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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.



About three weeks pass and I am missing my husband like crazy!! I miss Julian so much. I get really sad sometimes, but I try my best to keep it together. He calls me at least twice a day and we FaceTime at least once a day as well. He says the training is going really well and I am happy to hear that. He is really looking forward to his first official day at the job. I am so proud of him. JJ and Alexis are doing just fine. They miss Julian just as much as I do and sometimes they get sad, and I do my best to console them. A lot of nights we have all slept in the same bed just because they wanted to. I don’t mind one bit, those are my babies! My pregnancy is going just fine now as well. I am only about 10 weeks pregnant, but so far my first trimester has been great. I have not had any morning sickness, but I go get tired quite easily these days. I still can’t believe that a new life is growing inside of me. I have dreamed of this for so long and I am so happy that is finally a reality. Anyway, it’s Friday and I decided to do the commercial! I am pretty excited. It’s fun to me and I think I am actually pretty good at it. We are at the studio now in Richmond and I am getting my makeup and hair done. Since Julian isn’t here, they changed the script a bit so the storyline is similar to the first commercial, but instead of a date, I am just going out with friends. So it’s a group of two other women with natural hair and three males, Xavier being one of them. Xavier is really friendly towards me, but he has never made a move on me. I truly think he respects me and Julian’s marriage. Anyway, once I am all dressed in THIS I go to Karen, JJ and Alexis, since they all came to support me.

“Oh baby you look gorgeous!,” Karen said.

“Thank you so much Karen,” I said while smiling.

“Mommy you’re so pretty,” JJ said.

“Yes so beautiful!,” Alexis said.

“You are both too sweet,” I said. I grab both of their faces and I peck their lips and they both giggle afterwards. Just then Xavier comes up to me wearing THIS. He smiles at me and I smile back.

“Zaira you look beautiful,” Xavier complimented.

“Thank you Xavier, you look nice as well,” I said.

“Thank you....they’re ready for us on set.” I nod my head and I follow behind him to the set. We do a few shots inside but then we take it outside for a few sets. The commercial shoot went very well. Everyone tells me I am a natural, which I really appreciate. Once the commercial is over, I change back into my clothes, and the director tells me I can keep my outfit. The director then gives me my check, and then he gives me the products that were used for promotion in the commercial. He even gives JJ and Alexis kid sets. We are all so thankful. Once I am all ready to go, we all leave to head out. As we are leaving, Xavier comes up to me. Karen takes the kids to the car and I look at Xavier.

“Zaira you did a really nice job today,” Xavier said.

“Thank you, so did you,” I said.

“....Would you like to get something to eat? Your whole family can come as well.”

“Oh no that’s ok. We have to get to the bank before it closes.”

“You know you always turn down my offers. You’re not allowed to have friends Zaira?”

“Oh Xavier I’m not trying to be rude. I am allowed to have friends; I just don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about us you know? I’m married and I don’t want to do anything to respect Julian.”

“I understand completely and I would never make an inappropriate move on you. I am very aware of my boundaries.....but friends can go out to lunch or dinner right? Is that allowed?”

“It is Xavier.....but not today ok?”

“Ok I get it Zaira. I’ll back have a good day.”

“Thanks you too.” I turn to the car and Karen drives me to the bank and I deposit the $7,000 check immediately into my account. Julian and I agreed to keep our accounts separate. We trust each other completely, but we think this is best, even though we are married. Once we leave the bank, we go to Chipotle’s to eat. After that, we head back to Karen’s house. We all walk in and take off our shoes, but we are startled when we hear a noise from upstairs. We all look at each other in fear.

“Mommy what was that?,” JJ asked.

“I’m not sure baby,” I said. We hear a door open upstairs and we all gasp when Julian walks downstairs while smiling big. What is he doing here?!? Damn he looks good!!

“Daddy!!,” JJ screamed in happiness.

“Juju!!,” Alexis said excitedly. JJ and Alexis both run to Julian and he falls on the steps with both of them in his arms. He kisses them both all over their face so many times.

“I missed my babies!,” Julian said to JJ and Alexis.

“Julian boy, you scared us,” Karen said.

“I’m sorry ma. I just wanted to surprise you all. My training got done early and I got on the first plane to come back home to my beautiful family.” For some reason, I just bust out crying. My husband is back and he looks so good!!

“Hey beautiful come here,” Julian said to me. JJ and Alexis sit next to Julian on the steps and I run to him and he grabs me and holds me tightly in his arms as I kneel in front of him and cry on his chest.

“Zaira baby don’t cry....I missed you,” Julian said softly.

“I missed you Julian,” I said through tears.

“Let me look at you.” I pull out of the embrace and Julian wipes my tears while smiling at me.

“You get more beautiful every day,” Julian complimented. Julian then grabs my face and kisses my lips multiple times. His lips feel so good!! Lord knows I want to jump his bones now! I have been so sexually frustrated lately.

“Let me say hi to my baby girl,” Julian said. I smile and I stand up and Julian lifts up my shirt and smiles big at my stomach.

“Hi baby girl! Hi! It’s daddy!! I missed you so much. You have probably gotten so big since I left huh?,” Julian said sweetly. He kisses my stomach multiple times and I laugh as I rub the top of his head. He puts down my shirt and stands up and then hugs me tightly again.

“We f***ing tonight?,” Julian whispered in my ear. I just giggle and I nod my head and he bites my ear gently and then he lets go of me and hugs his mom tightly.

“Daddy I’m so happy to see you. We all missed you,” JJ said.

“I missed all of you too so much. I was going crazy without my family so when I was told that the training was done early, I was too excited and I really got on the first plane that I could.”

“We’re happy you’re home baby,” Karen said.

“I’m happy to be home......Zaira baby you did the commercial today right?,” Julian asked.

“Yes I did baby it went really good. The director says it will air within the next few weeks.....this time it will be countrywide, not just in Virginia like the last one,” I said.

“Really?! Oh baby that’s great! My wife is going to be a star,” Julian said while smiling big.

“You’re so sweet baby....I put the check into my account we are doing really well with our savings. We can start seriously looking for a house really soon. Do you want to start looking soon?,” I said.

“I would love to baby. I think we all should do it together, even you ma. I think that would be best,” Julian said.

“Oh I can’t wait!! I’m so excited to live with you Juju and Zaira!,” Alexis exclaimed. We all just smile at her and we hug her tight. We all go into the living room and talk for a while. I sat right in Julian’s lap as he held me tight. I am so happy my husband is home!! I missed him beyond measure and I plan to show him that tonight ;) We all cook dinner together and once the kids are sleeping soundly, Julian and I go into our bedroom. He closes the door and then looks at me and I instantly strip for him and he just smiles at him.

“Baby you are so beautiful. I missed you so much. I was going crazy without your fine ass. I thought about you and the kids every day I was gone.....and our baby girl of course....I see you have a little stomach now,” Julian said while smiling.

“Yeah just a little one,” I said while rubbing my small protruding stomach. Julian just smiles at me and I strips completely naked and I just smile as I look him up and down.

“Damn you look good baby. You are so damn fine,” I said while biting my bottom lip.

“You’re horny huh?,” Julian asked.

“Yes baby! I have been so sexually frustrated since you have been gone....I was going crazy without your sexy, handsome ass.”

“Ooo I like this! Come here!” I literally run to Julian and I jump on him. He laughs as he holds my legs so his arms are under my legs. I kiss him deeply and he opens his mouth and I instantly slide my tongue in and play with his. He slowly walks us to the bed and lies me down and gets on top of me in between my legs. He rubs his d*** against my pussy and we both moan out in pleasure.

“Baby put it in please,” I begged. Julian instantly slides inside of me and we both moan loudly. He feels so good!! He starts out slow and he lifts up his head and looks me in my eyes and I look into his.

“Zaira I love you,” Julian said softly.

“I love you Julian.” He pecks my lips then rests his chest against mine so his head is on my shoulder. I am so happy my husband is home :)

Run IT!!!!!

Hey ladies!! I was on a little trip this weekend that is why I didn't add. But hopefully I will add tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks for all the love <3



Dammit this will be a tough month w/out Julian. That sucks. Hell I miss him lol. Zaira's missing her boo already and it hasnt been a full day. I hope this month flies by. Aww Julian wants a girl thats too cute, I wonder if his prediction is correct? Glad Zaira at least has the kids and mamma Karen to keep her company though. Xavier called her with another modeling offer, I think she should do it, I wish Julian was there too but still it's good money involved she should go for it. RUN IT!!!

Run it!!


run it\

Ok once you register go to the Stories section!! I know it's hard at first.....

I'm trying to find your story on Elite Creativity but its hard to find or navigate!!

Aww I know Julian and Zaira are gonna miss each other! I know it will be hard for them, but I know they can make it through 1 month. Run it!

Ok I have started a new story!! It's called "To Be Loved" but it's on another site called Elite Creativity!! Please go over there and check it out, here is the link:

I would add the story on here, but it's hard for me to add to two sites like I have been doing with Secluded Heart. So please go on that site and check it out! There are tons of great stories!! :)

if you do ill check it out!
i sure hope nothing goes wrong if she takes the audition i dont want xavier sneaking up on her
run it

Ladies I just want to let you know that I MAY be starting another I have an idea, but it might not even happen. I just wanted to let you know in advance. I will not forget about this story though.....


So exactly two weeks pass and today, Sunday, I am going to Atlanta. My training for my job starts tomorrow morning at 8 am. I’m excited because I am very excited for my job, but I am not excited to leave my family. Gosh I am going to miss them so much. Especially with Zaira expecting, I feel terrible for leaving her and JJ and Alexis like this. It’s going to be difficult, but I know we will all be just fine. It’s 8 am in the morning and I am finishing my packing as Zaira lies down in the bed watching me. My plane leaves at 10:15, so we are all trying to be at the airport by 9 am. JJ and Alexis spent the night with Zaira and I so they could be here when I left. I just look at Zaira and she looks so sad. I hate it when my wife is sad :(

“Baby don’t be sad. You are going to make me sad,” I said.

“I’m sorry baby but I don’t want you to go. I want you in our bed every night and I want to wake up to your handsome face every morning. I am going to miss you so much Julian,” Zaira said as tears swelled up in her eyes.

“No baby don’t cry. Please don’t cry.” Zaira covers her face with her hands and I see her start crying. I sigh and I go over to her side of the bed and I lean down and I hug her and she grabs me and hugs me tightly as she cries on my chest.

“Calm down gorgeous. The month will fly by. I am going to call you every second I am free and we can FaceTime whenever you want to. Baby just know that I am doing this for our family,” I said in Zaira’s ear. Zaira slowly nods her head and I pull out of the embrace and I wipe Zaira’s face of her tears. She’s too beautiful to cry.

“I know Julian, I just don’t want to be without you....but I will do my best to stay strong for the kids....I am going to make sure they are getting ready,” Zaira said softly. I nod my head and I kiss her lips and then she gets out of the bed and leaves the bedroom. I sigh and I continue my packing. Gosh I HATE when my wife cries, it kills me. Zaira is going to stay with my mom and the kids so she won’t get lonely for the month I am gone. Damn I don’t want to leave them at all. Once I am all packed, I go into the kitchen and I see Zaira and the kids eating cereal and fruit. I smile and I go over to JJ and Alexis and I kiss the both of their foreheads.

“Baby are you hungry?,” Zaira asked.

“Yeah I’ll just fix a quick bowl of cereal,” I said. Zaira nods her head and I fix a bowl of cereal and I sit next to Zaira and she instantly sits in my lap. I smile to myself and I kiss her cheek and we eat our breakfast. Once we are all done eating, we all get our bags and head to the airport. Once we get there, I check in my bag, keep my carry-on bag and then we all sit down and wait for my flight number to be called to start boarding. Zaira sits next to me and the kids sit in my lap. I wrap my arms around all of them and we talk until 9:45, which is when my flight is called for boarding. I look at Zaira and the kids and I stand up with the kids in my arms and Zaira stands up next to me.

“JJ and Alexis I am going to miss you two so much. But I am going to call you every day and we can FaceTime as often as we can ok? Now I want you to both take care of Zaira ok? She’s pregnant and she may get tired at times, so just help her out whenever you can ok?,” I said.

“Ok Juju we will take good care of Aunty Zaira don’t worry,” Alexis said while smiling a bit.

“Yeah daddy we will take care of mommy. I will make sure she isn’t sad,” JJ said while smiling.

“Ya’ll are so sweet. I love you both so much,” I said.

“I love you too,” JJ and Alexis said in unison. I hug JJ and Alexis tightly. These are my babies I am going to miss them like crazy. I kiss the both of their cheeks multiple times as well. I then set them down and I look at Zaira. She is looking down; I know she is fighting tears.

“Baby come here,” I said while opening my arms. Zaira just looks at me and walks into my arms and I hold her tightly.

“Baby I’m going to miss you so much. Have a safe flight. Please call me as soon as you get there,” Zaira said through tears.

“I will baby. I love you so much Zaira,” I said.

“I love you too Julian.” I pull out of the embrace and I look at Zaira and I wipe her face of her tears. I then look down at her stomach and I smile. I squat down a bit and I lift up her shirt and I kiss her all over her stomach as she rubs the top of my head.

“Hi baby girl its daddy. I just want you to know that daddy has to go away for a month. But I will be thinking about you and mommy and JJ and Alexis every second I am gone. You be good for mommy ok? I love you so much baby girl,” I said to Zaira’s stomach. I kiss her stomach again and then I put it down and look at her and she looks at me.

“Baby girl huh?,” Zaira said while laughing a bit.

“Zaira I know it’s a girl. I am positive it’s a girl. Trust me,” I said while smiling. Zaira just laughs and she hugs me again and I kiss her cheek while we hug.

“Alright baby I have to go ok?,” I said while rubbing her back. Zaira nods her head and she pulls out of the embrace and grabs my face and kisses me deeply. After a few passionate kisses, Zaira backs away from me and smiles.

“I love you beautiful,” I said.

“I love you more Julian,” Zaira said. I pick up my bag and I hug the kids and Zaira one last time and then I head to the gate. I go through security and then I look back at my family and I wave and blow kisses and they do the same. Damn I am going to miss them! Once I am in the terminal to the plane I sigh heavily. I already just want to turn around and go back to my family. I still feel terrible for leaving so abruptly, but this is what I have to do and I hope that my family understands that as well. This is going to be a long month.


Once Julian disappeared in the terminal, I just sighed heavily. It hurts so bad to see him leave when I just want him here with me. I just keep telling myself that it’s only a month and the time will fly by. It’s hard to even convince myself of this though. I look down at the kids as they hold my waist. I smile and I put my hands on their backs and they look up at me.

“Are you two ok?,” I asked.

“I miss daddy already,” JJ said.

“Yeah I miss Juju too....I hope the month goes fast,” Alexis said.

“I may get hard but we have each other right? We will get through it,” I said while smiling. JJ and Alexis smile and nod their heads and I lean down and I kiss both of their cheeks.

“How about we go to the mall? Julian and I owe our babies some new clothes how does that sound?,” I asked.

“Yay!!,” JJ and Alexis said in happiness. I just smile and I grab both of their hands and we leave the airport and I take them to the mall. We stay there for a bit and we do a bit of shopping and we eat lunch there. Once we are done at the mall, I take the kids to Karen’s. Karen helps me get my suitcase and the bags from the mall and then we all sit on the couch together.

“Zaira baby you doing ok?,” Karen asked.

“Karen I miss Julian so much already and it’s only been a few hours.....I know usually I am strong, but your my weakness. I am so weak when it comes to him. He is my heart, my everything, and I just want him here with me at all times,” I said as tears swelled up in my eyes.

“Mommy don’t cry,” JJ said while rubbing my arm.

“Yeah you’re too pretty to cry Aunty Zaira,” Alexis said while rubbing my cheek.

“Oh you are both so sweet,” I said while smiling quickly. I wipe my eyes and I kiss the both of their cheeks.

“I know it’s going to be hard baby, but like you said you are strong. You are incredibly strong and you and Julian are going to be fine. I know it will get hard at times but we are all here for you. Don’t forget that,” Karen said.

“Thank you so much Karen,” I said.

“How is my grandbaby doing?,” Karen said while rubbing my stomach.

“Just fine....Julian is convinced that we are having a baby girl. At the airport he kept calling the baby, baby girl. I don’t know how he is so sure,” I said while laughing a bit.

“That’s my son....he actually may be right. When Krystal was pregnant, he was positive it was a boy and nine months later JJ was born,” Karen said.

“Wow.....that’s crazy,” I said.

“He said that it came to him in a dream....maybe the same happened with this little one,” Karen said while smiling. I just smile and I gently rub my stomach as well. Maybe Julian is right. I would be happy with anything God blesses us with :) JJ yawns big and I look at him and smile.

“Baby boy are you tired? I know you and Alexis got up early today,” I said.

“Yeah mommy can I please take a nap?,” JJ asked.

“Of course baby boy. Let me tuck you in. What about you Alexis you ready for a nap too?,” I asked. Alexis just nods her head and I smile and I stand up from the couch and I take their hands and I walk them upstairs. I tuck JJ in and then Alexis in their rooms. I then go into Julian’s bedroom and I just look around and smile. It reminds me so much of him and I need that so I will be sleeping in this room while Julian is gone. I lie down in the bed and I look at my phone at a few emails. I notice one is from Xavier and I open it. I read the email and I see that’s another opportunity for a commercial. I read through the details and it’s in a few weeks, when Julian won’t be here. The director also wants Julian to be part of the commercial. I just smile to myself at this. It would be great if Julian was here. I send an email to Xavier saying thanks for the offer, but I will have to decline. I won’t do it without my baby Julian. I then notice I have a missed called from Julian. I quickly call him back and he answers after the first ring.

“Baby I miss you,” Julian said quickly.

“I miss you too baby. I miss you so much and it’s only been a few hours,” I said.

“I know it’s going to be hard but we are strong ok? Remember that. We will be reunited in no time.”

“I know baby you’re right. Did you make it to Atlanta safely?”

“Yes baby I did. I will be staying in a really nice suite for the month. I like it, but it would be better if you and the kids were with me.”

“I’m glad you made it safely baby and I am happy you are comfortable.”

“Thanks baby. What are you doing? How are the kids?”

“They are ok. We are at your mom’s house and they are both taking a nap. We went to the mall earlier and did a little shopping and got something to eat. I am just lying down. I got an offer to do another commercial baby.”

“Really baby? That’s great! When is it?”

“Well it’s in a few weeks, when you won’t be here. They wanted you in the commercial too, but since you aren’t here, I declined the offer.”

“Baby you didn’t have to do that. I know how much you liked doing the first commercial.”

“I know but I can’t do it without you.”

“Yes you can baby. I wouldn’t mind at all.....if you were to do it with another man, I wouldn’t be mad because I know it’s acting and I know you would never cheat on me. Just no kissing! I mean that baby. Your lips are mine.....along with every inch of your body, especially your pussy.”

“So nasty! Baby I don’t know if I would feel comfortable doing the commercial with another man.”

“Zaira just find out more about the storyline and what you would have to do ok? Don’t just decline because I’m not there. If you are interested, then you do it.”

“Thank you so much baby for being so supportive....I guess I can reconsider. The job would pay $7,000 so that would be nice to have for our future plans.”

“Exactly baby. Just think about it ok? I will support you in anything just how you support me.”

“Julian I love you so much.”

“I love you more’s my baby girl doing? She alright?” I just laugh and Julian laughs too.

“I know you think I’m crazy Zaira.....but I know we are having a girl. A beautiful little girl that is going to look just like the both of us,” Julian said sweetly.

“It is a bit crazy....but your mom told me you knew JJ was a boy....she said you had a dream?,” I said.

“Yes I soon as Krystal told me she was pregnant, I had a dream about this little boy and the same thing happened after you told me you were pregnant.....but this time I had a dream about a little girl.”

“I think that’s really sweet baby and you may very well be right.....and she is doing very good,” I said while rubbing my stomach.

“I wish I was there to rub your stomach and talk to when is your first ultrasound?”

“Well I scheduled it for a few days after you come back. I want you to be there. I will be about 11 weeks pregnant by then.”

“I can’t wait baby.” I then yawn loudly into the phone.

“Baby I know how tired you get now that you’re pregnant. Get comfortable in the bed and I will sing you and our baby girl to sleep.” I just smile and I get under the covers and turn on my side.

“Ok baby I’m ready,” I said. Julian starts to softly sing and I just smile. He’s so amazing. This month will be hard without him, but I know the time will fly by.

Man I seriously hope that nobody thinks that its the 'Window of Opportunity' for them to mess with Zaira in the month while Chris is gone and same for him. Xavier still hangs omniously in the air, IF however he makes a wrong move on Zaira.

Run iT! <3

run it


Karen is the bestest lol. She offered them her home and she shows them love and affection. Aww Alexis broke my heart when she offered not to live with them cause it's to much of a burden to them, awww but Im glad Julian and Zaira let her know she's a huge part of there family and she'd never have to let them go. Love them. Love how over protective Julian is and Zaira's very newly pregnant lol. Damn Im sad hes gonna have to leave for a whole month for work. I hope nothing bad happens while he's away. Angela and Cameron were so excited when Zaira and Julian told them they were preggo, I loved it, Im secretly rooting for a girl too. Loved the add RUN IT!!!

lets hope no kinda drama happens in the month hes away!
karen is super sweet giving the house to them
Julian soo cute with her, again i so need a guy like him lol
run it


I wake up the next morning at around 9 am. I am wrapped in Julian’s arms tightly as we face each other. I look up at him sleeping peacefully and I smile to myself. My husband is so handsome. Wow that feels amazing to say :D I get my arms free from his grip and I run my hands up and down his arms as I admire him. This man is so damn fine, it should be illegal. No one could ever compare to him. I run my hands down his abs and I feel he has boxers on and the only thing I have on is panties. After Julian held me for a few hours, we did make love. He was so worried about having sex since I was pregnant but being a biology graduate, I explained to him that it was just fine ;) I never knew we could become more intimate with one another but we truly did last night. Julian was so gentle last night and he looked me in my eyes the entire time we made love. He also sang to my stomach for a good portion of the night. He is so sweet. He told me he doesn’t want me to do anything too strenuous. Gosh I love him so much. He is always looking out for me. He’s so beautiful inside and out and he’s mine forever! I love it! I lean in and I kiss his lips gently and I get out of his arms, but he quickly pulls me back close to him. I just look at him and he opens his left eye at me.

“Where do you think you’re going?,” Julian asked.

“I was going to fix my handsome husband breakfast,” I said while smiling big.

“Oh really? I don’t think so. My wife will not be lifting a finger while she is pregnant and when I am around.....what do you want to eat?,” Julian asked me while opening both eyes.

“ look pretty appetizing,” I said while looking Julian up and down and running my hand up and down his abs.

“Freak you can’t eat me,” Julian teased.

“But you can eat me?”

“That’s right,” Julian said while smacking my ass. I just giggle and I roll on top of Julian and I straddle him and he holds my waist. He looks my torso up and down and then he squeezes both of my breasts and I just laugh at him.

“My wife is so beautiful,” Julian said.

“Thank you about we cook breakfast together?”

“Ok baby we can compromise and do that.....but first give your husband his morning kiss.” Julian closes his eyes and puckers his lips. I smile and I lean down and I rest my hands on Julian’s face and I kiss him passionately. He holds me close and runs his hands up and down my back. After a passionate kiss, he smiles at me and I smile at him. I sit up and Julian sits up so I am in his lap. He pushes me back a little bit and leans down and kisses my stomach and I just laugh.

“Hi baby! You doing ok in there? Huh? Mommy and daddy can’t wait to see you. You have a brother too! His name is JJ. And a beautiful cousin her name is Alexis. And a beautiful grandmother too. You are going to have so many people that will love you and spoil you. I will spoil you to death,” Julian said in his baby voice.

“You’re so sweet baby,” I said.

“How do you feel?”

“I feel great baby.”

“You know I knew yesterday you had this glow but I could not put my finger on it. I can’t believe I didn’t guess you were pregnant. Deep inside I wanted it, but I wasn’t sure how fast you would get pregnant you know? You did a really good job hiding it from me. You really wanted it to be a surprise huh?”

“Yes I did. I wanted it to be our present for our you want to tell everyone the good news today?”

“I would love to what do you think?”

“I want to. I know everyone is going to be so happy for us.”

“You’re right.....ok you need to get out of my lap babe before I put another child inside of you,” Julian said while smirking. I just hit Julian’s chest as I laugh and I peck his lips and then I get off of him and I stand up from the bed and he stands up as well. He kisses the back of my neck and I smile. I put on one of his t-shirts and he puts on a beater. We both brush our teeth and then we go into the kitchen and we make breakfast. Julian was so worried about me and watched me very closely. He’s so sweet and he always just wants to protect me. We made eggs, grits, hash browns, bacon and orange juice to drink. We say our blessing and we enjoy our breakfast. I sat in Julian’s lap for breakfast since he said he just wanted me close to him. Did I mention I love this man?! He is a pure sweetheart. After breakfast, we cleaned up the kitchen area and then we take a shower together, no sex. Once we are done showering, Julian helps me lotion and then we both get dressed. I washed my hair in the shower so my curls would come back, so no more straight hair. I dry it, and then style it as Julian gets ready. Once we are all ready, we pack up everything and then we leave the villa and head to Karen’s house. I can’t wait to tell everyone our good news. Once we get there, we get out of the car and walk in hand in hand. Julian closes the door behind us and we go into the living room and we see Karen, JJ and Alexis. When they see us, they all smile.

“Hey newlyweds!,” Karen exclaimed.

“Hey ma,” Julian said.

“Hi Karen,” I said. JJ and Alexis run to us and we hug them both.

“Everyone....we have some news to tell you,” Julian said. JJ, Alexis and Karen nod their heads and sit on the couch and Zaira and I stand in front of them.

“Well I am honored to say that......Zaira and I are expecting our first child together,” I said happily. Everyone just gasps in shock and JJ and Alexis hop off the couch and clap their hands.

“Mommy you’re going to have a baby?!,” JJ exclaimed.

“That’s right baby boy. I am going to have your little brother or sister,” I said happily.

“Oh yay!! I am going to have another cute cousin!,” Alexis exclaimed. They both hug me tight and I hug them back. Karen is already crying and she comes over to me and hugs me tight.

“I am so happy for you two. You both deserve it. I’m going to have a third grandchild I can’t wait,” Karen said.

“Thank you Karen. I love you,” I said.

“I love you too baby,” Karen said. Julian hugs us both and then we all sit on the couch and JJ sits in my lap and him and Alexis rub my stomach and talk cutely. My family is so sweet.

“Julian baby how is the house searching going? Any new leads?,” Karen asked.

“It’s hard ma.....Zaira and I want something we can afford but also something with enough space. With the new baby coming, we want at least four bedrooms for all of us, but a decent four bedroom house is out of our price range right now. We need to save up some more money before we can comfortably put a down payment on a new house,” Julian said.

“I understand baby. I know it’s hard, but you all are more than welcome to stay here until you find just what you are looking for,” Karen said.

“Thanks ma,” Julian said. I notice Alexis stop rubbing my stomach and I look down at her and she is frowning a bit. She rests her head against my shoulder and I look down at her and I rub the side of her face.

“What’s wrong pretty girl?,” I asked.

“Juju,’s ok if you just want to live with JJ and your new baby......I know I’m not really your child, so I would live with grandma. I don’t want to hold you two back,” Alexis said sadly. Julian and I just look at each other in shock.

“Alexis no, you will come too,” JJ said.

“Alexis, you are my baby girl. I know you aren’t technically my child but I feel like you are. I love you just how I love JJ, and me and Julian’s new baby. Julian and I would never go anywhere without you. You are part of this family,” I said strongly.

“Yeah Alexis. You are my baby girl too. You know how much I love you. You are just like my child in my mind. I promised you I would take care of you right? Zaira and I promised you we would and we will not break that promise. We would never just abandon you just because you technically aren’t our child. You are in this family, don’t ever forget that,”’ Julian said.

“You’re right I’m sorry,” Alexis said. Alexis climbs into Julian’s lap and he hugs her tight. She then climbs in my lap next to JJ and hugs me tight and I kiss her forehead multiple times. JJ then hugs her tightly.

“Alexis I know you are my cousin, but you are more like my sister. I love you,” JJ said.

“I love you too cutie pie!,” Alexis said. She kisses JJ’s cheek and they hug again. My babies are so cute!! I know they will love our new addition just as much as they love each other.

“Oh my you are all such a beautiful family.....Julian and Zaira I am here if you need anything.....and I have been thinking about something,” Karen said.

“What’s that ma?,” Julian said.

“Well....I love this house you know that Julian.....but.....I think....maybe I would pass it onto you and Zaira,” Karen said.

“Karen no. We cannot ask you to do that,” I said.

“Ma you worked so hard for this house. You worked so hard to support me and Justin on your own so you deserve this. Zaira and I could not take this house from you,” Julian said.

“Listen baby. It’s just me now, I don’t need this house. I would be fine in an apartment somewhere close to you all so I could come visit.....just think about it ok? If no other options become available by January then consider it ok?,” Karen said.

“Karen thank you so much,” I said.

“Yeah ma this offer is so nice of you,” Julian said.

“I love you two so much,” Karen said.

“I love you too,” Julian and I said in unison. Julian and I sit with Karen and the kids for most of the afternoon. We enjoy lunch together and we leave at 4 pm. We get to our apartment close to 5 pm, and Angela, CJ and Cameron are coming over for dinner at 6 pm. We are going to tell them our good news! Once we are at the apartment, Julian and I go into our bedroom and we sit on the bed. Julian takes out his laptop and looks through his email. As he is doing so, he makes a sigh of frustration. I scoot close to him and I rest my head on his shoulder and I wrap my arms around his waist.

“What’s wrong baby?,” I asked.

“Zaira.....I have to do a month long training for my job in about two weeks,” Julian said sadly.

“Oh that’s not so bad baby? So you’ll be gone like 9 to 5 every day or something?”

“Baby......the training is in Atlanta,” Julian said while looking me in my eyes. I just look at him and I frown. A month without my husband? I don’t want to do that.

“Really babe? Atlanta?,” I asked sadly.

“Yeah baby,” Julian said.

“Oh Julian I am going to miss you so much....ever since we met basically, we have always been together. We haven’t been without each other for a long period of time like a month.”

“I know baby you’re so right. We just got married and found out that you are expecting, I don’t want to leave you like this. I feel awful.”

“Baby don’t feel awful. You are doing this for your family and I love you for that.”

“You’re right....and for the training the company will give me a $5,000 bonus so that will be very helpful for our future.”

“Really baby? Well that’s great! Oh I’m so proud of you Julian.....and I know we don’t want to be apart, but I will be alright with the kids for a month.”

“I don’t want to leave my wife or my kids......I wanted to be around every day of the growth of our baby,” Julian said while rubbing my stomach.

“Oh I know baby.....listen I won’t go to my first ultrasound without you. We can schedule it before you leave because I don’t want you to miss anything either.”

“Thanks baby. Thank you for being so understanding Zaira. It’s one of the many things I love about you.”

“Baby we are in this may be hard and I may get sad, but I can do this.....I’m going to miss you so much though Julian.”

“Baby I am going to miss you and my family are my everything, I don’t like being away from any of you.”

“You’re so sweet.....we’ll get through this don’t even worry.” Julian smiles and puckers his lips and I peck them multiple times. He then hugs me tight. Damn I am going to miss Julian so much, but I am strong and I will have to stay strong for the kids. This will be our first “test” since our marriage, and I am confident that Julian and I will pass :) At 6 pm, the doorbell to our apartment rings. Angela and Cameron are bringing takeout for all of us to eat. Julian and I go to the door and Julian opens it and Angela and Cameron smile at us.

“Hi newlyweds! Zaira kiss,” Angela said. I just laugh and I peck her lips and then I hug her tight. Cameron then hugs me while carrying CJ’s car seat and then they both walk in and Julian closes the door behind them. We all walk into the kitchen and Angela sets down the food.

“Ok let me see my handsome munchkin,” I said. Cameron and Angela laugh and Cameron takes CJ out of his car seat and I smile big at him. My gosh he is so handsome! And he has the cutest outfit of jeans, a t-shirt and Jordans. He looks soooo cute!!

“Hi honey! It’s your god mother. Let me hold you!,” I said in my baby voice. Angela and Cameron kiss CJ’s cheek and then Cameron hands CJ to me and I kiss him all over his face.

“Hi handsome! Hi. You look so cute today,” I said in my baby voice. CJ just looks at me and smiles and I smile back.

“You’re always so happy CJ. I love you,” I said. I kiss his forehead and then I hand CJ to Julian and Julian kisses CJ all over his face and CJ kicks his feet in happiness.

“You are happy huh lil’ man?,” Julian said cutely. I just admire Julian. This man is going to be the best father to our newborn. Julian rocks CJ gently and CJ squeals out in happiness and we all laugh at him.

“You are both so good with him. I can’t wait until you have your baby,” Angela said. Julian and I just look at each other and smile big and Cameron and Angela both caught onto that.

“Zaira!! Baby! What was that look? Oh my god......are you pregnant?!?,” Angela shrieked in excitement.

“Yes Angela! I’m pregnant! About five weeks,” I said happily while smiling big. Angela just screams in excitement and hugs me tight.

“Oh baby I am so happy for you! You and Julian deserve this happiness,” Angela said.

“Thanks boo,” I said. She pulls out of the hug and kisses my cheek then lifts up my shirt and kisses me all over my stomach and I just laugh.

“Hi baby! This is your god mother Angela....I can’t wait to see you!,” Angela said to my stomach.

“Man I am so happy for you. Congratulations,” Cameron said to Julian.

“Thanks man I am overly excited. I have wanted this for so long and I can admit I got impatient at times, but it was definitely worth the wait,” Julian said while looking at me. I just smile and I peck his lips multiple times.

“Oh you two are such a beautiful couple. You both deserve everything good in this world,” Angela said.

“Thanks,” Julian and I said in unison. We all hug each other and then we sit down and eat and just have a good time together. I played with CJ for most of the evening. He stayed awake for me :) I swear I love him like he was my own. He is just so beautiful to me. I can’t wait until I have me and Julian’s child. I hope these nine months fly by. Last night, Julian was already talking about names! We don’t even know what we are having yet but Julian is insistent in that we are having a girl. He says he is 100% positive it’s a girl. I think he’s crazy, like how does he know? He says it’s just a feeling he has. I would be happy with a girl, a boy, twins, quadruplets, anything! I just know that whatever happens, Julian and I will be so happy. At 9 pm, Cameron, Angela and CJ head home. Julian and I clean up a bit, and then we go into our bedroom and I sit on the bed and Julian sits next to me.

“Baby have you had any morning sickness or anything? Do you feel ok?,” Julian asked. I just smile at Julian; he’s so sweet!!

“Actually I haven’t had any morning sickness and I am thankful for that. My mom never had any morning sickness either....I think I got it from her,” I said while looking down. Julian gets behind me so I am in between his legs and he holds me tight.

“I know you miss your parents baby. I know that you would have wanted them at our wedding. I know you wanted your dad to be able to walk you down the aisle. Every bride deserves that. I know you want them here to meet our child. I know it hurts Zaira. I see the pain in your eyes when you talk about your parents. I know you were so close with them. I know how much you loved them and you know that they loved you. And just because they are gone, doesn’t mean they aren’t still here. They are in your heart and they are in you. You are a part of them and they are a part of you. Our child will be a part of them too baby. They will always live remember that,” Julian said sweetly.

“You’re so sweet baby you always know what to say to make me feel better. I love you so much,” I said while smiling.

“I love you more beautiful.” I never use to believe in happy endings or fairytales, but Julian proves me wrong every day :)

That was so beautiful man. From the graduation to the wedding. That song Julian sung to Zaira "Another You" was so beautuful. There vows they wrote for one another, the ministers prayers and scrpitures. The venue setup and the tux and dresses just so pretty. I really loved the honeymoon suite as well man very put together, and now theyre gonna have a baby. The best news ever. JJ and Alexis are gonna be thrilled. Im so happy for that family. This is only the beginning man. LOVED THeSe ADDs Nicole. RUN IT
And congratulations on graduating college, Im very proud of you chica.

im so teary eyed im so happy for them and the wedding was so beautiful
and u gave me some ideas my oldest sis is getting married and im like the planner
the whole day was just super cute
and the best part is him finding out shes pregnant and just wants to hold her :)
too beautiful
run it!
congrats on you graduating! where you go to school?

aww that was a beautiful wedding and she is finally pregnant!! great it!

Here is Angela's <a href="">dress</a>


So seven weeks pass and today is me and Zaira’s wedding day!!! I cannot believe I am going to marry the woman of my dreams today. It’s so surreal to me. I am incredibly excited though, and also so nervous! I plan to sing at our wedding today and I just hope everything goes well. I can’t believe it’s really happening!! Anyway it’s Saturday, the day of our wedding and the ceremony starts at 3 pm. It is now 11 am and Zaira and I are getting everything packed to go to the church and our honeymoon later so we can get ready at the church. We are both in our bedroom packing small bags to take with us. Zaira dress and my tuxedo are already at the church. My mom is going to meet us at the church with the kids. Cameron and Angela are our best man and maid of honor and that’s pretty much all of our wedding party. Our wedding is not going to be very big, but that’s just fine with me. The most important people in me and Zaira’s life will be there and that’s all that matters. The more intimate the better. I just look at Zaira packing her bag and I smile. She is going to be my wife in a matter of hours. My wife, I just can’t believe it. I can’t wait to see her all dressed up in her dress. She is going to take my breath away I already know that. And tonight on our honeymoon? Lord don’t even get me started on that! Yes we have already had raw sex, probably a hundred times these past seven weeks, but it’s going to even more special when we do it once we are married. Our honeymoon is the night our bodies officially become one.

“Zaira?,” I said.

“Yeah baby?,” Zaira said while looking at me.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Oh thank you baby you’re so sweet.....I’m really excited for today. I can’t believe that we are getting married! You are going to be my husband.”

“And you’re going to be my wife. I can’t wait baby.....I’m so excited!”

“Me too baby!” Zaira walks over to me and kisses my lips multiple times and then hugs me tight.

“Make sure to pack your lingerie for our honeymoon tonight. You know what I like,” I said while winking at Zaira.

“I already have it packed don’t worry baby,” Zaira said while winking back. I just look at her and I don’t know why......she just looks different to me. I can’t explain it, but something is definitely different about her. I lean in and I kiss her forehead and then we finish packing. Once we are done packing, we get in my car and head to the church. Once we get there, I hug Zaira tightly before we go our separate ways.

“Ok baby I’ll see you at the altar?,” I said.

“I’ll see you there. I love you so much handsome,” Zaira said.

“I love you too beautiful.” We share a passionate kiss and then we go to opposite sides of the church so we can get ready. We went through the back door just because we didn’t want to see the church decorations just yet. We want it to be a surprise. I go to my dressing room area, and I see my mom Cameron, and JJ.

“Hi daddy!,” JJ exclaimed.

“Hey lil’ man come here,” I said. I set down my bags and JJ runs to me and I pick him up and I throw him in the air then I catch him. He laughs so hard and then I hug him tight and he hugs me. He then kisses my cheek and smiles at me.

“Daddy are you excited? You’re going to marry mommy today!,” JJ said.

“I am so excited to marry mommy today....but also nervous,” I confessed.

“Don’t be daddy. You two love each other.”

“I know you’re right....I can’t wait to see you in your tuxedo. You are going to look so handsome.”

“Thank you daddy so will you.” I smile and I rub my hands gently over JJ’s neat cornrows that Zaira put in his hair last night. I kiss his forehead and then I set him down. My mom comes up to me and she rests her hands on my cheeks as tears fill her eyes.

“Mom we haven’t even started the ceremony and you are already crying?,” I joked.

“Oh stop. Julian I am just.....I am so happy for you. You deserve every second of today I mean that. I have watched you grow from a baby, to the beautiful young man standing in front of me right now. You are so strong and loving and caring and you love your family so much. That means everything to me. It shows me that I did alright raising you. I am so honored to have someone as beautiful as you as my son and I am honored to officially welcome Zaira into our family. You two are such a beautiful loving couple and I know you are both going to take such good care of JJ, Alexis and any other children you may want to have. I love you so much Julian and I am so proud of you,” my mom said as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Aww ma you are going to make me cry. I love you so much,” I said while wiping her tears. My mom smiles a bit and we share a long embrace.

“Ok baby I am going to let you all get ready. I will see you at the ceremony,” my mom said. We pull out of the embrace and she kisses my cheek and I kiss hers and she leaves the room. I look at Cameron and we share a quick embrace.

“How you feelin’ man?,” Cameron asked.

“I feel alright.....I’m kind of nervous,” I said.

“Why? Today is going to be perfect don’t even worry.”

“Yeah man you’re right. I just need to chill.” I take a deep breath and I sit down on a nearby couch. I call to make sure everything is in place for our reception this evening. We are just going to have our reception in the local community center. It will be indoors with tons of space and tons of food. I’m excited for every second of today. By 2:30 pm me, Cameron and I are all dressed in our tuxedos. I have on this <a href="">tuxedo</a>. I dyed my hair back to its natural color about a month ago, so no more blonde. Cameron is wearing <a href="">this tuxedo</a> and my lil’ man JJ is wearing <a href="">this tuxedo</a>. We all look really good!

“Daddy and Cameron you look great!,” JJ exclaimed.

“Thanks lil’ man,” I said while smiling big.

“Yeah and you look handsome yourself,” Cameron complimented.

“Thanks,” JJ said while smiling big.

“Ok ya’ll ready? It’s time to line up,” I said. Cameron and JJ nod their heads and I grab JJ’s hand and Cameron follows behind me as we line up to enter the church. I am so nervous right now, my palms are even sweaty! I cannot wait to see Zaira walk down the aisle. I already know that I am going to ball like a baby when I see her. She is going to be so gorgeous I already know it. I look in the church sanctuary and everything looks beautiful. I see all the guests and I just smile. We invited our closest friends and the little bit of family on my mom’s side like uncles, aunts and cousins. Overall, there are about 50 people here, so not a big service at all. Music is softly playing and the ushers are lighting candles towards the front of the pulpit. At exactly 3 pm, the processional starts. So basically the processional begins with my mother walking down the aisle and I just smile at her from a distance. She’s beautiful. Next, I and the minister, Minister Hall, walk down the aisle together. I just look at everyone and I can’t help but smile as everyone smiles back at me. My mom is already crying. After that Cameron and Angela walk down the aisle with their arms locked. Angela is wearing this <a href=">dress</a>. They are such a beautiful couple. Cameron’s mom is holding CJ in the front row and he squeals a bit when he sees his parents walk down the aisle and everyone laughs at this. Next, JJ and Alexis walk down the aisle together. Alexis places flowers on the aisle as they walk and JJ has the rings in his hands. I smile so big at them, they are beautiful!! They are just smiling big as well and I can tell they are really enjoying this. Alexis is wearing this <a href="">dress</a>. Once they get to me, I kneel down and I hug them both and they both kiss my cheek and then find their spots next to Cameron and Angela respectively.

“All rise for the bride,” Minister Hall said. Everyone stands up and faces the entrance doors and I just take a deep breath. Sadly, Zaira will be walking down the aisle by herself. I offered for one of my uncles to walk her, but she said she just rather do it by herself since her dad isn’t here. The entrance doors open and my heart literally stops in my chest when I see Zaira. She literally took my breath away. She is dressed in this <a href="">dress</a>. My gosh she is absolutely stunning. I noticed that her natural hair is straightened and flows past her shoulders. She is gorgeous. She is just smiling big and looking right at me and everyone admires how beautiful she is. Tears just stream down my face and I wipe them away the best I can. She frowns a bit at me and tears swell her eyes, but she won’t let them fall. I don’t want her to ruin her perfect makeup anyway. JJ and Alexis are smiling big at Zaira as well and once she gets to me, she smiles and JJ and Alexis hug her waist quickly and then go back to their spots. She wipes my tears and I kiss her left hand and I grab it tightly as we face Minister Hall.

“We are gathered here in the sight of God and these witnesses to unite Julian Matthews and Zaira Andrews in holy matrimony. As followers of Jesus Christ, they believe that God created marriage. In Genesis it says, "It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Julian and Zaira, as you prepare to take these vows, give careful thought and prayer, for as you make them you are making an exclusive commitment one to the other for as long as you both shall live. Your love for each other should never be diminished by difficult circumstances, and it is to endure until death parts you. As God's children, your marriage is strengthened by your obedience to your Heavenly Father and His Word. As you let God be in control of your marriage, He will cause your home to be a place of joy and a testimony to the world,” Minister Hall said. Now it’s time for the opening prayer. We all close our eyes and bow our heads.

“Our Father, love has been Your richest and greatest gift to the world. Love between a man and woman which matures into marriage is one of Your most beautiful types of loves. Today we celebrate that love. May your blessing be on this wedding service. Protect, guide, and bless Julian and Zaira in their marriage. Surround them and us with Your love now and always. Amen,” Minister Hall said. We all say “Amen” and then we open our eyes and tilt our heads up.

“Congregation you may all be seated,” Minister Hall said. The entire congregation takes their seats.

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?,” Minister Hall asked.

“I do,” my mom said. Zaira looks at my mom and they both smile at each other and then Zaira faces back to Minister Hall. JJ and Alexis go to sit with my mom and the choir sings a quick hymn. Now it’s time for the charge.

“Julian and Zaira, the covenant which you are about to make with each other is meant to be a beautiful and sacred expression of your love for each other. As you pledge your vows to each other, and as you commit your lives to each other, we ask that you do so in all seriousness, and yet with a deep sense of joy; with the deep conviction that you are committing yourselves to a dynamic growing relationship of trust, mutual support, and caring love. Zaira and I just look at each other and smile and nod our heads. Now it’s time for the pledge.

“Julian, do you take Zaira to be your wedded wife and in the presence of these witnesses do you vow that you will do everything in your power to make your love for her a growing part of your life? Will you continue to strengthen it from day to day and week to week with your best resources? Will you stand by her in sickness or in health, in poverty or in wealth, and will you shun all others and keep yourself to her alone as long as you both shall live? If so, please say I do,” Minister Hall said.

“I do,” I said while looking Zaira deep in her eyes.

“Zaira, do you take Julian to be your wedded husband, and in the presence of these witnesses do you vow that you will do everything in your power to make your love for him a growing part of your life? Will you continue to strengthen it from day to day and week to week with your best resources? Will you stand by him in sickness or in health, in poverty or in wealth, and will you shun all others and keep yourself to him alone as long as you both shall live? If so please say I do,” Minister Hall said.

“I do,” Zaira said while looking deeply in my eyes. We just smile big at each other and then look at Minister Hall.

“At this time, you two may face each other for your vows. I understand you have both written your own vows. Zaira you may start,” Minister Hall said. Zaira and I face each other and we grab each other’s hands tightly and I stare in her eyes and she looks in mine. Damn she’s beautiful.

“Julian.....I could stand here for days talking about why I love you and how much I love you. You everything to say the least. When we first met.....I don’t think either of us understood just how much we would change each other’s lives for the better. I can say that I was not in a good place when I met you, even though I thought I was. I can honestly say that I had no idea how could love could be or feel until I met you.....we were both scared of each other for the same reasons when we first met. We were scared that someone could actually love us for who we were, and what we had been through. We have both been through terrible things, but we made it and here we are today. have helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. You have been right by my side even when I didn’t want you to be. You were always there to remind me that I was beautiful and loved and I can never thank you enough for that. Julian whether you know this or not, you have a heart of pure gold. You are always more concerned about the well-being of others before yourself. When I was at one of the lowest points in my life, you were always worried about me. You took such good care of me and that meant everything to me. One of the reasons I love you so much is because you always know what to say to make everything better. I love everything about you Julian. I love your smile, your laugh, the way you kiss me, the way you hold me. I love your eyes, your beautiful freckles, your lips, your body I love everything. But what I love the most is your heart. Your heart is what made me fall in love with you. It’s so pure and loving and caring. You are so passionate and I love that. I love that you have no problem showing me just how much you love me. I know my thoughts are all over the place, but just know.....that I love you with all of my heart, soul, body and mind and I am so in love with you and I will be until the day that I die,” Zaira said as tears ran down her cheeks. Tears are flowing down my cheeks right now as well. Wow. Her words touched me to my core. Damn I love this woman so much; words will never express that enough. I wipe her cheeks quickly and she wipes mine as we smile at each other. I take a deep breath and I look Zaira in her eyes so I can say my vows.

“Zaira...woman you are my life. You are my heart. When we first met, I was in a very dark place. I was alone and I didn’t feel accepted by anyone. I never felt I was worthy of anything good because of my past and the things I did. But that first day I met you, I knew you came into my life for a reason. I didn’t want to believe that I deserved someone as good as you as even my friend, but you changed my mind and convinced me differently so fast. I was so scared of you at first though Zaira. I never liked putting my emotions and feelings out there, but again you changed that. You changed everything about me. You changed me into the man I am today with your love. Your love turned me into a better person....I’ve watched you go through terrible situations and make it out even stronger than you were in the amaze me Zaira. Your kind, loving, compassionate spirit amazes me. You amaze me every day with your actions baby. You always and I mean always put mine or the kids needs before your own. Your happiness lies in me and the kids’ happiness and I love that you can be so selfless in such a selfish world. You have the real heart of gold Zaira. Even when I wasn’t nice to you, even when I was rude, you were always so nice and caring towards me. I didn’t think I deserved that but you tell me that I do and I believe heart literally beats for you and our family. You’re the reason I can smile every day. You’re the reason I get out of bed every day and work hard. Even when I have bad days, I know my days are not that bad because I have you right by my side. I swear when I see your smile, I forget about everything bad. Nothing can be bad if you are with me. We have our ups and downs Zaira, but all the downs in the world could never even come close to the ups I have had and will have with you in my life. You mean everything to me,” I said. I take Zaira’s left hand and I place it across my heart and she just looks at me with tears streaming down her face.

“You feel my heartbeat? That’s you. My breath? That’s you. Everything is you Zaira. You are literally a part of me now. You know how Eve came from Adam’s rib? Well that’s you. God created you specifically for me and I am so thankful for that and I thank Him every day for you. I hope what I am saying is making sense......but I wrote a song that I would like to perform for you baby. It’s called “Another You.” I wrote this song a little after I proposed because I knew that no matter what, there will never be another you Zaira. There will never be another you,” I said as tears streamed down my face as well. I look at Cameron and he nods his head and music starts playing. I grab a microphone and I quickly wipe my face and I use my free hand to hold Zaira’s left hand. I look her in her eyes and I sing <a href="">this song</a> to Zaira. I get incredibly into it. I sing my heart out for my wife to be. Zaira was balling so hard and so was my mom. By the time I was finished singing, I was balling too. That was so emotional for me. I set down the microphone and then I move closer to Zaira and we wipe each other’s tears. The entire congregation gave me a standing ovation.

“I love you so much Julian,” Zaira said.

“I love you too Zaira,” I said. Once we get ourselves together, it’s time for the exchanging of the rings. JJ comes up to Zaira and I with the ring boxes in his hands and hands them to Minister Hall and then he sits back down next to my mom.

“Those were absolutely beautiful vows. Now it’s time for the exchanging of the rings. Let us pray. Bless, O Lord, the giving and receiving of these rings. May Julian and Zaira abide in Thy peace and grow in their knowledge of Your presence through their loving union. May the seamless circle of these rings become the symbol of their endless love and serve to remind them of the holy covenant they have entered into today to be faithful, loving, and kind to each other. Dear God, may they live in Your grace and be forever true to this union. Amen,” Minister Hall said. He then hands Zaira’s ring to me.

“Zaira, I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. With this ring, I thee wed,” I said while sliding the ring on Zaira’s left ring finger. Minister Hall then hands my ring to Zaira.

“Julian, I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. With this ring, I thee wed,” Zaira said while sliding the ring on my left ring finger. Zaira and I decided on matching gold bands for our rings. Zaira and I then light our unity candle to symbolize that from this day forward, we are one.

“Now that Julian and Zaira have given themselves to each other by the promises they have exchanged, I pronounce them to be husband and wife, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen,” Minister Hall. Next, Zaira and I partake in our first communion as husband and wife. Wow that feels so good to say!!!!! We all bow our heads and close our eyes for the final prayer.

“May the love of God be above you to overshadow you, beneath you to uphold you, before you to guide you, behind you to protect you, close beside you and within you to make you able for all things, and to reward your faithfulness with the joy and peace which the world cannot give --neither can it take away. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, to whom be glory now and evermore. Amen,” Minister Hall said. We all say “Amen” and then we open our eyes and lift up our heads.

“Julian, you may now kiss your bride,” Minister Hall. I smile at Zaira and she smiles at me. I wipe her remaining tears and she wipes mine. She rests her hands on my waist and I rest them on her face. I lean down and I press my lips against Zaira’s and I give her the most passionate kiss we have ever shared. Everyone in the congregation starts clapping. After a minute passionate kiss, I pull out of the kiss and then Zaira and I hug each other tightly.

“It is now my privilege to introduce to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Matthews,” Minister Hall said happily. Everyone continues to clap and Zaira and I face the congregation with our hands locked and we walk down the aisle, with Cameron and Angela and the minister behind us. We walk outside and I hug Zaira so tight.

“You’re my wife Zaira it’s official!!,” I exclaimed in pure happiness.

“And you’re my husband! Baby I love you so much!,” Zaira exclaimed.

“I love you.” I kiss Zaira’s lips multiple times and the kids come running up to us. I pick up JJ and Zaira picks up Alexis and we hug them tightly.

“Yay you’re married! You’re my official aunty now!,” Alexis said to Zaira.

“Yeah and now you’re my official second mommy!,” JJ said to Zaira. Zaira just smiles and kisses both of their cheeks.

“I’m so happy. I love you all so much,” Zaira said.

“I love you too,” I, Alexis and JJ said in unison.

“Zaira boo you’re a married woman now!!,” Angela said. Angela hugs Zaira and me tightly and then Cameron does the same. My mom then comes out and we all share a five minute embrace. Everyone is so emotional right now. Once everyone gives us their congratulatory words, we take a ton of pictures. I always want to be able to remember this day. It’s one of the best days of my life. After that, we all drive to the community center about 20 minutes away for the reception. Once we get there, we go in and see this <a href="">setup</a>. Everything is beautiful. Zaira and I along with Cameron and Angela sit at the head of the room and everyone else takes their seats at the round tables. Zaira is holding my hand tightly and we can’t stop smiling at each other. Zaira scoots her chair close to mine and she rests her head on my shoulder and I kiss her forehead multiple times. We all enjoy a really nice, buffet style dinner and dessert. Now it’s time to party! We hired a DJ for the evening and he starts with the song I wrote for Zaira, “Another You.”

“Baby may I have this dance?,” I asked.

“Of course baby,” Zaira said. Zaira and I stand up and we walk to the dance floor hand in hand. She stands in front of me and wraps her arms around my neck and I wrap mine tightly around her waist. I pull her close to me and we start to slow dance together.

“Baby you look so beautiful today, just so stunning. My heart stopped the minute I first saw you,” I confessed.

“Thank you look absolutely handsome in your all white. You look so good baby. I wanted to jump your bones the minute I saw you,” Zaira said while laughing a bit.

“So silly....I like your hair like this too. It looks good on you,” I said while running my hands through Zaira’s straight hair.

“Thank you’re so sweet. I am so honored you are my husband.”

“I’m honored you are my wife.” Zaira smiles and closes her eyes and puckers her lips and I lean down and I kiss her lips multiple times and then I look at her. I swear she is glowing right now.

“....You’ve been glowing all day baby I love it,” I said while smiling big. Zaira just smiles at me and she looks down then looks at me.

“....You noticed that?,” Zaira asked.

“I notice everything about you.....when I was looking at you this morning, I don’t know what it was, but you just looked different to me. Different in a good way though Zaira. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s something.” Zaira just smiles at me and rests her head on my chest.

“I’m just so happy Julian. You have made the happiest woman in the world today. I love you so much and I am going to show you how much tonight,” Zaira said.

“Oh is that right? You thought we were nasty before? Tonight I am going to take that to a whole different level you just wait and see,” I said.

“I can’t wait baby.....I have a surprise for you tonight.”

“You’re always surprising me.”

“This one will make you particularly happy.” I just smile and I hold Zaira closer and we enjoy our first dance as husband and wife. It was beautiful. All of today has been truly beautiful. After our slow dance, the DJ plays faster music and everyone joins in dancing. JJ and Alexis dance near us and they are just too cute dancing together. They are so close and I love that. At 8 pm, the reception is over. We got so many nice gifts from our guests and my mom is going to take them home for now. We say bye to all of our guests, and then we say bye to my mom, JJ, Alexis, Angela and Cameron. Once everyone leaves, I take Zaira’s hand and I lead her to my car. We both get in and I start to drive. Zaira held my right hand the entire drive. We aren’t going to have a huge honeymoon, just a special night with the two of us. Maybe in the future we will take a real honeymoon somewhere, but for now this is perfect for us. I hope Zaira enjoys everything. We drive to Richmond and once we get there, I get the room key and I take Zaira to our little villa. With a villa we will have more privacy, as opposed to a hotel room. I pick Zaira up in my arms and she laughs. I open our door and she gasps as she looks around <a href="">the room</a> .

“I know this isn’t much Zaira, but I really hope you enjoy this. Once we get more money saved up, I will take you anywhere you want to go,” I said.

“Julian, baby this is perfect. I love it,” Zaira said while smiling big. I smile and I close the door behind us. I set the room key on the table and then I walk Zaira to our bedroom. I set her on the bed and I kneel in front of her. I take off her shoes and then I look at her. I stand up and I take off my shoes and then I look at Zaira.

“You want to change for me?,” I asked.

“Julian.....I need to tell you something first,” Zaira said.

“Ok baby what’s on your mind?” Zaira smiles and she stands up from the bed and she takes off her wedding dress so she just has on a pair of white lace panties and underwear and her knee highs and stilettos. Damn she looks good even now.

“Julian......we are going to have a baby,” Zaira said while looking me in my eyes. I just gasp and raise my eyebrows in shock. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?

“Wh-wha-what? Zaira what? Wait.’re pregnant?!,” I whispered.

“Yes Julian I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant with our child,” Zaira said. I just stare at her. Is this real life? Am I dreaming right now? Zaira moves closer to me and takes my hands and rests them on her stomach.

“Our baby is growing inside of me Julian....our love has created a new life,” Zaira said as tears ran down her cheeks. I just look at her as tears run down my cheeks. I get on my knees in front of her and I rest my head on her stomach and I grab her waist tight and I hold her close as I cry on her stomach. Zaira rubs the top of my head as I cry.

“I can’t even explain how happy I am. I am about five weeks pregnant baby. I missed my period so I took three at home tests and they were all positive. I also went to the doctor and they confirmed everything. I wanted it to be a surprise. My first ultrasound will be in a few are you happy?,” Zaira said softly. I just look up at her and she smiles at me.

“Zaira you just made me the happiest person in this world.....I love you so much,” I said as tears poured out of my eyes.

“I love you too baby. I love you so much,” Zaira said. I look at Zaira’s stomach and I rub it gently and I smile big! I can’t believe a new life that she and I created is growing inside of her. I lean in and I kiss Zaira all over her stomach.

“Hi my baby. Hi. This is your daddy. I love you so much already and I cannot wait to see you,” I said softly. I kiss Zaira’s stomach again and she kneels in front of me and she wipes my tears and I wipe hers. I then hug her so tight. I don’t want to let her go. We share a very long embrace. After that, I grab her face in my hands and I kiss her forehead multiple times.

“I can’t believe all of my dreams are coming true.....and they are all coming true through you Zaira. So I thank you for that,” I said sincerely.

“You’re so sweet baby and you have made all of my dreams come true too baby.”

“Thank you......I just want to hold you in my arms tonight. Would that be ok?”

“As long as we’re together Julian, that’s all I need.”

Run It...

Run It...

Thanks for the support ladies!! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be graduating college this Saturday! I am all done with finals!! I am just so excited!! I will probably be adding a lot this summer. Thanks again for the love :)