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Hurt But Healing.

This is just a short story about my childhood and what I've grown to be today. It's mostly based on me and my mom's relationship. For those who don't know my mom commited suicide on my 12th birthday. We only got along when my dad was around, so yeah I'm not too new to hurt.
All the things you told me, were things mom's never said.
You told me I was a mistake and you wanted me dead.
On all my birthdays you gave me a gun and pills.
You once put me in front of a mirror and told me, I was the only thing I needed to kill.
Yes you hurt me to my soul, and forgiving you was never my goal.
I had to admit on that day you took your life.
It felt like i had been cut with a little butter knife.
I didn't feel hurt unti lthe kids at school said it was my fault.
But being loved was something I was never taught.
Especially after dad was killed, I guess you abusing me is what healed your scars.
I may not be the most beautiful woman, but I know I am a star.
Big Ma told me that deep down you loved me.
Now all I want is to see you, and when I do, hopefully you would atleast hug me.
All the things you told me, are things mom's never said.
But now that I think about it, I keep coming up with reasons you wanted me dead.
Everybody used to tell me you were never the prettiest thing in the room.
But you were a sweet magnolia that would definately bloom.
I guess when I came, you were just another hater.
Not my mom nor my savior.
You hated me because I was beautiful and confident.
Which was something you were not familiar with.
I hope you look down or up at me
And finally see
I AM a sweet, independent somebody.


That Chap was funny!
I cant wait for the next Chap!
Run it!!

Sure she gotta ass lmfaoo
Wonder what's next tho girlie!!

Chapter 6~~ Friends!

"Ah my hoe finally got ass!" <a href="">Akira</a> yelled. I rolled my eyes at her, "Hey boos!" I greeted to <a href="">Josie</a> she hugged me tight, "Sup b****!" <a href="">Bre</a> yelled, "Aye, not around Kaden." Laith said. "Aww is this me little nephew! Who you get pregnate Laith?" Laith looked up at me, "That's my baby!" I exclaimed, I took Kaden away from Laith. I'm pretty sure he didn't notice me, him and Bre were way too busy staring each other down. "I swear that nig-" She was cut off by Chris coming downstairs, "Hey bae." He said kissing my cheek, "Bae?" I looked at all my friends, they were looking Chris up and down, "Hi, I'm Chris." He introduced himself and then Akira took my hand and the girls went upstairs to my room.

"Why ain't you tel me you had a damn baby? I mean damn I leave for 3 months and all of a sudden you got a baby.Explain." I rolled my eyes, "Long story short, I had a girlfriend and she cheated on me with some nigga and she left and then she sent the baby to me this morning a few minutes before you got here." They all had confused looks on their faces. "Okay, seems legit. I was about to say yo skinny ass get none!" Josie spat, "Listen, I grew an ass!" I argued standing up, "Ohh, she got her an ass. Is it real?" Akira asked, "Yes it's real. Are those real?" I asked pointing to her boobs. " Hell no! Rocky paid for these and I love my babies." She said hugging them. "Ughh, ok Pamela Anderson calm down." Bre joked, "Anyway, Akira I heard about you getting that degree!" I shouted, "Yup, my boo gon be a doctor!" Josie said. "Josie, why do I see yo damn face everywhere I go?" She laughed and held out her hand I saw the biggest rock ever on her ring finger, "b**** who you marrying?" She shook her head, "Nobody this is a future gift from Trey." We all started jumping up and down, "Aww, and Marissa find a babysitter we going out tonight." I poked my lip out, "I don't wanna leave my baby!" I pouted. "b**** your skinny ass is going and that's that!" Bre spat. I sighed, "Fine, let me call my sister." I said, they all clapped.

"Oh my jesus, Rissa your brother is so damn fine!" Bre exclaimed out of nowhere. I looked at her, "You can have him, s***, I got his bestfriend he can have mine." She clapped her hands, "I'll let him know tonight." She whispered aloud. We all busted out laughing, until Backseat Freestyle came on my TV. "I pray Laith d*** is big as the Eifel Tower, so he can f*** me good for 72 hours!" I turned off the song, "Aye sing it right." She blew a kiss at me, "Kay boo!" I laughed. I think my life is starting to go my way now.

omg!! i love this story!!
laith and chris are crazy!! lol
keep it coming!

I just read all this!
Aww i love this story!
I like was really crying!
Run this!
And Rissa is brave for keeping the baby!
Run it Boo!

Chapter 5~~ The Arrival

3 months later`

"Yo, am I an object?" Chris asked, him, Laith, and I were all playing HedBanz. "Yeah!" Laith exclaimed, "Times up nigga!" Chris looked at me, the door bell rang, "Oh, you were a condom." He got up and looked at me and then stared down to my ass. "Aye, quit grillin my sister foo!" Laith said hitting Chris in his chest.

"Rissa, you need to see this!" Chris yelled, I walked to the front door and stopped in my tracks. <a href="">He</a> was staring at me, looking like a baby version of Janet. I picked him up out of the basket and he yawned, "Hey lil man, what's your name?" Chris picked up a note, "His name is Kaden." He said, looking at the note. I noticed his baby bag and told Chris to pick it up.

"Who is this little guy?" Laith asked standing up from his chair and taking Kaden. "His name is Kaden." I said reading for the note. "Hey bae, it's me Janet. Our beautiful son Kaden was born November 3, 2012. The birth certificate should be in his bag. I already signed you as the legal gaurdian and put you as his mother full-time. Marissa, I know I could never be the mother you would be and I know you would care for him better than I could ever care for him. Please take care of him. -Janet!" Laith was playing with Kaden, at first he would throw Kaden in the air and make a whistling sound just like the cartoon. "Chri, don't this baby look like ol' dude?" Chris took Kaden and looked at him closely, "Oh my God, you think this his baby?" I looked at them both, "Who's baby?" Laith rubbed his hand down his face, "He called me on that same day Kaden was born talking bout some girl having his baby and he wasn't gonna take care of it." Chris furrowed his brows, it was kind of sexy. Call him up and tell him to come over here." Chris ordered and then he took my hand and led me upstairs,

"You gonna take care of him?" He asked looking into my eyes. "What type of question is that? Of course I am, that's my little Janet and I am gonna be his mother no matter what." Chris flashed a smile at me. Then he inched closer to me. I back up against the wall. He bit his lip, "You don't know how much I wanna kiss those lips right now." He admitted, "Well how bout you show me how much?" He pinned my arms against the wall and stepped between my legs. He crashed his lips against mine and it felt like a soft, fluffy cloud had hit my lips. I instantly moaned and he grabbed my ass. I found a slip between his lips and slid in my tongue. Chris laid me down on the bed still kissing me. He slid his hand in my pants and started playing with me. "Damn." I moaned in his mouth.

He pulled apart from the kiss and looked down at me, "You are the most brilliant woman I've ever met. Most women would abandon the kid in this situation, but you you're different." I felt his whole demeanor change when he said "women would abandon the kid in this situation." I looked into his eyes and gently pushed him off, "Did I do something?" I chuckled a bit and shook my head no. I sat in his lap as he wrapped his arms around my waist, "Did your mother abandon you?" I asked, he just sat there and I felt something wet hit my back. I turned to see Chris crying, "Chris talk to me, you've been there for me now I wanna be there for you." He wiped his tears away, "My mom abandoned me when I was four at my grandma's house, she never loved me, so it kind of bugged me. But she did what she did and she can't take it back now." I felt like there was more to the story, but I wasn't gonna pressure him. I pulled his face up, he looked into my eyes, "Well I will always love you, and I will never abandon you." He chuckled, "Your just saying that." I kissed his plump lips passionately and he kissed me back. "I never say anything I don't mean." He pecked my lips again and I hugged him tight. Then there was a knock on the door, "Yo, will y'all stop denying y'all are madly in love with each other and help. I hope y'all aint forget about my man Kaden. Oh yeah, Rissa your three girls are here!" Laith shouted, I ran to the door, "Sorry boo, maybe another time." I apologized to Chris he bit his lip and stared at my ass, "Its all good." I ran downstairs to see my besties, "OH MY GOD!" I screamed.

Chapter~~ Get through it.

As soon as I walked in, tears instantly rolled down my cheeks. I sat by her side and kissed her lips, she fluttered her beautiful eyes open. "Babe, don't be mad at me." I wiped my tears away, "What did you do?" She started crying hard, "Babe you were avoiding me and I didn't feel loved it was a stupid mistake i'm sorry." After she said that, a doctor came in the room smiling, "Well congratulations the fetus somehow alright, and hasn't been damaged not one bit. You are barely showing at 6 months." He looked at me, I turned to Janet, who was cryng her eyes out. "Did I interrupt something, I can always come back later." I shook my head, "No sir, I was just about to leave." I said, she tried to pull me back, I snatched my arm away. I felt hurt, "I gave yo ass everything and you cheat on me, I loved and that nigga you f***ed probably ain't even know yo damn name." She put her hands over her face, "Baby, I'm sorry!" She cried out, I walked back and wiped her tears, "That's the reason I'm leaving you, I don't do sorry b****es. And whatever that is in your stomach, I may habe not made it, but it's mine." She looked at me with apologetic eyes, "Marissa please don't do this." She begged, "Janet please, you don't care if I leave. Obviously you ddidn't care when you f***ed that nigga so why care now." I knew it hurt her, but I was hurt more, "Don't you love me?" I held up my hand,"No Janet, I loved you. Now I'm looking for a reason for why I'm still standing here talking." I took the paper out the doctor's hand. "Tell my baby boy, I love him, you can stay with me but don't think that there'll ever be an "us" again." I walked out the door and I could here her throwing things, "Noo!! Marissa come back." I ran back, "Shut up it'll harm the baby." She put her head down. "Will you stay with me?" I sighed, "Why not?" I said sliding a chair far waya from the bed and sitting in it.

Two hours later~
I woke up in the chair while there was a <a href="">drawing</a> (pretend it says Marissa Jackson #1 Wifey!) I looked at the back of the paper, "Baby, this is so hard for me to do, but i'm leaving. You'll never see me ever again, but you will see our little boy. Sorry baby I love you no matter what, i'm watching you boo! P.S- You should totally give Chris a chance to make you happy ;D- јдлє† ♥ Ц!" I broke down, I didn't know what to do with myself. "God help me!" I screamed so loud it pierced my own ears. Chris came rushing into the room. "Rissa what's up?" I handed him the paper. "She was pregnate. "Dammit! Chris she's gone, I don't know what to do without her. I was so mean to her, I know she cheated but I could've gave her another chance. It's all my f***ing fault!" I yelled, I started to feel woozy and I couldn't breath, my heart ached and I fell to the ground. "Rissa, wake up!" Laith yelled holding me. I felt his tears drop on my face. I tried to get up, but I couldn't. I just couldn't.

Ohhh Nooooo! She has to be okayy

Laith and Chris are nasty lol

How did she get into an acident that fast??

Runn It

That part with the offical chris brown site is supposed to be this <a href="">chips</a> lol.

Chapter 4~~ Clingy

Three months later

"Baby!" I heard Janet call out. "Yeah?" She came in my room crying,laying on my bed. "I don't feel good." I looked at her crazy and started to look for something. "What are you looking for?" She asked sitting up. "I'm looking for my damn memory, I don't think I ever was a doctor." I said scratching my head, "Baby please take me to the doctors." I walked away, "Naw, how bout we go to the damn pharmacy and get yo ass some iBuprophen." She smacked her lips, "This isn't funny." I chuckled, "I'm sorry boo, gimme kiss." She smiled and pulled my lips to hers. She immediatly stuck her tongue in my mouth and I bit on it gently, she moaned loudly. She began to take off her shirt exposing her bra. "Aww s***, LAITH YOU BOUT TO MISS A LIVE LESBIAN PORNO!" Chris yelled, I looked up to see Laith with wide eyes, "Nigga close my damn door before I get up." I warned the closed the door and I looked back down at Janet and she was unbuttoning my shorts, "Now where were we?" I smiled and she got on top of me. She kissed down my neck to my chest and licked my belly button. "Babe, quit teasing!" I whined she laughed, "Kay babe." She said pulling down my shorts and panties, "Looks delcious." She said slightly moaning.

Three hours later~

I walked downstairs to see Chris and Laith having a smoking session, "Don't mind if I do." I said taking a blunt and blowing the smoke out my nose. "If you didn't have beautiful face and a nice ass body to prove it, I would've thought you was a straight up nigga." Chris said repeating my actions. "Shut up nigga!" I spat, sitting next to him. "Let me hit." Janet demanded trying to take my blunt. "Um, I know yo ass see five more blunts rolled, I'll give you a lighter but not no full damn blunt." She rolled her eyes, "Aye, cut that s*** out." She poked her bottom lip out, "Sorry pooh, I'm just missing Angel." She said rubbing on my thigh, I smiled at her. "I got that affect on people that are lucky enough to get a taste." She leaned in and bit my lip, "I know it." She whispered, "Now imma need for y'all to take y'all clothes off and f*** and imma be good for about a week." I rolled my eys at Chris, "Nigga shut up, always ruining s***." Janet pulled me in for a kiss, I knew Chris was watching so I slid a finger her shorts and rubbed gently on her clit, she moaned in my mouth and she put her hands on my neck deepening the kiss.

"Okay, damn bout to make a nigga nut on the spot." Laith admitted, I stopped and laaughed. "Nigga why you say something they would've f***ed right in front of us!" Chris fussed. "No the hell I wouldn't have. My bae cookies are for me and me only, you had your damn chance." I spat, Chris rolled his eyes and finished off his blunt, "Babe can we f***?" Janet asked in my ear, "We just got done f***ing about five minutes ago." She licked her lips, "I know, I wanna do it again." I got up and grabbed her hand, she instantly started to smile. "Don't smile, I'm walking you to the door." She pouted and walked to the door, she tried to leave without giving me a kiss, "Ohh, so I don't get a kiss now?" She smiled at me, She leaned in and pecked my lips I grabbed her waist and she grabbedmy face. As we pulled away I smaked her on her ass, "Bye boo." She cooed, "Bye bae."

As soon as I walked into the house Chris had five bags of <a href="<a href="">The Official Chris Brown Site</a>">chips.</a> "Your in love!" He sung, " I think I love her nana!" Just as I sung that my phone rung, "Wife alert shut everything down!" My phone yelled, "Hello." I answered , "Um, Ms. Jones, your girlfriend here got into an accident, she said that you were her last call she might not make it, she's at the city hostpital if you wanna see her, hopefully she can pull through." My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. "Chris give me your keys, she got into an accident hurry!" I yelled tears instanly poured down my cheeks, he got up and so did Laith we went 50 over the spped limit and got to the hostpital in 10 minutes.

"Do you have a Janet Jackson here, she just got into a very bad accident?" I asked rushing to the desk. "Janet Jackson room 204, wait ma'am i'm gonna need for you to fill these out." She said handing me papers, "b**** please my girl is in there dying and you want me to fill out some dman papers, b**** kill yoself!" I spat racing to room 204. When I found it I opened the door, my baby dodn't look like my baby no more.

Lmaooo !! Crazy as f***

Runnn itt

Chapter 3~~ Them Ghetto Hoes

As I got in line to order my food, Chris was flirting with a girl. Don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous, it's just if he wants his damn food he better come order it. "Yo Chris, what do you want?" I asked, still standing in my spot. "Suprise me." I rolled my eyes, "I'll suprise yo ass with nothing." I mumbled to myself.

When I got my food I thanked the lady and sat at a table. "Yo, where my food?" Chris asked searching through the bag. "It's in the kitchen." He looked at me like I was crazy, "Why didn't you get me anything?" This nigga got on my last nerve, "I ain't yo damn sister so don't sit here and think I'm about to get yo ass some food while you spit game to hoes. Niggas got me wrong. Here." I said, handing him his left over money. "Did you atleast get her something to drink?" I looked past him to see this girl staring at me with her crew, they kept pointing and laughing at me. I got up with my drink and walked over to them. "You talking s***about me?" She looked at me and a smile formed across her face. "Yeah, what you gon do?" I stepped a little closer, "Listen hoe, i'm bout to break my foot off in yo ass if you don't pipe that s*** down. Now if you want to continue to be the sloppy ass hoes you all are and talk s***, I'll gladly take this s*** outside and beat all y'all asses." I calmly. They brushed me and went to wait outside. "Rissa, what you bout to do?" Chris asked pulling my arm, I snatched it back, "I'm bout to beat a b****es ass." And with that I walked out.

"So b**** what was yo problem?" She rolled my eyes, "You messing with my man." She said rolling her eyes, "Chris, what's this heffa name?" He scratched his head, "Uhh, Diamond, no Princess, no no no Jessica." She looked at him, "It's <a href="">Rosa</a> nigga." Chris clapped his hands, "Rosa that's her name." I laughed, "Can't be yo man if he don't know yo name hoe." She pushed me back. "Oh hell no!" I tackled her to the ground and threw blows at her face and I hit her nose making it squirt out blood. Her girls jumped in and then I heard Janet's voice, "b**** tried my future wiffey life again." She yelled punching and kicking the girls, her girls were tag teaming the other girls and I was whooping Rosa's ass until we all heard sirens.

"Rissa let's go, leave her ass!" Chris yelled. I grabbed Janet's hand and we got in Chris' car and pulled off. "Ahh, that s*** was bananas! Y'all should've seen yourselves. Janet was punching b****es from left to right and you was breaking b****es noses and s***, you cool peoples." Chris bragged dapping me and Janet. "Thanks, boo." I cooed and Janet kissed me on my lips, "No problem." She said, "I don't get a kiss." Chris said putting his head back. She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "If I didn't know y'all I'd totally have a threesome." Chris admitted as we all broke out in laughter. Besides the fight today was a good day.

Run it

That s*** scared me too.

O_o why does it keep posting that comment?

Daamn moms ain't right like at all moe smh

Her bond with Laith is beautiful. :)
Chris seems like a good friend lol silly but good.
Look at you puttin the moves on Janet, hehe

Daamn moms ain't right like at all moe smh

Her bond with Laith is beautiful. :)
Chris seems like a good friend lol silly but good.
Look at you puttin the moves on Janet, hehe

Daamn moms ain't right like at all moe smh

Her bond with Laith is beautiful. :)
Chris seems like a good friend lol silly but good.
Look at you puttin the moves on Janet, hehe

Cast is:
Marissa- India westbrooks
Laith- Laith Hakeem
Chris- Chris Brown
Angel- Lauren London
Janet- Karrueche Tran

Chapter 2~~ New Start
Two months later

"How's it feel to be off crutches?" Laith asked me as we were leaving the hostpital. "It feels so damn good! I feel free!" I shouted, "Okay Celie, calm down." He chuckled, I looked back at him, "Laith, what are we gonna do about mommy?" He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, we cant give her a funeral she shot herself and lit the house on fire. Honestly I don't give two s***s about it." I hit him in his chest, "What was that for?" I rolled my eyes at him, "That's our mother, don't disrespect her like that." He laughed, "I can't believe this sob story still intrigues you, she isn't our birth mom she was our step mother." I gasped and almost tripped over the crack. "What happened to our real mom." I asked confused, "That's not important, let's get going." I grabbed his arm and pulled him back, "What the hell! I'm twenty years old and I'm just finding out, what type of f***ery is this?" He crossed his eyes and i stood there and waited for an explaination. "Our real mom died giving birth to you and dad married Natalie and he told us to tell you she was our real mother so we did, I tried to tell you after he died, but she said not to." I was astounded at how long it took me to figure all this out. I wasn't sad or mad, I was just suprised, but suprises are surprises and I couldn't be mad at Laith that was 7 yrs ago I can't go back and change it now.

"Okay, thanks for telling me." I said, walking faster. "Nope Rissa, I'm not about to race you to the car." He argued. "On your mark get set...... GO!" I yelled, we both took off running around the corner and Laith tried to trip me plenty of times, but I had the keys so I still didn't care who won I was still in control. "Haha! I won you slow ass b****!!" I spat. He put his hands on his knees, "Okay okay, you won." I unlocked the doors, "Lets get back to your Main Hoe's house." He mugged me, "She not my main hoe she staying and obeying hoe!" He said, I laughed super hard, "Aye, we don't love these hoes!" He dapped me up, "f***ing right."

"Hey baby!" She greeted, as she hugged him. "Hey, what you cook." She smiled, "Something special, for US." She said looking at me. "Lose the damn attitude I find a f***ing way to help you." I warned, she rolled her eyes. "Yeah, keep those thoughts to yourself." She gave me a dirty look, but I only did it back. "Yo, who the f*** you got in my house Angel?" I heard somebody yell behind me, I turned to see <a href="">him</a> looking me up and down licking his lips, "Chris you don't run s*** in here!" Laith yelled from the top of the stairs, "Ah my nigga! When you get here?" He asked still looking at me. "After the incident, when you get here?" He nodded, "Today!" He kicked off his shoes and sat back. "Oh s*** I'm rude as hell, I'm Chris." He said smiling and holding his hand out for me to shake. "Marissa." I smiled back, I had to admit he was pretty cute.

After a few hours, the food Angel cooked for her and Laith was done and I was hungry so I told everybody I was out. <a href="">I</a> grabbed my RayBands and left, Chris came behind me and shut the door. "So were we going to eat?" I took off my shades, "I'M going to Chick- Fil A, I don't know about you." He smirked at me, "Come on ma, you can ride with me." I looked at him. "I don't ride with strangers, I don't even know you my brother does." He opended the door, "Guilty by association." i sighed and got in. About 5 minutes into the ride I couldn't help but admire his car. "You like?" Chris asked, taking me from my thoughts, "Hell yeah, I'd get hella ass if I rode in this." He dapped me up, "So you a lesbian?" He was curious so I let him know. "Not really, I'd take d*** over pussy anyday, but I was a little bicurious in high school." I said laughing, thinking about all the hoes that loved me. "Oh s***, maybe we can go chick pullin one day." I laughed, "Maybe, but right now I'm hungry as a muthaf***a." He dapped me up. "I like me a redbone with long hair with a fatass." He said. "She gotta be able to eat, before she can get the compliments and s***." I added.

We soon pulled up to Chick Fil A and there was a whole bunch of girls staring at me and Chris. "Who them hoes?" I asked, "Hoes I use to f*** with, here comes one now." As soon as I looked up this <a href="">girl</a> was walking towards us. "Hey Chris, who's your friend?" She asked looking me up and down. "What makes you think I'm just his friend?" Her eyes widened. "Ohh, I'm sorry. I just thought-" I laughed in her face. "I'm just playing with you shawty I'm Marissa, what's yo name?" Chris smacked his lips, "I'm Janet nice to meet you." She stuck her hand out for me to shake, I kissed it. "Pleasures all mine." I said walking back wth Chris. "Man, you think you funny, huh." I laughed, "Aww you a little jelly ain't you!" He flicked me off, I looked back to see Janet still watching me I winked at her and she waved at me. This is going to be fun.

At this moment Marissa is 18 yrs old.

Chapter 1~ Why?

2 yrs ago-

"Marissa, get yo ugly ass down here!" <a href="">I</a> ran downstairs almost tripping and killing myself. "s***." I cursed at my failed attempt, I would rather die then to be with this lady any longer. "Yes ma'am." As soon as I walked in the kitchen a glass flew by my face and it almost cut my eye. "Pick that s*** up!" She demanded. I started to pick up the glass when my older brother <a href="">Laith</a> came downstairs. "Here let me get that." He offered. "Laith, don't help her ass. I would've cleaned the s*** up myself if I didn't want her to clean it." She said. I heavily sighed, i rathe be called "her" then "heffa" or "tramp".

"Ma, stop b****in' you always hated her for no damn reason. Quit acting so f***ing stupid!" He spat. She threw another glass at me and missed. I got tired of being treated like this. I threw down the broom and I picked up a dish and threw it. I only missed by an inch."Throw another f***ing glass, and I promise i won't miss." I warned, she threw another one and so did I. She missed but I didn't. It hit her in her head and she fell back. She cursed my name while she layed, sprawled out on the floor. Just as quick as she fell, she got up. But she ran pass me and I heard her door close. When she came back down the stairs, she had a gun. "I've been waiting to do this all your f***ing life. Now here's my chance. b****!" She yelled and fired, it hit me in my leg. Laith pulled me out the house, and put me in the car.

We were driving and I started to feel sleepy. "Laith, i'm sleepy." I whined. He had tears streaming down his cheeks, "Come on Rissa stay awake, we almost there." I gasped, "We're going to DisneyWorld!" I knew it wasn't it, but Laith promised me before I ever have to go somewhere because I was hurt he would take me to DisneyWorld to make me feel better. He turned back to me and smile, "Yeah sis we can go to DisneyWorld AFTER the hostpital." I rolled over on my stomach. "My leg hurts!" I yelled, he pulled up to the hostpital. "Come on Rissa, I got you." He cooed in my ear.

When we got in the hostpital I screamed in pain, the sudden cold air got in my wound and everything just started to throb. "Doctor! Hurry it's an emergency!" The doctor said. Little did I know my older sister was gonna be working tonight. "What the hell Rissa!" She yelled, I only plugged my ears. After one long hour they were able to get the bullet out my leg. "Let us be." My aunt said as all the other nurses left. "Laith, who did this?" I looked at him with my glossy eyes from the pain and some from the drug they gave me. "It was mommy." She paced back and forth, "I am going to put that woman in jail and she will rot in hell before I ever pity her." She spat, I jumped up, but fell on the ground, I instantly started crying. "No KiKi you can't! Please don't I beg you." She helped me up, "Why the hell is you taking up for her dumbass!" She said, she always talked inproper when she got mad or was just off work, I really didn't blame her everyone at her job was so serious and uptight. "She shot me for throwing a glass at her, what you think she gon do if I protest against her and put her in jail?" She hit her hand against the table causing Laith and I to jump, she never got this mad. "Dammit Rissa, look what she did to you. You put up with her ass for the longest and I dam sure aint bout to-" There was a loud knock on the door.

"Ma' am, the chief of police needs to see you." A nurse said entering the room with a police officer behind her. "I see this is not a time to explain anything, but um your mother commited suicide after the incident." I looked at him like he was crazy, "No disrespect, but how the hell you know about the incident?" I asked, he chuckled, "Your neighbor, Mrs. Jackson, heard the whole thing. She says your mother had a deep hatred for you, is this true?" I nodded. "Is there a reason why?" He started to get a little nosey to me, "No, are we done?" I asked rudely. He seemed like he didn't notice my attitude, he smiled at me "Yes ma'am. Have a nice day." They both left the room. I sat there thinking, "Is this how people feel when there parents die, no crying, no sad spirits, or is it only people like me?" I guess I'll find out.

Thanks, hearing one person say that is good enough for me!

You are a strong somebody, no doubt about that.
I respect you for opening up to us as well. :)

lol I didn't mean to, I just flt like really opening up and showing y'all the real me. Thanks for the runs!

*tears* whyy you do this to me? *even more tears*

Runnn It