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This just came to me like five seconds ago and I am just going with it. If you guys like it I will continue it, if not welp *shrugs* it is what it is.


<a href =""> I</a> sat in my fifth period listening to these boring history reports.

"Okay one more presentation frooom." He teacher said digging in a bowl full of popsicle sticks."Maxx."

The whole class groaned dreading spending their last five minutes watching this geek bore them. But me I looked forward to days like this. <a href="">Maxx Peterson </a>was so hot and that is an understatement.

I watched him as he slowly made his way to the front of the classroom. He started taking about the some current political issues I gave two f***s about while I admired his beautiful plump pink lips. We made eye contact as he spoke.

He started walking towards me and my eyes diverted to the bulge in his crotch area. I licked my lips at how he was always semi hard.

He stopped in front of me. "You y-y-you like th-this?" he grinded his d*** in front of me nervously. He acted as if he learned this from a porno and wasn't sure if he was doing it right. Who am I kidding he did learn this from a porno but I didn't mind at all.

My eyes traveled up his body. "Kiss Me.."
He leaned over and rested his hand on my thigh and placed his lips on mine.

I slide my tongue across his lips and they parted inviting me in. Our tongues danced together for awhile until I felt his big soft hands glide up under my dress lightly brushing over my center. A moan escaped my lips.

"Dionne!!" I jumped as I heard my name being called.

"Yes.." I answered.

"Are you okay back there?"

"Yeahh . " I moved around a bit. "It's just these hard chairs. Sorry." I said my eyes never leaving Maxx who stood there with his head down and messing with his belt buckle.

'My imagination is going to get me in trouble!'


Lmao that last part was something he shall remain nameless would do.

Are they gonna have sex in the parking lot tho!! 0.o

Run it

i have to read this properly when i get in
i wanna hurt andrew for being a damn punk
he best come round
maxx wanna have sex.. now... serious!!!

lol, not in the parking lot please!

Excuse typos :(

Mike and Maxx where in the basement talking about the last few weeks. Veronica and Andrew have not spoke since she told him that she was with child. Vonnie doesn't even know that he quickly purchased an apartment in North Carolina next to his school. Vonnie has been staying with Dionne because her parents surely did put her out. All she does is sit in the guest room and go to work.

She is an assitant for a big-time attroney, getting paid very well. Her and Joyce are still very close. Joyce is the only person she talks to.

Mike and Maxx had decided to take the girls to New York.

"You think Dee can handle Brooklyn?" Mike asked.

"Yeah .... s*** I hope so." Maxx said causing light laughter between the two. The doorbell rang, shortly after Mona and Dionne came skipping down the steps.

"Hey you sexy beast you!!" Dionne said to Maxx. He swooped her attacking her lips. Mona plopped on Mike lap.

"Ehhhhh!! Get a room!!" Mona joked. They pulled away laughing and sat in the laz-e-boy. Maxx reclined the chair back.

"So what we getting into tonight?" Dee asked laying her head on Maxx chest.

"Actually me and the homie here was thinking about going to New York." Maxx said.

"Right now .." Mo asked. Mike shrugged nodding his head.

"If thats cool with yall!?" He said.

"Be right back." Dee said hopping up and grabbing Mona.

They called their moms.

"Are you sure you want to risk running into Stephanie?" Maxx asked.

"Yeah, I can't keep hiding this from everybody."

The girls came back in as soon as he finished that statement.

"They said yeah. So I guess we be back." Mona said.

"Wait my mom wants to know where we staying at?" Dee said.

"My grandma brownstone in brooklyn." Mike said. The girls nodded and headed on out with guys following.

"Dont pack a lot baby it is just for a few days." Maxx said sternly looking at Dionne.

"Ay-Ay Captain!" She said saluting him. He mushed her and laughed at her silliness. The guys opened the car doors for the ladies. The girls got in and the guys leaned in the car.

"Be back Mikey. Gimme lips!" Mona said then puckered up. Mike chuckled and sloppily kissed all over her face. She squealed with laughter.

"Gimmie lips!" Dee said mocking Mo. She closed her eyes and puckered up. Maxx looked at her for a quick second and plucked her nose. He quickily jumped back as Dionne eyes shot open.

"a**hole!!" She shouted. They all laughed. "Imma get you back for that!" Dionne said.

"I would like to see you try." He said leaning back in the car. She turned her head and softly kissed behind her ear.

"You never play fair." She said a little above a whisper. He backed away and Mona put the car in reverse.

"Iight lovebirds we out!" Mona said and proceeded to pull out of the driveway.
"Sooooooo, do yall do the grown up?" Mona asked being her usual nosey self.

"Excuse me!" Dionne asked.

"b**** do he beat the pussy up?" Mona asked.

"Welll , I'm still a virgin....." Mona slammed on breaks.

"You a damn lie!" Dionne shook her head. Mona continued on driving. "Have you thought about it?"

Dionne smirked at the thoughts of her many flashbacks.

"You can say that." Mo pulled up in her drive way. "Ohh look at that my house .. Latahh." Dee said hopping out.

"Be back in about an hour. We will finish this conversation." Dee laughed as she walked in and saw her parents making out.

She cleared her throat. "Yall have a bedroom for all that?" Her parents laughed.

"You will be the same way soon." Lisa said and they went right back at it.

Dionne shook her head and went in the kitchen to fix Vonnie a sandwich.

She walked in the guest room and heard her sniffling.

"You okay?" Dee asked sitting her tray on the dresser and rushed to her side.

"I'm fine. I smell fried balonga sandwiches." Dee laughed and grabbed the tray as Veronica sat up.

"Mona and I are going to New York with Mike and Maxx. Joyce will probably be over more often." Veronica shrugged.

"Dont worry bout me. Have fun, just take lots of pictires." Dionne hugged her tight and Veronica hugged back just as tight.

"Me and my baby are going to be fine .. stop worrying Gaberiella."

"Okay okay !! But you know you my girl and im always going to have your back." Dionne said. Veronica pulled away.

"I know and vice versa now go pack!!"

"Aiight imma nap wake me in thrity so I can pack." Dee said walking towards the door.

"mmkaykay!!!" Dionne left and went straight to her roon diving in her bed.

Sleep quickly over took her. <em>Before she knew it thrity minutes had passed. Dionne was awaken by strong hands but she just laid their with her eyes closed.</em>

<em>"I know you are up..." The extremely deep voice said. It sounded very familiar but still unknown.</em>

<em> Her hair was brushed to the side and soft lips crashed against skin. Her shirt began to rise. The same strong hands ran across her back and wet kisses followed. Dionne slightly wiggled beneath the person. </em>

<em> "Baby.." Kisses back of neck. "Roll over .. "</em>

<em> Dionne did just that and opened her eyes. Maxx's face full of freckles greeted her and a smirk curved upon her lips. She set up on her elbows and kissed him with her everything. Maxx continued to kiss her lifting her shirt over her head. The kiss broke for a quick second before their lips meet again. He unhooked her bra as he began kissing down Dionne's neck. Light moans slowly filled the room as Maxx continued his trail of kisses. Maxx licked over Dionne's nipple and then blew on it. He sucked it into his mouth and twirled his tonuge around it while gntly pinching her left one. </em>

<em> Dionne got some strength and flipped him over. She took his shirt off. Dionne started leaving hickies on his neck slowly grinding on his building erection.</em>

<em> Maxx flipped Dionne over and then flipped her on her stomach. He grabbed her shoulders and started shaking her like crazy.</em>

Veronica keep shaking and shaking and shaking. Dionne grunted."Get off me!!"

"s*** you was the one in a deep slumber!! I did everything but you in the damn head." Veronica said. Dionne rubbed the sleep out her eyes.

"My bad.."

"mmhm! Hurry up, Maxx said he coming to get you in twenty minites." Dionne hopped up. She grabbed two suitcases and filled one with a few items and necessities. She left the other one empty for shopping. She grabbed her electronics and carried her things downstairs.

"Daddy !!" Dionne shouted. Steve walked out his office.

"I transferred more than enough to your account. It should be there by tomorrow afternoon. Who coming to get you?" Steve asked.

"Maxx!" Dionne said happily.

"Okay! Have fun and Be safe." Dionne gave him a thumbs up and Maxx knocked on the door.

"I'm out Dad." Dionne opened the door.

"Hello Mr. Steve!" Maxx said respectfully.

"Hey Maxx, take care of my girl."

"Yes sir." Maxx picked up her bags and lead her to his Audi.

"Wanna go get something to eat? Mike had to go talk to Mona grandmother." Dionne shrugged.

"Why you acting so standoffish?" Maxx asked.

"Nothing at all!" Dionne said. Maxx nodded and kept on driving to the five guys.

"Do you want to have sex?" Maxx swevered the car.

"Right now?" Maxx asked with a goofy expression. Dionne keep quiet for a long time. Maxx parked at the five guys.



If you say me and Jazz gon kill Chase
Then Im defo ready
If not...
Meh... I can handle whatever comes
Just run this

yessss Toya he needs to leave the story for good

You know its coming back, my IT couple is back lol

Are yall ready s*** is going to get a little more crazy? *evil laugh*

Steve bout to get hurt
Mike has a child?
What nonsense!!!
The secrets are being unveiled...

Can u bring back some daydreaming in this please...

Oooo I'm still wanting to kill Chase
Jazz u with me on that?!

Drew is making me mad >.<

Nooooo why Drew!?? She loves you and you love her. Don't be that way.

Maxx and Dee are back together. I'm glad Steve didn't flip out. He's letting her make her own decisions and living with it. That's what a dad is suppose to do.

*GASPPPPPPPP* Mike has a child!!! Oh em f***ing Geee

Run it now!!!

Smh, tsk tsk tsk.... ! damn shame. That was abd pickof him..!

Soooo Mike has a baby??? Hmmmmm...

I should whip Drew ASS!!! How dare he call Vonnie a golddigger? He needs to be f***iing slapped...

Im pissy as hell now...

Run it!

"What the f*** is this s*** Veronica?" <a href="">Andrew</a> asked full of anger. Vonnie smile quickly went away.

"Baby we are having a baby...." She said softly as her voice started cracking. Andrew shook his head throwing the gift on the floor.

"f*** no WE ain't! I am not ready for no f***ing baby. I have a basketball career to worry about and school." Andrew got up." You probablyy milkin me for my money anyways." Vonnie had tears streaming down her face as she listened to the man she loved dearly beat her with words. Andrew started to walk out.

<strong> ANDREW DEVONTAE' PATTERSON GET YO MONKEY ASS BACK IN THIS DAMN ROOM!!</strong> Drew keep on walking right out the house and proceeded to walk home.

Vonnie was being held by Dionne and Mona. Maxx sat on the couch still not believeing what he just seen or heard. He knew how much Drew loved Vonnie and didn't undersrand why he dogged her out, he figures it was just fear but that was still all wrong for him to handle it that way.

"See Dionne this is why I don't want you dating black guys. s*** white guys either" Steve said. "Just don't date at all."

"Well daddy get over it Maxx is my boyfriend now." Maxx's head popped up and he started smiling hard as ever. Maxx didn't know she would make that choice of being with him so soon. Steve shook his head.

"You will learn." he said as he walked away. Maxx shrugged him off and stood up.

"Ma Imma go catch up with Drew and see what's up. Veronica don't trip I know he love you, I think he is just scared to be a dad so soon." Maxx said.

"I am not! I haven't even finished High School!!!!" She screamed. "My family is going to kick my ass and some more s***. The one person I thought would share this thrill with me would be my damn boyfriend.... You know what don't talk to him I will handle this s*** on my own. Let him know this is over." She grabbed her purse and bags out the truck.

"Mo can you take me home?" Vonnie screamed from outside. Mo got up and hugged everybody.

"Want me to come with you?" Mike asked. Mo shook her head no and dragged Dee out the house with her.

Lisa and Joyce plopped on the couch.

"I can't believe that boy. I don't know what has gotten into him." Joyce said crying lone tears. Mike stayed quiet thinking about his own child.

Yessss Chase got that ass beat. That baby is Chases, NOT Maxx..!

We all seen that comi ng just watch..!

run it

Yesss she finally b**** slapped his ass!! RunIt!!

Awwwww I wonder what he's gonna do!
Run it big sis :D

my waiting consisted of cleaning up the house


As you wait runn a little of House Nurse :)

don't maybeeeeee me lol
that's the way the story goes lol

now run it :)

Mayyyybeeee Toy !!!

I don't remember who said this
But someone had said it's Amber that's with Chase
and I completely agree right about now
Back at the dance, When Maxx took Di with him
Chase had stayed behind to help Amber
So, I think that they made some devious plans
To ruin Di's life...


im happy Di finally got her backbone in place
I still think I should roll up in this story and kill Chase
Well done Vonnie
Tell him the truth
How is Drew gon take this?

Im in the mood to read this story from the tops!!!

Yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! beat his ass. ohhh and Dee back handed his ass. and Maxx and Steve tag teamed his ass. ohhhh that was just wonderful. I feel liberated.

Dr.P made a guest appearance I see lol

I scared of what his reaction will be. I hope its good

run it bestest


The ride back home to maryland was long and awkward. After that beating the kids didn't say much. Andrew whimpered the entire way home. Dee was busy thinking of how to end things with Chase. She was ready to rebuild her relationship with Maxx, even if Amber's baby is his.

They pulled up and saw Chase's car.

"Perfect!" Lisa said parking the car. "Leave the bags for now everybody come in." Everybody followed Lisa into the house.

Chase was in the living room and Steve was in his office.

"Babeee!! Living room!" Lisa yelled out for him. Dionne went and sat next to Chase. Steve walked in shortly after standing next to Lisa.

"Sweetheart I am here to tell you that Chase has a girlfriend and a baby on the way. He was using you to secure his spot in the internship at your dad's company." Dionne sat in silence for awhile. Chase didn't even try to defend himself because he didn't even know what they knew or didn't know. Out of nowhere Dionne back hand slapped him and upon immediate reaction he punched her. Maxx and Steve quickly hop on him throwing blows to each side of his head. Drew picked up Dee who was on the floor bleeding.

<strong>"STOP!!!"</strong> Dee yelled. Maxx backed away but had to drag Steve from him. Dionne walked up to a badly beaten Chase.

"You. Ain't. s***." She spat in his face. "Get the f*** up out my house."

"Stupid b****." He mumbled as he got up. Dionne kneed him in his face and kicked him in the back making him fall. "Take him out." Mike and Drew dragged him out to the front yard.

"Baby you okay?" Maxx asked taking his shirt and wiping some of the dried blood off.

"I feel like a new person." She said smiled slightly. "I guess faking feelings for him was puttin more on me than I thought."

"Get cleaned up! We have somewhere to be." Veronica said to Dionne. She checked her watch.

"Oh s*** we do!" Dee ran to the bathroom and cleaned up her face.

"Okay let's be out!" Vonnie kissed drew.

"I will have a surprise for you when I get back. Love you." The girls left out and got in Dee's range.

"You nervous?" Mona asked.

"No! I have accepted it and I am a little excited to be a mom."

"Really!!" Dee asked.

"Yeah after all that denial, I wouldn't mind being one."

"Cool!" They pulled up to her doctors. After waiting about twenty minutes they were called to the back.

"Okay! who has the pregnancy questions?" Veronica raised her hand.
The nurse passed her a cup and a sharpie.

"You will get your results when the doctor comes in and talks to you." They waited another ten minutes.

"Oh my lawd!! Can they move any slower?" Just as Vonnie said that the doctor came in.

"Heeyyyyy! Dr. Poydras! Good News?" Vonnie said smiling widely.

"Great News! You are two months pregnant." Veronica started cryng tear of joy. "Here are your vitamins and the number to a different doctor. Good luck Mommy!!"

They left out.

"Go to the Target please." Dee did just that.

"Give me twenty minutes!! Have to get his surprise." Veronica ran in and headed straight to the baby area she picked up a onesie, gift bag and some tissue paper. She rushed back to the car putting the bag together.

"Are you excited to see his reaction?" Mona asked. Vonnie nodded neatly folding the onesie and putting it in the bottom of the bag and then the tissue paper.

Veronica sat anxiously in the car the rest of the ride. Dee pulled into the parking lot and befor she could even put it in park. Vonnie hopped out running in the house and straight to the den.

She stood in front of Andrew with her hands behind her back. Dee and Mo came running in as Drew spoke.

"More than ready! Is it those shoes I wanted." He held his hand out. She placed the <a href="">bag</a> in his hands.

"Okay, Kind of small!" He said has he started taking out the tissue. "Baby what is this?" He pulled out the <a href="">onesie</a>. His jaw dropped and got a little teary eyed.......

How Will Andrew React To This Sudden News??


Omg, lls. That's embarrassing. But I hope Dee learns to not overreact with Maxx, she needs to be spazzing on Chase dumb ass.