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•Beautiful Soul•

•Chapter One•
"911 what is your emergency?" The
dispatcher lady asked nonchalantly as she
responded to the emergency call my mom
was making.
"My daughter!...sshee, she's struggling to
breathe again, hurry and come please!" She
told them frantically. I was suffering yet
another attack; I have been suffering from
this respiratory disease for 16 of my 19
years of living and this disease was much
worse than asthma, bronchitis or any other
respiratory illness.
"What exactly is the problem ma'am?" The
dispatcher asked
at the dispatcher angrily because in her mind
she had made herself clear from the
"Ohkay ma'am, I'm gonna need you to come
"Don't tell to calm down! Just send an
ambulance now!" My mother shouted
"What's the address to your residence
ma'am?" The dispatcher asked trying to get
this over with as quickly as she could. My
mom told her the address and she would
send one right now; she hung the phone up
and turned to me
"It's gonna be ohkay baby, just hang in
there" she said as I nodded slowly, still
struggling to breathe, my eyelids getting
heavy as I slowly closed them, my world
turning black.