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• Lies — Sex. Drugs. The Game.

Im going to be preforming a peom at our forensics practice / auditions. I have two Im guessing over so I wanted to know if any of you could help me choose. The subject is Sex.Body.Lies. Enjoy!

The Reason I Always Cried.

A brother is supposed to be a healer. The most protective kind. And your best friend. From the tip of where his head begins to the tip of his toes at the end.

It seemed, every girl at school could have that but me. Justifyable I wasn't your average teen. Growing fast because of the things my brother did to me. 

He'd sneak in my room at night, when my parents had been asleep. Most of the time they were out. It was worser and I was unlucky. 

Raping me, feeling me and more. Soon as I reached 13, I'd done him the favor and labled myself a whore. I knew it was wrong, so I cried to myself everyday.

My father thinking nothing of it as if it was one of my many tantrums. Mom, thinking it was a bad day for me. But noone knew how I felt. Try letting your blood brother destroy your body.

A time when someone was most needed but I was being blackmailed. So I got tired of staying to myself. Pills and Weed became my best friend.

I just couldn't cope it alone. Going about the situation this way may be wrong. But I'm not like my mother who is strong.

So I wrote a long letter, confessing to the things that happened. Then I commited suicide, by ODing off pills. I just couldn't live my life, forever with my lips sealed.


My Body Is..

My body is my temple.
It is not a playground.

Keeping my virginity is simple.
& its better than getting around.

It cries for the touch of another,
But its something I will fight.

I'll save it for my wedded lover.
Only because I know its right.

My body is my temple.
Its not a holiday inn.

Even when trying to be gentle.
You will not win.

My body is my temple.
So please treat it nice.

Make that note mental.
& you'll really enjoy our honeymoon night.


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First Part Last Sequel

I'm pretty sure I was doing 65, trying to get my daughter from school. It had been 4:32 when she originally had been released 2 and a half hours ago. Work caught me up, I swear it wasn't my fault this time.

After what seemed like forever, I pulled into Leap Ahead Learning Center. Walking up to the school's enter I had prepared myself for distruction. Or as everyone knows here by "Feather."

Her eyes looked up to me from the puzzle and she smiled, running up for a hug. Embracing her I gave her a kiss to the forehead, then her teacher appeared. "Late again I see?" 

Chuckling, I nodded. "Yeah, I was so caught up in work. I hadn't realized the time." She nodded and Feather and I proceeded to the door. The ride home was interesting.

For Feather to be 3 she sure has an imagination. Just like her mom. She looks like her too. With her rosie pink cheeks and her curly medium length black hair. The exact duplicate; only younger.

As soon as we got home, I helped her with some of her homework and decided Feather and I would take a quick power nap. It went well, until I had a dream about Nia. So I decided to visit my neighbor, Mrs. Puckett downstairs for awhile or until Feather woke. 

That went well too, until we started to smell something burnt. That gave me my que to go back upstairs and check on her. When I got to the door and opened it, smoke came out everywhere. I did what my first instinct told me and ran in looking for her.

By now, all the nieghbors had come out of their apartments and were watching in horror. "Feather? Feather!" I yelled. I searched around but couldn't find her. "Feather!" Before I knew it, firefighters were rushing in and two of them grabbed a hold of me. "Noooo!"

I fought and tassled until I was tired. I gave up because I knew my daughter probably had been dead, due to my selfishness. Smoke drew from the windows as we made it outside.

My heart sunk deeper and deeper with every step we took away from our small apartment. Tears threatened to escape my eyes, although I wouldn't let them.

I prayed and prayed harder than I ever had before. I don't often pray, but when I do.. Its for a good reason. Soon, a shawdow holding something. It was a firefighter with my daughter. "Feather!"  I bawled.

The ambulance put her on a stretcher and in the truck. I ran and impatient climbed in. Tears fell as I looked over my daughter half lifeless. How could I be such a bad father to her?

At the hospital I waited patiently in the waiting room with Nia's parents. Every here and there they would give me the side eye. My focus was awry so I ignored them.

"Bobby, can we talk to you shortly?" Ms. White said. I sighed angerily and nodded. "We were thinking maybe we could take Feather in for a while until you get your self together." My mind was threw off everywhere now. "Excuse me?" Eyeing them I let myself completely lose my mind.

Tht this a story lol it was good tho

Thanks sweetheart :D

I love both, but I like the second one a little better.