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Doing It Wrong [Chapter4] 07/09/12

This is a filler story until I get my laptop fixed
I'm not sure how long it'll be but whatever
It's based on the song <strong>Doing It Wrong - Drake</strong>

Since I can't post pics from my iPod...I'll just type out the Cast List

-Cast List-
<strong>Alex</strong> (Drake)
<strong>Alana</strong> (Jasmine Sanders)
<strong>Bria</strong> (Lauren London)
<strong>Calvin</strong> (Chris Brown)
<strong>Milo</strong> (Tyga)


Yes bring it back i must no wat happn wit them

Thinking of bringing this back!
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Chapter 4

It had been days since I talked let alone seen Alana after Calvin got her from my place. She wouldn't answer my calls and when I'd go to her house she'd always tell Calvin to tell me she couldn't see me, which was just as good as he wanted. He'd have a snide smirk whenever he delivered the news. I just couldn't understand why she wouldn't want to see me. Maybe because she was embarrassed, but even still. We had been best friends since the first day of kindergarten; we're better than this.

I went about my week as I would any other, minus my lunches with Alana. Believe it or not, I couldn't help but to think about Bria.

When I got home from work Friday, I checked my voicemail on my phone that I had been neglecting all week. It seemed to be nothing until a voicemail from Bria began to play.

"Hey Alex, ummm I just...I miss you. Can you call me? Maybe we can get lunch or a coffee or something? Well, bye." she stumbled through the message before hanging up.

I ended the call and scrolled through my contacts to Bria's name. I stared at it for a while before I called. She picked up immediately, I almost wasn't ready.

"Hey Alex." she answered uneasily.


"So what made you call me?" Bria asked as we sat at a small coffee shop outside.

I shrugged, "I guess the same reason you called me." I would never really admit to her that I missed her. Because even if that was true, I could never back track like that. I figured I only missed her because she was all I knew. I had been with her for forever it seemed like.

She blushed, "So you missed me?"

I shrugged for the second time, "We built a life together. It's only natural that we'd miss each other."

Her smiled faded as she awkwardly took a sip of her coffee, "Oh, I see."

I checked my watch because I was over this meeting already. She was just always so fckn sensitive. "Why do you do that?" I screwed my face.

She looked at me in bewilderment, "Always do what?"

"Let sh*t affect you so easily? That sh*t gets on my nerves." I stated irritatedly as I sipped my espresso. 

Her head shook while her face displayed shock, "Well excuse the hell out of me for having feelings!"

I shook my head wondering why I even said anything, "Whatever." I brushed it off as I checked my watch again.

"Somewhere you gotta be?" she asked.

I shrugged, "Maybe."

She laughed, "You haven't changed."

I looked at her unbelievably, "The fck?! It's only been a few the hell am I supposed to change? I'm 25 fckn years old, I'm pretty much the person I'm gonna be for life. Hell you haven't changed either, you still sensitive as fck. Fck outta here." I was as calm as I could be.

Tears started to develop in her eyes, "Why do you talk to me like that? Even after everything we've been through..." she got up from the table, "This was a bad idea."

I threw some money on the table, "Bria don't leave upset. We just have to leave certain things unsaid." I followed her to her car out on the street.

She turned to me, "We've been letting certain things go unsaid for the longest, Alexander. Maybe that's why we act like this."

I sighed, "I'm not talking about it Bria."

"You didn't find fault in blaming me for it the day we broke up." she crossed her arms and stared a hole into my soul.

I sighed and shook my head, "Because..."

"Because what?" she asked insistently.

"Because it was your fckn fault Bria! If it wasn't for you, I'd have my son right now." I couldn't keep my cool any longer.

The water works really started now, "Fck you Alex. You don't know what losing the baby did to me! I wanted to kill myself! So don't try to act like you were the only one affected. <em>Please</em> don't!"

I looked around and noticed people starting to look and listen in on our conversation. I sighed, "Get in the car." I guided her to my truck and opened the passenger door. I then jogged around to my side and got in.

I looked over at her crying and I touched her face. She swatted my hand away, "Fckn touch me.." she mumbled and grabbed a napkin out of the dispenser on the visor.

"Listen I never knew that you wanted to kill yourself. That's actually deep as hell. I knew you were hurting but I was too wrapped up in my own pain I just didn't realize, that you were hurting just as bad, if not more." I moved the hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead like I used to. I pulled back but stayed close enough for us to still share the same breath.

She moved her lips forward but instantly jerked back. I grabbed her chin and pulled her to me as we engaged in a long, deep, passionate kiss.


We bust into my condo as I struggled to close the door. I picked her up and put her against the wall as I ripped open her button up, exposing her black laced bra.

I kissed on her neck while she ground her hips into mine. Taking my hands off her waist I grabbed her breasts with either hand and then ripped her bra off revealing her ample breasts and pert nipples.

She reached down and pulled my shirt over my head as I took her tongue back into my mouth. I carried her over to the dining table and pulled her leggings and panties down at the same time. She was now fully exposed and looking so right. I kneeled down and spread her legs. She was dripping wet and was ready to be taken to ecstasy.

As soon as my tongue touched her clit, she gasped and arched her back. That only told me that she hadn't had any in a long time. I dove in like I hadn't ate in days. "Fuuuuuuck!" she moaned out in ecstasy. 

I continued to lick and nibble on her clit as I started to finger her. She was too tight for two so I started with one first. Her hips started to lift off the table as I tried to grip her with my free hand. I replaced my tongue with my finger as I looked up at her.

"Don't run." I stated sternly. "Don't fckn move, I mean it." 

She nodded as I continued going to work on her clit. It was throbbing as I sucked on it. Her juices began to ooze as her legs started to shake. She was close to her climax but I wasn't ready for that yet.

I came up leaving a trail of wet kisses. She pulled my face to hers as she attacked my lips. I stuck my tongue as far as it could go down her throat as she did the same. I then roughly picked her up and carried her to the back where my bedroom was.

As soon as I laid her down, I realized I hadn't gotten around to buying any condoms. I didn't have any because I wasn't dating and me n her had stopped using them a while ago.

"What's wrong?" she asked as she tugged on my belt.

I sighed, "I don't have any condoms. This is crazy."

She bit her bottom lip, "Don't worry about it. I'm on the pill. Plus it's not like we're strangers." she finished taking off my jeans and boxer briefs.

I looked down at my fully erect d*ck and shrugged, "Fck it."

I was about to lay her down but she stopped me. I stood back up and watched her put my entire d*ck into her mouth. She hadn't done this in a long ass time. Needless to say I was in complete bliss.

After I started to feel my nut, I stopped her. I laid her back and began to play with her clit while I sucked on her neck. She began to squirm n I knew she was ready for the good fck I was about to give her.

I slid my d*ck up n down her clit until I finally put it in slowly. She winced in pain for a few minutes n then relaxed her face. I started to long stroke her so she could get a feel of it. She closed her eyes and moaned while I stroked her like a pro. I then began to speed up the pace, ramming into her as her moans rose to screams.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and flipped us over, puttin her on top. I smiled because I knew she was about to go crazy. She put her hands on my abs for support and began to bounce on my d*ck, making sure she got it all. I loved the way she did it. Squeezing my d*ck with her pussy walls every time she'd go up.

Right when I knew she was about to cum I flipped us back over and put her legs on my shoulder as I rammed in her pussy like a crash dummy. I then flipped her over and hit it from the back. She threw that ass back like it was her job. I smacked her ass a couple times to watch it jiggle. When I felt her shake I put her back on her back and went so deep, I scared myself.

Our bodies were so close together. I put my face in the crook of her neck while I dug deep inside her. She put her nails in my back and locked her ankles around my waist. "Cum for me baby." I whispered into her ear.

She couldn't say anything. All she could do was moan and scream. I can't lie, it did feel good to be inside her again. I rode up to look at her. She smiled and kissed my lips. I bit my bottom lip trying to hold my load. "You gotta cum for me baby, I can't hold it." I spoke to her.

She pulled me closer, if it was even possible, "Just let it go."

I shook my head, "No, I'm not comin in you."

Before she could respond, her body began to shake and she screamed so loud that I'm sure the neighbors heard. I pulled out and came on her stomach and collapsed next to her on the bed.

"Umm, I need something to wipe this off." she stated.

I looked around wearily for something and then tossed her one of my shirts out of my hamper. After she was done I felt kisses on my shoulder. I smirked because she would always do that. "What, you want more?" I asked.

She giggled and laid back as I looked over at her. I smiled and got back on top of her. I didn't know what this meant, but it damn sure felt good.

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Chapter 3

Milo, Alana, & Calvin were helping me move into my new place. Over time I had been buying furniture so I wouldn't have to worry about it when I got my place. The guys at the furniture place were moving in that stuff.

At the end of the day when everything was done, we ordered a couple pizzas and ate at my new dining table.

"Well I gotta say, this looks much better than the other place..." Alana commented.

I smirked, "Even though it's way smaller?"

She laughed, "Just take the damn compliment!"

Calvin was looking around while he ate his slice of meat lovers. "I know I never asked before, but what do you do for a living? All this sh*t looks expensive."

I chuckled as I finished my bite of pizza, "I'm an entertainment executive. I work for an entertainment company that manages different celebrities and socialites...things of that nature. I make sure everyone is doing their job."

He nodded, "That's what's up man." this time he was being sincere.

After we were done eating, everybody decided to go. It was gettin late so I wasn't opposed to the idea. When they left, I felt a sense of loneliness. But I had to get used to it because I planned on being single for a while.


It had been a few weeks and my new place was starting to really come together. Work was work and that's pretty much it. 

I was chillin on my couch in the living room half asleep when there was a knock at the door. I sleepily looked at the time on my phone, it was midnight. I walked to the door confused. "Who is it?" I asked as I reached the door.

"It's, it's me! Alana..." I heard her sniff.

I let out a deep breath hoping it was nothin bad. When I opened the door, she quickly came inside. "It's late, what are you doin here? Where's Calvin?" I followed her to the couch.

She looked up at me, "Sit down."

I did as she asked and looked at her, "Are you gonna tell me what this is all about?"

She bit her bottom lip and then looked up at me, "Do you love me?"

I chuckled at her question, "Of course I love you. You've been my best friend since kindergarten!"

She looked me dead in my eyes, "Prove it, prove you love me."

I was so confused, "What are you talkin about?"

She then grabbed my face and started to kiss me, "Make love to me please."

I tried to get her off me. I couldn't understand why she was actin like this. When I finally got her off, I held her arms by her side. "Alana stop it! What are you doing?" I looked at her for answers.

Tears began to form, "I want you Alex."

"Alana, are you drunk?" I smelled the scent of alcohol leaking from her pores. I deeply sighed and let her go. I stood up and started pacing, "You're drinking again."

"What does that have to do with how I feel about you?!" she argued.

"Because you're not yourself when you drink, Lana! I thought we were done with this after what happened last time!" I was beyond pissed. As much as I loved Alana, I couldn't dare see her go down that road again.

"Its not last time now is it?" she retorted. Alana used to be an alcoholic and with that came whore-ish tendencies.

I looked at her, "No, it's not because it's <em>my</em> house you ended up at! I refuse to let you turn back into that. You were doing so good, what happened?"

She sighed and laid back on the couch, "Can we talk about this tomorrow? I'm really very tired....and drunk." she giggled sloppily.

Her phone rang and I got it out of her purse. It was Calvin, he was probably worried sick about her. "Hello, Calvin?" I answered.

"Alex? Yo has she been with you the whole time?" I could sense the anger take over the concern in his voice.

"No, she just got here. And she's quite drunk. What happened, do you know?" I asked.

He sighed a sigh of relief, "Naw man, I got home from playin ball with the boys and she was gone. I've been callin her every 30 minutes since. This is the first time my call has been answered. I don't know what I did or if it was even me that did something. I'll be over to come get her."

I nodded, "Okay, see you."

"Oh and Alex?" he stopped me.

"Yeah?" I asked ready to get off he phone.

He sighed, "Thanks man." I knew that took a lot for him to say.

I nodded, "No problem." I hung up and looked over at Alana passed out. I wonder what it was to make her do something like the again.

I like it sister!!!!! Great story


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Chapter 2

It had been a couple weeks since me and Bria split. Alana was being a great best friend but I kept my distance because I didn't want beef with Calvin. Now, I'm not no punk but I respect their relationship. And I know I would be apprehensive too if my girlfriend's best friend was a guy. Especially if he was good looking.

I was staying with my long time friend Milo. But I'm not planning on being at his place for too long. I had been looking at places and finally found the right one. I was planning to move during the weekend.

I had just washed my bowl and sat down to watch tv when Milo came home from work.

"What up what up!" he greeted me as he plopped on the couch himself. "What you watching?"

"Nothing yet, just sat down. You good?" I kept my eyes on the tv as I flipped through channels.

"Yeah bro. Wanna beer?" he asked as he got up and walked to the fridge.

Glancing over at him I nodded, "Yeah sure."

He handed me one and sat back down, "Still haven't talked to Bria yet?"

I frowned as I shook my head, "Naw but I'ma need that ring back though."

Milo and I shared a laugh.

"You might as well cut your losses bruh. Women don't give sh*t like that up. They feel like its theirs n sh*t." he joked while drinking his beer.

"Whenever I go to the house, I check n see if she forgot it. So I can just take it, but that sh*t be gone every time man!" I informed him through laughter.

He shook his head, "Hell naw, bet she still wearin it. You gotta get that sh*t off her finger!"

We laughed again. But I really needed that ring back. I wanted her to have no doubt in her mind that sh*t was over.


"Ale Ale Alejandro!" Alana sang as she approached the table I was at. We were having lunch to catch up.

My face was still as I watched her sit down, "You know I hate when you do that."

She threw her head back and laughed, "Well excuse me, <em>ALEX</em>!" she put emphasis on my name.

I smirked and shook my head, "I ordered an appetizer."

"Spinach artichoke dip?" she asked while reading over the menu.

"Yes ma'am!" I responded.

She rolled her eyes, "You know I hate it when you call me ma'am! I feel so old.."

I chuckled, "I only did it because you called me Alejandro...Gaga style."

We both exploded with laughter.

"You're impossible!" she raved.

I looked at her crazyily, "Me, <em>impossible</em>? So what are you, the human ultimate rubix cube?"

We fell into laughter again. We always had a guaranteed good time together and that's one thing I loved about us.


After lunch, I went to me and Bria's old place. I realized that I had left my favorite pair of cuff links there. When I pulled up I noticed her car and got irritated. I had gone to great lengths to not run into her. I guess the odds weren't in my favor this time.

I rang the doorbell because I didn't wanna surprise her by using my key. After a few minutes she came to the door.

She looked baffled, "Alex? What...what ummm are you doin here?"

I scratched my head, "I left my favorite cuff links. Came to get em. Nothing major."

She opened the door wide enough for me to come through. Without a word, I went up to the bedroom and found them right where I left them. I picked them up and put them in my pocket. When I turned to leave out, she was right there.

I sighed, "Excuse me."

She looked into my eyes as if she had something to say. I hoped she wouldn't say it because I didn't feel like arguing again. I wasn't even planning on seeing her.

She bit her bottom lip and stepped out of the way. I brushed past her and started to make my way down the stairs. 

She came after me, "Do you still have your key?"

I stopped at the door and turned around, "Yeah, why?"

She looked down at the ground and then at me, "I'm gonna need it back. I'm planning on movin to a smaller place."

"You still got that ring?" I asked.

She looked at her finger and back at me while she nodded.

"I'm gonna need that back. For sentimental reasons." I retorted.

"Alex..." she started.

My eyebrows raised, "What? You give me my ring back, I'll give you the key back. Seems simple to me."

She slid it off her finger and I took the key off my key ring. We exchanged both and pocketed them.

I turned to leave but was stopped by her callin my name. I sighed and turned back around.

"Can...can we talk?" she looked at the ground and finally looked up at me.

I shook my head, "Talk if you need to, but I can't stay to hear you. That's the wrong thing to do. Because you'll say you love me and then I'll end up lying, and say I love you too."

She looked at me shocked, "You don't love me anymore?"

I sighed, "I need something different. I gotta go." I left and got in my car. I couldn't help but to wonder if she was crying again. I shook it off and drove off back to Milo's.

, "You know, when a good thing goes bad it's not the end of the world. It's just the end of a world that you had with one girl." << love that line!

Run it

Really Gi???

Why would you leave me hanging like that???
I want to know what she did???
Calvin need to stop being immature and insecure before he lose shawty!
Run it!

Chapter 1

"Well when it all comes down to it, it's your fault it happened." I spoke my first words after her yelling at me for an hour.

She stopped and her eyes began to blink rapidly, which means tears were sure to come. "Why...why would you say something like that to me?" she tried to fight the tears but they spilled over the brim leaving black streaks down her face.

I wiped my face and sighed, "Look I'm sorry. I should go, I'll be back for my things later." I walked towards the door and looked back, "Maybe when you're not here."

She stood in the middle of the living room saying nothing. All I saw was black rain on her face. I couldn't stay to watch her cry so I quickly walked out the door. I pulled on my hood because it had begun to rain outside. I looked up while walking to my car. Were the gods crying for us? I shook the thought and got in my car.

I rode in silence with no real destination. Somehow I ended up in front of my best friend's house. I rung the doorbell and stood on her doorstep. When she opened the door she took one look at my face and took me into a hug.

"It's over." I said as I held her tighter.

She exhaled and pulled me into her home, "Come on, I'll put on some tea. Go upstairs and get out of those wet clothes."

I looked over at her as I stood at the base of the steps, "Calvin won't care if I wore his stuff?" 

She smiled and shook her head, "No, go change."

I watched her go into the kitchen and then ascended the stairs to take a shower and change.

While in the shower I contemplated about what I just threw away. All those years shot to hell in a hand basket. I was gonna marry her, but after sh*t happened last year it was just all downhill from there.

Walking down the stairs I could hear Alana and Calvin slightly arguing in the kitchen. He wanted to know why my car was outside. Needless to say, he didn't like how we were so close. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs, I realized I had on his sweats n white tee.

I took a deep breath and entered the kitchen. They both looked at me and I could see the tension on both of their faces. "What's up man." I gave Calvin a head nod.

He gave me one back, "Sup man. Alana told me what happened with you and Bria. My apologies, I couldn't even imagine how you feel right now."

Don't get me wrong, Calvin was a cool guy but I could tell when he was being sarcastic or sincere. Right now he was being sarcastic as fck.

"Yeah." I said flatly.

He furrowed his brow, "Yo those my clothes?"

I opened my mouth to speak but Alana interrupted me. "It was raining when Alex came and he was all wet. I let him change. It won't be a problem." and just like that she shut him up.

He clenched his jaw and nodded. "I'm bout to go play the game, I'll let y'all talk." he left the kitchen swiftly.

I looked over at Alana and shook my head, "I think he liked me more when I was with Bria."

She giggled, "I think he'd like you more if you were gay."

We both shared a laugh and then she stopped, "You wanna talk about it?"

I sipped my tea and shook my head, "No, not really."

"Okay." she nodded and sipped her tea. "Where are you gonna live?"

That's something I hadn't thought about. I shrugged, "Probably crash with one of the guys while I find me an apartment or something."

She nodded again, "Okay cool."

I sighed, "Yeah."

She looked over at me and grabbed my hand, "You know, when a good thing goes bad it's not the end of the world. It's just the end of a world that you had with one girl."

"She's the reason it happened, but she was overreacting. It's all because she didn't want things to change." I stated irritatedly, replaying the argument.

Alana gave me her attention, "Things changed? How?"

I shrugged, "Sh*t just wasn't the same after know. She was just so fragile, and everything made her cry. Then when we got better, she wanted things to go back to before. And they couldn't."

Alana sipped her tea, "Why not?"

I looked down at the marble countertop, "Because a piece of me will always blame her for what happened."

"Really?!" Alana asked in disbelief as her eyes widened.

"Now I feel like I'm overreacting." I chuckled nervously. 

I didn't know what Alana might say, or think for that matter. Her thoughts were always more vicious than her words.

"Maybe, maybe not. She should've been more careful. But by you blaming her, maybe you didn't love her as much as you thought you did in the first place." she put her cup in the sink and walked out of the kitchen, leaving me in my thoughts.