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Start Over; Why Would You Want To Stay [NEW]



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Im Liking This Story....
Run It...

i want to know that too i like this abby you should finish it

i want to know that too i like this abby you should finish it

whatever happened to this story? :-/

Adding soon!

Run it !!!

Ahhhhh Hell!!!!!!!!!!1
Run It!!!!!

wow! i kinda feel like she brought that on herself because she could have easily had her friends leave. but then again I'd be mad too if Chris said our relationship was boring and suddenly wanted to talk when his toes are getting stepped on he dont like it. he wrong for grabbing her neck like he was bout to break THEN on top of that this niggah talking bout he been through. that would've been my key right there to pack my sh** and get going cause it's obvious he don't lover her no more. i feel so bad for her. i wanted to cry reading that last bit. lol update it some more girl this is really good. i wanna see what's gone happen next now that he hurt her once again.

omg, that was too much...
Nani's friends shoutld not have intrudued; if Chris and his woman need to talk, then CHRIS and HIS WOMAN need to talk. They need to get away from it all, maybe go on a trip to see if they can find that spark again..


No words
Run it! :)

Run it !

Chris walked into his house to see three angry black women sitting on his couch. <a href="">Nani</a>, <a href="">Lisa</a>, and <a href="">Erica</a>. In his mind he was thinking Oh s*** but what came out of his mouth was "Hey ladies." He locked the door behind him and started to go up stairs.

"See what I mean? He never has nothing to say." He heard Nani tell the girls.

"Nani, I just said hey."

"Whoop De Doo, Chris." She rolled her eyes. "Anyway." She started talking back to her friends.

"Oh, so you can talk to them and not me huh?"

"Excuse you! I'm talking."

"Talk to me, Nani!"

"I wouldn't want to bore you with my words, Chris."

"Oh my God!"

"Just leave her alone." Erica spoke.

"You stay out of this."

"Oh yeah? Or what? I'm going to bore you too?"

"No, but you will get on my nerves and your ass will get kicked out my house."

"Chris, stop it!" Nani yelled. "Go mind your business."

Chris thought Nani was losing it. She has never had this attitude before. "Get out!" He yelled at Erica and Lisa.

"Uh, what?" Lisa asked.

"You heard me. Get the f*** out. Me and my wife need to talk."

"Whatever you have to tell her you can say in front of us."

"Man, get the f*** out before I throw you both out. Test me."

"Chris, you wouldn't dare put your hands on them." Nani said.

Chris took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves, "Oh, he's serious." Lisa said grabbing her purse.

"No, he is not. Sit down!"



Her friends were going up and down, up and down, up and down.

"GET THE f*** OUT NOW!" By now Chris' face was red and his jaws kept clenching.


"He's not going to touch you." She said looking into Chris' eyes while he was looking back into hers. Chris had enough, he was getting disrespected in his own house. He fast walked over to the couch and grabbed both of the women by their arms.

"Oh my God!" Erica shouted.

"Get off of me!" Lisa cried.

"CHRIS ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" Nani yelled while pulling his arm, trying to make him let loose of her friends. But it was like he was just walking through her as he was leading him to the front door. Nani unlocked the front door and opened it. Chris shoved Lisa and Erica out the door and before they could get one word out he shut the door in their face. He grabbed Nani from the back of her neck, "DON'T YOU EVER DISRESPECT ME IN MY HOUSE EVER AGAIN. NEVER DO THAT IN FRONT OF COMPANY. YOU HAVE LOST YOUR f***ING MIND. NANI!"


Chris let her go and stood there breathing so hard you could see his heart beating through his chest. Nani's eyes welled up, "How could you do that?! First, you don't want to talk to me and tell me I'm not a good wife. The next, when I have friends over you be an a**hole again and put your hands on females. The f*** is wrong with you!? Talking about being disrespected, you disrespected for a long time, Chris! Now you want to get mad because you're getting some of your own medicine. Get it together Chris or I'm through!"

"You're through? You're through? I been through Nani!" He grabbed his jacket and slammed the door hard, leaving a hurting Nani once again.


Run it!!!!

Run It Run IT !

adding soon

Where's the add? :-'(

Whoaa, this is good. RUN IT!!!!

All they need to do is spice it up act like their just dating again
Get to know each other all over
Chris is kinda harsh it's not like he's making a effort to spice things up

Runnnn it

Run it!


lmao @ANAshh !
But yea, I think that
Chris shouldn't be too quick to just up and end things
Maybe Nani has something planned for him when he gets home, idk lol
run it.

I love this story ^_^

Run it

nani old boring ass
girl you got chris brown you better
shake that ass backwards lol
i mean uhmm fix your marriage lol
and lexi idk who you had in the shower
with you but he was a loser gave good neck
honestly but a total loser.

in love abby


<a href="">Chris</a> pulled up to his sisters apartment complex, hoping she was home so they could talk. He walked up four flights of stairs and down a hallways to get to her door. He knocked on it once and no answer. He knocked again, no answer. "Where the f*** is this girl?" He asked himself. He knocked once again, no answer. He dug into his jacket pockets and pulled out the spare key. He unlocked the door and walked into his sisters apartment. He looked around and everything was in it's place. His sister was a neat freak. Not one dirty spot could be found at her place besides her closet. Chris saw her phone on the kitchen counter. "So, she is here." He walked down the hallway and opened her bedroom door. He heard the shower running. He opened the door and saw his sister getting head in the shower from some nigga. "What the f***, Lexi!" He yelled. <a href="">Lexi</a> jumped at the sound of her brothers angry voice.

"Who the f*** is this nigga?" The dude said while getting off his knees. He still had his clothes on so he was in no rush to get dressed.

"No, nigga who the f*** are you!?"

He turned to face Lexi who was wrapped in a towel, "You told me you didn't have a nigga. Lying ass b****."

"Whoa! No need for name calling. This is no--"

"I don't wanna hear s*** your lying ass has to say." He walked out the bathroom. "You can keep this b**** my nigga."

Chris punched him in his mouth, "Call my sister a b**** one more time."

"f*** this, I'm out of here. Don't f***ing call me!" He walked out the room and Chris and Lexi heard the door slam.

"Damn, Chris. What the f*** are you doing here? Coming up in my place like that!?"

"Look, you're the one who gave me a key and I needed to talk to you. Get dressed nasty!" He walked out of his sisters bedroom.

"Your ass couldn't wait like five more minutes!"

"You nasty Lexi" He yelled at her from the living room.

She walked into the living room fully clothed and sat on the couch next to her brother. "Oh please, you use to beg me to wait so you could bust your nut in some b****." They both laughed remembering the old times.

"Who was that dude anyway?"

"No, don't change the subject. You ruined my nut, now talk. Wassup?"

Chris sighed and looked down at the floor. "It's Nani."

"Is she alright?"

"No, nothing is alright." He looked his sister, "Lexi, me and her just aren't the same any more. And I don't know what to do nor what to say to her. I don't even want to be in the same house as her. I feel hover when I'm around her."

Lexi sat there listening to her brother speak his mind about his wife. "What happened, Chris?"

"I honestly don't know how or why everything changed between us. But it's not something I look forward to coming home everyday like I use to. Remember I would leave from anywhere early just to go home to Nani?" He chuckled at the thoughts. "It's not like that no more. I come home late every night now."

"Did you talk to her, Chris?" He just looked at his sister. She read his face all too well. "Chris, no! What did you say?"

"I told her that she was boring and i didn't care about anything she had to say, and much more."

"Chris, you know you can't have a conversation while you're angry."

"I know but she was pushing my buttons and I just lost it, Lex."

"How did she take it?"

"She hasn't talked to me in two days, not that I've been pressuring her to."

"Chris, you have to fix this, not only you but her too. You two sound like you guys don't love each other."

"I love my wife. I....I think I love my wife."

"You think?"

Chris looked into his sisters eyes, "I think I want a divorce."

"Divorce? Whoa, Chris, that's taking it a little too far don't you think?"

"No, Lexi I'm not happy. She doesn't make me happy."

"I think you both should talk it out and make this work. Chris, Nani use to be your world."

"Use to be."

RUN IT?!!!

Run it


run it thou lol :P

maaaaan ima tryy

i wanna keep myy hubbyy lol

u better stop being boring then lol