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Love Too Soon {New Twister} - final chapter?

I wasn’t sure about where I was going, but I knew I was going somewhere. Where I stood at the moment was nowhere and I was willing to get away from it. Twisted tales in my life drew me away from reality and now I needed to be elsewhere to get away from it all. I was falling quickly for each guy that came my way and I loved way too soon. So, I was always left behind with a new bruise on my heart.

Run or Kill?


Honestly feel chapter 13 is the final chapter for this story... not sure if I want to write anything...

*jaw drops *
Ohhh .... I ... They ..... But ....
I feel like that is going to happen.. She better pack up and move out.. Find another chruch
Just run it!

oh no you didnt just leave it
like that.! i should hurt you.!

Chapter 14 will be in 2 weeks... a lot going on right now...


This is absolutely crazy. My life is messed up beyond repair and I just do not understand what it is that has me so cursed. I just could not believe that Calvin was the son of a pastor. How could a good man raise such a broken young man? Having been attending his father’s church on a regular basis, I started to learn a lot more than I thought I would have. Not only was I learning about who God was and what He had in store for me, but I was also learning things about life.

I met my real father at the church and found out that he was a deacon and not only that, but I found out that Jean was my half-sister and Calvin was also her half-brother. Messed up right? What it meant was that Jean and Calvin both shared the same mom. Supposedly, my father wasn’t the deacon of the church just as yet and when he had joined, Tracy, Jean and Calvin’s mom had already left the church.

I walked into the church one Wednesday afternoon just to stop by and have a word with the pastor and my father the deacon. I needed advice on how to go about living a better life for God to then help my son. I was also seeking for help with my relationship I had with Jamie. For some reason, he wasn’t very keen on the pastor or my father as he felt they were up to no good.

“Hi.” I said as I walked into the office.

“Amelia, how are you doing today?” Pastor asked me.

“I’m good thanks pastor, just having a little bump in my journey.”

“Go on.” He urged.

“Well, I just want to get some advice on how to be a better child of God.”

“You gotta keep the commandments of the church and everything else from there will follow on.

I sat back and thought about what he had said about keeping the commandments of the church and I was sure that the commandments to be kept were that of God. I did then asked what the commandments of the church were and he told me something which did not line itself up with what I remember from the scriptures. I immediately looked at my wrist watch to make it seem as though I had an appointment to fill.

“I’m so sorry, I completely forgot that I have a meeting at Trevor’s school.” I said as I stood up.

“Why rush?” My father spoke up as he walked towards me.

“Because I would love to know how my son is doing in school.”
“I’m sure you can ask Jamie to do that.” Pastor said walking around the table and perching on it as he peered over his glasses at me.

I started to feel uneasy and shuffled around in my bag to ensure that I had everything which I needed. I stood up and again apologised as I tried to make an escape. My dad stepped in front of the door to prevent me leaving. My mind started racing and I could feel my throat tighten.

“You evil woman.” He said as he glared at me still keeping his hands around my neck and tightening his grip.

I gasped for air as my eyes felt as though they would explode. I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks as my body was being dragged across the room.

“How could you do that to your mother and the father of your child?” My father asked me.

I felt my body fly across the room and hit the wall. I slid down against the wall with my body entering foetal position. So much for starting a normal life. So much for eliminating the monsters that ruined me. I shivered before my clothes was ripped from my body. I was shaking vigorously and I just couldn’t stop it. He called my name and I felt the cold hit my body. I opened my once shut eyes to find that I was no longer in the pastor’s office, instead, I was in my room having a nightmare.

Chapter 13 coming in about 20 mins

lol i changed my mind... but hehehehehehe

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ugh.!!! you cant just give me something
then take it away like that.!

omg i just realised i took this story away from what it really should have been and i can't erase that chapter urgh....

the drama which is created from that chapter will have to wait for a lil while

im feeling sa sense of like father like son is about to be upon us!!!

run it


“Baby you ready?” I smiled as I looked through my mirror and seen him enter the room. It’s been a year since I got Tevin back and Jamie has been by my side through it all. I loved this man with my whole heart. He stuck around through everything and helped me to get my son back. I must admit, it wasn’t easy for Tevin to trust him, because he knew him as a friend of Calvin’s and saw him as one of the mean ones. Jamie did everything he could think of to get Tev to trust him, but he learnt that he had to leave him and allow him to come to terms with things on his own.

I had to set up appointments with a psychologist for Tevin so they could help him to get back to his old self. Yes, we understood that he would never forget the incident, but we were ready to put it behind us.

“Yes I am.” I replied as he wrapped his arms around me. I took a deep breath and inhaled his cologne. It was such a refreshing smell and I loved it. I loved him holding me close. Taking me into his heart. Showing me around his heart’s town. I loved it all about him.

“I love to see you smile that beautiful smile of yours.” He added with a kiss on my neck.

“Thank you baby.”

“Mom! Jamie! Come on let’s go!” Tevin said as he ran into the room in excitement.

I looked at both of my men and smiled. They both made me happy every minute of the day and I vowed to myself that I would never let them go. Tonight was to be a good night for all three of us. Jamie made a reservation for us to go and have a meal which would then be followed by us attending the first ever recitals put on by my institute. I can’t believe that this day has finally come. My institute has finally managed to put a recital on, to show the community the things we have been doing. Tonight was going to be filled with my love and my life. It was my passion for music which allowed me to excel and I loved what it is that I have managed to do.

“Hello Ms. Cameron.” Were the words coming from an older man who approached me with a warm smile.

“Good evening.” I politely smiled as I tried to figure out where I or anyone else knew him from.

“Would you like to take a walk with me over to the fountain?”

I looked around the room and noticed that I would still be in someone’s sight if we were over by the pond. I nodded my head and led the way. It was quiet for a short moment until he decided to introduce himself to me. Told me he was Calvin’s father, but he was also a pastor at the local church. I was shocked upon hearing that. Who would have thought that the pastor’s son would turn out to be a sex driver? He apologised for everything I had been through with losing Tevin to Calvin and my struggles with trying to get him back. I was grateful that he took the time out to come along and apologise to me on behalf of his son.

That was the night I decided I would start going to church and finally give my life to God. Little did I know, the trials were going to be hard and battles were going to become real. If only I knew what life had in store for me, I would have tried to find someone else to be my mentor. False prophets were real and fakers still existed.


Buckle your seat belts girls =]

Started on chap 12, but I'm back to juggling this story with 3assignments and an exam... So hopefully, as planned it will be ready weekend... Adds might have to be once a week from now :-(

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn RunIt!!

Thanks for the love... Chapter 12 this weekend

Damn wat a surprise her ma was behind dis s*** the whole time smh damn shame n out cold

What the fudge sticks !!!!
Her mom is basic as f*** !!! Kidnappin yo grandchild ?? For what!!???
Gettin yo daughter hooked on drugs and tricking!!!!! FOR WHAT?????

I am happy that tevin is back :)))

Smh , Runnnn Itttt

why'd you have to make my ex husband corbin bleu calvin.??? my baby is too sweet to be that psycho lol

get the the fuxk outta here her mom has been behind this the whole time.!!! man we need to take a trip to her and give her a little ass beating.! im so glad she got tevin back though because i was getting ready to go the fuxk off.! lol

runs it.!!!!

no love?

Character update (sorry it's taken me this long)

Amelia - Lil Mama
Tevin - Jaden Smith
CJ - Lil Drew (DJ Baby Drew son)
Jamie - Chris Brown
Calvin - Corbin Blu


“Jamie, for the past three years, you were always around for me.” I said as I looked at him.


“But why is it only now that you are helping me?”

“Because I know you are now reaching breaking point.”

I smiled at him as he caressed my cheek with the back of his hand. I held his hand and looked into his eyes. This man was sent from God to rescue me from all the pain I was facing. I wanted to kiss him there and then. But I did not want to get emotionally involved with him just as yet. It seemed that he read my mind and to prove that he was always going to be there for me, he put his face close to mine and smiled against my lips. He kissed me softly, not breaking eye contact with me. His lips against mine sent an electric shock through my body. He kissed away the pain that I was feeling and shortly after, I heard my baby’s voice. I broke out of the kiss with Jamie and saw Tevin standing at the doorway.

His eyes filled with tears and so did mine. I don’t know how they managed to find him, but my baby was here with me again. I saw an officer in uniform with him. He greeted Jamie and smiled at me. Tevin ran over to me and as he looked at me, I realise he was contemplating whether or not to hug me. I opened my arms and he sat on the bed and hugged me. I could feel the pain in my side, but my baby being back with me was the best thing that could ever happen and I couldn’t care less if I was in pain.

“Thank you officer.”

“No problem Ms Cameron. If it wasn’t for your act of bravery, we would not have been able to find Tevin or the other children who were kidnapped.”

I smiled at Tevin and looked back at the officer. “I would like to know exactly what was going on please officer. That’s if you don’t mind telling me.”

He nodded and looked at Jamie, “take lil man into the waiting room for me homie.”

“Aight.” He said as he kissed my forehead. I looked into Tevin’s eyes and could see that he was afraid of going with Jamie.

“It’s ok baby. If he does anything, we got this kind officer who will whoop his ass aight.” I whispered into his ears. He nodded his head, kissed me on the cheek and walked off with Jamie.

“Well, I don’t know where to start.” The officer said as he sat across from me.

“How about you start with where you found Tevin. Then move on to how you managed to find him. Then tell me where Calvin is, and please tell me you shipped him off to one of those prisons you guys have for extremely bad criminals.”

He smiled at my sentence about Calvin and took a deep breath before he began. “Tevin was at your mother’s house. She had extra rooms that no-one knew about. She was in business with Calvin and was the one who called Calvin and told him to kidnap your son.”

I had to stop him there and ask if he had just said that my mother was the reason behind my son being kidnapped. He told me yes and carried on. It took him fifteen minutes to tell me everything I needed to know. Tevin was at one of Calvin’s houses where he kept all the kids, but was taken to my mother’s house once they knew that the cops were going to be all over that house. He was blindfolded and taken into the room in my mother’s basement. The cops were tipped off by my sister who realised her mother was talking to someone about putting a boy in her basement. Though my sister did not know that it was Tevin whom mother was talking about, she still called the police.

I don’t even know why I’m surprised that all of this was my mother’s doing. She was the one who introduced me to Calvin. She was the reason I started on drugs. She was the reason it took me so long to get out of prostitution. What I did not know, was that she was Calvin’s boss. So no matter what money he got from his ‘workers’, yes, slave girls, call girls, prostitutes, call them what you wish, 90% of his earnings from us went to my mother. Which means she got 80% of what was made on the streets.

Ima update in bout 30mins

Run it

I won't be able to add for Now :-(
I'm back at my place close to Uni and I have no internet :-(

Calvin's reasons will be made known soon

calvin is a dirty muthafuxka.! he already took tevin
from her why send this bytch to try and kill her.? i
just dont understand his reasons behind anything he
has done to glad she sttod up for cj against
elise crackhead looking ass even though it almost
costed her her life. i hope elise went to jail for
this and that this helps her get tevin back soon.!

run it

No they didn't take CJ girl

and all yall who meant to be reading...

So they took cj?? I'm confused and at least she ain't punk out this time!

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