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Tunnel Vision

Life has many unexpected ways of unfolding. I’ve never been the smartest in my class, nor did I ever have the longest hair of all the girls I’ve ever came in contact with. No, I don’t have a big backside that made guys double take whenever I walked pass. I don’t come from a wealthy background but, I do have two loving <a href=>parents</a> whom support me in whatever I do. I drive a 2009 Nissan Altima; in which I’m leasing. This is my senior year of college; I’m a major in Fashion with a minor in Business. I also currently reside in Chicago “the windy city.” So if you’re looking for some fairytale story where everything is predictable and life is easy I suggest you search somewhere else, because this is a real as it gets. As told by <a href=>Carrington</a> Weathers.

It was one of those days, you know when it feels like you jumped out of bed and somehow forgot to bring your body. You know my mama always said that the way you set your morning off plays a huge part in the way that your day shall play out. Well if that was true then my day was going to be doomed. I woke up later than expected this morning due to the power going out in the middle of the night. So when I finally did open my eyes and noticed the blinking inaccurate numbers on my clock I hurried to get dressed. Grabbing my book bag and racing out the door and making my way down two flights of stairs I hurried to the parking lot. Getting in my car I swiftly placed my key in the ignition only to discover that my battery was completely dead. Surprisingly, I wasn't as irritated as anyone in my shoes would be, but that soon changed when I had to call my mom for a ride to school and she had twenty-one questions as to why I didn't have a boyfriend yet. It’s not really a touchy subject for me, but the timing was so unnecessary and quite mind bottling. Thanks Mom, this is exactly what I needed; along with the stress of mid-terms I now have to make room for relationship issues.
The modestly spacious lecture room sat about sixty students. The room was filled with an intimidating silence; only thing could be heard was the timer that the professor set and pencils marking away at various rates and speeds. Reading over my paper to make sure I had dotted all I’s and crossed all T’s I felt very satisfied with my finished product. Standing to my feet I pulled my Hello Kitty graphic tee down, grabbed my book bag off the floor and swung it over my shoulder. Once I was packed up and ready to toss the deuces up to this place for winter break, I quickly grabbed my paper and the test booklet and turned it in. Once I let the glass double doors close behind me I glanced at my pink g-shock and decided that I should go see my academic advisor before I leave campus.
You could hear the keys to the keyboard from down the hall as I made my way to the door which happened to be open. I knocked once to announce myself as Mrs. Flowers looked up at me. “And what do I owe to this visit Ms. Weather’s?” She asked as she pulled her glassed down to the tip of her nose and looked at me. I walked fully into the room and took a seat in front of her wooden desk after placing my things on the floor next to me. “I just want to turn in my paper work,” I informed her as I unzipped my book bag and pulled out five sheets of paper. One of the requirements to graduating was to apply for internships. “Wonderful, hopefully by the time we come back from winter break one of these companies will have responded. By all means, while you’re off on break keeping applying for other internships. Trust me; employers will be looking closely to see what experience you have; now day’s degrees aren’t the only thing that gets you the job of your dreams. “I nodded my head to let her know that I understood what she was telling me. She continued studying the sheets of paper that I’d handed her for a brief moment before setting them down on her desk and looking back up at me. “Make sure your final edit of your student portfolio is finished and emailed to me by 9pm tonight, other than that Ms. Weather’s I want to wish you a very safe and productive winter break.” She smiled. “Same to you Mrs. Flowers and I will have the email sent in tonight I promise.” I said as I stood to my feet and gathered my things.
“For a person who wants to dedicate their life to fashion, you sure don’t own anything worth borrowing.” My cousin <a href=>Terra</a>, whom I shared an apartment with, huffed closing my closet door and plopping down on the huge beanie bag in my room. “Good! You don’t return anything anyways.” I retorted as I hit the send button emailing my portfolio to Mrs. Flowers. Terra rolled her eyes as I closed my laptop and fell back on my bed. My mind was totally fried and sleep was the only thing that sounded like ecstasy at the moment. “Oh no you don’t missy” Terra scolded “get your butt up Carri and get dressed.” I rolled over on my stomach and buried my face in my pillow shaking my head opposing to her persisting attitude. Terra smacked her lips and stood on the side of my bed for a minute before speaking, “if you don’t start getting dressed instagram, facebook, and twitter will know what you look like with your footed pajamas on.” She threatened with all sincerity in her voice. My headed instantly snapped up and in her direction; in which she was strutting out the room feeling accomplished. She always had some trick up her sleeve and I would be a fool to think tonight would be any different. Trust me I know my flesh and blood.
Here I was staring intently at the screen stuffing my face with popcorn right when the unexpected happened causing the whole theater to erupt into a scream. Terra leaned over close to me “girl Trey Songz look so good! Hopefully they give me a 3D visual of my boo.” She whispered. I smiled and shook my head “I wouldn’t mind that at all.” Tonight was the premiere of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 3D and being the Trey Songz fan she was Terra insisted on coming to see it. I’m not a big fan of horror movies but I was kinda into this….ok maybe I was kinda into Trey. Lol. Anyways, after the movie was over Terra and I decided to grab something to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings which happens to be my favorite restaurant. “So I’ve been thinking,” I said after taking a sip of my huckleberry lemonade. “About?” Terra asked looking up from her phone and at me. “After graduation I want to pack up and move. I don’t know where but, anywhere beats here.” Terra laughed “aunt Lorraine will have a heart attack and you know it.” I rolled my eyes “True, but I’m not living my life for nobody but me. Hell, I’ve been cooped up in the nest for way to long as it is.” I didn’t even have a chance to hear what Terra’s response was because my heart rate instantly sped up while my palms because extremely sweaty. There he stood with a group of friends laughing and talking, his smile was still heart melting because I know for sure mine’s was melted. I grabbed the menu and quickly propped it up on the table hiding behind it. Terra frowned as she found my behavior odd and looked behind her towards the entrance. “You have got to be kidding me?” She said with disbelief oozing from each syllable. She smacked the menu down from the table and looked at me as if I had four heads. I instantly felt insecure and vulnerable in a sort of sense. “I know you’re not hiding from that weak minded, butt f*** over there,” she fussed pointing over to the crowd and not giving a care who seen her. That same gesture is what attracted his attention over to us and somehow are eyes connected. I quickly looked away and tucked my hair behind my ear before taking a sip of my lemonade; I was nervously thirsty. “Terra, could you try not to embarrass us tonight?” I pleaded. Hatred was an understatement of how she felt about him. If she could have had it her way she would have been the Ohio Bus driver and he the Ohio passenger…..can you say FINISH HIM! Sadly to say an upper cut was the least of the pain that she wanted him to endure, but it was all for my defense. My mind was going a mile a minute trying to process the fact that we were in the same room together after all this time that I hadn’t noticed that he had made his way over towards our table. “Carri h-“he was cut off by Terra. “That’s Carrington to you.” She said looking him up and down in disgust. “Matter fact, don’t say s*** to her you foul piece of sh-“ I cut her off before her voice became a high pitched. “Kavon,” I simply addressed him. He glanced at Terra whom held a grim look on her face with her arms folded across her chest and then at me playing with my straw. “I just wanted to see how you were doing. Umm, well…it looks like life is treating you well,” he admitted while shoving his hands in his pockets before glancing over at his friends who were now being seated. “Babe, come on” a female shouted over at him. Terra and I both passed a side glance at each other and then back over to him. He rubbed the back of his neck “so I’ll see you around sometimes?” he asked. “Hopefully not!” Terra snarled. I nodded my head and avoided any eye contact with him as he walked away and headed over to his table. Once he was out of ear shot I pushed my plate away from me and into the middle of the table. “My appetite is ruined,” I admitted. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t get up and whoop everybody ass at that table,” Terra asked seriously. “Because your ass will be sitting in somebody’s jail cell until my refund is uploaded onto my debit card.” I stated blandly. “In that case, let’s go before I don’t give a f*** and tear this whole place down,” Terra spat as she tossed some money on the table. “Yeah, I’m sleepy anyways,” I said covering the fact that I was an emotional wreck at the moment. Seeing the man that I had planned to spend my life with having fun and smiling with the chick that he cheated with made my blood boil. After a year of finally getting over him….he pops back up as if nothing happened leaving me questioning myself and strength. I knew my day was bound to be doomed….as of right now all I wanted to do was climb back into bed and cry myself to sleep.

Chapter two:

“Ladies sit up straight Carrington,” My mom scolded me as I sat at the table with her and my dad eating dinner. I rolled my eyes and adjusted in my seat. “Keep rolling those eyes all you want, they’re going to get stuck one day.” She always had an adlib for everything which irked my nerves. “So, what’s been new kiddo?” My daddy asked as he sat back in his chair. “Nothing much, I hardly feel like I’ve been on break for the last two weeks being that any spare time that I had went to applying for internships.” I admitted while I played with my asparagus. “Hard work pays off in the long run pumpkin,” my dad was always a positive force in my life. He was the most optimistic person I’ve ever know these last twenty-two years of my life. “Indeed it does honey,” my mom added while taking a sip of wine. “Well, if you don’t find anything soon honeybee I could put in a word with Carl. I’m sure he would let you put in some work at the factory.” I smiled “Thanks daddy, but with all due respect working at an auto company will not help a fashion major.” “Understandable, but don’t forget that your minor is Business honey.” My dad debated. “Well stated daddy, so if worse comes to worse then I will take it. I just want to make sure that I have used all my resources first because Fashion is my main focus.” “Honey, you know we support you with whatever you do. Don’t stress about it I’m sure you will get the internship of your dreams,” my mom interjected while smiling at me. “I sure hope so,” I mumbled while slouching down in my chair.
Just getting home after visiting my parents for a couple of hours I knew that I had to start getting ready for school. My winter break flew pass so fast I didn’t even have a moment to dwell in it. Between volunteer work, applying for internships, and helping my mom out around the bakery that she owned I had no personal time. Walking into my kitchen I filled the stainless steel kettle up with water and placed it on the stove. While waiting on my water to boil, I went into my room and changed into some shorts and a tank and grabbed my laptop. By the time I was done unwinding the kettle began to whistle indicating that it was ready.
Placing my green tea gently on a coaster and curling up on my love seat I opened my Mac Book pro and logged onto Facebook. Scrolling down on my timeline was like logging onto a gossip blog. Relationship problems, arguments, break-ups, make-ups, and just down right outrageous photos. After spending sometime in the social media scene I logged off and decided to check my emails. Spam, junk mail, Facebook notifications, advertisements, and coupons were all I scrolled down to see. I let out a loud sigh and closed my laptop. All of the work that I had dedicated towards my future career and I have yet to get a response from any of the companies I applied for. I wanted to cry, shout, and throw things all around my room. I began to feel a large amount of failure fill in my heart. Maybe I should have stuck to the health care field; maybe then I would have snagged an internship. Fashion is something that I love and something that I’ve always been interested in, but it was also a career that the strongest achieved in. Three months until graduation and the only thing I was for sure about was that I might have wasted the last four years of my life for something that might never be. It really hurts when you feel that you have given something your all and the benefits seem to never dispense out as they should. I laid back on the love seat and threw my cover over my head dwelling in my own self-pity. Five minutes later I heard the door unlock and in came Terra. “Carri!” she called out loudly causing me to flip down my cover and look at her. “What?” I mumbled. “Ugh, why do you look so pitiful?” She questioned as she slipped off her shoes before hanging up her coat. “Because my life is falling apart,” I whined. “Yea, well if it is you’re the one speaking it into existence. The law of attraction will give you what you want every time so I suggest you change the way you look at things.” Terra preached. After reading some book called ‘The Secret’ she swears she the guru of the universe. “Yea well, tell the universe to send me an internship offer of my dreams,” I muffled as the cover went back over my head. Terra huffed and snatched the cover off of my head. “When you look at your career what do you see?” She asked randomly. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked at her oddly. Taking a seat on the couch she sat Indian style and stared at me intently. “I don’t know,” I began. She shook her head “That’s your first problem. How can you want something that you don’t know anything about? You should first get a clear visual of what you want in your mind and from their work towards it.” “I do have a visual in my mind and I’m also about to graduate in the next three months for it. So what are you talking about?” I defended. “Mmmhmm, and so when you graduate how do you plan to use your degree?” She interrogated. “To be a fashion merchandiser, you know the people who buy all the clothing for the high end department stores, and create the looks for tomorrow.” I paused for a second, “I want to dibble and dabble in a little bit of everything. Ugh, I just don’t know Terra damn.” She frowned at me for a moment and without any words she got up and walked out of the room leaving me to question myself and the direction I was slowly going in. Moments later, she appeared back in the living room with two poster boards, scissors, tape, and magazines. By now I had sat up fully on the love seat and raised a questioning eye at her. “In the book ‘the secret ‘it talks about a vision board and how it can help you attract the things you want.” She explained. “A vision board?” I asked out loud still trying to figure out what it was. “A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life.” She informed me as she sat down and signaled for me to join her. “And this is supposed to help me how?” I asked. “Once you stop letting your questions amp you up with doubt the sooner you can make some progress in life by letting it unfold. Sometimes life can be sort of like tunnel vision, you are constricted to what you see but somewhere down the line and through the darkness there is a light waiting for you. It’s up to you to ignore the darkness around and focus on getting closer to the light.” I nodded my head as I got comfortable on the floor next to her and began to create a vision board.
I rolled over and hurried to silence my cell phone. Who in their right mind would be sending me something at 3am in the morning? Irritated was beyond what I was feeling right now. I grabbed my phone and opened one eye to only be blinded by the light from my phone. I opened my email to read this:
To: Carrington Weathers
CC: <a href=>Ugo Mozie</a>

<em>Dear Ms. Weathers,
Your application has been carefully reviewed and I am very saddened to inform you that the position you applied for has already been filled. Furthermore, I have taken out time to review your portfolio and I am very much interested in your personal style, and creative eye.
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ugo Mozie, I am a twenty-one year old fashion stylist and creative director. I attended and graduated from Barbizon School of Acting and Modeling. From there I have worked on some of the best sets in today’s history such as Sex and the city 2, Dateline NBC, 51st Grammy Awards, Diddy – Dirty Money, and at the Tribeca Film Festival. I am currently the fashion editor at large at 360 magazine, the New York fashion editor of Ghubar magazine, and fashion contributor at WAD magazine in Paris. In February of 2010 I launched my own clothing line called Ashton Mozie and later went into fashion styling for big names including Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Kelis, Lil B, Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, and Omarion, plus on Elle, Nylon, Vibe, XXL, and Paper magazines.
Even though the magazine has filled the position that you have applied for I want to offer you an internship as my assistant fashion stylist. If you are interested on taking up my offer please email me as soon as possible so we can further discuss your position.</em>

I read that email over and over and over until my mind wrapped itself around the fact that I what I was reading was real. Without warning I jumped out of bed and began screaming for joy. Terra came seconds later with her baseball bat in her hand and her hair all over her head. “What’s wrong?” she yelled frantically. “Ugo Mozie wants me to be his assistant fashion stylist,” I squealed. Terra ran up to me and gave me a hug “Congratulations boo! But, if you ever wake me from my sleep as if something is wrong and it’s not, I will use this bat on you understood?” I laughed at her and rolled my eyes. I Carrington Weathers had just landed my first entry position in the fashion world and I was beyond ecstatic. I could not wait until I told my friends and parents which I knew they all would be excited for me.

Chapter 3
I tossed and turned throughout the night; my nerves were eating me up inside. It had been three weeks since Ugo and I had come in contact with one another and after an interview via Skype I accepted his internship offer. We emailed each other almost every day just keeping in touch. Oh and did I mention that he was offering me a paid internship….can you say major score. I sat up from bed and took a sip of the water I had placed on my night stand and ran my hands over my face. In less than five hours I would be loading a plane and flying to LA to chase my dreams. That wasn’t the nerve wreaking part, but being on my own and in a foreign place for the next three months was the part that was killing me. These next three months depended on my life (if I didn’t successfully complete my internship I would not graduate). I opened my laptop and logged onto twitter.

<em>@CarriSweeterThanA Cherri: LA Bound In five hours. Wish Me Luck! #Dreams</em>

I waved goodbye to my parents and Terra as I walked through the tunnel and onto the plane. Placing my carry-on bag over my seat I plugged my Dr.Dre beats in my IPhone and shut the world out. Only the sounds of Miguel singing could be heard by me as I looked out the window and took a deep breath. Moments later the stewardess came on the loud speaker with a list of boarding instructions before we could depart. I buckled my seat belt, fluffed up my pillow, and became very comfortable since I hadn’t got much sleep last night. Before we got up off the ground I sent a tweet:

<em>@CarriSweeterThanACherri: Beats, Miguel, and my snuggie! #FourHourFlight.</em>

I walked into LAX airport after my departure, which happened to be beyond crowded. I saw a gentleman about six feet tall, large shoulders, dressed nicely in a suit holding my name on a white board. I approached him quickly “Hello, I’m Carrington,” I introduced myself holding my hand out to him. He smiled “Hello, I’m Walter Ms. Weathers,” he said shaking my hand firmly and maintaining eye contact. “I’ve already retrieved your luggage all you have to do is follow me ma’am,” he said signaling for me to follow him. Boy ol’ boy was LA different from Chi Town. The way that the sun rays beamed down from the clear skies made it seem so much different from the way it shined at home if that makes any sense. The weather was great being that I had left home the 20degree weather along with a foot of snow and welcomed the 70degree weather of LA. I sat in the back of the Lincoln towns’ car as Walter drove swiftly down the expressway. I was in totally awe with everything that I was seeing….I had never really traveled much except for going to Detroit to visit family, or the New York shopping trip my mom takes every year to buy school clothes. This was a change that I was excited to embrace. “So where are we going Walter if you don’t mind me asking.” He smiled “No problem ma’am, Mr.Mozie wanted me to take you to the condo where you will be residing and around 1pm I will be arriving to take you to your meeting that’s scheduled at 2pm.” I simply smiled, sat back in my seat, and texted my family to let them know that I made it safely.

The ride lasted for about forty-five minutes but I was able to site see so I didn’t mind. I even secretly pinched myself a couple of times during the drive to see if I was dreaming. Soon the car pulled up in front of a beautiful building displaying some very different yet magnificent architectural work. “Welcome <a href=>home</a> Ms. Weathers,” Walter said while turning off the ignition and opening his door. He then proceeded to get out and help me out of the backseat. “These are your keys ma’am. You’re on the second floor, left hand side.” He informed me as he began to unload my things out of the trunk. I was honestly like a kid in a candy store, running up the stairs and locating my door I hurried to unlock it. Once I heard the lock click, my hands gently turned the knob as I pushed the door fully open. My jaw dropped as I looked around at the modestly furnished apartment that I would be staying in. Was this really for me? I must have been standing in the middle room for a little longer than I expected because Walter clearing his throat caused me to snap back into reality. “Sorry to bother you Ms. Weathers but, I just wanted to inform you that I placed all your belongings by the door.” He announced. I smiled “Thank you so much a Walter I appreciate it. I really do.” I said expressing my gratitude. “My pleasure ma’am. I shall be returning at 1pm.” He reminded me before walking out the door and gently closing it behind himself. Once I was sure I was by myself I couldn’t contain the excitement that I was feeling any more. I raced around the house snapping pictures of the <a href=>living room</a>, <a href=>kitchen</a>, <a href=>bathroom</a>, <a href=>bedroom</a>, and one good shot of the city view from my <a href=>balcony</a>. I couldn’t believe I had my own private spacious balcony….this is was just like a dream. If it was, I sure didn’t want to wake up. After I was done snapping photos I sent them to my parents and Terra which I didn’t expect an instant response because of the time difference so I placed my phone on the charger and decided to do some much needed unpacking. First thing I did was unpacked my I-home because without music I could not function and that was a known fact. Once my I-home was plugged up I grabbed my cell and placed it on the deck and scrolled through my playlist. Soon, Nicki Minaj’s ‘High School’ filled the room as I began to organize my new home.
Two hours and five empty suitcases later I was completely finished. I glanced at my watch and noticed that I still had about a good hour before Walter was due back so I decided to take a nice bubble bath and get dolled up for my first day on the job. I’m pretty sure it would just be a long drawn out orientation and getting to know my duties. Once I was done doing my hygiene duties I got dressed in some black slacks, a nice flowy white button up, and a yellow canary colored blazer<a href=>outfit</a>. My hair was a curly mess which I didn’t have time to straighten it so I placed it in a neat bun and added just a little lip gloss to my lips and just like that I was ready with five extra minutes to spare. I grabbed my cell phone along with my clutch and decided to wait outside for Walter; it was such a nice day. Making my way out the house I was greeted by a few neighbors whom were on their way either in or out their homes. By the time I made my way to the front of the complex Walter was just pulling up. Perfect timing. He was about to make his way out of the car when I signaled for him to stay inside. I walked to the backseat and got in on my own. I was a city girl and had been doing things on my own since forever the last thing I wanted to do was to get accustom to being catered to. “Good afternoon Walter,” I beamed as I closed the door behind me. “Same to you Ms. Weathers,” he smiled “you know I could have really got that door for you ma’am.” He proceeded to say. I shook my head and glanced at him through the rearview mirror “I know, but I was already walking up. It’s fine Walter really. “I assured him. “Oh and by the way Walter please just call me Carri, I feel so old when you greet me all formal and stuff.” I giggled. He smiled and nodded his head “Sure thing Carri.” With that I laid my head back in the seat and waited to arrive at my new work place.
I walked into the glass skyscraper feeling like Anne Hathaway in the movie ‘The Devil wears Prada’. Tons of people were walking in and out the lobby, phones were ringing off the hook and everybody looked so….Hollywood. I took a deep breath and mustered up enough courage to approach the receptionist area. “Hello, I’m Carrington Weathers,” The lady smiled and held her index finger up signaling me to hold on as she picked up her telephone. “Mr.Mozie, your 2 o’clock appointment is here,” she said in a very professional tone. “Ok, I will send her up,” She said before hanging the phone up and looking at me. “Mr. Mozie would like to see you on the 32nd floor. If you take the elevator on the left hand side of the wall right over there it will take you to your destination.” She said handing me a card that resembled a hotel room key. “By the way my name is <a href=>Brittney</a>, congratulations on your internship and welcome aboard.” She said waving at me as I walked away. “Thanks Brittney,” I replied as I followed her directions intently. I pressed the elevator doors and stood in one place nervously waiting on the steel doors to part. Once they opened I stepped on a went to push a button when I realized that there were no buttons at all just a little slot I’m guess where the card went. Placing the card in the slot the elevator took off full force and I arrived on the 32nd floor in no time. I took a quick deep breath again and swiftly stepped off of the elevator and walked down the hallway that led me to yet another receptionist area. There was a fair skinned guy sitting at the desk with a phone headset on, his hair was in impeccable not one strand out of place, and he wore a grey pants suit paired strategically with a black button down shirt. You could tell that whatever the name brand he was clothed in had to be very expensive because of the rich material and the unique stitching pattern that the outfit displayed. Leaning back in his chair there he sat talking a mile a minute on what seemed to be a personal call. “Girl he did not!” The guy gasped just as I approached his desk. He looked at me and smiled “Victor I will call you back the fish just walked in.” He said ending his call and looking up at me before standing up. “Hi,” I said warily. “Well, aren’t you the cute! You must be Carrington.” He said in such a welcoming way which made me relax. “Yes, how are you?” I said holding my hand out. He instantly took my hand but instead of shaking it, he flipped it over and looked at my nails. “You’re in dying need of a mani and I’m quite sure of a pedi. Oh and the ballet flats I will let pass for today but, heels are a must.” He said running it all down. Before I could respond to what he has just said another voice projected in the room. “Enough <a href=>Jason</a>, stop harassing my employees.” We both turned and seen Mr. Mozie standing by the door that I guess led to the part of the office that the public was restricted to go. Jason let my hand go and laughed “Ugo, I just wanted to have some fun geez.” I just stood there with a stupid smile on my face because I didn’t know what to do or say at the moment. Mr. Mozie walked fully into the room and greeted me with a hand shake. “Welcome, Ms. Weathers. I take it that you’ve already met my worse employee of the month.” He said looking over at Jason whom held his hand over his chest as if he was appalled. “Differently not the worse, just the most interesting thank you very much.” Jason said winking at me then taking his seat back at his desk. Mr. Mozie laughed and shook his head. “If you’ll follow me,” he said opening the glass door for me. Just before he walked in behind me he looked over at Jason “And no more personal calls,” he scolded. I laughed because those two I could tell were a trip. Mr. Mozie led me to a conference room where he instructed me to have a seat as he took one himself. “Would you like something to drink Ms. Weathers?” He asked. I looked around the room observantly for a quick moment and then shook my head “No thank you sir.” “Very well,” He cleared his throat “I would like to welcome you aboard to Mozie Enterprise, yet you will not be working here as often as you think.” I guess the confusion on my face was evident because he smiled and continued to further explain himself. “I’m a young guy and I know you were expecting to come to a long an drawn out first day, but that’s not my style. I looked over your application and portfolio last night again to refresh my memory about what sparked my interest about you in the first place. You have an acquired taste, but that’s a good thing in the fashion industry because who wants to blend in? The fashion industry is always on the prowl for new, refreshing, and unique looks. So what do you plan to do with your degree? What area in fashion is your main focus?” He asked me. I instantly thought back to the conversation that Terra and I had a while back and then looked at him. “Honestly Sir, I would love to have my hand in several different projects. I feel that it’s always something to be learned because of the constant change in fashions history and I want to be a jack of all trades.” I retorted as honest as I could. He nodded his head “If no one understands you trust me I do. With that being said do you have any questions?” “Yes, actually I do. You said I will not be working in the office often. What does that mean?” I asked. “You’re my assistant stylist, which means you will be out doing hands on work with me. We will be styling for photo shoots, video sets, fashion shows, movies, and award ceremonies. Ms. Weathers this is a chance for you to network and build your own name in the industry. By the time these next three months are up your resume’ will be the envy of anyone twice your age.” My eyes got huge it never crossed my mind that I would be working with celebs. I quickly changed my facial expression as I adjusted in my seat and went back into professional mode. “What do you expect from me?” I asked. “Professionalism, hard work, dedication, honesty, and being dependable are big things I look for. I don’t want to take you to a set with me and you’re in everyone’s face or hounding celebrities that’s a bad look on me and my company. Also, you will have to get use to not having your phone on certain sets because they will be closed and the artist doesn’t want to risk photos being leaked. This is a hard job Ms. Weathers only the strong survive. Flexibility is a must. You will deal with all kinds of people just keep a smile on your face, a polite attitude even when those are rude to you, and do your job because that’s all you there to do.” He looked at me for a brief moment “Welcome aboard once again,” looking at his watch and then back up at me “I will need you to take notes my 2:30 app. Should be in here soon.” He said sliding me over a legal pad and a pen. Just as I grabbed the materials I needed, Jason buzzed in the room and peeped his head in. “Mr.Mozie, <a href=>Mr.Combs</a> is waiting on you in the meeting room.” Mr. Mozie stood to his feet and signaled for me to follow him. I walked swiftly down the hall with him while the whole time my heart was banging out of my chest. Mr. Mozie reached the Oakwood double doors and opened them letting me walk in first while he proceeded to follow me in. “Ugo, what’s up boy?” Sean “Diddy” Combs said while standing up and giving him dap. “How are your doing kids doing man?” Mr. Mozie asked as they all took a seat. I on the other hand faded to the back, I wasn’t shy but I was in a sort of sense. As of right now all I wanted to do was be invisible and take my notes like I was told to do. “My sons all trying to break my pockets with all these expensive cars they want and the twins’ man, my girls are growing so quickly,” Diddy said shaking his head. You could tell the way he talked about all of them that he loved them very dearly. “That’s good,” Mr. Mozie paused and looked at me whom was all the way in the back of the room standing there looking like a fool and signaled for me to come have a seat next to him. “I would like you to meet my new assistant Carrington Weathers,” he said introducing me to a legend for heaven’s sake he helped Biggie become who he was. “Hello it’s nice to meet you,” I said holding my hand out to him. “Same to you,” he said shaking my hand. Once the introductions were done he and Ugo began to talk business while I jotted down notes. He was seeking Mr.Mozie’s help to revamp his Sean John collection for the spring launch. After about an hour of talking, laughs, and tossing around ideas Mr. Mozie informed Mr.Combs that he would create a story board of ideas and have it ready for him the next time they met. After the meeting was over Mr.Mozie took me on a company tour and introduced me to all the staff and showed me where everything was. About 7pm Walter was there to pick me up and take me home….I was exhausted.

<em>@CarriSweeterThanACherri: Important people and Important tasks #Starstruck</em>


Ayye they turnt up lol
Run it

Wow...what a lil twist...I have a feeling this drunken night is gonna cause some future it!


Aw shiznit smh rihanna and kae gonna eat her ass alive for messing with chris
Run it!!

“Come on. It will be fun” Mijo said while draping his around my neck as we walked out of the arena. “Noo, I’m tired I want to get some rest before we depart tomorrow,” I whined. Mijo and I have become cool enough to joke around with each other. “You always tired girl! Is you pregnant?” he asked rubbing my belly. I rolled my eyes and pushed his arm away “No fool, I’m just lacking a lot of rest that I need to be catching up on. Do you mind?” I asked him with my eyebrow arched. “Pleassssssssse,” he said kneeling down in front of me hugging my waist. I giggled at his stupidity and shook my head no. “Come on I promise that you will have fun,” he continued to debate. I shook my head no once again and he frowned “just think about it,” he said as we walked out to the bus and loaded up to head back to the hotel.

I laid in the bed and tossed and turned unable to sleep. It has been an hour since everybody left out to go to the after party and here I was wide awake. I turned on the tv and flipped through the channels unable to find anything that would catch my attention. I soon turned it off and hopped out of bed. Changing into something <a href=>comfortable</a>, I grabbed my room key and headed down into the lobby. I walked out and was able to grab a taxi and headed to the club.

Getting in here was a pain in the butt being that I had to call Chris’s security out to escort me into the over capacitated club. Once I reached the VIP section where the group was they were having the time of their lives. Chris was walking around shirtless and sweaty taking shots with his boys. I walked over to Mijo and Hood plopping down in-between them. “Either I’m f***ed up or you looking good enough to eat baby,” Mijo said rubbing his hands together. “Naw she looking good enough to eat,” Hood chimed in. I laughed at them and shook my head. “It’s crazy in here,” I said looking around. “Yeah, the hoes in Ireland being showing mad love,” Mijo said as him and Hood slapped fives. Just then the waitress walked over with a round of shots. Hood and Mijo looked at me like I had five heads as I grabbed one and took a shot. “What?” I said as I looked between the two of them. “Nothing,” they said in unison as they followed my lead and took a shot themselves. I noticed a few girls in the area who were doing the most to get Chris attention and being the attention whore he was loved every moment of it. “Another shot?” Mijo asked me. I nodded my head yes and took another shot; twisting up my face from the after math. “What is this?” I asked Hood. “Patron. Aye take a shot and then bit the lemon that should help you.” He said passing me another shot. I did as I was told and actually enjoyed the way the lemon ceased out the bitterness. “Somebody acting like they did this before,” Mijo said nudging me. I smiled “Shut up and pass me another,” I said as I started to feel at ease.

“Yeah I like to f***, I got a f***ing problem!” I screamed as I whipped my hair back and forth while swinging my hips to the beat. “Ayyyyyyyyyyye,” I yelled while throwing my hands in the air. Standing on top of the bar I rolled my hips with my eyes closed in my zone. This was one of the hottest songs out right now and I couldn’t control myself I just couldn’t stop dancing; matter fact I didn’t want to stop. “Yo, yall gotta see this s***,” Scooter Chris’s other homeboy yelled over to his boys who were chilling towards the back with some groupies. Just then the dj mixed in “All gold everything,” and I lost my mind. I took my blazer off and started swinging it around like a cow girl while I rolled my hips to the beat rapping along with Trinidad James. Before I knew it a crowd had formed around the bar as I put on a show. “Shows over, shows over!” I heard Hood yelling as he grabbed me off of the bar and threw me over his shoulder carrying me to the back. “Popped a Molly I’m sweating WOO! Popped a Molly I’m sweating WOO!” I yelled still getting hype even though I was hung over his broad shoulder. Once we approached the area where everyone else was at he sat me gently on the couch next to Chris and Mijo who were smoking a fat blunt. “You,” Mijo said pointing at me “are too wild for me,” he said taking a puff from the L. I snatched it out of his hand and everybody just looked at me as I placed it to my lips taking a long drag and blowing it all out my nose. “Yoooooo, she hit that s*** like a pro,” Scooter said while taking a sip from his cup. I took another puff and held it out for anybody to grab it. Chris snatched it out my hand and took a drag tilting his head back. “Miiiiiiiiijo, I want another shot” I said holding my hand out like a baby. “No, you’ve been cut off!” He said opposing to my request. I rolled my eyes and waved him off as I stood up and wobbled my way around the room over to the bar. “What can I get you sweetie?” the bartender asked. I shrugged my shoulders and she nodded. Moments later she returned with a blue drink. “It’s a blue muthaf***a,” she said. I nodded my head and in one gulp I inhaled the drink. I attempted to walk back over to the guys but it seemed that my body couldn’t stop swaying. “Shorty, you are done for,” Keeis said as he grabbed me before I fell and guided me back over to the area where they were blazing. He helped me sit back in the same spot that I had just walked away from. Chris sat up “Ayo, Keeis get her some water man,” he said before leaning back down in his seat. I looked over at him “I don’t need any water,” I slurred with my eyes hung low. He looked up at me and shook his head and turned his attention elsewhere. I snatched his hat off his head and ran my hands through his blonde hair “I happen to like your hair more than I like you,” I slurred. Still slouched down in his seat he looked over at me with his eyes damn near closed and licked his lips “Another lie. You like everything about me and you know it.” I rolled my eyes “Negative.” Hood walked over and passed Chris another blunt that was lit into rotation and he took a puff of it as the Dj played another one of my favorite songs. 2 Chainz “luv dem strippers” came on and I was extra hype. I grabbed Keeis who was returning with my water and began twerking on him. “Ooooooooh,” the guys said all standing up and watching me do my thang. I was dancing so hard the glass of water fell out of his hand as he tried to control his balance. I wasn’t the only one feeling the song because the other ladies in the area and throughout the club were dancing too. Pulling Mijo into me so that I was now in a sandwich I danced with both the guys. This was the craziest out of body experience I was having. Scratching the turn tables the dj mixed it up by turning Miguel’s “Adorn” on. Everybody knows I love me some Miguel!!!! I walked off from the guys and was now on the dance floor that was boxed in with mirrors. I sung my heart out with my eyes closed rocking my body to the song. With the perfect touch the dj then mixed in Frank Oceans “Thinking about you.” Rolling my hips I felt another body standing behind me and I continued grinding. Flipping my hair I glanced behind me and seen Chris staring intently at with his red low eyes. No emotion….he was in another zone. I was to and I let myself slip into the moment as I leaned back into him as my back aligned perfectly with his chest. I closed my eyes and let my body grind into his. Once the song ended I opened my eyes and seen that the dim lights that were on before had been cut off leaving us in a glow in the dark atmosphere. “Lotus Flower Bomb,” came on and I stepped away from him and smiled. He folded his arms and licked his lips just staring at me. I ran my hands through my curly tresses and bit my lip as I began to walk off. I was brushed past him and without moving from his spot or even turning around he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. I gasped as my chest collided with his torso he looked down at me with those low eyes and just stared at me. Staring back I felt like he sucking all of my air out of my body because I became breathless in his arms. He slid his hands down my sides and grabbed my waist, pulling me closer to him. My arms found their way around his neck as we moved back and forth staring in each other’s eyes. We were so in our trance that we hadn’t noticed that the security had approached us so we could get ready to leave and go back to the hotel. Still in a drunken state I pulled my arms from around Chris and began walking off when he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. He wrapped his arm around me and that’s how we exited the club. Once the air hit my skin I felt all that liquor I had been drinking. It’s like I got drunker if that makes any sense. Chris held onto me and helped me up on the bus. I walked back into the bus to see the crew and a couple groupies everywhere. Somewhere on the couches making out, others were sitting in various placing just caking. Chris guided me to the back of the tour bus to his room. He had a nice size plush bed with a flat screen mounted on the wall. There was a full bathroom attached and he even had a nice size closet. This did not look like a room on a tour bus but a room in a house. I plopped down on his bed and he did the same. He turned on the tv and let Pandora come on and Tank’s “Emergency” filled the room in surround sound. No words were spoken just the sounds of Tank. The dark room was lit up only by the television and I let myself fade in and out. Chris was in his zone and I was in my own. There was a slight tap at the door “Chris lets go,” his security guard yelled. Chris stood up holding his out towards me. I placed my hand in his and he lifted me up. Pulling me in front of him he walked closely behind me draping his arms around me. Walking out the room I saw that everyone was gone off the bus and into the hotel. Security escorted us in fairly quickly and rushed us on the elevator because some fans and paparazzi had figured out where we were staying. I leaned into Chris as I felt my legs get weak. I guess he felt it because he grabbed my waist and held me tightly. The bell rung to let us off on our floor, two security guards walked in the front of us and two in the back of us. Still with me in front of him and his tall self behind me we stumbled down the hallway and I stopped at my door. I broke free of Chris’s embrace and fumbled in my purse to find my room key. He grabbed my arm gently this time and guided me away from my door. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. I don’t why but I just left with him. Honestly, I wasn’t ready to leave his presence just yet. We got into his room and I took my shoes off along with him and followed him to his bed room. He laid on the right his bed and I curled up on the left side. No words spoken still as we laid there and fell asleep in silence.

<a href=>outfit</a>

Tears burnt the brim of my eyes as I tried to regulate my breathing. My heart felt so heavy at the moment while my mind raced a mile a minute. Grabbing a fist full of my curly tresses I blew out a deep a breath trying to wrap my mind around the situation. Chris’s manager paced the floor repetitively while talking on the phone with the airline representatives. Of all the things that could go wrong his entire wardrobe for the tour would get lost somewhere along the way. Chris still had no idea as to what was going on because his management team wanted to weigh all options possible before informing him of the issue. The fact that he was in rehearsal was perfect, but soon we were due to have a final fitting and by the look on his manager’s face no progress had been made. I felt like I wanted to faint and when I came back conscious somehow things would be worked out. I thought of Ugo, and how he even gave me a chance and I owed him; I had to give this my all. Coming to my senses I looked around the room and seen everyone on the phones and searching for alternative options. An idea popped into my head as I pulled out my phone and dialed a number that I’ve become very familiar with hoping that I could get some kind of guidance. “hello,” Brit said groggily into the phone. I sighed “Brit, Im sorry for calling you so late but I need your help.” I could hear her shifting on the other end “Is everything okay?” she asked quickly. “Yes and No. See, somehow the entire wardrobe for the show has gone missing and so far where are getting nowhere with the airline. Brit, I don’t know what to do and how to go about this.” I admitted. She cleared her throat “Honestly, it could take days to locate missing luggage. So, what I would do in a situation like this is improvise. You are the senior stylist so whatever you and the artist agree on is what goes. Before you get to overreacting and doubting yourself explore every option that you can.” Just as she finished her sentence Chris walked in with a few of his dancers with him and took a seat on the couch. “Thank you, love you, you rock and I will call you later with the turn out. Sorry I’ve got to go.” I said before hanging up. I took a deep breath and marched over to the couch and took a seat next to him. He looked up from his phone and at me “It’s time for my fitting?” He asked turning his attention back to his phone. I cleared my throat and my mouth started moving before my mind. “Mr. Brown, there has been an issue with the wardrobe. Somewhere along the trip the clothing was not where it was supposed to be and it’s lost. Now I have come up with a solution to the problem so please don’t worry.” I babbled. He looked at me intently as he tossed his phone back into his pocket “I’m going to listen to your solution before I express what I have to say.” He said in an unreadable manner. Winging the whole situation I bit down on my bottom lip for a second and then began speaking “Me and you will go and buy all new clothing. I know it sounds like a lot but it’s the only other option.” I said trying to sound confident even though I was praying that I knew what I was talking myself into. I paused and looked at him waited to see what he had to say. He used his hand and drug it down his face as he exhaled. “Fine,” he stated visually irritated. I knew he wanted to say more but he contained himself. I looked down at my watch and then back up at him “Are there any stores that you would like to visit preferably?” I asked as I grabbed my bag. He shook his head and stood up as well. “I’m bout to go change,” he said flatly before walking pass me and out of the room. I sighed and plopped down on the couch pulling my I-pad out of my bag I began searching for different clothing stores in the nearby area.

My nerves were all over the place as I continuously chewed on my nails. He said nothing as he moved gracefully around the showroom at Kamikaze Donna; a small store in Norway that housed some of the larger brands such as YSL, Gucci, Prada, Cavalli and other well-known fashion houses. Since we were able to get the store to shut down while Chris shopped in peace; there was no distraction around to ease my overloaded mind. Still he said nothing as he searched through rack after rack for something that he liked. Unable to take the silence anymore I spoke up “Mr. Brown,” I said in an unsure tone. He turned his head and looked at me without even opening his mouth to speak. “Do you have any idea what type of look you want to go for?” I asked putting my professional tone back in its rightful place. He chuckled sarcastically and shook his head before looking back up at me. Leaning on the rack he licked his lip, “Are you serious right now? You’re my stylist you should know what look is that I have chosen for this tour by now. This is one of the biggest tours of my career which is one of the biggest weights on my shoulders; now this,” he chuckled again and nodded his head. “Look, if you can’t do the job right then you shouldn’t be here. My tour will not be your little dummy project. I will not have it. Maybe if you stayed off the social network scene and focused on your job a little more this issue would have been avoided.” With that being said and done he turned his back to me and walked out of the store.

I had two options: One, I could run off into a stall in the women’s room and cry my eyes out. Two, I called let his words roll off my back and get my job done. I wasn’t here for us to become best friends and spend all day and night getting to know each other under the stars. This was real life and I was here by the grace of Ugo and doing my job was the obligation that I held. I put on my poker face and quickly marched behind him. We both jumped into the all black escalade along with his bodyguards. I got in the front seat with the driver “Professor Dahls gate 5 0355,” I said giving the driver the address to Voga Bogstadveien, a chic store where you could find a name brands such as Alexander McQueen, D&G, Costume National, Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood , Marc Jacobs, Tsubi, April 77 and so on. Soon we pulled up and the bodyguards went in and made sure all exits and were secure before Chris was able to enter the establishment. Once thing were cleared we went in and I began to take the lead picking out pieces and putting together similar looks that resembled the clothes that were lost. I remained about my business as me and Chris talked solely on the clothes nothing more nothing less. After we picked a few items out there we headed to Sole service a really cool shoe store where I must admit we had a lot of fun picking out different shoes for the show. Honestly, once we both were over our attitudes we really had a fun time debating about clothes and shoes, being that was the only conversation that we held.

I stood in the back hearing the large crowd scream as Chris hit the stage. I shook my head and smiled as I organized the clothes on the rack and prepared for his different changes throughout the night. He began the show off with his classic “Yo,” which I even caught myself singing to. You could hear his voice around the whole arena as he gave every girl that sat in the arena a show that she’ll never forget. The song the switched to “Take you down” and I began to twirl my hips to the beat; I must admit from what I was hearing the concert was off to a great start. “Carri, intermission is coming in five minutes,” the show director said coming into the dressing room ending my little jam session. “Got’cha,” I said nodding my head and pulling out his outfit for the second session. Moments later Chris jogged into the room as the music changed to some random artist for the brief intermission. He instantly began stripping as I passed him his clothing and he changed into them. After he was done prepping he ran back out the room and the show began with “Don’t Judge me.”

“Is this his room?” I heard a thick accent say as they entered the room. I looked up and seen Rihanna enter the room. She looked flawless from the dark shade of lip stick that she chose down to the Giuseppe pumps that she owned as she gracefully pranced into the room. She was taken back when she seen me but she smiled warmly “Hello, I’m Rihanna you must be the stylist I’ve heard so much about,” she said extending her hand. I smiled “Carrington, All good things I hope,” I said dead serious while shaking her hand. “Things,” she said simply which left an empty place somewhere within me. “I’m going to hang out in here and surprise him when he comes in. Cool with you?” She asked. I hunched my shoulders “I don’t see a problem with that.” She went and sat on the couch as I continued busying myself with work and watching the clothes like a hawk; I never left their side. “So where you from gal?” she asked looking up from her phone. I looked back at her and then back over to the shoes I was organizing for the umpteenth time. “I was born and raised in Detroit until I was 15 when I moved to Chicago.” She smiled “Kanye, showed me around chi-town once before I must admit that’s a pretty dope place.” I nodded my head as I thought about all the fun that I had living there. In the same time I began to miss my friends and family like never before. “Those shoes you have on are the business,” I said giving her a compliment. “Thanks, they hurt to walk in, but beauty is pain.” She said honestly. I waved my hand “Pssh, I sure can’t tell the way you walked in here like a Victoria Secret model. Girl, I would trip about five times in the hallway trying to get back here.” We both laughed. “So you telling me that you don’t wear heels?” She asked in awe. “I’m saying that I can’t keep my balance in heels,” I corrected her with a laugh. Before our conversation continued the director came back to inform me that Chris would be back in less than two minutes. I hurried and grabbed his items for his final act just as he entered the room. He looked at me and then over at Rihanna whom held a pleasant smile across her face. “What you doing here?” He asked with a wide smile on his face. “Surprise!” she yelled as she ran over to him. He picked her up and twirled her around in his arms as they shared a passionate kiss. Once they broke each other’s embrace I let him know where I was sitting his clothes and I left the room to give them some privacy. I promise you being a stylist you know everyone’s personal business.

I woke up to my phone ringing I picked it up “hello,” I said still half sleep. “Carri?” A unfamiliar voice asked through the other end of my phone. “Yes?” I asked sitting up. “Hey it’s Kae,” she said in a upbeat tone. Just then my room phone rung “Heyyy, ugh, hold on for a moment.” I said while placing the phone down and answering my room phone. “Hello,” I said slowly. “Ay, this Mijo. Chris said if Kae call your phone-“ he stopped and you could hear some shuffling around in the background. “Hello,” another voice said in the receiver. “Yeah, who is this?” I asked confused as f***. “Chris, ay don’t tell Kae nothing okay. She gone try to manipulate you into giving her details about the tour and my guests. You don’t know nothing you aint seen nothing.” He said seriously. “Mmmhmm, okay I should be ready in ten mintues.” I said outloud throwing off our conversation. “She on the phone?” He asked a little quieter. “Yes,” I simply said. “Alright,” he said hanging up on me in my face. I rolled my eyes and placed my cell back up to my ear. “Girl that damn manager of his is so overbearing,” I said dramatically. She fake laughed and then cleared her throat “So, is what TMZ saying true that Rihanna is there?” she asked cutting to the chase. “Where?” I asked playing dumb. “With you guys on tour,” she scoffed. “No, that’s most defiantly a lie. I would of seen that forehead miles away.” I said playing along. “Oh…okay…if you do see her though…just let me know.” She said lowly. “Will do,” I said nodding my head as if she could see me. “Well, I will let you get going knock’em dead girl.” She said before hanging up. Once I ended the phone call I fell back on the bed and let out a huge sigh. How did I end up in this love triangle?

Nov.19 : Stockholm, Sweden

Nicki Minaj’s voice filled the club as tons of people circled around the VIP booth trying to steal shoots of Chris and Rihanna. I have to admit that he seemed pretty happy in her presence. She and he were signing autographs here and there occasionally stealing kisses from one another. Every time their lips crashed upon each other’s the crowd would go into a frenzy and flashes would blind me. I stood off to the side having a nice relaxing drink determined not to show my face in any of the photos because I knew that if they weren’t already then by the end of the night they would be all over the internet. After a while Chris told security to close off the area so that they could finish partying in peace. Once the area was locked down the drinks started flowing and we soon became the section that everyone watched like a hawk as Chris and his friend’s turnt up. I watched as the back-up dancers and Chris all took turns doing the cat daddy and other various dance as the music selection constantly changed. The drinks continued to flow and soon blunts did too. Like I stated once before I’m not a big party scene girl and not much of a drinker so I just sat around and enjoyed to the music. Soon, Kendrick Lamar “Poetic Justice” filled the club and everyone went crazy. Mijo came over to the booth I was sitting in and looked at me “why do I have feeling that you sober as f***?” he yelled over the music. “Because I am,” I shouted as I smiled. Hood then approached us “What yall over here talking about?” he asked looking between Mijo and I. “She sober bruh,” Mijo said pointing at me. Hood frowned up his face “She what?” He slurred. “Yeah you heard me right,” Mijo yelled. Hood shook his head and pushed his drink in my face. “Drink up,” he demanded. I laughed and shook my head no. “Awww, she scared” Mijo teased. “You good girl. You around family aint nothing gone happen to you.” Hood reassured me sound like a complete drunk. “I know I’m good, but no thanks.” I said declining the drink pushing it back towards him. “What I miss?” Chris asked walking up and draping his arm around Hood as he looked around at us. I just looked at Mijo and then down at my hands. “Stylist chick over here being a goody two-shoes. She won’t drink with us.” Hood explained. I laughed “Are you mad though?” I asked c**king my head to the side. Hood twisted up his face “yes,” he said causing us all to laugh. “I’m starting to think you don’t like us. You aint been messing with us since we got here. What you too good for us?” Mijo asked teasing me. I frowned and shook my head. “You lying and you know it. Girl was going ham on us on twitter talking about niggas need to grow up.” Chris said putting me on blast. All the boys looked at me and my face got hot. “This is a prime example of why I said that,” I said looking a drunken Chris in his face. “Ya’ll aint gone fight,” Mijo instigated. “f*** it, if she wants to be a square then leave her be in her four corners dawg,” he said as he walked away and went over towards Ri and some other people. I rolled my eyes and looked at Mijo and Hood who were still in my presence. “Drink?” Hood asked holding up his cup. I chuckled and shook my head as he looked on in defeat. “I don’t understand you stylist chick, I just don’t.” He said before walking away. I then turned my attention toward Mijo who was staring at me “Do you dance?” He asked with a hopeful voice. I shook my head no and he sighed in defeat. “Ok, ima leave but if you change your mind I’ma be over there with the crew.” He said walking away. I continued to move to the music as I sipped on my Shirley temple for the rest of the night watching everyone act crazy from the amount of weed and alcohol they were consuming.

Dec. 3: Dublin, Ireland

Rihanna left yesterday I must admit having her around was pretty smooth. She was cordial every time I came around so she was good in my book. Good news yesterday the clothes that went missing in the beginning of the tour came up found and boy was that a big relief for the team. I walked into the dressing room ( a href=>outfit</a>)to begin setting things up for the show when I noticed that Chris was practicing with his back-up singers to “Don’t Judge Me” I turned on my heels to walk out the room but he stopped me. “You can stay we were just finishing up,” he said as he signaled for his team to stop singing. They all walked out the room as I placed my book bag on the floor and began doing my routine work. Chris plopped down on the couch in his dressing room as he pulled his phone off the charger and began playing with it. “So did you want to mix up your outfits since the clothes came in?” I asked organizing his rack. “Yea, that will be cool.” He simply agreed. I nodded and began adding his original pieces to the rack. “So what’s your beef with me?” he asked out of the clear blue causing me to instantly turn and look at him. “Are you talking to me?” I asked astonished. “Yeah, who else would I be talking to?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders “I do not have any beef,” I simply said as I turned around and continued working. “Do you lie all the time?” he asked with no filters. I whipped my head in his direction and frowned “excuse me?” I asked. “You know you got a problem with me so be honest,” he said placing his phone on his lap and his hands behind his head. “Mr. Brown, with all due respect sir, I’m here to make sure you are top notch GQ when you walk on stage every night. Besides that I don’t know you and you don’t know me so there is no reason for me to hold a personal vendetta against you.” I said matter-factly. He smiled “True, but you still got something against me” he said obviously having his mind made up. I rolled my eyes “Ok, Mr. Brown whatever you say,” I said dismissing him. “So why haven’t you followed me on twitter?” He asked ignoring my dismissal. “Because, I don’t know you enough to want to follow you.” I answered while sorting out his shoes. “You are a horrible liar,” he said shaking his head. I turned around and faced him placing my hands on my hips “I’m going to ask you to stop calling me out my name. I’m not a liar and never will be. Thanks in advance.” I said before turning my back to him and getting back to work. He just laughed finding this whole thing funny. I rolled my eyes and sighed two more days and I will be back in my comfort zone away from the childishness. “You know what I wouldn’t mind that you don’t like me if you were at least honest about it.” He pushed. “Mr. Brown, I don’t have an issue with you. I just don’t know how to express it any clearer to you.” I stressed. “Prove it,” he said with a stupid grin on his face. “What?” I asked making a crazy face. “Follow me on twitter,” he said in a daring tone. “I don’t give in to peer pressure,” I retorted. “Why are you so egotistical?” he asked. I scoffed “if you were to look it up you would surely see your name next to the example.” “Ha! Good one. Now follow me.” He insisted. “No,” I said forcefully. “Getting angry are we?” He asked calmly. “You’re not even worth the anger,” I said through clenched teeth. “Yeah, you’re defiantly worked up.” He said nodding his head. In returned I just ignored him because he was getting under my skin. “f*** it then Ima unfollow your stuck up ass,” he sneered. “I guess this is the part when my whole life crashes and I stop breathing?” I asked sarcastically. He shook his head and looked at his phone. “Nobody told you to follow me anyway,” I continued to rambled sort of under my breath. “Point proven,” he said out loud. “Excuse me?” I asked. “You don’t like me and you just proved it.” He said honestly. “Whatever you say Mr. Brown,” I said as I completely tuned him out.



Run this. something different...I'm definitely enjoying thus :)

Normally I am a silent reader, but not this story. Something about it is fresh and I love it!! Run it!

If you are interested in keeping up with Carri and her busy schedule you all can follow on twitter <a href=>@JustCarri</a>


Loving this story run it!!!

I like this. Chris really does need to be mindful of them way be treats others seriously. I semi feel bad for Kae, but at the same time she knows what his overgrown childish ass is doing and she is letting it happen. I love how supporting Carri's parents and Terra are. (Lowkey Terra's comment abnout kidnapping Trey is something my best friend would say lol.)

I sooooo love the relationship that is growing between Carrie, Jason and Britnay. I also love how Ugo has so much faith in her.

All in all, I love this already. Run it!!!!!!

I love it!
Run It!

Thanks for the feed back I will be changing up the spacing from now on thanks for the honesty

I'm enjoying your story. I think it's pretty dope so far. The only thing is that it burns my eyes to read because of the lack of spacing. I'm not complaining, just saying. LOL.

I hope Carri does a good job on the tour. If she does, I'm pretty sure she's gonna be set in the industry after her work with Chris.

I'm liking that she isn't an enemy to Kae or Rihanna. Of course, Rihanna is portrayed in a negative light, but thats expected.

I'm also enjoying seeing Chris from a bad side in a story instead of the normal good boy routine. I'm sure he'll eventually get out of his a$$holish ways...


I sat in Ugo’s office with a blank expression bestowed upon my face. I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing. Was this man crazy? Of all the things that he could have had me do….he chooses this task of all things. His mouth was continuously moving but my ears had blocked him out while my mind was having a fit within myself. “What?” I asked snapping back into reality. Ugo paused and looked at me before smiling. “I said that I want you to take my place for the short promo tour that Chris Brown is having. He fell in love with the look that we created for the photo shoot and being that Kae and I have to do our own launch across seas at the same time,” he sighed “I can’t be in two places at one time Carri. “ I shook my head “Ugo I-“he cut me off “I know you’re nervous,” he stated. I looked at him like he was crazy….nervous no….irritated, upset, and against the whole idea yes! I did not like nor respect that yellow giant f***er. Yea, I said it! I tried to remain a poker face while Ugo went on and on and on. “The company has paid for all the expenses you will have. You will be able to take the company’s credit card with you for other expenses that might come along the way. Please Carri I really really need you to have my back on this one.” He pleaded with so much sincerity. I gave him a warily look “Ugh,” I then looked back at my nails thinking of something to say. “If you nail this I promise that when you get back the rest of your internship will be solely based on you. Meaning you will be out on your own projects without my help. Think about it, your resume’ will be above average by the time your three months are up.” He bargained. Somewhere deep inside I knew that I had to let my personal vendetta go and focus on my goals so I simply nodded my head causing him to fist pump. “Yessss, Carri I know you’re going to do excellent.” I just smiled even though I wasn’t as happy as I perceived. “When do I start?”

“I don’t want to!” I yelled from behind the door. “Carrington, if I have to come in there to get you it’s gonna get ugly,” Jason shouted from the opposite side. “Just go in my place Jason, I’m sure no one would notice.” I pleaded as I stared at myself in the mirror. Just then I heard the ladies bathroom door open and close. I looked around the wall and seen Jason approaching as I sat on the countertop. With no words exchanged this fool slapped the taste out of my mouth. I looked at him sideways “Ouch. What the f*** was that for?” I yelled. “You deserved that! What the hell you mean you don’t want to go? Do you realize that these are important milestones in your career? You need to suck up all these little personal problems you got going on and get the job done! Yes, Chris Brown is a douche bag but so what as long as you get your money at the end of the day none of that stuff matters.” Jason fussed. I sighed and looked at him “did you really have to smack me?” I asked flatly. He shrugged his shoulders “It made the moment more dramatic.” He laughed. I shook my head and buried my head in my legs as I pulled them closer to my body. “Would I be a failure if I just packed my things and went home?” I asked. “No, you would just be a weak dumb b**** who has great potential that you insisted on wasting,” Jason said matter-factly. I jumped down off the countertop and looked at myself in the mirror “You right, I didn’t waste all that time in school for nothing. I’m going to do my job and nothing more nothing less.” I said giving myself a pep talk. Jason stood next to me in the mirror and shook his head “that’s right. Now that’s the girl I know. He said smiling at me. Taking a deep breath I fixed my clothing and smoothed out my frizzy curls. “Let’s get back to work,” Jason said grabbing my hand and walking me out.

3days later
2chainz feat. Big Sean’s “K.O.” banged through my beats as I watched the constant movement around me. I pulled my Ipad out of my bookbag and logged onto and began creating sets to pass time by. I had just loaded the private jet; because I was the senior stylist of the tour I travel alongside Chris and his team. I watched as him and his cousin Mijo tossed the football across the plane with one another occasionally moving around a little too much to be on a plane. I rolled my eyes and focused on my designs. I folded my legs Indian style and snuggled into my blanket becoming more comfortable for this long flight. I went into my own zone when Big Sean’s voice filled my speakers. I blocked out the annoying actions of “grown men” and minded my own business. After about twenty minutes of designs I felt myself getting sleepy. I then logged of my account and shut the ipad down before placing it safely into my backpack. I picked up my phone and logged onto twitter:

<em>@CarriSweeterThanACherri: 18hours of this? -_- #Suicide #NiggasNeedToGrowUP</em>

After submitting my tweet I put my phone to sleep and drifted off to sleep.

7hours later I woke up to my phone constantly going off. Since I had my headphones on while I was sleep it was extra loud in my ear. I opened one eye and glanced at my phone to see it was my twitter account. I instantly logged on and seen that I had a tons of mentions and requests from people I didn’t know. I kept scrolling down my page timeline until I seen:

<em>@ChrisBrown: @CarriSweeterThanACherri Follow me back</em>

I then went up to read the different mentions from girls asking various questions as to our relations. I rolled my eyes and wondered how in the hell did he find me on twitter. I then saw a tweet from Ugo mentioning me:

<em>@UgoMozie: @CarriSweeterThanACherri I wish you and @ChrisBrown a safe trip and knock’em dead you guys! #CBTOUR</em>

That’s how that f***er found me. Out of curiosity I clicked on his page and instantly seen:

<em>@ChrisBrown: Is it really that bad?? :/ #18hours</em>

I rolled my eyes irritated even more and went into my settings and set everything to private and locked my tweets. I got up and went into the back to get some water from the bar everyone was sleep. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the mini fridge and once I turned around my eyes locked with Chris’s his looked put me in an uneasy way it was sort of like we had beef from the grim look he gave me. I shook it off though and just looked away as if I didn’t notice him and went back to space. As god is my witness I stayed in my seat the whole plane ride. I stayed in my lane and he stayed in his.

Run it

Chris is an ass smh
Run it!

The Photo's from the shoot:
<a href=http://cdn.necoleb****>Photo1</a>

<a href=>Photo2</a>

<a href=>Photo3</a>


“I haven’t talked to you in forever,” Terra huffed from the other end of the phone. “I know, I miss you so much. What’s been going on?” I asked as I walked out onto the balcony. The sun had just set and the view looked amazing. “Same ol’ same, the bigger question is what have you been up to? Meet any high profile people yet?” She asked excitedly. Just then the whole fiasco that played out yesterday popped up in my mind. “So let me tell, yesterday I went to a photo shoot with Mr.Mozie for none other than R&B’s bad boy Chris Brown,” I said stressing his name. Terra gasped “Biiiiiitch! Give me all the details,” she said getting hyped up. I smacked my lips to give her the run down “So Karrueche and Mr.Mozie are very close friends and they happen to be working on a line together as well. She asked him to style Chris for his spread in XXL magazine. Tee, they were in that mug smoking heavy, but that was nothing compared to the argument that broke out between Kae and him. Girl she threw Rihanna and his relationship into the argument and it got ugly,” I gossiped. “Did he hit her?” Terra asked hanging onto every word. “Naw, but homeboy was pissed and so was she….she even walked off set.” “I envy you,” she joked. “Please don’t. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be Tee I promise. I miss home and I miss sleep,” I said with a light chuckle. “Suck it up. Do you know how many people kill to be where you are?” She stated with seriousness in her tone. “I know, girl all I do is smile. When I’m nervous I smile, when I met someone I smile, when something goes wrong I smile. My damn cheeks hurt so damn bad.” Terra bust out into laughter along with me. “Look boo my break is over, but if you happen to cross paths with my hubby Tremaine Aldon Nerverson kidnap him and I will pay you when you deliver him to my doorstep. Please and thank you.” I laughed “Goodbye Terra, talk to you later.” I said before hanging up the phone and sighing. Hopefully all this hard work pays off.

2 weeks later

Today was my off day and you know what I was doing? Come on just please guess. Okay, okay, okay I will tell you…..WORKING! I didn’t mind it though today was Mr.Mozie’s twenty-second birthday and the three of us (Brittney, Jason, and Me) were setting up his surprise party. The whole office was in on this surprise, but Jason volunteered Brit and I along with himself to do the set up. I didn’t mind it as much because Ugo was so good to me and this was just a small gesture to show him that appreciate him. Jason had access to all his contacts so he did the invitations, Brittney was the party planner; like I said before she had a way of making things happen, and I was the muse to lure him to the party tonight. “Looks great guys,” Brittney said as she viewed the banner that we’d just hung across the stage. “I’m so tired,” I whined as I plopped down on the stage and pretended to pass out. “For you to be so young you sure don’t have any stamina,” Jason said walking pass me and taking a seat. “Stop trying to throw shade jay,” I said tossing some water on him from my water bottle. “Did you just,” he paused and looked at his shirt “oh so you want to play huh?” He said grabbing his bottle of water. I instantly jumped up and began running. “You guys stop! You’re going to ruin everything!” Brittney yelled in horror. Me and Jason both paused what we were doing and looked at her. “You are so right girl,” Jason said out of breath from chasing me walking back over towards the stage. “Yea, sorry about that Brit,” I said as I ran up on her and dumped my whole bottle on her with Jason following suit. She screamed bloody murder causing us to fall out laughing. “Ya’ll play too much!” She fussed. “It’s not like you’re not about to go home and get dressed,” I stated. “Right, cause the trade is going to be in here tonight so I gotta be looking my best,” Jason said crossing his legs. “The trade?” Brit and I both questioned. “Masculine gay men; you would never know that their gay from the way they carry themselves but babeeeee…..mmmhmm,” he said snapping his fingers. We all laughed at his craziness and continued to decorate the club.

“You know I could have driven to this event,” Ugo said looking at his watch. We were in the backseat of the car while Walter drove us to the club. Ugo thought that we were going to a launch party, but really it was his. “I know you could have, but it’s your birthday and the least I could do.” I said turning my head and looking out the window. Soon we pulled up to the venue and we waited until Walter came and opened our doors. Once out I fixed my <a href=>dress</a> and then joined arms with Ugo as we strolled into the building. “SURPRISEEEEEEE,” everyone yelled as the lights turned on scaring the hell out of Ugo. He quickly turned to me and smiled “for me?” he asked and I nodded my head. He pulled me into a quick hug before he was whisked off into a crowd of people fighting for his attention. “Well, don’t you look cute,” Brittney said as she joined me at the bar as I ordered us some drinks. “Thanks, you look gorg as well.” I said admiring her <a href=>outfit</a>. “Here my two favorite judies are,” Jason said as he joined us at the bar. “Carri are those legs I see?” he said looking at me as I blushed “looks good,” he said smiling. Just then our drinks were placed in front of us. “Cheers to our employer,” Jason said as all three of our glasses collided and we took our shots.

The party was filled with tons of people and big time names in the industry. I wasn’t a big drinker so I was just walking around the party mingling and making sure things were running smoothly. Making my way up into the huge VIP area I nearly pissed my pants when I spotted a drunken Ugo in the middle of two ladies dancing. I opened my clutch and pulled out my phone snapping a picture of him. He looked like he was enjoying himself and that’s all that mattered. I continued to walk through the crowded area and made my to the ladies room for some fresh air because it was like a sauna in that place. Once I was inside of the surprisingly empty restroom I grabbed some tissue and began to wipe the sweat beads that rested on my forehead. I heard the door open and then close, looking up I seen Kae’s face appear. “Hey, Carri right?” she said while approaching me. “Yeah, hey how are you?” I asked being friendly. “Besides being hot as hell, I’m great. Chris showed me the finals of his photo shoot you and Ugo did an awesome job.” She said. “Thanks,” I said simply because I did not want to discuss that episode that went down. We were silent for a couple of minutes before she spoke. “He’s not always like that you know. We love each other very much, but sometimes lovers clash you know.” I wanted to tell her that she didn’t owe me any explanations, instead I just smiled. “Well, I have to get back im sure my friends are looking for me,” I lied. Honestly, I did not want to know her business and the moment was awkward. “Yeah, me too” she said following me out. As we merged back into the party I was grabbed by Brittney “oh my gosh we have to do something!” she said freaking out and confusing the heck out of me. “Brit calm down! What’s wrong?” I asked facing her while holding onto her elbows. She said nothing and pointed across the room. I turned and looked in the direction she was pointing to; Chris was on the dance floor with none other than Rihanna grinding on him. My attention then turned to Kae who stood there with an hurt expression on her face. “Someone please tell me who invited the hoe,” Jason said walking up to us. Brittney was still hyperventilating afraid that a fight might break out so I looked at Jason and hunched my shoulders. Chris looked to be enjoying himself; either he had forgotten that he came with Kae or he just didn’t give a f***. No matter what the case was the s*** was mad disrespectful. Me being the peace maker that I was, walked over to Kae with no words exchanged and pulled her on the dance floor and began dancing with her. At first she just stood there with her eyes locked on them. “People are watching your every move right now. Please handle this in the privacy of you guys own company.” I said still two stepping. She stood in the same spot for a millisecond longer and then sighed. Her body began to move slowly to the beat as she looked at me “I just don’t understand,” she steamed. “Honestly, you do. With all due respect, I think that you just don’t want to. I was you before, once you realize how far above the bulls*** you are the easier your life will be.” I said as I continued to move to the beat. As the song progressed I could tell that she loosen up a tad bit. “Got room for more?” Jason said as he and Brit joined our little jam session. I smiled a look of relief as I nodded. We danced for two songs straight before we seen Rihanna walk pass us in which see stopped and grimed Kae and then laughed while strutting away. I, myself, wanted to bust that b**** in the head. First off you crash a party that you weren't invited to then you want to be disrespectful…tricks like that get that ass beat for s*** like that where i'm from. “Shine bright like a rhinestone,” Jason said causing the four of us to all burst out into laughter. “You guys are so awesome,” Kae said over the music. We all smiled and continued partying when Chris approached our group. “We out,” he yelled over the music. Kae frowned “what?” “We out!” he yelled again with more base in his voice being heard way more clearer than before. He didn't even give her another chance before walking off and heading towards the door. She sighed with a look of embarrassment written all over her face.Waving goodbye to us she hurried to follow him out the door like a lost puppy. At that moment I realized that he was a jack ass just like my ex and he had put a bad taste in my mouth.

aww yea this is a nice little set
up i would love to be able to give chris brown
fashion advice.. and love advice if he let me


Run it!!!

Run it


this story is so dope...just waiting for her to meet trigga
run it

The loud smell of marijuana spiked my senses like I was a K-9 dog as Ugo and I walked through the warehouse. We were instantly stopped by two big guys as they searched us and waited for clearance to let us through. Once we were approved to come through the loud sounds of Chris Brown’s own music could be clearly heard as we approached the set. As soon as we walked into the room all you seen was people everywhere. Either they were working with the photographer or they were part of his entourage either way it was a lot going on. “Ugooooooooo!” Karrueche screamed as she ran up and hugged him tightly as if they hadn’t seen each other for years. “Don’t act like you miss me,” he said to her and then looked at me “the only time she calls now a days is only work related matters.” She playful rolled her eyes and hit him. “So not true.” She then looked at me and smiled “Hello, I’m Karrueche and you must be the new assistant that Ugo has been bragging about.” I smiled “Yes, and nice to meet you I’m Carrington.” “Great now that we’ve all met each other let’s get to business,” Ugo said snapping back into business mode. “Right this way,” Karrueche said leading us towards the back of the quite large building. “Your pieces came in early this morning and I knew you wouldn’t want anyone to see them just yet so I had marc to place them on the racks back here where Chris would be getting dressed.” Karrueche said while she opened a which looked to be a dressing room. “Perfect, “ Ugo said clasping his hands and staring at the articles of clothing that where neatly hung on the rack; Karrueche on the other hand had left back out the room. “Isn’t that your line Aston Mozie?” asked picking up a religious themed shirt. “Yes,” Ugo replied while searching through the racks. “This is so dope,” I said looking intently at the shirt. Before Ugo could respond in came Chris Brown looking like a giant compared to my five foot two frame. “Wassup man,” he said slapping hands with Ugo. Clearly you could tell this fool was high as the sky because his eyes were low and he looked flustered. “I think you should pick out the pieces you like and we can create some looks based off that because I know you like to play major part in what you’re wearing,” Ugo said as he, Chris, and Karrueche stood around the rack with their backs towards me. Once again I had no problem fading to the back just me and ugh….this shirt I guess. Oh snap the shirt! I didn’t want to interrupt their conversations and decision making so I just walked around everybody and placed the shirt back on the rack. “Oh hell yea!” Chris said excitedly as he grabbed the shirt. Karrueche grabbed Chris arm and pointed at me “Babe, this is Ugo’s new assistant,” she said giving us a brief introduction. “Wassup,” he said giving me a head nod to go along with it and from there he turned his head and went back to “work”. Once they had successfully picked out all the pieces to his outfit the three of the drama began with piecing everything together. I on the other hand stood back and observed. What else was there for me to do? “Chris I don’t know why you insist on these stupid jogging pants. They don’t even go with anything in this room!” Karrueche fussed becoming visual agitated with his poor selections in her opinion. “f*** you mean?? It’s MY style and MY photo shoot.” He snapped. “Okay whatever you say Chris,” She huffed. “I swear I’m beginning to regret asking for your help on this project,” he said bluntly through clenched teeth. Things was getting heated and I was all in from the background of course, but I’ll tell you this if he gets to swinging I’ma be the first thing smoking out the door. Sorry Kae, but I seen Ri’s face and I aint got time for that. Kae jumped back and looked at him sideways “So now you wish Rihanna was here huh?” She said causing him to rub his hands over his face. “Kae chill man.” “Chill my ass, you aint denying it. f*** you and that pot head b****! Ya’ll can have each other cause I’m done! Finito! All you gone do is run back to that block headed b**** anyways! The f***! She can’t even speak ENGLISH! Illiterate tramp! Have fun f***ing everybody in Hollywood cause they all done been in that.” Kae ranted sounding like a mad woman. Boy ol’ boy if I had my phone I could of made some cash sending this s*** into TMZ. She huffed really loudly and stormed right pass me and out the door with Chris hot on her tail. You could hear the two arguing in the hallway for about a good five minutes. Ugo looked at me and I looked at him giving each other a what the hell face. He sighed “welcome to set,” he said using his hand as a grand gesture. “Splendid,” I said blandly as I took a seat on the couch and waited to see what else would unfold in this place. “Would you like something to drink?” Ugo asked me. I shook my head no “Ok, well I guess we can take a break until things calm down,” he said as he stood up to go get himself some refreshments. I decided to stay put so I grabbed a magazine lying on the coffee table and began to flip through it. Chris soon came back into the room looking visually irritated and you know what I did… pretended not to notice his presence as I continued to flip through the magazine. He didn’t say anything to me nor did I even try to converse with him; instead he was off to the side fumbling with the pieces that he’d just picked out mumbling with himself, while I was in my space doing me. “Yo, do you think something wrong with these pants?” He asked holding up the bandana printed jogging pants that started this whole mess. My first instinct was to shake my head and go back to staying in my own lane but my mouth opened before I realize what I was doing. “They’re quite dope. I think you should just do a simple look with them though. Something like a plain white shirt and some…some” I looked around the room and it hit me “some wheat timbs.” Once I realized that I had just gave Chris Brown some style advice I got nervous and just looked back down at the magazine I was now clutching. “Yo, that would go hard,” he said while looking at the pants intently. Just then Ugo walked back in “So are you ready?” He asked looking at Chris. “Yeah, I said I wanted to revamp my look and your assistant over their put me back on the right track,” he said to Ugo without looking at me. Ugo on the other hand glanced at me and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled and went back to observing.

Three weeks had passed and it seemed like I was living strictly off of coffee and red bulls. If I didn’t then I absolutely know now what Marsha Ambrosius meant when she said ‘late nights and early mornings.’ I had just rushed my mom off of the phone and I was hurrying to get dressed because Ugo wanted me to get to his office early to make some minor changes to the presentation that he was going to present later on in the week for his own line Ashton Mozie. I buttoned up my boyfriend jeans while quickly pairing it with a soft peach flowing shirt and opting to go with some sandals because who knows how much movement was going to take place today ( <a href=>outfit</a> ). I glanced at my watch knowing that Walter was due any moment now I grabbed a banana and rushed out the door. If you think this was hectic then you really do not want to know how my first week went. Racing down the stairs to the front of the complex Walter stood outside of the car waiting to open my door. “Good morning Ms. Carri,” He said opening my door. “Morning Walter,” I smiled as I slipped in the backseat and waited for him to return to the driver side. Once we were both in the car I placed my ray bans on my face and took me a forty minute cat nap. Last night I had been up until 3am trying to make some sense of Mr.Mozie’s schedule which seems like a small task, but it really wasn’t when your booked to do something every week for the next five months. Still the killer part was the fact that his old assistant had double booked him for events and meetings so that meant I had to play Tetris with his schedule and make everything fit smoothly without having to cancel anything.

Walking in the building I waved at Brittney whom I’ve became really close too. That’s my go to girl; whenever I needed anything or fell short on something she made magic happen every time. I don’t know how she does it but she does it well. “You look like s***,” she yelled across the lobby causing me to laugh. Since it was only 7am no one was really in the office yet, so this was around the time we all clowned around before it was time to get to business. “Yeah? Well I feel like it too,” I said walking up closer to her desk. Once I made it to the front of the receptionist desk I folded my arms and laid my head on them. “Late night?” she asked while setting her post up. “Late night? Try late morning I didn’t get into bed until 3:30 this morning and had to report back here at 7.” I whined. “Sounds awful, here take this and I will order you some breakfast and have it sent upstairs,” she said placing a five hour energy drink next to me. I raised my head up and smiled at her “you are such a goddess I tell ya,” I beamed. “yea, tell me something I don’t know.” She joked. “Now get your face off my desk and go make someone’s life fashionable,” she said shooing me away.

Getting off the elevator I was still very tired and drowsy. Walking down the long hall way I dreaded even waking up this morning hopefully that five hour energy drink that I downed in the elevator would help me sometime soon. I walked up to Jason’s desk and waved at him as he passed me my morning coffee…gosh I loved my co-workers. “Brittney said you looked like s***; guess I should have believed her,” He smiled. “Up yours Jason,” I joked as I pushed the door open with my butt and proceeded to make my way to Mr.Mozie’s office. “Good morning Ms. Carri,” Ugo said while looking up from his computer. “Morning Mr. Mozie,” I said as I took a seat in front of his desk. “You make me sound so old, I told you to call me Ugo.” He frowned. I in return laughed and handed him his new and improved schedule. He took his book and looked at it for a while and then back up at me. “Very impressive I might say. Tell you the truth I didn’t think that you could do it I mean with such a short notice and all, but those bags under your eyes tell me that you put your all into this last night.” He said causing me to sigh. If one more person told me I looked like hell on wheels I was going to die. “With that being said I’m sure I have made the right decision and this here my dear was your test.” He said holding up his schedule that I had neatly organized and type, might I add even color coded. He closed his lap top and sat back in his chair and looked at me for a moment before he spoke. I was delusional because of my lack of sleep, and now he had the little bit of nerves I still had all twisted up. “A very good friend of mine came to me and asked for my expertise to help her with a very big project that she will be working on.” He paused again and looked at me. “Okay,” I said slowly trying to follow along as best as I could. He proceeded “You know what I can show you better than I can tell you Ms. Weathers. Go home and get a couple of hours of rest and I will be to your house around noon to pick you up.” He said while taking a sip of his coffee. I was confused but I would just do what I was told for the mean time.

Five hours later I was speeding through traffic with Ugo. “So is it rude for me to want to know where we are headed?” I asked nervously. Ugo shook his head “Not really, I guess I could give you the run down now. Well, do you know anything about Karrueche Tran?” He asked. “Umm, isn’t she like Chris Brown’s girlfriend?” I asked. “Yes you say that, well she's my very good friend I was telling you about. She and I are actually working together to launch a line called ‘The Kill’. Well, she and Chris felt that I could also help his look so today we are going to dress him for the XXL magazine cover he’s doing. It’s a closed set and when I go to closed sets I usually drive because you never know who you can trust and I don’t want anything being blamed on me. I feel that these last three weeks you have really been proving yourself and I feel like this is a good way to start you on sets. You've gotten your feet wet now it’s time to dive in. Oh and don’t forget to leave your phone in the car.” He said while keeping his eyes on the road.