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A Cry For Help

<a href="">I</a> watched as <a href="">Yanna</a> took the needle and shot up the heroin in her arm. I just sat there and sighed. She wouldn't give that s*** up if her life depended on it, and in this case it does. She nor I had enough money to keep using this to cope with our problems. I'm all she has. I should've left the first time she stole from me. But what type of friend would I be? Not a very good one. I try to get her off, but she always finds a way to get to it. Our mom isn't any help either, she's addicted too. Our dad.....he's not in the picture. I just need help, I can't leave her like this. I just can't.

I only need like 3-4 girls.

Age: 17-19:


Chris stood there looking at me. ”What you wanna say?” He sighed, ”s***, the stuff sounded perfect in my head, now it's gonna sound crappy.” I smiled at him. ”Don't do that.” He sternly said. ”And why not?” He started to walk closer, and I just stayed there. ”You can't handle all this baby. Trust me. I know.” He assured, I just smacked my lips. ”Nigga I'll have you crying in the closet, saying that it was too good and it scared the hell out of you. Trust me. I got that effect on niggas.” I said staring into his eyes. I was so into it, I hadn't noticed he had me against the wall. ”Am I just some nigga now?” He asked, I just shook my head no. ”Oh she can't speak now.” He was still staring at me. ”I do-” I was cut off by Chris kissing me. His lips were softer than I remembered. He forced his tongue in my mouth, causing me to moan out loud in his mouth. He cuffed my ass, then picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. ”Do you love me?” He asked, pulling out the kiss.

”Of course. And don't go into that whole, you only love me as a friend thing, because you know I love you as a lover too. I love you as both. But if I didn't, how would it work?” He blushed, and I thought it was really cute. ”Awww, you blush.” I cooed. He shoved his finger up my nose and I yelped out in shock. He laughed and let me down. ”Sorry, I thought I saw a booger.” I wanted to smile, but didn't. ”You know you didn't see no damn booger. But that's okay. I'll catch you when your slipping.” He backed me against the wall again. He picked my chin up and made me look him in his deep, brown, glossy eyes. ”Alejandra, when have you ever known me to slip up?” I just shrugged my shoulders. Somehow, probably from all that damn squirming, I got out the tight spot he had me in. He had a stupid grin on his face, and he slowly started to walk to me. ” Don't run now Alejandra.” I felt something hit my back. Another wall. ”s***.” I cursed. He grabbed my hands and held them over my head. ”You grew up.” I scrunched my face up. ”Nigga, that better be a compliment.” He only flashed that sexy smile. ”Only compliments for my baby. I see no flaws.” He again complimented me, making me blush. ”How do you do this to me still?” I asked, he looked at me. ”Do what Rissa?” I pecked his lips. ”You make me feel free. You make me feel alive and loved. Without you being there for me in junior high, I promise you, I would've turned out like Yanna.” He felt me become uncomfortable and he picked me up and layed me in the bed.

”You know I never stopped thinking about you. That day you came to my house.” ”Nigga that day was yesterday.” I interrupted, ”Shut up and listen Booger. Anyways before I was rudely interrupted. When I saw you, I felt something in my heart and it started to beat faster. When I was dating you four years ago, my pops had told me that I could always have more than one girl only if they didn't know each other. I don't know why I listened to him, I just did. I wasn't thinking about you. My mind was on how proud my dad would be. I was thinking about all the negative things if I had to commit with one girl. I couldn't flirt, kiss, or f*** other girls. Money, pussy and weed were my only intentions at such a young age. But when you think about the positive, I just wanna jump back in time and stay there with you. I would've gotten real passionate kisses for just saying your beautiful or you could've been that girl that cheered me on while I played basketball and tried to cuss the ref out when he calls a bad call. But the real reason I wish I stayed, was for the love. All of these hoes running around tryna get easy d***, and trying to get pregnate just so they can have some attention. You, your the total opposite. You stay in a small group, and you try to not get so much attention even when you want it. That's only one reason why I love you though. Your funny, tough, and that attitude is a total turn on. I need me a crazy lady, I want one that soon as I walk in the house she try to fight me, but we end up making love instead. Oh and I can't forget about your freaky side. All that s*** you was talking in middle school. Telling me that your favorite number was 69 and then you would wink. I should be like okay my favorite number is two why does it matter. You make me feel like I have something when I have nothing. Like I own all the gold in the world, when I don't even have a dime. Well wait, I ain't broke, I'm just using it as an example. But none of them can truly express how much I love you. I love you Alejandra Rissa Vásquez.” I was now in tears as he hugged me tight. I could tell every bit of it was true. After I stopped crying, Chris kissed me softly on my lips. ”May you be my Mrs. Brown now?” He asked. I just nodded and the waterworks started all over again. ”God I love you so much.” I whispered in his ear.
He cuffed my face and kissed my lips once more. "Everybody knows I love you." I smiled. Would we really be a good couple. Or will I just end up like the rest?

Aww Chris And Rissa was so sweet as kids!
And im with Tram!
What he gone say?
Run it!

Bxtches be slangin hoes!!! Them my kinda friends!!! Whoop axs now then ask questions later! lol

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Awwww they were so adorable & Chris was gorgeous when he was 13 <3 _<3 lol anyways
I wonder what he gots to say
Run it sis

Right tho Nikki, Kamica needed her ass beat... aww he still likes her . Run it

When we got inside the smell of weed and alcohol, went through my nose. As the music blared through speakers, I started to get a minor headache, but it soon went away. I walked into the kitchen because I had a bad case of the munchies. The crew and I had smoked about four blunts before we got here, so most of us were already faded. As I hummed a little tune, I started to make me a sandwich with some chips. A few people looked at me and turned away. "f*** you too." I mumbled. "Why you over here chicka?" Tee asked, making me smile. Somebody actually noticed I wasn't there. "I got a little hungry, you want some?" I held the bag of chips up to her and she took about a handful. "The whole crew is looking for you. <a href="">Paris,</a> the girl you handed her ass to, she's here. So when we saw her, we thought she saw you. Paris may not be good at fighting, but she sure knows how to get revenge on somebody." She stated, taking a sip of her drink. "She don't faze me, I'm great at both." Tee smiled and high fived me, "We are going to be the best of friends." I smiled too. Then <a href="">All Gold Everything</a> came on. She dragged me back to the living room. "Gold all in my chain, gold all in my rang, gold all in my watch. Don't believe me just watch." She rapped, "Nigga, nigga, nigga!" I added. "Pop the molly I'm sweating! Whoo!" Toni yelled.

As the party continued, the more high I became. I was now on my sixth shot. "Aye, pour me one!" Chris shouted from the other side of the counter. "Nigga, why are you yelling?" He started to laugh, "Why you so mean?" He asked, "When your sister is hooked on heroin and kids make fun of her, or you get picked on because of it. You tend to pick up the mean trait." I said handing him his drink. He kissed my forehead, "Thanks boo." He cooed, I smiled on the inside, but on the out I glared at him. "Come dance with me." He said pulling me to the floor. "What if I didn't want to dance?" He wrapped his hands around my waist as I looked him in the eyes. "Yo mean ass would've been pushed me off of you." I nodded and put my arms around his neck. Then Love Like Honey came on. I almost dropped to the floor. "This is my song!" I exclaimed. I started to grind on Chris, as he held on to my hips. "I wanna sex you till you fall fast asleep, in the bedroom, listen to that headboard beat." Chris sung in my ear. His breath tickled my ear and I smiled like a kid on his birthday.

"Chris, you got over me fast." <a href="">She</a> said. "Guess so." Chris said dryly. "I'll go in the kitchen." I slipped out of his grip. "Yea you do that." She mumbled, "Um b**** why you mumbling!" I yelled, getting in her face. "You have serious anger issues." She said, in a scared tone. "And your about to become an issue, if you don't pipe that s*** down. How you gon talk s***, and I didn't even leave yet. Hoe you don't know." She smacked her lips at me and mushed my face. I grabbed onto her tracks and the fell out. Chris pulled me away and took me to the back. "They weren't even glued in right, c***!" I yelled. "Yo, why you always fighting. "Its a habit." I said looking for another corona or another bottle of ciroc. "Ayye! Nikki beatin' the s*** out of Kamica!" Bre yelled. I ran inside to see Kamica on the floor and <a href="">Nikki</a> standing on top of her. "Nikki!" Bre yelled. Nikki stopped and turned to Bre. Her face softened and Bre hugged and kissed her on the lips. "Baby. What did she do?" Bre asked. "She mushed Rissa then tried my life." I stared Kamica down. "Thanks Nikki, but if Chris didn't carry me. I would've killed her ass myself." Nikki turned me towards her, "She ain't worth it. Hoe!" She yelled.

I looked back at Chris he smiled at me. "We look sexy in our <a href="">outfits.</a> Especially me." He c**kily said. I just rolled my eyes and he pulled me to him. "Yo Chris let us steal her from you!" Trey yelled over the music. Chris nodded and went to the back. "Wassup?" He started to smile. So did the rest of the crew. "Wassup with you and Chris?" Mike said, smiling even more. "Um, nothing." Tiana smacked her lips, "You know you like him, he like you too. Atleast that's what I heard." Bre mushed her, "Niggas always gossiping." Tiana huffed. "Anyways, how you know Chris." I smiled as I thought about Chris and the day I first met hm.


<a href="">Me and Yanna</a> were playing with each other on the slide while mommy got us ice cream. "Don't play to rough!" My mom called after us. "Okay!" We ran around the jungle gym. "That's my jungle gym get away!" <a href="">He</a> ordered, pushing Yanna down. I grabbed a handful of sand and stuffed it in his mouth. "Jerk!" I yelled. "Jerry go home." This little <a href="">boy</a> said. The boy started crying and ran home. "Hi, I'm Cwis." He introduced, I could tell he couldn't pronounce his w's." "I'm Alejandra, call me Rissa." He smiled at me and I smiled to. "Your pwetty." I kissed his cheek, "Thank you." He smiled even harder, "No pwoblem." I turned to walk away, "Rissa!" Chris called, I turned and he was in my face he pecked my lips and put Yanna's hand in mine. I totally forgot about her. I blushed and ran back to my mom. Ever since that day we would meet at the park. Then we started going to school together. Until we turned 13. <a href="">We</a> were going out and then he told me he had to move to California in two days. It made me mad that he didn't tell me when he found out, but I never saw the bad in anyone so I was still fine. The day he left he gave me a kisss on the lips and got in his car. I remeber that day like it just took place yesterday.

*End Of Flashback*

I touched my lips and smiled. "Ohh girl! You better snap out of it! Here he come." Tram shouted. I wiped the look off my face and felt his arms wrap around my waist. When he did that the whole crew got up quickly nad left. "Follow me." He whispered in my ear. He grabbed my hand and led me upstairs and locked the door. "We need to talk." I felt my heart sank to my feet. What did he need to say?

I'm glad Chris warned her ahead of time. And his ex need to fall back. They matching & stuff, I bet they gon develop feelings for eachother. They gon wild out at this party.

Run it :D

Run It!
Im ready to see Rissa Talk to the Crew!
Run it Boo!

Ignore the time in the first sentence!!!

I felt a strong pair of arm 9:10 I felt a strong pair of arms wrap tightly around my arm. I opened my eyes to see Chris storming out of the cafeteria. "Yo, what the f***!" I exclaimed, he probably didn't mean to, but he hurt me. "I'm sorry, and I know I'm not yo daddy, but you shouldn't even look in that nigga's direction." He said pacing the floor. "Why not? And your right, you not my daddy. So don't act like it." I rolled my eyes and turned to walk away, "Look, I can't tell you who to talk to, but always have your gaurd up, he's the one that got my sister hooked on crack." His voiced cracked and a tear dropped and I hugged him as tight as I could. I knew he seemed kinda offish. I hugged him tight as he collapsed in my arms. "Chris what the f*** is this!" I heard a girl shriek. I turned to see some <a href=" uploads/2008/07/megan_good_hooters.jpg">hoe</a> speeding to us.

"Baby, it's not what it looks like." He sighed, "I saw you and this groupie Christopher." I stepped up to her, "b****, you got the wrong one. I ain't like yo little minions. I'll whoop yah ass in a hot second. Slut!" I spat. She rolled her eyes and grabbed Chris' hand. "Bye boo." I cooed to Chris, just to make her mad. "You wrong for that." <a href="">Tiana</a> said laughing. "She started the s***, I just finished it." I defended. She nodded, "So, I know you new here and Chris probably wasn't gonna say s***, but do you wanna go to a party tonight?" I had always been invited to parties, but I never got to go because I had to watch Yanna. Just the thought of her made me depressed, "Sure. See you around." I walked away, then was lifted off my feet by Chris. "I owe you the world. She just broke up with me. Halleighlujah!" He shouted, he kissed me on my cheek. "Nigga don't do that, I might catch rabbies from that hoe." Chris scruched his face up, "How do you know she's a hoe?" He asked, "I saw her kissing another nigga in class." I said, he chuckled. "Don't make any plans tonight, you going to the party with me." I almost broke my neck looking at him. "Nigga, last time I checked Chris wasn't on my birth certficate." He smacked his lips, "Please, I mean come on. There's gonna be a whole crowd full of people. And you don't have to talk to anybody, just the crew. Please boo." He begged, "Don't call me that, we've known each other for 2 days." He looked at me like I was crazy, then smiled. "Nah, we've known each other ever since we were five." I only knew one boy and he went by Breezy. "Breezy? Nigga that ain't you." I laughed in disbelief, "Yes it is." He assured,

"Prove it." I challenged. "Umm, you had your first kiss when you were 5, from me, you started your period when you were 11, and you always wanted to lose your virginity to-" I slapped my hand onto his mouth and all you heard were muffled noises, then he licked my palm. "Ewwww!" I screamed like a little girl. "Chris you trifling for that." I reached for a paper towel, but turned to see I grabbed this <a href="">girl's</a> dress. "Ooops, sorry." She shoved me, "You better be blackie." I lost my cool and without thinking I jumped on her back and banged her against the bathroom mirror. "Oh s***! Tee help me get her off!" Tramicia yelled. Teela and the rest of the crew came rushing out the cafeteria. Somehow they managed to get me off of her. "Pretty girls may not fight, but I do b****." I spat walking away.

That Night

Chris and I had went shopping with the crew after school and we bout matching <a href=" id=61776581">outfits</a> to wear to the party. The <a href="">crew</a> sat outside waiting on us. When <a href=" ">we</a> walked out, everything went silent. ”Why yall matching like yall a damn couple?” Bre asked. We both looked at each other and smiled, ”We're going as a couple, but we're not really a couple.” Chris stated, hugging me close. ”You guys would be a beautiful couple, it's the only thing girls talk about during practice. I think so too.” Toni admitted, Chris kissed my forehead, ”Call us team Breezy!” He said throwing his hands up in the air. ”Nigga what?” I laughed, ”I used to call him that when we were younger.” I clarified. They all ooh'd and then Mike cleared his throat, ”Imma need for yall niggas to come on.” He rushed, we climbed into the car and drove off to the party.

Chris cool as f*** lol
I bet she gon fit right in, like fam
Run it sis

Lets see What gon happen with Kalvin!!
Run it!

She met the crew but I wonder how we feel about her! I also feel for her having to leave her sissy! I love how she was sweetly blunt about the situation with Chris from the jump!

Run It!!!

She met the crew bout I wonder how we feel about her!

Run It!!!

Ok thanks

@Anonymousma19 Sure! Next chapter I'll include you in, thanks!

Need one more girl?? Can I be in it?

Name: Tiana
Pic: Elle Varner
Age: 19
Personality: sweetheart, great listener, love to sing, love to party
Man: Jordan Calloway

When I woke up, it was dark and creepy looking, the forest being so close and my window being stuck open didn't help either. I just fell back to sleep. It didn't last long, my mom was shaking me like crazy so I kinda got angry and yelled out, "What the f*** do you want?" Her hand was .2 centimeters away from my face, but she stopped. "Mighty God, give me control over my anger. Please give me the wondeful attitude of one of those snobby ass white b****es so I won't hurt this child." She prayed, I was still scared though. "Rissa, I already got you signed up for school tomorrow and we got a house." I scrunched my face up, "Ma, we only left Comton about 16 hours ago, how did you get all this stuff ready?" I asked, she only smiled, "I told you, I've been planning this moment. Anyway welcome to California!" She exclaimed getting out the car. "Come on, there's somebody I want you to meet." She rushed me inside the <a href="">house.</a> She walked in the house and soon as she closed the door this creepy <a href="">lady</a> was standing there smiling. "Ahh! Rose, I'm so happy to see you!" She yelled, "You must be Rissa, I'm your auntie. And yes by blood." I guess she could read my face better than a 2nd grader textbook. "Chris! Come see your aunt you rude bastard!" She spat, I chuckled a little.

"Oh haha mom, very.....damn." He huffed staring straight at me. "You can carry her things to her room and tomorrow show her around school and introduce her to your friends." He sighed in annoyance and grabbed my bags and took them to what I'm guessing was his room. "You don't mind sharing a room do you?" I shook my head. "I thought there were tw of you, what happened to Yanna?" He questioned, "Oh, she got hooked on heroin and me and my mom had to leave her with my yaya." I said in a simple tone. "Damn! Straihgt like that, didn't try to sugar coat that s*** or nothing. You cool peoples, I like you already." He dapped me up, "Ain't no reason to be fake, I mean you seem cool and intrested in the situation. Gotta tell you something about it." He nodded, "I respect that, well make yourself comfortable and I'll just sleep on the couch downstairs." Chris turned to walk away. "Chris?" I called after him, <a href="">he</a> turned back, "Wassup lil ma?" I smiled a little, "Um, not to be pushy or clingy, but can you sleep in here. I have problems with sleeping alone. I'll tell you about those a different day though." He smirked at me, "Sure, Rissa." I thanked him and fell asleep with him right by the bed.

The Next Morning~~~

"Shawty! Get up!" I heard a deep voice yell, chaking me. "I'm up." I groaned, I pulled the covers off of me and stood up. "Well damn, guess I ain't the only one who sleeps without pants." Chris said, I looked down and jumped back in bed. "Oh s***, don't think I did that s*** on purpose it's a habit. Sorry." I apologized, "It's aiight, as long as your comfortable, then so am I." I smiled at him then I stared at him, "Why you staring?" He asked looking into my eyes. "I was waiting for your slow ass to get out so I can get my ass out this bed." I rudely responded, "Somebody's not a morning person." He mumbled, "Damn skippy, I ain't." I said shooing him out the room.

After I got out of the shower, <a href="">we</a> drove off to school. When we got there a lot of kids were staring at me so I started to touch my face, "Guh, what is you doing?" Chris asked, looking at me crazily, "I'm checking if I got anything on my face, because these b****es staring hella hard. What muhf***as?" I yelled as they just turned around. "No, I wanna know what the f*** y'all was looking at?" Chris patted my back, "Chill, they just know that your new and you coming to school with me, they might get all type of rumors started." Just as he said that a whole crew of <a href="">people</a> walked our way. "Here come the crew." He announced as if I couldn't see a large secluded group of people walking towards me. I just sighed not wanting to argue. "Wassup Chris." Everybody greeted, "Wassup my niggas, this my bestie Rissa." Chris introduced me to all his friends. Everybody seemed cool.

Later that day, I sat a lunch table by myself until this really cute <a href="">boy</a> came and sat down with me. "Wassup, I'm Kalvin, you can call me Kal." He stuck his hand out, "I'm Alejandra, but call me Rissa, it's my middle name." He smiled at me, "Well Rissa, would you like me to show you around the school?" Just as I was about to say yes, I looked behind him and saw Chris shaking his head no. I smiled at Kal. "That'd be great, but I promised my bestfriend I would let him do that. Thanks tho." Kal gave me a head nod, "Are you from Compton, cause you got a real thick accent." I laughed, "Reppin' M.a.a.d city everywhere I go." He started to laugh, "That's wassup, maybe I can actually be cool with a girl without her being a b**** and a pussy at the same time." I chuckled, "Maybe. I'll see you around Kal, nice to meet you." I said trying to rush the conversation, "Bye boo." He kissed my cheek and left. Now I wish I could call him back and start it all over again.

Awwww I feel bad she had to leave her sis like that. Like she could've been helped if she would've just held on a little longer. I give her, her props for wanting to leave & start over. Hopefully there is actually a change in her mother so their relationship can build into something new.
Run it sis <3

Name: Teela Monroe
Pic: <a href="">Her</a>
Age: 17-19: 18
Personality: Sweet caring loving blunt I maybe a lil thuggie its my baby fault! lol I'm a really ride or die and I'll do anything to protect my man and my girls!
Man:Asap Rocky

Run it!

Im glad her and her mother is leaving her moms bf
Run it!!!

Oops! Sorry for the little mix up down there. Lol! Oh, y'all should be in the next chapter.

The next morning I woke up to the sun hitting my face. I groaned and tried to fall back to sleep, but like any other time, s*** wasn't going my way. I sat up and pulled my hair into a high bun and walked downstairs. <a href="">Yanna</a> was drinking water, I smiled at her. She gave me a small wave and started to scratch her arm. "Yan, you can't keep doing this." I said annoyed and fed up with her. "Shut the f*** up! I can do whatever I want you uptight b****!" She spat at me, clearily fed up with me caring. She threw the glass on the floor and ran out the house. I huffed, "I ain't cleaning that s*** up either." I turned to walk away, but I heard the door open and close. I looked back to see my mom's boyfriend/ drug dealer enetering the house. "What the f*** is this?" <a href="">He</a> asked, pointing to the scattered glass. "It's glass, you should be familiar with it." I mumbled that last part and continued my way upstairs. "Jamal get off of me!" I heard my mother scream. I ran out the door to see him dragging my <a href="">him</a> through the glass. I charged at him and knocked him into the wall and he fell. I grabbed my mom and helped her up. She was bleeding bad. I looked over to see Jamal knocked out. My mom ran over to him and kicked him in his face. "You did this s*** to me! You're the reason my daughter hates me!" She yelled at him. As much as I wanted to say, "No mom, you're the reason I hate you." I couldn't, not now. I ran upstairs to pack all our stuff. I still don't know why he hasn't awaken yet. When I got downstairs my mom pulled a huge luggage out of the closet. "What is that Ma?" She didn't look at me she just opened it. "Our ticket to being millionaires." She whispered, but I heard every word.

I rushed to the luggage and opened it. I gasped as I widened my eyes at <a href="">it<./a> "Momma, how much money is this?" She hugged me and kissed my forehead, "That's 30 million dollars baby." I started to cry, "Rissa, promise me that whenever I mess up, you'll tell me." I nodded my head, "Only if you promise to rember your mistakes and not try to repeat them." I said, holding my hand out. She shook it and gave me another hug. "Ma, what made you wanna change?" I asked, this sudden change she had was too fsudden for me. "Yanna and you did." She smiled. "Where are we going?" She turned back to me quick so I kind of stumbled back, "When you stop asking so many damn question I'll tell you. Do you have any more?" I hesitated before nodding my head. "What are we going to do about Yanna, she's nowhere to be found." I worried about my sister daily, but she didn't worry about s***, not ever herself. But boys found her sloppyness attractive. "We'll leave her here. Your yaya(grandma) will take care of her for now." She turned and walked away. I started to cry like a baby, "We can't leave her! We gotta help her! Don't act like you don't care! You probably don't anyway. You never did!" I shouted, "Dammit, you can't help somebody that doesn't want help. You probably do it all for yourself, because you embarrased by her. Don't try to preach to me like your a f***ing saint <em>Alejandra!"m> She snapped back, calling me by my real name. At first I thought how dare she accuse me of such a thing, but then I started to realise she was right. I only wanted Yanna to act right so I wouldn't be embarrased by her. I sighed and got my bags and got in the car. The whole drive to the mystery location was silent, except for when my mom would sing me to sleep. Deep down, I wanted to give her a chance. So I decided to give her a new start, like cocain and heroin never even had been in her presence. I couldn't lie I was really starting to miss my mom. I just hope she doesn't screw up this time.

Quite but can be loud at times, lives life to the fulliest out going, out going,loves to gossip

I feel bad for her sis, getting lost in the drugs. I hope things get better. I'm glad she's still there for her
Run it sis

Name Tramicia Jackson
Pic: raven Symone
Man: tyga
Personality: shy, gullible, baby sis to everyone, intelligent, sneaky, prankster.

Toni brown
Can u pick the pic??
Trey songz