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You vs. Them

<em>Then the world may just stop spinning
It may just well be the ending
Talking all about existence
Who knows
But I cannot see tomorrow
If you're not in my tomorrow</em>

<a href="">I</a> stood in <a href="">GA. Howard</a> office thinking about the fate of the world, which just so happen to be in my hands. I looked into the eyes of the <a href="">man</a> I love so dearly.

"GEN. Johnson you have twenty minutes.."

<strong>How am I suppose to choose?</strong>


we finna save the world!!! i'm a super hero *super hero stance* lol

Yosef tryna put the moves on my bestest tho mhmm I see you lol but why she lie tho???

run it

We get to save the world with aliens!!!!!!
Run it

Ohhh s***!! We gotta protect the world and what not. I'm Lowkey Excited.

Yosef is fine af!!

And why does Ari wear an engagement ring if she;s not engaged?

Run it!

DAMNNNNNN Yosef seem like the ish! Lemme meet him! LOL...
Whats the deal with the engagement ring???
This seem like battleship type ish!
General Tash is ready!!!!!! I'm OD hype!
I'm ready for battle!


The girls turned around on full attack but were startled when they saw no one.

<em> I'm not there yet but I am near. </em>

"What the actual f***? How are you even communicating with us? My head hurts, this is too much for one day." Ny rested her head in her hands.

<em> I am sorry Nylah. I will explain soon. </em>

"About that, what exactly will we be discussing?" Dany asked.

<em>Building trust. Just getting to know each other.</em>

"Its twelve now when exactly will you be here?" Arielle asked. Yosef didn't respond.

"Well that's rude!" Ny said as the doorbell rang. Arielle went to answer the door, Nylah and Danyell went to sit in the living room.

Arielle opened the door to be greeted by Yosef. "GEN Johnson I am here to report for duty." He saluted her. She laughed.

"We aren't in uniform sweetie. Come on in." She stepped to the side and he walked in. He waited her to close and lock the door.

"Follow me." She lead him into the living room.

"Yosef,Nylah and Danyell. Ladies, Yosef."

"Wow, you ladies are beautiful, especially Ms.Arielle" He kissed everyone hand but when he got Ari's hand and noticed her engagement ring.

"I don't mean to disrespect your fiancee." He slowly let go of her hand.

"Ohh She ain't." Ari covered her mouth.

"That's fine." Dany and Ny looked at her with screwed up faces.

"Uhh .. Okay." They all sat down. "So, are you an ailen like some men in black s*** and when you take your face off you have tentacles and s***." Dany asked.

Yosef laughed."Not at all. We are close to Planet Earth. We have adopted many things from you all."

"If you are so close to us, why try to take us over?"

"I don't understand it myself but your government has weakened causing all other things here to raise problems and havoc. Now understand we love your president but his lack of support will make this battle easier."

"What will happen?" Nylah asked.

"Simple. Kill them."

"Excuse the hell out of me. You mean to tell me this might be an all out war." Dany yelled.

"Please keep your voice down. That is what I am here to avoid. Because are weapons are far more advance as are we."

"What do you mean?" Ari asked. He stood and walked over to the couch they were sitting on.

"Ohh s***! Ahhh! f*** Person Put Me Down!!" The girls screamed being held above Yosef's head with one hand. He gently set them back down.

"You ... That ... But your so skinny." Ny said confused.

"That's not important. I am here to work on getting our planets to discuss this matter. If that doesn't work then I train your army to fight."

They all sighed sitting in silence for awhile trying to digest this day.

"Me and Dany going home. I really need some rest." Ny said standing up.

"See you later Yosef." Dany hugged Ari and then Ny hugged Ari.

"Bye girls!!" They showed theirselves out.

"So where are you staying? I can take you there." Ari asked.

"I was told you would provide room & board."

"Okay. Let's you get you set up."

She showed him the room he would be and where the bathroom was.

"All of your needs are in the hall closet. Good Night Yosef."

"Good Night Beautiful."

Oh s***, we on some battleship/transformer type s***.
Yosef is sexy as f*** tho?
Is he an alien or some s***?
*kanye shrug* Holla at me anyway boo :)
Not only that but we're kind like the
power rangers since we're getting called on
for missions and stuff.
I cant wait for more.

Run it

I know but some links were not working so I got yall in the next one, sorry

Love it!! Don't forget to add my pic girl (Tash) I'm suppose to be Left Eye !! Loving this whole army look! And ish is about to get crazyyyyyyyy!!

@Jazzy you're not the only one. I'm glad i didn't stay!
Run it!!

who's thought was that!! was it Yosef?? and what planet is he from?? i'm so confused

run it

Night had fell and the girls still couldn't get there minds around the information they got eariler. Rissa took the last sip of wine.

"This can not be real life? Where could this even come from?" They all shook their heads shrugging.

"Your guess is as good as mine." Taylor said.

"Ladies go on head to your guys and I will meet with Mr.Stevens."

"I can't leave you here alone." Dany said. "I think two of us should stay." Ny nodded and raised her hand.

"I'm cool with it. Damion in the house cooking up a bunch of nastiness for his test tomorrow anyway." The girls laughed and began gathering their stuff.

"Okay, call us and keep us updated." Tash said eating wings and getting in her car as everyone else got into their vehicles. It was going on 10 and the girls flopped on the couch sighing.

"I feel like my brain is about to explode. I really feel like I am in f***ing Transformers or some s***." Ny said,Dany stared off into space.

"What if we don't succedd in this mission?" Ari rubbed her back.

"Don't even start thinking like that. That's why this guy is coming to help us."

"But why would a random guy want to help a place he never even been to before? What if the plan is to trick us and then sneak attack us?" Ari thought long and hard.

"You are so very right but we have to do this for humanity Dany. Man I wish Tony was still here."

"He would definately know what to do." Nylah huffed.

"Can we change the mood? I know I was not the only person who found <em>Yosef</em> attractive ... I mean forreal the scruffy look hot on him." Dany rolled her eyes laughing at her friend

"How would Damion feel about you taking notice in another man?" Ari asked.

"Girl he doesn't even trip off stuff like this. He know I ain't leaving him." She laughed.

"You a mess."

"I just want to get some positivity in the room." Ari stood up.

"Help me clean this mess you gals."

"Aww do we really have to mommy?" Dany and Ny pouted giving her the puppy dog eyes. Ari laughed.

"Get y'all asses up." They started putting the food away.than washed the little bit of dishes that were used and put up the bottles of wine.

<em>"I never knew women here still did housework."</em>

Oh god!! I'm not ready to die!!
Run it!!

ummmmm wow. the planet has been targeted. not a country but the PLANET.

I need more
run it

*wipes forehead* sorry that took so long but things will pick up promise :))

Runnn It!

<strong>One Year Ago</strong>

It was a normal Sunday afernoon and <a href="">Arielle</a> had a planned a little brunch for her girls. Her bestfriend,Nylah, was helping her prepare the last bit of food. Arielle looked in the bags that Nylah bought over.

"Girl why you bring so much liqour for a mid-day gathering."

"Because it's happy hour somewhere.Plus you know that's the only way we can get little miss Taylor out of her shell." They giggled.

"I don't know how she stay so quiet around all of us and we have known each other for about two years now," Ny nodded.

"Yeah maybe its from where she was stationed. I heard it was a really bad area." Arielle said putting her homemade buffalo wings into a dish.

"It could be. She doesn't talk much but her heart is big." Arielle nodded."Ohh you remember when we were in Iran and we all started playing cards and she went to the bathroom and came backing shooting up a car that tried to invade our little camp."

"Yeaaah !!! I was so shocked! She acted like not a damn thing happened too." They laughed. "I was so scared but she proved that she down to ride and I respect that." The doorbell rang.


"Get the door before Tash beat it down." Nylah opened the door and Tash walked in fanning herself.

"Finally I thought was going to have heat stroke." They all hugged and laughed at her.

"Where everybody else?"

"You know they on CP time?" As soon as she said that the rest of the girls walked in.

"I guess I spoke to soon."

"Okay where the food?"<a href="">Marrissa</a> asked.

"Woman you was eating when I picked you up!! You got something to tell us?" <a href="">Heather</a> joked. Rissa rolled her eyes at Heather while stuffing her face with cheese and crackers.

"s*** I wouldn't be surprised the way her and Mike be going at it." <a href="">Danyell</a> said pouring glasses of wine.

"Whatever,anyway why we here Ari?"

"We just been so busy on base I wanted to chill with my girls." All of the girls work phones went off.

<strong>Emergencey Web Meeting</strong>

"So much for chilling." <a href="">Candace</a> said sitting on a stool sipping her wine.

"I got my computer in my bag. Let me set it up." <a href="">Taylor</a> pulled out her Mac signing into her private accounts and the girls all gathered around.

"I wonder what it could be?" Ny asked." We just finished up an assignment." GA Howard appeared.

"Woah! I didn't know you all were together but this makes it a whole lot easier."

"Howard what's the problem?"

"It seems as though we have been targeted by another planet. There has taking noticed to us because we have supposedly weakened and can be eaisly overthrown. Now we have all this information from a young man by the name of Yosef Stevens. Here is a <a href="">photo</a> of him." The girls all nodded."Now he has agreed to work with only the best and you all are the best. GEN Johnson you will be working with him a lot more than the other ladies but you all have to show him the pros of our planet to tale back to his leader. He said he will explain in further detail tonight."

"Where do I pick the gentlemen up sir?" Arielle asked.

"He will arrive at your home. He already knows your location." She nodded.

"Thank You Sir. We will be right on it." They ended the meeting all huffing.

"So much for chilling...Do you think this could seriously happen?" Taylor asked.

"I don't know this all feels so surreal." Arielle said picking up her ipad reading the email she just got."I just got an email of all the documents they have already received. This is very real ladies."

Hmm, i cant see the last pic but....

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though I'm bout to be casper... RUN IT

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