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~~Cold-Hearted~~ (Repost) Finished!!

<a href="">Tristan</a> is sitting at the bar like he does every Friday night. He doesn’t even know why he bothers anymore, the bar scene seems to get more boring every week. He looks around as he takes a sip of his Hennessey on the rocks; he swears he sees the same people every week; desperate men looking for woman and desperate woman looking for men. Tristan is not a desperate man and he is not looking for a woman. His motto is “never trust a b***h.” He has been this way for years and he does not think it will change anytime soon. All women are evil to Tristan and he doesn’t want anything to do with them. He continues looking around and notices <a href="">a woman</a> he has never seen before. He knows all the regulars and she is definitely not one of them. She is standing awkwardly against the wall with a drink that appears to be cranberry juice in her hand. Tristan looks her up and down and does his normal routine of rating her appearance. Her large, natural hair definitely catches his attention, pretty face, petite little shape squeezed into a fitted dress, and toned legs defined by 4 maybe 5 inch stilettos. Tristan thinks she is the perfect 10 looks wise. The woman catches Tristan staring at her and she looks away awkwardly. Tristan takes this to mean that is shy as well. She is looking around and Tristan just watches her. Tristan snaps out of his daze and looks away; he doesn’t even know why he was staring. Yes she is beautiful, but pretty faces are always deceiving. Tristan finishes his drink and asks the bartender for another one. Tristan only has two drinks for the night and he decides at 1 am, it’s time to head home. He pays and tips the bartender and then gets up from the stool and walks outside. As soon as he walks outside, he sees the woman arguing with this man. Tristan just shakes his head: wonder what the b***h did, is all Tristan is thinking. Tristan walks forward, but stops in his tracks when he hears what sounds like a slap and hears a woman’s gasp of pain. Tristan turns around and sees the woman holding her cheek and the man with his hand up. Now Tristan may hate woman, but he just doesn’t like when men ever put their hands on a woman. Tristan quickly walks over to the man and grabs his arm and spins him around and the man looks at him like he is crazy.

“Weren’t you ever taught never put your hands on a woman?,” Tristan said.

“N***a get off me. This is none of your business,” the man said while jerking Tristan’s hand off of his arm.

“When you hit a woman in the street it becomes anyone who is watching business,” Tristan said boldly.

“Man whatever. This is MY woman, you mind your own,” the man said.

“I’m not your woman,” the woman said softly.

“B***h what you say?,” the man said.

“I am not your woman Michael! You need to accept that!,” the woman yelled. Michael looks like he is about to hit the woman again, but Tristan gets in front of her and lifts up his shirt and Michael sees a 9 mm handgun. He just glares at Tristan and then looks at the woman.

“This isn’t over Malila. We have a lot to talk about,” Michael said. Michael just turns around and walks away and disappears around the corner. Tristan pulls his shirt down and then starts to walk away.

“Wait!,” Malila yelled. Tristan just shakes his head and Tristan hears Malila’s heels clicking as she tries to walk towards him. He hears her picking up speed and she gently touches his arm and then stands in front of him and Tristan just stares at her. He notices her left cheek is slightly red from the slap and her eyes are glassy from tears.

“I….I just want to say thanks for what you did. I really appreciate it,” Malila said shyly. Tristan just nods his head and walks past her.

“Wait…..what’s your name?,” Malila called out. Tristan just ignores her and keeps walking and Malila watched him disappear into the dark. She wanted to thank him personally, but guess she won’t get the chance. Tristan gets to his car and takes the keys from his pocket and unlocks the car doors and gets in the car and just sighs heavily. What he just did was so stupid. He doesn’t know this n***a Michael or what he is into to, Michael could come at Tristan for retaliation. And he did this stupid s**t over a woman?! Yes she got slapped by a man, but hell Tristan doesn’t know her. Why would he stand up for a woman, when he swears he hates every last one of them? Tristan just shakes his head and Malila pops into his mind. She has to be one of the most beautiful women Tristan has ever seen and her sweet smelling perfume is still lingering in his nostrils. Tristan just puts Malila into the back of his head and speeds off home; what is happening to him?


They are becoming an amazing little family. <3 ^.^ Tristian finally is blessed with having a lovely family, poor TJ has to deal with diabetes, but the little guy has a little crush! Hehe. Imani is so cute, as for Mrs. Hormanal , lol. She craves for sex. I'm shocked Tristian is stable with his decision to not be to sexual, but damn. He could at least use some technique?! Lol.

Malila wakes up the next morning, Wednesday, at around 7 am. She and Tristan can visit TJ starting at 9 pm. Malila looks next to her and she doesn’t see Tristan. She sits up in the bed holding her stomach and she gently rubs her belly as she stands up from the bed and goes into the bathroom. She takes care of her business, then looks around for Tristan in the house but she doesn’t see him. As she is walking past the kitchen, she looks out the patio door and sees Kevin walking around. She wonders if Tristan is out there as well she opens the patio door and instantly smells smoke. She looks to her right side and sees Tristan sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette. She also notices a bottle of Hennessey in his hand.

“Tristan!,” Malila yelled. Tristan looks at her in surprise and Malila glares at him. Malila shakes her head and quickly closes the patio door. Tristan quickly puts out his cigarette and puts the bottle of Hennessey down and opens the patio door and Kevin walks in and Tristan closes and locks the door. He looks around for Malila and finds her resting against the kitchen door.

“Malila…..I’m sorry,” Tristan said while moving closer to Malila.

“Tristan don’t come near me. Isn’t it kind of early to be smoking and drinking? Huh?,” Malila said in a slightly aggravated tone.

“I’m sorry but I needed something Malila d**n. I’m stressed out.”

“So what Tristan? If you’re stressed why can’t you just talk to me? You don’t have to drink or smoke. They are both disgusting habits and you know I hate both of them. And I am pregnant Tristan. I shouldn’t be around smoke!”

“That’s why I went outside to do it Malila,” Tristan said rudely.

“Oh so you want to get an attitude huh? You know…..I hate you when you get like this. When you shut me out…’s like you are the old you, just plain cold hearted. That’s not the Tristan I love…..but when he decides to come back, then you let me know…..I am going to get ready to go to the hospital to see our son,” Malila said. Malila turns around to walk up the stairs and Tristan just watches her and sighs heavily. He rubs the top of his head and lets out a small yell of frustration. Tristan knows he is awful at trying to cope with his feelings and he knows he needs to find better ways to do so. He walks upstairs to the bedroom and hears the faucet running in the bathroom. He walks into the bathroom and sees Malila brushing her teeth. Malila looks at him then quickly looks away. Tristan walks into the bathroom and starts brushing his teeth as well. Once he is done, he watches Malila turn on the shower and start to take off her clothes.

“Baby I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad at me,” Tristan said.

“Too late Tristan I am very mad at you……you just seem so selfish at times. I ask you not to do something not just for yourself, but for me and your family and you act like you don’t care. You do it anyway and I don’t like that Tristan,” Malila said.

“…..I didn’t know you felt like that. But baby I love you and our kids, you know that…..but Malila I’m stressed the f**k out and I need some sort of outlet.”

“Why can’t you just talk like a grown a** man? Huh? Why turn to alcohol and cigarettes? That’s what cowards do Tristan. Real men can talk about anything that is bothering them not keep their feelings bottled up.”

“Malila d**n why are you trying to change me? You knew I smoked and drink before we got together, so if you really didn’t want to be with me because I did those things, then you didn’t have to,” Tristan said rudely. Malila just looks at him in shock and rolls her eyes then looks at him.

“Smoking and drinking is what you do Tristan, not who you are…..I guess I thought I could change you for the better, but I guess I was wrong about that huh….you know ever since you moved here, all we have been doing is arguing. You always pick a fight with me and I just don’t understand why. I know moving here has been stressful I understand that…..I am stressed too. But being able to go to sleep next to you at night and wake up to you the next morning, makes me forget about all the stress I deal with…..I guess I don’t do the same for you though…I’m getting in the shower,” Malila said while frowning a bit. She takes off her panties and bra and then gets in the shower. Tristan just sighs heavily and he leaves the bathroom closing the door behind him. He goes downstairs to the kitchen and fixes Malila oatmeal and a sliced apple. Once it’s ready, he sets the table with the food and fixes Malila a glass of orange juice along with her prenatal vitamins for the day. Tristan sits down at the table and starts eating and waits for Malila. As soon as Tristan started eating, Malila came downstairs dressed in skinny jeans, a maternity top, and flats. She has her hair in a high, slicked back bun. She looks at Tristan, and then looks away.

“Baby, I made you breakfast. You and my babies come sit down and eat,” Tristan said. Malila looks up at him and she walks over to the table and sits across from Tristan and she takes her prenatal vitamins and then starts eating her oatmeal.

“Is it ok?,” Tristan asked.

“It’s fine,” Malila said while not even looking at Tristan.

“Malila, baby I cannot take it when you are mad at me.”

“You know what you have to do Tristan, but you won’t.”

“What do I have to do? Vow I will never smoke and drink again? Well I can’t make a promise like that because I know I won’t be able to keep it. That’s just honest Malila.”

“Ok Tristan fine…..but I refuse to marry anyone that drinks and smokes,” Malila said while looking Tristan in his eyes. Tristan just looks Malila in her eyes and he can tell that she is very serious. He looks down and sighs heavily.

“….I can’t promise anything like that Malila,” Tristan said truthfully.

“Ok as long as you are honest, that’s fine,” Malila said while looking down. Malila keeps looking down and Tristan notices tears roll down her cheeks.

“Malila, come on don’t cry,” Tristan said through sighs.

“….Don’t you love me?,” Malila said while looking up at Tristan.

“Malila how can you even question that? You know d**n well you are my heart.”

“But you won’t give up smoking and drinking for your family?” Tristan just looks at her and it kills him to see her upset. He really hasn’t been thinking about choosing one over the other but in his heart he knows he would choose Malila and their kids over anything and anyone in this world.

“Look….stop crying Malila and finish your breakfast,” Tristan said. Malila wipes her tears and she continues eating and Tristan just watches her.

“……Malila…..I will start going back to AA meetings,” Tristan said softly.

“What do you mean going back? You have been before?,” Malila asked.

“Yes…..after all that I went through with Alicia, I would drink myself to sleep every night….even missed days of work because I was too hung over to even sit up in my bed….once the pain started to become easier to deal with then I started going to AA meetings….they helped for a little but then I got back into my ways of drinking….then I met you Malila,” Tristan said honestly.

“Tristan you know if you want to then I will go with you to the AA meetings….but baby I am only trying to look out for you. Do you know what drinking and smoking do to your body? They both can be very damaging to your health……Tristan we are about to have twins…..I want you to be around,” Malila said.

“Oh baby, you are not going to lose me.”

“Tristan I’m scared….I have been having dreams for months that I am going to lose my family….I will always have that fear. After what happened to my brother and Kevin, I will always fear losing the people that I love….that is why I am terrified for TJ. He is only 6 and he has diabetes and he always will. This is going to be very challenging for him and for me and you. And when you get stressed, you turn to these awful habits that are so bad for your health. I wish you could just talk to me when you are feeling stressed because what stresses you out probably stresses me out too baby. Anything concerning TJ or the twins, concerns me too. We are in this together Tristan so don’t shut me out. Please,” Malila said as tears ran down her cheeks.

“…..Ok baby I get it. Now stop crying, you’re too pretty to be crying…..come here,” Tristan said while patting his lap. Malila wipes her tears and stands up and sits in Tristan’s lap and wraps her arms around Tristan’s neck and Tristan holds Malila’s waist tight and hugs her while rubbing her back.

“Malila I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry for drinking and smoking because I know you hate both of those habits. I’m sorry for pushing you away and starting s**t with you. I’m just stressed. I just moved to a new city, moved to a new house, I have a new job, I just found out my son has diabetes, and we are expecting not one, but two babies. It’s just a lot…..but you and my family are worth it I do mean that…..and you don’t have to be scared because I am not going anywhere. I’m right here baby,” Tristan said in Malila’s ear.

“Tristan I love you so much….I hate it when we fight. I don’t like it when you are mad at me and I don’t like to be mad at you either,” Malila said.

“I understand baby…..look what I can promise is that I will do my best to quit drinking and smoking.”

“That’s all I want baby for you to try. And if it gets difficult, then let me help you. I am here for you baby. You mean everything to me. I love you.”

“I love you more Malila… always forgive me and I appreciate that so much.”

“That’s because I love you Tristan. I know you aren’t perfect and neither am I. But our love is so strong baby. I know we can get through anything thrown our way….and that starts with TJ. Baby he was so scared at that hospital yesterday. He doesn’t know how to handle all of this, but we have to help him any way that he can. Because he will get frustrated dealing with diabetes, but we can’t. We have to be strong for him.”

“You are so right baby. Thank you.” Malila kisses Tristan’s cheek and then grabs his face and presses her lips against his. Tristan grabs Malila’s face as he slides his tongue inside of her mouth. Malila moaned so loud the second he did that and she runs her hands down his chest. It has been so long since Malila and Tristan have been intimate and they both miss it so much. Tristan licks Malila’s lips and then licks down her chin and to her neck and finds the sweet spot he likes and starts gently sucking on it.

“Mmm Tristan,” Malila moaned. Tristan stops kissing her neck and looks at her and Malila opens her eyes and looks at him.

“D**n Malila…..I really miss making love to you,” Tristan said.

“Baby I miss it too….and I keep telling you that we can have sex. When you first came to Pittsburgh, I literally wanted to jump on you and rape you,” Malila said while laughing a bit.

“I bet you did….soon as our twins are born and that six weeks period passes….I am going to f**k the s**t out of you….with your fine a**,” Tristan said seductively. Malila just giggles and Tristan narrows his eyes at her.

“Oh….that still turns you on huh?,” Malila asked.

“Malila….seeing you walk turns me on,” Tristan said while laughing a bit.

“Well then f**k me! Gosh you know I have been so horny lately. My hormones are all over the place!,” Malila exclaimed.

“D**n my nympho girlfriend wants the d**k huh?” Malila smacks her lips and hits Tristan chest and Tristan just laughs.

“Sorry baby, but I think you are just going to have to wait to get the d**k….but it will be worth the wait,” Tristan said.

“Oh it definitely will be….I already have an idea on what to do to you when you finally let me get my d**k,” Malila said while smirking.

“D**n you’re just a freak. You are going to pass that down to our kids. I hope we have boys!”

“Tristan stop, you’re so silly.”

“I know….but let’s finish eating so I can get ready so we can go see our baby boy.” Malila smiles and nods her head and Tristan pulls her food over to him and they both finish eating. Once they are done eating, Malila cleans up the kitchen while Tristan gets ready. Malila then packs a bag for TJ since he will be able to come home today. Once they are both ready, they head to the hospital to go see TJ. They get there right at 9 am and they head straight up to his room. Once they walk in, they see TJ sitting up in the bed along with a nurse. The nurse is checking TJ’s blood sugar. When TJ sees Malila and Tristan he smiles big and waves.

“Hi mommy, hi daddy,” TJ exclaimed.

“Hey son,” Tristan said.

“Hey baby boy,” Malila said. Malila and Tristan both walk over to TJ and hug him tight and then they both kiss his cheek and forehead. They both pull up chairs to the bed and sit down and hold his left hand.

“TJ you seem a lot happier today….are you doing alright?,” Malila asked.

“Yes mommy I am doing fine….the doctor and nurse both said I will be ok as long as I do what I am supposed to do….so I will do all I can,” TJ said.

“That’s very good to hear TJ….it’s sad that you will have to deal with diabetes all your life, but you will not be alone at all. Me and mommy are going to help you out every step of the way. If things get hard, we all will get through it together,” Tristan said.

“I know thanks daddy,” TJ said.

“Well TJ your blood sugar is 111, so you are at a very good level. We are going to bring you breakfast ok sweetie?,” the female nurse said.

“Ok thank you,” TJ said. The nurse leaves the room and Tristan just looks at TJ and smiles; it’s so good to see TJ doing better.

“You get to go home today TJ. Now I know you are going to miss school today, but I called your teachers and I am going to pick up your work after a little later today so you won’t miss anything. Also, I am going to get Imani a little later today. She hasn’t seen Tristan since he moved here, and she can keep you company for a little bit,” Malila said.

“Ok mommy that sounds good. I will like that,” TJ said. Malila just smiles and kisses TJ’s hand. A few minutes later, the nurse comes back with TJ’s breakfast and Tristan and Malila talk to him as he eats. They then help him take a bath and get him dressed so they can all go home. Once Tristan and Malila sign a few papers and talk with the doctor, they leave the hospital. Tristan and Malila go to the local pharmacy to get prescribed insulin for TJ for his insulin pen, they are shown how to use it, and they also buy him a blood glucose monitor and a case that he will have to take with him wherever he goes. After all of that, they finally go home. TJ goes into the living room with Tristan and Tristan turns on the tv. Kevin comes into the room and hops on the couch in between TJ and Tristan and they both smile and pet him and Kevin lies down across them. Malila comes into the living room and sees her family and just smiles.

“Baby there’s room for one more,” Tristan said while patting his lap.

“Thanks baby, but I just got very tired. I think I am going to take a nap,” Malila said.

“Ok baby…..but wait come here first. Let me give you and my babies a kiss,” Tristan said. Malila smiles and walks over to Tristan and he opens his legs and grabs Malila’s waist and pulls her so she is standing in between his legs. Malila smiles as Tristan lifts up her shirt and kisses her stomach multiple times. He the rubs it gently.

“Hey babies how are you two doing in there? I am ready to see you two already. You two are going to be the most beautiful babies in the world,” Tristan said in his baby voice. Malila rubs the top of Tristan’s head and he looks up at her and smiles. He pulls down her shirt and closes his eyes and puckers his lips. Malila leans down and kisses Tristan’s lips multiple times. Malila then kisses TJ’s cheek and then the top of Kevin’s head.

“Baby if you need anything, just let me know. And don’t worry about TJ’s homework and Imani. I will go to TJ’s school to pick up his homework and Imani ok?,” Tristan said.

“Oh baby are you sure?”

“Yes baby. You hardly have any days off and I just want you to relax ok. It’s no problem.”

“Thank you baby. I love you.”

“I love you Malila.” Malila smiles and kisses Tristan again and then she walks upstairs to the bedroom and lies down and falls asleep within minutes. TJ and Tristan relax until it’s time for lunch. Before lunch though, TJ has to test his blood glucose level.

“Ok baby boy are you ready to check your blood level?,” Tristan asked. TJ nods his head and Tristan smiles and stands up from the couch and picks up TJ and walks into the kitchen. Tristan sets TJ down at the table and he gets his monitor and sits down next to him.

“Do you want to try and do it? You will have to learn someday,” Tristan said.

“Ok daddy,” TJ said. TJ takes out the lancing device and then holds out his index finger and he pricks his finger and makes a face of pain. He then takes the blood and puts it on the blood glucose monitor. Tristan takes a napkin to stop TJ’s finger from bleeding. They wait and TJ’s glucose level comes up as 97.

“Ok TJ that’s good….now let’s fix you some lunch,” Tristan said. TJ just nods his head while smiling a bit and Tristan smiles and kisses his forehead. Tristan gets up from the table and then fixes TJ lunch. TJ’s diet isn’t restricted too much diabetes, but Tristan and Malila have to be very careful with his sugar portions more than anything. But other than that, TJ’s diet will remain the same. Tristan fixes TJ his favorite turkey sandwich along with grapes and a glass of water. Once Tristan fixes TJ’s plate, he sets it in front of him and TJ says his blessing and starts eating.

“TJ, I will be right back, I am going to check on mommy,” Tristan said.

“Ok daddy,” TJ said while nodding his head. Tristan kisses the top of TJ’s head and then walks upstairs to the master bedroom. He slowly opens the door and sees Malila still sleeping. He smiles to himself and he walks over to her and gently kisses her nose and forehead. The next thing Tristan knows, he is being pulled into the bed on his back and Malila hops on top of him and straddles him. Tristan just looks at Malila like she is crazy.

“Malila! Have you lost your mind? What do you think you are doing?!,” Tristan said.

“Tristan….I’m so horny. I can’t even sleep…..please can we f**k? Please daddy?,” Malila whined. Tristan just looks at Malila and busts out laughing.

“Tristan it’s not funny,” Malila said while hitting Tristan’s chest.

“Malila baby…..I just can’t make love to you while you are pregnant….I would feel weird,” Tristan said.


“Because…..our babies are near where my d**k would be moving in and out of, that’s why.”

“But you can’t hurt them. They are fully protected. Please baby please.”

“Baby….I just can’t.”

“Tristan…..I miss being intimate with you….I don’t feel as close to you anymore.”

“Well I don’t want you to feel like that….but baby I won’t have sex with you until after the twins are born and after the six weeks after that. Please try and understand.”

“Tristan….I know I have put on a few pounds, but I can still do the same things I usually do.”

“Malila stop. This has nothing to do with your weight or anything like that….I just wouldn’t feel comfortable having sex while you are pregnant ok?” Malila just sighs and gets off of Tristan and stands up from the bed.

“Malila baby don’t be mad at me,” Tristan said.

“I’m not….I’m just very sexually frustrated Tristan. My hormones are all messed up and I am incredibly horny….I can’t even look at you without imagining you naked,” Malila said while smiling a bit.

“Oh really? Well baby just be patient ok?”

“It’s hard though Tristan….we were apart for a little over a month and I missed you so much. I don’t think you will ever understand how badly I needed you….how badly my body needed you while you were gone…..can’t we at least try? If you feel uncomfortable we can stop.”

“Malila I already know I will be uncomfortable.”

“Ok fine….I’ll stop bugging you about it….can I ask you something?”

“Of course baby.”

“…..Are you still attracted to me Tristan? You usually can’t keep your hands off of me, but now….that’s all changed.”

“Malila, baby you are always attractive to me….you are a stunning woman and you are so gorgeous and sexy and beautiful….none of that has changed. You have this glow now since you have been pregnant and honestly you have never looked better….but I just can’t have sex with you until after you give birth.” Malila just looks down and nods her head.

“Keep your head up gorgeous,” Tristan said. Malila looks at Tristan and smiles a bit and leans down and kisses his forehead.

“I need some air….I am going to take Kevin for his walk,” Malila said.

“Baby it’s ok I can do that. You just relax,” Tristan said.

“Tristan I can do this ok?” Tristan just looks at Malila and nods his head.

“Ok baby go ahead,” Tristan said. Malila leaves the room and Tristan just sighs. He really hopes he isn’t hurting Malila’s feelings with this whole sex thing, but he just can’t see himself having sex with his pregnant girlfriend. Tristan hears the front door open and close and he goes downstairs to the first floor and sees Malila and Kevin gone. Tristan fixes himself some lunch and then eats with TJ. Once they are both done eating, they clean up the kitchen and Malila comes back in the house shortly after that with Kevin. She closes and locks the door behind her and takes the leash off of Kevin. She goes over to TJ and kisses his cheek and hugs him tight.

“Baby are you hungry? I can fix you something to eat,” Tristan offered.

“I can do it Tristan, but thanks,” Malila said.

“You sure baby? Come on just relax and let me take care of you.”

“It’s fine baby I got it.” Malila goes into the fridge and starts to take out food to make. Tristan just watches her and he sighs heavily.

“Malila I cannot take it when you are mad at me,” Tristan said.

“I’m not Tristan,” Malila said.

“Yes you are….don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not lying to you Tristan…..I’m just frustrated that’s all.”

“Yeah frustrated with me.” Malila just shakes her head and sighs. Tristan just sighs as well and looks at TJ.

“TJ how about you go in the living room and rest ok? Just lie down on the couch and relax,” Tristan said.

“Ok daddy,” TJ said. TJ walks into the living room and Tristan turns back to Malila. He watches her struggle to open a food package.

“Malila baby let me help you,” Tristan said. Malila just puts down the food package and sighs heavily.

“I don’t like this Tristan,” Malila said bluntly.

“You don’t like what baby?,” Tristan asked.

“……Feeling the way I feel.”

“And how’s that?”

“…..Like you don’t want me anymore.”

“Malila how can you say that?”

“I just…..I just have this feeling….that you’re losing interest in me. You don’t even touch me anymore….I just don’t feel close to you anymore and I don’t know why….but it scares me and I want to do whatever I can to fix it.”

“Malila stop this. You are blowing this out of proportion babe. It has NOTHING to do with you….it’s just I’m scared that’s all. I just can’t have sex with you while you are pregnant.”

“Tristan….whenever you use to look at me, you would get this look in your eyes. That you were just always so happy to see me…..I don’t see that anymore….so tell me what’s wrong with me?” Tristan just looks at Malila in shock. He has no clue where all of this is coming from but it doesn’t sit well with him.

“Wow….Malila I have no idea where all of this is coming from, but it needs to stop. Now. There is nothing wrong with you and I mean that ok.” Malila just looks at him and shakes her head. She gets the food she got out and puts it back into the fridge. She then puts on her shoes and jacket and grabs her car keys.

“Malila where are you going?,” Tristan asked.

“I’m really craving Chipotle,” Malila said.

“Malila if you want I can get that for you baby.”

“No Tristan it’s fine….I could really use the time away.” Malila leaves before Tristan can say anything else. He is kind of in shock because he never knew how Malila felt the way she feels until now. He really hopes he hasn’t been making Malila feel like he is losing interest because he definitely is not. He wants to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. He makes a mental note to plan a special day for him and Malila, just the two of them. He never wants Malila to feel the way she does now. Tristan goes into the living room and sees TJ sleeping on the couch. He smiles a bit and goes over to TJ and kisses his forehead and then puts a small blanket over him. At around 2:30, Malila still is not home yet. Tristan is getting a little worried and he has to pick up Imani and TJ’s homework at 3:15 pm. Tristan calls Malila, but she doesn’t pick up. He sends her a quick text and as he is doing that, Malila comes walking through the door sipping on a drink from Chipotle. She closes and locks the door behind her and slips off her shoes and Tristan comes to the door.

“Hey babe I was getting worried. Are you alright?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes I am fine. I just wanted to clear my mind,” Malila said. Malila goes into the living room and when she sees TJ sleeping across the couch she smiles to herself. She goes over to him and kisses his forehead and cheek and then goes to where Tristan is.

“Are you still going to get Imani?,” Malila asked.

“Yes I have to pick her up at 3:15,” Tristan said. Malila nods her head and turns to leave the room, but Tristan walks ahead of her and blocks her from moving any farther. He takes the drink from her hand and sets it down. He then grabs her by her waist, pulls her close, and holds her tight.

“Malila I love you and if you even have to question anything about that, then I am not doing my job as your man. But I can and will do better. Because Malila you and the kids are my everything and I mean that. I love you all so much. I love you baby,” Tristan said in Malila’s ear.

“I know baby….I’m sorry. My emotions are so out of whack right now. I am feeling so many different ways at the same time….I know you love me and I never meant to question that….but I don’t feel close to you anymore and that could be both of our faults. There are many ways for us to be intimate without having sex I know that….you just holding me in your arms is all I need….we have both been so busy with work and TJ and getting the house together, we lost time for just the two of us.”

“I understand baby and I will try to make more time for us I promise. I love you woman.”

“I love you too.” Tristan pulls out of the embrace and looks at Malila and she smiles at him. Tristan smiles back and closes his eyes and puckers his lips. Malila smirks and she stands on her toes and leans in and sloppily licks Tristan’s lips. Tristan felt this instantly and he opens his eyes in shock and slaps Malila’s a**. Malila leans back while laughing and Tristan just shakes his head at her.

“You really must be horny as f**k,” Tristan said while laughing.

“You really have no idea Tristan,” Malila said. Tristan smiles and leans down and kisses Malila’s lips a few times and then hugs her again. Malila sits down at the kitchen table and starts to do some work and Tristan gets ready to get Imani. He leaves at 2:50 and gets to the school at 3:15. He parks close to the front of the school so he can see when Imani comes out. He has missed her cute little self and he can’t wait to see her. At around 3:25, he sees Imani walking out with another group of girls. Imani is looking around for Tristan and when she sees him, her little eyes light up and she gasps. She then runs towards Tristan and Tristan smiles and kneels down and Imani runs right into Tristan’s arms.

“Tristan!!,” Imani exclaimed.

“My beautiful girl! Imani I missed you!,” Tristan exclaimed back.

“I missed you too!” Tristan stands up with Imani in his arms and then pulls out of the embrace and kisses Imani all over her face and Imani just laughs so hard.

“How have you been?,” Tristan asked.

“I have been great Tristan. Are you happy to be home with Malila and TJ?,” Imani asked.

“Yes I really am. I missed them both so much. And I missed you too!”

“I missed you and Malila a lot I am glad you two are here….is TJ ok?”

“Yes TJ is fine and he is going to be just fine…..but he has diabetes….have you heard of that?”

“Yes I know another girl in the school that has it….and she is just fine.”

“Yes exactly and TJ will be fine as well….speaking of TJ, I need to go get his homework.”

“Ok.” Tristan just smiles and kisses Imani’s cheek multiple times and then walks with her in his arms into the school. Tristan gets all of TJ’s assignments and then he and Imani head to Tristan and Malila’s house. Once they get there, they both get out of the car and walk to the door. Tristan unlocks and opens the door and he and Imani walk in. Tristan closes and locks the door while Imani takes off her shoes and jacket. Then Malila walks to the door and smiles when she sees Imani.

“Hi gorgeous,” Malila said.

“Hi Malila,” Imani said while smiling big. Imani hugs Malila’s waist and then looks at her belly and smiles.

“Hi babies this is Imani your cousin. I love you both,” Imani said. Imani lifts up Malila’s shirt and rubs her belly gently and then leans in and blows on it so it makes a funny noise. Malila and Tristan both laugh at her so hard.

“Such a silly girl,” Malila said. Imani smiles and then kisses Malila’s stomach multiple times and then pulls her shirt down. They all then go into the kitchen and see TJ sitting at the table.

“Hi TJ!,” Imani exclaimed.

“Hi Imani,” TJ said while smiling. TJ stands up from the table and walks over to Imani and hugs her tight and Imani then kisses TJ’s cheeks in a silly way and TJ just laughs.

“TJ are you feeling better?,” Imani asked.

“Yes Imani I feel just fine,” TJ said.

“Well good….I have something for you! Me and my friends made you a get well card…..and Jasmine told me to tell you myself that she missed you in class today and she hopes you feel better,” Imani said while smiling. TJ just looks away embarrassed and Tristan and Malila just thought this was too cute.

“TJ baby who’s Jasmine?,” Malila asked.

“She’s my friend,” TJ asked.

“She’s your girlfriend,” Imani said while giggling.

“No she’s not,” TJ said while laughing a bit.

“Well she likes you.”

“Really? How do you know?!”

“Awwwww!!,” Tristan and Malila exclaimed.

“She told me,” Imani said. TJ just smiles to himself and Malila and Tristan smile as well.

“Awwww my son has a crush! I can tell you like her too,” Tristan said.

“Well she’s nice,” TJ said.

“And cute huh?,” Malila said. TJ just looks at his parents and narrows his eyes and they both just laugh.

“Ok we will stop picking on you….I brought you your homework. You and Imani can do your homework together,” Tristan said.

“Ok daddy thanks,” TJ said. Tristan gives TJ his folder of work and TJ and Imani sit at the table. Imani gives TJ the card she and her friends made him and then they start to do their work. Malila fixes them both a quick snack while Tristan starts dinner for everyone. Malila just looks at her family and smiles. She is very thankful for her man, her cousins, and her son TJ and soon to be her and Tristan’s two twins. Malila has to remind herself how blessed she is to have a family and she really needs to appreciate what she has. Tristan has been nothing but perfect in Malila’s eyes since he moved here. He helps whenever he can. He always puts her or TJ’s needs before her own and Malila LOVES him for that. Things could be a lot worse for them and Malila can’t let her crazy hormones get in the way of the life they are building together.

Poor TJ. I feel so bad for him. I know he'll be ok, its just a shock. I hope he calms down and learns that he's ok and normal. I'm glad Malia stopped Tristan from going out and drinking. He's gotta stop dealing with s*** like that. smh

Poor TJ, he has to deal with all this diabetic stuff now. :(

OMG, That scared me for a bit, I was worried about TJ. Awe baby boy has diabeties. Poor kid. My g-ma has it so Im very familar with it and the insulin and checking glucose. Sucks that TJ has to deal with it tho hes only a child. Im just glad Kevin was smart enough to alert Malila about what was going on. Good dog.
Poor Tristan blaming himself its not his fault these thing happen. Glad Malila there to talk him off the ledge he definatly doesnt need a drink or smoke right now fo'real. TJ will be fine they just gotta monitor him a little closer thats all. Loved the add Nicole, RUN IT!!!

So about two weeks and a few days pass and everything in Pittsburgh is going just fine. Tristan successfully moved all of his belongings into the house and he and Malila have finished decorating everything. The only room that isn’t quite finished is the twins’ room. They want to know what they are having before they make any decisions about that. TJ and Tristan painted a mural together in TJ’s room this past weekend and they both really enjoyed that. Tristan told TJ that whenever he wants to change the mural, Tristan would be more than happy to draw a new one for him. Tristan really enjoys his job here in Pittsburgh and Malila does as well. Malila’s pregnancy is going good so far. She was lucky to not have any morning sickness her first trimester, and she hopes that stays true for the remainder of her pregnancy. Malila’s belly grows by the day it seems and she looks a lot farther in her pregnancy than she actually is. Malila is 15 weeks and some days pregnant at this point! She has gained a few pounds, but nothing too noticeable. Malila is still keeping up with her workout routine appropriate for how far in her pregnancy is. Tristan and TJ are both sweethearts and they help Malila whenever they can. They know that she gets tired very easily, so they help her as often as they can. Malila appreciates this so much and she makes sure Tristan and TJ know that every opportunity she gets. Malila has successfully found a new doctor as well, since clearly Doctor Evans is no longer an option. Well anyway, it’s Tuesday afternoon and Malila has picked up TJ from school and they are on their way home. Once they get home, TJ and Malila go inside and Kevin comes up to them and barks. TJ leans down and hugs Kevin and Malila does the same. TJ and Malila take Malila on a quick walk and then come back to the house. The time now is about 4 pm and TJ sits at the table and starts to do his homework.

“TJ baby, I am going to take a quick nap before I start making dinner ok? Do you need anything before I go to sleep?,” Malila asked.

“No mommy I will be ok. Thanks,” TJ said.

“Ok baby boy. But if you need anything don’t be afraid to wake me up ok.”

“Ok mommy. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Malila kisses TJ’s forehead and then goes upstairs to the bedroom and changes into a t-shirt and yoga pants and lies down in the bed and falls asleep instantly. About 30 minutes later, Malila is awakened by Kevin barking loudly. She slowly sits up in the bed and sees Kevin on his hind legs on the bed barking. He only barks when something is wrong, so Malila is very worried. Malila quickly gets out of the bed and Malila follows Kevin down the stairs into the kitchen and she sees TJ with his head on the table. Kevin goes over to TJ and barks and nudges him gently, but TJ does not respond. Malila quickly walks over to TJ and taps him gently.

“TJ….baby wake up,” Malila said worried. TJ is unresponsive and Malila shakes him.

“TJ! TJ! Baby wake up!,” Malila said while raising her voice. Malila turns him over and sees he is unconscious.

“Oh my god,” Malila said in tears. Malila runs to her purse and pulls out her cell phone and quickly dials 911 and tells them where she is, and what is wrong. They say they will be there ASAP. Malila goes back over to TJ with the phone in her hand and lies TJ down on the floor and feels for a pulse and she does find one. The dispatcher tells Malila to start CPR and she does so the best she can. Two minutes later, she hears the sirens. She picks up TJ in her arms and runs to the door and opens it and sees the paramedics and they take TJ and rush him to the ambulance. Malila puts on her shoes, gets her keys and leaves the house and gets in the back of the ambulance with TJ. While in the ambulance, Malila calls Tristan to tell him what happened and he says he is leaving work now. While in the ambulance, TJ gains his consciousness back. He is very scared and he looks at Malila and Malila gasps when she sees he is conscious.

“Baby are you ok?,” Malila asked. TJ just looks at her and tears run down his cheeks.

“You’re ok baby boy. These paramedics are going to take very good care of you,” Malila said. Malila holds TJ’s left hand tight and rubs it while the paramedics continue to work on him. Once they are at the hospital, they quickly take TJ back and Malila asked to go with him, but she wasn’t allowed. Malila just paces back and forth in the waiting room as she waits for Tristan. 10 minutes later, Tristan runs frantically into the hospital and looks around.

“Tristan!,” Malila called out. Tristan looks at Malila and runs over to her and hugs her tight and then pulls out of the embrace and looks at Malila terrified.

“Have you heard anything? Is he ok?,” Tristan asked quickly.

“I haven’t heard anything….while we were in the ambulance he did gain his conscious back so I think that’s a good sign,” Malila said.

“Ok well I am glad to hear that…..but baby I’m scared. I hope this isn’t too serious.”

“I’m scared too baby…..I feel so bad because I was sleeping and Kevin woke me up.”

“Baby you do not have to feel bad at all ok you hear me? Just try and relax ok? Let’s sit down.” Malila nods her head and wipes the tears that fell from her face and Tristan takes her hand and they sit down. Tristan puts his arm around Malila’s shoulder and Malila rests her head on his shoulder and Tristan kisses her cheek. He grabs her hand and holds it tight. Tristan and Malila both say quick prayers, praying that TJ will be ok. About an hour and a half later, Malila and Tristan hear a doctor ask for the parents of TJ. They both quickly stand up hand in hand and go over to the doctor.

“Is TJ ok?,” Tristan asked quickly.

“Well right now he is stable….but we did discover something. With children that faint there can be multiple causes for this such as dehydration. We did discover that TJ was very dehydrated, and we discovered this is because…..he was type 1 diabetes,” the male doctor said.

“What?,” Tristan and Malila said in shock.

“We did a blood test and he has very high levels of glucose in his system, which corresponds to diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. Since the body does not produce insulin, the glucose cannot be effectively absorbed. So the kidneys will pull water from the blood in an attempt to dilute the amount of sugar. This will lead to being thirsty all the time, which will lead to urinating quite frequently as well. Is TJ thirsty all the time?,” the doctor asked.

“Well….I guess he is. He always has to have a bottle of water on his nightstand,” Tristan said.

“Well that is a symptom. But of course this symptom is not just specific to diabetes. Your son passed out because he was unconscious, but now we know the cause… with this diagnosis, your son will have to go to his pediatric quite often. At least a few times a month so his glucose can be tracked and recorded. But also, he will have to test his glucose at least three times a day, usually before he eats. All sweets at this point should be monitored very carefully and should only be eaten, when his glucose level is exceptionally low. As his parents, you two will have to monitor everything he eats. While at school, he shouldn’t eat anything unless you two approve it….diabetes is a major complication. There may be times when he gets frustrated as well as the two of you. You just have to work together,” the doctor said.

“Ok…..can we see him?,” Malila asked.

“Of course, follow me,” the doctor said. Malila and Tristan follow the doctor upstairs to the third floor and the doctor leads them to room 315. They quickly go in and see TJ sitting up in the bed. Tristan and Malila go over to him and the both hug him at the same time tightly. They then pull out of the embrace and kiss his cheek multiple times.

“TJ are you ok?,” Tristan asked.

“I guess so…the doctor told me what was wrong, but I don’t think I understand….will this go away with medicine?,” TJ asked.

“….No TJ… will have diabetes all of your life,” Malila said.

“Oh……so something’s wrong in my body that can’t be fixed?,” TJ asked.

“There is no cure for diabetes TJ….basically your body has no way to use glucose, or sugar for energy like it’s supposed to so it just stays in your bloodstream, which is not good,” Tristan said.

“Daddy…..I just want to be normal,”’ TJ said as tears ran down his cheeks.

“Son you are normal you hear me?,” Tristan said.

“No I’m not I’m sick! And I always will be!,” TJ yelled.

“TJ calm down baby….you can live a very normal life even though you have diabetes,” Malila said. TJ just frowns and he turns on his side facing away from Malila and Tristan. Malila and Tristan just look at each other and Malila gently rubs his back.

“TJ me and daddy are going to help you get through this. We promise,” Malila said softly.

“It’s really important that TJ learn how to use a blood glucose meter. A nurse can come in and help you three use that, would that be ok?,” the doctor asked.

“Yes that’s fine,” Tristan said. The doctor leaves and 10 minutes later, a nurse comes into the room with a blood glucose meter and TJ sits up completely in the bed and wipes his tears.

“Ok sweetheart, now what you need to learn to do is how to use this blood glucose meter. So what we have to do it take this lancing device, which has a small needle in it, and press it against any one of your fingers. Which finger would you like to use?,” the female nurse asked.

“I don’t want to,” TJ said while pouting.

“Baby boy you have to,” Malila said. Tristan sits next to TJ and holds his left hand tight.

“Come on son, let’s give the nurse your index finger,” Tristan said. Tristan holds out TJ’s right index finger and TJ just frowns and rests his head against his daddy’s chest.

“You’re ok son, daddy is right here,” Tristan said.

“Ok so I am going to press this lancing device against your finger. Now I will push the release button and you will feel a prick. It’s ok if it hurts, you will get accustomed to it,” the nurse said. The nurse releases the button and when TJ felt the prick, he gasped in pain and jumped. The nurse takes his finger and gently squeezes it to get an accurate amount of blood.

“Now you only need a small amount of blood. Now I will place the blood on this test strip and we will get a measurement,” the nurse said. The nurse places the blood on the test strip and then takes a tissue and holds it tightly against TJ’s right index finger to stop the bleeding.

“Ok…..your blood glucose level is 158. Now that is high. The goal is be between 80 and 120. So when you are high, you will need to take insulin. Now in order to get insulin, you can either take a shot, there are insulin pens and also insulin pumps. For TJ’s age, any is recommended. But he won’t be able to give himself the shots, either the parents or school nurse would have to do that. Do you have a preference?,” the nurse asked.

“Well…..I am not sure,” Tristan said.

“The doctor can come in and discuss more of this with you. For right now, I will get TJ an insulin shot,” the nurse said. The nurse leaves then comes back with a needle in her hand. She puts the appropriate amount of insulin into the needle and then takes TJ’s arm and gives him the shot. TJ just looks at Tristan and Malila and they both can tell that TJ is very uncomfortable with all of this. If either of them could take his place, they would, but unfortunately they can’t. The nurse leaves and TJ’ just buries his face in Tristan’s chest and cries. Tristan wraps his arms around his son tightly and kisses the top of his head.

“Baby boy it’s ok. You are going to be fine. As long as we do everything the doctor tells us, you can do the same things you are doing now. Me and mommy are going to help you all the time. You won’t be doing any of this alone,” Tristan said.

“Yeah baby. Me and daddy will always make sure you are ok. We promise you,” Malila said. Tristan and Malila do the best they can to console TJ. The doctor comes in a few minutes later and they talk about their options. They decide on the insulin pen for TJ. The doctor wants to keep TJ overnight and at 7 pm, visiting hours are over for the day.

“Ok TJ me and mommy have to leave now since visiting hours. But we will be back first thing in the morning. Try and get some sleep ok?,” Tristan said. TJ just sighs and nods his head.

“Baby boy we love you so much. Everything is going to be ok,” Malila said.

“Ok….I love you both too,” TJ said softly. Malila and Tristan hug TJ tight and kiss his cheek and forehead and then they leave. Neither Tristan nor Malila wanted to leave TJ like this, but they had to. They stop for food on the way home and then head home. Once they are home, they both go into the house and Malila closes and locks the door behind them. Tristan has been very quiet and Malila wants to know what is on his mind. She follows Tristan up to the bedroom and he plops on the bed and rubs the top of his head.

“Baby what’s wrong?,” Malila asked.

“This isn’t right Malila…..that little boy has been through so much already. He has been through more pain than anyone his age should have been through already…now he has to deal with this? S**t’s not right at all Malila…..and it’s my fault,” Tristan said.

“Tristan how can you blame yourself?”

“Because it’s an autoimmune recessive disorder. That means TJ got the genes from both me and Alicia, not just one of us. We both have family members that have the disease…..what about our twins? Are they going to have it too? F**k!,” Tristan yelled in frustration.

“Tristan calm down. If our twins have diabetes, then we will do all we can for them, just like we can do all for TJ. The only thing we can do is follow the doctor’s instructions. We can’t change the fact that he has it.”

“S**t…..Malila I need to get out for a bit and clear my head ok?”

“No Tristan, just stay here with me. I don’t want to be alone.”

“I’ll be back in an hour ok?”

“Tristan, baby please. Stay.”

“I will be back soon Malila,” Tristan said while standing up from the bed.

“Tristan I don’t want you going out right now. Don’t leave me alone here.” Tristan just looks at Malila and he moves closer to her and kisses her forehead.

“Malila….I need a f**kin’ drink,” Tristan said.

“Tristan I don’t want you drinking and you said you stopped! I don’t want you to get a drink then drive home, that’s not smart! Look I’m coming with you,” Malila said.

“Malila I don’t want you in a bar.”

“And I don’t want you in a bar either Tristan,” Malila said boldly. Tristan just sighs heavily and lets out a yell of frustration and then sits back on the bed. Malila smiles a bit and sits next to him and wraps her arms around him and rests her head on his shoulder. She looks up at him and sees him crying and she wipes his tears.

“Tristan it’s ok…..TJ is going to be ok,” Malila said softly.

“I just wanted him to have the perfect life….he deserves that. He has been hurt so much and I don’t want to see him hurt anymore. At the hospital he looked so hurt I could see it in his eyes…..diabetes can kill Malila,” Tristan said.

“Tristan do not talk like that. Please don’t talk like that, especially not around TJ. He needs to know that he will be just fine if we do everything the doctor tells us…..he can have a perfectly normal life baby I know that.” Tristan grabs both of Malila’s hands tight and locks them with his. He brings them up to his lips and kisses them softly. Tristan needs Malila now more than ever. He needs her support so he won’t go back to his old ways of dealing with stress; drinking and smoking. He just prays that his son TJ will be ok like Malila said, because Tristan wouldn’t know what to do if he wasn’t.

Yeah Tristan your ass had better apologized, and been rational. Yeah Malila had to get a lil vocal with his ass, but I see she got through to him. s*** all the crap she had to deal with, with him and not mention Shantelle crazy ass. Yeah he know's where home is and whats up lol. Im just glad they made up and he came home. Theyre happy family is finally reunited and they can focus on the babies and theyre growing family. I got a lil teary eyes reading this lol. Loved it Nicole. RUN IT!!!

Malila wakes up the next morning at around 7 am. She hardly slept last night. She felt completely lonely and it killed her to know the love of her life didn’t want to even be around her. She hasn’t seen Tristan in a month and she missed him so much and she just wanted to spend the night wrapped in his arms, and she wasn’t able to do that. She is so hurt but she knows Tristan is hurt as well. She doesn’t know what to do except give Tristan the space and time he asked for. Last night, her mom called her and talked to her about the situation. Sandra said that Tristan was very upset and she tells Malila to never let any sort of crush get in the way of true love. Her mom and dad both believe that Malila didn’t kiss Anthony, but at the same time, they tell her that she has to understand what Tristan saw and how it must have looked from his point of view. Malila understands what her parents are saying and they say that she should come over for breakfast at 9:30 so she and Tristan can talk. Malila sighs and she slowly sits up in the bed. She gently rubs her stomach and smiles a bit.

“Hi babies how are you two doing today? Huh? I hope mommy didn’t make you two upset last night….I just promise you that no matter what me and daddy will love you both so much,” Malila said softly. She gets out of the bed and goes to the bathroom and does her hygiene routine and then takes a shower. After her shower, she dries off and lotions up and goes out to the master bedroom and gets dressed. Once she is dressed, she feeds Kevin and takes him for his walk. She then takes her prenatal vitamins and she sits around until she heads out to leave at around 9:10. She gets to her parents’ house right at 9:30. She takes a deep breath as she gets out of the car and goes to the door and knocks on it. Within seconds, TJ answers the door and Malila just smiles to him.

“Hi mommy,” TJ said.

“Hey baby,” Malila said. Malila walks in and closes and locks the door behind her and then kneels down and hugs TJ tight and kisses his cheek.

“Mommy you ok? You don’t look so well…..your eyes are really puffy,” TJ noticed.

“Yes I’m ok….I just missed you and daddy last night so I was sad…I cried a lot,” Malila said.

“I’m sorry mommy I didn’t want to leave you. Are you mad at me?”

“I could never be mad at you sweetheart. I love you.”

“I love you too… know? Daddy was sad last night too….you and daddy should talk.”

“I hope he will want to talk to me.” TJ smiles and nods his head and takes his hand and walks Malila into the kitchen and she sees Sandra, David, and Tristan all making plates of food.

“Hi mom, hi dad,” Malila said.

“Hey baby girl,” Sandra and David said.

“…..Hi Tristan,” Malila said cautiously.

“Hey,” Tristan said dryly. Malila just stares at him and she is trying to hold back tears. Tristan is acting so cold to Malila and that hurts her so deeply.

“Daddy be nice to mommy…..hug her and kiss her. You haven’t seen her in a month,” TJ said. Tristan just looks at his son in shock somewhat and TJ just gives Tristan a look and Tristan just sighs because he knows his son is right. Tristan sets down his plate and he walks over to Malila and he wraps his arms around Malila’s waist and hugs her tight and Malila wraps her arms around his neck and holds onto him tight. She gently caresses the back of his head; she missed him so much!!!

“Baby girl why don’ t you and Tristan talk ok? You two need to talk now,” David said. Malila nods her head and pulls out of the embrace and takes Tristan’s hand and he follows her upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms. Malila closes the door behind them and then looks at Tristan.

“Tristan baby I am so sorry for what happened yesterday….I know what you saw, but it wasn’t what you thought it was. Doctor Evans came onto me and kissed me, I didn’t do anything. I don’t ever want anyone else’s lips on mine other than yours. Tristan you are all I want and all I will ever want…..please don’t break up with me and leave me alone……I don’t want to be a single mother…I want to raise TJ and our twins together. I want to be with you. I want to marry you……please,” Malila pleaded. Tristan just looks at Malila and then he looks away and sighs heavily. Malila doesn’t know why, but she can feel herself becoming angry.

“Why don’t you trust me?,” Malila asked bluntly.

“Malila….it’s not that,” Tristan said while looking at her.

“Tristan that is all that this is about! You don’t trust me and I don’t understand why! I have NEVER done anything to make you not trust me! I have never betrayed you or lied or anything like that! All that s**t that happened with Shanelle I never questioned! You told me she always came onto you and I always believed that you never came onto her! Anything you say I believe! But why don’t I get the same from you! Huh? Why can I believe everything you say, and trust you, but you can’t even trust me? Huh? Explain it to me!,” Malila yelled as tears streamed down her face.

“Malila calm down d**n,” Tristan said.

“Don’t tell me what the f**k to do Tristan!,” Malila spat.

“Think about the babies Malila!”

“Why do you care huh? You clearly don’t care about me, so why do you care what happens to the babies? Huh?”

“Malila how dare you say that s**t. Those babies are mine too! You know d**n well I love them!”

“Oh yeah? So that’s why you left their mother alone last night right? But you love the babies though huh? Please spare me Tristan.”

“You have some nerve Malila.”

“No Tristan you have some nerve….you are about to lose me Tristan and that means your family too.”

“What? What the f**k are you saying Malila?!,” Tristan said while raising his voice.

“If you don’t make this right, then I will be gone.”

“But I f**kin’ dare you to take my kids away from me Malila,” Tristan said while moving closer to Malila.

“What are you going to do if I try? Huh?”

“Malila don’t test me,” Tristan said while pointing his finger in Malila’s face. Malila just slaps his hand away and Tristan just stares at her in shock. Malila is just scowling at Tristan and Tristan narrows his eyes at her and he quickly grabs her waist, pulls her close and presses his lips against hers. Tristan felt Malila tense up as he did this, but then he felt her melt in his arms and she moaned in pleasure as he slid his tongue inside of her mouth. Malila wraps her arms around Tristan’s neck and holds onto him tight. She slides her right hand to the back of his head and gently runs her fingers through his small curls. Tristan grips Malila’s thighs and picks her up and then sits on the bed so Malila is sitting comfortably in his lap. After a few minutes of kissing, Tristan grabs Malila’s face and pulls her face away from his and looks her in her eyes and sees her crying.

“Tristan…..I have missed you so much. I never ever meant to hurt you and I am so sorry that you saw what you did. I know it looked bad, but baby…I….I love you so much I could never hurt you. Hurting you is like hurting myself Tristan…..I didn’t mean anything I just said, but you need to understand that you do still push me away at times…..and there are still trust issues. Do you understand?,” Malila asked.

“S**t… are always right Malila….I don’t know what I was thinking. I know very well you would not hurt me because you have never done so…when I saw him kissing you though, I just snapped. I hadn’t seen you in a month and the first thing I see is another man kissing you….I just got so angry. But it was so wrong of me to blame you for what I saw or think that you kissed him back….I’m sorry Malila,” Tristan said.

“Tristan baby….you mean everything to me. You are all I want and as lonely as I have been this past month without you, I could never run into the arms of another man because no man is you Tristan. You’re all I want and need I mean that with all of my being,” Malila said as tears swelled in her eyes.

“I know baby…stop crying.” Malila wipes her tears and Tristan pulls her into a tight embrace.

“I’m sorry Malila. I am sorry for everything I said….I didn’t mean any of it….I just want us to live our life together and raise our kids together…..only if you could ever forgive me for being so stupid,” Tristan said.

“Well….it may take some time. You really hurt me,” Malila said.

“I understand…..just let me know what I have to do ok? Malila….I love you.”

“I know you do and I love you.”

“Malila me and TJ did have a surprise for you yesterday, before I ruined it….but when….well when I’m ready, I will give you the surprise ok?”

“Ok baby. I can’t wait.”

“I do want to marry you Malila….I see that in my future you understand me?”

“I know baby and I want to marry you.” Tristan smiles and pecks Malila’s lips and then his eyes travel to Malila’s stomach and a huge smile forms his face. His twins are growing in there! Tristan lifts Malila’s shirt up and rubs her stomach gently.

“Hi babies! How are you two doing in there? Huh? This is daddy!!! You’re getting big huh?,” Tristan said in his baby voice. Malila just laughs and Tristan plants kisses all over Malila’s stomach. Tristan then kisses Malila and then stands up with her in his arms and sets her down.

“Let’s go eat….I know your a** is starving right now. You are always eating,” Tristan joked. Malila hits his chest and Tristan laughs and kisses Malila’s forehead.

“Tristan I love you,” Malila said.

“Malila baby I love you too,” Tristan said. Malila smiles and grabs Tristan’s hand and they walk downstairs together to the kitchen. They see TJ, Sandra and David sitting at the table eating their food and all three of them look at Tristan and Malila and smile when they see them holding hands.

“Are you two ok now?,” TJ asked.

“Yes lil’ man me and mommy are great now….we talked everything out and we are ok now,” Tristan said.

“Glad to hear it,” Sandra said while smiling.

“Come eat you two before the food gets cold,” David said. Tristan and Malila smile and nod their heads and Tristan tells Malila to sit down while he fixes both of their plates and drinks. Once Tristan is done, he sets Malila’s plate in front of her and sets his plate down and their drinks and pulls her hand to stand up. Tristan sits down in the chair and pulls Malila into his lap and kisses her cheek and Malila smiles and kisses his cheek.

“There’s the couple I love,” David said while smiling.

“Thanks dad….me and Tristan are much better now,” Malila said.

“Well good….we heard you two arguing so we weren’t sure what was going to happen,” Sandra said.

“Yes we did get into a pretty heated argument….but all I had to do was kiss Malila and everything was good,” Tristan said while grinning. Malila hits his chest gently and Tristan just laughs.

“Now daddy are you going to move in with me and mommy now?,” TJ asked.

“Yes son I am….as soon as we finish breakfast, we can all go home….to our home,” Tristan said.

“Tristan, baby I am so glad you and Malila worked things out. You two are such a beautiful couple and I would just hate to see you not together….and for my grandbabies sake I am very happy that you two worked everything out,” Sandra said.

“Thanks mom. I love you,” Malila said.

“Love you more sweetheart,” Sandra said. Malila just smiles and enjoys a nice breakfast with her parents, Tristan and TJ. After sitting and talking with her parents for a while, Tristan, Malila and TJ head home and get there a little after 12 pm. Malila gets out of the car and takes TJ in the house and feeds Kevin while Tristan starts to bring his belongings into the house. Malila sees Tristan setting down some boxes and she gently grabs his hand and he turns to look at her.

“Baby do you need me to help you bring in any of the boxes?,” Malila asked.

“No thanks baby….you just rest ok?,” Tristan asked.

“Baby I can help you with small boxes that aren’t heavy.”

“Babe don’t worry I got it ok? Now go lie down ok? You look pretty tired.”

“Ok baby. I love you.”

“Love you too.” Tristan pecks Malila’s lips and goes upstairs to the master bedroom and lies down and turns on the tv. TJ plays outside in the front with Kevin while Tristan unloads the rental truck. Once Tristan is done, TJ and Kevin come inside and Tristan starts to unpack a few things. About 30 minutes later, TJ shows Tristan his room and then TJ goes downstairs to the living room to watch tv. Tristan quietly goes into the master room and sees Malila sleeping peacefully on her side facing the door. Tristan just smiles so big at the sight; his woman is gorgeous. His eyes travel to her stomach and he can’t help but smile. He just still can’t believe that their twins are growing inside of her; it’s beyond amazing to him. He closes the door behind him and takes off his shirt and pants so he just has on a beater and boxers. He slowly lies down in the bed facing Malila and scoots closer to her. He pushes some of her hair out of her face and outlines her face with his fingers. He rests his left hand on her waist and caresses her cheek with his right hand. He leans in and gently kisses her forehead.

“Baby you’re so beautiful. Inside and out. No matter what I do, you always find it in your heart to forgive me, even though I am always in the wrong. You’re just so amazing. The love you have for me and your family, runs to the depths of your soul and I know that because of your actions. Malila you put everyone you love before yourself and I admire that. I love that about you….you know? You have taught me so much Malila. You have honestly taught me how to love again and slowly but surely how to trust again. I am trying my best to trust you completely Malila and I know with time, I can. You just have to be patient with me baby and you are so good at that. Just continue being the amazing woman you are and I promise that all of my trust will be in your hands. I mean that Malila….I love you so much woman. You and my family are my world….and when the time is right, you are going to get the ring and we are going to get married. Malila baby you will become my wife one day. I mean that. I love you baby. I love you so much,” Tristan said softly. Tristan plants small kisses all over Malila’s face and then snuggles close to her and closes his eyes. There isn’t a place Tristan would rather be right now, then with Malila, the love of his life, and his family.



run it!

Ugh why is it everytime Tristan and Malila get there happy on someone messes it up. Im so pissed at that punkass Dr. Evans, he'a such a slime-ball. Oh I hope theres a way for Malila to clear her good name. She never cheated on Tristan ever, and I dont care what he saw he shpuld always believe Malila with whatever she tells him. He even had a lil bonding moment with the babies, he cant leave Malila and he needs to propose to her too, matter fact he better stay on those knees for hours asking Malila to forgive him once he learns the truth real talk. RUN IT!!!

ugh im surprise with chris anger he didnt do somethin to the doctor but he has changed but noooooo chris is mad.. i mean it didnt look right from a far but he should believe her word.. aww i hope this doesnt mess them up.. i loved them together.. and they are about to have a big family n everything.. please run it.. cant wait to see what happens next

I knew something about that Dr. Evans didn't seem right. I hope Tristan forgives Malila. Run it

Well I never saw that coming..well yes I did lol. This is the 2nd time that Tristan has accused Malila of cheating, both of those times because of what he saw. I'm sorry but I do not feel bad for Tristan at all because of this and he better get his act together before he goes back on my Hit List.

Run iT! <3

So about a week passes and Malila and TJ are doing fine in Pittsburgh. Malila really enjoys her job and TJ loves his school. He says Imani is so nice to him and she has helped him meet lots of friends. Anyway, it’s Friday afternoon and Malila is driving home with TJ from school. The time is a little after 3 pm. Malila has noticed that TJ has been acting kind of strange today, like secretive. She isn’t sure what is going on with him, but she will find out eventually what is going on with him. Once TJ and Malila get home, TJ runs upstairs to his room and Malila hears the door close behind him. She starts to walk up the stairs to check on him, but about halfway up the stairs, she hears the doorbell rings. She turns around and walks to the door and looks through the peephole and sees Doctor Evans standing at her door in a beater and basketball shorts. She isn’t sure what he is doing here, and she isn’t sure if she should answer the door. The doorbell rings again and Malila takes a deep breath and opens the door and Doctor Evans smiles and Malila faintly smiles back.

“Hey Doctor Evans….what are you doing here?,” Malila asked.

“Well I realized that last week at your appointment, I forgot to give you a special vitamin specifically for mothers expecting two or more babies… I just decided to bring you the prescription as soon as I could….I know this is unexpected and maybe even unprofessional….but I just felt I had to,” Doctor Evans said.

“Oh well….thank you so much for doing this…I appreciate it Doctor Evans,” Malila said while taking the prescription slip.

“Please Malila….call me Anthony.”

“Oh….uh….I think I should just call you Doctor Evans.”

“Why is that?,” Anthony said while moving closer to Malila.

“Because you’re my doctor,” Malila said while looking up at Anthony.

“That’s true…..but…’s something about you Malila…..that is just so attractive,” Anthony said while biting his bottom lip.

“Anthony please stop. You know I have a boyfriend. Me and Tristan are very happy together. He loves me and I love him.”

“Oh yeah? What kind of man lets his pregnant girlfriend move into a house, with their son, alone? Huh? Why didn’t he move with you? Or why didn’t you two just wait to move together? And TJ isn’t even your son, because any previous childbirths, would have come up in the system. Why did he leave you here alone raising another woman’s son while you are pregnant? But he loves you right? How do you know what he is doing back in Richmond?,” Anthony said.

“Anthony… are way out of line,” Malila said shakily.

“Am I? Or is everything I’m saying true?”

“You’re wrong….Tristan loves me and our kids more than anything in this world.”

“Then why isn’t he here with you?”

“Because he had to work!”

“You know Malila… are incredibly too beautiful to be here by yourself. You are pregnant and you have a child to raise, you need and deserve all the help you can get.” Malila just stares at Anthony and he stares back. The next thing Malila knows, Anthony’s lips are centimeters from hers. The next thing Malila knows, she feels Anthony’s lips pressed against hers and Anthony grips Malila’s waist tight.

“Malila!,” a male voice called out. Malila quickly pushes Anthony away and looks ahead and sees Tristan standing next to a rental truck with a dozen roses in his hand, but a look of anger and hurt across his face.

“Oh my god,” Malila said softly. She looks at Anthony and he smiles at her.

“That’s Tristan huh?,” Anthony asked.

“You need to leave Anthony,” Malila said. He winks at her and then turns around and evilly smirks at Tristan as he walks past him and Tristan just cut his eyes at Anthony the whole time. Once Anthony speeds off in his car, Tristan looks at Malila. Malila has no clue what to say or do right now, but she is so happy that Tristan is here. He looks SO handsome to her and she just wants to run up to him and jump on him, but seeing as what Tristan just saw, she can’t do that. Tristan just throws down the dozen roses and Malila just runs up to him and stops him from getting back in the truck.

“Tristan! Baby wait…..I’m sorry but what you saw isn’t what you think,” Malila said.

“What I saw was you kissing another man Malila!,” Tristan yelled.

“No Tristan, he kissed me! I didn’t kiss him back! You know I would never hurt you like that!”

“…..How could you do this to me? How could you do this to our family? I can’t be with someone that I cannot trust! I’m in Richmond and you’re here and this is what you do? Kiss another man? Huh?,” Tristan said furiously.

“Tristan no….I didn’t kiss him,” Malila said as tears ran down his cheeks. Tristan just stares at Malila and tears run down his cheeks. Malila goes to wipe his tears, but Tristan slaps her hand away and narrows his eyes at her.

“Don’t touch me…..don’t touch me ever again,” Tristan said lowly.

“Tristan… know I would never do anything to hurt you! You know that! I love you!,” Malila yelled in frustration.

“Clearly you don’t Malila…..I never thought you of all people would do this to me.” Tristan looks down and shakes his head and he pulls out a small box and opens it and shows Malila the engagement ring. Malila just gasps and puts her hand over her mouth and looks at Tristan with tears overflowing from her eyes.

“Malila…..I thought you were the one. I thought you were the one that I was going to spend the rest of my life with… boss allowed me to transfer my job a week earlier since I finished my assignment early….and I thought it would be a nice surprise to come to you and TJ and the twins early….but I was the one who got the surprise huh? Malila…..I love you with all of my heart and soul…you know that….you know you are a part of me that is how deep my love is for you…..I was going to ask you to marry me Malila…..but I just don’t see that happening anymore….our life together was coming together so nicely….I should have known better because it was all too good to be true,” Tristan said.

“Tristan I promise you I did not kiss him back,” Malila said while balling.

“But you let him get close enough to even kiss you….who is he? How did you meet him?,” Tristan said.

“….He’s my OB/GYN doctor,” Malila said.

“Oh he’s your doctor huh? Wow…..what else have you two done? Huh?”

“We haven’t done anything! He kissed me but I didn’t kiss him!”

“Whatever.” Tristan closes the jewelry box with the ring and rubs the top of his head.

“Daddy? What’s wrong? Why are you and mommy yelling?,” TJ said. Malila turns around and sees TJ standing behind her. Tristan just smiles big at his son and opens his arms and TJ runs into Tristan’s arms and Tristan picks TJ up and hugs him so tight and kisses his face multiple times.

“Oh TJ I am so happy to see you. I missed you!,” Tristan said.

“I missed you too daddy….is mommy ready for her surprise now?,” TJ asked.

“I don’t think mommy will get her surprise today,” Tristan said.

“Why? What’s wrong?,” TJ said.

“I don’t think mommy is ready and I am not sure if she will ever be,” Tristan said.

“What? You and mommy aren’t getting married?,” TJ said on the verge of tears.

“….I don’t think so,” Tristan said. TJ’s lip trembles and he looks at Malila and frowns.

“Mommy…..what did you do?,” TJ asked.

“TJ……I didn’t do anything I swear to you,” Malila said.

“Hey TJ I think you and me are going to stay with grandma and grandpa tonight. Go get a bag ready ok?,” Tristan said. TJ nods his head and kisses Tristan’s cheek and then Tristan sets him down. TJ looks at Malila hurt and then runs upstairs. Malila just looks at Tristan and Tristan just looks away.

“So what are you doing? You’re just going to leave me alone? I haven’t seen you in four weeks Tristan and I don’t even get a hug or kiss from you?,” Malila said hurtfully.

“Nope….you did this Malila not me,” Tristan said hatefully.

“I didn’t do anything!,” Malila yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Malila don’t yell like that! You are pregnant d**nit!,” Tristan said loudly.

“Yes I am pregnant with OUR twins Tristan! So you are just going to leave me and your twins here alone?”

“I would NEVER abandon my children, but I can abandon you….until we figure something out, I will be staying with your parents and I am taking TJ with me.” Malila just looks at him and she puts her head in her hands and starts crying so hard.

“Why don’t you believe me?,” Malila said through tears.

“I saw what I saw Malila,” Tristan said. Malila just looks up at him and stares him in his eyes and she knows he is hurt and she would NEVER want to do that to him. Malila is crying so hard, and she just starts coughing really hard. Tristan can’t stand to see her like this and he grabs her hand and walks her in the house and goes to the kitchen and gets a bottle of water and feeds it to Malila. Once Malila’s cough calms down, she looks at Tristan and she just wraps her arms around his neck and holds him tight.

“Tristan….I would never hurt you. I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationship with you. You mean the world to me and so does TJ and our twins… have to believe me. I didn’t kiss him back I promise you,” Malila said in Tristan’s ear. Tristan just sighs and he grabs Malila’s waist and pulls her away from him. Malila just stares up at him and Tristan can see the hurt in his eyes, but he feels hurt right now. Seeing another man’s lips on Malila’s and another man’s hands wrapped around Malila’s waist, just really messed with Tristan’s head. He doesn’t know what to do. Should he stay or should he go?

“Malila……I don’t know what to say or what to do at this point,” Tristan said while sighing.

“Just stay with me….stay with your family. Know that I would never hurt you Tristan. I love you so much,” Malila said while still crying.

“Malila can you please calm down? Think about the babies.” Malila looks at him and nods her head and takes a few deep breaths. Tristan’s eyes travel to Malila’s baby bump and he can’t help but smile a bit; those are his twins growing inside of her! Malila noticed Tristan look at her baby bump and she smiles and gently rubs her stomach.

“….This is your first time seeing my baby hump right?,” Malila asked. Tristan nods his head and Malila moves closer to him and stands in front of him and lifts up her shirt.

“These are our babies Tristan….our twins,” Malila said. Tristan nods his head and he kneels down and kisses Malila all over her stomach.

“Hey babies! This is your daddy! I can’t believe there are two of you in there, but I am so eager to meet both of you. I can’t wait to see you both. I love you both so much already,” Tristan said while talking in a cute baby voice. Malila can’t help but smile at this and Tristan kisses her stomach a few more times, then pulls down her shirt. Tristan stands up and just looks at Malila.

“Tristan…..please don’t leave me. I need you. I need you so much and I have missed you so much… have to know that what happened, was not my fault and I didn’t want it to happen….I shouldn’t have even let him in,” Malila said while looking down.

“Malila…..I just have to think things through ok? Can I at least do that?,” Tristan asked.

“Can you do that here? With me?”

“I don’t think I can Malila.” Malila just looks down and nods her head. TJ then comes into the kitchen and looks at Tristan.

“Daddy I’m ready,” TJ said.

“Ok TJ…..say bye to mommy,” Tristan said. TJ looks at Malila and sets down his bag and looks at Malila. Malila kneels down and hugs TJ and TJ hugs Malila back.

“Mommy it’s ok…..I know you and daddy will be ok. Stay strong ok?,” TJ said in Malila’s ear.

“I will TJ,” Malila said.

“Mommy I love you. I love you so much.”

“I love you too TJ.” Malila kisses TJ’s cheek then forehead and then pulls out of the embrace and stands up and TJ picks up his bag and then takes Tristan’s hand.

“We’ll be back sometime tomorrow,” Tristan said.

“I don’t want you to go Tristan,” Malila said.

“….I need to ok? Please try and understand….if I’m wrong then I will get on my knees to apologize but right now I feel like you are wrong….maybe something will change my mind but I need time ok?”

“…..Ok I understand……I love you Tristan,” Malila said while looking in Tristan’s eyes.

“I love you too,” Tristan said. Malila kisses Tristan’s cheek and then Tristan and TJ leave and Malila watched them get in the rental truck and drive off. Malila closes and locks the door and sighs heavily as more tears form in her eyes. She feels so stupid for even letting Doctor Evans inside her home. She feels like she should have known what he was up to, but Malila knows she had no way of knowing that. She just hopes this one mistake doesn’t ruin her and Tristan’s future together.

OMG so happy for these two there bout to have twins that such an amazing thing to hear. Im so happy for these two foreal. Now I dont like that Tristans smoking and drinking again it's not good for him. I think I know what Tristans surprise is gonna be heyyy. That ring is gorgeous. TJ is the best little helper, he's great with helping Malila at home. And Im gonna keep my eyes on this Dr. of hers too. LOVED LOVED LOVED the add Nicole RUN IT!!!

beautiful ring! ilove it! and twins! thats beatiful too!icnt wait until everything falls into place aaahhhh ilove these 2 and tj is a sweetie pie! istill cnt believe its twins lol icnt wait until she has them and icnt wait til they get married! they're made to be together :) RUN IT PLZ!

Run this, I'm loving the new updates every single time! Malila better be mindful of Dr. Evans; Not saying that he'll do anything stupid or that she'll cheat out of emotion but when there's a slight attraction in the air there could be some prices to pay. I just want Tristan to be with Malila right now so that nothing can interrupt Tristan's plans.

Run iT! <3

awwwwwww im so happy for them.. awwww i love their skype conversations. they are goin crazy for another.. i just want them to reunite asap..he's going to proposee awwwwwww this is defintly becoming a fairy tale ending. i hope everything stays positive.. i hope she will be able to deal for alil bit more.. i dont like how she got very attracted to that doctor but hey u cant help who ur attracted to plus she is not that type of person so they should be good but please update soon. i cant wait to see what happens next

So about three weeks pass and Malila and TJ are doing fine in Pittsburgh. Besides the fact, that they both miss Tristan beyond measure, they are doing alright. Malila and TJ have the house unpacked completely and it is coming together nicely. TJ had his first week of school this past week and he loves it! He says Imani is so nice to him and he has become friends with all of her female friends, but he has also made male friends as well. Malila can tell he is going to be a very popular kid. Malila has started her new job and she loves it. She is doing the same thing she did in Richmond, but gets paid more money, so this is a plus for her. On the other hand, Tristan is going INSANE without Malila and TJ with him. He hates to admit it, but he has started smoking again and his drinking has picked up quite a bit. He just doesn’t know how to cope. He misses them so bad his whole body aches. He smokes and drinks to try to calm himself down and take his mind off of them, but he just can’t. He needs to see them immediately and in about a week or so, he actually has a surprise for Malila and TJ. At this point, Tristan is doing the best he can. He calls Malila and TJ every day and he Skypes with them three times a week at least. Malila’s pregnancy is going just fine. She has not had any nausea or vomiting or any complications. Today is her very first ultrasound though! She has not had an ultrasound since she found out she was pregnant, so she is very excited! Well it’s Friday afternoon at around 3:45 pm and Malila is waiting in the OB/GYN waiting room along with TJ. She is 12 weeks pregnant at this point! Once Malila’s name is called, she and TJ are taken to a room and a nurse takes all of her vitals and then 15 minutes later, <a href="">this man</a> comes into the room and smiles at Malila and TJ.

“Hello…..I’m Doctor Evans….what is your name miss?,” the man said.

“I’m Malila….and this is my son TJ,” Malila said.

“Hi,” TJ said while waving.

“It’s nice to meet the both of you,” Doctor Evans said. He shakes TJ’s hand and then shakes Malila’s hand and that gave Malila chills! She looks at him and he smiles at her and she quickly pulls her hand from his and looks away.

“Ok Malila….it says here you are twelve weeks pregnant is that right?,” Doctor Evans asked.

“Yes that is correct,” Malila said.

“Mmm….you look further into your pregnancy. The size of your baby hump is slightly larger than average,” Doctor Evans said.

“Really? Well is everything ok?,” Malila asked worried.

“Well let’s get the ultrasound started and we will see….lay back for me please,” Doctor Evans said. Malila nods her head and she lies back against the reclined bed and pulls up her shirt. Doctor Evans places the ultrasound gel over her stomach and turns on the appropriate equipment. He takes the ultrasound wand and places it against her stomach and moves the wand around, until the baby is in the view. Once the baby is in the view, Doctor Evans zooms in and TJ gasps in shock and puts his hand over his mouth. Doctor Evans looks at him and smiles and Malila just looks at them both worried.

“TJ, what is it? Is the baby ok? Doctor what’s wrong?,” Malila said panicking.

“Mommy……there’s two!,” TJ exclaimed.

“What?!?!,” Malila said in shock.

“Your son is right…..looks like you are having twins Malila! Congratulations!,” Doctor Evans said.

“What?! Twins?,” Malila said.

“Yes mommy there is two babies! I see them!,” TJ said. Malila just puts her hand over her mouth; her heart is beating a million times per minute! Doctor Evans turns the monitor so Malila can see and when she sees two distinct babies, she gasps in complete shock and outs her hand over her mouth.

“Oh my god,” Malila whispered as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Mommy you ok?,” TJ said.

“Yes….I’m fine….I’m just so happy….I can’t wait to tell daddy,” Malila said while wiping her tears. TJ smiles and goes over to Malila and he climbs onto the hospital bed with Malila and hugs her tight and Malila hugs him back.

“Mommy I am going to have two brothers or two sisters! Or one of each!,” TJ said.

“You sure are baby boy. You are going to be such a great big brother,” Malila said.

“Thank you mommy. I know daddy is going to be very happy. Let’s Skype him and tell him tonight.”

“That’s a great idea baby.” Malila kisses his cheek and TJ gets down and goes back in front of the 3D image and just looks at his siblings. TJ notices that one baby is one his/her back and the other is on top of that baby on his/her stomach. It looks like they are hugging!

“Mommy…..the babies are hugging,” TJ said. Malila looks at the screen and she smiles at the sight. She just can’t believe she is carrying her and Tristan’s twins! She just knows that she and Tristan are doubly blessed and she can’t and won’t complain at all. She is still in shock though that she is carrying twins! She just hopes that she and Tristan can handle two newborns in just a matter of months!

“If you like, I can print these pictures out for you so you can show your…..husband?,” Doctor Evans said.

“Oh no, Tristan is my boyfriend…..but I would love to have pictures to show him so thank you,” Malila said.

“No problem,” Doctor Evans said while smiling big. Doctor Evans just has a smile that will light up a room and Malila finds herself caught in his smile! She snaps out of it and looks at TJ. Malila thinks Doctor Evans is very attractive, and it does not help that Tristan is so far away from her right now.

“How do the babies look?,” Malila said.

“They look just fine for their age….at this number of weeks, they seem to be progressing just fine….would you like to hear the heartbeats?,” Doctor Evans asked.

“I would love that.”

“Ok.” Doctor Evans pushes a few buttons and when Malila heard each of her children’s heartbeats fill the room, she gasped in shock and tears filled her eyes. This is so emotional for Malila, but she is so happy. She can’t even put it into words.

“It’s pretty amazing huh?,” Doctor Evans asked.

“Yes it is…..I just can’t believe this….I’m just speechless,” Malila whispered. Doctor Evans smiles at Malila and Malila smiles back. Well Malila asks Doctor Evans a few more questions, and then Doctor Evans prints out the pictures for Malila and he cleans up her stomach and she and TJ leave the room with Doctor Evans behind them. Malila schedules her next appointment, so Tristan will be able to make it, and then they leave the doctor’s office and Malila turns around and sees Doctor Evans watching her. She smiles a bit and waves and he smiles big and waves back and Malila quickly leaves the office with TJ. Malila and TJ get dinner on the way home and then they head home. Tristan asked to Skype them tonight at around 6:30 and once they get home, the time is close to 6:30. Malila goes upstairs to her bedroom and a few minutes later, TJ comes into the bedroom with a bottle of water.

“Here mommy….don’t forget to take your vitamins,” TJ said while handing Malila the water.

“Oh you’re such a sweetheart baby boy,” Malila said. TJ climbs into the bed and Malila hugs him and kisses his cheek and he sits in between Malila’s legs. Malila takes her prenatal vitamins and takes a few sips of her water and turns on her laptop and signs onto Skype and she sees Tristan on. She quickly video calls him and within seconds, she sees Tristan sitting on his bed in basketball shorts and a beater.

“Hi baby!,” Tristan exclaimed.

“Hi handsome,” Malila said.

“Lil’ man! How are you ?,” Tristan said.

“I’m good daddy how are you doing? We miss you,” TJ said.

“I am good son. I miss you too…..I miss you and your mommy so much …and our growing baby too. I am going insane without you all,” Tristan said.

“Well speaking of the baby…..I had my first ultrasound today,” Malila said.

“You did? How did it go baby?,” Tristan said.

“It went great…..I have pictures,” Malila said. Malila gets the pictures and puts them up and Tristan just smiles big and after he really notices what the pictures reveal, he gasps in shock and looks at Malila.

“Malila! What?! Do….do these pictures……baby are we having twins?!,” Tristan exclaimed.

“Yes! Baby we are! We are having twins!,” Malila exclaimed.

“Daddy I am going to have two siblings!,” TJ exclaimed.

“Baby! Oh my god! I can’t believe this! I….I don’t know what to say,” Tristan said. Tristan puts his head down and runs his hand through his hair and then looks at Malila and tears run down her cheeks.

“Tristan….baby what’s wrong?,” Malila said.

“Baby….I’m just so happy…..I never thought that I could be so blessed…..but I am….first you came into my life Malila….then my beautiful son…..and soon….two beautiful babies….our babies Malila….I just can’t believe it…..I don’t deserve it,” Tristan said.

“Tristan baby you deserve the best of everything and I mean that….you are an amazing man. You have a heart of gold baby, I mean that and everything good that is coming our way, you deserve….we both deserve it," Malila said.

“….I wish I could hold you right now,” Tristan said softly.

“I know baby….I miss you so much,” Malila said.

“TJ have you been taking care of mommy?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes I have daddy….I always make sure she is ok and I make sure she takes her vitamins every day,” TJ said. Malila just smiles and kisses TJ’s face multiple times and TJ laughs loudly. Tristan just admires the two of them. It warms Tristan’s heart to see the way Malila loves TJ just like her own; that makes him so happy.

“I miss you two so much….Malila how is the house coming along?,” Tristan said.

“Baby we miss you….we talk about you all the time….the house is coming along great. We have everything unpacked so basically the only thing left is the baby’s…..well the twins’ room… feels so weird saying that…..twins,” Malila said while smiling.

“I know baby I can’t believe it, but I am so excited. We are going to be fine baby. I know it’s a shock for both of us, but we can definitely afford it, that’s not even an issue. I want us to do the twins’ room together ok?,” Tristan said.

“Of course baby I would love that…..maybe you can paint one of your drawings in their room…..and TJ is still waiting for his drawing,” Malila said.

“Yes daddy I can’t wait! And I want to help you with the drawing ok daddy?,” TJ said.

“Of course….ya’ll are so sweet. I just can’t wait to be home with you two. I miss you both beyond measure. It’s been hard here without you two. I’m going crazy.” Tristan said.

“I know baby I feel the same way,” Malila said. TJ then yawns in Malila’s arms.

“Mommy, I’m kind of tired,” TJ said.

“Ok sweetheart it’s almost your bed time. Why don’t you go take your bath and get ready for bath ok? Kiss first ,” Malila said. TJ kisses Malila all over her face and Malila just laughs.

“Bye daddy it was nice talking to you!,” TJ said.

“It was nice seeing you too baby boy. I love you and miss you so much,” Tristan said.

“Love you and miss you too daddy!,” TJ said. Malila hugs TJ and then he gets up and leaves the bedroom closing the door behind him and Malila looks at Tristan and smiles big.

“Baby I miss your handsome self,” Malila said while pouting a little bit.

“I miss your fine a**….Malila I’m horny as f**k. I need my p***y baby,” Tristan said while biting his bottom lip.

“You’re disgusting,” Malila said while laughing.

“I know you aren’t talking… give the sloppiest head known to man,” Tristan said. Malila just smacks her lips and looks at Tristan in shock.

“Tristan! Ugh you’re gross!,” Malila exclaimed.

“I know but so are you,” Tristan said.

“….Fine you’re right…..I do miss my d**k,” Malila said while biting her lip.

“I knew you did! But…..too bad neither of us will be getting anything until you pop our twins yet…..then there’s the six weeks after you give birth…..what are you like 12 weeks pregnant? That’s like around 7 months until you are getting this d**k… get accustomed to it baby.”

“Baby that is not fair and you know it… can’t last that long anyway.”

“I mean it’s gonna be hard as f**k, but I can do it baby.”

“….It doesn’t help that we aren’t together,” Malila said while looking down.

“Baby….look at me.” Malila takes a deep breath and Malila looks up and looks Tristan in his eyes as she looks in his.

“I know this is very hard for the both of us, but stay strong for me ok? Don’t stress out about this, our twins will feel that ok?,” Tristan said.

“I know…..but I hate going to sleep alone and waking up alone….I wish I could wake up to your handsome face or you kissing me on my neck like you normally do. I wish I could fall asleep in your arms because that is the most comfortable place in the world to me….sometimes I just want to kiss you because your lips against mine….just makes my heart flutter and I miss that…..I miss my baby. Tristan you’re the man of my dreams and I miss you so much,” Malila said as tears ran down her cheeks.

“….Malila, baby I hate to see you cry,” Tristan said softly. Malila just nods her head and she quickly wipes her tears then looks at Tristan and smiles a bit.

“…..My heart aches because I miss you so much,” Malila said softly.

“Gorgeous I miss you too…..I hate not waking up that perfect face of yours…I miss your morning kisses so much, they helped me get through my day….I miss wrapping my arms around you tight and just talking with you….I miss everything about you…I even miss watching you do your hair in the bathroom….s**t I miss everything you do Malila. I am going insane without you. I smoke and drink all the time now,” Tristan said while shaking his head.

“Tristan….I thought you quit smoking….I told you, you are not allowed to smoke in this house, that is one of our rules. I am pregnant and you can’t smoke around me and you better not even think about lighting a cigarette when the twins are born and smoking around TJ who is only six is not good either,” Malila said.

“S**t I know baby…..but I don’t know how else to cope….I am stressed the f**k out and smoking and drinking is all I know,” Tristan said.

“Baby why are you so stressed? You don’t have to be….I know this is hard, but I don’t want you to do anything to risk your health, you know? Smoking and drinking are both such awful habits,” Malila said.

“I know Malila…..and before I move to Pittsburgh, I will stop both, I promise. I will do that for you and my family,” Tristan said.

“You’re so sweet baby. I love you.”

“I am sure I love you more… I have to tell you something.”

“Sure Tristan what is it?”

“Well….I have a surprise for you….next week I will be sending you something so be on the lookout for it ok?”

“Awww baby! I can’t wait! Any hints?”

“No baby….you will just have to wait and see ok…..but I am sure you are going to love it. Actually I know you are going to love it… just be patient ok beautiful?”

“Ok I can do that.” Malila and Tristan smile at each other and Tristan makes kissing faces at Malila and Malila does the same. Malila talks to Tristan until around 9 pm, which is when they end their Skype call. Tristan misses Malila’s face already. He turns off and closes his laptop and then goes over to his dresser. He opens the first drawer and pulls out a small jewelry box. He opens it and is face to face with <a href="">this ring</a>. He smiles a bit and just admires the ring. Tristan has known for quite some time that he has wanted to marry Malila, and he will be asking her for her hand in marriage very soon.

“Soon enough Malila……you are going to officially be mine forever.”

Run it!

They are so cute, happy tears. Happy tears.
Watch that Shanelle heffa, crazy ass broad.

awww that was so sweet. he sang her to sleep.
and tj is jus abt the sweetest little boy ever.
he loves malila like his own. and hell yea iblame
alicia ass too...s***! bt he didnt ask me did he??
lmao. ithink tj and imani are gonna like each other
and its kute! lol ithink tristan and malila are the
cutest little couple ever. not to mention the fact
that he sexii as hell lol bt ithink they will be jus
fine for a month and sum change....jus think abt the
gud times like he said. and icnt wait for the baby to
arrive. they will make it thru ikno they will and like
malila said igot a bad ass sneaky ass feelin abt that
ole dirty dog shanelle. ugh....well anyway ilove the
adds and cnt wait to read more so if yu can jus uuhh

At damn Imani is a trip, she too damn grown lol. But it's good she and TJ hit it off so well. I like the bond Tj and Malila have already it so mother/child like already. He's such a sweet boy. I know Malila and Tristan are missing the hell outta each other especially in bed. I hope time flies and they're reunited soon. Run It!!!

awwww im so jealous of their relationship it is soo beautiful.. i hope she can be strong for Tristan.. a month will fly by.. and tj is fitting so well with the family. i love it
run it

Once Malila and TJ unpacked a few things, in order to make up their beds and just have any personal items they will need, they talked with Malila’s parents for a little bit and then all four of them head to dinner. They meet Lauren, Damian, and Imani at Applebee’s at around 7 pm. When Imani sees Malila, she smiles so big and runs to her.

“Malila!,” Imani exclaimed. Malila smiles big and kneels down and Imani runs into her arms and she hugs Imani tight.

“Hi baby girl!,” Malila said. Malila kisses Imani’s cheek multiple times and Imani kisses Malila all over her face. Imani then looks at TJ and gasps.

“Wow….you look just like Tristan! And you have really pretty eyes!,” Imani said to TJ.

“Thank you. My name’s TJ….I’m Tristan’s son,” TJ said while extending his hand out.

“I’m Imani your cousin!,” Imani said while shaking TJ’s hand. TJ smiles and Imani smiles too and kisses his cheek.

“You can sit next to me and we can talk about your new school….I think the girls are really going to like you,” Imani said while giggling. TJ just smiles and nods his head and the group gets a large roundtable and TJ and Imani sit next to each other and Malila sits next to her mom and Lauren and Damian sits on the other side of Lauren and David sits on the other side of Sandra.

“Malila congratulations on your baby, I know you and Tristan are so excited,” Lauren said while rubbing Malila’s stomach and smiling.

“Yes me and Tristan are very excited. I just can’t wait for Tristan to come here so we can officially start our lives together,” Malila said.

“I know you miss him already baby girl,” Sandra said.

“Yes I really do…..but I have to do this for us and I can be patient….it may be hard, but at least I have TJ with me,” Malila said. TJ looks at Malila and smiles and Malila smiles back.

“We’re gonna be ok mommy,” TJ said.

“I know baby,” Malila said.

“Awww!,” everyone exclaimed. Malila and TJ just laugh at everyone’s reaction.

“You’re sweet like your daddy,” Imani said.

“Thanks Imani….what grade are you in?,” TJ asked.

“I will be going into second. What about you?,” Imani said.

“I will be going into first,” TJ said.

“You talk well for a first grader,” Imani said.

“Thanks….my grandma helped me with my reading and writing a lot and that helped me talk good,” TJ said.

“Well that’s good….it’s going to be fun going to school with you. You can sit with me at lunch on your first day, I know my friends are going to love you,” Imani said while laughing.

“Thanks Imani I would like that,” TJ said while laughing too. Malila, Lauren and Damian just admire the interaction between Imani and TJ; they just think it’s so cute. They are glad the two hit it off so well. Well, Malila and TJ enjoy their dinner with everyone and then they say their goodbyes, and Malila and TJ get home at around 9 pm. Malila is very tired and so it TJ. This will be the first time in a while that Malila has slept alone and she knows she won’t enjoy it one bit. Once Malila and TJ are home, Malila makes sure all the doors and windows are locked while TJ goes upstairs to his bedroom to put on his pajamas. Once Malila make sure everything is locked, she goes to TJ’s bedroom and knocks on the door.

“Uh…come in,” TJ said through the door. Malila opens the door and laughs a bit at the sight. She sees TJ trying to put on his beater, but he has his head through the hole where his right arm should be.

“Baby boy let me help you,” Malila said.

“Ok mommy,” TJ said. Malila comes up behind TJ and takes off his beater and she can’t help but notice the large scar he has on the right side of his back. It looks so painful to Malila, even though it’s just a scar. Malila kneels down behind TJ and touches it softly and then leans in and kisses it a few times.

“It doesn’t hurt you know,” TJ said softly.

“I know…..TJ I am so sorry that you had to go through such a terrible upbringing the first few years of your life….no child ever deserves that,” Malila said. Malila puts on TJ’s beater for him and then he turns around and looks at her.

“Mommy… it bad that sometimes…..I blame my other mommy for what happened? If she would have told daddy about me, then I might have lived with daddy and been safe,” TJ said.

“Oh TJ….it’s not bad, because you may be right….if your mom would have told daddy about you, I know your daddy would have taken very good care of you, like he does now…..but I know your other mom loves you very much…..she does and she only did what she did because she thought it was right at the time ok?,” Malila said.

“I know you’re right,” TJ said while sighing.

“TJ… you miss your grandma?,” Malila asked.

“Mommy I miss her a lot….she took very good care of me, like you and daddy. She always made sure I was fed and had nice clothes….she really loves me.”

“I know she does….well we can call her whenever you want. Do you know the number?”

“Yes I do….I would love to call her.”

“Ok well we can call her tomorrow and you can talk to her for as long as you want….we can even have her come visit would you like that?”

“I would love that mommy…..thank you so much. I love you.”

“I love you too TJ.” TJ and Malila share a tight embrace and then Malila picks him up and carries her to her bedroom and lies him down in her bed.

“I want you to sleep with mommy ok? I don’t want to be alone tonight,” Malila said.

“Ok mommy.” TJ gets under the covers and lies down and Malila goes into the bathroom and puts on her pajamas and puts up her hair and brushes her teeth. The master bathroom is attached to the master bedroom, so when Malila comes out of the bathroom, she sees TJ sleeping peacefully on his back. She just smiles because he sleeps almost exactly the way Tristan does. She goes over to the bed and gets under the covers and lies down next to TJ. She turns on her side and gently caresses TJ’s face and admires him sleeping. She leans down and kisses his forehead and then stares at him again. Malila loves TJ just like she gave birth to him herself. She feels so connected to him and it warms her heart that they have become so close so fast. After a few minutes, Malila hears her phone vibrate on the dresser. She picks it up and sees it’s Tristan. She smiles and answers immediately.

“Hey baby,” Malila said softly.

“Hey beautiful…did I wake you up?,” Tristan asked.

“No baby…..TJ is in the bed sleeping next to me.”

“Aww my lil’ man’s sleep?”

“Yes he is….he sleeps just like you.”


“Yes he does.”

“How was dinner?”

“It was really good baby. TJ and Imani hit it off really well. I can tell they are going to be very close. It was good to see Damian and Lauren too. They congratulated us on our baby.”

“I am glad to hear that baby… are you feeling? You alright?”

“I’m great baby….but I miss you.”

“I miss you more. My bed will not be the same without you in it.”

“I know I feel the same way baby….I just hope the time flies by. I have a feeling I will be an emotional wreck this next month and two weeks or so.”

“Babe don’t talk like that.”

“But I mean it….my emotions are all over the place. Sometimes I am so happy, but other times I am really sad… at dinner, I had to excuse myself from the table because I got so sad thinking about you….I went to the bathroom and literally burst out in tears.”

“Aww baby. I don’t want you to be sad. When you think about me, just think about all the good times we had. Don’t think about the fact that I am not there….imagine that I am there with you if you can. You know can call me or text me anytime and I will answer baby. I will do whatever I can to make sure you are alright.”

“I know you will, you’re so sweet… sing me to sleep.”

“Ok baby. Get comfortable in the bed…..rub your stomach and pretend they are my hands ok?” Malila smiles a bit and she gets in a comfortable position and gently rubs her stomach as Tristan sings melodically into her ear. She can’t help but smile at the sound of Tristan’s voice. When Tristan is done singing after a few minutes, he can hear Malila breathing deeply into the phone.

“Baby? Are you sleep?,” Tristan said softly. Malila does not answer and Tristan just smiles to himself.

“Sleep tight my queen. I love you so much and I miss you so much already. Tell TJ and our growing baby I love them too and daddy will be home in no time. Love you baby.” Tristan makes kissing sounds into the phone and then hangs up. He sighs heavily and lies down in his bed and looks at the empty spot next to him and rubs it gently. Tristan may not like this, but this is what he has to do. All Tristan and Malila can do is count down the days until their family is reunited.

aww their life and their happy happy family is coming together so cute.. got a house n a child on the way its so beautiful. i dont think she should worry about shanelle..he seemed so happy..i dont think he would do anything. but he is a man.but us women need to stop thinking negative all the time but i love this story.. seem like such a fairy see how chris was before til now is so it

Good they both found job in PA. But Im so sad Tristan cant come out till October that sucks majorly. That house is gorgeous. The fact TJ calls Malila mom is so precious. I just pray that Shanelle stays the hell away from Tristan while he's in VA alone. You know that hoe cant be trusted real talk, sneaky b****. cOME HOME SOON TRISTAN. Loved the add RUN IT!!!

Second part of this add coming later...

So a month passes and Tristan and Malila have a lot of changes coming their way shortly. Tristan and Malila have decided to move to Pittsburgh!! Malila was able to find a job and Tristan will transfer his job in October! They are both very excited! They found this beautiful house and they have placed a down payment! They are so happy they finally have a place to call their own. They went to Pittsburgh a week ago to look at the house and they fell in love and decided to buy it! The only downside to this plan, is Malila and TJ will be moving to Pittsburgh today, but Tristan cannot move until October, which is about a month and two weeks away, since it’s mid-August now. Tristan is going to hate being away from his son, Malila and their growing baby, but it’s just something he will have to deal with. Tristan did not want to miss a single second of Malila’s pregnancy, but Malila is very understanding of the situation and she does not want Tristan to feel guilty about anything. Malila and TJ have to move to Pittsburgh now because TJ will start school in about two weeks so Malila and Tristan want to make sure they get everything settled before then. Well right now, it’s Saturday morning, and Tristan is putting the last of Malila’s boxes from her apartment in the moving truck they rented. Malila’s parents actually flew up yesterday to help her drive the rental truck, while she drives the car with TJ. Malila’s parents are waiting for Malila in the rental truck and Tristan puts the last of Malila’s boxes in the truck, and then closes the door to the back and then looks at Malila, whom is holding TJ’s hand.

“Well baby that’s everything,” Tristan said.

“Yes it is baby…..Tristan I am going to miss you so much,” Malila said as tears filled her eyes.

“Oh baby don’t cry,” Tristan said. He moves closer to Malila and grabs her face and wipes her tears.

“I know this is going to be hard, but we are going to be fine….you just take care of yourself and our son and our baby growing inside of you ok? Now TJ, you are going to take care of mommy right?,” Tristan said.

“Yes daddy I will take such good care of mommy,” TJ said. Malila looks down at TJ and smiles and Tristan picks him up and kisses his cheek.

“Mommy it’s ok. We will be ok until daddy comes… can sleep in my room if you need company,” TJ said sweetly.

“You’re just so sweet TJ….I know we are going to be fine….but I will miss daddy a lot,” Malila said.

“I know I will too, but it’s ok,” TJ said.

“TJ if mommy gets sad, try to make her feel better ok? Sing to her like I would,” Tristan said while grinning.

“I know daddy…I don’t want my brother or sister to be sad, so I will make sure mommy isn’t sad. I promise,” TJ said.

“You are both so sweet…..Tristan you be safe here ok? I want you to call me every day….and I want us to Skype at least twice a week,” Malila said.

“Of course baby….I want to know everything that goes on with you, TJ and the baby ok? I mean everything….if you have a doctor appointment I want to know all about it and I want to see ultrasound pictures. TJ I want to know how you are doing with school so when I call mommy, I want to talk to you too ok?,” Tristan said.

“Ok daddy I understand…I love you,” TJ said while nodding his head.

“Ok I love you too….now you two have a very long drive ahead of you, so I will let you two go,” Tristan said. Tristan holds TJ tight and kisses his face multiple times and then hands him to Malila. Malila puts him in the backseat in his car seat and makes sure he is strapped in and then closes the door and looks at Tristan as tears roll down her cheeks.

“Babe it’s ok,” Tristan said while laughing a bit. Malila just wraps her arms around Tristan’s neck and holds him so tight. Tristan wraps his arms around Malila’s waist and holds her tight.

“I don’t want to be away from you Tristan. I love you,” Malila said through tears.

“Baby I know and I love you too. I don’t want to be away from you, my son or our baby you are carrying. But we have to do this ok? The time will fly by Malila. I don’t want you to be sad or stressed, just take care of yourself and our family. Can you do that for me?,” Tristan said in Malila’s ear.

“Yes baby I can do that,” Malila said. Tristan kisses Malila’s cheek and then pulls out of the embrace and stares at her and wipes her tears. Malila looks up at him and smiles a bit.

“Ok baby you have to get on the road. You have a long drive ahead of you,” Tristan said. Malila nods her head and she takes Tristan’s face in her hands and she stands on her tippy toes and kisses Tristan passionately. After a few passionate kisses, Malila and Tristan hug again and then Malila puts Kevin in the car. She hugs and kisses Tristan one more time and then looks at him.

“I love you Tristan,” Malila said.

“I love you Malila,” Tristan said. He kisses her forehead one more time and then he kisses her stomach multiple times and then Malila gets in the car and starts it up. TJ and Malila both look at Tristan and smile and wave and Tristan does the same. Malila drives off and Malila’s parents follow in the moving truck. Tristan watches until he can no longer see the car. He sighs and takes Malila’s keys and returns them to the landlord. He then goes back to his condo and just sits on the couch. He feels lonely already. This past month, Tristan became so close to TJ and so did Malila. TJ calls Malila mom now and neither Tristan or Malila told him to do so, he just did it on his own. He knows Alicia is his real mother, but he says he doesn’t love her like he loves Tristan and Malila; he says both are his real parents. Tristan looks at a recent family photo he took with Malila and TJ and he just smiles big. TJ is truly Tristan’s twin and it amazes Tristan. All three look so happy in the picture and that makes Tristan smile. Meanwhile with Malila and TJ; the drive from Richmond, VA to Pittsburgh, PA is about six hours. Malila and her parents left Richmond at close to 11 so they should get to Pittsburgh by 5 pm.

5 and a half hours later>> Malila and her parents to her and Tristan’s <a href="">new house</a>. Malila just smiles big when she pulls into the driveway. The house is absolutely beautiful on the inside and outside. Malila never thought she could afford a house like this, but with her and Tristan’s paycheck they can easily afford the monthly mortgage along with their other monthly bills. Malila and Tristan sat down before deciding to buy the house and did the math for all of their monthly expenses along with anything TJ will need, and they can live very comfortably together. Both Malila and Tristan will share the expenses equally and they both will own the house, not just one of them.

“We’re here sweetheart,” Malila said to TJ.

“Yay! The house is so nice,” TJ said.

“It sure is…..let’s go in and you can pick out your room,” Malila said. Malila gets out of the car and gets Kevin and TJ out of the car. She takes TJ’s hand and her parents come up to her.

“Baby girl this house is beautiful….I am so happy for you,” Sandra said.

“Thanks mom,” Malila said.

“Hey TJ, how about me and grandma take you to pick out your room? Malila why don’t you call Tristan and tell him that we made it safely,” David said.

“Ok dad,” Malila said. She hugs both of her parents and David picks up TJ and kisses his cheek and Malila unlocks the door and they all walk in and Sandra and David take TJ upstairs. Malila goes into the kitchen area and dials Tristan’s number and puts the phone to her ear. Tristan answers after the first ring.

“Gorgeous I miss you,” Tristan said quickly.

“Awww handsome I miss you more,” Malila said.

“Did you make it safely? Is everyone ok? Are you feeling alright? I don’t want you to unpack tonight, do it gradually ok baby? I don’t want you to get too tired or stressed you hear me?,” Tristan said.

“Oh baby you’re too sweet….yes we made it safely we are at the house now. The house is just so beautiful and I am so happy to be here but I wish you were here with me….I just want to get a few things unpacked, but I won’t do it all tonight. My parents are going to take me and TJ to dinner and Lauren, Damian and Imani are coming as well,” Malila said.

“That sounds nice baby….are you doing alright? How is our baby?”

“I think he or she is doing just fine. I am doing just fine baby I feel good.”

“Ok make sure you take your prenatal vitamins every day and eat as healthy as you can….have you had any weird cravings yet?”

“No not yet but I am sure I will.”

“And when you do, I will get you whatever you want. When I move too, you will not have to do anything I mean that. Only thing you will have to do is go to work and come home.”

“Baby you are just so sweet.”

“Thank you….where is my lil’ man?”

“He is upstairs picking out his room with his grandparents.”

“Oh ok.”

“I will go up and let you talk to him.”

“Thank you baby.” Tristan makes kissing sounds into the phone and Malila laughs and does the same.

“I wish I was there to kiss you for real babe,” Tristan said.

“I wish you were here too…..and I don’t just want your kisses babe,” Malila said while walking up the steps.

“What? Malila you know we are not having sex while you are pregnant,” Tristan said sternly.

“What?! You’re joking right?,” Malila exclaimed.

“I am so serious baby.”

“Why not? My parents had sex when they were pregnant with me.”

“Figures. That’s why you are suck a d**n freak and love sex.”

“Oh you’re not funny….Tristan my hormones will be all over the place and if I want it, I will get it.”

“Yeah that’s what you think baby, but you’re wrong.”

“But baby why not?,” Malila whined.

“Woman stop that whining…..Malila I am not putting anything inside of you if our baby is growing in there.”

“Tristan, baby, google sex during pregnancy and tell me what you find.”

“Ok I’ll google it, but we are not having sex while you are pregnant….you’re going to have to rape me before I let you get it with my consent.”

“Oh haha you are so funny……not! Well I guess I will be taking advantage of you baby… better watch out. I could slip something in your drink and you won’t even know.”

“Oh you got jokes! Too bad they aren’t funny.” Malila and Tristan just laugh together and Malila gets up to the bedroom TJ picked out and smiles at TJ.

“Baby boy, daddy wants to talk to you,” Malila said. TJ smiles big and runs to Malila and Malila kneels in front of him and hands him the phone.

“Hi daddy!,” TJ exclaimed.

“Hey lil’ man. You and mommy made it safely huh?,” Tristan said.

“Yes we did. The car ride was fun too! We saw lots of cool things!”

“Oh yeah? Well I am happy you two made it safely. Did you pick out your room?”

“Yes I did and I love it! It’s so big! I chose the one right next to you and mommy’s room.”

“Aww you did? Well I am glad you like the room and the house….I miss you son.”

“I miss you daddy. I wish you were here with us.”

“I wish I was there too, but the time will fly by. So until then, just do well in school and take care of mommy….since she is pregnant, she may get very emotional so always try to make sure she is alright.”

“Don’t worry daddy, mommy will be fine with me.”

“Well I am glad to hear that….so you and mommy are going to dinner later huh?”

“Yes with grandma and grandpa, and Malila’s cousins. Mommy said I will be going to school with her cousin Imani, so I should get to know her.”

“Really? Well that’s good TJ. I know you are going to really like Imani, she is very nice and sweet. You two will get along just fine.”

“Well if you think we will get along, I am sure we will.”

“Ok TJ it was nice talking to you. I love you and miss you.”

“I love you and miss you too daddy….here’s mommy.” Tristan hands the phone to Malila and she kisses TJ’s cheek and she leaves the room and walks to the master bedroom and looks around.

“Baby our room is so big….I can’t wait until you come. I don’t want to sleep in this king size bed alone,” Malila said.

“I know baby but with work and TJ in school the time will fly by I promise you. You don’t worry about me I am going to be fine here in Richmond. I am use to being alone anyway.”

“I know….but I will worry about you… I have to be honest ok?”

“Of course babe what is it?”

“I just…..I know you would never cheat on me, but I just have this weird feeling about Shanelle.”

“What? Why Malila? Did you see her recently?”

“Well….yes. About two weeks ago, she came to my class and that is when I announced I was pregnant to my class and I asked their opinions about whether they would still want me to teach the class or not and everyone wanted me to except for her. I didn’t know we were moving yet, but anyway…..when I saw her after class, she looked at me like she hated me and wanted to kill me….she just told me that she would get back what she feels is hers. So baby please…..just look out for her ok?”

“Malila why didn’t you tell me this earlier? Since when do we keep secrets?”

“I’m sorry babe I just….we were so happy I didn’t want to do anything to ruin it.”

“Ok….I understand. Baby you do not have to worry about me and Shanelle. Nothing will ever happen between us. I won’t let her do anything to ruin us, I mean that.”

“Thanks baby. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier I know you should have.”

“I’m not mad babe, but I want to know about everything that happens in Pittsburgh I mean that. Anything and everything.”

“I will baby I promise.”

“Ok….well I am going to let you and TJ get settled in. Just unpack what you will need for tonight and do the rest another time baby. I really want you to try and relax as much as you can.”

“Awww you’re just incredibly sweet. Me and TJ love you and we wish you were here.”

“I love and miss you both too. Tell my growing baby I love him or her and give yourself a stomach rub from daddy.”

“Ok baby.”

“Call me later tonight. I will sing you, TJ and the baby to sleep if you want.”

“We would love that Tristan. Thank you. I will talk to you later.”

“Ok bye gorgeous. Love you.”

“Bye handsome love you too.” Malila and Tristan make kissing noises into the phone and then they hang up. Malila just looks around her and Tristan’s empty bedroom and she just smiles. This house is where she is starting her life with Tristan, their growing baby and TJ, and Malila has never been happier.