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Bad Boys & Bad Boys Do Bad Things

Chapter 1

The Journey Begins
<ahref="">I</a> watched as the customer came in and out of Olive Garden. The restuarant was filled with families and friends, the usual. I guess they thought our job was easy and we ain't sitting here working like slaves, smh.
Ummm excuse me miss but I didn't order this. I sighed at this womans attitude. I kept hearing the same s*** every damn day. I sighed and took the plate to the back and gave them the correct order. I walked back over to her table and slammed it down.
Enjoy ma'am. This certaintly isn't a dream job. I actually wanted to be a fashion designer, hopefully one day that will come true. working here I know exactly where I put myself...into a dead beat job. But unusually today was different, very different. I just felt my womans intuition kicking in. Like something was about to happen that would change my life forever. My boss walked up to me. I hated this b****.
Hi Mrs. Clitoris, is there something I can do for you? I said plastering a fake smile on my face. I was trying so hard not to laugh, many teased her about her last name. She said that's one of the reasons she got teased in school.
Yes, why is that your just sitting here on your ass and not waiting the tables!
I didn't notice any new cus- Before I could even finish her stank ass breath was in my face.
LOOK I DON'T PAY YOU TO SIT AOUND! GO WAIT THE TABLES! I covered my nose the entire time she talked. Her breath makes my soul want to commit suicide! How the hell you brush your teeth with crest but your breath smell more like crust? I searched around the place to see if there were any new customers. I spotted this group of men sitting at the table looking like straight up jailbirds. I was shaking a little because I knew their faces. They were wanted in Las Vegas for robbing the biggest casino they had there. The reporters said they stole more than 2 billion dollars! Just imagine what kind of drug business their running with that money. but one caught my eye. He was a brown skin man, pink juicy lips, and a seductive smile. I think they called him ummmm....Chris I think it is. I shook out of my thoughts and walked over nervously and cautiously.
H H H Hi my name is ummmm....what would you like to ummmm....drink....sir...sirs? I said as I shook taking out my notepad. I didn't want them to see my fear but it was hard as hell. I mean they just looked like they would bite your head off if you said something wrong. Dios Mio I'm starting to sweat! What should I do? Should I call the police? Should I run and hide? He finally looked up at me with the most beautiful brown eyes.
Well for one I'd like to know how you fit all that ass in them jeans. His collegs laughed as if what he said was funny. I rolled my eys and slammed my notepad down. Criminal or not he don't know who he f***ing with.
Look here are you gonna order or what? I have tables to tend to!
I don't know if you've looked around but its dead in here. I looked around and sure enough it was as empty as ever. I was a bit embarrassed, I picked my notepad back up and lookes at him.
What can I get ya'll? I said with attitude. I was close to pushing the alarm button on the wall. He smirked and was reaching into his pocket. I ran over to the button and pressed it. But nothing happened. Damn f***ed up alarm system! I felt something c**k behind my head. I slowly turned around to see a gun pointed to my head.
That's very rude of you. Haven't you ever heard of the gold rule. No matter how rediculous the requst, the customer deserves the best. I deserve some sort of respect girl. I closed my eyes as tears began to fall. Then I felt this warm liquid running down my leg. Oh my God, please tell me I'm not peeing on myself.
I bet your wondering why nothing happened. Well lets just say its amazing how I learned the wires of them, I control them, its fascinating really. I became extremely scared. I thought this was the end of my life and I'm only 17. I wasn't prepared for these type of situations. I mean come on who would plan to rob a restaurant? I mean seriously I understand a casino, bank maybe even a amusement park but not here.
W w w w what do you want??? I asked willing to give him my damn birth certificate if he needed it. He licked his lips while looking me up and down.
I'm not so sure anymore...get on the floor! He demanded rudely. I slowly got on my knees with my hands in the air. All of a sudden people started coming in as if I wasn't in danger. Then there was a shot fired into the air POW!
GET ON THE FLOOR NOW!!! Everyone started screaming and running around. But they couldn't escape because the doors were locked and had a bomb strapped to it. His men started pulling out all types of damn amo. I mean AK47's, Shotguns, Revolvers, Grenades, Silencers(guns that shoot but make no sound), L55 calibers even damn machetes. They were trynna commit a masacre not robbery. Some poeple weren't listening and I heard gun shots, screams, banging and more screams. I covered my ears because it was loud and chaotic. They took their eyes off of me and I began to crawl over to the door that lead to the back. But my co-worker Stephanie grabbed my leg.
No girl they will kill you!!!!
We need to get out of here girl! This is no jke, their not planning on robbing us. Let's go! Come on!
No I heard these guys are crazy!
How crazy? I heard that voice say. I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> standing over us with a gold silencer.
Come here. He motioned with his finger. I slowly rose not wanting to be killed. I felt my heart pounding in my chest. He grabbed my arm tight and dragged me in the center pinting the gun to my head.
Aye ya'll mothaf***as listen up, this is a robbery. Now it can go one or two ways. One you do what the f*** I say or two bodies WILL hit this floor in 2.5 seconds. There are no second chanes, do what your told the first time! I could hear sirens in the distance. Lord I pray they get here in time before anyone else dies. See I'm scared of two things for sure: dead bodies and the dark. Let's just say my childhood was somewhat dark.
Today's the best day ever, I'm so excited. Wouldn't you agree pumpkin? he said smiling a bright smile. Something was seriously wrong with this guy. I had to do my best not to set him off like a bomb. Who knows what will happen when he does.
SO! What's your name again?
Its...its...its....I looked down but my name tag wasn't there. It must've fell off..
So your name is Mrs. Its, that's unique.....what's your name? He asked again but this time a little bit more calm.
............Danyell....but everyone calls me Dany. I can't believe I said that without crying.
Your very beautiful Dany. He I say thank you to a guy that's no doubt armed?
Aren't you gonna say thank you, I mean that is the proper thing to do. I said weakly. How rude of me, I'm Christopher by the way but everyone calls me Chris for short, but you can call me daddy. This guy was bipolarm, I had to make note of that. I wanted to roll my eyes but he'd probably slap the hell out of me. He did have some pretty big hands.
Now all of the workers, I want you all to start fillings bags. My guys will assist you .If you try anything, your dead. But you are all smart people, you'll make the right choices. His guys split up some went over to the people demanded they fill the bags and the others were in the breakroom. All of a sudden I heard a BOOM sound go off. I nkow it was a bomb. He handcuffed me and we went in the back. We walked in to see half of the wall gone. But what shocked me the most was the fact that behind these walls was a big silver safe door. What the f*** was Mrs. Clit into? They strapped a bomb to the safe and the door exploded. Inside was a lil room filled with nothing but diamonds and rubies. And I mean the rare diamonds too. Diamonds you wouldn't find nowhere in the U.S. They grabbed bags and bags of diamonds and walked back out. We walked back into the main room and I was sitted in a chair.
WE HAVE YOU SURROUND COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!An officer said. I looked at Chris to see him smilng, what the f***.
They might have me surround but when one door closes another opens. He snatched me up.
Now heres the fun part guys, we have a lil shawty we taken back with us. They all laughed and licked their lips. Lord please let this be a dream, they weren't seriously about to take me with them. I had to think of something quick!
They forgot the managers room! I said hoping this would work.
Lead the way. Chris said pushing me forward to this guy he called Trey. This guy was a bit darker than him and had had tattoos over his arms. I could tell he had some on his chest cause his shirt was buttoned half way down.
Where is it? His voice was way calmer than Chris's and I must admit he was sexy. I led him to a random door in the back It was empty but I'm guessing this guy wasn't hired fo r his brains cause he went in first. I slowly shut the door and locked it. I ran into the breakroom and saw the emergency door. I ran for it but was quickly knocked off my feet. Pain shot through my back. I groaned in pain. I looked up to see Trey standing there.
That was cute but it didn't work seetheart. He said smirking.
I'm sorry p p p p please don't hurt me.
Gees Dany that sounds pretty tempting. He grabbed a piece of my hair and twirled it around his finger.
Hearing you scream. This what is he was gonna rape me.

Turn Up The Music Or Turn It Down lol jk
But Run It Or Dump It??



Your POV is next, I just had to figure out how I was gonna organize it. But I got it together now lol I'm writing now.

i thought it was suppose to be my pov next but watever lol trey is such a sweetheart i cant believe shad did that to me that is so horrible he killed my family and my little brother is in a coma ugh that is the worse i should kill him but trey seems to be cool for now but she betta learn not to trust him so easily she dont know him yet and bree and tyga are the closest couple in the house and i woulda thought he would act like that with ana not dany he betta watch hisself

Chapter 6

Dany's POV
I crawled to a corner of the room. As he sat there smiling while zipping up his pants.

Oh shut that s*** up you were gonna give it to me anyway. He said walking out the room. How could he be so heartless? How could he not care? You know the worst part was, he came inside of me. I pray to God I won't get pregnant. I slowly crawled into the bathroom and lifted myself up and wobbled to the shower. I turned it on and once it was nice and perfect, I got in. It stung between my legs for a while til I got used to it. I sighed with relief and began to bathe. I sat there trying to register everything that has happened so far. This was hell on Earth. I felt humiliated, sluttish, just plain down. I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice someone walk in until they sat on the toilet looking at me. I jumped quickly covering myself.

Please don't hurt me please. I begged not even looking at whoever it was. I turned my head to see Trey. I sighed not wanting to start another fight. Especially not with the things I've been through in just one day.

Look, I'm not here to hurt you. Just talk, have a little one on one. I know things didn't get off at a great start. But I want to make it up so......get ready and dressed to go. Don't worry about Chris, he's in the basement right now. I slowly nodded and continued bathing. I wonder what he wants with me. Maybe he really does just wanna talk. But I'm still gonna keep my guard up. After a painful bath I went into the closet and picked out <a href="">this</a> outfit. I didn't want anyone to see the bruises on my body. I slowly walked downstairs and saw him at the bottom of the steps on his phone. When he noticed I was there he smiled and held his hand out. I took it and we walked outside to his camero. He opened the door for me before walking to the other side and getting in. it was quiet for awhile til he turned on some music. I looked at the radio to see it was called Love Faces. Trey started singing and it sounded just like him on the radio~

I I I I I Is that you? I asked quite surprised. He looked over at me smiling.

Yeah, I made that a few months back. Is it weird that I have my own mixtape??

No, you sound really good. And your voice is amazing, who taught you to sing?

My dad, he was a great man. Always honest, always protective. I wanted to be like him, in the navy and all that. But I went and it was hell. I was a joke to those Navy Seals. I finally got tired of their judgement and left. My dad didn't appreciate it but he told me to follow my dreams. So far I'm successful at just that. It's a mixtape right now, you know how they have those little talent things at the club? Well I perform my songs there and the crowd likes them. I saw a big time producer in the crowd, he was nodding his head. I think he liked it, you never know I could get signed. I nodded my head admiringly at Trey. He was such a gentlemen. I can see why Ana was in love with him. We pulled up to this nice expensive looking restaurant. He helped me out the car as we walked inside.

Reservations for Tremaine Neverson.

Right this way Mr. Neverson. He said as we followed him to this table with a view of the city lights.

Wow this is beautiful. He pulled my seat out and we sat down as the waitor came over.

What would you like to order? I looked at the menu while Trey ordered.

Ummm yes can I have the smoked mozzarella fonduta with a side of garlic sticks please. I finally decided on something.

Can I have the chicken parmigiana with spaghetti please. He wrote it down.

What would you like to drink?

Bring me your finest wine. Trey said handing our menus over.

Your meal will be out in a minute. He walked away and Trey looked over at me. I looked down feeling a little uncomfortable with his eyes. They were sorta like Chris's, big and filled with thought. Our food came back and we dived in. trey kept looking over at me as if I had something on my face. He seemed deep in thought.

Is there something on my face? I asked quite embarrassed.

No, its just look so young. How old are you? He asked wiping his hands with a napkin.

I'm.....17. His face looked shocked but he didn't say anything.

I wonder what Chris wants with you. I mean Ive known Chris all my life. He's not the type to fall for the young ones. I mean he's 21. He's usually into the type of girls that walk around half naked and big breasts and butts. But you, your beautiful and intelligent. You have alot going for yourself, I just wonder why you.

What does he want with me? I mean I'm not Beyonce, I'm just me. Lord knows if I had a choice I wouldn't be here now Trey.

I know, that's how Nicole feels. She doesn't want this life. But she was pulled into it because of Shad. See her family owes Shad's family 4.5 million dollars. They never paid him back so her parents were killed. Sad thing is she had to suffer not only that, her youngest brother who's 5 is in a coma. They had pronounced her dead in the house fire. So Shad made her get a new identity and all of her medical records even her birth certificate was burned. Its like she isn't who she was born to be. She's not Katerina graham anymore but Nicole Moss. That's why she hates him so much. Her brother is all she has and he's and holding on by a string. I shook my head in pure disgust. how could that Shad guy take everything she treasured from her. I understand why she wants to leave. I mean how can you stay with the guy that ruined your family. I wonder how come Tyga, Trey and Channing treated their girls like royalty but Chris and Shad treated us like s***.

Tyga and Bre were already together when we all moved into the house. They've been together since diapers. That's why they treat each other like they do. Their like brother and sister but at the same time lovers and friends. Channing met Carson at one of the banks we were doing one of our heists. It was love at first sight. So she moved in and they've been together for almost three years now. We continued to sit there and conversate and eat. After eating we decided to go bowling and then skating and then to the park.

Oh my God did you see how that woman fell on her face. Then she couldn't get up. That was priceless. I said bursting into laughter. We were eating ice cream sitting on the monkey bars swinging our legs like little kids.

I have to admit this was the most fun I've had in years. Which was true because my parents were always on the road. They were those people that went all over the world helping world hunger and cloth people. Which was fine with me but they barely had time for me. relatives were out of the question. See my family wasn't your ordinary family. Everyone in my family were known in Ohia. I mean EVERYONE, even my little cousin who was 11 was known for something. He ran his own candy store. But of course he had assistance. They were always busy always on the move, except for me. I was your regular ol' girl.

We've talked and talked and talked. But tell me about yourself. Where you from and how the hell you ended up in Ohio cause you ain't from here. How in the world did he know. Was it from the way I dressed?

Well I'm from Puerto Rico but I was raised here in Ohio. My mother is Puerto Rican and my father is Samoan. Her names Barbara Lucille Johnson and my father's name is Dawayne Johnson. Anyways we moved here when I was about 6 and I've been here ever since. He nodded his head.

Well my name's Tremaine Aldon Neverson. I'm from Petersburg, Virginia but I moved here when I was 6 also. I have two siblings a sister and a brother. Here's a <a href="">pic</a> of me and my mom and brother Forrest. When I was in high school I used to play basketball, football, and baseball. I was a straight A student but I was considered the class class clown. I was in the math club, drama club, and about 2 others. I bet your wondering how I balanced that all out. But I did and really that wasn't my focus. Getting the hell up out of there was my focus. I graduated first of my class with honors. I went off to the Navy and like I said it just wasn't for me. So I'm where I'm at now. Working in an unforgiving business such as this. He said looking down sad. He looked like he needed a hug so I held him as his head rested on my chest.

I'm sorry you had to endure that. Look you are very smart from what I understand and you can be anything you want to be. You don't have to be in this business. You are your own person Trey. Can't no one tell you what to do except God. Follow your heart Trey, follow your heart. I said as we pulled away. He looked down at my cast sighing. He picked it up slowly.

Ouch t t t t that hurts. I said felling a stinging sensation. He took out a lighter. I backed up a little.

Calm down, this is a little trick I learned when I was in China overseas. He took a little stick and lit it on fire and then blew the fire onto my leg. I thought he was gonna burn me but it didn't. The warm heat felt good. All of a sudden all of the pain in my ankle was gone. I hugged him tightly.

Oh thank you thank you thank you!! My leg isn't hurt anymore. How did you do that?

Like I said I learned it while I was in China. I had dislocated my shoulder and the Chief of China used that technique to help.

Your gonna have to use it more often after I f*** Chris up.We talked awhile more then headed back to my personal hell. He helped me out the car once again and walked up the steps.

Wow Trey, I had so much fun. I mean gosh thank you for this. I really needed it. I said as he grabbed my hand and kissed it gently.

Me too, it was nice getting to know you. And don't pay Chris any mind, he's seen alot in his childhood that no child should have seen. Give him sometime and he'll come around.

Yeah right, I'm just another one of them. I said becoming angry again. He chuckled and opened the door.

After you.

Naw I'm gonna stay out here for awhile. don't worry I'm not trynna run away, atleast not right now I have no plan. i said being completely honest.

Well when your ready come inside. I wouldn't want you to get abducted. He said making us both laugh at his joke. He quietly went inside. I sighed deeply and sat on the porch steps thinking about the night I just had. I looked down at my not so swollen ankle. I closed my eyes smiling to myself. I might just have myself a friend.

Chapter 7 is gonna be up in awhile. Isn't Trey just treating her right.......that might me a problem in the future *hint hint*.I woulda added it to this but it woulda been too long so yep, run it sistas!

Thxxies new readers, I'm glad you like the story. I'm bout to start a new chapter now :)

new reader*
dam chris is shady taking her virginity like that but than again she was asking for it i just find it kinda funny that he did it while she was in a cast! like tf?? dam she gona be in major pain now that she really cant walk!
trey and his boo they cute
i like how he respected her wishes to wait for the cookie
how did all the girls end up there? did they all have stories like Dany?
run it

damn y chris rap her like dat smh run it

new reader!!!
I love this so far!! why is chris always crazy in your stories tho lol. Dany neeed to stop acting like that before they actually kill her. just relax and fall in love with his bipolar ass

run it

Run it!
Ill give a real comment later!

Thank you guys!!!!! There will be more lata on tonight if my sis get finish with the lab top & I was wondering would it still be good if I skipped to a week later?? Let me know & it only gets more drama!

tyga and bree are cute and crazy wtf i feel bad for dany he didnt have to rape her like that its just bold but she should have stopped testing him and btw sorry i havent been running i get busy lately and they need to leave channing alone lol so what he can say nigga if he want to there is nothing wrong with it its funny how they all act like a family but the girls are being held there against their will and how the guys act so tough but some of them are real sweethearts i cant wait for my pov

aww ty and bre so cute :)
but channing man I even stopped moving
when he said that I feared for his damn life
oh and by the way can I kill chris for touching
my dany like that ughhh I'm pissed that evil bastard
let me at him

run it

wow i saw channing life before my eyes, he was bout die for real lol, carson was bout to be boyfrienless lol, And when i catch chris ass, i'm going to kill his ass like why the f*** did you that, s*** i would've had had been talking smart to you ass too, you better hope i dont f*** you chris seriously. bre and tyga are so cute like they in thier watching the game with eachother and it laker all day what yall mean! lol.

Tyga and Bre are so adorable.
Its cute that they can watch sports together.
Lmao at Channing saying NIGGA! E
Everyone was about to go off on him.
It aint his fault he the only white guy.
Chris tried to kill me.
I was asking for that s***.
It was bound to happen, I got a loud ass mouth
and that gets me in trouble.
Its such a shame.
Why?!?! Why did he take my virginity like that?
He couldve been a little nicer to my kitty.
Funny thing is my ankle is broken just like in this story.

Run it

Chapter 5

Bre's POV
(By the way this is the same night)
<a href="">I</a> sat in me and Tyga's <a href="">bedroom</a> as we were arguing over basketball.

Ty your so corny!!! You know damn well that the Lakers are gonna win that game tonight! I mean just look at the score, Miami ain't got nothing on the Lakers.

Man you out your damn mind, its only the second quarter, they can catch up and they ain't losing. Especially not with LeBron James on the team. If you thinking they gone lose you out your damn mind baby. We both looked at the screen as Kobe pushed pass Ray Allen and dunked it.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GO BABY!!!!!!!!!!! I said jumping up and dancing. I looked back at Ty to see him smiling so cutely. I sat back on the bed in between his legs as we continued the watch the game.

Even though he's my future baby daddy I still love you, you know that right? I said kissing his chin. he looked down at me smiling.

Yeah yeah, I love you too Baby Bre. He called me that cause I was his baby and my nickname was was only right.

They still gone lose. He said eying me from the corner of his eyes.

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Here we go again!!!!!


Asia's POV

OHHHHH MY GODDDD! This my s*** right here!! I yell turning up the radio louder as Ying Yang Twins Salt Shaker blared through the speakers. <a href="">I</a> screamed as I started dancing around the kitchen. I was in there cooking everyone some soul food. My grandma and mama taught me a hella lot. I looked over at my <a href=",r:37,s:0,i:267&tx=90&ty=95">baby</a>, he was looking at me weirdly.

Don't say s*** cause this be the jam!!! I said as I got on top of the table and started singing along with them.

Shawty crunk on the floor wide open
Skeet so much they call her Billy Ocean
Roll like an eighteen wheeler
That hoe fine but this hoe killer
She leakin, she's soakin' wet
She leakin, soakin' wet
Shake it like a salt shaker (shake it like a salt shaker)
Shake it like a salt shaker (shake it like a salt shaker)

I shook my ass in Fizz face and out of the blue he smacked my ass hard as hell leaving a mark. I almost fell off the table but he caught me in time.

Sup Ya'll, what you cooking Asia? Carson asked pushing Fizz out the way to hug me. I chuckled and hugged her back as Fizz mugged her, we both pulled away from the hug and she looked back at Fizz and mugs him.

Ugly Creole ass.

Shut that s*** up. He said pushing her face as they both laughed. I shook my head as Fizz walked over to the pot and started stirring the rice.

Anyway what ya'll niggas up in there doing? He said as I could hear the commotion coming from the livingroom.

Oh we;re watching the guys play Black Ops you know how that go. She said rolling her eyes, we could hear something or somebody fall on the floor. Then we heard a yelp, we ran in to see Channing and Trey wrestling on the floor. when they noticed us in there they stopped.

Sup ladies. Channing said with Trey in a head lock. He let him go and got up grabbing the remote and started cheating. But he wasn't quick enough for Trey because he grabbed his and started shooting everybody up.

SHOOT NIGGA WHAT THE f*** YOU DOING SHOOT NIGGA SHOOT NIGGA SHOOT NIGGA!!!! He yelled at Channing as his score was getting higher.

I AM NIGGA.............Everything seemed to have stopped when Channing said that. Everybody looked at him like no the f*** you didn't. He noticed the tension and the room and looked at Carson for support.

Awwww now ya'll know my baby didn't mean it like that. he was just following up with Trey. She said rubbing his back as he looked down his face turning super red.

Dude remember your French,Irish,Creole,Native American and German.......none of them is black. Don't ever say that again or we'll beat the black ON you! Chris said laughing. They continued their game as I walked back into the kitchen to finish cooking.

Dany's POV

<a href="">I</a> was unable to sleep so I snuck out of bed and dragged my broke ankle behind me as I quietly opened the door. I could hear laughter coming from downstairs. I looked both ways before finally coming out the room. I ran across the hall to the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked a hot mess. My hair was everywhere and I had a black eye. Bruised cheeks to the point they looked like Minnie Mouse cheeks(puffy). I took a shower and tried to revive myself xD. I put on some new pajamas and opened the door and walked downstairs as it got quiet. I felt awkward and just walked into the kitchen and fixed me a plate of fried chicken and smeared it with honey. I grabbed the bag of bread and took some mayonnaise and made a mayonnaise-honey chicken sandwich.

Dany come here.....come here girl. Chris said as he gave the remote to Channing before standing and standing at the end of the staircase. He looked up at me with angry eyes. I didn't give a f***. How in the hell did this nigga expect me to talk to him after what happened.

f*** you! I simply said my mouth filled with chicken. I continued to up the stairs.

You keep walking and you WILL regret it. He said through clenched teeth. I ignored him when in my mind I knew damn well not too. Just as quick as I turned around he was up those stairs dragging me back to the room. Once inside he slammed the door shut and locked it. He threw me up against the wall.

I'm so tired of your smartass. If you don't start listening to me its gonna be a hell of alot tougher for you to live here. Understand? I slowly nodded my head as he let me go and backed away. I watched him walk over to the bed and sit on the edge.

Go to sleep, you look tired. He said looking down at his hands. I limped over to the bed and just looked out at the balcony watching the stars light up the night.

Why am I here? I'm no value to you why are you holding me h-shhhhh. He said looking back at me and laying on his back.

Why do you think your not valuable to me? i just have to get you to see that.

Once I get away I'm not turning back. I said with attitude as he chuckled.

Your just like a drug addict. You get pulled away from something your comfortable with into something new. It scared the hell out of you and you don't know what to do. You try running and running and running from it but it just keeps finding you. You eventually get use to the "drug" so to speak. You get attached and you just find yourself coming back....for more. Soon enough I won't have to worry about you running away....from me. You'll be to scared, to afraid to leave my side.....I am your man. He said looking up at me. My heart began to race. I didn't wanna end up falling for this prick and I definitely didn't plan to stick around long.

Come here Dany. In fear of being hit or something I laid stiffly beside him.

I don't think I got a good night kiss from you. He was annoying the hell out of me. I had to get my own room for now.

You act as if I'm trying to kill you baby, calm down. i just wanna cuddle for awhile. Stop being so scared of me. Plus I'll only do something if you make me mad.

Your all talk and no play.

Am I now? He said now sitting up.

You haven't done anything to me since I got here. yeah your little ass kisser might have whipped my ass but I refuse to fall. You on the other hand don't have the balls to touch me. you couldn't hurt a fly. He laughed as if it amused him.

You want to be hit? he said smiling from ear to ear.

I'm jsut simply stating the facts, your a pussy, a wimp, a bum all of the above and I don't like you.

So you do want me to hit you, I'm slightly confused. I think you want to be hit. Damn this is a major turn on for me. I don't know why I wanted to test his nerves so damn bad. But I felt that I could break him. Into the whiney baby he really was.But for some eason I thought this was strange. He could hurt these men like it wasn't nothing but when it came to a woman he froze.

Your father abused your mother didn't he? I said as his smile suddenly faded. It was replaced with this demonic look of pure hate. He slowly rolled over looking at me.

I'm sor-But before I knew it I was being chocked my head facing the ceiling fan as it seemed to quicken. He was gonna chop my head off if he kept this up. He tightened his grip around my throat.

Isn't this what you wanted? You like it rough right baby? he asked adding even more pressure on my neck. You take pleasure in being treated like a little slut. You pathetic little girl. Its sad to see a beautiful girl such as yourself wanting to be put in such predicaments. We'll work on it okay, I love you. With that he slammed me against the wall before I fell off the bed gasping for breath crying. I was scared and in so much pain. the pain I once felt in my ankle was now back and on fire. I tried to get up but he pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me. Then he spun me around having me on my stomach. I started crying. I was a virgin and I didn't wanna lose my virginity like this. I hated him, I hated him so much. I could hear his pants unzip and then his pants drop. I began to panic because he cut the lights off. I'm scared of the dark.

GET OFF OF ME!!!! I screamed at him trying to yank away. He ripped my shorts off.

Yelling will only make it worser baby.

When I escape I'm going straight to the police! Your gonna rot in hell!!!

Why the sudden anger baby girl? He asked looking down at me.


Ugh I'm tired of this back and forth s***.I'm becoming quite impatient with you.

Stop! I yelled trying to push him off me. I began to kick him trying to fight him off. I kicked him in the stomach with my left foot. He quickly grabbed it and ripped my underwear off. I then kicked him in the nose with my right foot. It was as if time stopped. Only after it happened did I realize what I had just done. He looked me in the eyes with the coldest look. I became extremely scared. I was so scared I began to feel lightheaded. He seemed intrigued by my reaction. He rammed into me with so much force, it knocked the breath out of me. I closed my eyes wanting this to be a bad dream. I just waited for it to end. I heard him sigh once he was completely in, saying how "tight" I was. He began to pump in and out of me. It hurt so bad. Why was he doing this? I just wanted to die.

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awww that was wrong run it

Chris is super crazy! Dany is still a baby for crying out loud

See what happens when I try to be tough, I get my ass knocked the f*** out! I deserve respect though because who else was going to stand up to Shad's dumbass. How is that he whooped my ass anyway with his small self? If Chris thinks i'm going to wear that dumbass chain with his name he got another thing coming. I am not a dog to be wearing a f***ing tag telling me I belong to my owner. Trey, he's so sweet. Look at him tryna get betweens Ana's legs though. Men nowadays.

Run it

SHAD THAT f***ED UP, ALMOST KILLED DANY, THE f*** WRONG WRONG WITH YOU. YOU BETTA HOPE ME AND NICOLE DONT BURY YOUR LITTLE SHORT ASS, LIKE HOW YOU GONE BE SHORT AND BEAT ON SOMEBODY LIKE WTF(sigh) ok i'm calm, omg i'm twin lol me and bre twins lol wow i didnt see that coming. And the only man i like so far is trey he seem like a sweet heart, chris and shad, yall are on my death list untill i say other wise. i don't know my others or my man yet.


dmn she tried to help me thanks dany i can see me and her being real cool and shad short as hell how the hell we wasnt able to knock his punk ass out and i guess im the only girl that wants to get out of there besides dany goshh ana u cant b falling for these men they gon kill us dumb ass and shad killed a girl omg but he aint gon do that to me cuz ill beat his butt maybe lol short lil leprechaun im mad that he almost killed her and trey is the only sweet one dang calling her baby and sht instead of treating her like a caged up animal which we all are in the deep dark hole with these lunatics

That was bold!
Choking Dany and s***!
Aww i gota Twin!
And aww Trey and Ana!
Run it Sis!

my thug sauce dany getting tough ayyy i see you ..
helping nicole out like that but i bet she didnt think she
would end up blacking out from all them punches
or hell in a cast for that much lol
shad dont play ... and the whole jaw breaking thing made me
cringe.. naw i aint f***ing with him.

all of the girls seem cool some a lot more creepy then others but
hey i guess you learn to love it..

aww me and trey so sweet even though he wasn't trying to listen to me
nasty.. hey he knows im not ready and he is cool with that
awww i love him just that much more now


Chapter 4

I woke to a car door opening and me being yanked out. I looked around trynna figure out what the hell was going on. Then I looked up to see his face staring down at me. I began to kick and scream and cry. I thought I was dreaming, I thought it was all a dream. Oh God its not! He smiled and me and picked me up by my hair.

Wake up baby, its time to meet the family. He said tightening his grip on my hair. T felt as though it was about to come out in hand fulls. We started to walk towards <a href="">this</a> beautiful house. I was in pure shock. It was big something I wasn't used to. He unlocked the door with a code and dragged me inside to what looked like the livingroom.

LADIES COME HERE!!!! TIME TO MEET YOUR NEW EDITION TO HTE FAMILY! He yelled as I heard feet patter around, then all of a sudden I see <a href="">her</a>, <a href="">her</a>, <a href="">her</a>, <a href="">her</a>, and lastly <a href="">her</a>. I had to admit they were all beautiful especially the two twins. They all stood infront of us quietly.

Well introduce yourself. He said as the first girl that walked in stepped up.

Hi, I'm Anastasia but everyone calls me Ana or Trey. I was confused until she pointed to the chain necklace on her neck that said Trey. I'm guessing that was who she belonged to. She stepped back and the next girl stepped up.

Hello, I'm Nre'Na but everyone calls me Bre or Tyga. She said also pointing down the necklace on her neck. Once again she stepped back and up came this very peachy girl that didn't stop smiling since she got in here.

Your gonna die in here. She said smiling showing all pearly whites. I backed up a little thinking she had serious problems. Just when I felt a lil sense of security. She wants to sit there and say that.

Anyway, I'm Carson but you can Carly or Channing . She said holding up her necklace like it was a trophy. I was already scared of this girl. We're gonna be the best of friends. I can do your nails, your hair, feet, eyes, lips, whatever! Oooooo are you Mexican? Me too, I grew up there until my parents died of gun shots to the head. Yep now their nothing more than dust. I can't believer somebody I can finally relate too!!! We c-
Carly leave the girl alone, your scaring her. A girl said as she came up slightly pushing that Carson girl.

To make a long story short, I'm Nicole and I don't plan on staying here long. I'm busting outta this b**** weither he(points to the man with the hazel eyes) likes it or not. He walked up to her and grabbed her by her neck.

Did she ask for that? He said tightening his grip. I could tell it was hurting her cause tears began to fall from her face and her face was turning colors. I couldn't just let him do that. I ran up behind him and jumped on his back. I wrapped my arms around his throat hoping that would help. But that was quickly changed when he grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me off his back. I landed on my ankle.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed out in pain as my ankle started to swell instantly. He got on top of me and strted delivering deadly blows to my sides and face. That Nicole girl tried to get him off me. She was punching him in his back the hardest she could but it wasn't working. He pushed her back making her hit her head on the floor. He then wrapped his arms around my throat squeezing the life out of me. I began to feel dizzy and numb. Everything was going black.

Chris was looking down at me, I felt relief because I thought he was about to help me. Boy was I wrong, all he did was hold back Nicole as my vision became a blur and I stopped putting up a fight and let the darkness consume me.
I woke up to someone putting ice on my burning throat. I looked up to see Bre sitting there smiling.

How are you feeling mamas? She said sweetly as she applied a little pressure to my neck. After awhile it became soothing.

I I I I'm fine Bre. She turned away giggling. What was so funny?
Naw, I'm here twin Asia but you can call me Dolly. Unfortunately we didn;t get to meet because of the incident. She said with a hint of an accent. You took quite a few blows. I'm surprised he didn't kill you.

W w w w what h h h happened? I questioned looking around at this unfamiliar room.

You jumped on Shad's back trying to help Nicole and he chocked you making you pass out. So that was the guys name who's back I jumped on. I tried to sit up but pain shot all throughout my body. I looked down to see a pink cast on my ankle.

I figured you liked the color pink, like I did so I told them to give you the pink cast. I smiled at her.

Thanks Asia. I said as I held out my hand shaking hers. She smiled once again.

No problem, anything to help you. By the way how did you get pulled into this mess?

Yeah we all wanna know what your doing here. We both turned towards the door to see the other girls in their pajamas. They all gathered around the bed with pillows and stuff. Asia helped me sit up.

Its a long story really. I said not wanting to bore them with my horrible experience. Ana handed us all a mug of hot cocoa.
We've got all night. She said as I began to tell my story of how I entered this forever changing life.

Ana's P.O.V.

After that incident, I was scared as hell for that girl. If she starts acting out the way she did she wouldn't make it here long. I was now in me and Trey's room after having a little sleep over with the girls. I could here the shower running. I decided I'd get in with him. I quietly opened the door hearing him sing. My baby knew he could sing something fierce. I stripped and got in just watching him sing with the soap as a mic. I giggled which startled him and made him fall.

Damn babe, you couldv'e knocked.

I'm sorry Trigga. I said covering my mouth trying not to laugh, he got up and walked over to me holding my waist.

What's bothering you girl? He said kissing down my neck. See I hated when he did that, cause he knew when I wasn't happy and vise verse. Its like we were made for each other.

Well you know the new girl? He wasn't even paying attention. I rolled my eyes. This nigga trynna be freaky freaky and I'm trynna pour my heart out. I smacked him in his head putting my hands on my hips. He shrieked.

s*** what was that for?!?! He said rubbing the back of his head.

Cause I'm pouring my heart out and you trynna go half on a baby!
My bad baby, what was you saying. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms over my chest.

Like I was saying, I'm worried for the new girl. I mean you saw the way Shad attacked her. Just imagine if it was just us girls here, nobody would have been able to stop him. He would've ripped her jaw split clean like he did the last girl. I said shaking remembering the last girl. She got smart with Shad and he literally took the bottom part of her mouth and stretched it til the point it broke off. Blood was everywhere that day.

Look babe, she's gonna be fine. Chris won't let anything happen to her. Plus h didn't care about the last girl. She was just a fill in. Now back to us.

No Trey. I told you I wasn't ready. I said pushing him back slightly. He sighed and nodded his head. We finished out shower and everything. Then laid in bed cuddling.

I love you Trigga. I said softly as I began to fall asleep. He kissed my lips smiling.

I love you more Mrs. Neverson.

Bre's POV I s next. Sorry this chapter is short, I woulda made it longer, but the screen on my sis computer is cracked and I can barely see what I'm writing. But definitely more later on today. Maybe if this thing stop actin stupid.
P.S. Things are only gonna start getting even more dramatic.
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oh hell no wtf is wrong with chris he has lost his mom it aint even that serious ugh run it

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is it wrong to say that all i want to do is
f*** trey even when he is being completely like strange and
wanting to rape damn mmmm boy boy boy

but hell chris seem smart as f*** like i wouldn't f*** with anyone
on there team honestly but chris really wouldn't get a side glance
from me ... and i love that too he is just so damn demanding like
you can tell he fighting for something but idk what it is for

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