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Captured Heart (sequel to Abduction)

Captured Heart

RECAP: Abduction

On Aria's 16th birthday her father Michael was killed right in front of her. As she cried overtop of his lifeless body she was kidnapped by his arch nemesis in the drug world Selvester.

For two years Aria was living in this big ass house with Shad, Aubrey, and Niño her body guards and Selvester's employees. Word got out that Aria's older brother Ryan was taking charge in the family business. Selvester wanted extra men at all of his posts and everyone was to be on the lookout for him and Aria was to have a personal bodyguard at all times and that was gonna be the new kid on the block Chris.

At first Chris was rude towards Aria and didn't talk much. This was because he was Selvester's one ad only son. Chris figured Aria wouldn't want anything to do with him since he's the son of the man that killed her father and is after her brother. Aria wasn't like that at all and wanted to get to know Chris for him. 

Ryan was out for blood. Selvester's blood. He wanted his life for taking his fathers and sisters (he didn't know she was alive). Selvester killed Michael because Michael killed Selvester's younger brother Gino. But Michael and Gino were bestfriend (He was Ryan's god father)and Gino asked Michael to kill him because he wanted out of the drug world. But Selvester didn't know that and wanted revenge from his brothers death. 

Aria started going out in public with Chris to dance classes, out to eat and what not. One day she was spotted by Ryan's best friend Trell. Trell told Ryan he saw her with a "yellow nigga" and he couldn't believe it and put men on the look out everywhere. Chris was making a phone call outside the dance studio Aria was at when Ryan saw him and attacked him. Ryan beat the s*** outa of chris and shot him in the arm. Aria blamed herself and catered to his every need making them closer than ever. 

Chris took the crew and Aria's new friend Oshyn to King Dominion. Things were going smoothly until s*** suddenly got real. Ryan and his crew were there too and he saw aria and the "yellow nigga" and spazzed causing a big brawl leaving him and Chris in security talking and making plans. 

Part of the plan was for Ryan to disown Aria so she would feel safe Chris and cling to him more. Things were going smoothly for the most part until one day Aria got her first piece of mail in two years from anonymous sender said that they will meet soon. Aria freaked out and felt like her life was coming to a close. Chris decided to take her on a trip to Rio with her best friend Oshyn. Rio was the most beautiful place she had ever been and was a well needed vacation but Chris got some surprising news that could change everything.

They came back from Rio and within a week Chris and Ryan's plan was set up and the guys with the exception of Niño went to work while Aria stayed at the house with niño.

On the way to the location Selevester announced that he was gonna kill Aria because she was gonna be no use to him after killing Ryan tonight. Back at the house Aria was attacked but got the upper hand and shot the masked man who was sent by Selevester to kill her. At the location guns were pointed in every direction two at Ryan and one at the until Michael Aria and Ryan's came in ALIVE. Selvester was shocked and continued to talk trash about Ryan saying he wouldn't shot him and that his precious sister was already when CLICK CLACK BOW Chris shot his father. 

Chris left to go get Aria. When he got to the house he heard gun shots and saw Aria with the gun at Nino's head. Niño had told her Selvester's plan to kill Ryan so Aria help the gun pointed at everyone and was about to blow Chris' head off until he broke down crying explaining how much he loved and that he killed his own father just to save her life and get her out of this life. 

Chris then took her to be reunited with her brother Ryan. Then to go another trip but to her surprise her mom was on the jet. Chris flew them california where they were both surprised to see their father and husband alive. To the final surprise Chris took her to the home her bought for them to start their own life and they made love though out the night. he CAPTURED her HEART. 

That's pretty much the most important stuff. The story really wasnt all that long but yeah if you have any questions or comments feel free to express your self :)


I kinda thought everyone forgot about it but I guess not.......

sigh, i'll see what I can do

run it!!!

run it

*turns ninja*
Ryan if you don't quit this asap I'm going to slice you each night in your sleep
Slowly you will begin to lose things

Run it Jazzy :-)

Man Ryan yay need to stop now not a couple of years. You got a child coming now. Its time to give that life up now. So you can be around for your kid like your dad wasn't for y'all. Do better boo. Nylah needs you always. Couple yrs. my ass quit now. Run It!!!

Yayy he got a ill thug on the way.
Ryan gonna b smart hav faith in the man
Run it

Nooo 6 months to a year niggaa , smh

Erin, Nyla, and Aria drove to the nearest CVS and got three different pregnancy tests. They drove back home and Nyla took them as Erin and Aria waited in the bathroom with her for the results. 5 minutes later the timer beeped. Nyla walked slowly to the counter and picked them up. One read pregnant, the other a plus sign and the other turned blue.

She looked up slightly disappointed but cracked a smile "I'm definitely pregnant" 

They walked into the living room where the guys were sitting. Ryan looked up anxiously waiting to hear the results. 

"I'm pregnant" she said as Ryan walked towards her.

Ryan grabbed her hands "I'm going to make this right, okay" Nyla nodded her head.

"are you going to stop this"

"not right away but I'm going to make it right. I want to be there for my child" he said placing his hand on her stomach.
Nyla smiled lightly and nodded her head "I'm tired, I'm gonna go to bed. Good night everyone"

"goodnight" everyone said in unison "take care of my grand baby now" Erin said

Nyla went upstairs then everyone got quiet and Erin glared at Ryan.
"I pray you make the right decisions because you might actually lose her and your child" and with that she went outside.

"your mom is right, make it right" he patted his shoulder and left. Aria kissed his cheek and Chris dapped him up and they headed to the airport.

Ryan went into his room and saw Nyla sleeping peacefully. He went over to to her and kissed her forehead. 

<em>I'll stop in a year or two</em> he thought.

He called Trell to see the status of how things were going at all the posts. 

"everything is good man, get some rest"

"how's Vecoli?" 

"he's still not tryna budge, but we'll get 'em" Ryan hung up and got in the bed and wrapped his arms around Nyla's stomach and drifted off to sleep. 

wow he said the wrong words did he eva think she wanted a fam rite now no he didnt now he lookn stupit cus now he no she mite be prego he betta gt out the f***n game now run it

Ryan is irritatin !! Like listen to yourself dude you are way to consumed in this s***.

Did you ever take the time to ask Nyla what she would like? NOPE !! I know you.didn't smh

Runnn It

Ryan's mouth too big
And he is ever so clueless
Poor thing

On our last night in Va my mom decided on a family dinner at Ryan's. She talked to Michael and they were gonna try to talk to him tonight about his life decisions. 

"So how are the streets looking, Ryan?" Michael asked cutting a piece of steak

"everything is looking great. With the alliance with Aubrey we're bringing in double. And I'm thinking about teaming up with Vecoli" 

Erin glared at Michael "can we not talk about this at the table" she took a sip of her wine

"why not? This is our life" Ryan said trying to challenge his mother

She sat her glass down "because I said so. You may be the all mighty king pin out there but in here your my son and you ain't to old to be beat" Erin said sternly "you need to give this life up and settle down"

"give it up?? I'm just getting started"

"Ryan you don't want to make the same mistakes I made" Michael said

"what mistakes? You were always there for me and Aria"

"but I wasn't there enough and I missed some big events in your lives. Like your first steps and Aria's dance recitals. You don't want to miss those moments. And you don't want your women sleeping alone for countless nights."

"well I have time to settle down. I'm only 23 and besides Nyla aren't planning on starting a family right now"

Nyla ran out crying and Aria and Erin followed her. Ryan sat there confused with Michael and Chris.

"what just happened?" Ryan asked truly confused

"she thinks she's pregnant, Ryan" Chris said 

Ryan put his head and hands thinking about what he just said


I shall try to check that out in a bit... I have so many stories to catch up on...

p.s I ran Without Him. pls dnt cry when u read the nxt chapter. I'm in process of writing more for it.

Thank you readerssss

Hopefully I'll be adding later but in the mean time you can read Lost Souls if you don't already

run it

Yay Aria and Chris are living happy lives.
Nyla bout to be mommy and Ryan gon be daddy :-)
Woop di woop Oshyn is married, tbh, I thought it was Chris and Aria that were gon tie the knot... will they ever get married?
I love momma Erin! She is so cool!


what's I missed? IDK...


I missed so much ! Smh

Ryan getting lost in that game smh not a good look. He need to take a step back and think all the other things in his life.

Nyla may be pregnant !!! Yayyyy !!!! But she need to voice her feelings. They been together far to long to be holding s*** it in.

Runnn It Figgy !! :)

P.S. Hahahahahaha !!! Why she keep coming back ? Lol I can't deal

AAAAHHHHHH I had no clue u started this... It's going down on my list of stories to read.

Damn 10 yrs. dating ats a grip. Ryans ass should've been proposed to her. Aww now Nyla may be preggo to and shes already second guessing her relationship. Nyla and Ryan need to have a long talk for real. RUN IT!!!


Dang my manz ryan gta baby on da way.. Iknw he gona wana b aroud it so I thimk he gona settle dwn
Run it jaz

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I KNOW you aint doing no damn sequel. it was over when you started the first one. do us a favor and let someone with experience take the wheel

After the reception Oshyn and Aubrey left waving goodbye on their way to Italy for their honeymoon. Chris and Aria stayed at the house with Shad and Nino. Michael and Erin stayed at Ryan and Nyla's.

I was taking the clips out from my up do letting my hair fall freely. I tried unzippening my dress myself but had no luck. I walked over to Chris on the side of the bed with my back facing him as he unbuttoned his shirt.

"unzip me"

He began to unzip me "where did you and Oshyn go earlier"

He caught me off guard "huh?"

"when y'all left me and Aubrey dancing by ourselves"

"oh, we went to talk to Nyla outside"

"why, what happened?" he asked turning me around

"she was just expressing that she's ready to marry Ryan but things are crazy right now and he's never home" I said looking away

"well Ryan loves her they've been together for like 10 years I'm sure he'll get around to it"

"but that's not all" I said as he looked at me confused "she might be pregnant"

"she needs to find out for sure and tell him"

"I know, thats why we're going out to lunch tomorrow with my mom"

We sat in olive garden quiet eating our meals. I guess my mom felt the awkwardness and decided to break it.

"what's going on?" she said sitting her fork down 

Nyla looked at me and I nodded my head telling her speak up.

"I- I think I might be pregnant"

My mom grew excited " oh honey that is  wonderful I was hoping for a grandchild. That baby is going to get so much love. Oh and it's going to be so cute" she rambled on as we started awkwardly

"why are y'all looking at me like that?"

"Ryan is barely home as it is. Are we really ready for a child?" Nyla asked

"Ryan will be ready" she said sternly " maybe having a child will finally make him settle down and get out of this life" she said shaking her head "I never wanted my babies to be around this or to even get into it. When I thought I lost you and your father, Aria. My world came crashing down and it began to burn when Ryan decided to take over. I begged him not to but he wouldn't listen" she said on the verge of tears

"mom please don't cry" Aria said coming closer

"I'm sorry, I just wanted you all to live happy normal lives. This isn't normal" she said wiping her tears "but Nyla I will talk to Michael and hopefully he can talk some sense into Ryan.

Wow. Wonder what their reactions are gonna be like.

Run it :)

o wow wonder how this bout to go

The Reception

Oshyn and Aubrey came out hand in hand as the guest cheered on the newly weds. Everyone began to socialize and take pictures. After about thirty minutes of taking pictures the caterer came out to serve the food. Everyone sat down in their assigned seats while being served. They prayed over the meal and dug in. While everyone was eating guests started to come up do toasts and tell stories. 

"O you're my bestfriend and Aubrey your like my brother and I love you both dearly and I just wish you the best with many years of happiness" Aria rose her glass

"Oshyn honey I remember when you were dancing in your walker at 7months and now you are all grown up and married" Oshyn's father said "Aubrey welcome to the family and if you do anything that's your head" he said as everyone laughed 

Toasts continued for about an hour. Afterwards it was time to cut the cake. Aubrey and Oshyn cut the cake together. Aubrey feed her a bite and Oshyn fed him a bite while smashing the rest into the side of his face. Everyone gasped and laughed loudly. 

Everyone seemed to be having a good time talking and dancing until Oshyn and Aria spotted Nyla standing against a wall looking sad. They cut their dance short with the guys and walked over in her direction.

"Hey Nyla, what's wrong?" aria asked pushing some hair out of her face

Nyla swilled hard and a stray tear came trickling down her face.

"maybe we should go somewhere quiet" Oshyn suggested and Aria nodded in agreement.

They walked outside of the tent and went on a short walk away from the party and found a bench. Nyla sat down and Oshyn and Aria sat down on both sides of her.

"what's wrong Nyla? You know you can tell me anything your like my sister" Aria said kneeling over

Nyla nodded her head and wiped her face "I'm just jealous I guess"

They looked at her confused "jealous of what?" they bother asked

"of you Oshyn" she said looking at her "you just got married. I've been with Ryan for almost 10 years. Since highschool and I want this. But I don't think Ryan is even thinking about marriage. Anything he ever does is drug related and he's never home now" she said truthfully 

"you know Ryan loves you, he only wants you. And I know things are really crazy now but I'm sure it will get easier soon. If my dad could do it I'm sure Ryan can too" Aria rubbed her back

"yeah, and I'm going through the same thing Ny. That's part of the reason we got married so quickly. Three years is a long time but definitely not as long as ten"

"it's not gonna get easier because......" she said choking on her tears "because I think I'm pregnant"

Oshyn and Aria looked at each other in shock not even knowing what to say at this point so they just held Nyla as she cried and let out all of her emotions

Awwwwwwwwww !! Thats wonderful :)

Runnnnn It !!

awwww!! they a gud couple
nd ma freaked out tho

run it