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RED: A Lust for Love [updated: chapter 1]

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<strong>Lust</strong>: A very strong desire; a craving.
<strong>Love</strong>: An intense feeling of deep affection

October 28th, 2012

I grew up in poverty. But I don’t think I knew that at the tender age of 8. Hell, I don’t think I figured it out until now. I remember every weekend, my mother would give my brother and I twenty dollars. We’d walk what felt like a million years to the toy store, and end up flying back in about 5 seconds. I’d never felt a desire like the one for a new toy. I’d spend that entire evening in awe. For the rest of the week I’d rush home from school, only after spending my morning sharing the news of the previous nights’ discovery, my newfound passion with whoever cared to listen. It was like that with the Barbie convertible… and the Easy Bake oven… The Cabbage Patch Kid...

The list goes on.

However, these continuous sparks of obsession didn’t end with toys. I had a lust for novels, art, friendships, and for pretty pink notebooks with hearts on the cover. I even remember math problems and English assignments captivating my mind like no other (for however long that moment lasted.) I held a strong desire to understand, to be affected, but most importantly to feel apart of something.

My best friend for the season had asked how was it that I managed to fall in love all over again, every day. It was one of those questions that felt more like a statement. Confused at what seemed to be a ridiculous assumption, I replied

“I’ve never been in love.”

I was as ignorant to love as I was to my mothers’ bank account. I had never experienced a lust for love (nor did I think it was possible.)

Four years later I met Christopher Maurice Brown.</cite>


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<strong>Chapter 1
June 8, 2011
Rihanna Fenty </strong>
"I'm not wearing that!" Teyana pouted. We had just purchased another potential dress for Thursday. "It's too girly. Why can't I wear jeans?" I had to admit, I was slowlyapproaching frustration. Shopping was supposed to be fun; but the black dress was too tight, the red one showed too much cleavage and the yellow pencil skirt would make her look like a huge highlighter.
"It's not too 'girly.' Girly is for fifteen year olds. It's your twenty-first birthday. This is sexy. And sexy is appropriate for a twenty-one year old." I could tell she felt patronized by my tone, so I pulled back a little. "You can't wear jeans to an upscale party where legs are the main attraction. Specifically, your legs." I smiled and winked at her but she was clearly not amused.
"I said I wanted to go to dinner Rih. A dinner that didn't require heels."

Teyana Taylor was tall. Five feet and ten inches tall. Her entire adolescent career was filled with anguish that shoved her to seeking comfort in being a tomboy. So yes, I understood the preference for sneakers and flats over six inch heels. I stopped walking and stared at her while considering her feelings for a minute. She had shoulder length natural brown hair that shimmered red when touched by the sun. A feature I always loved, as I'd watch it share the secrets of her Honduran roots. And her skin never failed to reminded me of fresh brewed mocha (her attitude was capable of being just as steamy.) Twelve years of basketball had given her a tight and toned athletic body while still retaining the subtle, yet graceful curves of a young woman. She was beautiful, and she was my best friend.

"Yeah.... I thought about it. And it was a good idea. It really was." I teased. "But I have something better planned. Trust me." We walked into what must have been the seventh store of that afternoon. Despite concluding my platform booties were comfortable before leaving the house - my feet were becoming sore. Still, I was on a mission.
"I have to be at the gym in 45 minutes."
"Sorry boo. You're gona have to sit that one out. This is more important." I skimmed through the rack in front of us.
"Important to you. I don't care."
"Alright. Fine. How about this," I continued walking. "I will dedicate the rest of my afternoon to finding you the perfect dress and a pair of shoes to match-"
"Oh goody!" She cheered sarcastically.
I laughed. "And you can go, under the condition that you wear whatever I put together for you." She seemed skeptical. "I promise to be a little bit considerate of your rejection to sexy."

• • •

The royal blue goddess inspired dress had fit her perfectly. We kept it simple with gold jewelry and I had even allowed her to wear flats while silently praying no one would look down at her feet.
"Who are all these people?!" Lena yelled. The music was loud and the club was packed despite what was supposed to be a private event.
"Some you know, most you don't?" I grabbed her hand and smiled my best "Thank you for coming" smile to everyone we made eye contact with.
"Ayeee" the DJ called for everyone's attention. The spotlight found us and I laughed at an embarrassment no makeup could hide on her face. "On the count of three, I need everyone to yell 'Happy Birthday Teyana.' One.. Two..."
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEYANA!!!" Everyone cheered. I could tell the attention was overwhelming, but I also knew she secretly loved it.
Everything about the night felt perfect. We danced, drank and recalled the best moments of our seven years together; which was by far the longest commitment I had ever had in my twenty-two years on earth.
"No." I could barely swallow down my drink without choking. "How about that time we got stuck at that expensive ass restaurant because we didn't want to look broke."
"And you paid like eighty bucks for three pieces of shrimp."
"And that white lady and her date talking about dragons?!"
We cracked up. My vision was blurred and I was starved. It was in that moment I realized most of our guests had moved on for the night. "You want breakfast?" The club would be closing soon.
"Yeah but I gotta pee!" She jumped up and rushed off, nearly knocking down the club owner just as he made his way over to me. I stood up and adjusted my skirt, turning my PR attitude back on.
"Kanye! Thank you so much for tonight." I smiled. "We had a blast!"
"Good!” he shared my enthusiasm. “I’m looking forward to doing another event with you real soon. I was thinking you could host the Fourth of July party. We’re also looking to do a huge fundraiser and launch party in collaboration with the new children sports center opening downtown. That’s something we’d have to talk about in detail though…” I was finding it hard toconcentrate on the conversation. Instantly, I began to feel a change in the atmosphere.
My temperature was increasing fast; I must have had too much to drink. “Let me introduce you to -”
“That sounds great.” I interrupted “Give me a call later this week and we’ll get right to work! If you’ll excuse me-“
“This is Christopher.” I turned around to find the reason I couldn’t breathe.

“You throw one hell of a party.” He smirked.

<strong>Chris Brown</strong>
The first time I heard her name it was in declaration that she was the youngest, and best party promoter Seattle had to offer. But also amongst the group of self-righteous, “I can do bad all by myself” independent women of Washington. I found that those women were always bitter, having spent their entire lives overcompensating. In my opinion, they were trying to make up for in strength what they lacked in beauty. To keep it simple- Young and independent women of the twenty-first century were b****es. So I didn’t expected to discover that the woman I
spent the entire night staring at would be her.

“You throw one hell of a party.” I smiled. Everything about her energy read true to what I’d been told. She was probably five feet tall without the heels; so I knew she had a napoleon complex. But she was fine. Her jet-black hair was cut real short, stopping just above her hazel, almond shaped eyes. They were intense yet she showed no emotion.
“Thanks.” She then turned back to address Kanye. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I really do have to go.”
“No, no. It’s fine. We’ll be in touch.” He reached for her hand. Shortly after she walked away, we shared a laugh. “So the sparkling smile thing doesn’t always work, huh?” Kanye teased.
“I guess not. Definitely not what I expected though.”
“Ah, you’ll get used to it. She’s actually cool when you let her have way.”
“Aren’t they all?” I shook my head. “Bad first impression though. She does know its my fathers charity she’s about to be working for, right?”
“Of course. Don’t hold this one against her; she was just off her game. It’s her best friends’ birthday.”

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