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Only Human

This is in response to the latest twitter incident.

For some reason people can not leave Chris alone. The incident with him and RiRi happened 3 yrs ago and she has moved on and forgave him so why can't the rest of the world. Everyone is mad at how Chris lashed back at at this comedian Jenny Johnson when she was clearly in the wrong. There was no need for her to even comment on his tweet. As my mother always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all". Jenny Johnson should have kept those words to herself. You can't be mad at Chris for lashing back. He is only human!!! There is only so much that he can take as a human and a man.If some of them were in his shoes, I know that would have cracked by now to major extremes such as becoming suicidal. Kanye goes off on everyone but its ok bc he lost his mom. However when Chris does it its considered reckless. Well Chris lost someone he loved too. All this negative press only makes him come back stronger and stronger every time. Thats what I admire about him the most. I know the road he walks isn't easy but he continues to bring the best. No matter what, I will always love Chris Maurice Brown.

To #TeamBreezy: Continue to support him and just let the haters talk. He has never let us down or forgotten us. In his acceptance speeches he always shouts out #TeamBreezy not fans bc fans fade #TeamBreezy is forever. Never forget him. Raise him up when everyone else is trying to tear him down.

To Chris: Keep your head up and keep doing what you do.Songs like "Lucky Me" and "Falling Down" explains it all and I hear you and understand. You are destined to be greater than you are no so continue to do you. I'll be here to pick you up every time.

Thanks for letting me vent :) Be kind to one another-Ellen