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Love and War*new story

<a href="">Samantha</a>-Married to a famous rapper gave up her party girl life and calmed down her violent psycho pathic ways to become a stay at home mom with 5 kids constantly nagging and complaining she starts to feel like this isnt how her life should be and feels like she needs to get out not meaning leaving her family but needs a way out to breath like going out with friends or even being able to get a job but will her husband let her will he get his head outta his own ass wake up and realieze she can't be superwoman all the time.

<a href="">Haert</a>-Engaged to a singer and works as an artist.she finds inspiration everywhere in everything.often finds herself being the peace maker amoung his friends and their spouses.always the one to see the good in someone even when someone is always pointing out the bad which is why he fell in love with her but now he wishes she won't get so involed in other's business so much and take time out to work on their relationship without having others put in their own 2 cents.

<a href="">Terry</a>-Dating a rapper and partying her life away drinking and doing what ever drug thats on the scene along with him you'd think they'd be happy but they constant fight and often with fist only to make up after and if things couldn't be any worse he ended up getting another woman pregnant causing even more friction between them.their relationship is violent and chaotic to their friends and family but deep down everyone knows they we're meant for eachother and just need to find a way better way of being so but can they come to the same conclusion.

<a href="">Makayla</a>-Engaged to a singer and living the perfect life.....if you let her tell it but underneath is all she struggling with alot.stressed out over her fiancee not only has his violent chaotic tempers but has two exs that just seem not be able to let go so even though they have 2 kids with one on the way it still often leaves her insecure and worried that in the end he'll go running back to one or both of them.

<a href="">Julissa</a>-Dating a famous singer and running her own clothing store is all she has time for. her and her man have been together now for about 3 years and she starting to fall in love with him theres just one problem.....with several and their all women.she understoof=d what is would mean with all his touring,performing and promoting when they 1st got together but she didn't know he was such a flirt.and the blogs and newspapers don't help linking him to just about every female from the music industry to movies.even though he tells her its all just business she has her worries and wonders if she really can take it all for much longer.

<a href="">Isis</a>-Married to a rapper for about 5 years and somewhat a mother to her as a designer she is very blunt no bulls*** type chick.even though her husband is often on the road she doesnt worryh much about him cheating because she knows he knows what a good thing he has back at home even though is one problem they seem to be having.she wants kids and he doesn't and unknown to him she's already about 2 months pregnant.afraid to tell him or anyone she struggles with the rgiht thing to do not only for their baby but for them as well.

not adding till tomorrow im exhausted
and im not saying whose who you b****es figure it out on your own ;P


Run it

uggghhhh by thursday the latest i need my rest ive been uber exhausted


I knew it!! *does dougie*

I also knew it
So I also want a pink car lol

i knew it i knew it what do i win johnny...?

a new car... a pink one :)


ima start writing once the kids are sleep so the add wont b up until lik maybe 11 or 12

I hope Lexi Samantha tho. Cuz never in a million years would that be me. I don't even want one let alone five!

Run it




Run it!!!

I know who is who, except for like two.

Run this tho

couple more runs and i'll start

For the most part I know who is who

i already know who is who i think haha

trouble in paradise that f***ing sucks eggs
but they only have two options
get it together work it out
leave each other alone