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Why does Chris Brown Hit Girls?

Would you consider Rihanna a female tho?

Will Chris Flop Again?



Firstly, Chris Brown only did what ever he did to one person not "girls". People make mistakes, we are all human. He is a talented individual, why can't people talk about his talents rather than this one fault. Move on. He has made peace with his past. It is done and dusted.

We all make mistakes. But should our whole lives then forever more be judged by that one mistake? Absolutely not!!!

When we look at what Chris has accomplished over that last 4 years since that unfortunate occurance, I think he has a lot to be proud of. And I'm proud to be a fan of his.

your an idiot. he did it ONE time this happened 5 years ago who gives a f***!? and i would have beaten rihanna to!


On the outside looking in I don't know the situation because people like you easily forget that she came back. my experience with people have been that when I do them wrong that don't wanna deal with me but when I love them and give them the world they always come back. 90% of my exes and old crushes are returning now because word in my city is getting out that I still sing and NOW I've lost 90LBS! by the end of the year I'll be where I'm supposed to be and when I tried to be with them and show them love they was on that trash but now that they see I'm in college and I got like a DOPE major and it turns out I'm good at what I do everybody got they hand out, everybody wanna criticize and them guys all come back apologizing a begging on all fours to be my man. You gotta look at this for real and think about it, the woman said she like whips and and chains! what does that tell u? I believe that it's all a misunderstanding and somehow he got caught up. how would you like it if you stole a marker from your friend and never gave it back when you were 5 years old and now that your 29 they still won't let it go. "judge not, lest ye be judged" remember that? that's in the BIBLE!

Да что вы вообще тут пищите не пойму он обалденый певец Риана небось довела и заслужила это что он сделал а вы хню морочите!!!

Get over it !

This is so overrated. Why are you still on this? This has been 4 years ago now. He has moved on and so has Rihanna. He has not done anything to you and has not affected your life to where you can't forgive and move on so why are you acting like you're some type of victim? Like I mentioned before, this is so overrated. He doesn't need one more person to remind him or be on be is back about this situation or any situation that wasn't so good for him. But how would you feel if you were in his shoes? If the world didn't like you or even worse hated you because of YOUR MISTAKE knowing that eveyone makes them and some of them people would are ashamed of? THINK ABOUT IT. Because last time I checked you are not God! So, remind me again. Who are you to judge?


the fact that you are stuck in the past. lmfaoooooo

Well I don't care what he did to Rihanna, he still my favorite singer.

FIRST OF ALL HES NOT EVIL!! mabye he's going through somthing but how you gonna talk when your user name is ihitwomen

he's Eviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil