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The Nanny Affair: Karma's A b****



Aww Steph and Lance hit it off good. Now if they only can get Keyannas crazy ass a man lol. Good to see them getting along. Loved it. Run It!!!

Run It....



being ratchet lol

run it!!

forreal i agree @AngelCymone
lol she didnt choose thug life thug life choose her
they too cute
run it!

lol, Ke needs a man now. RUN IT!

!!!!!Remember instead of Trey i'm using lance gross!!!!!


Lauren was in the car on her way to go pick up mimi from school when she got a call from keyanna who she dropped off home. She answered the call and put in on speaker.

"wassup? miss me already?" lauren asked.
"b**** no" keyanna joked and laughed."guess who just called me as soon as i got in the house" she said.
"who?" lauren asked.
"A&R publishing! i got the job!" she yelled.
"congratulations!!!! we gotta celebrate!" lauren said.
"seriously! just let me know when you free" keyanna said.

"i got you" lauren said."i'll call you later i'm about to pick up mimi from school" lauren told her.
"alright bye b****" keyanna said as lauren laughed and rolled her eyes.
"bye" she said hanging up.

Lauren got out the car and waited for mimi to walk out the front door of her school. Once she came out she ran straight to lauren and jumped into her arms.

"i leaned about butterflies today" mimi said making a butterfly with her hand.
"you did, you have to tell me all about it when we get home, okay?" lauren said.
"okay" mimi said as lauren put her in her booster seat and closed the door.

Lauren got in the drivers side and pulled off towards their house. When she pulled up in the drive way she seen maurice's car there.

"daddys home early" lauren said as mimi clapped. Lauren got out the car and got mimi out the back. She put her down on the grown and watched her run all the way to the door and knock on it.

"daddy! open the door!" she called out as maurice did just that.
"hey baby girl" maurice said picking her up."how was your day?" he asked her.
"i learned about butterflies" she told him.

Lauren walked up and pecked maurice on the lips as they walked in the house and closed the door behind them.

"teach me about butterflies" maurice said sitting mimi on the counter as she tried to explain the best way possible the life cycle of a butterfly.

"thats cool" lauren said."i have butterflies" lauren said showing mimi her butterfly tattoos on her wrist.
"daddy look butterflies!" mimi said tracing over the tattoo with her finger.
"i know, i seen it" he said.

"okay, its homework time" lauren said taking mimi off the counter and bring her and her book bag to the living room.

Lauren pulled out the alphabet tracing worksheet and put in on the coffee table along with a pencil.

"i know how to do it" mimi said picking up the pencil as lauren tired to help her.
"okay" lauren said sitting back on the couch.

"babe come here" maurice called out as lauren got up and walked over to him in the kitchen.
"yeah?" she asked.
"i usually never play match maker but i got this friend of mine who wants me to help him out" maurice spoke.
"you want to hook him up with keyanna?" she asked.
"no, your cousin Stephanie" he told her.
"Stephanie?" lauren laughed."that girl is a piece of work she can't keep a man with the attitude she has" lauren said.

"just call her, i promised him" maurice said."who knows he might help tame her" he added.
"i did tell keyanna we were gonna celebrate her getting that job maybe Stephanie and your friend can come" lauren said.
"sound like a plan" maurice said.
"stephanie is gonna kill me, she hates blind dates" lauren said as she took out her phone and walked up stairs.

---Saturday Night---

They dropped off mimi at her moms house and went across town to meet up with keyanna who wanted to go to her favorite club to celebrate her new job and then pick up Stephanie.

"i don't even know why i'm coming i don't like being set up" steph said.
"because you desperate" keyanna said.
"shut up" steph told her."no but seriously i don't even know this guy" she added.
"he's a cool guy, he's maurice's friend" lauren said.
"oh! is he a lawyer?" steph asked.

"no, he owns a a few gyms" he told her.
"oh so he got muscles" she said."nice, nice" she added.

They got to the club and maurice met up with Lance who was holding down VIP for them.

"Stephanie this is Lance, Lance this is floyd money mayweather" Maurice said as steph sucked her teeth.
"i'm Stephanie, lauren's cousin" steph said introducing herself.

Everyone up Maurice drank cup after cup since he was labeled designated driver. They partied hard and had a good time dancing to the music that was being played. Lauren sat on maurice's lap and chilled back with him.

"i think they clicked" lauren said looking out at lance and steph who were dancing and goofing around together.
"i should make this match maker thing my new profession" maurice said.
"uh un, stick to the court room baby" she said laughing.
"you right" he said laughing as well.

She looked down at his lips as she sat on his lap and felt herself move in for a kiss. Their lips connected and she began to kiss him with passion.

"awwww!" they heard as they looked up to see keyanna taking a picture of them."yall are too cute, with yall ugly asses" she added as lauren sucked her teeth.
"biotch don't get cut in this club" lauren joked.
"you aint about that life" keyanna spoke.
"she's right babe, you're not" maurice added in laughing.
"you're supposed to be on my side" lauren said looking at him.

"you're right" he said."she is about that life" maurice said to keyanna."she didn't choose thug life thug life chose her" he added in as they all laughed.

"look that them" lauren said as they looked at step and lance who were getting close on the couch and exchanging numbers.
"oh b**** you gonna smash?" keyanna yelled out towards steph who looked up and gave her the middle finger.
"you always messing with somebody" lauren said.
"cause i'm bout that life" keyanna said popping her collar as she turned around and continued to d ace to the music.

Lol run it

Run It....

They some freaks lmao, couldnt figure out how they got on the floor lol. AWW Maurice wants to marry Lauren. Too sweet. I agree with Keyanna the heart wants what the heart wants. YOLO. I Hope she does say yes too. I hope Keyanna gets the job. Hmm Trey is a fine sight to see tho, butI can look at LAnce cute self too. Anyway uh oh Maurice done found Kenyatta someone lol.... RUN IT!!!

Run It!!


sorry for the mix up -_-
instead of Tremaine
i'll be using <a href="">Lance Gross</a>

OMG i'm so angry at myself for forgetting trey was david
i should change him

" i must worn you i only met her one time and from what i experienced she thinks she floyd money mayweather" maurice said as they both laughed."

yeah isnt trey david??
he still hot af tho can we make trey still trey and david some other dude? lol
or maybe.... the arm robbery he did commit and the money he said "he got" is really the money he got from Ana which is Maurice money :o
omgee Run it!

wait...wasnt trey david in the first part? the guy that ana was cheating with??

run it

lol, tryna put him down! RUN IT!


"babe!" Maurice called out as he walked down the steps."have you seen my keys?" he asked as she pointed to the coffee table in the living room.

"say bye bye to daddy" lauren said to mimi as she put her breakfast out in front of her.
"bye daddy" mimi said.
"bye princess" maurice said kissing mimi on her forehead."bye babe" he said pecking laurens lips.

"have a nice day" lauren said watching maurice as he walked out the door."daddy is late for work" lauren said to mimi.
"ooooooo" mimi said with a shocked facial expression.

While mimi was eating her breakfast lauren got mimi's bookbag and lunch bag ready. When mimi was done eating, she put the bookbag on and walked to the door.

"i'm ready!" mimi called out.
"i'm coming, i'm coming" lauren said as she grabbed the car keys and walked out the door with mimi to take her to school.

Maurice walked into his office building. He was looking down at his phone as she walked closer to his office doors. He looked up to see kim walking to her desk in a tight, short, red dress showing off a lot of skin.

"good morning Mr Brown" kim said.
"good morning kim" he said nodding as he was about to walk into his office but turned about around."kim can i talk to you in my office for a second?" he asked.
"sure, i'll be right there" she said as he walked into his office and sat at his desk waiting for her.

Kim smiled to herself and bit down on her lip as she got out her seat. She wiped the smirk off her face as she walked into maurice's office and sat down on the other side of his desk.

"what can i do to, i mean for you?" she asked.
"um i've never had this issue before so i don't know how to come about this" he said looking at her.
"just come out with it, your the boss here" she said sitting back and crossing her legs.
"your dress code is a bit to reveling for my office" he told her as she looked at him confused, not expecting that response.

"whats wrong with my dress?" she asked.
"this is a law firm we have to maintain a certain image and this isn't it" he said pointing to her dress."i'm gonna need you to cover up or find another job" he added in.
"i'll cover up" she said."i apologize" she said.
"it's okay, but from here on out save you clubbing dresses for the club" he told her.

"you got it" she said getting up."is there anything else you need?" she asked him.
"nope thats it" he said.
"okay" she said.

He watched her as she turned around and switched her way to the door. Once she was out his office he shook his head and laughed.

Once lauren dropped mimi off at school she drove to meet up with Keyanna who wanted lauren to go with her to interview she had. Lauren stopped outside of keyannas house, honked her horn twice and watched as keyanna came out our in a cute pants suit.

"girl you're cute" lauren said as keyanna hopped in the car.
"i tried i tried" keyanna laughed as lauren pulled off.
"so wheres the interview?" lauren asked.
"A&R publishing, its on Columbus Ave" keyanna told her.
"publishing? thats big, what position?" lauren asked.
"an assitant but if i get the job i'll be making 13 dollars an hour" keyanna said.

"thats great! good luck" lauren said.
"thanks" she responded.
"i need to talk to you about something" lauren said.
"what?" keyanna asked.
"maurice asked me the other day about how i feel about marriage" she said."we've only been together for about a year and a few months this topic shouldn't being coming up, right?" she asked.

"i mean sometimes people know who their gonna marry after a month" keyanna told him."and maurice is a grown as man, i'm sure he knows what he wants, question is what do you want?" she asked.
"i don't know i always seen myself getting marriage after i 25 so the fact that i think i might wanna marry this guy after 1 years is scary to me" lauren said.
"the heart wants what it wants, theres no stopping it" keyanna said.

"so what are you saying?" lauren asked.
"when the day comes and he pops the question, if you love him say yes" she said."yolo!" she added as they both laughed.
"you a a**hole" lauren said as they pulled up to the A&R Publishing building.
"whatever" keyanna said opening the car door."you gonna wait out here?" she asked.
"yeah, good luck again" lauren said.
"thanks" keyanna said as she closed the door and walked into the building.

Maurice sat at his desk typing on his computer as Kim's voice came through the phone's speaker.

"Mr Brown a Mr Neverson is here to see you" kim said.
"send him in" maurice said presses the button.

Second later <a href="">he</a> came in through the door and closed it behind him. Maurice stood up and greeted him with a casual hand shake and hug showing they weren't strangers to each other.

"tremaine Neverson, it's been along time" maurice said as they both sat down.
"yeah man, i came over here because i know your the best" he said.
"i try" maurice responded."what is it that you need?" maurice asked.
"i got a case, they want to put me away for 15 years for something i never did" tremaine said.
"what are they blaming you for?" maurice asked.

"armed robbery" he told him.
"you know imma run you about 5,000 dollars just to look at your case and 10,000 to take the case" maurice told him.
"i'm not worried about the money, you know i got it" tremaine said.
"alright then, were in business" maurice said as they shook hands.

"so enough about the business s***, how you been, how ana and the little princess?" he asked.
"mimi if great she's 4 now" maurice said.
"4? already where have i been" trey asked laughing."and ana?" he asked.
"me and ana aren't together anymore, long story" he said."i'm on something new" he told him.
"you got a new lady on your arm?" trey asked.
"yes sir" maurice said showing him a picture of lauren on his phone.

"she beautiful and young, she got a sister?" trey asked laughing.
"no, but she does have a cousin" maurice told him.
"nah i learned my lesson last time, you always fix me up with some but ugly ass females" trey said.
"she's not ugly, i promise you" maurice said.
"alright well give her my number, set it up then" trey said.
"i must worn you i only met her one time and from what i experienced she thinks she floyd money mayweather" maurice said as they both laughed.

run it!!


Run It...

@KRcbreezy they only been together for about a year

Ooooooh snap lol

Run It!!!

run it!!

so wait how long they known eachother and how long have they dated??
Maurice is just too much! lol
im glad he doesnt wanna let her go :)
run it


Once they got out the bathtub and wrapped their towels around their bodies both lauren and maurice felt themselves get tipsy from the champagne they were drinking. They went into their room and lauren threw her self on the bed.

"MR BROWN!" she called out.
"i'm right here why you yelling?" he asked laughing.
"oh" she said putting her hand on her mouth. She watched the water drip down his chest and she propped up on her elbows."come here" she said patting the spot next to her.
"let me put something on" he said.
"uh hun, i want you just like that" she said as he laid down next to her like he was told.

She put her hand on his chest and slid down to the top of the towel and opened it up. She slid her hand down lower and grabbed his erections.

"what are you doing?" he asked her as straddled his leg.
"you did something for me, i wanna do something for you" she said looking up as him and she put her mouth to him tip.
"you don't have to" he said remembering the time she told him she never performed oral sex before."damn" he said closing his eyes and he felt himself go deeper in her mouth.

Their romantic night turned into one of pure lust. All the sexual energy that was built up through out the day was let out. They were all over the room everywhere from the bed to the dresser.


The next morning lauren woke up on maurice's chest. She pushed her hair out of her face and looked up to see they were on the floor.

"baby" she said waking his up."when did we get on the floor?" she asked as he sat up.
"i don't even know" he said running his hand over his face. He looked over at her to see a rose petal in her hair and pulled it out.
"i guess we had fun" lauren said looking at the petal as he pulled it out her hair.

She stood up and felt the soreness between her legs and caught her balance by grabbing the bed.

"you okay?" he asked standing up and grabbing some boxers to put on.
"my s*** is sore" she said laughing.
"want me to help with that" he joked biting his lip.
"no, i had enough of you" she said with a small laughing.

She walked over to her dresser and put on a large t-shirt and tied her hair up in a messy bun.

"how do you do that?" he asked her.
"do what?" she asked turning to face him.
"look sexy no matter want you're wearing" he said.
"ehhhh i'm naturally sexy, i was born this way" she joked.
"shut up" he said dismissing her.
"i bet you can't beat me to the kitchen?" lauren said.
"wanna bet?" he asked.
"y.." and before she could get the word out maurice was out the door.

"YOU CHEATER!" she yelled as she ran after him.
"why you so slow?" he asked her once she got down the stairs.
"why you suck a cheater?" she asked him as she jabbed him in his side.
"damn you hit like a dude" he laughed holding his side.
"yeah so don't f*** with me" she said blowing her fist as she did boxing footwork.
"you spent to much time with your cousin layla ali" maurice said laughing.

"you're a fool, what you wanna eat?" lauren asked him as he gave her a smirk."get your mind out the gutter" she said.
"alright, i just eggs and bacon" he told her sitting at the counter.
"okay" she said as she turned around and got everything she need to start cooking.

Maurice watched her as she cooked breakfast with a smirk on his face. He sat back in his seat and look at lauren feeling as if he was the luckiest guy in the world. She put the food on the plates and sat maurice's in front of him.

"how do you feel about marriage?" maurice asked as lauren stopped what she was doing.
"i'm still young" she said sitting down next to him.
"i'm not" he said.
"what are you saying?" she asked.
"i'm just thinking about making you mine forever" he said.

"we don't have to be married to be together forever" she told him."that marriage license is just a piece of paper" she added.

(sorry for the short chapters ive been posting for my stories i'm busy sewing a dress for a final exam in sewing class )

aww im glad her family came around!! his surprise was so cute! RUN IT

Lol at Steph still asking does he have a brother lol. Her family got to know him and likes him.Ugh there so cute it's sickening. That rose petals and candleit bath area was sweet. Maurice is romantic. Run It.

run it!