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The Nanny Affair: Karma's A b****



lmao steph is too much! dont worry he could have a cute cousin... (trey)? lol
they are some nasties! that was cute the racing to the house :)
im glad they ended up giving him a chance
run it!


Lauren and maurice continued to enjoy their time at her families BBQ. They talked amongst themselves as they stood in their own little world.

"you looking cute, did you get a hand book on swag?" lauren joked.
"i don't need the hand book, i wrote" he said his comeback.
"is that so?" she asked with a smirk.
"yeah, just like i wrote the book on how to hit and lick all the right spots" he said in a low seductive tone.
"don't start nothing you can't finish" she said.

"you don't have to worry about me" he said with a smirk.
"you lucky we're not home right now" she said feeling her body get hot.
"you talking a big game right now, i'm wondering if you can back it up?" he asked.
"backing it up isn't an issue for me" she said with a smirk.
"you're nasty" he said laughing.
"you love it though" she said as she pecked his lips.

"uh hun get a room!" steph shouted out as lauren maurice laughed.
"you cousin hating" maurice joked as lauren laughed.
"i know you ain't talking s***" steph asked."i don't know you like that but we can box" she joked.
"you always wanna fight" lauren laughed.
"i'm just saying anybody can get this one his knock out punch if they want it" steph said laughing.

"b**** you hit like a little girl" keyanna said as steph punched her in the arm."see lightweight" keyanna said as he didn't move a inch.
"whatever , you know i stay beating you up" steph said.
"in you dreams" keyanna responded.

"you family is defiantly full of crazy characters" maurice said.
"you don't even know the half" she responded.

"it's always nice to see my daughter smiling" her mother spoke.
"i try my best to keep it that way" maurice spoke.
"you're a good man maurice, and i want to apologize for anything i said that might have offended you" her mother said shocking lauren.
"thank you ma'am" he said.
"would it be to much if i asked for a hug?" she asked.
"not at all" he said standing up and hugging lauren's mother.

"awwww" lauren's aunt fey said loudly.
"so dramatic" lauren's mother said to fey as maurice sat back down.
"listen we gotta keep these women happen because were out numbered as hell" lauren uncle spoke as he gave maurice a dap.
"you're definitely right" maurice laughed as he agreed.

Lauren sat back and watched everything with a smile on her face. She was happy that her mom and everybody was starting to come around and give maurice a chance because in lauren's eyes he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"wheres your daughter?" lauren's mother.
"she's with her mother" maurice answered.
"you have a baby? how old is she?" fey asked.
"she's 4" he responded as he pulled up a picture on his phone and showed them.
"she's a cutie" lauren's mom spoke.
"thank you" maurice said.

The rest of the cookout went smoothly. Everybody laughed and joked around with each other. This is what lauren wanted from the jump. As it got later and later lauren got tired and wanted to go home.

"baby, you ready?" lauren asked as maurice laughed with her uncle.
"i'm ready when you are" he answered as they both stood up.
"aww man lauren you gonna still my partner away like that?" her uncle asked laughing.
"yuup" lauren said as she hugged him goodbye and went on to hug everybody else.
"don't be a stranger" her unlce said to maurice as he gave him a hand shake and pulled him in for a hug.
"trust me i won't" maurice said.

"good night ladies" maurice said as he hugged lauren's mother, aunt and grand mother goodbye.
"take care of my grand baby" her grand mother called out.
"i will ma'am, i promise" he said walking towards lauren who was standing with keyanna and steph.

"bye maurice" keyanna said hugging him.
"good night" he said."good night lala ali" he said to steph.
"you really don't have a brother, he don't even have to be a twin" step asked.
"nah, i'm an only child" he answered laughing."i'll see yall around" he said as he walked out the back yard with lauren.

"tonight was fun" lauren said.
"yeah it started off rocky but it ended pretty well" maurice added.
"where you going?" lauren asked as the walked towards the car she came in.
"i drove here in my BMW" he told her.
"so we're driving home in separate cars?" she asked.

"yeah unless you see another way for us to get them both back home?" he asked.
"you right, well i'll see you when you get home" she said.
"who said you were gonna get home before me?" he asked.
"i did, see ya" she said hopping in the car, staring it and pulling off.

Maurice got in his car and pulled off right after there. The whole time they were driving home Maurice was stuck behind her. He seen her look in her review mirror back at him so he put his fingers up to his mouth and licked between them and watched as she laughed. When they got home lauren pulled into the drive way first and went into the house where she seen a trial of rose peddles.

"surprise" maurice said as he walked up behind her and closed the door behind them.
"whats all this for?" she asked looked at the petals leading up stairs.
"just because" he said as he slowly kissed her neck and shoulder.
"you spoil me" she said with a smirk as his kisses traveled to the other side of her neck.
"you deserve it" he said."follow the petals" he added as she looked back at him."go ahead" he said as she turned back around and did what she was told.

She followed the rose petals up the stairs and towards the bathroom. She opened the door and seen more rose petals around the bathtub with a few lit candles.

"you are too much" lauren said with a giggle as Maurice walked in and started running the water in the bathtub and put bubbles in it as well.

They both undressed and got in the warm water. Maurice popped open a bottle of champagne, pour some in a glass and gave it to her.

"this feels like valentines day" she said as she sat with her back up against his chest."i seriously love you" she said.
"i love you too" he said back.


Dang Laurens mom gotta big month. Told the auntie and granny she was dating a married man damn. Steph and keyanna are goofy. Wanting to know about Maurice sex game and teasing bout his age. I had a feeling that was Maurice at the door. Aww he showed up and proved them haters wrong. Plus his manners were impeccable. Run It.

run it!!

Go Maurice! RUN IT!

for some reason i always get lauren and megan confused they are like twins
but kim need to back up
if he had her as an asistance all these years do ya think he would of persue ya ass already -__-
lauren cool tho she always joking around and maurice dam right any female blush if u wink at em! have u not looked at urself? :p
lol at steph do u got a twin brother?
at her uncle u better be talking bout cuddling!
i did catch on that hes the only guy... dam lauren would have brought in another male :/
dam why her mom hating tho sheesh i get that she upset about what happen but she didnt raise a fool
dam he was looking too good !
lol run it


Lauren and keyanna helped Laurens mother set up the backyard as family members and friends started to arrive. Lauren was greeted by her grand mother, her aunt, her cousins and her uncle, the only man to be born into the family. Her family was known to be majority of all woman with the exception of her uncle. Even his wife had two girls.

"lauren sweetly you mother told me you were dating a married man, is that true?" her grand mother asked as lauren looked over at her mom with an evil eye.
"no grand ma he's not married" lauren answered.
"anymore" her mother added in.
"where is this mystery man?" her aunt fey asked.
"he's busy at work" lauren told her.

"he couldn't make time for you? that not good" her grand mother spoke.
"that what i said momma" lauren mother said agreeing.
"he's a lawyer they can't just call out of the court room" lauren defended him.
"a real man would have been here" laurens mom said.
"leave the girl alone" her aunt spoke."where your man at jae?" she asked laurens mom.

"don't worry about me, i get down" her mother spoke.
"oh lord cut the visuals" laurens cousin Stephanie spoke."aunty jae you are to old for that" she added.
"little girl i am not old" she spoke."i'm aged, and just like wine with age it get better" she added.
"i think thats out queue to go" lauren said.
"you right" Stephanie said as they stood up and walked away from that circle.

They walked over to the tabled where keyanna was shoving chips in her mouth.

"always got something in your mouth" Stephanie said to her.
"no b**** thats you" keyanna said joking.
"you wanna box, cause we can box" stephanie joked as she stood in a fighters stance.
"you know they call me Floyd Money Mayweather, i'm undefeated" keyanna said.
"yall need to stop, yall to grown" lauren said laughing.

"so is your boo i hear, aint he like 47 or some s***?" steph asked joking as lauren gave her a eww face.
"he is not 47, he's 30" she told him.
"apparently it gets better when their older so tell me, Ms Lauren is he good in the bed?" steph asked pretending to talk into a mic and pointing it at lauren.

"we are not getting into this conversation" lauren said pushing her hand away.
"i wanna know to!" keyanna added in.
"we haven't girl talked in ages" steph said."just tell us" she said as they both stared at her.
"fine!" she said in defeat."he's really, really good in bed" lauren said.

"you better be talking about cuddling" laurens uncle nelson said walking up be behind her.
"mmhmm yeah cuddling" lauren said turning to face him as he walked away.

When she turned back to face steph and keyanna they all started busing out laughing. Lauren looked over towards her mom, aunt and grandmother and could hear them bad mouthing Maurice because he wasn't here, lauren rolled her eyes and brought her attention back to her girls.

"don't worry about them their just a bunch of jealous old ladies" steph said.
"they don't even know him" lauren said.
"well he did put you through some s***" keyanna told her.
"we've gotten passed that, he's a great guy and we love each other" lauren said.
"thats right you let Ms Put Out On First Night know" steph said laughing as keyanna pinched her.

A few moments later they heard the door bell rang and all but keyanna called out 'not it'.

"yall some little ass kids" keyanna laughed.
"what ever go get the door you peasant" steph said.
"watch when i come back we gon box" keyanna said as she walked inside and went to got open the door.

"don't think i forgot about it, finsh telling about this mans bed game" steph said making lauren laugh.
"you need to quit" lauren said as she seen steph look over at the door and double take.
"who is that?" steph asked as lauren looked over to see <a href="">maurice</a>.
"thats my baby" lauren said as she practical ran over to maurice and hugged him.

"hello to you too" maurice said as he wrapped his arms around lauren and pecked her lips.
"i'm so happy you're here, they were having a field day with the fact that you weren't here" she told him.
"we'll i'm here now" he said pecking her lips again.

Lauren took him by his hand and took him over to everybody to introduce him.

"every body, this is maurice, maurice this is my aunt fey, my grand mother gloria, my uncle nelson and you know my mother jae" he said as he shook all of their hands with a smile.
"uh hello!" steph said behind her.
"oh and this is my cousin Stephanie as well as all the other little ones running around here" lauren said.

"you're a lawyer?" steph asked him.
"yes, i am" he answered.
"you don't look like one, i was expecting a suit and tie" steph said.
"to a cook out?" he asked with a laughed showing his dimples.
"do you have a twin brother?" steph blurted out.
"Stephanie if you don't sit your fast ass down" her mother said.
"i'm just saying lauren gets all the cute one" Stephanie said as she laughed and sat down.

Maurice and lauren got a plate of food and sat down in two empty seats with her mom and everybody else.

"maurice are you married?" her grandmother asked randomly.
"no ma'am not anymore" he answered.
"he's so proper calling people ma'am" her aunt said.
"is it because of lauren? that your not married anymore?" her grand mother asked.
"no, me and my wi.. ex wife had our issue before lauren came in the picture" maurice started."lauren helped me be myself and showed me i didn't have to pretend to be someone i wasn't" he added wrapping his arm around lauren making her smile.

"have you talked about babies and marrage" her aunt asked.
"please, can we not make this about us today?" lauren asked.
"we just want to know" her mother said.
"no jae she's right, leave them alone let them have fun" her aunt spoke and winked at lauren.

RUN IT!!!!!

kim better watch it!!


kim if you know whats best for you dont try anything slick and maurice dont f*** up ! yall just got back on track .

Kim better gone somewhere. Flirting with Maurice. Don't let the ghetto come out of Lauren. I do hope Maurice can come to the bbq. I love them together and I hope her mom and bestie likes him. Run It.


Maurice sat back in his seat with a smirk on his face and biting his bottom lip as he watched Lauren slid her panties back on and fix herself. A few moments later there was a knock at the door.

"you finished just in time" he said with a wink."can you open the door for me?" he asked as she stood up.
"i am not your secretary" she joked as she walked to the door, unlocked it and opened it.

As she opened the door His <a href="">assitant</a> walked in looking lauren up and down. Lauren folded her arms across her chest and watched as the woman switched her way over to maurice's side.

"what is it kim?" he asked.
"both Henry and Cooper came to drop these papers off for you to sign, something about that important case that YOU need to be there for on Saturday" she told her as she rested her hand on his shoulder.
"Saturday? why out of all days they pick the weekend?" he asked rhetorically.
"because their a**holes" she giggled.

Lauren raised and eye brow the woman who tried her attempt at flirting with her man but was getting no reaction back. Kim looked up at lauren to see her death stare and took her hand off of maurice. Maurice looked up at lauren and she changed her facial expression to a smile.

"i'll sign these in a bit and give them to you to file" maurice said.
"sound great" kim said as she made her way out the office.

Once she was out the door lauren closed it behind her and looked it.

"hoe" lauren said under her breath.
"what?" maurice asked.
"nothing" she said quickly.

She sat down on one of the chairs that was on the other side of the desk and watched him as she sighed a few papers and typed a few things into his computer.

"you know she was flirting with you right?" lauren asked.
"who? kim?" he asked keeping his eyes on his computer screen.
"no, queen Elizabeth" she said sarcastically.
"really? she a cougar like that?" maurice asked joking making lauren and himself laugh.
"i'm serious" she said a smile still on her face.

"i doubt she was flirting, maybe she was just over friendly" maurice said turning to look at lauren.
"no that was flirting, i know flirting" lauren said.
"okay even if she was i only have eyes for you baby" he said with a wink.
"ugh, you think you cute" she said leaning back in her chair.

"maybe, my wink makes you blush every time" he said with a smile showing his dimples.
"whatever" she laughed."soooo your gonna be busy Saturday?" lauren asked.
"unfortunate yes, why?" he asked.
"my mom and keyanna came to the house this morning, they want me to go to a cook out" she began."my mother also said would can come if you want" she added.

"your mother said that?" he asked."that lady hates me" he added in.
"maybe she's changing, or maybe it menopause" lauren said as they both laughed.
"as fun as that sounds, i can't i'll be in the court room Saturday" he said.
"we'll that sucks" lauren spoke."what about after?" she asked.
"it all depends on how everything goes it could ether end early or end late" he told her as she poked out her bottom lip making a sad face.

"come here" he said patting his leg. Lauren got up from her chair, walked over to him and sat on his lap."i will do everything in my power to be there for you on Saturday" he said pecking her lips.
"okay" she said in a baby voice.
"can daddy get another kiss?" he asked as she nodded her head and continued to peck his lips continuously.

"it's time for me to head out of here" lauren said standing up.
"what, why?" he asked.
"i can't hang here forever" she said."i'm a distraction" she said.
"you really really are" he said looking at the way her dress hugged her curves.
"i can't stand you sometimes" she laughed as she picked up her bag.

"let me walk you out" he said hopping up from his seat and grabbing her hand.

They walked out his offices and he walked her to the front of the building. Lauren kissed him goodbye and got into he car she drove their and pulled off. He watched as she drove down the road and turned the courser. He walked back into the building and towards his office when he seen kim staring at him.

"what?" he asked.
"you really love that girl, huh?" she asked.
"yes, i do, is there a issue?" he asked.
"nope, none what-so-ever" she said.
"good" he said as he nodded and walked into his office.

"tuh she aint me, thats the issue" kim said to her self as the phone rang."Maurice brown's phone please hold" she answered.

--Saturday Morning--

Lauren got dressed that morning in a white tank top, jean shorts, white flip fops and put her hair in a pony tail with full bangs. Maurice walked down the stairs fixing his tie.

"woah!" maurice said.
"what?" lauren asked as she turned to face him with her hand on her hop.
"nothing, i like this get up" he said."looking like you fresh outta lakewood" he said.
"i am fresh outta lakewood and this is how we do" she said spinning around.

"okay i'm from lakewood too, i know" he said.
"it don't look like it" lauren joked as she looked at his black suite and tie.
"don't hate on the suit it's a classic" he said posing.
"boy bye, if you do come to this cookout later don't come in that" she said.
"why not?" he asked.

"you will look very much over dressed" she told him.
"mmmm i got it" he said pecking her lips."i'll see you later" he said.
"see you" she said with a smile watching him leave.

She picked up the car keys to the Benz and headed out to the supermarket to pick up a few things her mother needed for the Barbeque. When she got everything, she drove across town to her mothers house and parked behind her mothers car in her driver way.

"you rolling like this!" keyanna asked looking at the benz as she came out lauren's mom house.
"it's not mine, he just lets me drive it" lauren said hopping out the car." can you get the bags out the back?" she asked.
"hey baby!" laurens mom came out.
"hey mommma" lauren said walking up the stoup to hug her mother.
"thats yours?" she asked looking at he car.
"no, it's maurice's" lauren answered as she walked in the house with her mom.

"where is he?" her mother asked.
"he had a court case today" lauren answered.
"court? what he do?" her mom asked.
"nothing, he's a lawyer" lauren said laughing.
"oh, i was about to say" she said with her hand on her heart."come help me set up in the back" she added as lauren did what she was told.


run it

run it

FREAKS!! lol

Lol Loved it....
Run It...

uhh freaky much? lol they gettin it in...i wonder how the bbq gonna go...

run it!!


lol her mom and keyanna are a mess fareal, especially her momma lol
aww Maurice is moving her in his room that's sweet....why didn't he do
before I wonder lol jk.

Maurice a freak wanna get busy at the desk.!!!

run it.!

Aww Maurice wants her back on his room and he gave her her very own walk in closet. Nice. Her mom and bestie are a trip especially her mom lol. She called her the other woman/homewrecker lol. She visited Maurice and brought him "lunch" lol. I love those two. Im glad there making up. Run It!!


Lauren woke up with a smile on her face the next morning as she remembered last nights events. She looked over to see the spot next to her empty. She sat up and wrapped the sheet around her naked body as she looked around the room.

"morning sleepy head" Maurice said as he walked into the room with a towel wrapped around his waits.
"morning" she said."getting ready for work?" she asked him.
"yeah, you wanna come with me?" he asked walking into his closet and getting his clothes together.
"with you to work?" she asked."i'll pass" she laughed as he walked back out.

"you know you want to see how i get down" he said dropping his towel and getting dressed in front of her as she watched him.
"you know those people don't like me" she said.
"who give's a s*** about those people" maurice said."i don't" he added.
"i'll think about it, maybe i'll stop by later" she said.
"you aren't coming are you?" he asked.
"i said i'll think about it" she said with a smile."don't get your hopes up" she added.

"i'll try but if you do come, where something like sexy, leave them speechless" he said as he slipped on his shoes and tied his tie. Lauren stood up and maurice looked at her naked body from the ground up."you gonna make me late walking around like that" he said as he watched her walk out his room and into her.

He put on his jacket, grabbed his wallet and keys and walked out his room.

"we gotta fix this" maurice said as he walked into lauren room to see her putting on a long t-shirt.
"fix what?" she asked.
"your stuff, it shouldn't be in here" he said as lauren looked at him confused."it should be in my room" he added.
"you want me to move my stuff in your room?" she asked.
"yeah, you're my girl, you live in my house and theres a completely empty walk in closet in my room" he said.

"i get a walk in closet?" she asked.
"it's yours" he said.
"oh this is so cool" she said clapping."i know what imma be doing to day" she added.
"you are the weirdest person i have ever met" maurice said.
"you love it" she said with her hands on her hips.
"i do" he said grabbing her and kissing her passionately as he rested his hands on her butt.

"you need to go before you're late" she laughed as she pushed him away.
"alright alright enjoy your day" he said pecking her lips one more time.
"you too" she said as he walked out her room, down the stairs and out the door.

She walked out her room and down the hall to Maurice's room and walked over to the closet on the other side of the room. She opened the door and looked into the <a href="">closet</a> and fell in love.

She began to move her clothes into her closet in maurice's room and organized it just the way she wanted. When she was down she stood in the middle of the closet and and looked around.

She walked downstairs and was startled when she heard a knock at the door. She opened it and was shocked when she saw her mother and her friend Keyanna.

"momma what are you doing here?" lauren said letting them both.
"coming to vist my daughter since she doesn't vist me anymore" her mother said.
"or me" keyanna added in.
"i'm so sorry i just been really busy around here.
"i told her that" keyanna said as she walked into the kitchen and looked in the fridge, lauren's mom looked at her and sucked her teeth before speaking again.
"you need to come back home once and awhile girl, got us coming over to this side of town, you know we don't fit in" her mother said.

"i know momma im sorry" lauren said.
"now, please explain to me why all you have on is a t-shirt" keyanna asked?
"i uhh, i umm" lauren could think of anything.
"you still messing with that married man? lord girl you need Jesus" her mother said.
"he isn't married anymore momma" lauren said.

"oh so you a home wrecker now?" her mother asked.
"see this is why i don't come home, you'll always judging me" lauren said.
"relax yall it don't even need to go this far" keyanna said as she sat on the counter eating a cold left over piece of chicken."lauren your mother just misses you, i miss you s***" she spoke

"what your mouth" laurens mother said to keyanna.
"sorry ma'am" keyanna spoke.
"we're having a barbeque Saturday, come" her mother spoke.
"i'll try" lauren said.
"you can bring that man if you want" her mother said rolling her eyes.
"i will try momma" lauren said with a smirk."now, i need to get ready to go somewhere soooooo" lauren added.

"you kicking us out?" keyanna asked.
"something like that" lauren said.
"can i take the chicken?" she asked.
"take it and go" lauren said laughing as they both walked out the house. Lauren looked out the window and watched as they walked down the driveway to keyanna's car.

"girl lets get out og this neighborhood before somebody call the cops thing we stole something" her mother said.
"you are crazy" keyanna said as they both got in the car.

She rushed back up stairs and hopped in the shower. When she got out she walked to her closet and picked out something sexy to wear just like maurice wanted. She pulled out her dress and shoes and walked out the closet. She sat on the and lotioned up her body before putting on her dress and doing her hair.

While she looked at herself in the mirror her phone rang, she walked over to it and picked it up.

"hey baby?" lauren answered.
"what are you doing?" he asked.
"nothing, cleaning" she lied.
"sound fun" he joked.
"ehh" she laughed."did you eat lunch yet?" she asked him.
"nope, skipping that today got alot of paper work to do" he said.
"aww that to bad, but i gotta get back to cleaning, i'll talk to you later" she said.
"alright bye" he said as she hung up the phone.

She grabbed her bag and her keys and went out and got in maurice's Benz and pulled off. She picked him up some lunch before driving to his job. She parked the car outside the building grabbed the food, got out the car and walked inside the building.

From the moment she walked in people were staring at her. She kept her head high and a smile on her face as she walked towards the Assistants desk.

"is Mr Brown in?" lauren asked with a smirk.
"not at the moment but he should be right back you can wait in the lobby" the woman spoke.
"lobby? i'll be wait in the office" she said."oh and don't tell him i'm here it's a surprise" she said walking into the office and looking around.

She sat the food down on the desk and sat in his chair putting her legs up on his desk.

"um Mr Brown there's someone.." maurice cut his assistant off.
"i'm on break" he said walking into his office.

When he walked in he was <a href="">lauren</a> pretending to be on the phone. He closed the door behind him and made sure it was locked.

"surprise!" she said handing up the phone."How are you Mr Brown?" lauren asked.
"better now" he said looking at her.
"i brought you Chinese, your favorite" she said.
"oh you got me shrimp Lo mein, you are the best" he said walking over to her and kissing her.

Lauren sat up on his desk as she and maurice ate their lunch. Maurice looked up as lauren and smiled.

"what?" she asked.
"you're looking really sexy sitting on my desk" he said honestly.
"is this like one of your fantasys?" she asked.
"mmhmm" he said looking at her legs and the way they were crossed. He softly moved her right leg from over her left and slid in his chair so he was between them.

"what are you doing?" she asked him and he slid his hands under her dress and slid down her panties.
"shhhhh" he said as she did what he was told.

He pulled her closer to the edge kissed her seconded set of lips until her parted them with his tongue and licked on her center.

That Was Wild LOL...
Run It...

Awwww run it

Lol his co workers got they asses played lol yay they ae back together again and good sex to start it all back off. Maurice better not screw it up this time run it

Yes baby Maurice checked the s*** outta them mofos at his job. Clowned lol. Oh my theymade love after all this time. Im so glad there back together. And I do hope Maurice does walk away before he decides to cheat again. Run It.

Ehh, RUN IT!

aww yaaay they're back together.!!!!
im so happy.! RUN IT.!!!!