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A Summer To Remeber

Classes had just let out it was time for nique and her friends to start there summer. they didnt hav to worry bout college classes for sum weeksso they planed to go to cali for there summer break. nique rissa charli and kim was all paced and ready to fly off to cail the girls had one more class before they headed to the air port.

rissa (pov)

My bae legacy should be around here sum wer i want to see him befor we leave he mit be at his dorm ima go chec and see while the girls in there last class. As i gt close to his door i hear noises like moaning so i kindly open the door and sumn dat crushed me i thought my eyes was playn tricks on me my hart droped frm the pain i was filln.

nique (pov)

my last class had jus let out wen rissa came up to me cryn dis wasnt pose to be happn we pose to be happy its summer vaction no school for almost a month we pose to be havn fun now my homei gn be down cus she caught her man bangn another b**** in his bed smh i mite say sumn to his no good ass

charli (pov)

i was in class ready to gt out of here it was taken to lng i was ready to see cali


tick tock tick tock this class taken for eva its time for me to go im tryn to be on the beach

run it?


Trey best to hop in
Da fuk he gota slap her for smh cheating ass dude she ain't want u
Run it


We all wnt to dance and havn fun until rissa ex saw her dancen wit trey and couldnt stop wachn her he got mad when he saw trey hands all ova rissa he gt up n came ova to us

Legacy pov

Man seeing rissa wit dude made me feel sum type of way and to wach him rom her bdy and she let him made me mad as hell im the only one that could do dat yea i no i cheated bt she always came back now i see this s*** hell no it aint goin down like that

Legacy: a man get yo hands off my gurl and you jus gone let put his hands all on you huh wat the f*** is wrong wit you now you actn like a hoe

Rissa: (slap) legacy i no you aint jus call me a hoe your the one sleepn around wit everything wit two legs n a pussy you hav no rite sayn s*** to me we ain't together so stop actn like we do if im nt mistaken you didnt want me and was jus usen me to gt a f*** so if you would move im finsh dancen wit him and after maybe f*** his brains out seens dats the only thing im good at in yo eyes

Legacy: (slap) b**** do it n you wnt hav to eva worry bout being wit me again

Oshyn: did he jus slap her

Nique: yea oshyn i think he did

Oshyn: o really............

Update lata

Ayee!!!! Trey forget dancing shoot! I got a hotel room! lol. Oshyn puttin me out on the spot like that.
Run it

Trey: o ok so do yall want to dance wit us

Oshyn: rissa cumon lets dance wit them forget bout him he not worried or paying attention to u or dat u here and he no you here he saw you

Rissa: i no oshyn, ok one dance then im cumn back to sit down

Trey: ok but first tell me do you wnt to make him jealous or you wnt to get ova him any way i can help(sexy seductive look)


Oshyn: Damn yes she would like to get ova him if u can help lol

Rissa: (looks at oshyn) wat y would u say that oshyn

Oshyn: lol wat i was jus plyn but i see you was thinkn the same thing lol huh rissa

Rissa: :-) lol shut up

Chris: wat bout u oshyn you need sum help getn ova sumbdy i see how you tense up when i get close to you i can help you get ova that if you let me ( bits his bottom lip)

Oshyn:(embarrass) umm naw i can handle getn ova it my self

Rissa: lol dnt fill to good to gt put on the spot do it oshyn

Oshyn: shut up rissa lol you no wat i said was true but wateva lets go dance.

Have fun girl, don't let him ruin to good time. Have fun & let loose!!!!
Run it

EOshyn: omg rissa cum on lets go gt the girls we can leave if u wnt

Rissa: no oshyn we aint gt to leave we gone stay rite here

Male voice: excuse me, me and my friends came ova here earlyer and me n this gentleman wanted to no if you ladies wanted to dance

Oshyn: wel we cnt dance wit ppl n we dnt even no there name

Male voice: o my bad im trell bt u cn cll me trey n dis my homeboy chris so wats yal name

Rissa: im rissa

Oshyn: im oshyn n those two out there is nique and charli

Srry its short more n a min

Oh s*** I wonder what's gon happen. She don't need him ruining her good time.
Run it


The guys approach them and say hi

Guys: how yal ladys doin tonite

Girls:we good. Thanks for askn now wat could we help yal wit

Guys: wel my homeboy notice yal frm earlyer so we jus wanted to say hi and welcum yall here and hop yal hav a good vacation dats all bt we dnt want to take up to much of yall time so see you ladies around nite

Charli: damn he fine and that voice he had me n a tranceand did yal see the others damn they parents really blessed them

Nique: lol slow down n com yo hot ass down charli relax yo self lol

Charli: lol i am relaxed i was jus sayn guy was fine and his friends was to so enuf of dat is we gn hav sum fun or wat lets go dance.

Rissa: no im good ima stay at the bar gt sumn to drink maybe il dance lata

Oshyn: yea me to ima stay wit rissa

Girls: awww rissa and oshyn cum on

Oshyn: naw we gone dance lata

Nique: ok ok but order us sumn to drink to

Oshyn (pov)

We was havn a good time partyn wen i look at rissa n saw a look on her face that told me sumn was wrong jus that fast we had only been there for a hour or two

Oshyn: a rissa wats wrong it look like u jus sen a ghost is u good u ok

Rissa: No im nt ok i jus saw legacy

Oshyn: wait, wat were at you lien

Rissa: no im not ova there to the left at that booth wit those ppl ova there

Im so srry u guys im do a add prob wen i gt home bt its gn be sall cus my internet so i gta do it off my phone my sis wnt in to labor last nt so i cnt update rite now

Run it XD

srry u guys i aint for gt bout u up date soon

ok oshyn and up date soon tonite if nt then tomorrow

I'm sorry can you change my name back to Oshyn pleaseee if its not too much.

Sorry I've been MIA I've been studying college is stressful.

But run it!!!!!

I hope I don't act dumb when I'm nervous lol run it!!!

Ayye! Imma roll my hips and just grind him grind on him grind on him!! Lol I guess I won't be. LMFAO

You won't be depressed when Chris be grinding on that ass to a song AND when u get them digits now will you XD

Ayyee!!! Party time -white girl voice-! If he fine he's mine!! lol @Tramicia really? I wonder what they fine asses gonna do when I take one home! Jk jk, I'm not doing that. I'm supposed to be depressed -sighs- what a world.
Run it

Lmao boy we crazy xD & I wonder what they fine ass gon say ;)
Run it sis

The girlswas all dressed and ready to go the club they wnt to was close to there place of the beach the girls gt there n was amazed by the club compaered to the once back home

cherry: this club is nice yo

nique: yea it is and they got sum fine ass guys to lol

cherry: nique you slow bt u is rite lol

kim: ah dats the guys frm earlier that was wachn us

nique: s*** wer at im tryn to see who yal was talkn bout

cherry: s*** me to nique

kim : yal dnt see them guys ova ther pointn and stairn

nique/cherry: damn thats them they fine as f***

nique: um i would love a tast of him lol

kim: lol yea thats them lol u crazy nique,omg they bout to come ova here all of them

nique: com down damn kim there jus guys

kim: yea they are but you no how i am rissa you no i get nerves wen alot of guys is around even if they are cute

rissa: o kim im srry i forgot its ok we rite here girl aint nun gn happn

srry guys i havnt for gt bout yal ima up date tomorrow jus up dated my other story

Run it

Aww poor baby. She need to get out.
He need a ass whoopin. ! Hope she has a good time.

Run it.

I'm glad she agreed to leave & go out. The girls are gonna have fun tonight!!!
Run it sis. :D

When the girls landed they was amazed by the beauty they had neva been there befor except kim she came to cali wen she was lil wit her parents to vacation and vist sum family but she hav been seene then so she was amazed jus like the other girls

rissa: nique girl we really picked a nice place to cum to

nique:yea we did, cum on guys lets gt settled in

On there way to the cottage charli noticed a few guys wachn them so she nuged rissa to show her the guys that was wachn them rissa looked andd walked in the house well kim couldnt gt ova dat they was wchn them

kim: nique did you see them wachn

nique: naw wer at kim

kim: on the beach, i nuged rissa to show her bt she jus walked in here

charli: well kim you no rissa still hooked on Leg even doe he did wat he did she cnt gt enuf of that boy s*** she in love wit him

nique: shiiiiiiiiittt all she need is a tast of sumone new to get her ova him lol

kim: lol nique u no u aint rite

nique: lol wat u no im rite kim cum here yal look at her in that chair poutn n lookn down cus of him

charli: yea girl you rite, lets take her out tonite loosen her up a lil

kim: yea charli dats a good idea lets unpack first doe

Rissa didnt no wat the girls had planed and hse really didnt care she jus saw them gtn dressed she was so n a dazed frm think bout legacy, she missed him alot she couldnt stop think bout him she aint even hear charli calln her

charli: rissa quit day dreamnand get ready we goin out tonite

rissa: naw ima stay in tonite maybe tomorrow

charli: no rissa you goin wit us you need to gt ova legacy he did you wrong you need to gt out and enjoy yoself dont let wat he did bring you down, now get up go gt n the shower and put sumn sexy on so you cn make every guy drule ova you

rissa:ok ok i'll be ready in a min dang

guys ima up date soon i tryed yesterday bt it aint upload it erased all wat i wrote so i gt to rewrite it

Run it. !

Uh uh! Word though? But that's cool. Now she's free to have the best summer of her life. Everyone knows you meet the finest dudes when you vacation out of town. Let the fun begin!


up dat wen i gt of work

What?!? Drama already!!!!
Let me get out this class already so I can whoop this niggas ass!!!!
I can already tell this is gonna be a crazy story

Run it!!!!

Aww damn already... ! Wth..

Run it.