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Then there's you.

I never was the type to be getting females what it was one in particular that i had feelings for. That girl was my bestfriend "Lacey", we've knowning each other since diapers and was actually neighbors. But as soon as i blew up i had to leave VA, i hated i had to but i needed to...i wanted to start my career. So i headed to New york then moved to california. Its hard to know that i left her there, she was my back bone behind everything, i just hope shes living her life right and i hope we meet again.
"Oh my god lacey there goes Chris Brown on TV". I looked up from my hair station and placed my eyes on the tv, "uhm!...", I looked back down and continued to do my clients head. "Lacey thats your bestfriend dont do that", I chuckled, "Ashley i havent spoken to chris in years, just drop it". I grapped the remote and turned the TV to something else. Everyone began to start back talking, i couldnt help but think about how close meand him were and it even made me mad than what i was.

I finally finished my clients head and began closing the shop with Ashley. <a href=">Lace</a>, i didnt mean to make you mad you know?....its just that i remember you and him begin close as hell..." I smiled a little began sweeping, "i know ashley...its ok...its just that i dont care anymore, hes different now, the rihanna beating...the smoking...getting in trouble, its not him, i KNOW the real chris", "Well...maybe you can get him back right lace". She smiled and laughed, i shook my head and walked out the door, "goodnight Ashley".


Chris POV

I finally came in from the show we just did, i was tired as hell, but something told me to check my messages. I looked through them and saw RiRi, Rita, moms, then i saw a strange number that i havent seen in a long had a VA area code. my eyes begin to get it Lacey?... i texted it back and waited nervously for a was lacey's friend Ashley. I my heart began to beat fast, I was finally about to get in touch with her, after all these years. Ashley gave me the location were they worked and i grabbed my bags to head to VA, it was time i did some explanning.

its kinds slow but its getting there, let me know if you like


See this is why I only smoke not snort! b****es be acting brand new on that s***. Oh I hope she leaves Chris and not take him back saying it was a damn accident, got Lacey f***ed up!
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Chapter 3: Did you Say California??

Its been 2 weeks since me and her have been together. And this week was the week she was moving out to California, I was excited but nervous at the same time. I was at her place in VA helping get back with Ashley, and Ashley didn't want her to leave but yet she was happy at the same time.

"Oh my god lace. I don't want you to go!!", she wined as she backed more clothes in the boxes. lacey looked at me and made a puppy face,"Chris can w-", "nooonoooo....Ashley I love you like a sister and all but you had Lacey to yourself for over 15 years". We all laughed as sge playfully punched me, "man...imma moss yall tho...chris youu better take care of her!". I pulled Lacey closed to me and kissed her,"oh I will don't worry", Lacey smirked as sge pecked my lips.

We finally finished packing the boxes and let the moving people load up the things on the truck. We said our goodbyes to Ashley and headed to the airport. And just like that i had her back in my life...but could my life with her mix with life in California???? Was we both ready for the taps and paparazzis??? I thought about these things as we flew to LA, i hope things don't go bad.


Kiras POV

Life in Cali seems different, all these huff class people, nice fancy shoos, houses. I wasn't use to this life, but I knew. I had to get use to it for Chris. Chris started introducing me to people that I never thought ill meet in my life. He bought me things that I never thought. I would wear....chris was the perfect boyfriend! Until I started noticing little things. I never EVER seen from him.

One afternoon I came in from shopping with a few friends I just met and I notice something different about him. I walked in to loud music and people everywhere. "What the f***?", I threw downn my bags and ran down stair to where the music was coming from and there he was snuffing crack. My eyes were burning from madness and pain, "CHRIS WHAT THE f*** IS THUS!?!?!". He quickly put down the plate that had ccocaine on it and stood up wiping his nose,"OH HEY BABY...COME HERE", I backed away from him "Lacey...COME HERE". I shook my head no and backed away , before I knew it he had his hand around my neck choking me. Evrryone began to run and some starred in shock and some laughed saying "show that b**** who's house it is". I finally got away from him and ran up stairs to our room and locked the door. I fell on the bed gasping for breath and crawling on to the bed crying my self in a ball. I all heard was "get the f*** out my house", then it went into silence. That's when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs I began to sob again. BAM BAM NAM, "laceyyy open the door right now!", "chris youre high...go away", my cry's began to get louder and breathing became heavier. Before I knew it he bust through the door charging towards me as he climb on top of me grabbing my neck. "lacey why are you hiding for me???", "baby im right here please stop please!!!". He stared me in my eyes with this evil stare I've never seen before, "so you don't love me Kira?? Youre gonna leave me???". His hands grew tighter round my nec, as my eyes began to close, I was knocked out....

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I love this story, especially the fact Chris came back for Lacey.
That was kind of wrong about what she said to Ashley.
Oohh!! Chris bout to get it in!!
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Chapter2 Cont: Long time NO see.

Lacey POV

When i got back to the shop only sae Ashley there. I figured she let everyone go home because of the fact that i was gone for a long time. I opened the door and saw her standing dead in my face, smiling showing all her teeth. "Soooo laceeee how did it go?". I smirked, "it went well...couldve been better tho". She smacked her lips and rolled her eyes. "Lace please stop being stubborn, hes back! he wants you!". I chuckled and sat down in my chair, "Ashley please, chris is a friend. matter of fact a old friend". "A old friend that misses and wants you to be his, stop fighting the feeling and wake the f*** up". I my eyes stretched wide and i nodded my head. "Ashley how would you know what he wants?? eh?? you cant even find a man your own damn self". I didnt mean to say that...i was wrong as hell and i could tell i hurt ashley's feelings. She nodded her head, chuckled, grabbed her bags and slammed the door as she left.

Yeah ill admit i was wrong, but maybe i wasnt ready to face the fact that we wanted each other....or maybe im scared to love someone like him, hes a f***in superstar. I know how he rolls.... I looked down at my phone and began to have second thoughts on to call hgim or not. I grabbed keys and bag, locked up theplace and headed home.

I finally made it to my apartment and threw my bags down and began to strip down to my panties and bar. I turned on some slow soothing R&B music and started up my shower. I stood in the mirror and tied my hair up and took off my bra. These nipple piercing were bothering me like hell or either i was just aggravated. I finally stripped all the way down and began to shower. 20 minutes later i heard a knock at my door. I stopped the shower and got out wrapped a towel around me and ran to door and opened it....

IT was him...chris. I rolled my eyes and clentched my towel tighter around me, the clod breeze from outside hit my legs and chest. "May i help you chris?", he smirked as his eyes roamed my body instead of my face, "um yeah...we really need to talk Lace". I sighed and open the door a little more to let him come in, i motioned him to sit down, "ill be back let me go dry off", i quickly walked to my room and dried off. I threw on some tights,and a sweet shirt, i made my way back into the living room and he was sitting there looking around the living room at pictures and stuff. "yes chris?", he jumped from the sound of my voice, "um yeah...i wanted to talk about me and you." I squinted my eyes, "huh?", i placed my feet on the couch and turned towards him, "what do you mean , me and you?" he sighed and pressed his lips together, "lace stop placing f***ing dumb, why are you fighting how you feel about me!?!?YOU SEE I CAME ALL THE WAY HERE FOR YOU, I DIDNT COME JUST TO COME LACEY>" he stood up and began to walk towards the door, i hesitated and ran to him and grabbed his arm, "no...please stay chris", he looked at me pulled me closer, "lacey i love you...ive always loved you, i think about you everyday...i was just scared to contact after all these years because i just left you", "please chris..its not your fsult, you had to do what you had to do ya know..." We stood there in silence, i was wondering what he was thinking but i couldnt read his face. "Lacey...move to cali with me", i eyes grew big as hell, "WHAT?!?!...w-wwhat now chris, this is beyond to fast", he sighed and grabbed my hands, "lacey we've known each other this long, why cant we live together?" I bit my lip and looked up at him, "can i atleast tell ashley first?". He smiled and picked me up kissing me all over, before i knew it we were up against the wall, my sweat shirt came up off of me, and i ripped his shirt open.

He slowly placed one of my nipples in his mouth licking and flicking around the piercing. My eyes rolled back as i bit my lips and watched as he smirked. He threw me over his shoulders and carry me to my room and threw me on the bed. He climbed between my eyes and kissed me slowly biting and sucking on my neck, making me wet and weak. I didnt want him to stop and i know he didnt want to stop either, He threw my legs up over his shoulders and began to eat me up, my eyes began to close from the pleasure, and i knew what was about to go down.

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Yes girl the Lord brought him to you and you should be happy as hell lol run it

Chapter 2: Long time NO see

The ride to the restaurant was silent as hell. We both felt awkward for the fact that we haven't kept in contact with each other. This wasn't the Us that we both use to know, I know we both wanted to say something but it's hard.

Lacey POV

We finally arrived to the restaurant, all eyes were on us and people and groupies began to spar at Chris. It was really annoying, and I was ready to leave already. He looked at me and sighed as he grabbed my hand. We both made our way to the table and sat down. Once again it sliwnce until the waiter came. "good evening and welcome to FishBone , my name is Sasha and ill be your waiter today
We have a special today on coup-", "sorry but me and him aren't a couple ma'am". Chris cut his eye at me as still looked at the menu. "yeah...we're not...are yall serving alcohol this early tho?". The waitress nodded her head and Chris ordered away. I always knew Chris over to drink but not this bad...this really bothered me as well.

"So have you been?", He took another sip of his jenny and placed it back down. "I've been good...couldn't get any better", I raised my eyebrow and flipped open the menu. "has your love life?", "no lacey the question is how is yours?, I see your still stubborn". I took a deep breathe because. I really didn't want to hear what he had to say, who was this nigga to tell me that im stubborn."well single, I would ask you are you , bit you pimpin" . He chuckled. And showed his cute ass dimples, "nah.. I had to take a break on that....i cant seem to find that certain someone....they meet the best friend yet lover quality". I squinted my eyes at him,"so what are you trying to say Chris?". He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his, "im not tryna say anything....bestfriend".

we finally got our food, ate and headed back out. We made our way back to the shop, but I could tell he wasn't ready to go...and. I wasn't ready for him to leave either."Well...we're. Back", I smiled and looked up at him,"yep we are...", I wrapped my scarf around my neck tight as the cold wind hit my face. Before I one it he pulled me close and hugged me then pecked my lips, damn how lips were soft
....i pulled away and bit my lip, "bye chris". He waved and hopped in the car. Lord knows I needed him but he's not the person I use to know....

I'm liking this story run it run it

Chris POV
I finally arrived in VA, home sweet home. But I grew more nervous knowing I was meeting my old best friend today. I looked in my pocket and pulled out the address I had written the night before. I told my driver to take me to the shop, I knew she would become a hair stylist but I pictured her doing much more, like art.

Me and lacey ran the streets and tagged buildings. It was something that we did to take our mind off things, she was what I called the perfect artist. I wonder does she still paint.... We were 5 mins away from being at the shop, my heart began to pound as we pulled up. The driver opened up the door and their I was...waiting to see my long lost friend.
Laceys POV

Today seemed to be a nice day byt everyone was being to nice to me something was up. I played ot off but I knew they were up to something. I began to prep my client and noticed a very unfamiliar car parked in front of the shop. "Aye Ashley who is that?", she looked up and smirked, "oh I don't know...". Everyone began to look around and smile. I rolled my eyes and question Ashley again, she stilled wouldn't tell me. "Look lace clam down and its probably someone tryna check out the shop ok?" I shrugged my shoulders as I wrapped the cap around her.

I looked out the window again and saw this tall, light skin, blonde headed guy step out the car. My eyes grew big and i saw Ashley smiling out the corner of my eye. "What the f*** Ashley, yo-"," you'll thank me later lacey, now go see him". I watched as he walked in the shoo with roses in one hand and chocolate covered turtles in the other. I cant believe he rememberd my favorite candy. I wanted to smile but played it off.


Chris POV
"hey Lacey..." I watched as sge looked at me with a blank stare. Didn't know whether or not she was happy or pissed. I placed the things on her counter and pulled her close to me. "I've missed you lacey". It was still silence, I let go of her hands and sge finally looked at me, "I've missed you too Chris". I smiled and hugged her tighter. All I heard was "aws", I was happy she missed me but something else was bothering her and I needed to know.

"so lacey can I take you out for lunch?" she looked at me out the side of her eye," break isn't til la-". "um Chris she'll go now". lacey looked at Ashley all crazy then laughed. "Well Chris quess ill be going with you". I smiled and grabbed her hand, "wel lets go". I helped her put on her jacket and headed out the door. This was the perfect time to find out what's been going on and. I needed to tell her how I felt.

I like. Lacey's pic doesnt work though.

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