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<strong>Chapter One.</st>

From the moment that <a href="">I</a> woke up I could already tell that today wasn't going to be anywhere near a good 24 hours for me. I couldn't put my finger on why I felt that way, but I just had a bad vibe and my hunches were hardly ever wrong. It didn't take long before my mothers yelling sparked up as she went at it with my older brother... Again. Same reason, same time just a new day. Why couldn't I ever get any f***ing peace around here for once? The joys of a 19 year old teen, living at home I guess. I ducked as I came out of my bedroom and my brother <a href="">Jermaine</a> swung his hand over my head, clearly aiming for my face. He stays trying to fight with me for no damn good reason now days. And I knew why too.

"Why you was in my room last night Kelsey?" He barked, as his eye narrowed into my direction.

"I wasn't nigga, I wasn't even here last night so you need to dead that s*** right away." I hissed rolling my eyes and trying to push my way past his 6'3 frame.

"No, what I need to do is beat your disrespectful little ass for talking to me like that. That's the s*** I'm talking about right there, he already got you f***ing thinking its okay to disrespect me!"

"No actually, you're doing a pretty good job of that all by yourself." I mumble under my breath, however, not low enough may I add. He grabbed me back hard by my arm, making sure not to let up on his grip.

"The f*** you just say to me?" I could tell by the look in his eyes that the worst thing I could do right now would be to feed his anger with another smart ass comment, so I kept my snide remark to myself.

"Nothing, I ain't say s***." I replied calmly. He snatched his hand away from my arm feeling accomplished that his authority hadn't gone unnoticed.

"I been the man of this house for damn near 8 years now, and s*** ain't about to change just because that sperm donor decided to waltz back into our life and you and mom decided to let him. I held this family together, I paid the bills, I BUST my ass for this house. Not him, ME and I'll be damned if you start disrespecting me on my own damn house. I Regret putting this property in her f***ing name cause this is the thanks I get in return." He let out a chuckle in disbelief as he analyzed the situation. I felt bad for him, he did hold this family together all alone for half of his life, almost dying every night just to make sure we were good. But moms going to love who she's going to love, and that "sperm donor" is still my father. I never said I'd forgiven him completely for what he did, but you don't turn your back on family, never. No matter what... Jermaine went to walk away but before he could I pulled him back into a tight hug, exactly the way he used to do to me every night when he'd come in at early hours in the morning from hustling and hear me crying in bed. He remained tense, for a while. But he soon softened up and relaxed long enough to grip me back just as tightly.

"You know we'll always be thankful for everything you've done for us. It's just that sometimes it's better to forgive and move on than to wallow in hatred. Especially when it's something you can't do anything about..." I whispered to his chest, loud enough to hear but quiet enough not to throw off the sereneness of the moment. He pulled me away from him, nodding his head in agreement.

"Wise words, from a smart girl... I just can't let it go that easily, and I don't think I ever will." He spoke, softly.

"Well, I guess you could say I was bought up by a very wise man. I know I'll always need him in my life and when he's ready to take a break from looking after us after 8 years, and have the life that a normal 21 year old should, I'll be here to turn up with him!" I smirked at him being unable to fight back his wide ass smile before he walked away. I loved my brother, to death. God only knows where we'd be without him.

I stood on the front porch waiting on my late ass boyfriend to hurry up and show himself as usual. He'd managed to pick me up late every morning this week, I swear I couldn't wait for my damn car to be fixed! Just as I glanced down at my watch I heard one of his mixtapes he put together blasting out of the speakers from all the way at the top of the road, he was a talented rapper not like these other niggas that swore they getting signed every week. He actually had the full package to make it. Once he finally drove drove the street to my house, I giggled at his weak attempt to frighten me as he purposely swerved his car onto the curb inches away from my feet. He signalled for me to get in, and I took my time doing so half kissing, half licking his lips when I finally was in the passenger seat.

"You need to stop doing that nastiness." He laughed, wiping his lips playfully where I licked.

"Oh so you can put your lips between my thighs, but I can't lick them?" I giggled watching him take off his snapback and put it back on, pushing it back down lower on his head. He always did that when he was lost for words, I smirked.

"Someone horny?" I teased running my hand up his leg, biting down on my bottom lip. He licked his as his eyes scanned over my curves.

"I mean, I have every right to be. All that ass in my seat plus no pussy for almost 9 days hell yeah I'm horny!" He snapped starting the engine back up and pulling away. I laughed hard eyeing him, finding myself becoming turned on my his ink covered body as I normally do. It was already hot this morning so he was in his Chicago Bulls tank.

"So you counting the days now <a href="">Michael</a>?" I asked playfully acting stern. "

Yes, yes I am. When you gon' give me what I want woman!?"

"I am giving you what you want, all my love!" I joked smacking his leg.

"HA! You know there's only one thing I want from you. And it's under your skirt, not your shirt." He smirked as he looked over at me, my arms folded and eyes squinted evilly.

"Chill bae, you know I'm playing." He laughed planting kisses on my neck as we waited for the red light to switch green.

"Yeah, you better be. Or 9 days gonna turn into 90." I huffed.

"I been 90 days without you giving it up before, remember that lame ass 3 month rule you made me go through when we first started dating?" I smiled and nodded my head remembering when we starting seeing each other.

"Yeah, I remember. It kept you with me though right. So don't call my tactics lame."

"Back to the point when you gonna' give me some baby?" He asked now a little more seriously.

"I don't know Mike. It's hardly ever free at my house anymore with my dad being back and Jermaine patrolling it to make sure his throne isn't taken." I sighed.

"Then how about later on, you stay the night at mine ain't like there's class tomorrow... It's Friday."

"Uh, I told you I don't like or trust your dirty ass roommate. No." I hissed annoyed already.

"Chris? You just tripping. You'll love him once you get to know him, trust me." I bit down on my bottom lip to keep myself from telling him why I hated him so much, instead I sighed and reluctantly gave in to staying the night at his place. I missed our quality time together, I could use space away from the house and all the issues that resided in it. And I DEFINITELY needed some good d***.

"Perfect, I'll pick you up around 6. iight?" He asked, pulling up to my college.

"Mhm" I mumbled still pissed that I'd have to be around Christopher's ass.

"You need a ride after class?" He asked concerned.

"No babe. My girls and I going to hit the mall. I'm sure one if them hoes will drop me off." I gave him a long hard kiss, my tongue dancing against his as he let his hands wondered off exploring around my body. I let out a low moan quickly pulling away rushing out of the car before we ended up f***ing then and there, right in the back seat with everyone watching.

"Love you Michael." I winked noticing his hard on.

"It's Tyga to you girl, want an autograph?" He laughed starting his engine up. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

"Shut up, you ain't s*** yet!" I yelled quickly running off happy not giving him a chance to curse my ass out, damn he's going to be on my mind all day. Unfortunately, so will Chris... There goes the reason I had that feeling this morning. Ugh.


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I am a very chill and laid back person. I'm more about keeping the peace, but I can lose it if you push my buttons or take something too far. Just because i'm calm doesn't mean I won't hesitate to tell you how it is. I keep it one hunnid all day. I'm outspoken so I bite my tongue for no one. I donr judge someone until they give me a reason to.


I'll be updating tonight or early tomorrow morning thank you all for the runs. If there's and silent readers I'd appreciate run from you guys too! <3

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