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Replaceable (A Jazzy and Lele Collaboration)

Cianna POV
<a href="">Cianna</a> walked into her condo to see her boyfriend Ricky laid out in her lazy boy with Doritos all over his lap. She looked at him in disgust and went to pop him in the head on her way to the bathroom.

"the f***" Ricky pops up spilling chips bags everywhere. He walks into cici's room 

"girl you done lost your mind?" he asked her

"no I'm just tired of coming home to your lazy ass. The f*** have you done all day?" she says as she walked away from her vanity in her bra and panties.

Ricky looked dead at her ass

"Ricky get your face out my ass" she said as she turned around. "now tell me what yo ass did all day."

"well I was just coolin with my nigga boogie after you left for work.  I got back at like 3 once he dropped me off after going to the super Walmart." he stated

Cici perks up "so you bought groceries bae!"

"hell naw. Just them chips" he stated laughing. 

She stood there watching him and then grabbed a duffle bag and filled it with his clothes and shoes. All the while Ricky was trying to interfere.

Cici's stops at her closet entry when she sees him taking s*** out the bag.

"you can leave with nothing or with what I'm putting in this bag." she says with slight anger.

"naw  son. I ain't going no where" continues to remove clothes.

Cici goes and snatches the bag and swoops the clothes back in the bag" she zips it up and throws it in the hall. 

"now I been telling yo ass to buy some food for a damn week AND I even gave you the money this morning. Where the money since I ain't get no f***ing food."

Ricky looks down while scratching his head. Cici knows exactly what that means.

"nigga say not a damn thing. No food. No money. No me."

"come on baby" Ricky looks at her with pleading eyes. Cici is not at all fazed so she walks out the room and grabs his bag and heads to the door.

D smacks his lips "f*** is you going dawg!" following her. 

"drop yo keys and phone on my kitchen table please" she said while opening the door. "hurry up!! Put them down" watches him do so as he mumbles under his breath. "yeah keep talking under your breath that's why your ass still leaving. You know what's good." taps foot as he makes his way to the door. She throws his bag in his face. 

Since you and boogie been boo lovin with my damn money go be with that nigga." she spat about to close the door.

"cici how the f*** am I pose to get there if you got my damn keys."

"baby my car staying her but I guess you gotta call Tyrone."
<a href="">Ayanna</a> is on her way to Dr.Berry's office. She walks in smiling sweetly at him as she approaches his desk and sits on it.

"Hello nurse Ayanna!" he says as he looks her up and down. "how are you this morning?"

"Fine Doc" she replies as he leans over ready to kiss her...........