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Im too lazy to look for my post from last night
a b**** feel high and certain b****es killing my vibe

anywho im start writing soon and yes my sisters you'll be in it i just need to find that push that umph once again

but yeah hows everyone doing hows ya night goin and so forth and so forth

btw. if you got a problem with my atitude ....look in my eyes & see i dont give two flying f***s crusty scally wags buh!



random . .

i think Drake has a large man part
&& dont jusdge me bcus i'd hit tht lol

alright though Dany lol
Bree better bring her asx back
ima post the link in a diff post now

Yeah i'm down, yeah, i'm down, all the way down. *does drakes hand movements*

Ayee Lexxi want to get on Chatzy tonight
you hoes dwn ???

lol im gng tmrrw night

ewww you right Dany she prolly will

Knowing Ana she probably gunna masturbate in the movies. Eww.

about to go have an orgasm in the movie
i will be back to let yall know how it goes

bow do look good though
i cannot lie

I know. I stopped watching that show and this happens.

I missed Chris on 106
He surprised Sevyn on there :(

We be doing numbers

Okay. Haha

Sure sure as long as I get the d first
I just got make sure he brush is teeth && stuff when it's my trn
Lol cleanliness is next to godliness

Can I be the first to get that tongue tho?

I wanna know what that head game is like.

Me first!

Damn, lets kidnap him and all take turns.

I also agree with tht.

I would f*** him all day.

Big Sean is f***able
I agree wit Dany lol

Good choice

Sean it is. I don't f*** with the others like that.

Yes, f*** Big Sean!

I bet he'd hit that so good.

Hmmm or ASAP Rocky or Kendrick Lamar


Big Sean? Lol... I think I'mma f*** him.

Nooo dany

Bree ummmm lol idk since drake is out

I'm just saying Nani. Being honest here lol.

Name a rapper I can get pregnant by & do absolutely nothing. Drake is definitely out the picture. Eww lol.

You must've been the one who told him to choose Rih over me to, huh?


Bree stoooooop lol

b**** please! You stfu! Keep dreaming lol.