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~~Cold-Hearted~~ (Repost) Finished!!

<a href="">Tristan</a> is sitting at the bar like he does every Friday night. He doesn’t even know why he bothers anymore, the bar scene seems to get more boring every week. He looks around as he takes a sip of his Hennessey on the rocks; he swears he sees the same people every week; desperate men looking for woman and desperate woman looking for men. Tristan is not a desperate man and he is not looking for a woman. His motto is “never trust a b***h.” He has been this way for years and he does not think it will change anytime soon. All women are evil to Tristan and he doesn’t want anything to do with them. He continues looking around and notices <a href="">a woman</a> he has never seen before. He knows all the regulars and she is definitely not one of them. She is standing awkwardly against the wall with a drink that appears to be cranberry juice in her hand. Tristan looks her up and down and does his normal routine of rating her appearance. Her large, natural hair definitely catches his attention, pretty face, petite little shape squeezed into a fitted dress, and toned legs defined by 4 maybe 5 inch stilettos. Tristan thinks she is the perfect 10 looks wise. The woman catches Tristan staring at her and she looks away awkwardly. Tristan takes this to mean that is shy as well. She is looking around and Tristan just watches her. Tristan snaps out of his daze and looks away; he doesn’t even know why he was staring. Yes she is beautiful, but pretty faces are always deceiving. Tristan finishes his drink and asks the bartender for another one. Tristan only has two drinks for the night and he decides at 1 am, it’s time to head home. He pays and tips the bartender and then gets up from the stool and walks outside. As soon as he walks outside, he sees the woman arguing with this man. Tristan just shakes his head: wonder what the b***h did, is all Tristan is thinking. Tristan walks forward, but stops in his tracks when he hears what sounds like a slap and hears a woman’s gasp of pain. Tristan turns around and sees the woman holding her cheek and the man with his hand up. Now Tristan may hate woman, but he just doesn’t like when men ever put their hands on a woman. Tristan quickly walks over to the man and grabs his arm and spins him around and the man looks at him like he is crazy.

“Weren’t you ever taught never put your hands on a woman?,” Tristan said.

“N***a get off me. This is none of your business,” the man said while jerking Tristan’s hand off of his arm.

“When you hit a woman in the street it becomes anyone who is watching business,” Tristan said boldly.

“Man whatever. This is MY woman, you mind your own,” the man said.

“I’m not your woman,” the woman said softly.

“B***h what you say?,” the man said.

“I am not your woman Michael! You need to accept that!,” the woman yelled. Michael looks like he is about to hit the woman again, but Tristan gets in front of her and lifts up his shirt and Michael sees a 9 mm handgun. He just glares at Tristan and then looks at the woman.

“This isn’t over Malila. We have a lot to talk about,” Michael said. Michael just turns around and walks away and disappears around the corner. Tristan pulls his shirt down and then starts to walk away.

“Wait!,” Malila yelled. Tristan just shakes his head and Tristan hears Malila’s heels clicking as she tries to walk towards him. He hears her picking up speed and she gently touches his arm and then stands in front of him and Tristan just stares at her. He notices her left cheek is slightly red from the slap and her eyes are glassy from tears.

“I….I just want to say thanks for what you did. I really appreciate it,” Malila said shyly. Tristan just nods his head and walks past her.

“Wait…..what’s your name?,” Malila called out. Tristan just ignores her and keeps walking and Malila watched him disappear into the dark. She wanted to thank him personally, but guess she won’t get the chance. Tristan gets to his car and takes the keys from his pocket and unlocks the car doors and gets in the car and just sighs heavily. What he just did was so stupid. He doesn’t know this n***a Michael or what he is into to, Michael could come at Tristan for retaliation. And he did this stupid s**t over a woman?! Yes she got slapped by a man, but hell Tristan doesn’t know her. Why would he stand up for a woman, when he swears he hates every last one of them? Tristan just shakes his head and Malila pops into his mind. She has to be one of the most beautiful women Tristan has ever seen and her sweet smelling perfume is still lingering in his nostrils. Tristan just puts Malila into the back of his head and speeds off home; what is happening to him?


Aye bump this soon I need the next update like a hit lol

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lol awwwwww baby talk already

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*runs around in a circle, clapping my hand like a damn fool* that was so beautiful! so innocent, so sweet and amazing. i love it!

AWWWWW ladies I love every single one of your comments!!! Thank you all so much!!!! :) @Ms.YoungLuv girl I wish I even had a love life to begin with LOL!! I think that is why I write the stories that I do. I just imagine what love would be like in different situations, since I am as lonely as they come hahaha! @nessie_jloves GIRL where have you been?!?! I have missed you!! I am so glad you commented and glad you are enjoying the story I loved reading your long comment! Ladies thank you all so much for your support for this story, your comments make me smile! Love ya'll!! <3

whew! iaint comment in a minute. this has
have ever read in a longtime. Umm ibeen
silent reading for a while.....well from
the beginning actually. Its amazing! Tristan
and Malila are wonderful.....well they were
until that little now that
they're back its wonderful. Its amazing how
one persons love change another persons mind
abt love.....iswear it is. and malila is gud
cuz iwulda gave up on dude after he kept
shuttin me down. Bt iguess she gets wat she
wants huh lol. and ooohhh lawd can i please
jus knock shanelle on her ass???!!! yes please
and thank yu lol jus like add me in real quick
then take me out lol idnt like her iactually
dnt like draya at all bt n e way jus wanted to
let yu kno @naw21 yu never disappoint my love
as well as your other stories this is

Wow..this new update was really deep. I got misty eyed down towards the end; Really happy that Tristan is taking that initiative in letting go of his fears. I wish that my love life was like this...d*mn, oh well lol

Run iT!<3

AWWWW. Tristan has really changed for the better. His love for Malila is beyond measure and it was so sweet when he cried in the shower, real men cry. There talk on the beach was so sweet it solidified everything they were feeling/thinking of one another.
Aww they're trying for a baby to sweet. Tristan wants a family with Malila. I really hope that theyre love making in the shower does result in them conceving. They'll make great parents and yeah theyve only know each other a few months but a lifetime is all they need. Loved the add. RUN IT!!!

Awwww!!!! They might/could have a baby. I know they'll be good no matter what. I can really see the love they have for each other just growing!! Tristan and Malia are really made for each other!!

Omg Chris wants a family!!!! ^.^ Swear I felt tears in my eyes reading that. And marriage (: I'm like raise the roof!!!
I'm just very happy for them. I can see like 10 kids now. Lol jk.

But run it!!!!

Malila looks over at her clock and it reads 5:57 am. It’s almost 6 in the morning and Malila and Tristan have not slept yet. They have been too busy making love. They just cannot get enough of each other’s bodies. Tristan and Malila just climaxed for the umpteenth time. They have been making love for the past 9 hours and they are both beyond exhausted at this point. Malila was just in the reverse cowgirl position and she turns around on Tristan and leans down and pecks his lips and Tristan just wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. They are both panting hard from the orgasm they both just experienced. Tristan is still inside of Malila and he is honestly too tired to even pull out of her. Tristan and Malila made love in every position known to man and each round seemed to get more and more aggressive. The first time they made love, they both admitted they were nervous, so they talked to each other a lot during the lovemaking to ease their nerves. But after a while, they grew very comfortable with the other’s bodies and started to focus more on the quality of the lovemaking. This means that they took the time to learn specifically what the other liked and they began to perfect that. Tristan learned that when he is on top of Malila, she likes for him to go fast and deep and Tristan did just that. Malila was screaming at the top of her lungs and she eventually lost her voice and when she did try and talk, nothing came out because the pleasure Tristan was giving her was just too much for her to even speak. As for Tristan, Malila just amazed him with all the tricks she used on him. For example, when she gave him head, she did this trick with her tongue as she bobbed her head back and forth on him that made him cum within minutes; didn’t make no sense. Tristan always imagined what it would be like to f**k a pornstar and Malila basically made that come true since she did everything he’s seen in pornos. As shy as Malila is, he never in a million years thought she would be just straight up nasty, but he is not complaining one bit. He likes a lady in the street but a freak in the streets. If you were to see Malila out, you would never guess that she likes to suck d**k real sloppy, or guess her favorite position is doggystyle. Malila LOVES doggystyle position and Tristan was just shocked by this. She demanded that they do that position and Tristan loved every second of it. Instead of being held by her hips, Malila told him to hold her by arms so he grabbed her arms and held her by her wrists with one hand as he moved in and out of her while slapping her a** every so often. Honestly, neither Tristan nor Malila could get enough of each other and they have a feeling they will be like this for a while. They both know they will be trying to f**k every chance they get, but they don’t see a problem with that. This will just bring them closer in their relationship. Tristan is gently running his hands through Malila’s hair as she has her head rested against his chest. Malila’s hair is greatly sweated out from all of the sex her and Tristan have had, and it’s in this huge afro, but Tristan doesn’t mind this one bit, he still thinks she looks beautiful. Malila yawns loudly and shortly after Tristan does the same.

“Babe let’s get some sleep,” Tristan said tiredly.

“Ok baby,” Malila whispered in her raspy voice. She closes her eyes and Tristan hums softly and they both fall asleep within seconds.

At around 1 pm, Tristan wakes up from his deep sleep. He yawns and looks at Malila sleeping peacefully on his chest and he can’t help but smile at this sight. He thinks about their night and early morning and an evil grin forms across his face. Malila is just a straight up freak and Tristan can honestly say he loves this. Tristan has never had any sexual experience like the one he had with Malila and he will never forget their special night/early morning together. He feels he is still inside of Malila and he better pull out of her before he gets completely hard again and feels the need to make love to her again; he will give Malila a break. He gently pulls out of Malila and then slowly lays her down on the bed beside him. She squirms a bit and turns on her stomach, but she is still sleeping. Tristan smiles and leans down and kisses her cheek and then pulls the sheets over her. He gets out of the bed and puts on his boxers and beater and goes to the bathroom and uses it and then washes his hands, brushes his teeth and washes his face. Tristan then leaves Malila’s bedroom and Kevin comes running up to him and barks.

“Hey Kevin….I should take you on your walk, you have probably been up for a while,” Tristan said. He finds Kevin’s leash and attaches it to his collar and then leaves Malila’s apartment and takes Kevin for his walk and Kevin used the bathroom as soon as he was outside. Tristan made sure to clean up after him and Tristan enjoys a 20 minute walk with Kevin. Once they return to Malila’s apartment, Tristan takes Kevin off of his leash and then fills his food bowl and water bowl and Kevin quickly eats and Tristan pets him as he does. Once Kevin is done eating, he jumps on Tristan and licks his chin and Tristan just laughs. Kevin gets down and then goes over to his dog bed and lies down. Tristan sits on the couch and he notices a note pad and pen on the table. After last night he has an idea for a song. He picks up the notepad and pen and titles the paper “2012.” He stands up with the pad and paper in his hand and goes into the bedroom and sees Malila still sleeping on her stomach. He sits in a chair across from the bed and just stares at her for a few minutes and then he starts scribbling on the notepad. 30 minutes later, when he is done, he smiles to himself and reads it over and starts to hum the melody softly. As he is doing this, he notices Malila move around the bed. She turns so she is facing Tristan and she squints her eyes a few times and then opens them and when she sees Tristan she smiles a bit.

“I’m sorry baby did I wake you?,” Tristan said softly.

“No baby….what are you working on?,” Malila said above a whisper. Her voice is not completely back yet.

“A song…..after last night I got an idea….your freaky a** gave me a lot of thoughts,” Tristan said while grinning. Malila smiles and she sits up in the bed holding the sheets to her chest and yawns and Tristan chuckles a bit and Malila looks at him.

“What’s so funny?,” Malila asked.

“Your hair,” Tristan said. Malila puts her hand to her head and feels her hair all over her head and she laughs to herself.

“It’s all over my head I know….sing the song for me,” Malila said.

“You sure?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes baby come here,” Malila said while patting the spot next to her. Tristan smiles and sits next to Malila on the bed with the notepad in his hand.

“Babe I took Kevin for a walk earlier and fed him,” Tristan said.

“Thanks baby,” Malila said. She puckers her lips and Tristan smiles and leans in pecks her lips a few times. Malila wraps an arm around Tristan and rests her chin on his shoulder and Tristan starts to sing his song “2012” for Malila. Malila just stared at him in awe the whole time and she felt herself getting very turned on. Her p***y started to throb and she felt herself becoming wet as well. Once Tristan is done singing, he stares at her and he can tell that he turned her on. Malila takes Tristan’s left hand and slides it under the covers and runs it past her thigh and to her p***y and Tristan can instantly feel how wet Malila is and he smirks.

“D**n the song turned you on like that? You’re really wet,” Tristan said softly. Malila just bites her lip and nods her head and Tristan sets down the notepad and looks at her as he narrows his eyes.

“Tell me what you want Malila,” Tristan whispered.

“Mmm….I just want you,” Malila said while staring him in his eyes.

“…I want you too baby.” Tristan leans in and kisses Malila’s lips a few times and then he stands up from the bed and looks at Malila hold his hand out.

“I want to f**k you in the shower baby….let’s go,” Tristan demanded. Malila just nods her head obediently and gets out of the bed and takes Tristan’s hand and he pulls her to walk in front of her and he slaps her a** and she looks back at him and smiles as they walk to the bathroom. Tristan closes the door behind them and Malila gets a towel and places it down on the shower floor so it won’t be too slippery and then turns it on to a comfortable temperature.

“You get in babe, I need to brush my teeth,” Malila said.

“Ok hurry up,” Tristan said. He gets in the shower and pulls the curtain closed and Malila quickly brushes her teeth and then she pulls the curtains back and sees Tristan standing under the shower, just letting the water run down his body. She smiles and gets in and pulls the curtains closed behind her and Tristan turns around and wipes his face and stares at her. Malila moves closer to him and wraps her arms around him and Tristan leans down and kisses Malila passionately and Malila can feel Tristan growing hard against her stomach. Tristan slides his tongue inside Malila’s mouth and Malila slides hers inside of Tristan’s mouth. Tristan turns so Malila is now under the running water and Tristan runs his hands through her now wet hair, and then down her shoulders, and back and he rests them on her a** and squeezes it gently. Malila moans and rests her hands on Tristan’s head and gently runs them through his small curls. Tristan moves his hands to Malila’s waist and grips it tight as he slams her against the wall. Malila gasped in shock, but she loved it! Tristan lifts Malila up off the ground and she wraps her legs around his waist and Tristan rubs his d**k against Malila’s clit and Malila moans out in pleasure.

“Baby put it in. Please,” Malila whispered in Tristan’s ear. Tristan slides right inside of Malila and they both moaned out the second he did this. Tristan just gets down to business and starts beating the s**t out of Malila’s p***y.

“Ahhhhh Tristan!,” Malila yelled in her raspy voice.

“F**k you feel so good Malila,” Tristan grunted.

“Ohhhh baby! S**t f**k me!!,” Malila screeched in pleasure.

“Uhhhh d**n……who’s p***y is this Malila? Huh?”

“Oooo!! Tristan baby it’s yours! It’s all yours baby!”

“Uh huh, I like that s**t……f**k you feel so good. Your p***y is so wet and tight."

“Mmm.” Malila then realizes something; Tristan is not wearing a condom! That is why he feels 100 times better now than he did last night, when he did use a condom. They just got so caught up and neither realized that Tristan is not wearing a condom. Malila just looks at Tristan and he is very into pumping in and out Malila at this point that she is sure that he doesn’t even realize he is not wearing a condom either.

“Tristan….baby wait,” Malila said.

“What? What is it?,” Tristan said while stopping his motions.

“Tristan…’re not wearing a condom and you know I’m not on birth control,” Malila said softly. Tristan just looks at Malila in shock and she just stares at him. Tristan had no idea that he wasn’t wearing a condom; he just got so caught up. But he did realize that Malila felt a million times better than she did last night. Just feeling Malila’s wet tightness around him is a feeling Tristan can’t even describe in words and right now, that’s all he wants to feel.

“….I can get one from the bedroom real quick Tristan,” Malila said. Malila starts to get down from Tristan’s arms, but Tristan stops her and Malila just looks in shock.

“Malila…..have my baby,” Tristan said while staring Malila dead in her eyes. Malila’s eyes just bulge in shock, but she doesn’t say anything. She opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out and Tristan just stares at her.

“S**t….I sound crazy huh? I got carried away, I’m so-,” Tristan is cut off by Malila grabbing his face and kissing him deeply. After a deep, passionate kiss, Malila pulls out and just stares at Tristan.

“Baby put it back in…..I’m sure about this,” Malila said. Tristan just smiles and he slides right back into Malila and thrusts in and out very fast and deep.

“Uhh…..Malila I love you. I love you so much……I want you in my life forever,” Tristan said.

“Tristan I love you too!! Ahh! I-I love you so much!,” Malila screamed in pleasure.

“Please don’t ever leave me Malila…..promise me,” Tristan said as he thrusts slow, but deep.

“Tristan!!! Ahhh! I promise babe! I promise I won’t leave you! I love you!” Tristan just smiles and leans in and kisses Malila’s lips a few times and then rests his head against Malila’s shoulder and she wraps her arms around his neck and holds onto him tight as he moves in and out of her at various speeds. Malila isn’t sure where all of these feelings from Tristan are coming from, but Malila makes a mental note to talk to him about it later. Right now, she is just focused on her and Tristan’s lovemaking, more like f**king session right now. As Tristan is moving in and out of her, Malila tightens her walls around him every so often and Tristan notices this and puts his head up and looks at Malila and she just smiles at him.

“S**t Malila you keep doing that s**t and I am going to cum,” Tristan moaned.

“Mmm that’s what I want baby,” Malila said softly. Malila just narrows her at Tristan and he gently bites his bottom lip and then leans in and bites Malila’s bottom lip and she giggles. Tristan picks up his speed so he is beating Malila’s s**t up!!

“Tristan!!! F**kkkkk!! Baby you are going to make me cum!,” Malila yelled at the top of her raspy lungs.

“You cum for me first baby,” Tristan said. He leans in and starts sucking on Malila’s neck and kisses up and licks and sucks on Malila’s ear.

“Tri-Tristan!! I-I’m cumming baby!! AHHH!!,” Malila yelled as her orgasm took over her body. Malila feels her body go limp, until less than a minute later, she feels Tristan’s warm cum shoot inside of her.

“Uhhhhh!,” Tristan groaned as he climaxed. Tristan and Malila are both breathing hard trying to catch their breaths. Once they both catch their breaths, Tristan sets Malila down on her feet and leans down and kisses her lips and then wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. After a long embrace, Malila pulls out of the embrace and looks at Tristan and it looks like he is crying. Malila can’t tell for sure since water from the shower is running down his face as well, but she knows his face when he cries.

“Tristan, baby what’s wrong?,” Malila asked.

“….Can we talk about it later? Let’s just take a shower ok?,” Tristan said.

“Ok baby.” Malila leans in and kisses Tristan’s cheek and Tristan smiles a bit and he grabs a washcloth and soap and starts to wash Malila’s body and Malila just smiles at this. Tristan and Malila wash each other’s bodies, then rinse off a few times and then they get out and dry off. Tristan goes out to the bedroom while Malila does her hair in the bathroom. Tristan always has spare underwear and outfits at Malila’s house and Malila has the same at his house. Tristan gets dressed real quick in cargo shorts and a beater. He sits on the bed and watches Malila comb through her long, natural hair and she puts a few handfuls of gel in it and then she works her hair into a high, slick ponytail, with the hair hanging out of the ponytail is just curly. She walks out of the bathroom and Tristan notices that Malila is walking quite funny and he just smirks to himself; he knows he did that. Malila gets dressed and she notices that Tristan just quietly watches her. Once Malila is all dressed and ready, she sits next to Tristan on the bed.

“Tristan… have something to tell me don’t you?,” Malila said.

“Yes baby I do….can I take you somewhere? We can grab some food on the way,” Tristan said.

“Of course baby I will go anywhere you want to take me.”

“Ok… you have any beach towels?”

“Yes I do.”

“Ok grab them and then we can go….I will get Kevin ready. We can bring him along.”

“Ok baby.” Malila kisses Tristan’s lips and goes into the closet while Tristan goes out to the living room and he walks over to Kevin.

“Hey Kevin we are going out for a bit. You want to get out huh?,” Tristan said. Kevin barks and stands up instantly and Tristan smiles and puts Kevin on his leash and waits for Malila and Kevin barks loudly when Malila finally comes out of the bedroom with two beach towels in her hand.

“Hi Kevin! Baby how are you?,” Malila said. Malila leans down and pets Kevin as he licks her face. Malila laughs and then stands up and looks at Tristan.

“We can take my car. Do you have everything?,” Malila asked.

“Yes I do,” Tristan said.

“Ok.” Malila grabs her keys and purse and she and Tristan leave with Kevin. Tristan puts Kevin in the back seat of Malila’s car and then Tristan gets in the driver’s seat and Malila gets in the passenger seat and Tristan speeds off. He stops at Five Guys and picks up burgers, fries, and drinks for him and Malila and then he heads off to his destination. Malila does not recognize where he is going, so she just sits back and enjoys the ride. 30 minutes later, Tristan pulls up to a beach, but it’s a very secluded beach. Malila has never been here before, but it looks very nice and peaceful. Tristan gets out with the food and Malila gets out and then gets Kevin and the beach towels out and Tristan locks the doors. Tristan and Malila take off their shoes and then Tristan takes Malila’s hand and walks her to an area on the beach where there are no people around. There are hardly any people on the beach anyway. Malila takes Kevin off of his leash and he walks around a bit, but is still in sight of Malila and Tristan. Malila sets down the beach towels and she and Tristan sit down and then start to eat as they watch waves crash continuously on the shore. After they are done eating, Tristan and Malila sit in silence for a while, before Malila finally breaks the silence.

“Baby talk to me,” Malila said. Tristan turns his head to look at her and she smiles and loops her arm inside of his and then locks his hand with hers. He takes a deep breath and then looks forward.

“…..Were you crying in the shower babe?,” Malila asked.

“Yeah I was,” Tristan said while sighing.


“Baby…I have to be honest with you… remember how I told you that I didn’t want to have my life planned? You know marriage and kids and all of that?”

“Yes Tristan I remember.”

“Well after I told you I loved you last night, my heart just opened up completely to you….and what I mean is I just want to live my life the way it was meant to happen. I don’t even want to think about planning anything I just want it to happen…..what happened in the shower… something just came over me…..I may sound crazy, but Malila you are the only thing I have in this world. You are all I have and I just do not want to lose you. I do not want to take a single breath unless you are with me….I just want to build my life with you starting now…..I don’t care that we haven’t even been together that long, I know what I want and that’s to marry you and have kids. I don’t even care the order, I just want them both to happen……I know that what we did in the shower could result in a pregnancy, but it’s not certain. You could end up pregnant, but then again you might not….but either way Malila I am not going anywhere….I just want to start my life with you…..I am twenty five years old and I have established myself in my career, I have a nice car, nice condo…..but Malila I need a family. I have everything I want except a family…..a woman to come home to and a child to come home to...I really feel like I am missing something in my life and I know that is what I am missing…..s**t maybe I shouldn’t have just convinced you into having sex without a condom….we just started having sex and I feel like I forced you into it and I’m sorry if I did Malila,” Tristan said.

“Tristan if I didn’t want to have unprotected sex with you, then I wouldn’t have…..but we did and whatever happens, it happens,” Malila said.

“S**t I know this just came out of nowhere Malila…..I just need you in my life, I don’t think you understand…..I never ever wanted to rush another relationship after Alicia, but you make me want to do just that. You are so amazing and I love you so d**n much and I don’t see the point of waiting if we are in love…..I know we can both support a child so if it does come to that, then we will be fine I promise you. I will be the best man to you and father to our child…..maybe I should have talked to you about this earlier huh?”

“Tristan stop….you know I have always wanted children and we have discussed it numerous times…..I know you would make an excellent father and I honestly don’t see a better man to be the father of my children other than you.”

“Hearing you say that means everything to me…..I feel like neither of us brought a condom into the bathroom earlier for a reason….we just weren’t meant to use it at that time and we will live with those consequences……we both know that there is a possibility that you might not end of pregnant….if you don’t then now is not the time we are supposed to have kids and we can both accept that and we can try again later….but if you do, then best believe that we will be the happiest couple on this earth,” Tristan said. Malila just looks at him as tears stream down her face. Tristan leans in and rests his forehead against Malila’s and wipes her tears.

“I was crying in the shower because I realized that I love you so d**n much Malila and when we were having sex, it’s like all my love for you just came out at that moment….I am not sure why it didn’t wait until later in the relationship, but it didn’t and I can’t help that… just got me emotional. When I asked you to never leave me, I meant that. I really did and I know you will keep your promise as long as we both do our parts in this relationship…..gosh I know my thoughts are all over the place. I hope I am making sense to you,” Tristan said.

“You are Tristan. You are….you love me enough to want to have a family with me and that means everything to me… are saying that you just want life to happen and you are tired of worrying about the future….you never use to talk about it because you were scared but now you realize that it’s going to happen and you just need to let it…..You know how much I love you Tristan and I don’t care that we have only been together for three months, if I do end up pregnant, then we will have our child and we will be happy together. I would NOT take your child away from you……being the mother of your child would be an honor and I mean that with everything in my heart.”

“You’re so amazing Malila…..d**n I love you.”

“I love you too Tristan. I love you so much.” Tristan just smiles and leans in and kisses Malila passionately. He then pulls her in front of him and opens his legs and pulls Malila between his legs and wraps his arms around her and holds her so tight as she rests her head on his chest. Tristan is ready to let go of all the pain he has endured in his life and just open his heart completely to Malila. He needs and wants Malila in his life and from this day forward, Tristan feels like his life is really just beginning, with Malila right by his side.

YOOOO!!!! THAT Scene was EVERYTHING!!!!! Like really!!! Tristan and Malia are some straight up freaks!! But I'm so glad they got it together and Tristan got his baby back. Aww Love it!!!

@naw21 lol been on this board for years hun, never read a scene like that before

Lol @chas u liked the scene that much huh?!? Hahahaha thanks for the support!

lol I gotta read this s*** AGAIN!

<strong> first off:</strong> that was a bomb ass, long as add! And I loved every single, freaky ass bit of it. Malia is a true freak and so is Tristian, wow. <strong>second of all:</strong> Tristian's speech was so cute, romantic, and very sweet. His true feelings about her were amazing, I wanted to cry! I'm glad their relationship is improving, they are so nasty but cute!

I am LOVING the comments so far ladies glad u all liked that add!!

Loved the new add Nicole. I am glad Tristan finally got the courage to tell her how he feels. Run It

I just read a porno! Lmao(: Jk. It was a sweet time. They made love, it was cute. Her parents taught her that? O.O. She has some freaking cool parents. Or weird, but it's all goodie woodie!! Time to meet the parents! Woot woot(: Run It!!!

Aww snap, finally Tristan told her he loved her like really loved her, Marriage type love. Damn Malila is a lil freak in the sheets who knew she was like that. WOW gonw girl, she get it from her parents eh lol. Im so glad theyre at happy points now. Loved the freaky ass add Nicole lol, Im so glad theyre happy now. Run It!!!


I loved it! I loved it!

the quiet ones are always the BIGGEST freaks

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Her parents are wild .. I ain't even mad though

Overall , I am happy Tristan stepped up and did the right thing.

Runn it !

WHEW!!!! Ok that was a LONG add for you ladies and I have been working on it for a while so I want lots of comments please and thank you!! Love ya'll <3

So six days pass and Malila and Tristan are not even speaking at this point. When Tristan sees Malila at the gym or just out, she acts like she doesn’t know him. He keeps telling her he’s sorry for how he reacted but Malila does not want to hear that. She tells him if he is not going to tell her his true feelings, then she does not want to hear it. They are still together though, since they did not choose to end the relationship the night Tristan left. Tristan has not been able to get Malila out of his mind and she is all he thinks about. He knows he hurt Malila by what he did, but he never meant to. Tristan knows he has to tell Malila how he truly feels about her and he knows he can’t hide his feelings anymore. He has to man up and just say what he feels and stop being a coward. Tristan truly realizes this now, and he is going to pay Malila a visit tonight. It’s Friday evening around 8 pm and Tristan takes out his iPhone and texts Malila; this is the first time he has texted her in a few days. He sends Malila the following message: “Hey baby are you home? I want to come over.” Within a minute Malila responds with: “Come over for what?” Tristan responds with: “To talk to you Malila. Please.” Malila responds with: “Well I was going to go out with my girls at 9 so if you want to come, come now. And the first thing you say to me better not be sorry.” Tristan responds with: “Ok baby thank you. I am leaving now. Be there in 20.” Tristan grabs his keys and wallet from his dresser, put his iPhone in his pocket, and then leaves his condo. He drives to Malila’s place and gets there at around 8:25 pm. Once he gets to the apartment complex, he quickly gets out of his car, locks it and runs up the steps to Malila’s floor. He takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. Within a minute, Malila opens the door and Tristan notices she has on a fitted black dress and her makeup and hair are done real nice and he can smell her sweet smelling perfume. Tristan thinks she looks so beautiful right now.

“Uh…hey,” Tristan said shyly.

“Hey,” Malila said nonchalantly.

“Can I come in?” Malila moves to the side and motions for him to come in. He walks in and Malila closes and locks the door behind him. Kevin walks into the room and barks loudly and Tristan smiles and leans down and pets him and kisses the top of his head. Kevin barks again and then goes to his bed in the corner of the room and lies down. Tristan looks at Malila and she has her arms folded waiting for Tristan to say something. He walks over to her and stands right in front of her and looks at her.

“…I have been trying to figure out how to say what I came to say….but I have found that I can’t do that, I just have to say it, so here it goes…..Malila……you are love. When I think about love, I think about you….I don’t think you will ever understand the feeling I get when I am with you….your smile alone warms my heart and your beautiful face….gives me chills every time I see you. We could just be sitting in silence not even speaking, but there isn’t a place I rather be than with you….I know I have a very hard time expressing how I feel and I know that hurts you and you know I would never want to do that…..I give you hell about not hurting me so I know you are not like Alicia, but I have hurt you and you haven’t hurt me once and that isn’t right or fair to you. It’s not right for me to use my past as an excuse for our relationship, which is the present…..I was scared of you and us Malila I can admit that. I never liked talking about the future because I never saw the point. After what Alicia did to me, I just never wanted to have anything planned just so the plans wouldn’t be ruined….but I am going to be honest with you right now. When I think about the future, I see you Malila. You and I together is what I see…..I see myself marrying you and having kids with you, you are my present and future Malila…..I never ever thought I would meet someone as amazing as you. You have a heart of gold, and you treat me like a king….and Malila you are my d**n queen……I love you and I am in love with you Malila. I love you so much Malila. I love everything about you. You have these beautiful big brown eyes, and your long eyelashes. You have this cute little nose, the perfect set of lips that are so soft and that I love to kiss every chance I get…..and your hair. Gosh your hair is just so amazing to me. It’s so big, but it looks so beautiful on you…..and your perfect body. Every time I see you I just want to put my hands all over you. You are so beautiful but you have a natural beauty that I just appreciate and love so much. You are just drop dead gorgeous to me and I love you….the love I have for you is deep in my soul and you’re the first woman I have ever felt that with….a love so deep I feel like you are a part of me and if you ever left me….you would take my heart with you and I mean that with all of my heart, soul, body and mind Malila… are what I want Malila and if you are willing to forgive me for what I did to you…you will not regret it. I will be the best man you could ever imagine and I will be all yours….Malila I love you,” Tristan said as tears flowed down his cheeks. Malila just stares at him as numerous tears stream down her cheeks as well.

“Malila I am so sorry for the way I reacted that night….I never should have left you hanging the way I did….I loved you that night and I have loved you for a while and I was just scared…..but baby I am not scared anymore….I am giving you my heart right now. It’s open and it wants your love Malila. It needs your love,” Tristan said. Malila just looks down as tears just roll down her cheeks. Tristan moves closer to her and lifts up her head and stares her in her eyes as he wipes her face of her tears.

“Too beautiful to be crying,” Tristan said softly. Malila smiles a bit and she wipes Tristan’s cheeks of his few tears. Tristan holds Malila’s face in his hands and rests his forehead against hers and gently strokes through her hair while still staring in her eyes.

“Baby can you forgive me? I don’t want to live my life without you by my side,” Tristan said softly. Malila rests her hands on top of his and stares back at him.

“Of course I can forgive you Tristan….I love you and love is all about forgiveness…..everything you said means the world to me. You just touched my heart so deeply….you’re so sweet and I love you so much Tristan. I am so happy with you and I know you are happy with me…..I just want to be with you and live my life with you by my side. I want to marry you and give you children….I love you so much Tristan,” Malila said while crying.

“I bet I love you more,” Tristan joked while wiping Malila’s tears away.

“Stop being a smart a** and kiss me,” Malila teased. Tristan just laughs and so does Malila and Tristan presses his lips against Malila’s hard and Malila instantly moaned and slide her tongue inside of Tristan’s mouth and Tristan darted his tongue inside of her mouth while running his hands through Malila’s hair. Malila grabs Tristan’s face while they kiss and Tristan slides his hands down Malila’s neck, shoulders, arms and rests them on her waist and pulls her closer so their hips are against one another’s. Tristan moves his hands to Malila’s a** and squeezes it tightly as his tongue plays with hers. Malila moves her hands to the top of Tristan’s head and rubs it softly and moans while she and Tristan kiss. After a few minutes of very intense kissing, Tristan pulls Malila away from him and just stares at her.

“Malila…do you want to do this? Because if you want to wait, I will wait for you,” Tristan said.

“I have wanted to do this for so long Tristan,” Malila said.

“Baby I want to do this right….I am not going to just rip off your clothes and rush this….I want to take my time with you. I want this to be perfect….so I want you to put on whatever you had on that special night you had planned for us, put the room how it was and we are going to do this right Malila.”

“You mean it Tristan?,” Malila said as her eyes lit up.

“Of course I do baby….so go get dressed…..put on the stilettos, but don’t you dare put on that robe. I want to see whatever you had on under it only. Got it?”

“Yes baby,” Malila said while biting her lip.

“Mmm you gon bite your lip huh? Well you are going to pay for that tonight…..Ima beat that p***y up best believe that.” Malila just raises her eyebrows in shock and Tristan slaps her a** and Malila giggles. She pecks Tristan’s lips and then goes into her bedroom closing the door behind her. Tristan just smiles to himself and he lights the candles he sees in the living room area and turns off the light. He goes into the kitchen area and looks in the fridge and sees the bowl of strawberries. He takes a small one and eats it quickly just to make sure they are still ok to eat, and they are. He takes the bowl and sets it on the living room table. He then sees Kevin yawning as he wakes up. Tristan walks over to him and pets him gently.

“Hey Kevin you alright? I think you should go into the guest room because mommy is going to be screaming in a little bit and we don’t want to scare you. Come on,” Tristan said. Kevin stands up and Tristan gets his dog bed and follows behind Kevin into Malila’s spare room. Tristan sets down the bed and then Kevin lies down and Tristan pets him until he falls asleep again. He kisses the top of his head and then leaves the guest room slowly closing the behind him. He washes his hands and then sits on the couch and waits for Malila. He is so anxious and he laughs a bit when he hears the stereo in Malila’s room start to play “So Anxious” by Ginuwine. 20 minutes later, he sees Malila poke her head out of her bedroom. Tristan smiles and stands up and moves closer to Malila’s bedroom door.

“Baby come on out. Don’t be shy,” Tristan said. Malila smiles a bit and takes a deep breath and when Malila opened the door, Tristan’s mouth instantly dropped to the floor and his eyes bulged in shock. She is wearing <a href="">this</a> and her hair is out, she has on a bit of makeup and she is wearing four inch black stilettos. Tristan looks Malila up and down numerous times and his manhood instantly grew hard the minute he saw her.

“Baby….do I look ok?,” Malila asked shyly.

“Baby…you look absolutely stunning….wow….come here,” Tristan said while holding his hand out. Malila smiles and walks over to Tristan and takes his hand and Tristan spins Malila around slowly and takes in every inch of her body. He then just stares her in her eyes.

“You’re beautiful Malila,” Tristan said.

“Thank you baby,” Malila said while smiling big.

“I put Kevin in the guest room so your screams wouldn’t scare him too much,” Tristan said while grinning.

“Oh my screams huh? Mmm I won’t be the only one screaming tonight,” Malila said sexily.

“Is that right? Yeah we’ll see I’m not an expressive lover Malila, so it better be real good then.”

“Tristan it’s going to be better than good….I am going to be the best you ever had.”

“Alright now you have raised the bar, I hope you can deliver.”

“Oh I can baby.” Tristan kisses Malila’s lips and then grabs her hand and takes her to the couch and sits next to her. He picks up a strawberry and puts it to her lips and Malila takes a bite and chews it and suddenly Tristan grabs her face and kisses her and swipes his tongue in her mouth quickly and looks at Malila. Malila gasps when she sees Tristan chew and swallow the piece of strawberry she had in her mouth. Tristan winks at her and Malila just bites her lip hard; she is so turned on right now.

“Baby?,” Malila said.

“Yes?,” Tristan said.

“You just got me so wet,” Malila said softly.

“Oh yeah….what do you want to do about it?,” Tristan said while licking his lips.

“The question is what are YOU going to do about it,” Malila said while opening her legs up a bit. Tristan noticed her gesture and raises his eyebrow at her.

“Well…I could start by kissing every inch of your body, then move back up to your….special place….I have always wanted to know how you taste….tonight is my chance,” Tristan said softly.

“Mmm I would like that….then what would you do?,” Malila said.

“Then I would lick every inch inside of you that my tongue could reach….after that, I will get on top of you and get to business…..I will move in and out of you slow….unless you like it fast because I can do that too….anything you like, that is what you will get.”

“Mmm really….well Tristan…..I like to start with head, but I don’t like to be the receiver, you know what I mean?”

“What?! Malila are you serious? Your shy little self….naw I don’t believe that.”

“Oh you don’t? Well I like to do it real sloppy too….I’ll get it real wet and deep throat you like no other….I am sure I can take all of you in my mouth without gagging,” Malila said while rubbing on Tristan’s d**k through his jeans.

“What the f**k? Malila! You are a freak!! Wow!,” Tristan exclaimed.

“I know I am baby, I can show you too.”

“But still….I don’t believe you….I got 9 inches baby, you will be lucky you can even get half in your mouth,” Tristan boasted.

“Mmm none of the hoes you use to f**k with could take all of you huh? Well they don’t have experience like me….I am very talented when it comes to this…..let me show you.”

“Yeah I need to see this to believe it.” Malila smiles and leans in and bites Tristan bottom lip and then kneels down in front of him. She quickly unbuckles his pants and Tristan just stares at her: he can’t believe this is really happening! But Tristan is very excited and he can’t wait!! Malila unbuckles and unzips Tristan’s pants and pulls them down along with his boxers.

“Mmm let me get these off of you baby,” Malila said. Malila takes Tristan’s feet out of his pants and boxers and puts them to the side and then looks at Tristan’s d**k, standing at attention completely ready for her. She eyes it carefully and smiles devilishly. She bites her lip and takes him into her hands and strokes him gently.

“Let’s switch. I will sit down while you will stand up… will be easier that way,” Malila suggested. Tristan nods his head and quickly stands up and Malila sits down on the couch and Tristan stands in front of her. Malila opens her legs and Tristan stands in between them and his manhood is at the perfect level to Malila’s mouth. She looks up at him and smiles and gently rubs his bare thighs. She stares him in his eyes as she opens her licks her lips and then opens her mouth and just feeling Malila’s warm breath against his d**k causes Tristan to get even more turned on. Malila slowly licks the tip of Tristan’s d**k and the taste of Tristan’s pre-cum causes Malila to moan a bit and Tristan moaned out in pleasure the minute Malila’s lips touched his d**k. Malila curls her tongue and licks every inch of Tristan’s shaft and Tristan just closes his eyes and moans in pleasure. Malila spits on Tristan’s d**k and then slowly enters him into her mouth inch by inch. Tristan opens his eyes and sees Malila staring at him and he watches her swallow his d**k inch by inch. His eyes get big in shock when he sees more than half of his d**k in her mouth. Malila winks at him and she continues until every last inch of his d**k in her mouth. She sticks out her tongue and the tip of it licks his balls as his whole d**k is in her mouth. Tristan’s eyes are just bulged in shock right now.

“D**n Malila!!! F**k I have never had this done before! S**t!!!!!,” Tristan exclaimed in pleasure. Malila just moves her head back and forth, making sure to practically swallow Tristan every time.

“Awwww s**t,” Tristan groaned in pleasure. Tristan grabs her Malila by her hair and moves her head back and forth and Malila gurgles a bit as Tristan’s d**k continuously hits the back of her throat. Tristan does not hear Malila gag once and he is just in shock but this turns him on to a whole different level. He could seriously cum within minutes. After a few minutes of moving back and forth, Tristan holds Malila’s head while all of him is in her mouth and she looks up at him and he holds her head there for about thirty seconds and then pulls out of Malila’s mouth and she has spit running down her chin as she catches her breath and Tristan is just in awe right now.

“God d**n Malila….I don’t….I,” Tristan is cut off by Malila spitting on his d**k and grabbing it and she starts sucking on him good. She takes her hands from his thighs and gently rubs Tristan’s balls, while sucking him. She then takes his d**k out of her mouth and lifts it up and licks and sucks on his balls.

“Malila…..s**t,” Tristan said.

“I want to taste you baby….I want your cum in my mouth,” Malila said softly.

“If you can get me to cum, then you can get it wherever you want it,” Tristan challenged. Malila just narrows her eyes at him and licks her lips. She rests her hands on her thighs and opens her mouth wide and takes Tristan back into her mouth and wraps her lips around him and moves her head back and forth as she sucks on him. This turns Malila on so much and hearing Tristan moan and groan in pleasure and she moves her left hand to her p***y and she moves her lingerie piece to the side and feels on her p***y and moans a bit as she does this. She gently rubs her clit while bobbing her head back and forth on Tristan. Tristan opens his eyes and sees Malila playing with herself and that just turns him on beyond measure. He can feel his climax coming any minute. Malila deep throating Tristan is something Tristan has never experienced before, but he sure does love it!! This is hands down the best head Tristan has gotten from any female, and he didn’t know Malila had it like this!! 5 minutes later, Tristan can feel his climax coming and Malila can sense it too. He pulls out of Malila’s mouth and starts to jerk himself off and Malila opens her mouth wide and stares Tristan dead in his eyes. Malila rubs her clit with one hand and his balls with another and Tristan can feel his climax start to take over his body.

“Awww f**k,” Tristan said.

“Cum for me baby,” Malila said.

“Uhhhhh!,” Tristan moaned in pleasure. Malila just stares at him and holds out her tongue as she feels Tristan’s warm cum shoot right into her mouth. Tristan had his eyes closed for a quick second, but when he opens them he sees Malila playing with his cum in her mouth and he just narrows his eyes at her and shakes his head and laughs a bit. Malila sticks out her tongue with Tristan’s cum on it and then she pulls her tongue back inside of her mouth and Tristan sees her do a swallowing motion and Tristan raises his eyebrows at her. Malila opens her mouth and when Tristan sees her empty mouth, Tristan’s eyes just get big in shock. Malila smiles at him and licks her lips clean.

“You taste good baby,” Malila said.

“Malila….I have no words….I am speechless….d**n. S**t baby,” Tristan said while laughing a bit.

“Told you I could deliver,” Malila said while laughing as well.

“You were right….you are nasty too. Like the s**t you just did is what pornstars do….you hiding a secret from me?,” Tristan joked.

“Oh haha not funny…..that’s just a skill I have mastered. I may have only had one sexual partner before you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I am doing. I don’t have to be a ho to be nasty or good at head or sex,” Malila said.

“S**t you’re right…..but d**n I didn’t know you had it like that! Just so you know…..I am going to tear your d**n p***y apart,” Tristan said aggressively.

“Why are you saying it like I did something wrong?”

“Because you hid that good a** head from me for the longest! That ain’t fair at all! So I know your p***y is just as good!,” Tristan joked.

“Mmm I did….but you had to earn it… really are going to be mad when you get a taste of this p***y though…’s really good baby… gets so wet and it’s tight….when you are moving in and out of me, you will just how wet I can get…..are you ready for it?”

“Malila I have been ready, you know that….are you ready for me? You think you can take all of me?”

“Even if I can’t you won’t ever know….I never show signs of weakness in the bedroom.”

“F**k you are a d**n freak. You had to have been in a porno, like seriously be honest with me.”

“Tristan! Stop! You know I was never in a porno!,” Malila said while hitting his chest.

“Mmm alright…..well we can make one of those later…..but now….it’s my turn to taste you…but first sit back and let me see that p***y…..we may have fooled around before, but now it’s time for the real thing,” Tristan said. Malila just nods her head and sits back and she puts her legs behind her head and looks at Tristan. Tristan’s mouth falls to the floor and Malila just smiles at him. Tristan knew she was flexible but d**n not this flexible!! She moves her lingerie piece to the side and she plays with her p***y while looking at him. She gently rubs her clit and then takes her index finger and slides her finger in and moves it back and forth. After a minute, she takes her index finger out and puts it in her mouth and licks it. Tristan just looks in shock and laughs a bit.

“Malila……you better get your sexy a** out of that lingerie and into your bed… have one minute…..brush your teeth real quick and then lie down in the bed and keep on your stilettos,” Tristan demanded.

“Mmm yes daddy,” Malila moaned.

“Oh I like that….Ima tear your a** up Malila! You just don’t know! Now go!,” Tristan exclaimed. Malila bites her lip and puts her legs down and gets up from the couch and walks to her bedroom and Tristan watches her switch the whole time. Tristan just shakes his head and laughs to himself. He knew Malila would be good, but not this good! He is just amazed by her skills so far, and he cannot wait to feel how tight and wet her p***y is. He knows she is about to be the BEST he has ever had, but he knows it will also be special. He takes off his shirt and beater and gets the bowl of strawberries and goes into the bedroom and sees Malila in the bed just how he asked. He smiles and closes the door behind him. He goes over to the bed and eats a strawberry and Malila just smiles at him. He then feeds her one and then he sets down the bowl on the nightstand next to the stack of condoms. Tristan gets on top of Malila and just stares at her. He runs his hands through her hair as she wraps a leg around his waist.

“You are so gorgeous Malila. I love you so much baby and I hope you know that…..tonight I am going to show you just in case you don’t know…..I am going to make love to you, have sex with you, we can even just straight up f**k if you want to….it’s whatever you want to do….and I hope you don’t have any plans tomorrow because they are cancelled. I don’t see us leaving this bed for a few days at least,” Tristan said.

“Awww boo boo! You are so sweet! I have waited so long for this…..I love you so much and I can’t wait to show you and I can’t wait for you to show me how much you love me,” Malila said. Tristan just smiles and leans down and kisses Malila passionately. She grabs his face as they kiss and then runs them down his arms. Tristan kisses down Malila’s neck and she closes her eyes as she feels Tristan’s tongue roam all around her neck. He finds a sweet spot and sucks for a few minutes, leaving a love mark. He kisses down her chest and licks and sucks on Malila’s nipples and leaves a love mark on each one of her breasts. He kisses down to her stomach and swirls her tongue in Malila’s belly button causing Malila to giggle softly since it tickled. He kisses to her waist and leaves a love mark on her left hip. He kisses each of her thighs and then leaves a love mark on each one as well. He kisses down her legs then back up to her p***y. Tristan pushes her legs into the bed and just examines her p***y closely.

“D**n you have a pretty p***y baby…..I just want to taste her and I can’t wait to feel her squeeze around my d**k,” Tristan said softly.

“Mmm,” Malila moaned while rubbing the top of Tristan’s head.

“Put your legs behind your head again.” Malila nods her head and pulls her legs behind her head and gently rubs her clit. Tristan just smiles to himself and licks his lips. He moves her hand away and gently rubs her clit himself.

“Ahh baby,” Malila moaned softly. He opens up Malila’s p***y and just admires it. It’s so wet Tristan can tell already. He runs his finger down the split of it and Malila squirms a bit. He then leans in and kisses it gently and Tristan can feel Malila relax into the bed. It has been so long since Malila has had sex but she does not show it and Tristan is surprised by this, but he actually likes it. Tristan starts to basically make out with Malila’s p***y and Malila rests her hand on Tristan’s head and Tristan knows she wants him to slide his tongue inside of her and he does just that. Malila yelped out in pleasure the minute he did that and Tristan moves his tongue in and out of Malila’s tight and very wet p***y.

“Tristan…..ahh!!,” Malila said while quivering. Tristan grips Malila’s waist tight as he pushes his tongue deeper inside of her and Malila grips his head tight as he does this.

“Baby!!! Oooohhh!,” Malila yelled in pleasure. Tristan moves his tongue in circles and then moves it in patterns Malila is not sure of at first. When Malila realizes that Tristan just spelled the word “mine” across her p***y lips, she moaned loudly while laughing a bit. Tristan stops what he is doing and looks at her and smiles.

“Your s**t is so wet baby…..d**n,” Tristan said.

“Mmm I told you….I love this Tristan….but I really just want to feel you inside of me. I can’t wait anymore,” Malila said.

“Oh yeah?,” Tristan said while sitting up.

“Yes baby please.”

“Mmm…..I need to taste your juices before I am inside you though baby….I want every drop too,” Tristan said seductively.

“Mmm ok baby I can wait then,” Malila said while grinning hard. Tristan leans back down and instantly starts sucking on Malila’s clit and Malila shrieked in pleasure. He circles his tongue around it and then sucks on it real good. He opens it up with his fingers and then slides his tongue in and Malila is starting to squirm a bit and this is just what Tristan wants. Tristan takes her legs from behind her head and rests them on his shoulders as he slides his tongue in and out of her wetness.

“Ahhh!! S**t baby!,” Malila screamed. Tristan just smiles to himself when he hears Malila scream; he knew he would have her screaming. About 10 minutes later, Tristan can feel vibrations from Malila’s legs on his back. He looks up at her as he sees her mouth open up wide and eyes bulge. He takes his thumb and rubs her clit as he moves in tongue in and out of her and sees her eyes start to roll to the back of her head.

“Ooooooh!!,” Malila whined in pleasure as she climaxed. Tristan can feel Malila’s climax take over her body as he sips up every last one of her juices. Tristan licks his lips and sits up and looks at Malila with her eyes closed and she is breathing deeply as well. Tristan kisses each of Malila’s thighs and then takes her legs from his shoulders and sets them down. He leans down so his chest is against Malila’s and he softly kisses her neck.

“Malila I love you. I love you so much….you mean everything to me….you are really all I have and I don’t ever want to let you go,” Tristan said softly in Malila’s ear. Once Malila catches her breath, she smiles and grabs Tristan’s head and moves it so she is looking straight in his eyes.

“Baby I am not going anywhere…..I love you too Tristan. I love you more than I could ever put into words and I know you love me too Tristan. I really do know that……so now… about we show each other just how much?,” Malila said while raising an eyebrow.

“Mmm alright now. I am more than ready for this! But first… have something to show me,” Tristan said.

“What’s that babe?”

“The two tattoos on your a**,” Tristan said while smiling slyly. Malila just smacks her lips at him and rolls her eyes.

“Come on now. Turn around and let me see,” Tristan said.

“Ok babe,” Malila said. Tristan gets off of Malila and she turns around and actually gets in doggy style position and Tristan looks and sees two symbols, in Chinese he is guessing, on Malila’s butt, one on each cheek.

“Baby what do these mean?,” Tristan said while gently caressing Malila’s butt.

“Well they are two Chinese symbols but together they mean strength…..Kevin dared me to get tattoos on my a**….but I didn’t know what to get…..after my brother died, I knew I needed strength…..and I had scheduled to get my tattoo done with Kevin…..but he died before that so that just confirmed that I wanted to get the strength tattoo…..dealing with my brother’s death was hard enough, but then when I lost Kevin…..Lord knows I needed strength and that is all I prayed for from him after he died….I never use to think I was strong, but dealing with those two deaths, just proved that I was, so that’s why I got the tattoos,” Malila said.

“Oh baby……that’s sad, but I respect it….I respect the fact that you have a story behind your tattoos,” Tristan said.

“Thanks baby.”

“And I love these tattoos…they are sexy as f**k,” Tristan said. Tristan leans down and plants kisses all over Malila’s a** and then sits up and caresses it softly. Malila turns her head to look at him and she moves back and forth so Tristan’s d**k is moving back and forth against her a**.

“Malila stop… are about to make me hit it raw,” Tristan said. Malila just winks at him and she leans over to the dresser and picks up a condom and opens it and then turns around and sits up and gently strokes Tristan to get him completely hard again and then she slides the condom on him. Tristan and Malila have been talking about sex and protection for a while now, maybe a month, and they both agreed to be tested for STD’s and HIV/AIDS and they both were completely negative for all tests, so they both know they are safe if they do chose to have unprotected sex. Malila lies down and looks at Tristan while smiling big.

“Malila….I have thought about this too many times to count…when I have sex, I usually don’t even want to see the female's face, but with you that has completely changed. I want to see every expression you make and hear every moan and scream,” Tristan said.

“Awww baby you’re so sweet….but enough talking, just put it in. I want to feel you….I wish I could feel the real you, but that time will come soon enough,” Malila said.

“Ok baby. What’s your favorite position?” Malila just smiles and she pulls Tristan on top of her and then she flips over so she is on top of him. Tristan just looks at her in shock.

“Malila! Are you sure you want to start out like this? I mean baby it’s been years since you have had sex,” Tristan said.

“You think I can’t handle it huh? Mmm well I can,” Malila said. She lifts her hips up and takes Tristan’s d**k into her right hand and looks at him as he slowly guides him inside of her love.

“Awwww s**t!!!!,” Tristan shrieked as soon as the head was inside of Malila.

“Baby it’s not even in all the way,” Malila said while giggling.

“S**t! Malila you are tight as f**k! God d**n!,” Tristan exclaimed. Malila just smiles and bites her lip as she slowly lowers herself onto him. Tristan just watches her for any sign on pain, but Malila does not show any and Tristan just smiles at this. S**t he has been acting like the female, screaming and s**t, not Malila. Just feeling Malila around his d**k though just makes Tristan want to cum instantly, but he can’t do that, he has to savor this moment. Malila takes a deep breath and slides down so all of Tristan is inside of her and she and Tristan just stare at each other.

“F**k…baby you are so tight….I don’t want to hurt you at all,” Tristan said.

“I think you should worry about if I will hurt you,” Malila said while grinning.

“What? Oh h**l no I know you are not challenging me Malila. I’ll tear your p***y up if you let me.”

“Baby how about you just take this p***y how I am going to give it to you alright babe?”

“Mmm you demanding as f**k but I like that s**t…..but don’t get it twisted. When it’s my turn, then you do what I say, how I say you got it?”

“Yes daddy Tristan.” Tristan just narrows his eyes at Malila and Malila does the same. She leans down and kisses Tristan’s lips as she slowly starts to grind on him.

“Malila….uhh….don’t tease….ride my d**k,” Tristan said while slapping Malila’s a**.

“Ooo you’re demanding too! It’s cool…..I kind of like it rough Tristan,” Malila said while licking Tristan’s ear. Tristan quivers a bit and then Malila starts to slowly ride up and down on him while staring him in his eyes.

“How’s that baby? Huh? How does my p***y feel?,” Malila said softly.

“You’re just nasty Malila….but f**k your p***y feels too good…’s so f**kin’ wet and tight….I knew it would be good, but this is like some Grade A s**t you got,” Tristan said. Malila just laughs at Tristan’s comment and she sits up and rests her hands on his chest and then starts to bounce up and down at him at a faster pace.

“Uhhh yess Malila,” Tristan grunted. Tristan grabs her waist and moves her up and down on him very fast and they both moan as Tristan does this. Tristan looks at Malila and then looks down at her p***y and he smiles when he sees her juices all over the condom. Malila is just beyond wet, she is just plain slippery, but Tristan loves every second of this. Hearing Malila’s wetness as she bounces up and down on Tristan just turns him on to the maximum.

“Ohhh baby you feel so good,” Malila said through moans.

“Baby you feel don’t even know,” Tristan said. Malila just smiles at him and she stops moving up and down on him and she moves her legs so she is in a full split on top of Tristan. Tristan’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he sees Malila do this.

“You’ve got to be f**kin’ kidding me. My woman is a d**n nympho and I am just now finding out,” Tristan said while shaking his head. Malila just gasps in shock and hits Tristan’s chest and Tristan just laughs.

“How about you just shut up and enjoy this!,” Malila exclaimed.

“Mmm yes ma’am. Let’s see what you got,” Tristan said. Malila smiles at him and she rests one hand on Tristan’s shoulder and the other on the bed. Malila moves up and down on Tristan’s d**k like a d**n pro and as she is looking at Tristan, she can tell that he enjoys it. Tristan caresses the leg that is across his shoulder and turns his head and kisses her shin multiple times and then looks at her again. Malila looks at him and then she narrows her eyes at him and watches him as she does a trick. Tristan’s mouth just opened wide, but no sounds came out as Malila tightened her walls around his d**k as she moves up and down on him. She can tell that just sent him over the edge and she continues like this until about 15 minutes later, she feels Tristan tense up. She looks at him and picks up her pace a bit and then she watches as Tristan’s face scrambles up and he lets out a loud grunt as he climaxes for a second time. Malila slows down and comes to a stop and she puts her legs on either side of Tristan and leans down and kisses his face as he tries to catch his breath. Once he does, he opens his eyes and looks at Malila and smiles.

“D**n Malila… just made me forget about every other woman that I have had sex with because you just put them all to shame….d**n you are a pro….but with you…’s so special to me….never really felt that way about sex before…..but we are just getting started baby. Let me get on top and beat that p***y up,” Tristan said.

“And you say I’m nasty? Babe you are too!,” Malila said.

“But we both knew that….I didn’t know you were so nasty though. You are a nympho like seriously.” Malila just giggles and she pecks Tristan’s lips a few times and then Tristan flips on top of Malila. He takes off his used condom, throws it in the trash near the nightstand and then he puts on a new one. He looks at Malila and sees her with her legs wide open. Her legs are pressed into the bed and she is holding her feet by the heels of her stilettos so her legs are basically to her ears.

“You know just how you want it huh?,” Tristan asked. Malila just smiles and nods her head and Tristan positions himself on his knees and takes his d**k into his hands and then slowly slides himself back into Malila. Her p***y is so open now and Tristan knows he can get deep in this position. He slides all the way in and then thrusts himself all the way in and halfway out and continues this pattern.

“Ahhhh!! Tristan!! S**t baby!,” Malila screeched in pleasure.

“Uh huh you like that s**t don’t you?,” Tristan said.

“Ooohh baby… you are so deep!,” Malila yelled between moans. Tristan just smiles and he continues this pattern for around 10 minutes and then he position himself on top of Malila so he is in a planking position and he rests his hands on either side of Malila and holds himself up as he pumps in and out and Malila fast and deep. Tristan is beating it up just like he said! Malila doesn’t really see this as painful, but pleasurable. She loves it when the man she is with just takes control and she likes it rough.

“Tristannnn! Uhhh!!,” Malila screamed.

“Mmhmm told you I was going to beat this p***y up!,” Tristan exclaimed.

“Mmmm! I feel you in my stomach babe!,” Malila exclaimed. Tristan looks at Malila and he can tell that she loves this. Honestly Tristan loves this too. He hasn’t made love to a woman in so long and he has missed it. He missed experiencing actual feelings when he is inside a woman, and he feels so many feelings with Malila right now. He just loves her so much and being inside of her is better than he could ever imagine in his thoughts. He stops what he is doing and he sits back and he grabs Malila’s legs and wraps them around his waist and slides back inside of her and leans forward so his chest is against hers. He wraps his arms around her as he slides in and out of her. He can hear Malila’s sweet moans right in his ear and he loves the way she sounds.

“Malila….baby you feel so good….you fit perfectly around me….it’s like you were made just for me and you are who I am meant to be with….and I love you. I love you so much. I don’t need or want anyone other than you. You hear me?,” Tristan said softly in Malila’s left ear.

“Yes baby I hear you and I love you too….tonight means everything to me I hope you know that….we have both been waiting for this and it’s been absolutely perfect….I love you in my life and I don’t want you to ever leave,” Malila said softly in Tristan’s right ear.

“You do not have to worry about that. I am not going anywhere.” Tristan moves his head and leans down and gives Malila a gentle kiss. Malila grabs his face and forces him to deepen the kiss and she slides her tongue in his mouth. Tristan does the same and continues thrusting in and out of Malila while they share a passionate kiss. Malila and Tristan continue their lovemaking session for two more hours, and four climaxes later, two for Tristan and two for Malila, they are now just lying down in the bed under the sheets. Tristan is lying on his back and he is holding Malila close as she has her head rested on her chest.

“Malila…..every single second of that was amazing to me. I am in awe with you… were beyond amazing….but not only that, what we did was real special to me and it means a lot to me. I mean that,” Tristan said.

“Oh baby you’re so sweet. That meant a lot to me too… I love you and I know you love me and for us to show each other that we have love for each other, means so much to me,” Malila said.

“I agree baby…..and just to be honest you were the best I have ever had PERIOD. I mean Malila seriously I need to marry you so I can get some of this every night for the rest of my life,” Tristan said while running his hand down her body.

“You’re silly,” Malila said while giggling.

“And you think I’m joking, but I’m not,” Tristan said while laughing.

“Whatever you’re crazy.”

“Well it was that good…..I still just can’t believe how nasty you are though. Like d**n where did you get that from?”

“My parents,” Malila said while laughing.

“What?!,” Tristan exclaimed in shock.

“Ok so my parents are just straight up freaks….I can’t tell you how many times I caught them having sex around the house growing up they had no shame… when I got my first boyfriend Kevin, they didn’t want me to give myself away right away, but they always encouraged intimacy between us. After me and Kevin’s first time, my mom just knew that I had sex; she said she could just tell….so after that she introduced me to pornos to learn tricks from. My parents are crazy they even showed me positions that me and Kevin should try, with their clothes on of course. Then they brought Kevin to the house and had us do positions together learned what the other liked. It was wild,” Malila said while laughing.

“Whoa are you serious?! D**n that is wild….but your parents seem cool to me. I would love to meet them,” Tristan said.

“I want you to meet them….I usually take two weeks off sometime during the year to go visit them in Pittsburgh….I was hoping to take that trip next month, and I would love for you go with me. I miss my parents and my family like my cousins, especially my baby cousins.”

“Malila I would love to go with you to visit your family. You just let me know when and I will take off work.”

“Aww babe you’re so sweet. Thank you. I love you,” Malila said while smiling big.

“I love you too Malila,” Tristan said while smiling big as well. Malila leans in and pecks Tristan’s lips and then they share a quick embrace.

“Babe I’m hungry what about you?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes I’m starved….what do you want to eat?,” Malila said.

“Besides you a little later, I am craving breakfast,” Tristan said while chuckling.

“Oh really? Mmm you want to cook together?”

“Yes I would love that.”

“Ok. Let’s go.” Tristan and Malila get out of the bed and Malila puts on Tristan’s white tee she had the night she stayed with him when he got drunk and Tristan puts on his boxers. Malila starts to take off her stilettos, but Tristan stops her.

“Baby keep those on….with your fine a**,” Tristan said while grinning. Malila just smiles and nods her head and Tristan holds out his hand and Malila grabs it and they leave the bedroom. They check on Kevin in the bedroom and he is just fine and is still sleeping. They close the guest bedroom door behind them and then go into the kitchen. Tristan gets out the pots and skillets as Malila goes into the fridge and starts to get out the food. Tristan sees Malila bent over in the fridge and he smiles to himself and slaps Malila’s a** a few times and Malila just laughs at him. She stands up with eggs, cheese and bacon in her hand and she closes the fridge with her foot.

“I like it when you do that,” Malila said while grinning.

“I bet you do with your nasty a**,” Tristan said while laughing. Malila just laughs and shakes her head and sets down the food. She gets out the grits and Tristan and Malila make grits, eggs, and bacon together. It took them a while though because they couldn’t stop messing with each other, they kept making sexual statements and gestures to each other, but they did finish the food eventually! As they are eating, Tristan can’t help but look at Malila though because he can see her nipples right through the white tee she has on and that just turns him on all over again. Malila notices him staring at her and she looks at him and narrows his eyes at him.

“Babe why are you staring at me?,” Malila asked.

“I am just thinking about how after I eat this food, I am going to eat you. And I am thinking about what position I am going to have you in next,” Tristan said seductively.

“Mmm really? I like your thoughts Tristan.”

“I knew you would….we aren’t going to sleep tonight Malila I hope you know that.”

“I know baby, trust me I know.” Tristan just smiles and nods his head and once he and Malila are done eating, they both put their dishes in the dishwasher and then Malila starts to clean the dishes. Tristan comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist and presses his hips against hers and Malila can feel his d**k growing against her lower back.

“Baby? What are you doing?,” Malila asked.

“Trying to start something I know I can finish,” Tristan said while kissing the back of Malila’s neck.

“Mmm really?”

“Yeah. You can finish these dishes tomorrow. Right now, we’re going back to the bed.” Malila wipes her hands dry and then Tristan suddenly picks her up off her feet and Malila just laughs at this. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him as he carries her to the bedroom. Time for round 2!

run it hun!

Run it

This is crap. SMH.
Tristian is......a wreck.

Nigga didn't we have this conversation already Tristan!!!! GET IT TOGETHER!!! NOW!!

Sigh , hurry up and make it right !!!

Runnnnn It :)


imma need him to get it together ASAP

she gone meet a new "friend" watch and see!

run it!