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<strong>DISCLAIMER</strong> sooo, trop & nani want me to do another horror story! BUT the things is if I do it, yall hoes need to keep the f*** up if u in the cast AND READ DAMNIT! that irks me, if you use a blackberry,i-pad,any other tablet, ESPECIALLY A COMPUTER then BOOKMARK THE DAMN STORIES YOU IN SHT!

:) im not really mad but it just makes me a lil irritated! lol stories fail due to the cast not participating and commenting and reading lol.

AND in MY case if u wanna be apart of the horror story then i really need u to read and keep up because i only have 3 weeks left of school so it has to be extremely short unless someone interested in co-writing!

I haven't came up with a title or a concept so if u had ideas list it in the app!

story idea:
story title:

lol im just writing sh*t! LOL


I already did a horror story based off see no evil but I'm brainstorming! Uuuughhh lol

man:bluey robinson
pic:tinashe k.
story idea:i'm walking home from the club with my girls and friends - chris n the crew when we hear screams coming far across a parking lot; these dumb ass nggas go check it out and we witness a murder and then the murderer comes after us to kill us so we won't tell
story title: RUN IT

Name: mirical or sammy
Man: trey songz
Pic: ciara
Story Idea: like some chain saw masacur or freddy cooker ish
Story Title: am i dreaming, lol idk

-__________- i already did a short story on urban myths thats wack NEXT!!!! LOL

name:Lexi Monroe
man: Chris
pic: Jennie Mai
story idea:ummm.....something like the movies house of wax , see no evil,texas chainsaw massacre yu kow something like that
story titte:idunno lol


This shid about to be funny af though!


Name: Miya Chanell
Man: <a href=>Wiz</a>
Pic: <a href=>me</a>
Story Idea: It be something like an Urban Myth
Story Title: IDK