

He kissed me again then he took a quick shower and we left.

Chris needs to straighten up his attitude.

Why the hell is he always mad.

He just needs to be slapped!


I like this though!

Run it.

run it

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( 6 )
*hours later*

Chris came back sometime around 1 in the morning and came into the bedroom.


I said.

“Where you been??”

He walked into the bathroom and closed the door then I heard the shower. There was a faint smell of sex and perfume on him when he walked by. I sighed and just decided to sleep on the pull out couch tonight. Once I was settled Chris came out the bathroom and walked into the living room.

“Why you out here??”
“Because I don‘t wanna share the same bed with you after you‘ve been with another chick.”

He sighed and sat on the edge of the pull out.

“I don’t expect you to be faithful or anything because we‘re not together. I just didn’t expect you to do that after trying to get closer to me.”
“What can I say?? I knew we weren‘t going to f*** and I needed to let go of some stress. You jealous??”
“Not at all. All these other b****es can have you.”

He stood up and walked over to me then turned me to face him.

“You saying you don’t want me??”
“…I don’t know anymore…Anyway we‘re only stuck together because of the arranged marriage. I know that you wouldn’t have ever looked my way besides to f***.”
“You think you know me so damn well don’t you??”
“Pretty much.”
“How about this. The last time I had sex before tonight was 2 months ago and I was into the girl. I don’t just f*** any chick when I get horny Adriana. I may be a celebrity, but not all of us fit the image that media puts out there. Good f***ing night.”

He walked into the bedroom and slammed the door. I rolled back over just thinking about what just happened.

Chris got a lil attitude problem!


I'm sick of him lol

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More runs ??? such a jerk

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What the hell is up chris's ass
That nigga got problems

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( 5 )

After breakfast we got my bags and went back to our room. We walked into the bedroom and sat down then began talking.

“Do you really think I’m easy??”

I asked in a low voice.

“I cant lie I did, but after this s*** I know you’re not. Its just the way you were dressed.”
“I didn’t even know ya were coming over. I was planning on going out, but if I would’ve known then I would’ve been dressed more appropriately.”
“It‘s okay. I mean it‘s not like I didn’t enjoy the view.”

He winked at me and I blushed then someone knocked on our door. Chris got up to get it then returned with his mom.

“Hey sweet pea how has everything been??”
“Fine I suppose. How are you doing??”
“Cant complain. I just wanted to make sure you 2 are getting along fine. I know how Christopher can be.”

He gave his mom a look and I laughed a little.

“He‘s been….Fine I guess.”
“Ok then. Well later on Tina will probably be stopping by to talk to you 2.”

Chris asked.

“About the public and ya relationship that’s all.”

He sighed and walked out the room. Ms. Joyce said she would see us later then left. After a while I went into the living room where Chris was and sat next to him.

“What’s wrong??”
“Chris talk to me.”
“I said nothing was wrong right?? Damn.”

He got up and grabbed his phone then walked out slamming the door. I shook my head confused more than ever.

*I know this chapter was boring, but I gotta go to school. I'll update it when I get home.*

Run it!!!

IONNO! id still get on
his ass for that sht!
but just cause she in love
with 'chris brown' don't
mean she would actually
like the ngga once met!
but i hope they can get
passed judging each other


I'm glad he stopped being a whole run it I lov it