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I Wanna Be

“Just a few days before our first day of college, you excited?” Omari asked looking over at his girlfriend of one year and best-friend of seven.

“Yeah…I guess.” Dominique mumbled looking out the window

“Baby please don’t be like that, I know you wanted to go to UNC but USC is a really good school too.”

“Omari I could care less about the education because I’m going to get one regardless, I just had my heart set on being a Tar Heel ever since I can remember. Playing soccer for them was a dream and now I’m going to be playing for a school who isn’t even ranked. So could you please let me sit over here and mope?” she asked looking over at him.

Omari let out a sigh as he got off on the very next exit. He pulled off to the side and put the car in park.

“And in other NCAA sports related news Christopher Brown has officially been taken off of U of A’s roster. This is a complete shocker to the college basketball world! A definite shoe-in for the NBA has literally disappeared off the face of the planet. We’ve tried reaching out to the university but…”

Omari cut the radio off and looked to Dominique.

“Babe forgive me if I’m trying to put you in a better mood, but USC was the best choice for me. I swear to God I appreciate the sacrifice you made to be with me. But sweetie I want to go pro and this was the very best way.”

“Omari you were the number one running back in the nation, you put every single personal stat and national record to shame. You could’ve went to a school that had a class size of only the football team and you’d still get drafted!” Dominique explained irritated.

“But you’re the number one midfielder in the nation, so why not put your skills to use and get USC ranked?”

“Please leave my ego be.” She said rolling her eyes.

“What I gotta do to make you happy?”

“Keep driving and let me adjust to this at my own pace.” She said reaching in the back to grab a pillow.

Omari watched her turn in her seat towards the window while snuggling up to the pillow. He sat there for a second and let the guilt eat at him. She was right, he could’ve went to any school especially UNC who was also throwing offers at him, and he would’ve been drafted. He knew she knew he was bulls***ting her about great opportunities. In all honesty he wanted to move from the country. Austin was cool but not where he wanted to be, he wanted the glitz and glam the City of Angels had to offer. He wanted that celebrity feeling he knew he’d get playing for USC. He wanted her right there by his side to experience it with him. Two national number ones on one another’s arm would’ve been a good look for them. Constantly on Sports Center, sharing the cover of ESPN and Sports Illustrated magazine, the sky was the limit for this power couple. But above all else he loved her and couldn’t imagine them an entire country apart from one another. Omari would’ve absolutely died if she were to fall in love with another man, especially if it were his fault and selfishness had anything to do with it.

“Baby” he said reaching over and touching her shoulder.

“What Omari?” she grumbled half asleep into the pillow.

“Come to the back with me.” He said unbuckling his seatbelt and moving to the back of his Range Rover.

She rolled her eyes as she did as he requested. Omari was leaning up against the window with his legs stretched out and Dominique climbed in between them and laid up against his chest. They sat there for a few minutes in silence.

“Dominique I love you with all my heart baby and it’s killing me that you’re unhappy because of a decision I made and begged you to make. I need you sweetheart, I mean I could do this without you but nowhere near my fullest potential. I’d probably get my scholarship pulled from how horrible I’d be playing.”

“It’s ok Omari, I just need some time to adjust. I’m sure I’ll be happy here, I just have to get over the fact that my mascot is a damn condom.”

“It’s not a condom baby, it’s a Trojan.” Omari said laughing.

“Well when I think of Trojan I think of the condom.”

“I don’t see how.” Omari joked grinning.

“Just cause I don’t f*** don’t mean I don’t watch TV Ishmael. All of those ridiculous commercials it’s hard not to notice.” She said irritated.

“I’m just kidding baby, chill with the Ishmael.” He laughed again knowing that he was upsetting her from her use of his middle name.

“Whatever, so why we back here anyways?”

“Multiple reasons main one being that I just wanted to hold you for a little while. Secondly I’m a little tired from all the driving.”

“Who wanted to drive though?”

“Me but I just wanted to spend more time with you on this little road trip. If I’d of known you would’ve been acting like this I would’ve had my s*** shipped too and dealt with you on that short ass flight.” Omari teased through laughs.

Dominique quickly spun around in his arms and kept hitting him in his arms and chest. Omari was laughing the whole time while trying to contain her arms.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was just kidding baby.” He said still laughing.

“You play too damn much.” She laughed straddling his lap.

“But you still love me so deal with it.” He said leaning forward with his hands on her hips.

“Keep it up with that smart ass mouth of yours and I’ll be loving you from North Carolina.”

“Don’t play babe.” Omari said getting serious and making Dominique laugh even more.

He knew this to be true because just the day before they left UNC was calling her to make sure that she was completely sure about her decision.

“Now it’s your turn to stop tripping cause you know I ain’t leaving you.”

“You bet not break my heart like that.” Omari said leaning forward kissing her lips that were formed into a smile.

After a sweet make-out session the two sat there holding one another, having meaningless conversation and sharing laughs. The two were content with one another’s presence.

“Ok you, it’s time to go.” Dominique said getting off of his lap and making her way to the passenger seat.

“But I was enjoying myself.” Omari complained from the back.

“I was too but we gotta go baby, we’re only 6 hours or so out.”

“You say it like it’s not a long time.” Omari said making his way to the driver’s seat.

“It’s not” she said snuggling back up to her pillow but this time facing Omari.

“That’s because you’re not driving.” Omari huffed.

“Then maybe you should’ve listened when I told you we should fly.” She teased laughing.

“f*** you man” Omari laughed.

“Maybe one day.” She grinned.

Omari nodded his head while gazing at her.

“Given your past I know that this must be hard for you, but I really do appreciate your efforts and how patient you’re being with me.”

“It’s nothing ma, I love you and if you want to wait to make love then I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. Even if you want to wait these next four years until we get married I’ll gladly do it.” Omari smiled meaning every word he said.

“Trust me it won’t be that long.”

“No?” he smiled.

She smiled back and shook her head no.

“Can I get a round about time frame so I know when I need to be ready?”

“Nope, it’ll just have to be a surprise. Hold up…what you mean be ready?”

“Well I don’t want to disappoint you so I’ve been practicing to keep myself up to par. High five!” Omari said reaching out with his right hand.

“Eww baby that’s gross.” Dominique laughed shoving his hand away.

“No it’s not, that s*** is natural.” Omari said putting the truck in drive.

(((7 Hours Later)))

The two arrived in Los Angeles and looked around impressed with what they saw. Omari followed the directions his navigation gave to the USC campus. They pulled up in front of a building that the navigation led them to and out front were a few students. They looked older as if they’d been attending for at least a year or two. They held a certain presence about them that screamed confidence. Only a few things could give off that feeling without words, popularity, money, or athletes. In this case it was all three. Omari rushed around to the other side of his truck to help Dominique out.

“Omari Grandberry and Dominique DeLorme it’s a pleasure to finally have you here.” One of the guys greeted smiling, descending the steps.


Run it! Dude you should put this story on elite creativity

Run it!


Love them together! RUN IT!

Run it

Wtf is Matt & Robyn's problem... Leave them t'f alone lol....... I am in love with this story RUN IT !!!!!!

run it

Awww they are just too dang cute. Robyn get over yourself like she is just making herself look whack... smh get over it he dont want you back move on. Thats life gotta deal with the cards that were dealt to you. loved it
Run It!!!

Now how her ass gone be sleep like 5 mins ago and now they having sex lmfao smh,, ctfu they crack me up. Like i don't understand why can't Matt and Robyn then understand CHIS IS HAPPY!! HE DON'T WANT YOU NO MORE ROBYN DAMN..GET YO ASS SOME BUSINESS! smh

Hope you enjoy the add and as always please, please, PLEASE leave a little feedback. I really do love reading your thoughts.

(((20 Minutes Later)))

“There they go right there.” Matt smiled rubbing his hands together as him and his group of friends watched Chris and Dominique exit a taxi.

After <a href="">Chris</a> paid he took Dominique’s hand, readjusted his hat, then took a look around. Matt threw up two fingers towards him and Chris threw one his way.

“Did they say where they’d be?” Chris asked looking down at Dominique.

“Yeah, at the fair.” Dominique said with a straight face.

Chris’s lips turned to a grin then a smile, followed by a chuckle.

“You think you funny?”

“No, I think I’m honest and….fly.”

“Oh yeah?” Chris smiled taking a second to step back and take a peek at her.

“Yeah” she smiled placing one of her arms around his neck and grabbing his shirt with her free hand.

Chris dipped down kissing her as he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist.

“Babygirl you’re too good to me.”

“What’s the matter?” she asked immediately noticing something different in his voice and facial expression.

“Nothing” he continued to smile.

Everyone watched Dominique slightly pull back, stare Chris in the face, then look around for what changed Chris’s mood. She spotted them then looked back up at Chris who hadn’t removed his stare from her.

“We won’t stay long, just long enough for a ride and game to appease our friends. Then…suddenly wander off…get lost…try to find them…and maybe wind up back at your room.”

“Are we really gonna try to find them?”

“Pssh! They’ll be lucky if we stay through an entire game.” Dominique confirmed.

“One of the many, many reasons why I love you.” He said wrapping his arm around her waist and taking her chin in his hand, kissing her.

She kissed him back and giggled at the same time.

“Let’s get inside before any of them get bold enough to come over here. Besides, my nipples are all hard, I ain’t got on a bra...but they do feel good rubbing against my shirt.”

“For real?” Chris asked immediately looking down.

“No stupid” she said thumping his forehead as soon as he looked down.

“Damn” he chuckled walking away with her.


“Yeah” Dominique replied.

“Ya’ll make it there yet?” Zoe asked.

“Yeah, we here, where are ya’ll?”

“f***ing Drake holding people up, we’re almost there.”

“How you know?” Dominique giggled not believing her.

“Cause I can see the lights a**hole!” Zoe said before hanging up.

“Where they at?”

“Who knows, but Zoe says they’re close.” Dominique continued to giggle.

“Wanna just walk around then?”

“We could or we could totally go get a funnel cake.” Dominique said eyeing a sweets trailer.

“How do you manage that sexy figure with all the bulls*** you eat?”

“Good genes….fast metabolism….a strong and energetic boyfriend.” She said wiggling her eyebrows at him.

“You stupid” he laughed as they made their way towards the line.

“Want me to go get tickets for a few rides?”

“If you want” Chris shrugged.

“Ok” she said walking away.

Chris waited patiently in line as he text messaged Shaffer, trying to talk him into rushing the cab driver to drive faster.

“She actually leaves you alone? I see someone has stepped their game up.” Robyn giggled from behind Chris.

Chris text “PLEASE!” then slid his phone back into his pocket.

“Ok man, you’ve got us all convinced, now cut this s*** out.” Matt almost begged.

Chris did his best to ignore them while taking two steps forward in line.

“Chris” Robyn said giving him a light, flirty shove.

“What Robyn?” he asked.

“What are you doing? Why are you acting like this? Come talk to me for a second.” She said pulling on his arm.

“I’m good” he said removing his arm from her grasp.

“Chris” she said grabbing him again.

Chris rolled his eyes as he snatched his arm away, while making a sharp right to walk away. He was stopped in his tracks by Dominique.

“Dude I know you see this line. Where you think you’re going? We almost there and if you get out of line I ain’t paying for s***, I’m just gonna take it.” Dominique confirmed, causing Chris to look down upon her with a slick grin on his face. “The funnel cake Chris, get your mind out of the gutter.”

He chuckled placing his arm around her shoulders, pulling his vibrating phone out of his pocket. He looked down at her and saw that she hadn’t removed her gaze from the large canister of powdered sugar.

“I don’t give a f*** where they are or aren’t, unless I’m moving forward I’m not moving from this line. I know you can smell it.”

“Daddy can always pick up on that scent.” He whispered into her ear.

“….That was pretty slick….” Dominique smiled unable to hide her entertainment from Chris’s choice of words. “So are they gonna stop?”

“Probably not for a while.”

“Did you used to act like this too?”

“A complete douche bag? Yeah, when I wasn’t engaged in some sort of sexual act.”

“What did you accomplish by being creepy?”

“An arrangement of things actually. Head, sex, threesomes and all kinds of other stupid inappropriate s***.”

“Then what are they hoping to get out of this?”

“Matt wants you and the rest of them want me, but they’ll leave me alone long enough to give Robyn her time with me. Sad to say but she runs things around the university.”

“….Hm….” Dominique said taking it all in, peeking over her shoulder, then looking back forward when her and Chris moved up in line.

“Does not compute?” Chris chuckled, speaking as if he were talking to a robot.

“Does not compute babe” Dominique replied. “They can hear us, they can see that we’re talking about them, yet…they stick around. Why?”

Chris shrugged. “Does not compute” he smiled.

“Hey guys” Shaffer said approaching them with their crew, holding hands with Zoe.

“Thank God” Dominique admitted.

“Is everything ok?” Zoe asked eyeing them.

“It is now, girl I can’t wait to tell you how weird these muhf***as are! The sun has annihilated their minds!” Dominique voiced.

“What seems to have you so thrown about this whole situation?” Matt interrupted smiling.

Dominique turned around and studied him. His facial expression, the look in his eyes, the slow yet constant change of his body language.


“What’s that?” Matt smiled, releasing all contact with Robyn and stepping closer.

“She’s jealous, of many things I’m sure but still I see nothing but jealousy. With you I see nothing but lust, a tiny bit of admiration, probably because to you I am appealing to the eye.”

“Very” he smiled wider.

“Yet, neither one of you, knowing full well of every detail of the betrayal that occurred between the three of you, I do not see even a small hint of remorse or regret. Neither one of you are sorry for what you did to Chris.”

“I took his girl, big deal, it happens.”

“You know I know what really happened right?”

“Chris sometimes lies to get what he wants.” Robyn added.

“So the thoughts going on in my head about you and Matt are false?”

“Depends on what you thinking, feel free to share if you’re bold enough.”

“We don’t have that kind of time.” Dominique giggled.

“Just one, a little extra sugar around the side please.” Chris ordered while digging in his pocket to pull out money.

“Thanks love” she said tossing a twenty onto the counter before turning back to her conversation.

“You pay for your own things?” Robyn asked disgusted.


“Why? He has money.”

“Was she always like this?” Dominique asked.

“Yep” Chris said handing her the change.

“And you put up with it for how long again?”

“Too long”

“I had to get something out of our relationship seeing as you were unfaithful any chance you could be, why not spend your money on me rich boy.”

“If only someone else would let me spend a little money on them from time to time.” Chris teased.

“I do, I let you buy my food and drinks tonight. Why must you always fuss about this?”

“I don’t always fuss, I’d just like to spend my money on you more often.”

“Do we not have a good enough time without all the spending?”

“Yeah…but….maybe a diamond or two every now and again.”

“And when would she have time to wear them?” Zoe giggled.

“All she does is play soccer and stay shacked up with you. This is the most we’ve seen of her on a weekend in a very long time. To be honest I’m shocked we’re seeing either one of you at all.” Shaffer laughed along with the rest of their friends.

“I wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with that would I?” Robyn asked.

“Why would you?” Chris asked.

“Things might’ve ended horribly for us, but I know you miss me. Seeing what you don’t have any more had to of played a part in you not wanting to come out tonight.”

“Don’t misconstrue Shaffer’s words, they don’t see us because we’d rather spend our free time with one another. We love our friends but when it comes to one another we easily become distracted of our intentions to hang with our friends and become selfish with our time. I do not miss you, seeing what I don’t want any more makes having Dominique in my life that much better. Her intentions and love for me are pure and go without fault or question. I don’t give a f*** about seeing you Robyn and I care even less about seeing you Matt. This reunion needs to end, because no one from my past is going to get what they want.”

“I bet she leaves for twenty minutes I can prove you a lie.” Robyn smirked.

“Who in the f*** is this a**hole they think they’re talking to?” Zoe laughed.

“I made so many mistakes Zoe and though I regret it I don’t at the same time, because they’ve led me right to Dominique. Thank you sir.” Chris said taking the funnel cake and handing it to a giddy Dominique.

“Chris you can pump up how much better your life supposedly is but you honestly don’t have me fooled. Ok so you’ve found a beautiful chick, but I’ve never seen you with an ugly one. She’s the prettiest I’ve seen and I offer you my congratulations that she’s not into your money. But no sex? Really dude? How long do you really think that’ll last? How do you have everyone here convinced that you’re not f***ing? Maybe not her but you are getting pussy.”

“I need to know what in the f*** makes her so much better than me?” Robyn asked as calmly as possible, but was ready to freak out at any second.

“Goals and ambition for starters. She was on her own path of success, she didn’t need me she wanted me. Something makes me smile that no matter how much money I have, if I hurt her she’s leaving me. She really loves me and knowing that she genuinely cares makes me feel so damn good. She’s brilliant, makes me laugh, and doesn’t take s*** from anyone. A girl that can hold her own is by my side. I don’t care what you think, that’s pretty f***ing cool. Not to mention I can brag that my lady is a few months away from being an Olympian and most likely a gold medalist. I gotta make it to the NBA first, which we all know I will, then wait for the Olympics to come around. My girl is going to have her medal as a college student and years before me. What major accomplishment can you say that you’re going to share or strive to get with the main lady in your life, when you choose to pick one of course?”

“Olympics huh?” Matt asked with raised eyebrows, looking towards Dominique.

As everyone waited for some sort of response from Dominique, she continued tearing into her delicious treat.

“I’ma tell you something about me Joe Rogan that you might not know, I smoke rocks.” Dominique joked, imitating Tyrone Biggums from the Chappelle show perfectly, with powdered sugar all over her lips.

All of her friends and Chris began laughing as a few of the members of U of A laughed as well. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and her cheeks with the front and back of her wrist as she threw the empty tray away.

“Are we done here? I saw what I wanted to see and ya’ll got more than enough questions answered.” Dominique said taking Chris’s hand in hers.

“You really think you got him on lock don’t you?” Robyn asked.

“No but I do believe that he’s where he wants to be. Goodnight.”

“You’ll be seeing me again.”

“If it’s on my turf, then you should probably be on your best behavior. I’m not like this at my University and my curiosity is depleted. Goodnight.” Dominique repeated.

(((An Hour Later)))

“I f***ing knew it!” Matt said spotting Chris walking by himself, looking around as if he were up to no good. “That nigga ain’t changed.”

“He’s probably looking for me.” Robyn boasted all smiles.

“Wrong again” one of the basketball players said as they watched Dominique come walking from a different direction, but at a much quicker pace than Chris.

She too was looking around and was completely startled when Chris wrapped her up in his arms out of nowhere. Everyone watched her join Chris in laughter once she realized she had nothing to worry about. They watched as the two engaged into a quick kiss then pull away as they reached into their pocket at the same time. They looked down at their caller id, laughed again, then put their phone back into their pocket as they hurried out of the exit where there was a taxi pulling up. Chris opened the door and as she slid in she pulled Chris right along with her.

“I don’t want to seem like a d***, but did you two ever sneak off like that?” the same player asked.

“Nope…Chris was much more assertive….he told me when it was time to go. This sneaking off didn’t happen unless he was trying to keep his indiscretions to himself.” She said doing her best to hold her jealousy back, sending a text to a friend.


Chris sat up gently when he heard knocking at his door. He had no clue who it could’ve been because the room he was in wasn’t the original one that he was assigned, so he knew no one from the team was at the door.

“I knew you were lying about the sex thing. But something tells me that you really did wait until you had the perfect girl and at the perfect time to start f***ing again.”

“Something or someone?”

“I might’ve made a few calls to confirm a few things. You put on quite the show your first month at USC and she fell for it.”

“She didn’t fall for anything because I wasn’t trying to trick anyone, I just wanted a friend.”

“Heard she was pure.” She smirked.

“She is”

“From what I just heard over the past hour, no she is not.”

“Her heart is pure Robyn that is what matters.”

“Not according to most people, purity is long gone.”

“She and I will make it for the long run, so I’m sure no one will mind she gave me her prize a few years early.”

“Marriage? Wow!” Robyn said shocked.

“What part of I love her don’t any of you seem to get? If she’d let me she’d be in the possession of a ring that’d keep a bruise on her knuckle. It’s love Robyn.”

“Are you sure?”

“The only thing I’m more sure about is that my name is Chris and I love my momma.”

“So you never even cared about me?”

“Why are you here Robyn?”

“Because I wanted to see things for myself, I wanted answers.”

“What more could you want to know?”

“I want to hear what you have to say without any outside influences.”

“Why? We didn’t have the conversational type of relationship, what could you possibly be curious about?”

Robyn reached out to stroke his abs and maybe even his d***, but was denied when he stepped away from her further into the room.

“There’s no need for all of that Chris, I’m just trying to be nice.”

“I don’t want you to be nice to me, I don’t want anything from you. So how about you come in, we talk, I answer any and everything you want to know, and then you leave and carry on with your life.”

“Come in? Your room?” she asked shocked.

“Yes” Chris said opening the door wider. “Have a seat at the table by the window.” Chris said as she walked in.

She took a seat then watched Chris walk over to the bed, crawl onto it using his knees, then falling down next to a sleeping Dominique.

“Babe….baby…wake up real quick.” He said gently kissing her face, rocking her hips back and forth.

“Five more minutes” she moaned, turning on her side away from him.

“No hold up” Chris chuckled pulling her back on her back.

“What’s up?” she asked slightly opening her eyes.

“Robyn is here”


“She found our room and heard what we were doing.”


“She’s sitting across the room waiting to talk.”

“To you right?”

“Yeah to me”

“Ok, love you” she said quickly kissing him then rolling back on her side.

“Babe you heard everything I just said right?” Chris asked confused by her reaction.

“Yup, your ex found our room, sat somewhere like a stalker and listened to what we had going on in here, she’s sitting at the table by the window, waiting to talk to you. She wants closure and you just might need some too. I don’t know in what form cause you’re over the relationship but there might be some things that you need to talk to her about that might come up.” She said cuddling up to a pillow and pulling the sheet down to her waist, then readjusting her arm around the pillow.

Chris smiled, kissed her shoulder, then got off of the bed. As he made his way towards Robyn he grabbed his shirt off the floor and put it on.

“So…where do we start?” Robyn asked.

“I don’t know but you’ve got 20 minutes.” Chris said through a stretch and yawn.

“Why couldn’t you care for me like that?”

“Because the first time I f***ed you I was barely seventeen or about to turn eighteen, can’t remember, but I do know I was seventeen nailing the most beautiful chick in Arizona. I knew that you knew I was about to be the next big thing on campus and all over television. I’m good at basketball, great even, so the NBA was not a secret. I had money and I looked good. I had the prettiest girl and all the b****es I wanted because my pretty girl put up with my bulls*** because she had her eye on the prize.”

“You only slightly answered my question.”

“Let me finish” Chris said holding his finger up. “The same girl I thought I was showing trust for by f***ing her raw was the same girl that completely opened up my eyes about myself. You infected me with a few disgusting diseases which were handed over to you by someone who I felt was my closest friend. I loathed my very existence because I was walking around with a repulsive virus inside of me. You showed me so many things. Like how to show more respect for myself and well-being, which is why I was celibate. I learned that I needed to be very careful when I chose someone as my friend. Because heaven forbid I’m scared out of my mind and the one I think is my friend who I want and need to be there by my side is f***ing my girl and doesn’t have time to come help me.”

“Some of my sister AKAs from USC say she had an asthma attack trying to help you once.”

“She was having an asthma attack long before she reached me. Someone drugged me pretty good and I didn’t even have to say much to catch her attention. She noticed the difference in me immediately and she ran as fast as she could to me. She saved my life and at that moment she had my heart. I didn’t know it then because I was out of it but once I saw her, my feelings grew. The next morning I knew she was it for me. No woman had ever cared about me like that, no one at all except my mother. She ran over a mile in less than five minutes to get to me. Lucky for me she has certain ailments that require her to have Epipen and inhaler kits placed in areas she’s usually at. She risked her well-being for me and I love her for it. Then the person that she naturally is has me more and more in love. The mixture of her southern and country accent, the way she finishes my sentences, the way she knows exactly what I’m thinking. We have so much in common it’s ridiculous! As cliché as this is about to sound she completes me. Everything is alright when I’m with her. I never felt that with you.”

“Do you think you ever could?”

“No, because I have my everything already. I have no reason to love another the way I love her. You were nothing more than a life experience to me and I to you.”

“What if I told you that you were more to me? What if I told you that I always loved you?”

“It’d mean nothing to me.”


“Many reasons, seeing as I know that you’re only comparing physical and material things, I’ll speak your language. You two are both out of this world beautiful, but she’s prettier. Even if I didn’t know either one of you I’d still go after her.”

“You don’t think her ignorance of your financial abilities is fake?”

“I’m positive she doesn’t want me for my money. I have it now and she doesn’t want it. I’ll have more later and when I bring up my future paycheck she changes the subject. Every time. She didn’t have much money growing up, but nothing was an issue for her financially in her teens. She’s happy with what she has, overwhelmed with what’s on her plate at times these days.”

“Because I want the finer things I’m a bad person? Less of a woman than her?”

“In my eyes yes, I want a woman that appreciates the finer things and is annoyed when it’s not agreed upon when presented to her. I like that I can do what I want with my money. I love she gets mad when it’s spent unnecessarily on her. In my eyes that’s how it’s supposed to be. You expected my cash flow, but you also knew you’d get it because I knew that’s how I’d keep you around through all of my indiscretions.”

“I take it that doesn’t work with her.”

“I already told you that it doesn’t earlier this evening. I f*** up, someone else takes my place.”

“I really don’t understand her or how she maintains your attention so well.”

“Its pure love Robyn and she’s hands down the most amazing woman I have ever come across. She is what I want and need to be truly and completely happy in this lifetime.” Chris simply explained.

“Why couldn’t you love me?!” she asked tears suddenly streaking down her face.

“It wasn’t meant to be Robyn.”

The two stared at one another in silence.

“What about now? Why can’t we try to start over?”

“She already has my heart Robyn! There can and will be no place for another woman besides her. We were not meant to be! Change your ways and find someone else worth a damn. If it’s the finer things you want then find a man that will provide them for you, but be sure that it’s not what he’s providing that’s keeping you around. Don’t make the same mistakes. I know I said you had 20 minutes but we really have nothing more to discuss. It’s time for you to leave.” Chris said standing to his feet.

“Don’t do this to me.” Robyn begged making her way towards him.

“Robyn stop” Chris said quickly making space between them. “You need to go, because if you wake Dominique up it’s going to be all bad for you.”

“Wake her up? Like she hasn’t been up listening to our every word.”

“Robyn, trust me, she’s sleep. She barely heard what I said when I was actually trying to wake her up. She’s just smart enough to put thoughts and words together then say enough to get me to let her go back to sleep. This isn’t my first time talking to her like this. Goodbye Robyn.” Chris said opening the door.

“Not even a small kiss or goodbye forever quickie?” Robyn asked walking out into the hallway.

“How about two fingers?” Chris asked throwing up the deuces as he released the door.

Robyn watched him walk away as the door slowly closed on its own.

“Good f***ing riddance!” she heard Chris say as he removed his shirt.

The door shut before she could see it hit the ground. Chris stripped himself of his shorts and boxers before he climbed back in bed next to Dominique.

“Babe…ay babe” he said rocking her again.

“Five” she mumbled.

“No, turn over”

She did as he requested, placed her thigh over his waist, and her hand on his arm as she fell right back into sleep.

“You’re not gonna ask me how it went...? Dominique” he said shaking her when he heard slight snoring.

“What Chris?” she asked annoyed slapping his hand away from her shoulder.

“You’re not curious as to how everything went?”

“If I were that curious I’d of sat next to you while it happened, I’d of attempted to stay awake.”

“So you don’t want to know what happened?”

“You can’t just tell me when it’s time to check out?” she asked opening an eye.

“I suppose I could let you sleep and keep a somewhat traumatic event to myself for a few more hours.” Chris huffed putting extras on the whole ordeal.

“What’s so traumatic about your ex-girlfriend asking what makes me different and begging for you back?”

“Were you awake?” Chris asked slightly sitting up.

“No but what else could you two possibly have to talk about besides that?”

“Sorry, forgot you’re smart.” He chuckled lying back down.

The room became silent. Dominique closed her eyes and Chris stared up at the ceiling.

“What are you thinking about?”

“What makes you think I’m thinking about something?”

“Your heart isn’t slowing, which means your body isn’t resting, which means your mind isn’t resting, which means you’re thinking about something because you’ve had a long day and you’re not trying to go back to sleep.”

“Honestly I’m trying to make sense of myself before I got burnt. I can’t for the life of me figure out why I kept someone like her around. I actually introduced a gold digging whore to my mother. I put off events and phone calls with my mother for her. Even now she’s still a sad excuse of a person and I was proud to walk around claiming her.”

“Chalk it up to adolescence.” She said with her eyes still closed.

“I know I should but it still blows my mind that I was ok with doing the things that I did.”

“Why does this bother you? You’re safe, lead a different life, and I’m assuming you’re happy with the decisions you’ve made since you left Arizona.”

“More than happy” Chris smiled pulling Dominique on top of him. “Happy doesn’t come close to how I feel about the decisions I’ve made.”

“Yeah?” Dominique smiled sitting all the way up, feeling Chris harden.

“Yeah, my life is perfect.” He smiled wider placing his hands on her hips. “I feel great” he admitted.

“Oh yeah…bet I could make you feel better.”

“I dare you to tr..ooohh damn girl” he moaned as she placed him inside of her.


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LMFAO run it !!!!!!

Thanks mamas, some of it comes from the top of the brain but the other half comes from random conversations I have with my friends and family.

LMFAO, You are the funniest writer EVER! "100% CAR SEAT"? Yeah, I was legit LOL'ing. RUN IT!!

Smh, niggas just can't be happy for nobody can they? Why can't everybody just realize that Chris is a changed man now? I understand how bad he was, but can y'all just be happy how he has changed? Damn. Pissing me off lol. I hope don't no sketchy ish happen while they at the fair...I already know it is lol

Run it

dam why everybody up in their business shiit if they are or arent isnt any of their concerns
but at the same time they tryna compare old chris with new chris
and matt ugh just stop dont even try
and robin go somewhere with all that
i thought it was hella funny how you made her a AKA as well
run it!

Matt and Robyn are freakin pathetic move tf around dang get over it!!! Chris don't want shiid to do with yall and for those that keep thinkin he f***in around next subject they in love let them be.
Run It!!!

<a href="">Robyn</a>

<a href="">Matt</a>

<a href="">Alesha</a>

<a href="">Christina</a>

Damn....f***ed that one ALL up. Oh well you got your add, I'll get to adding the pix in just a second.

(((USC vs. U of A)))

As soon as Chris stepped foot onto the court the booing came towards him immediately. He looked around the stadium with saddened eyes. Everyone thought it was because of how they were treating him. But he was honestly bothered that he couldn’t find Dominique. He saw his old frat brothers, old friends, old teammates, and even his ex-girlfriend Robyn. No Zoe, no Riley, no soccer team and no signs of Dominique.

(((Three minutes left of the first half)))

“Chris!” the water boy shouted.


“But Chris” he tried again.

“LEAVE ME THE f*** ALONE!” Chris said with much attitude as he slung his towel towards Seth.

“But it’s important”

“Dude….shut the f*** up and go away.” Chris said completely annoyed.


The coach had just finished b****ing at the team in the locker room, mainly Chris before they all made their way back onto the court.

“Hey daddy”

Chris tried to walk past her but she moved in his way.

“It’s like that?” she smiled.

“What do you want?” Chris asked annoyed.

“Damn it really is like that. Can we start over? I know you’re having a bad game but maybe the thought of me and you together after this could give you some motivation.”

“<a href="">Robyn</a> I really don’t have time for this.”

“Then make some time, lead me back to a private spot, and let me suck you back into a better mood, like old times.” She said stepping closer to him only to have him step away.

“I need to get back out there.”

“Promise we’ll talk later and I’ll let you go.” She said grabbing his jersey.

“I promise we’ll talk.” He agreed.

“I miss you baby.”

“Yeah” Chris said walking away back over to the bench.

As the team shot around Chris’s ears picked up on his coach yelling. He looked up and saw that Dominique was doing the best she could to explain herself.

“Coach they wouldn’t let me down here because I didn’t have the actual tickets. Some fan of soccer had us up in the box seats. I’ve been here. I’ve been trying to send Seth with messages but he wasn’t getting through to anyone the entire time.”

“Then go take your f***ing seats! And if someone has something to say about you not having paper in your hand then you send them my way and I’ll be sure to make them understand that they’re the biggest a**hole on this planet! Now go take your seat!” the coach shouted taking his anger of his team’s performance out on Dominique.

“Ok coach” she said holding her hands up as she made her way across the court backwards for a few steps before turning towards her seat.

As soon as Dominique’s ass touched her seat she saw a distraught Chris quickly approaching her.

“Oh baby” she said shooting to her feet, embracing him as tightly as possible. “Baby….baby tell me what’s going on! Why didn’t Seth tell you I was here?!” she demanded to know pulling away from him.

“He tried” Chris said holding his head down. “Everything that could’ve went wrong has happened.”

“Baby I’m here now! Whatever happens, happens but I will be right here by your side.”

“What do I do honey?” Chris asked sounding like a broken man.

“How about you stop embarrassing me.”

Chris looked up at her confused.

“Everyone knows you my man, so you acting like this and playing like s*** is gonna have me answering to a lot of people. You as well. I’m here daddy, now show me your skills, show off for me while you’re at it because we both know what’s in it for you when I’m impressed.” She smiled rubbing the sides of his face. “You were being lazy first half, now do you this half. f*** what’s going on around you because at the end of the day and this night, you’ve got someone that loves and adores everything you do, no matter your past. Win or lose….”

“You’ll still love me?” Chris finally smiled.

“Absolutely! Win or lose it’ll still be you and me trying to rule the world.”

“My love…my love….my love” Chris smiled before he leaned down and kissed Dominique as deeply as possible.

He pulled away to look up at the clock. He still had three minutes. So he sat down in Dominique’s seat and with her still wrapped around him.

“Thanks for the amp up baby.” Chris smiled widely.

“No problem. Stressed?” Dominique asked.

“Oh yeah!”

“For what? And be honest.”

Chris thought and thought some more then turned his attention from Dominique’s stomach to her face.

“I really don’t know. I see all of the women I’ve been with, got approached by Robyn, faced Matt, faced my teammates and it was all built up nerves for nothing. Those women aren’t a factor, Robyn still disgusts me, and Matt isn’t better than me. Now my girl is here, in plain view, smiling, and ready to celebrate as soon as I get this win.” Chris smiled.

“Exactly! Now come get your good luck kiss.” Dominique smiled pulling him closer.

The press seemed to go into a frenzy as soon as their lips touched. The kiss was at first innocent, then became deeper.

“Babe we gotta stop, my d*** is getting hard.” Chris chuckled

“My bad” she smiled gently grinding against him and taking another kiss from him.

“This yo new show piece?” Matt asked jogging up to the two.

“Go away b****.” Dominique warned.

“Ohhh feisty” he teased stepping closer.

Dominique quickly snatched him up by the back of his jersey unnoticed then pulled him backwards so that his heels tripped over her foot that she slid backwards. She released him as soon as she felt him lose balance. Chris looked down at him then up at the clock which said he only had twenty seconds left until the second half.

“Gotta go baby” he said standing to his feet and helping her up off his lap.

“Good luck” she said kissing him again.

“Thank you” he smiled before jogging away.

“I like them aggressive.” Matt laughed jogging to his side.

“Ay yo Dominique” someone from behind her shouted.

Dominique looked behind herself and spotted a group of females wearing Delta shirts. She smiled and waved.

“You should come kick it with us for a little bit after the game. We’ve all been dying to meet the sister from USC that be beastin’ on and off the field.”

“Sure, I’d love to” Dominique agreed.

The referee blew the whistle and stood at half court with the ball.

“Love you” Chris said stealing a quick kiss before he turned towards the ref holding his hand out for the ball.

“Prove it” Dominique smiled.

“Watch this” Chris smirked as the ref handed him the ball.

He threw it to Drake and Drake tossed it back to him. Matt began playing defense on Chris and Chris paid him no mind. It looked as though he were trying to figure out who to pass it to or what play to call as he took his time walking towards the three point line. Suddenly he began jogging then tossed the ball up. Everyone stopped what they were doing to see who the alley-oop was intended for, scared that they had somehow accidentally let their opponent slip away, all the while not paying attention to Chris running up. They all watched as the ball bounced off of the backboard then Chris leap up above everyone, grab the ball, and slam it into the rim. The USC fans jumped up out of their seats and cheered for Chris as loudly as they could.

“You know he did that for me right?” Robyn boasted taking her seat in the box the AKAs paid for to watch the game.

“I don’t know girl” one of her sisters said.

“I just got done talking to him, brought his spirits up.” She smiled.

“Or maybe it was that girl down there he was kissing on.”

“You know Chris, he has girls for show. He did it to me so I know he’s doing it to her. But me and him had something special, because he was actually hurt when we broke up. I can see us having a good night tonight. I know he misses me.”

(((Two Minutes Remaining)))

USC was up by seven points and Chris was taking his time coming down the court. Matt was furious and defending as hard as he could.

“You know you’re going to lose right?” Chris taunted looking for an open pass.

“You know I’m gonna f*** her right?” Matt taunted. “I’ma have that ass high up in the air, then readjust your fit just like I did Robyn.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, I didn’t wife up a ho this time.” Chris said before he pulled up and shot a long ranged three.

USC went nuts before it could touch the bottom of the net. Matt got mad and shoved Chris out of the way as he went to inbound the ball. Chris laughed jogging up behind him and continuing to defend him.

“Better hurry up, down by ten, in your home, just over a minute to play.” Chris taunted.

“f*** you” Matt said trying to throw the ball off of Chris’s feet.

Chris hopped back, grabbed the ball, and was fouled by Matt trying to get the ball back, while making the easy lay-up.

“f***!” Matt shouted as Chris laughed while making his way to the foul line.

“Foul on number twenty two. One shot.” The ref said before bouncing the ball to a smiling Chris.

“Up by” he paused, then shot. “Thirteen” he sang as he left his hand in the air. “You better pull some different tricks out yo bag homie.” Chris continued to taunt.

USC continued a full court press defense but made sure to keep enough pressure on them to mess up but not to help them out by fouling them. They rushed to get the ball down court and rushed the three point shot. Drake grabbed the rebound, passed it to another player who passed it to Chris. Matt charged towards him in efforts to foul him and stop the clock and maybe even hurt him. Chris stopped on a dime and Matt went flying by into the crowd. Chris moved forward and the defender guarding USC’s center came running to Chris when he set himself for another jump shot. When he jumped towards Chris, he bounce passed the ball under his feet to USC’s center who easily scored two more points.

“Just stay down there, this’ll all be over in less than a minute.” Chris laughed running past Matt.

“Go baby!” Dominique cheered jumping up and down.

As soon as the clock ran out of time Chris made his way to Dominique all smiles. She ran into his arms almost knocking him over and the two immediately engaged in a kiss.

“Congratulations baby!” Dominique smiled slightly pulling away.

“I’m sorry I didn’t ask you earlier, did you guys win?”

“Yup! We annihilated all of their hopes and dreams in the first quarter. Then a few of us left early so we’d make our flight to come here.”

“You did all that to be with me?” he smiled.

“Of course, I told you I’d be here.”

“You’re the best” he said hugging her tightly.

“Most good sports shake hands after a game.” Matt said approaching Chris and Dominique along with a few of the U of A players.

Chris looked up at them then back down to Dominique who was staring at Matt as if he were a walking infection.

“Good game” Chris said chuckling at Dominique’s facial expression.

“You always did know how to pick ‘em.” Matt said eyeing Dominique. “Hi I’m Matt” he said extending his hand towards her.

“If he ain’t shake your hand what makes you think I want to?”

Matt laughed as he let his hand fall back to his side.

“Sup Chris” one of the other players greeted.

“Hey” he said with a head nod.

“I’m gonna leave you to get reacquainted with your pals.”

“Where you going?” Chris asked.

“Sister chapter of Delta wants to hang out for a little bit.”

“So you gonna leave me like that?”

“I’m hungry and you over here bulls***ting. It takes a lot of work and well balanced meals to maintain all of this.” She said pointing up and down her body.

“Fine, whatever” he smirked with a roll of his eyes.

“Tell me you love me” she smiled wrapping her arms around his neck while kissing him.

“I love you”

“Love you too, call me when you’re showered and on your way out with the boys.”

“And don’t be long either and give one of these b****es enough time to warrant an ass kicking.” Zoe said pulling Dominique away by her wrist.

“Shaffer watch them please, I too do not wish to be fighting.” Chris added.

“We got ‘em” Trey said followed by a few members of the football team.

Everyone watched Dominique and Zoe walk away surrounded by men as if they were their own personal bodyguards.

“What’s the matter? Don’t want history repeating itself?” Matt laughed.

“The last thing I’m worried about is her being unfaithful. I do however worry about her well-being because of my past mistakes, don’t need that catching up to her.”

“She gone now dude, you can cut the act.” Matt laughed.

“Not an act Matt” Chris said walking away.

“Hold up man!” Matt said jogging in Chris’s path. “I know you still mad about what happened but can we please get past that?”

“For what? I have plenty of friends, don’t need any more.”

“We were boys man, the best of friends. Let me take you out tonight so we can work this s*** out. It’ll be just like old times.”

“I don’t want old times, I wanna go take a shower so I can catch up with my girl.”

“Who you putting this front up for? It’s me! Matt! I know you man.”

“You knew me, that’s not my style no more, now excuse me.” Chris said walking away.

Matt watched as women threw themselves at Chris and Chris pass them as if they didn’t exist. Even after the quick interview he did he still didn’t pay a single female any attention that had time to run up from the other side of the stadium.

“What you doing man?” one of the U of A players asked Matt.

“I just wanna catch that nigga slipping so I can f*** his girl. You see how good she looked?! That girl is f***ing gorgeous!” Matt said walking towards their locker room. “All Chris needs to be is distracted which will be too easy. I’ma send females running his way left and right. Chris will be Chris, trust me.”

(((30 Minutes Later)))

The USC team was walking out of a breezeway, laughing and celebrating as they made their way towards their bus.

“You promised” someone said from out of nowhere, startling the whole team.

“Don’t worry Robyn, that wasn’t creepy or anything.” Chris said through frustration, speeding up his pace.

“You promised Chris” she smiled grabbing both of his wrists.

“Fine, hi Robyn how have you been?”

“Good and you?” she smiled wider.

“Pretty damn good, can’t complain, nice seeing you.” Chris said trying to walk away.

“Chris wait!” she said grabbing him again.

“Yes Robyn? How can I help you?”

“Why are you acting like this towards me? Is it because you’re trying to keep up appearances or something? I saw the chick you were all hugged up on. Your ornament isn’t around and you’re with your boys. Tell me why you’re treating me like this.”

“Because I have a girlfriend.”

“So” she said honestly confused.

“I’m sorry Robyn but I’m not that guy anymore.”

“You’re f***ing kidding me right?”

“Afraid not” Chris said walking away from her, followed by his amused teammates.

“Hold up ya’ll” Dominique said pulling her phone up to her ear. “Hey baby, you done?”

“Yeah, where you at?”

“This place called…Mi…Cabaña” she said reading the front of the menu. “I’ve only ordered appetizers to hold me over.”

“How many Patron shots?” he chuckled.

“That’s not important, so hurry up because I want a meal and you’re holding up the process.”

“How about in twenty minutes you order me a carne …”

“Carne asada burrito no french fries or potato products, two crunchy chicken tacos extra cilantro, and some beef enchiladas with extra cheese, salsa fresca, and no olives, I’m way ahead of you.” she said cutting him off. “You say twenty minutes, seeing as you guys are probably driving that means you’re seven to ten away. Because Drake is running his mouth to the females you’re trying to give yourself a little extra cushion time. We walked here in about fifteen minutes give or take. You’ve got approximately eleven minutes and forty-eight seconds before your food arrives. Get here in twelve or I’m eating your food, boxing mine to go, and no you can’t have any of mine while you wait for them to bring your food back out.” She giggled

“Love…damn, that’s cold.” Chris said looking at his phone. “She hungry ya’ll, let’s roll.” He said continuing on his way towards the bus.

“You real bold hanging up on Chris like that, no telling what he was doing before he called.” A female from the U of A Delta chapter said slightly bitterly.

“Interviews, showering, and dressing.”

“You’re my sister so I won’t hold the truth from you. That nigga is a ho.”

“Was a ho” Dominique corrected.

“Sweetie….do you know how many females he’s probably nailed since you turned your back to him?”

“Yeah, zero”

“You’re too smart to be that naive.”

“Well if you hear about any females bragging about how they got the D from Chris after his game then let me know and we can revisit this conversation.”

“Be ready for my call some time tonight.”

“Ok” Dominique shrugged giving up on the conversation.

Zoe, Shaffer, Trey, and the rest of their friends laughed to themselves.

“What’s funny? I like you Dominique but Alesha is right, Chris isn’t what or who you think he is.” Christina the president of the Delta U of A chapter tried to warn.

“Ok” Dominique said again looking at her watch.

(((Eight Minutes Later)))

Chris and some of the USC basketball team came walking through the entrance. Everyone besides Dominique slyly looked down at their watch or phone and saw that Chris was actually there earlier than the prescribed time. He was all smiles and kisses as he took a seat next to Dominique.

“I would’ve been here sooner but you know how Drake is. I keep trying to tell him that these b****es are gonna be following us all night.”

“Speaking of following, ain’t that her?” Dominique asked looking out of the window.

Chris looked up and saw Robyn walking up with a group of her friends.

“s***….yeah, excuse me miss.” Chris said flagging down the waitress.

“Yes?” she smiled.

“May I please get our orders in to-go boxes and the bill?” Chris asked while pointing between him and Dominique.

“Sure” she said walking away.

“You not gonna eat with us?” Christina asked shocked.

“I don’t have the patience to deal with her s***, or Matt’s for that matter.” He said as he watched him pull up. “I just won a very important basketball game today and she just won the last soccer game she needed placing her team into the championship game. I’m not about to let some childish bulls*** ruin our good mood or meal.” Chris explained.

All of the Deltas were shocked with Chris’ reaction. He used to enjoy entertaining drama.

“Hey Breezy, can we join you guys?” Robyn boldly asked.


“Why not? Better yet, you’ve been rude to me all night. How about I ask your girlfriend? You ARE the girlfriend he was talking to me about earlier right?”

“I dunno, what’d he say his girl looked like?”

“He didn’t” she smiled.

“Whew!” Dominique said wiping fake sweat from her forehead. “Our secret is still safe Chris” Dominique whispered extremely loudly adding an overly exaggerated wink.

Everyone at and around the table began laughing at Dominique’s antics.

“I’m just f***ing around, yeah I’m his girl until something better comes along. I see Anderson Cooper and it’s OVER! That silver haired fox could get it even though he’s as gay as the day is long.” She joked biting her lip, causing her USC friends to crack up laughing.

“Jesus have you ever been serious a day in your life?” one of the AKAs with Robyn asked annoyed.

“Hey, Bob the Builder, I’m gonna need you to calm the f*** down.” Dominique said causing more laughter.

“What the f*** did you just call me?!” she asked stepping closer to Dominique.

“Mannish, fake, good with your hands, you pick.” She finished making a masturbating motion with her hand, having everyone dying laughing.

“What the f*** is your problem b****?!” she asked getting extra loud while being held back by some of her sisters.

“Yo chill, relax.” Dominique giggled. “It’s just jokes, not a d***, stop taking it so hard.”

Dominique now had the entire restaurant laughing because they started paying attention to the conflict once it began getting loud in that area. The AKA looked around frustrated and embarrassed.

“I see you looking around trying to figure out if you should fight me or just leave. Before you make that decision I deem it necessary to inform you on two things. Number one, I ain’t no punk, I’m the last f***ing dragon. Berry Gordy thought it was Bruce Lee Roy, but it’s actually me. I’ve got the f***ing glow mamas, you don’t wanna throw hands with me.” Dominique said having everyone that’s seen the movie she was referencing dying laughing all the while trying to control her own laughing. “Secondly it’s very unfortunate that I must inform you that your shirt is made of 100% car seat. I’m not familiar with how things are done down here in Tucson but I’m almost positive that look ain’t it universally. So I’d advise you to find another one just like it, purchase it, then burn the both of’em.” Dominique laughed along with everyone else that were leaning against random things to help them stand and falling out of chairs from laughing so hard.

“Why so serious?” Dominique smirked looking up at an un-amused Robyn after her sister stormed out.

“You’re not that funny, people are just kissing your ass.”

“Doubtful, but what’s up chick, why are you and your crew still lingering?”

“May we join you guys?” Robyn asked.

“Are you an Omega?”


“A Trojan?”

“No, never was fond of condoms.” She joked making her friends laugh.

“I’ve been well informed.”

That’s when Chris started laughing again.

“Are you a Delta?”

“AKA all day” she proudly said.

“Then you definitely cannot sit with us. We have nothing in common and from your association with AKA it would be far from wise to offer to let any of you break bread with anyone at this table. I have a very loyal hate and discontent for AKAs.”

“You sure it’s not me that intimidates you? I was his first love you know.”

“That’s not what I heard and yes I’m positive it’s not you that intimidates me. If you don’t believe me call anyone from the AKA USC chapter. Even their prospects know to keep one arm’s distance. I advise you do the same.”

“When did I ever say I loved you?” Chris asked baffled. “Who did you just confuse me with? Bet not be Matt. Yeah we both light and inked up but I look WAY better than that nigga.” Chris said in all seriousness causing the girls to giggle, including Dominique because she could tell he was serious.

Robyn remained silent when she realized her mistake.

“What up ya’ll?” Matt said walking up, placing his arm around Robyn’s waist. “Think we could make some space so we can sit?”

“Just like we did at my last birthday party?” Dominique asked trapping Matt with her eyes, causing him to actually reply.

“Last birthday? Babygirl I wasn’t there.” He smiled letting his arm drop from Robyn’s waist allowing all of his attention to center on Dominique.

“Because you weren’t invited” Dominique finished then laughed along with everyone else at her immaturity.

“Sir” a woman said trying to gain Chris’ attention.

Chris looked behind them towards the front counter still laughing his head off.

“Sure, you two can have our seats.” Chris said still laughing, standing to his feet, helping Dominique to hers, holding her hand as he made his way towards the lady at the register that was waving him over.

“Altogether, that’ll be sixty three twenty five.”

“Damn girl, how many appetizers did you have?” Chris laughed while pulling a hundred out of his pocket.

“Not many, it’s the Patron that dug into your pockets.” She laughed back.

“You buy a few rounds for everyone?” he asked grinning.

“Just one lover boy.” She giggled.

“Keep the change” Chris chuckled grabbing the bags then walking out of the restaurant.

(((15 Minutes Later)

“Ay b**** how you just gonna leave us with these ratchets?” Zoe said into her phone.

“We just went back to the hotel to eat. We’ll come back out, just let us know where ya’ll going.”

“Are we going out after this?” Zoe asked looking at the basketball team.

“Yeah as soon as we know where, they’ll know. Where’d they go anyways?”

“Back to the tele, we’ll be in touch.” Zoe said hanging up.

“What has happened to Chris? That is not the guy I remember.” Christina said baffled.

“Celibacy does that to a man I guess.” Shaffer explained.

“Bulls***!” Everyone that wasn’t a Trojan said at once.

“Chris probably be beating the breaks off that girl every second of the day.” Matt said.

“They’re not sexually active and no matter how hard the females try, Chris won’t give them the time of day, especially now that he’s dating Dominique. Whatever happened here before he left scarred him.” Shaffer explained taking a sip of his beer.

Matt and Robyn looked at one another then down at the menu.

“You can’t be serious about their sexual activity. Chris is a pussy hound and she’s very pretty, so I have to agree with Matt.” Alesha said.

“Personally I think they’re getting it in and they’re just not telling us.” Trey said.

“You guys are pretty close right?” Christina asked.

“Yeah” everyone from USC said in unison.

“Then why is it none of you are sure they’re having sex? I don’t mean to be all up in their business like I am but I really just don’t understand. You have no idea the man Chris used to be, his actions tonight are really mind f***ing the hell out of me.”

“Dominique’s last boyfriend f***ed up pretty badly because they weren’t having sex.” Trey explained.

“No, he f***ed up because he was a weak little boy that didn’t have enough love and respect to wait until she was ready.” Shaffer corrected.

“That too” Trey said.

“What do you mean by ready?” Matt asked exceptionally curious now.

“Dominique still has something that I’m sure none of us possess at this table.” Zoe smirked.

“Chris?” Alesha asked with a roll of her eyes.

“Well that and her virginity.”

“Whoa!” everyone from U of A said at once.

“Holding out til marriage I assume?” Christina asked.

“I think she’s holding out for the right time and the right person.” Trey replied.

“To Chris” Zoe giggled while holding up her beer, insinuating that Chris would be the one.

“To Chris!” Everyone from USC laughed as they held up their beer agreeing, then drank.

(((15 Minutes Later)))

“Have fun with your Delta sisters?” Chris smirked.

“Kind of, but that Alesha chick keeps giving me a funny vibe.”

“Robyn was nowhere to be found for a few days so I decided to try something different out of complete boredom and took Alesha out on a date. I was a gentleman, didn’t push up on her, and even walked her to her door at the end of the night. I found Alesha to be a little different than the other girls, so I thought treating her like a lady for a night would be cool. I gave her a kiss good night and she wanted more. For some reason I was turned off by it. I thought she was different but I guess not. Real ladies don’t beg to get f***ed on the first night.”

“I think I get it now.” Dominique giggled. “So if I was the lucky girl that got that random “kindness” date, then what?”

“I’m really sorry baby but back then I would’ve did anything to bone you. I thought Alesha was pretty but I would’ve thought you were God’s gift. Which I still do to this day but back then it would’ve been much different.”

“Even with a girlfriend?”

“I would’ve broke up with her and channeled all of my focus on you.”

“You would’ve been pissed off every day.” She laughed.

“Hell yeah, cause I would’ve been chasing down a virgin and not known it.” He too laughed. “And knowing you, you’d of let me do it.”

“Hell yeah” she said still laughing.

“If you were at U of A I think things might’ve been different for me.”

“How so?”

“Well I would’ve done any and everything to be in your life, I really would’ve broken up with Robyn, and I never would’ve been put in the predicament I was in. I would’ve still been having sex but never raw and definitely not raw with a ho. I’d of been as careful as possible so that you didn’t know I was having sex so you wouldn’t think ill of me.”

“That path might’ve made it more difficult and timely for us to start dating.”

“Oh?” Chris asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I think by your junior year you might’ve calmed down and matured. Then by the end of the year I just might’ve went on a date with you.”

“I guess blessings come in all forms.” He smiled leaning forward to kiss her.

The kiss was quickly becoming more than a simple showing of affection and Chris was slowly leading her back to his bed.


“Hello” Dominique answered.

“We’re done, headed to some fair. Meet us there.”

“Alright” Dominique said hanging up.

“To be continued, you know where to find a fair?”

“If there is one then it’ll be near downtown somewhere. Why are we even trying to figure this out right now?” Chris questioned aloud grabbing his hat and Dominique’s hand.

“Taxi, no s***” Dominique said speaking Chris’s thoughts as she opened the door.

(((20 Minutes Later)))

“There they go right there.” Matt smiled rubbing his hands together as him and his group of friends watched Chris and Dominique exit a taxi.

After Chris paid he took Dominique’s hand, readjusted his hat, then took a look around. Matt threw up two fingers towards him and Chris threw one his way.

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