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My best friend of 2 to 3 years just told me he liked me & now it's all weird. I don't like him the way he likes me. Like I feel so stupid for asking him who he liked. And I asked my bf & he was just as shocked. What the hell do I do??? I can never look at him the same. But at the same time I don't want to hurt his feelings. I'm so confused. So confused. :'(


He spoke to me today at school & my sis starte laughing cause it was all weird lol. Bu I guess in a few days I can get this s*** off my mind :/ I really hate he told me. I felt bad for some reason. Now I feel a lil better ^-^

I personally was in a situation like this
so I know EXACTLY how you feel abt
not hurting his feelings but honestly I
let my best friend know the feelings
weren't mutal but I still dont want to
lose him as a friend. he was upset at
first but he got over it and we're closer
now than ever.

I hope this helps (:

Naw I don't think we will w like tht in the future though. Bhut your right imma just be honest.

NEVER SAY CANT!! I learned that the HARD way with my current situation that I currently still am facing.
But girl, sensitive or not, don't comfort him with false hope.
Tell him not now. And leave it at that. that way there is no bad blood and IF yall suppose to be together in the future it will just happen.

But it's like this he doesn't understand that. He sensitive & I don't wanna hurt him. But we CAN'T be together we just can't. I see him as a brother & nothing more.

Go right back to being homies.
If you make it weird the friendship will die.
If he wants to talk be truthful.
Just tell that it isn't yall time...