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The Perfect Stranger

18 years ago

"Parker how about you and Chris go play outside while I talk to Chris' mom." she said as she directed the two of us out the door.
"Ok." I said as the two of us ran out the front door. "so what do you wanna play?"
"Let's play tag." he said as he hit me in the arm and took off running and I took off running chasing him.

"How has Parker taken it?". " I haven't told her yet, she and Chris have been best friends since birth and they love being and playing together. She is going to be crushed that she is leaving her best friend." "I know what you mean, Chris asks me all the time when Parker can stay the night again, when we haven't even got through the current sleep over." "I know what you mean."So when are y'all leaving?" "Friday." "that's in two days." "I know I'm gonna tell her tonight, and I know she is going to want to see Chris tomorrow and Friday before we leave." "yeah I tell Chris tonight too." "well it's starting to be late, we better get going." mrs. Kyle said as she got up from the couch and headed for the door. "Parker, come on sweety it's time to go." she yelled out to Parker as she walked out the door. She turned back and gave Ms. Hawkins a hug. "I'll call you later and let you know how it goes." "ok girl."

"bye Chris." I said giving him a big hug. " I'll see you tomorrow." "bye." Chris said before letting me go.
"mom will I get to come back tomorrow." I asked as I ran up to her. "well that's if it's ok with ms. Hawkins." "mama Joyce can I come over tomorrow, pleasssssssssssseeeeeee." I begged as I hugged her leg. "of course you can baby." she said as she she patted me on the back. "YAY!!! I get to come back tomorrow." I yelled as I ran up to Chris. "cool, we can play games in my room, And maybe yu can stay the night this weekend." "yeah. Hey mom can I stay the night this weekend." I said as I ran up to her. "we'll see, but we really must be going." she said as she grabbed my hand and we walked to the car. I got in and we backed out the drive way. I turned around and waves bye to Chris.

"baby I need to talk to you." my mom said as she walked into my room and we sat on my bed. "yes mommy?" I said as I looked up at her. "we are moving to California on Friday." "can Chris and mama Joyce come too?" "no, I'm afraid they can't baby, they live here and mama Joyce's job is here." "but she can get another job." "sweety I'm afraid that's not how it works." "that is how it works." I started crying, and my mom picked me up and sat on her lap holding me close. "shh." she said trying to comfort me. "baby we will come and visit whenever we get the chance, and we will call and write them letters." "you promise?" I asked as I looked up at her. "I promise." she said as she kissed my forehead. "now we have to start packing, so we will be ready by Friday." "ok" I hopped up and started to grab clothes, while my mom helped me.

"I can't believe you are leaving me." Chris said with a sad look on his face. "I know, I'm gonna miss you this much." I said as I stretched out my arms all the way. "I
Gonna miss you this much too." Chris said doing the same thing I was doing. "you made me a promise." Chris started as I looked at him. "I know." "we promised that when we got older we would be eachothers first kiss and first everything." "I know, and I'm gonna keep my promise, cause we are suppose to get married." I said as I gave Chris a hug. After I let him go, he kissed me on the lips. "I thought that was suppose to be for when we get older." I said looking at him funny. "I know, but what of you get a boyfriend, them I won't be your first kiss and if I got a girlfriend, you wouldn't be mine, so I wants to make sure we keep our promise." he said as we looked at eachother and smile.

"they are too cute. Me and Parker are going to miss you. But we will call and wrote when ever we get the chance." ms. Kyle said turning and looking at ms. Hawkins. "girl we are gonna miss y'all a lot too." she said as they both hugged. "well better get going, we don't want to miss our flight. Parker lets go." Joyce and Linda hugged on last time, as well as me and chris, before getting in the car and heading off.