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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.


yasmine deserved every bit of what julian was saying..

run it

Aww Im happy They Doing Good...
Run It....

This b**** Yasmin has really lost her damn mind. She really think what she did to Alexis was okay. b**** first you put you hands on her then you attempted to give her a drug that couldve killed her. Crazy bisch gone somewhere. Then to say Julian wants her and she's better then Zaira is a damn lie. She's delusional for real. Glad Julian checked her ass. Now uh lil Miss Zaira is a super freak lol. Done told Julian she wants to flat out fcuk when they get home lol and they did huh. That girl is super loud tho lmao. Loved the add. Run It.


It’s been five days since Zaira was in the hospital. She was released on Friday and she is doing just fine. I got rid of that contaminated water and the police are searching for Yasmin. I sure hope they find her before I do, that is all I am going to say. JJ is healthy now and I am happy about that. I hated seeing my lil’ man sick. Anyway, it’s Tuesday afternoon and Zaira and I are in the library studying. We have finals in the next coming days. As I am sitting in the library, I see my phone light up as someone is calling me. I don’t recognize the number at all, but it could be important.

“Baby I’ll be back,” I said. Zaira smiles and nods her head and I get up from the table and go to a private area and I answer my phone. After a 10 minute conversation, I go back to the table with Zaira and I sit next to her.

“Baby the police found Yasmin,” I said.

“What? Really baby? Well that’s great!,” Zaira exclaimed softly.

“Yes it is. I am so happy they caught her....the thing is she won’t talk to the police at all regarding anything she is accused of. She hasn’t said a word.....other than she wants to talk to me,” I said.

“Wow...well you are going to talk to her right?,” Zaira asked.

“No...I would kill her Zaira, you know that.”

“Julian....I think you should talk to her. You could get her to confess to everything.”

“.....Damn you’re right about that....I don’t want her to get away with any of I’ll do it. Will you come with me babe?”

“You already know the answer to that,” Zaira said while smiling. I smile too and she kisses my cheek. We both gather our things and then we leave the library and we head to the police station. Once we get there, Zaira and I go in holding hands and go to the front desk. I tell them I am here to see Yasmin and they lead me to an interrogation room. The lead detective on the case, the one that called me, asks Zaira to go with him in a room where they can see me and Yasmin’s conversation, since it will be recorded. Zaira gives me a hug and a kiss before she leaves and then she follows the detective down the hall. I take a deep breath and I go into the interrogation room and I see Yasmin sitting at the table with a blanket around her. When she sees me, she smiles big. I just roll my eyes and I close the door.

“I knew you would come Julian,” Yasmin said.

“Yasmin.....give me one good reason why I should not choke you to death. You hit my niece, you tried to poison her, but ended up poisoning my woman instead. You have hurt some of the most important people in my life, so why shouldn’t I hurt you?,” I said through clenched teeth. I am boiling mad already and I haven’t even been in this room for a full minute yet.

“Oh Julian....why do you always deny the feelings you have for me?,” Yasmin questioned. I just look at Yasmin; is this b**** crazy or what?

“You are really crazier than I thought. I have zero feelings for you Yasmin. Absolutely none. My heart belongs to Zaira. She is the only woman I will ever love for the rest of my life. Her, my mom, Alexis, JJ and any child I have, that is it, not you. Those are the people that have my heart. You make me sick Yasmin. You disgust me. I can’t even stand looking at you right now,” I said hatefully. Yasmin just looks at me and tears swell in her eyes and her lip trembles. This b****! Does she expect me to buy this s***, because I don’t!

“You’re sick Yasmin. You are sick. Now....are you going to admit to what you did? Tell me why you did what you did,” I said sternly. Yasmin wipes the few tears that fell down her cheeks, and then looks at me.

“.....I didn’t want Alexis to tell what I did. I was trying to get away before I got caught. So if I could just keep Alexis you know.....out for a day or so, then I could escape,” Yasmin said. This woman is a psycho.

“Yasmin Alexis is your daughter! You carried her for nine months! You gave birth to her! How could you even think of hurting her? Huh?,” I yelled.

“I know it’s crazy....but I didn’t want to go to jail. But I know I am going anyway now.”

“Do you have anyway what a drug like GHB could have done to Alexis? She is only seven years old, that s*** could have killed her! Would you have been able to live with that? Huh?”

“No that is why I didn’t use a lot of it. Only a little.” I just shake my head. This is unbelievable to me.

“....I’m actually glad Zaira drank the water anyway. I hate that b****,” Yasmin said hatefully. I just narrow my eyes at her in pure anger. Does she want to get slapped? Because I am not afraid to slap her! I ball up my fists in anger and I take a deep breath. It is taking so much restraint for me to not slap this ho!

“Yasmin you are so lucky I am not the nigga I use to be. I wish I could hit you right now, but now....I have people to live for. I have my son, my niece and the woman that I love with all of me, Zaira. I have to think about them. If I hit you, I would go to jail and I cannot leave the people I love and the people that love me like that. So you hate Zaira? You don’t even know her and you never even tried to get to know her. You don’t hate her. You are jealous of her. You are jealous because she has my heart and she has your daughter’s heart. If you wanted to be a mother, you could have done that seven years ago when Alexis was born. But you decided to leave Alexis. You chose to do that. So Alexis had to learn to live without you and she has done just that. Zaira and I take care of that little girl along with my mom. You have done nothing for her. Zaira spends time her, helps her with her homework, does her hair, and consoles her when she is upset. They spend so much time together and they love each other. Zaira treats your daughter like she gave birth to her herself. You could actually learn how to be a mother from Zaira,” I said honestly. Yasmin just glares at me and I glare back.

“...I’m not jealous of your little girlfriend Julian....why would I be jealous? I look better than her anyway,” Yasmin said confidently. Really? Does Yasmin want to take it there?! She is pathetic.

“Oh yeah Yasmin you look so much better than her. With your fake hair that flows down your back, fake eyelashes, layers of makeup and fake boobs. Get rid of all that s*** Yasmin, you wouldn’t be s*** and you know it. Zaira is absolutely and naturally gorgeous inside and out unlike you,” I said evilly. Yasmin’s eyes soften and she just looks down. I have no problem hurting her feelings at all.

“...Yasmin you’re going to jail. I don’t know for how long, but that is where you are going. I think that is the best place for you at this point. I don’t need you and neither does Alexis. We would all be better off knowing you are here in prison. Prison is where you belong Yasmin,” I said.

“....I’m scared Julian. I don’t want to go to jail,” Yasmin whispered.

“Maybe you should have thought about that before you slapped your daughter and tried to drug her. You knew what you were doing Yasmin. You’re an adult. Just know that your daughter is going to be taken care of and she is going to be a beautiful young woman without you,” I said. I turn to the door and I leave slamming the door behind me. I take a deep breath and Zaira comes out of the other room down the hall. I smile when I see her and she smiles back. She walks to me and she wraps her arms around my neck and holds me tight. I smile and I wrap my arms around her waist and I hold her close to me.

“Baby you are so sweet. You say the sweetest things about me. I could tell you were so angry in there, but I am so happy that you kept your cool. I am proud of you baby,” Zaira said.

“Thanks baby. It took so much restraint to not hit her because the things she was saying...angered me to my core. But I am proud of myself for keeping my cool. I didn’t want to do something stupid that would ruin my future with you and JJ and Alexis. I want to be around for all of you,” I said.

“And we all love your for that boo....I think you deserve a special gift for keeping your cool in there,” Zaira said.

“Oh yeah? What do you have in mind?,” I said while pulling out of the embrace and looking at Zaira.

“.....Let’s go home and f***. Like no sappy love making, let’s just go f***. How does that sound?,” Zaira said while biting her bottom lip. I just raise my eyebrows in shock! I have turned Zaira into a nympho and I love it ;)

“Ooooo sounds good! Let’s go!,” I exclaimed. I grab Zaira’s hand and I run towards the exit and Zaira laughs as she runs behind me. Once we get into the car, I speed off. By the time we get to our apartment, we are already all over each other. I close and lock the door behind me and I look at Zaira. She smiles at me and she strips completely naked right at the door. I look her up and down and she turns and walks to the living room and I just watch her ass switch the whole time. I follow behind her and I watch her get on the couch on her knees. She opens her legs and pushes her chest into the couch. I watch her as she starts to gently caress her pearl. Ahhh s*** I am hard already.

“Come on baby,” Zaira moaned.

“Let me get a condom babe,” I said. I rush to the bedroom and I get a few condoms. Zaira and I go through so many condoms it’s crazy! Like I have to buy three or four packs at a time ha ;) I strip naked and I put a condom on and I take the extra two and I go to the living room. I set the two extra condoms down on the table next to the couch and then I get behind Zaira. I gently caress her behind and she turns her head to look at me and smile. I slap her ass a few times and Zaira just winks at me. I love her, she is such a freak! I stroke my manhood in my right hand and I look at Zaira’s womanhood. I take my free hand and I gently caress her womanhood lips. She is already dripping.

“You wet for me huh baby?,” I said.

“Yes baby....I want you so bad,” Zaira said through moans. I kneel down in front of the couch and I lick Zaira’s womanhood a few times and she moans out loudly. I smirk and I stand up and I slide right inside of her. Zaira moaned out the second I was inside of her. I grip her waist tight and I start thrusting my hips at a very fast pace.

“Uhhhh Julian! Ahhh!,” Zaira yelled.

“You like that s*** huh?,” I said while slapping Zaira’s behind.

“Mmmm yes! Julian yes! I love it!,” Zaira screamed. I love to make my woman scream ;) I continue like this for a bit, until I slap Zaira’s behind and I tell her to turn over on her back. Zaira does what I say and she opens her legs wide and pulls them back. I lean down and peck her lips and then I slide right back into her. I pin Zaira’s legs down to the couch and then I start to drill Zaira. My baby is screaming at the top of her lungs and that s*** turns me on so much!

“Ahhhhh Julian!!! Baby!!,” Zaira yelled as loud as she can. I just admire her and I smile a bit. I love her expressions and I love to watch her.

“Harder baby! Harder!,” Zaira screamed. I just smile to myself and I drill Zaira as hard as I can. I slide all the way in then all the way out at a very fast pace.

“Ohhhhhhhhh f***!,” Zaira moaned in pleasure.

“Uhhhh damn you feel so good,” I said through groans. Zaira opens her eyes to look at me and I look back at her. I swear every time I look at her, my heart just flutters. She touches my soul in every way and I mean that. I swear I want to marry this woman and have more kids with her and just live my life with her. I cannot see my future without her.

“Damn I love you,” I said softly.

“I bet I love you more,” Zaira said smartly. I just slap her ass and she jumps in shock then laughs. I lean down to kiss her and she holds me close as I continue to stroke in and out of her. 20 minutes later we both reach our climax. I pull out of Zaira and I sit on the couch next to her. Once we both catch our breath, Zaira climbs into my lap and wraps her arms around me and rests her head on my shoulder and looks up at me.

“I said no sappy love making what happened with you?,” Zaira teased.

“I know but....when I looked at you.....hell every time I look at you my heart flutters. You touch the depths of my soul Zaira and I mean that with all of my being. I just love you so damn much I could never ever express how much in words. You are who I am going to marry and have more kids with. You are who I want to live my life with. No other woman is perfect for me, it’s only you baby,” I said honestly. Zaira just looks at me and frowns as tears fill her eyes. I laugh a bit and rub her left cheek.

“You’re so sweet baby. You say the sweetest things to me that literally touch my heart. Julian you mean everything to me. I never ever thought I would meet someone as amazing as you. I always thought I was going to be one of these people that died alone without any family or children or a spouse because I always thought I had bad luck when it comes to relationships.....but you Julian, you came into my life and changed everything. You changed everything I ever thought I knew about love. I know what love is supposed to feel like because of you. I know how to love because of you. You are my everything Julian and I love you more than you could ever know,” Zaira said as tears run down her cheeks.

“Oh baby, I hate to see you cry,” I said softly. I wipe Zaira’s tears and she smiles at me as I do this. I kiss her nose and she pecks my lips. She cuddles close to me and closes her eyes. I just smile to myself and I grab a nearby small blanket and I place it over the both of us. I gently rub Zaira’s back and I rest my head on top of hers; I love cuddling with her. Everything is really starting to go me and Zaira’s way at this point and I wouldn’t want it any other way :)

Wow I really hope Yasmin gets what she deserves this time wit her crazy ass.Glad Alexis didn't drink the water.

Yasmin is a sick individual!!! I can't believe she would do that!! I hope they find her ass!!

Man Thats Messed Up... Run It...

Oh nawl. That hoe Yasmin done lost her mind. She really tried to harm her daughter tho. So glad she didn't drink that water. Lord knows what couldve happened to her. I hope they make Yasmin pay without Julian doing nothing crazy. Run It.

yasmine is EVIL!! like wat is wrong with her!! RUN IT

And just when I thought I couldn't hate Yasmin even more she tried to pull this? Soo glad that Alexis didn't drink that water but now Julian's pissed. I hope that he doesn't do anything that could get him into trouble, that'd hurt Zaira.

Run iT! <3


We all just wait patiently for Zaira to wake up. I just want to know what happened. I don’t think she would let Yasmin or anyone else she didn’t know in the apartment, but maybe she did. I’m just so confused, but also ready to kill whoever did this to Zaira. I asked the doctors if she was raped or anything like that and they said she wasn’t and I am so thankful for that. I just want her to wake up so I can tell her I love her and ask her what happened. About 2 hours later, JJ and Alexis are both sleeping in Angela and Cameron’s arms. I am sitting in a chair by the side of Zaira’s bed holding her hand. I feel her hand move and my heart skips a beat. I look up at her and I see her slowly open her eyes.

“Zaira. Zaira baby,” I said. She moans a bit and looks around and then looks at me.

“Julian? What.....where am I?,” Zaira asked.

“You’re in the hospital baby,” I said.

“What? Why?”

“Zaira....when I came home from school with Alexis I went in our room to check on you and you were unconscious....the doctors said you had a very high amount of GHB in your system.”

“What? GHB? Like.....the date rape drug?”

“Yes I need you to think. Did you let Yasmin or anyone in the apartment today?”

“Huh? No one came to the apartment today Julian.”

“Are you sure? Are you 100% positive?”

“Yes baby I am sure.” I don’t understand. How did Zaira get the GHB then?

“Zaira....I’m confused. How would you have gotten the GHB? What did you eat while you were home today?”

“Uh....I had leftovers but we both ate that Julian and you’re fine,” Zaira said.

“Yeah you are right about that....what about to drink?”

“Um.....I had water to drink....bottled water.”

“....Wait.....we ran out of bottled water earlier this week and neither of us bought any.”

“Huh? Well there was a bottle in the fridge.” Where did this bottle come from? I am beyond confused right now.

“Zaira?,” Alexis said. We both look over at Cameron and see Alexis awake rubbing her eyes in his lap.

“Hi gorgeous,” Zaira said. Cameron stands up holding Alexis and he sets Alexis down on the bed.

“Zaira how you feeling?,” Cameron asked.

“I’m ok Cameron,” Zaira said. Angela comes to the bed holding JJ and looks at Zaira.

“Gorgeous are you alright?,” Angela said.

“Yes I am fine,” Zaira said. Angela and Cameron both kiss Zaira’s cheek and Alexis scoots close to Zaira and holds her free hand.

“Zaira how did this happen?,” Alexis said.

“I think I just drank some bad water baby girl,” Zaira said.

“Zaira I don’t know where that bottle of water came from. We were completely out of water,” I said.

“Water? Water did this to Zaira?,” Alexis asked.

“Yes baby girl but I am not sure how,” I said.

“Wait......I......oh no. I put a bottle of water in the fridge this morning. It was in my backpack......mommy gave it to me yesterday,” Alexis said. Zaira and I just look at each other in shock. What?!?!? Yasmin tried to drug her own child?!?!

“What?? Alexis....Yasmin gave you a water bottle yesterday?,” I asked.

“Yeah she did before dinner. I don’t know why. I didn’t drink any of it......was something wrong with the water?,” Alexis asked with concern.

“Baby girl......the water had a bad drug in it that caused Zaira to pass out,” I said cautiously. Alexis just gasps in shock and puts her hand over her mouth. I notice tears roll down her cheeks.

“Alexis baby girl it’s ok. I am going to be fine,” Zaira said.

“It’s my fault. This is my fault,” Alexis said. She just hops off the bed and runs out of the room crying.

“I got her ya’ll,” Cameron said. Cameron runs after Alexis and I just look at Zaira.

“....Yasmin was trying to drug Alexis. Julian she has to be stopped,” Angela said.

“Baby this is really getting out of control. She needs to be put in jail. What if Alexis drank the water? Drugs like that in a seven year olds body? That could have killed her,” Zaira said as tears ran down her cheeks. I just clench my fist. I am boiling mad right now. Yasmin tried to drug her own daughter? Oh this s**t has me wanting to break Yasmin’s neck. I want to harm her so bad right now. I swear I better not catch her without police around because I would kill her and feel no remorse whatsoever.

“I cannot believe this. Yasmin comes back into Alexis’ life and asks for custody and all that, but she tries to kidnap her and drug her? That doesn’t make any sense,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Baby calm down ok? I’m going to be ok,” Zaira said.

“I know baby but Yasmin has to pay for what she has done. She has to.”

“Julian you can’t do anything stupid. I need you and so does your son and your niece. Do you hear me?”

“I hear you baby....I’m just so happy you are ok. I was terrified when I found you unconscious. I thought I lost you which scared me to my core....what time did you drink the water?”

“Mmm....probably around 3 I had a very late lunch.” I just nod my head and I peck Zaira’s lips multiple times. JJ starts to move around in Angela’s arms and he yawns big as he opens his eyes. Angela kisses his cheek and then hands him to Zaira.

“Hi handsome,” Zaira said.

“Mommy? You ok? What happened?,” JJ asked.

“I’m ok JJ. Just drank some bad water ok? You sound like you are feeling better,” Zaira said.

“Yes I feel better. I think I can go to school tomorrow,” JJ said,

“I’m glad to hear that baby,” Zaira said. Zaira kisses JJ’s cheek multiple times and JJ kisses Zaira’s nose and then rests his head on Zaira’s cushions ;) Zaira laughs a bit and looks at me and I laugh as JJ closes his eyes. A few minutes later, Cameron comes back into the room holding Alexis close. He sets Alexis on the bed next to Zaira and Alexis rests her head on Zaira’s chest.

“I’m so sorry you passed out Zaira. But.....I know it’s not my fault, it’s Yasmin’s. I know you would never blame me. Cameron told me that,” Alexis said.

“Cameron was right baby girl. I know you didn’t do anything. Yasmin tried to hurt you and honestly....I am glad I drank the water and not you. It could have hurt you a lot worse than it hurt me,” Zaira said.

“I love you so much Zaira. I hope you are going to be ok,” Alexis said.

“I am going to be just fine gorgeous,” Zaira said. Zaira kisses Alexis’ forehead and then looks at me and puckers her lips. I smile and I kiss her lips a few times. I am beyond ecstatic that Zaira is going to be alright. I am telling you, if something worse would have happened to Zaira, all hell would have broken loose. Even though Zaira is alright, Yasmin is still going to pay for what she did. I still can’t get over the fact that she tried to drug her own daughter. She tried to hurt my niece?! Alexis is my heart. She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life and I love her to death. She is like my child, I mean that. No way will Yasmin get away with this, I will NOT allow it.

GHB really tho. Who the hell gave that to Zaira? Julian better get some answers. I've never seen Julian so upset. Run It!!!

awww hell...if that witch did this...all hell gone break loose

what the heck man! i need zaira to wake up so we can see if yasmin been in that had to be her.. RUN IT


As soon as the ambulance arrived, the paramedics put Zaira on a stretcher and started to give her CPR. I did CPR until they came. Once Zaira is on the back of the ambulance, I get JJ and Alexis and we get in the back and we speed to the hospital. JJ and Alexis are both scared and crying and so am I. What is wrong with my baby Zaira? She has never had any health issues so I have no clue what is going on right now. Did someone come into our apartment and hurt her while I was in class? If so, why didn’t they hurt JJ? I’m just feeling so many emotions right now. JJ and Alexis are both sitting in my lap with their heads buried in my chest. I don’t want them to see Zaira like this; that would be too traumatic for them. I pull out my phone and I call Angela and I tell her what happened. She says her and Cameron will meet me at the hospital immediately. I put my phone back in my pocket and I watch the paramedics give Zaira CPR. This literally breaks my heart right now. I cannot believe this. I take Zaira’s left hand and I hold it tightly and I put my head down and I just cry. I cry so hard. I would not know what to do if I ever lost Zaira. I say a prayer and I ask God to let Zaira be alright. Once we get to the hospital, they rush Zaira to the emergency room and JJ, Alexis and I sit in the waiting room. JJ and Alexis are both in my lap.

“Daddy I’m scared. What’s wrong with mommy?,” JJ said.

“I’m not sure JJ, but she will be alright,” I said through tears.

“Juju are you sure?,” Alexis said. I just nod my head and I rest JJ and Alexis’ heads against my chest. 5 minutes later, Angela and Cameron come up to us.

“Julian is Zaira ok?,” Angela asked.

“I’m not sure yet....they just took her into emergency,” I said. Angela and Cameron take JJ and Alexis respectively and they sit on either side of me and hold them close. They both do their best to console them. I am losing my mind right now. I need to know how Zaira is doing. I have all these thoughts in my mind. I just have this feeling that Yasmin is somehow involved in this. I am not sure how, I just know it. The apartment was not broken into I am sure of that. The door and all windows were secure, so I have no clue how Yasmin or anyone else could have hurt Zaira, but I know that is what happened. I swear if I ever see Yasmin, I will harm her. That may be Alexis’s mother, but at this point I don’t care. She has taken things too far. You don’t f**k with people that I love and expect to get away with it. The old ruthless Julian is on call at any time now on. If I have to f**k someone up for hurting my woman, then I will do just that. I just try and wait patiently for someone to tell me what is going on with Zaira. An hour later, a doctor comes out of the emergency room and asks for anyone who is waiting for Zaira. I stand up quickly and so do Angela and Cameron and the doctor walks over to us.

“Please tell me Zaira is going to be ok,” I said quickly.

“She is going to be just fine. But we did discover that she had a very high amount of GHB in her system,” the doctor said.

“What? GHB? Like the date rape drug? No...that’s impossible,” I said confused.

“I’m sorry but it’s true. Do you have any idea where she would ingest something like this?,” the doctor said.

“I have no idea.....I’m confused,” I said honestly.

“Well as a precaution I would advise you to get rid of all food and drinks that you have in your home. GHB is tasteless and odorless and it can be in liquid or pill form. Either way you have no clue knowing where the drug is. We did pump Zaira’s stomach so she should be fine. We were able to bring her back to consciousness, but she is sleeping right now.”

“Can we please see her?,” I asked.

“Yes follow me this way,” the doctor said. We all follow the doctor down the hall and when we go into Zaira’s room, I can’t help but cry. Seeing my baby like this....breaks my heart. I mean literally breaks my heart. JJ and Alexis start crying and Angela and Cameron try to calm them down. I go over to Zaira and I look at her hooked up to a few machines. Tears just flow down my cheeks. I lean down and I kiss her forehead. I grab her left hand and I hold it tightly in my right hand. Whoever did this to Zaira is going to pay, that is a damn promise.

aww hes soo cute when hes asks whats wrong with alexis :)
they a cute family
whats going on with Zaria??
run it!

There such a happy family. Its too cute. Zaira is so good and loving with the kids. Love that about her. WTH is going on with Zaira why isn't she responsive? What happened? Please let her be okay... Run it!!!

whoa whoa whoa, what the hell happened?

WHAT THE HELL!!! What's wrong with Zaira? She has to get up. This is crazy!!


I wake up the next morning at around 6 am. I set my alarm so I can take Alexis to school today. I yawn and I look next to me and I see Alexis moving around a bit and on the other side I see my woman Zaira sleeping peacefully. Alexis looks at me and I smile and she smiles back.

“Hi Juju,” Alexis said softly.

“Hi gorgeous....are you ok today? Do you want to go to school?,” I asked.

“I’m ok Juju and I would like to go to school today,” Alexis said.

“You sure baby girl?”

“Yes I’m sure. I’m ok.”

“...You’re strong little girl do you know that?”

“Thanks to you, grandma and Zaira I know I am,” Alexis said while smiling a bit. I just smile and I hug Alexis tight and I kiss her face multiple times.

“Ok go get ready beautiful,” I said softly. Alexis nods her head and kisses my cheek then climbs over me to get out of the bed. She gets her overnight bag and goes into the bathroom closing the door behind her. I look at Zaira sleeping peacefully and I smile. I scoot closer to her and I kiss her forehead then her nose. I then get out of the bed and I go into the guest room and I see JJ sleeping on his back. My lil’ man is snoring since he can hardly breathe out of his nose. I go over to him and I feel his forehead and he still feels a bit warm. He should probably stay home today. I feel bad he’s sick. If I could switch places with him I would. I kiss his forehead and then I go back to my bedroom and I see Zaira moving around in the bed. I smirk to myself and I go over to the bed and I get on top of her and I gently kiss her neck. Zaira squirms under me and opens her eyes slowly and when she sees me she smiles at me.

“Hi baby,” Zaira said softly.

“Hi gorgeous,” I said. I lean down and I peck her lips multiple times.

“I’m going to take Alexis to school since she said she wants to go today. JJ is still sick I think he should stay home, but I have a presentation today,” I said.

“I can stay with JJ baby. I don’t have anything important in my classes today,” Zaira said.

“Are you sure baby? You would do that for me?”

“Julian I would do anything for you. You know that.” Zaira grabs my face and kisses me deeply and then looks at me and smiles and I smile back.

“Thank you baby I really appreciate it,” I said. I kiss her forehead and then I get out off of Zaira. Once Alexis comes out of the bathroom, I go in and I brush my teeth, wash my face, then I take a quick shower. Once I am done in the bathroom, I come out in my robe and I see Zaira sitting on the bed with Alexis between her legs. Zaira is putting Alexis’ hair into a high ponytail. I can’t help but smile at the sight. Zaira is everything a mother should be and more. I cannot wait until she has my child. I swear I will be the happiest person walking this earth once that happens. Once Alexis’ hair is done, she looks in the mirror and smiles big.

“Zaira it’s beautiful I love it!,” Alexis exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it baby girl,” Zaira said while smiling. I look at Alexis and she looks in the mirror and frowns a bit as she looks at the bruise on her left cheek.

“Does it hurt baby girl?,” I asked.

“No....the only thing that hurts is my heart,” Alexis said while looking down. I just look at Zaira and we both frown at each other. What Alexis just said broke both of our hearts.

“Oh baby girl I’m so sorry....I’m so sorry that your so called mother hurt you so deeply....but you know something? You don’t need her. You are just fine without her. You are a beautiful, sweet, and smart little girl and your mother had nothing to do with that. You are way better without her, trust me,” I said.

“Thanks Juju I love you,” Alexis said while smiling.

“I love you too baby girl,” I said. I go over to Alexis and I hug her tight and then I kiss her cheek.

“Baby girl I can try and cover up the bruise for you with a little bit of makeup. Would you like to try that?,” Zaira asked sweetly. Damn I love this woman so much. She always looks out for those she cares about and I love that so much about her.

“I would like that Zaira,” Alexis said. Zaira smiles and takes Alexis to her desk with a mirror and sits Alexis down in the chair. I just smile and I get my clothes and I walk into the bathroom and I get dressed. Once I am dressed, I go back out to the bedroom.

“Oooo Juju you look good!,” Alexis exclaimed.

“Yes baby you look so handsome,” Zaira said. I look down at my black slacks and white button up and then I look back at Zaira and Alexis.

“I just want to look professional for my presentation,” I said.

“You look amazing baby. I know you are going to ace this presentation,” Zaira said.

“Thank you baby,” I said. I walk over to Zaira and Alexis and I hug them both. I look at Alexis’ cheek and I can hardly see the bruise on her left cheek.

“Baby girl Zaira did a good job covering up your bruise huh?,” I asked.

“Yes it’s like it’s not even there,” Alexis said while smiling.

“Come on pretty girl let’s get you some breakfast....Zaira baby you can go back to sleep if you want to,” I said.

“I’m ok baby I’m awake now,” Zaira said. I smile and I kiss her forehead and we all go into the kitchen. I fix oatmeal and fruit for Alexis and Zaira and I eat the same thing as well. As we are all eating, JJ comes into the kitchen wiping his eyes.

“Hey lil’ man,” I said.

“Hi daddy, hi mommy,” JJ said while waving.

“Hi baby boy, how are you feeling today?,” Zaira asked.

“Still sick....daddy can I stay home from school?,” JJ asked.

“Yes JJ I think that would be best. Mommy is going to stay with you, would you like that?,” I asked. JJ just smiles and nods his head and goes over to Zaira and reaches up to her. Zaira smiles and picks JJ up and kisses his forehead.

“Alexis when did you get here?,” JJ asked.

“I came last night,” Alexis said.

“Is everything ok? Is grandma ok?,” JJ asked.

“Yes grandma is just fine. It’s just.....well I had a bad dinner with my mommy and I wanted to be here with you and Zaira and Juju,” Alexis said.

“You did? Are you ok?,” JJ asked with concern.

“Yes JJ I am fine,” Alexis said.

“Did she hurt you?,” JJ asked.

“Yes......she hit me,” Alexis said softly. JJ just gasps in shock and Zaira sets him down and he walks over to Alexis and reaches up to Alexis. Alexis smiles and I pick JJ up and set him in her lap and they hold each other tight.

“I’m sorry Alexis, that isn’t right. Are you going to be ok?,” JJ said softly.

“Yes JJ I am going to be fine,” Alexis said.

“I love you Alexis. I love you a lot,” JJ said.

“I love you too cutie pie,” Alexis said while smiling. Alexis pulls out of the embrace and pinches JJ’s cheeks gently and he just laughs at loud and Alexis giggles. These two kids warm my heart, I swear.

“JJ go back to bed ok? I am going to bring you your breakfast,” Zaira said.

“Ok mommy,” JJ said. JJ goes back into the guest bedroom and I just smile at Zaira.

“I really like how he calls you mommy,” I said.

“I like it too, it melts my heart,” Zaira said. I kiss her cheek and then we finish our food and then Zaira fixes a tray of food for JJ and takes it to him.

“Pretty girl you all ready for school?,” I asked.

“Yes Juju I’m ready,” Alexis said. I smile and I put our dishes in the dishwasher while Alexis puts on her shoes, jacket and backpack. I go into the guest room and I see my lil’ man eating with Zaira sitting next to him on the bed.

“Ok Alexis and I are going to head out. JJ I want you to rest all day. Zaira will take good care of you. Zaira baby if you need anything, please call me. Alexis and I should be home by 4 at the latest ok?,” I said.

“Ok baby. I love you,” Zaira said.

“I love you too baby,” I said. I go over to Zaira and JJ and I kiss their foreheads and then I leave the apartment with Alexis. I drop her off at school and I see a few girls come up to Alexis as she starts walking towards the school. Alexis turns to wave at me and I wave back and then I drive to campus. I park and then I get out and I head to the library. I practice my presentation until class at 11 am. Once my presentation is over, I am so relieved. My professor said I aced it so I am really happy about that. Once my classes are over at 3:20, I head to Alexis’ school to pick her up. Once I get there, I see her talking outside with a few of her girlfriends. I get out of the car and when she sees me, she smiles big and waves. She hugs all of her friends and then runs to me. I pick her up and I kiss her all over her face and I hug her tight.

“How was school gorgeous? Do you have lots of homework?,” I said.

“It was great! No I only have an assignment in math, think you can help me?,” Alexis said.

“I would love to baby girl.” I kiss her forehead and then I put her in the car and I make sure she is strapped in securely in her car seat. I get in the car, get strapped in and then I drive home. Once Alexis and I get to the apartment, we both get out and walk into the apartment.

“Alexis baby girl go into the kitchen and get out your homework. I am going to check on JJ and Zaira,” I said.

“Ok Juju,” Alexis said. Alexis runs into the kitchen and I close and lock the door. I set down my backpack and I take of my jacket and shoes and I go into the guest room and I see JJ sleeping in the bed. He isn’t snoring as much as he was this morning, so he must be doing better. I go over to him and I kiss his forehead. He squirms a bit and turns on his side, still sleeping. I then go into my bedroom and I see Zaira sleeping as well on her side. Zaira is not usually a nap person, but she did get up early this morning. I go over to her and I kiss her all over her face. I just look at her and she isn’t responsive. She usually always reacts to me kissing her face since she is not a heavy sleeper. I gently peck her lips and she still isn’t responsive.

“Baby,” I said while shaking Zaira a bit. I turn her so she is completely on her back and her arm just flings off the side of the bed. I shake her and she does not respond.

“Zaira! Zaira baby wake up!,” I yelled. Zaira does not respond at all and my heart just drops to my stomach. I feel for a pulse, and I do find one. She is unconscious. What is going on?!?

OMG... Run It....

I'm so glad that crazy selfish Yasmin didn't kidnap her
Ugh I'm mad the customers for not doing anything when they seen she was making a scene and she got slapped >:|
Aww JJ he's so cute asking her if its ok to be called mommy
And zaria and Julian been thru alot so far
He is such a freak he already want that baby ;)
Run it

Imma have to beat Yasmin's ass smh lol

yasmine was outtaline..i hope she never gets to see alexis again! RUN IT!

Oh lord if those freaks ain't careful J.J. Will have a lil sibling sooner rather then later. Freaks lol. Those two are so sweet tho. Can't believe they've come so far from when they met in the beginning. Oh no this b**** Yasmin did not put her hands on Alexis. Oh she gone pay. First with an ass whopping then with a stint in jail And no shot at custody of Alexis. Loved the add. Run It.


So four days pass and today is Wednesday. Julian and I are doing just fine. We are very excited about finishing up our classes for the semester. We are almost done with our junior year! We have a week left of classes and then a week of finals. We are both ready for a break. Well anyway, it’s around 5 pm and I am sitting on my bed with JJ. JJ is visiting me and Julian this evening. My baby is actually sick ;( He wanted to be with Julian and me, so his mom dropped him off here today at around 2 pm. His fever was really high in school so he left early. I took him to a pediatrician and he gave a prescription for JJ to take. Right now JJ is lying down in the bed in our guest room under the covers frowning. I feel so bad for him. He looks so miserable. Julian is at the store right now picking up some medicine, orange juice and soup for him. I just made him some tea and he is slowly sipping it. I feel his forehead and he still feels really warm. He just looks at me frowning and I notice his nose starts running. I take a tissue and I put it to his nose.

“Blow for me baby,” I said. JJ closes his eyes and blows his nose hard. I make sure his nose is clean and then I throw the tissue away and I wash my hands thoroughly. I gently rub JJ’s forehead and then I kiss it gently.

“Daddy should be back soon with your medicine ok handsome? It will make you feel better,” I said.

“Ok...I don’t like being sick Zaira,” JJ said miserably.

“I know baby. But don’t worry daddy and I are going to get you healthy as soon as we can.”

“I know....Zaira I love you.”

“I love you more baby,” I said while smiling. JJ smiles and he rests his head in my lap and I run my hands through his hair and he sniffles a bit. I gently rub his arm and we just wait patiently for Julian. 15 minutes later, Julian comes into the bedroom.

“Hey lil’ man how you feeling?,” Julian asked JJ.

“I’m ok daddy,” JJ said.

“Ok I have your medicine right here.” Julian takes JJ’s medicine out of the bag and fixes him the appropriate dose. JJ drinks it and makes a face of disgust afterwards. He quickly drinks some more tea and then lays his head back in my lap.

“JJ I am going to make you some soup ok?,” Julian said.

“Ok daddy,” JJ said. Julian smiles at me and kisses my cheek and then he leaves the bedroom. I look down at JJ and I smile. He is so beautiful to me. He looks a lot like Julian; he even has a few freckles like Julian. They are so cute to me.

“After you eat your soup, daddy and I want you to get some rest ok?,” I said softly.

“Ok Zaira.....uh.....can I ask you something?,” JJ asked.

“Anything sweetheart.”

“Would it be ok.....if I call you mommy from now on? I mean....I know who my real mommy is, but she’s in heaven now. I have two mommies, you and her. One is in heaven and one is here. Is that ok?,” JJ asked sweetly. My gosh, my heart just stopped in my chest!

“JJ.....are you sure? You know you don’t have to right?,” I asked.

“I know but I want to....when you and daddy get married, you will be my step mommy right? So can I call you mommy?,” JJ asked eagerly.

“JJ....I would love it if you call me mommy,” I said while smiling big. JJ just smiles big and hugs my waist and I hug him back.

“I love you so much JJ. You’re my baby,” I said.

“I love you too mommy,” JJ said while smiling big. I just smile and I kiss JJ’s forehead multiple times. 25 minutes later, Julian comes to the bedroom with a tray in his hand. JJ sits up in the bed and Terrence sets the tray of soup and orange juice in front of JJ. JJ says his blessing and then starts to carefully eat his soup.

“Is it ok?,” Julian asked.

“Yes daddy it’s good,” JJ said. Julian smiles and rubs JJ shoulders. Julian and I sit with JJ until he finishes his soup and orange juice. Once JJ is done, JJ lies back down in the bed and Julian sings him to sleep. Once JJ is sleep, Julian and I leave the bedroom, taking the empty tray along with us. We go into the kitchen and Julian puts the dishes in the dishwasher and puts the tray away. He then looks at me and smiles.

“Julian I need to tell you something,” I said.

“Sure babe, talk to me,” Julian said. Julian rests against the counter and grabs my waist and pulls me close to him and holds me tight. I look up at him and he looks at me.

“Well.....JJ asked me if it was ok if he called me mommy,” I said.

“Are you serious babe?,” Julian asked in shock.

“Yes and I was in shock too....he said he knows who is real mommy is. He said that he has a mommy in heaven and one here on earth. He also said that once you and I get married, I will be his step mommy, so he asked me if it was ok if he called me mommy.”

“What did you say?”

“I told him as long as he wanted to call me mommy, it was fine with me. You know I love that little boy like he was my own,” I said as tears filled my eyes.

“Oh baby I know you do. And he loves you just as much. Don’t cry.”

“Julian....after my parents died....I really thought that I was alone. I thought I was going to die alone. I never thought that I would meet someone amazing as you or your family. I am so thankful for all of you because you love me just the way I am. And I love you all for that,” I said as tears ran down my cheeks.

“Oh baby it’s ok,” Julian said. Julian wipes my tears, kisses my cheek, and then holds me tight.

“Zaira all of us love you so much. We are your family and we will not abandon you. We are right here whenever you need us you hear me?,” Julian said softly to me.

“Yes baby I know,” I said. I pull out of the embrace and Julian pecks my lips.

“You good?,” Julian asked.

“Yes Julian I am fine,” I said.

“....So when we do get married, that same night, our honeymoon I am getting you pregnant.....I have to be honest. I just want you to have my baby now. I want to expand our family so bad. And unprotected sex with you is going to amazing! No way would I want to pull out,” Julian teased.

“You are such a freak....but honestly I would be honored to carry your child Julian. I mean that with all of my heart.”

“I cannot wait until you are my wife. It may sound crazy, but I know in my heart you are the woman that I am supposed to marry.”

“You’re so sweet’s crazy to think about how far we have you remember when we first met?,” I said while laughing a bit.

“Oh of course.....I was an a**hole towards you. The day that we first crossed paths was the day you ran into me and caused my notebooks to fly everywhere,” Julian said while laughing a bit.

“Yes I was not paying attention at all....and Julian when I knelt down to pick up your notebooks and papers and you put your hand on top of mine....I literally got chills that instant. It was crazy.”

“I felt that too.....I was such a jerk to you in the beginning....but seriously when I first saw you and looked into your eyes, I thought you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.”

“That is so sweet. Why were you so mean to me in the beginning? I was nothing but nice to you,” I said while pouting playfully.

“Because I was scared and I couldn’t understand why you would ever be interested in someone like me,” Julian said honestly.

“Oh every other woman that you have come across just judged you instantly?”

“Yes that is exactly what happened. When me and Krystal weren’t together, I tried to date in college and everything, but back then I was selling a lot more than I did when I met you, so every female that I came across just assumed I was this terrible thug and they wanted nothing to do with me. So I just walked around with a “f**k everything” attitude. Deep down I always thought I was a good person, just made some bad decisions, but everyone does.”

“Oh baby I understand.....and Julian you are a great person. You are an amazing person. You have a heart of gold and if those women from your past couldn’t see that just because of what you use to do as a job, then that is their fault. I would personally like to thank all of them because if they wouldn’t have been so judgmental, then I wouldn’t have met the man of my dreams and the love of my life,” I said while smiling big.

“Awww you’re so sweet. Thank you baby.” Julian puckers his lips and leans down and pecks my lips a few times.

“So can we go practice making JJ’s little brother or sister?,” Julian said playfully.

“Julian you are a non-stop sex machine!,” I exclaimed.

“I can’t help it with you’re so d**n sexy!!” I just laugh and I grab Julian’s face and I kiss him passionately. He holds me tight and turns us so I am against the counter. He grips my waist and picks up and sets me on the counter as we kiss passionately. I wrap my legs around his waist and he caresses my thighs. A few minutes into our kiss, Julian and I both feel his phone vibrate in his pocket. Julian pulls out of the kiss and takes out his phone and looks at it.

“It’s my mom,” Julian said.

“Answer it babe,” I said. Julian nods his head and pushes the “accept” button on his phone and then says “hello” and then we both hear Karen practically screaming frantically through the phone. I just look at Julian confused and he looks at me.

“Whoa mom slow down....Yasmin did what?,” Julian said. After about a minute, I see Julian turn completely angry and he balls his free fist in pure anger. His jaw clenches tightly and his nose flares up in anger.

“Ok mom you bring Alexis here,” Julian said. He hangs up and shakes his head and looks at me.

“Baby what is it? What happened?,” I asked with concern.

“That f**kin’ b***h. Yasmin asked to take Alexis out for dinner tonight and my mom said it was ok. My mom went with them.....but my mom said that when she went to the bathroom in the restaurant, then came back, Alexis was sitting at the table all by herself crying holding her left cheek. Alexis said Yasmin slapped her,” Julian said angrily.

“What?!? Yasmin slapped Alexis?! Oh h**l no that b***h. She hurt my baby girl?,” I said angrily.

“Alexis said that Yasmin tried to take her while my mom was gone. Like she wanted them to leave without my mom and Alexis caused a scene and that is when Yasmin slapped her then left.”

“I cannot believe this.....that’s not right Julian. I want to kick her a**.”

“I do too baby, but my mom called the police and they are going to do their best to find Yasmin. My mom is on the way right now with Alexis.”

“This is crazy poor baby girl. She must be so hurt.”

“I know she is....she has always wanted Yasmin to be a part of her life, but Yasmin is not mother material. She never has been and she never will be. I still can’t believe she put her hands on my baby girl. She is so lucky you and I weren’t at the dinner, we would have taken care of her really quick.”

“I know that’s right Julian. I am not violent, but you don’t touch any of my babies. You will be sorry.”

“Aww my baby thinks she’s a thug huh?,” Julian joked. I just stick my tongue out and Julian uses his tongue to lick my tongue. I slap his chest and he laughs and pulls away from me. He grabs my waist and lifts me from the counter. Julian and I go into the living room and wait for Alexis and Karen. 45 minutes later, there is a knock on our door. Julian and I go to the door hand in hand and Julian opens the door and we see Karen and Alexis standing there. Alexis runs to Julian and hugs his waist tight and Karen hands Alexis’ overnight bag to me. Julian picks up Alexis and kisses her face multiple times as she cries.

“Alexis is very upset. I know you two will do your best to console her. You are both so good at that,” Karen said.

“Ma do you want to stay for a bit?,” Julian asked.

“It’s ok baby. Just get Alexis calm ok. I have to go back to the police station to give my statement,” Karen said.

“Ok ma,” Julian said. Karen hugs and kisses the cheek of me, Julian and Alexis and then she leaves. I close the door and I look at Alexis and I rub her arm. She looks at me and reaches out to me. I take her from Julian and she holds me tight as she cries on my shoulder. I gently rub her back and I walk to our bedroom with her and Julian follows us. I set Alexis’ overnight bag on the bed, and then I sit on the bed and I hold Alexis close and Julian sits next to me.

“Baby girl are you alright?,” I asked.

“....Why does she hate me? You don’t hit people that you love,” Alexis said through tears. I just look at Julian frowning and he looks at me hurt. We are both hurt by this. This is our baby girl and when she is hurting, so are we.

“Alexis I am so sorry that your so called mother hit you tonight. She was wrong for what she did. You did absolutely nothing wrong ok? I mean that. No one ever deserves to be slapped. I can’t say for sure that Yasmin hates you, but she does not know how to be a mother I know that much.”

“I hate her....I wish you were my mommy Zaira, not her. I love you not her,” Alexis said.

“Oh baby girl I know. I love you too. It’s ok. If you do not want to see her ever again, then you don’t have to. I promise you that,” I said.

“Yeah Alexis. We will do all we can to protect you. We both promise you that,” Julian said. Alexis nods her head and Julian hugs me and her until she calms down. Once she is calm, she takes her bath with me by her side. We talked the entire time. Once Alexis is bathed, she puts on her pajamas and I wrap her hair in a scarf for her. She then lies down in our bed and gets under the covers. Julian and I just look at her. I notice her left cheek has a slight bruise. I sigh and I rub it gently and then I kiss it softly.

“Is JJ ok?,” Alexis asked.

“He should be fine baby girl, he just has a little cold....are you ok?,” Julian said.

“I’m ok Juju,” Alexis said softly.

“Baby sing to her,” I suggested. Julian nods his head and he starts to sing while holding Alexis’ hand. Within 30 minutes, Alexis is sleeping peacefully. Julian and I both just watch her sleeping for a bit. I rest my head on Julian’s shoulder and tears just flow from my eyes. I just hate seeing the people I love in any pain.

“Gorgeous what’s wrong?,” Julian asked softly.

“I hate seeing anyone I love hurting. This kills me right now. Alexis is so beautiful, inside and out. How could Yasmin hurt her like this? It’s just not right Julian. It’s not right,” I said.

“I know baby and I completely agree with her. This little girl has a heart of gold beating in her chest. She doesn’t deserve all the pain that she has been through in just her short seven years of living. It’s not fair I know that much. But Alexis didn’t need Yasmin in the past and she doesn’t need her now. Alexis will never need Yasmin. Alexis is just fine without her.”

“I just hope Yasmin gets exactly what she deserves for what she did to Alexis.”

“She will be. Karma will take care of her.” Julian wipes my tears and he holds me tight as we watch Alexis sleep. I just know that if karma doesn’t take care of Yasmin, I sure as hell will.

Run It....

love this story.

yasmine needs to to seriously get a so glad alexis is smart enough to realize wht she is doing..RUNIT