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I love u !

So it came to my attention that Drake played a guy named Jimmy in a wheelchair on a teeny bobber show called Degrassi?? Hes a joke!!!!! Chris when u gonna do a concert in Ky or Nashville? Kentucky loves u:) #teambreezy!!


I love you so much!your music is AWESOME!!!GREAT AND FANTASTIC!!!:D

"i love <a href=",c127,s4.html">కుర్చీలు</a>":)

OMG chris u r sooooooooooooooooo hooooooottttttt!!!!!!!

I wish Chris did a concert here in Indiana! But my mom wouldn't travel. I'll try to convince her tho. I know why Jimmy is in a wheelchair! He got shot! Anyway I really wanna see you in concert Chris! Plz reply Chris! Love u!