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Stevensons and Roses Romantic Comedy Story *Repost*

Since me and gigi story was some how removed off of here we are going to start again but were going to start from where we left off which was gi's post if your confused let me know and I will help you out in anyway :)

Thanks ladies
An add will be posted as soon as possible!

<a href="">Part one</a>


double meaning
run it!

Run it

GiGi’s POV

“You sure you don’t wanna ride any ride?” I asked as Mike took my hand in his. He shrugged and shook his head, “I’m good. I’m more concerned with you than I am riding any ride.” He looked down at me and smiled. “Cool.” I smiled back up at him. He wrapped his arm around my neck to pull me in closer. “So, how long we gotta pretend like this?” he was referring to the fact that everybody thinks we’re still together; along with the fact that I can’t be publicly seen with Chris as his girlfriend. “I don’t know. I’m tired of pretending though.” I rubbed my belly. One of the babies was moving and I needed them to calm down. “What does that mean?” he asked.

Before I could answer, a crowd of teens came rushing towards us. “Ohmigodness Tyga!!” one of the girls yelled. He smiled and started to sign a few autographs. “Yo Tyga, this ya baby moms?” one of the guys asked as Mike signed his Great America cup. “Hell yeah, that’s Giovanni Jones! She’s doing a maternity and baby line with Chanel!” another girl who was quite fashionable might I add informed the crowd. Mike looked back at me and smiled. I hadn’t told anyone about it. But Karl Lagerfeld had mentioned it during fashion week and fashion bloggers were all over it. Mike put his arm around my neck, “That’s my baby.” He kissed my cheek and mad pictures were taken. I smiled and looked at him. I could see the genuine happiness for me in his eyes. Goodness, I missed this man. Our eye contact was interrupted by everyone asking for pictures. We posed for a few cameras and then finally was on our way again.

“We’re gonna be on so many social medias tomorrow.” I joked. He shrugged and grabbed my hand again, “Just pretending right?” “Right.” I sighed. I then looked and saw that we were coming up on a funnel cake stand. “Oh Mike, you gotta get me one! Come on!” I pulled him to the entrance.

I ordered one with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and whip cream on it. Mike paid and waited for it as I went to sit down. While I was waiting I checked my phone and I had mad instagram notifications from the fans who had tagged me and Mike in their pictures. I scrolled all the way down my locked home screen and saw I had a text from Chris. I smiled and opened it, <strong><em>Sorry for ditching you baby, but it’s been too long since I’ve been to an amusement park!</em></strong> I laughed because I could almost picture his excitement, <strong><em>Don’t trip love, I understand. Wish I could have fun with you.</em></strong> His response was almost immediate, <strong><em>Aw don’t even trip babe, you’ll drop them cubs soon. Lol just try to walk some more…make the process faster ha!</em></strong> I rolled my eyes as I laughed, rubbing my stomach. I was gonna reply, but I looked over to Mike who was already staring at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and he chuckled to himself. He then grabbed my funnel cake and brought it over to me.

“You know you sharing right?” Mike stated as he handed me one of the forks. I looked at him in all seriousness, “If you wanna live nigga, I suggest you order your own.” He looked at me with terror in his eyes and then busted into laughter. “You crazy girl, but let me just get a taste.” He put his fork into a strawberry. “Fine.” I agreed angrily. He laughed at me again, “Can’t wait till you have those babies. Those mood swings know they be killing me.” “Stop talking like you be with me all the time.” I spat as I tore into my sugary treat. Mike switched his snapback to the back and sat forward on his elbows, “Damn Gi, way to cut through to a nigga’s heart.” “Whatever.” I brushed his feelings off and continued to eat. He sighed and grabbed my hand that I was wiping on a napkin, “Gi…valentine’s day is coming up in a few days and….” He trailed off. “What, you supposed to be taking Chyna on a romantic date?” I joked, just to see his reaction. He smacked his teeth as he let my hand go and sat back, “I knew you weren’t over that sh*t. Man, fck that b*tch.” He flicked his nose and looked out the window. He was pissed. “That’s exactly what you did.” I provoked him even more. I really didn’t care for the conversation, but it diverted it from what it could’ve turned into.

He looked at me, “How many times I gotta apologize for that sh*t Rabbit? How many times you want me to beg for your heart back? A nigga done cried for yo ass, got carried outta clubs for yo ass, drowned myself in alcohol over missin yo ass. Sh*t, I just want my family. I don’t wanna leave you after you have these babies. I wanna be right there, every day. This sh*t is killing me not waking up to you and knowing that I won’t be able to see my kids every day. Chris is not ready for a family, that nigga immature as hell. Yeah, he wanted your ass but once those babies come and he realize it’s not gonna be a cake walk…I know he’s gonna hurt you and you don’t deserve to get your heart broke twice. Take me back Gi. I know now what I didn’t know then. Just let me be the one you need Giovani.”

“Mike…” was all I could muster. I was fighting to hold back the tears. I’ve never seen so much passion in his eyes before. That’s when I realized that I still loved him and wanted to be with him. But it was just something stopping me. Like, it wasn’t enough. Before I could say anything else Chris, D, and Gabby came in. I quickly wiped the few tears that had managed to fall as Chris sat down next to me. He smiled and nudged me, “You good babe?” he spoke in a volume that only us two could hear. “Yeah.” I nodded quickly, “I just got a little upset that my funnel cake is gone.” I forced a laugh as everyone else did. Well, everyone except Mike.

We sat there for a while and then made the hour drive back home. When we got home, Mike helped me upstairs as Chris and D went into the game room. Gabby went to put the baby down who fell asleep as soon as we pulled off from the park. I kicked off my shoes and laid on my side of the bed as I scrolled through my instagram notifications. I tried to like all the pictures I was tagged in. After that, I went to my timeline and saw the two pictures of him kissing my cheek and us looking at each other smiling made into a pic collage. It was made black and white. I stared at it for a long while. Why could I still see so much love in this picture? I then noticed that it was him who posted it. I then read the caption, <em>“<strong>@kinggoldchains</strong> The Waiting Game…”</em> I read the line over and over again. Knowing him, this sh*t had a double meaning to it. How was he so sure? How was he so sure that I’d be with him again? Before I knew it, I screenshot it. I was just about to repost it when I heard something loud drop downstairs.

I went to my door and heard Chris’s voice, “Dammn Gabby that’s what you working with…sh*t, ass for days like yo sister.” Then there was a pause and I heard him again, “Oh my bad man I’ma leave you to your bizznyee to give her that dizznyee!” I could hear him laugh. Oh hell no! He will not, “CHRIS!” I shouted. “I’ll be right up baby!” he shouted back and then I heard him running up. I stopped him right at my door, “What did I hear you say to my sister?” his eyes got big and then he shrugged, “I didn’t say nothing bae! I was complimenting her on her robe and that she had a fat ass--” I cut him off with a slap to his face. “Ouch, fck that hurts!” he grabbed his stinging cheek. I shook my head and walked away from him. I laid back in my spot on my bed and picked my phone up. “Gi, baby I’m sorry.” Chris uttered as he hovered over me. I sighed, “Okay.” He stood there a little while more and then walked away, “I’m about to shower.” I didn’t say anything, just watched him as he walked into the bathroom and then shut the door. I soon heard the shower and then the glass door close. Not too long after that, I could hear him singing faintly. I couldn’t make out the melody even though it sounded familiar.

It was in that moment that I realized that Mike may have been right about Chris earlier. I settled into bed and laid on my side, facing the window. Mike’s words replayed in my head. Soon, Chris came out of the bathroom with some basketball shorts on. He didn’t say anything; he just laid down and cuddled up against me. He sang to the babies and soon he fell asleep. My head was too active for sleep. My phone vibrated indicating a text. I looked at the screen and saw Mike’s name. I opened our thread, <strong><em>Earlier, when you said you were tired of pretending…what did you mean?</em></strong> I closed my eyes for a while and then opened them back up to reread the message. What did I mean? I mean, I am tired of pretending but what is it that I’m pretending to be? Because no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I was uncomfortable still acting that I was with Mike for the media, I wasn’t. It felt right every time…too right. I finally found a response, <strong><em>I’m tired of pretending about how I feel and who I really wanna be with…</em></strong> I left it at that and hoped that he would too. After a few minutes passed he texted back, <em><strong>We gotta think of some baby names. It could be any day now.</strong></em> I smiled and replied, <strong><em>We can definitely do that in the morning.</em></strong> I waited for a while but he didn’t respond back. I opened up my instagram app and went to post a picture. I chose the one I screenshot from Mike and cropped it. I posted it with the caption, <em>“<strong>@gi_bestylin</strong> Soon to be the best parents ever known <3</em>. I locked my screen and put it on the night stand. Instantly, my screen lit up, indicating a notification. I looked and saw, <em>kinggoldchains has liked your photo</em>. I smiled as more and more likes began to pour in, pushing his to the bottom. I put my phone back down and was able to fall right to sleep.


okk gi messing with both mike and chris
how u gi hold onto mike hand when u have ur bf in front of u...
idk... someone is bound to get hurt
run it

Lol hell naw she silly jump start her in to labor doe lol run it

Gabby's pov

It has been a few days now and gi still hasn't given birth so basically we all are in the house waiting just in case she goes in to labor which is so damn boring. I was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels when I see Chris comes downstairs holding dj and a hair pick. "Chris what are you up to?" I stared at him as he put my baby in his little chair and started brushing his hair. "I’m bored and there is nothing to do." I shook my head and walked into the man cave and sat on derricks lap and sighed. "What’s wrong?" "I want to go do something." I pouted, he thought for a second "Why don't me and you go on a romantic vacation just me and you." I looked at him in all seriousness and kissed him "why don't we go on valentine’s day." I suggested and he agreed I jumped up kissed him and ran off to find gi but as I was running I stopped because something wasn't right. So I backed up and saw Chris picking dj's hair into an afro. “What the hell did you do to my sons head?” “I’m f***ing bored all we do is sit in the house waiting for Gi to go into labor only for her not to maybe if she actually goes out and does something her f***ing water will break but no we can’t do that it’s too much s*** that she can’t do so I thought hey why not give my nephew a new hair style.” After his rant and raving was over everyone was now in the room and stared at him like he had completely lost his damn mind. “So my son’s hair helps you be un bored.” “Yup it does.” Just as me and Chris started arguing derrick stopped us by getting into the middle of us. I told him what happened and he picked up dj and examined him; “I think he look good baby.” I looked at dj and he was smiling and laughing which made me smile. “Okay Chris I’m not going to argue with you just no more surprise haircuts or do’s.” he nodded his head and reached to dj. “So we have an announcement me and derrick are going to Trinidad on vacation for Valentine’s Day.” I grabbed his arm and squealed with gi as the guys nodded and talked to each other. “Hey I have an idea why don’t we all go to Six flags.” Everyone agreed we went our separate ways to get ready we then got in the truck and were off, which was fine with me as long as we got Chris out of the house before his head started spinning and explode all over my furniture and child.

We get to six flags of course it’s packed so we all split up gi wanted to walk so mike decided to go with her and Chris went with us to get on the rides as Derrick and Chris walked ahead of me to get on the raging bull, I looked back to see mike and gi holding hands, So I decided to keep Chris occupied so that he wouldn’t see those two bonding by going on every ride there was which eventually tired everyone out so we decided to head back to the house to chill out and relax because walking around that place is extremely tiring especially with a baby on your hip.
After 6 hours we finally make it back home Chris and derrick decide that they aren’t tired and goes to the man cave and finish their video game. I go upstairs put dj in his bed and go shower. As im showering I have a great idea to spark some spontaneous s*** up with my man, so I throw on my silk robe and walk down stairs to the game room, I notice Chris is in the kitchen getting snacks and D is in the room all by himself. “Hey daddy.” He turned around saw me and smiled “Hey sexy what you still doing up?” “Can’t sleep if you’re not in bed with me.” I ran my manicured nails over his fresh fade which made him close his eyes and lean back; so I took this as my opportunity to sit on his lap which made his member come alive. “You know I would be up there in a minute.” He spoke with his eyes still closed “I know baby but I wanted to come do this for you.” “Do what?” I stood up and untied my robe showing off my new and improved figure since having the baby. He sat there biting his lip and scratching the back of his head “Damn baby.” “Hey man I got some chips yall out of dip but I melted some cheese.” He finally looked up at my naked body and stumbled over his own two feet and dropped the bowl of chips. “Dammn Gabby that what you working with…s*** ass for days like your sister.” D then cleared his throat and Chris snapped out of it. “Oh my bad man imma leave you to your bizzniee to give her that dizznie.” They dapped and he left the room. I fell into derricks lap as he started kissing all over me. I look up to see Chris staring so I stopped and gave him the evil eye when I heard gi call him from upstairs. “I’ll be right up baby he spoke back.” As he finally walked away I can hear their whole conversation “What did I hear you say to my sister?” gi asked and Chris replies “I didn’t say nothing bae I was complimenting her on her robe and she got a fat ass.” Just as derrick was unzipping his pants I hear gi slap him. “Ouch f*** that hurts”….. Derrick looked up from what he was doing “What was that?” I was enjoying this way too much it had been forever since he had touched me and I didn’t want him to stop. “Nothing bae they are up there trying to jump start gi into labor.”

Gi and Chris some freaks. Damn false alarm. no babies yet. Mike can't be mad. He cheated and cause his woman to go to the arms of another man which happens to be his best friend... I can't wait till the babies get her though. There bet no be no drama in the delivery room.

Run it

GiGi’s POV

I was in the most excruciating pain. I’ve never felt this type of pain before. I knew I wanted drugs as soon as I reached the hospital. I was drenched with sweat as I laid across the back seat. My head was in Mike’s lap and my feet were in Chris’s. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh my gaaaaawwwwwdddd!” I screamed as the contraction passed. “Just breathe baby, take some deep breaths.” Chris soothed as Mike wiped the sweat from my face. I nodded and started to breathe, “What’s the date?” Everybody looked at their phones, “The 6th.” I nodded, “A day early. That’s okay, I can live with that.” I could feel another one coming and I braced myself on the seat, “Ahhhhhhhh D drive faster!” He glanced back at me and then back at the road, “I’m going as fast as I can. We’re almost there.”

As soon as we reached the hospital, D pulled in emergency parking and everybody hopped out helping me in. “Quick! We need a doctor, she’s giving birth!” Mike shouted as Chris got me a wheelchair. They both held my hand as a familiar nurse rushed over, “Well Miss Jones, you’re a bit early.” She smiled and rolled me down the hallway. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” I screamed in total pain. They got me situated in a prep room to check my dilation. The nurse helped me out of my clothes and into a hospital gown. “Okay, Miss Jones how are you feeling?” My doctor walked in with another nurse behind her. “I need the father to fill this out for me.” The other nurse held up a clipboard. Mike took it and started to fill out the questions as he tried to keep an eye on me. Chris now took Mike’s place at my side. “Ummm, how many people do you plan to have in the delivery room Giovani?” my doctor asked as she looked around the room at D, Gabby, Mike, and Chris. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” I suffered through another contraction. “Breathe.” Chris whispered. “Ummm, it was supposed to be my mother and Michael. But now since she’s not here, then Chris and Mike will do.” I spoke as I noticed the look the two of them exchanged. She also noticed the look but said nothing, “Okay, let’s see how close you are.” She put on her gloves and placed my legs in the stirrups. “Um, we’ll be outside.” D mentioned as he pulled Gabby with him.

“Hm.” The doctor sat up and looked at me confused. “What’s wrong?” Mike asked as he slightly panicked. She looked at him and then at me, “Giovani are you absolutely sure that your water broke?” I thought back to the house and then answered, “Well I was in the shower when the pain hit me. So I thought that it did and when the pain kept coming, I figured I was about to give birth. Ahhhhhhhh! See, like that!” By this time, I was hooked up to monitors and she looked at the activity on the screen. “Hm.” She spoke again. “Can you just tell us what’s up?” Chris asked impatient. “Well, it seems to be a false alarm. You’ve caught a case of Braxton Hicks.” She smiled as she removed my legs from the stirrups and put down my gown. “So what are you saying?” Mike asked next. She stood up, “The babies aren’t ready. Her water didn’t even break. As far as the contractions, they could be brought on by a number of things.” “Like what?” we all said. All of a sudden the contraction stopped and I was back to my normal pregnant self. “The mother or the baby could be very active, dehydration, and after sex.” The doctor then started to unhook me from the machines. Chris and I looked at each other for a split second. We had just had sex, reason why I was in the shower in the first place. “By the way, with you due date set to be for tomorrow, it doesn’t look like you’re even close to giving birth. You can expect to be waiting a few more days. It’s hard to really say how long exactly.”

As we rode all the way home, I could feel daggers from Mike. I lay on Chris with the illusion that I was sleep. I knew he caught our look in the hospital and I knew he would have something to say about it. D pulled up to the house and parked in front. “Baby, wake up. We’re here.” Chris whispered as he kissed my forehead. After we got into the house, I became thirsty. “Where you goin?” A now exhausted Chris asked while already heading up the steps. “Getting some water.” I answered and walked to the kitchen. I got out the pitcher of purified water and tried to reach for a glass out of the cabinet. After struggling for a while, someone reached up from behind me and grabbed a glass. I turned to see Mike standing there. He poured water in the glass and handed it to me. “Go ahead.” I sipped from the glass. He sighed, “I can’t pretend to be okay with you and Chris.” I sat my glass down, “Then don’t.” “The reason you had those contractions was because you two had just had sex wasn’t it?” he looked me right in my eyes. I hated when he did that, I couldn’t resist those eyes. “Michael, nobody’s asking you accept Chris and I being together.” I looked away. “But you are, you’re rubbing it in my face whenever you have the chance. And wanting him to be in the delivery room? That’s where I draw the line, I’m sorry.” I finished my water, “I’m sorry, what? Draw the line? You trippin boo.” “I’m not trippin enough! Any other nigga would’ve gone ape sh*t that you were even with his best friend. Never mind the fact that you’re pregnant with his kids and fckn. On top of that you want the nigga in the delivery room? Like I said, that’s where I draw the line.” He stared at me with the most calmest look. This nigga had a point though. “I’m sorry you feel like its being thrown in your face. I promise it’s not me. Despite what you did to me, the last thing I want is to hurt your feelings.” I put my hand on his face, “I still care about you Michael, as much as I try to deny it I can’t.” he sighed and moved away, “You have a funny way of showing it. It seems right when I think we were gonna make some progress, you’re with Chris. And then, you can’t even be with him a hundred percent because of the media. I just don’t want you to get hurt. I know Chris.” He looked at me and then walked out of the kitchen, leaving me in my thoughts.

run it

Run it

Gabbys Pov

"Come on honey please go to sleep for mommy, me and daddy need alone time." I pleaded with my son as he moves his arms around and smiled at me, I sighed as I laid him down in the middle of me and derrick and got up. "I'm going to make him a bottle maybe then he will go to sleep." I stated as I walked out of the room with my phone; I got to the last step and I get a notification that Eva is trying to face time me so I click on the screen and <a href="">her wonderful face appears</a>. "Hey Honey what's going on?" I made a face at her utter chipper attitude. "This little boy will not go to sleep, everyone else is sleep but apparently he didn't get the memo." she laughed and told me to leave her nephew alone. "In that case come get him and he can be your birth control." "Any time love leave him with me." we talked some more as I warmed up the bottle but just as we said our goodbyes I hear someone coming down the stairs. "Whose there?" "Its me sister" gi soon appeared around the corner holding a bag with her. "What's wrong hun?" "I'm have really bad contractions." my eyes got wide because she's not due for another week or so. I help her to the living room and sat her down, and ran upstairs to get dressed; but just as I was putting on my sweatpants hoodie combo I hear a loud scream coming from downstairs. Derrick jumps out of bed, dj starts crying and Chris runs down the stairs nearly killing himself to get to gi and so does Mike. As the men attended to her I held dj and called Eva back. "Hey can you come watch lil man, gi might be going into labor tonight?" "Ok sure no problem I will be there in 5 minutes." "okay thanks." we hung up and walked over and kept gi calm while the guys went to get dressed.."Omfg we will be waiting until Christmas hurry up." I yelled up the stairs; "Come on lets go out to the truck take one step at a time." As we slowly walked to the truck Eva pulled up and rushed up to me and gi and stopped. "how are you feeling?" gi looked up from her phone and shook her head. "Not good my feet are swollen and I'm hurting." Eva looked sad but then asked if she could feel the twins kick. "Yeah sure." I sat back and watched her tummy move "that's so precious, okay you guys go ahead give me the baby." she wiped away a tear that had threatened to fall and took dj into her arms. And that is when the guys finally emerged out of the house, "About damn time." the guys sucked their teeth and got in and we were then off to the hospital....

New Add coming Sunday I Promise


New Add coming tonight

She aint rite run it

dam i feel mike on that one tho
she cant use him as her cover and does chris know about it? how do he feel about have a relatonship on the dl? i mean tabloid would be all over mike ex gf going out with his bff...
run it!

GiGi's POV

I was days away from labor. I was ready to drop these babies. Mike had just txtd me n told me he was on his way from the airport. Chris had just got in a couple days ago. Oh yes, this was going to be a full house.

Chris was downstairs while I was getting dressed. Nothing fancy, just a flowy maxi dress. My laptop started buzzing and I opened it to see that Trey was calling me on Skype.

"What you want trouble?" I answered with a smile.

He laughed, "Nothing mama, just checking up on you. Your due date is close right?"

"Awww aren't you nice? But yeah it's the 7th. Supposed to be anyway." I responded.

He smiled his sexy smile, "Maybe after you heal up and all we can get back to business."

"Ummm that's exactly what I was planning to do" I laughed at him.

He chuckled himself, "That's not what I mean. I mean about what happened the last time we worked together."

"Trey, I--"

Chris came in, "Aye Gi, Mike is here."

"Okay. Yo Trey, I gotta go. I'll txt you though." I promised.

He nodded, "Aiight, see you Gi."

I hung up and closed down my laptop. That guy right there, sheesh! As if I didn't have enough on my plate with Chris and Mike and now Trey wants to throw his bid in? I didn't have this many pussy problems before I was pregnant.

"You ready?" Chris asked as I walked to the door where he was.

I nodded, "Why wouldn't I be? Just don't start no sh*t."

He put his arm around my waist and pecked my lips, "Now why would I do that?" He patted my ass.

"See that's that sh*t I'm talking about." I joked as I kissed him again.

He laughed, "Come on."

We got into the kitchen and I saw Mike holding DJ, playing with him. The sight melted my heart. The fact that he also looked good as hell helped a little bit too.

Gabby took her baby and left out, leaving me in there with them.

"Hey Mikey!" I smiled as I took him into an embrace. He smelled so good. Snap out of it Gi, you're with Chris.

I let him go and then sat at the counter, "So, how's the album going?"

"It's good, almost done. Just gotta do some track listing and mastering. Looking for April to release." He informed me with a big smile. "Got Chris on a track."

I gasped and looked at Chris, "Really? How come you didn't tell me?"

"I don't know, kinda wanted it to be a surprise." He stated weirdly.

I nodded, "Oh." I turned back to Mike, "I like that new song with Rick Ross, Dope. Oh and that feature on the DJ Drama track"

"Wow, thanks Gi. I ain't know you still listened." He beamed genuinely.

I smiled, "Well there was a time that I couldn't listen ti your music without crying. But, I got over it. Turned a new leaf in life."

"Yo Chris, you ready?" D walked in the kitchen on his phone. He looked up, "Aye what's up Mike!" He dapped him and then hugged me, "And a rub for luck." He placed a hand on my belly.

I laughed, "Where you guys going?"

"To the gym. Yo Mike you wanna come?" D asked.

Mike nodded, "Naw I'm good."

"Well I'll see you later babe." Chris got up and kissed my lips.

I waved, "Bue." I looked over at Mike who was looking uncomfortable, "I'm sorry."

"It's cool." He shook it off. I'm kinda hungry, you?"

I smiled, "Starving. Let me get my shoes."

Mike drove my car as I gave him directions to Giordano's. "I can't believe you're days away from labor and you're still wearing heels. Are you even comfortable?"

"Actually, heels are the only shoes I'm comfortable in besides being barefoot. Turn right." I bit into an oatmeal cream pie. I stashed a box in the car. I loved these things and so did D. I'd be damned if he ate all my cookies.

"I've been wanting to tell you this since I first saw you at the house. You look good as hell. Like, amazing. Got a nigga a lil excited I had to remember where I was." He chuckled.

I smiled, "Why thank you. And you look good too."

"We look even better together." He stated as he gripped the steering wheel.

I grabbed his hand, "Mike, we talked about this."

"You said give you time. I was fine with that until I found out you wanted time to fck my best friend." He tried to stay calm.

I sighed and just looked out the window, "It's more than that."

"Please, the next thing you'll tell me is that you love him." He chuckled and then looked at me. "Aw damn, you love him? Gi..." He trailed.

I closed my eyes, "Mike, I do not need this right now."

He nodded, sighed, and was quiet. He pulled into the parking lot and parked. He killed the engine and looked at me.

"So you guys going public?" He asked.

I shook my head, "We can't."


I sighed, "Because, I have a reputation to uphold. And the world still thinks you and I are together."

"So what, I'm your cover while you sneak around with my boy? You can't hide this sh*t forever Gi. You don't deserve that." He vented.

"I didn't deserve a lot of things that happened to me." I retorted and gathered my things, "Can we get out? I'm quite hungry."

He looked at me and got out of the car. He walked around and opened my door, helping me out. "I still love you Gi and I'm not gonna sit around and be used because you and your boyfriend can't be seen as a couple."

"Let's just eat." I spoke as we walked in.

Gabby pov
I’m in the kitchen cleaning when all of a sudden Chris walks in with DJ in his arms. "Sup g" I look at them both and smile "hey you two what y'all up to?" he sat at the counter "hanging out about to go look for him a girlfriend." he laughed at his joke while DJ clapped. I take off my rubber gloves and tried to take him from Chris arms "gimme my baby". He laughed and held him away from me "nah g you good." "Whatever" I said as the buzzer on the washing machine went off. "So how does it feel to be dating gi?" he smiled and shrugged his shoulders "it's all good I couldn't ask for anything else she's the perfect girlfriend love her g." I smiled slightly and said how cute I think it is that he is happily in love and smiling like a little kid....
We talked for a while but were then interrupted by mike walking into the kitchen. DJ turns and looks at mike that is making faces behind Chris back. Chris turned around they stared each other down but then gave each other dap. He them handed DJ to mike "hey lil man I haven’t met you yet I'm uncle mike you ready to meet your little cousins?" Chris turned to me and rolled his eyes as he got up off the stool "let me go get gi and let her know your here." as he left out mike bounced DJ and we talked for a while. "I can't believe how cool you are with Chris and gi dating." he looked at me as my son stole his snap back and started playing with it. He shook his head "it won't last long." and with that gi and Chris walked in. It was really awkward so I took DJ from mike "looks like it's someone's nap time come on boo" while they stood there I slipped out of the room and went to put lil man down...

Yes dammit, she finally gave in and admitted she loves him, and I'm glad Chris didn't give up yay.What Chris said was so sweet. Sorry Mike Gi aint looking at you.

aww yes! chrs knew wasssup! im glad they are together but i feel kinda bad for mike..
run it

GiGi's POV

"No Mike, I'm fine." I spoke restlessly as D helped me out the truck.

He sighed, "Are you sure? Just say the word and I'll be out there."

"No! Stay where you are. You have a second album to finish and I have a stress free zone I need to be in." I said as I made my way through the door with D right behind me.

"We're back!" D shouted up the stairs as helped me.

I held my stomach with one hand, D's arm with the other, and the phone with my right shoulder. "I am <em>oookay</em> for the fifth time!"

He chuckled a bit, "I know, but I just wanna make sure that you're good. I never should've left."

"But you did, and I'm thankful that you obliged my wishes." I said as I reached the top of the stairs.

He paused for a minute, "I miss you Giovani."

"I know." I stated plainly.

"No, I <em>miss you</em>. Like for real, you're all I think about. I really fckd up but I'm ready to show you how sorry I am." He pleaded.

I was seconds away from full blown tears, fckn hormones. I sighed after I found my voice, "Just give me some time okay? I'm not mad anymore, I just need time."

"I can give you that, but I don't know how long I can wait. I <em>need</em> you." He professed.

I smiled a little as I stopped in front of my door, "I'll talk to you later."

"Okay, I'm about to go in the studio. I love you." He said.

All those old feelings came rushing back, "Okay, bye." I hung up. I couldn't say it. No matter how much I wanted to, right there in that moment. I couldn't do it. I wasn't ready.

I opened my door and Chris was sitting on my bed, looking at me. "What are you doing here?"

Chris's POV

"What are you doing here?" She said.

I stood up and walked to her, "I couldn't leave. I care too much."

"No, you're selfish! That's what it is. I told you I needed time!" She began to cry as she pushed me back.

I approached her again, "Gi please! Just give me a chance, give <em>us</em> a chance."

"I can't." She buried her face in my chest as she cried.

I lifted her face to look at me, "Gi baby, listen. I need you. I've spent so long trying to get you and I'll be damned if I lose you once I finally got you. I'm not leaving unless I absolutely have to. I'm tryna be your man, and you're gonna let me damnit."

I smiled and she laughed, "You're crazy Christopher."

"Crazy for yo ass." I smiled down at her and wiped her tears.

She took my hand and kissed the inside if it, "I love you Mr. Brown."

"I love you too Miss Jones." I smiled and kissed her lips deeply.

Aww damn poor Gi, got two men vying for her love and can't decide who. Im foe Chris tho IJS. Please let her choose Chris, Mike can still be around his kids. One month to go. Damn Derricks bringing in that bread huh, go bulls. Wonder why he's waiting to tell them. Aww he finally see's what a female goes through taking care of a baby awww. Loved the addS RUN IT!!!

Gabby's Pov

We walked in and became confused on what happened. "You okay?" I hugged her and sat in the chair next to her bed. "Yeah im fine." she grabbed a tissue and wiped her eyes. I knew she wasnt okay but I would let it go for now. So we talked for a while and I was trying to talk to her about her decisions but she wasnt paying me any attention instead I looked down at DJ and hes smiling and laughing at gi making faces at him. "Okay im just gonna wait until neenee and baby stop having their moment." I handed him to her and got up to go use the restroom. "Baby wait." I heard D run behind me and grab my arm. "Ummm you want me to take lil man home so that you and gi can talk." I thought about it for a second and said yeah sure baby thank you. he grabbed me and hugged me tight. "me and him have to have the female talk I hope he listen." I laughed and walked backwards to the bathroom "Yall have fun with that I'll be home later."... Once I got back in the room they were gone. I shrugged my shoulders and asked her what she wanted to do "Lets talk" I rolled over in the bed and looked at her. "Theres something off about you." I put my hand over my nose and laughed. "No move your hand omg you have a nose ring when did you get that." "a week ago" she lauged and hit me "What else did you get she started reaching for me but since she was still hooked up she struggled so I slid off the bed and laughed at her stuck on her back like a turtle..

Derrick's Pov

Once we got home I checked the rooms and saw that mike was gone but chris was still in gi room. "You good bruh?" "Yeah im good man just got alot on my mind." "True bruh aye can you watch pj while I go shower?" "Awe no problem i got him" he picked him up and I walked out of the room As I sat in the shower I thought about my career my family everything I didnt want to tell anyone yet but Im about to sign a 9.5 million dollar contract with the bulls for 5 years. I dont know why im keeping this from everyone but I feel that if i tell them they will make a big ass deal about it and I dont want that idk, I have alot to think about. I get dressed and go to take lil man off of chris hands and I find him sleep and my son looking at him laughing "Uncle chris is funny huh man." We walked back into the room and instantly he started crying so I changed him and went downstairs to get him a bottle. Sooner more then later he was knocked out and so was I as I held the bottle to his mouth as I balanced him on my chest..... Damn how does my baby do this....

oh crap okay imma do it now

we really need to get that first part up Gabbz

in Chicago not VA lol

seems to me she kinda leaning more to chris...yay!
but dam the hole situation must be tough
mike didn't seem as upset as chris was...
if those were my babies and it was the last month i would of stuck around no matter what she said cuz at any point they can come and he cant be in cali while she in VA i think?
run it!

GiGi’s POV

I had been in so much pain when I got to the hospital. Worst part is, they couldn’t give me any pain killers because they might affect the babies. D was right by my side, holding my hand through it all. They put an oxygen mask over my face and told me to take deep breaths. But I couldn’t take deep breaths, the pain was too unbearable. “Oh my gawd, it feels like their coming now!” I snatched the mask off and threw it down.

“Miss Jones, you have to calm down. Let us see if the babies are okay.” My regular doctor spoke slowly but deliberately.

D held my hand, “Calm down sis. Do it for the babies.”

I nodded and the mask was being put back over my face. I was raced into a delivery room to check on the status of the babies. “Well, they’re definitely not ready yet. It looks like you’ve been stressed out a great deal lately though.” He spoke as if this was information I already knew. “Maybe that’s what brought the pain on. You just have to really relax this last leg of your pregnancy.”

They put me up in a room to monitor me over night. I told D that I was okay and wanted to see both Chris and Mike to give them a piece of my mind.

“You gotta choose Gi. They’re best friends.” He counseled.

I sighed and held my head, “I can’t choose.”

“You got to though. You’re gonna be giving birth soon, you need to have things sorted out by then. Cuz having both of those niggas around, and after that whole fighting business? That s*** would be hectic.” He sat in a chair by the bed.

I looked over at him, “I hear you, but I just can’t not have them around.”

“Yeah, that’s true but you gotta think of something.” He responded.

I sighed again, “But what? I love them both. I wanna be with Chris but I know it could be publicly. I wanna be with Mike but he cheated on me.”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something. I believe in you.” He smiled, got up, and kissed my forehead. “I’ll be back.”

When Chris and Mike arrived, my head was swimming with thoughts of what to do.

"Are you okay?" They both asked.

I sighed and looked at them, "I'm fine. The doctor says I'm under too much stress. And I need to be relaxed for the remaining part of my pregnancy."

"Gi, please don't say what I think you're about to say." Chris stepped towards me, his eyes getting full.

"I'm sorry about everything Rabbit. I never meant to hurt you." Mike pleaded.

I looked at them both. The concerned look on their faces tugging at my heart strings. They both loved me and I loved them both. But I needed to step back.

"I think I need to take a step back. I---" I was cut off.

"Gi, don't fckn do this." Chris's voice cracked.

"I can't with either one of you. At least until I have the babies. I think you both should go home." I said through tears.

By this time Mike was sitting down holding his head. And Chris was standing looking at me with tears spilling from his eyes. All he could do was shake his head.

My heart was reaching out to both of them at the same time. But mostly Chris, he had been nothing but good to me.

"This your muthafckn fault yo!" Chris pushed Mike.

Mike stood up knocking the chair down, "Nigga fck you! If it wasn't for you bein a fckn snake, she wouldn't even be here!"

"OH MY GOSH, JUST STOP!!" I looked at both of them. My heart rate began to increase causing the monitor to beep wildly. "Just leave." I looked at them.

Chris looked at me and then at Mike. He looked back at me, "I love you Giovani." He then wiped his eyes and stormed out of the door.

"I guess I'll be back in a month. The 7th right?" He asked about my due date.

I wiped my tears and nodded, "Yeah, February 7th."

"What the hell is going on?" Gabby said standing with D and DJ in the doorway.

man man man
what did she say to chris??? why he leave like that :/
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