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Simply Beautiful

I held a firm grip on the can of gold paint and began to move my wrist in swift upward motions repeatedly until one of the areas of my new piece was completed to my satisfaction. It had been in my head for days. Forming itself, putting its own pieces together. It took me about two hours to get it out on paper. It was a beautiful work of art. One of my favorites.

Al Green was blasting through my earphones. I always listened to music while I created something, it kept me from getting easily distracted, I flowed with the rhythm of the music and that was sure to get me through the entire process. I grinned as I finished up the last bit of it. I released a breath and stood back, removing the scarf that I used to avoid inhaling the fumes, from around my face and allowed the chilly fall day's fresh air to finally hit my face after two hours.

The longer I stared at it the more I fell in love with it. It felt like I had created it for a reason that remained unknown. Nonetheless its perfect, and I can feel myself becoming inspired again. I took a look to my left at some other artist's painting that had caught my eye when I got here. It was breathtaking..alluring. It was something surprisingly similar to what I had came here to paint today. I had to stop and marvel at it, like I did every other day with their art. Whoever 'Breezy' is, he is surely talented. I would have to keep my eye out for him or her. For as long as I've been coming here I have never seen who the spot beside mine belonged to. All I knew was that everyday I was here, another one of their stunning murals were too.

I decided to do something daring today and join my art with his. Though I'm most likely gonna get told off for crossing some lines doing so, who would I be not to take a risk? I'm an artist, its what I do on a daily basis.

"Simply beautiful.." I said to nothing in particular.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a quick picture of it. I then closed the camera application in my iPhone and glanced at the time. It read, 9:45AM. I had a solid 45 minutes to get to work. I bent over and hastily gathered all of the paint cans, tossing them into my duffel bag, then grabbed my backpack that contained my work clothes and cleared out from the alley.

"Be back later" i said to the walls as i strolled by them. All of a sudden having a strange gut feeling that today would be one to remember.


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"YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!" I laughed overjoyed overly consumed and overwhelmed by alcohol. I danced around shamelessly with my male stripper friend who I had come to learn was named Derrick. Mackenzie, Paige, Brooke, Daya and Jessica danced around us as well, each with a bottle of a random alcohol in their hands, except Mackenzie; she stuck to juices and root beer.

"You're so lucky you stopped breast feeding! How does it feel to be drunk after so long you whore!" Yelled Brooke as she winded her hips to the loud music playing in the gallery.

"You guys are nuts!" Smiled Mackenzie as she moved to the lyrics of 2 Chainz. I was lost in the moment, consumed by the fun I had missed with my best friends for so long. I never wanted to leave the moment, but still I wanted nothing more than to see Chris and be with him tonight. Mackenzie strolled over to me with a knowing smirk. Derrick left my side and wen to dance with Paige who greeted him with a dollar bill.

"I know that look on your drunken face!" Yelled Mackenzie. I blushed for no reason at all.

"I want to see my husband!" I slurred.

"He's not your husband yet! He's your fiancé silly!--"

"You're lying! Lying is a sin Kenzie!" I grinned stupidly. She smiled rolling her eyes and placing my phone in my hand I looked from it to her. Confusion written across my face.

"I thought I was banned?!" I asked with low eyes. Mackenzie pulled me over to the door.

"I texted Chris from your phone telling him to meet you in the graffiti alleyway a few blocks down from here. He should be there waiting for you." Smiled Mackenzie. I jumped into her arms hugging her thankfully.

"I felt the same way during my party. Where do you think I went when I disappeared for so long? No one spends that much time in a bathroom!" Said Mackenzie. My mouth fell open and I quickly closed it with a smile.

"Thank you!" I grinned.

"Go! The girls will be fine!" She reassured me as my glance fell over them and Derrick. Without another word I clumsily pushed open the door and jogged down the street towards my waiting husband.

"Be careful please!" Yelled Mackenzie from behind.

"I will!" I sang nearing my destination.

I slowed to a sloppy walk down the paved sidewalk and stumble slightly but caught myself before I could hit the ground. My phone began to ring at my side and I quickly picked up knowing who it was.

"I'm coming!" I slurred happily. Chris chuckled goofily on the other line.

"Baby where are you? I'm waitin' for you!" He whined. I managed to catch the slight slur in his voice which let me know that he too was intoxicated.

"I'm coming baby! I'm running!" I giggled picking up my pace into a run.

"I can't wait to see you Mags." He told me sweetly. I blushed and bit down on my bottom lip.

"I'll be there soon!" I said before hanging up. Becoming fueled by the sole need of wanting to be in Chris' embrace, I took off with a new found speed down the street.

Out of breath I came to a stop in front of the alley; the place I had once known as my second home. The place that once was so magical to me. I walked slowly, nearly tripping over my feet I held onto the wall for support and giggled realizing how close I was to falling flat on my face. I squinted through the darkness, using the brightness of the moonlight and streetlights as my light and walked closely over to the spot I once claimed as my own.

Still, the cartoon mural of Chris, Kelly and I was there, looking brand new and freshly thought up. I looked to the bottom corners where I found the signatures that had started my entire life at the age of twenty five.

I swept my numb fingers over Kelly's tag.


And then Chris'.


And then my own.


"So much history in one spot.." I jumped and spun around on my heels only to come face to face with Chris. The dim lighting lit up his face, kissing it with a heavenly handsomeness.

Tripping over my own foot I fell forward into his chest where he waited to catch me with open arms. I smiled drunkenly up at him, peering into his glossed eyes.

"You're smashed baby." He smirked showcasing his dimple. I hid my face in his chest inhaling his scent.

"Look at me." He ordered. Feeling trapped under his spell, I complied.

"I can't wait to marry you." He spoke slightly slurred causing me to break the serious moment with a laugh.

"You're so drunk!" I laughed only to be cut off by his lips on mine. I swelled in the moment, angling my neck to deepen the kiss. Chris placed his hand around the back of my neck and his touch sent shivers down my spine.

His lips were sloppy against mine, the alcohol in both of our systems throwing us off, but I wasn't bothered at all and actually grew even more turned on. I moaned breathily into his open mouth, slipping my tongue into it. Chris groaned slightly and the noise sent me into overdrive.

He pushed me until my back was up against the painted wall of our art and his hands slipped down to my wet heat and he ran his two fingers along the material in between my legs until be found the latch to my corset and undid it skillfully.

"You know it's bad luck to see the bride the day before your wedding?" I said breathlessly as Chris moved his lips to my neck, placing feverish kisses down my collarbone. He sucked greedily at the skin as he pulled up the bottom of my corset resting it right above my navel.

"I don't believe in that, so it's not true." He said through his raspy tone. His breath hot and heavy against my skin took me to new heights. Switching positions and feeling underdressed, I slammed Chris roughly against the brick wall, he clumsily fell against it and hungrily I threw myself at him, my fingers going straight to his belt buckle and undoing it as I placed a passionate yet sloppy kiss on his swollen lips, feeling the stubble prick gently at my lips.

I wanted nothing more for than to have him in every way possible.

We battled each other for dominance.

"I've always wanted to have sex in a strange place." I admit with a smile pulling off his shirt and leaving a trail of wet kisses down his chest. I ran my tongue down his nipple and smirked when he moaned softly.

"f*** this." Was all I heard before I was once again slammed up against the hard wall and hoisted up onto Chris. His arm rested against the wall for support and I wrapped my legs around his torso only to be greeted by the entering of his hard member slipping rightfully into me. I yelped in surprise as his full length entered me.

"Ah!" I moaned in ecstasy. Chris pumped slowly yet roughly into me causing my back to scrape up against the wall. He buried his face in my neck for a moment before he kissed his way up my neck and to my lips capturing them in a passionate kiss. I hopped up and slammed right back down onto him earning a slight growl to erupt from his lips.

"Ugh, f*** baby!" He moaned gripping my hips with his free hand and picking up his pace.

As Chris increased his speed I felt the tight coil in my stomach alarming me that I was near my climax.

"I'm gonna...ah! I'm..I'm-baby!" I moaned into his open mouth.

"Let go baby." He instructed. The sound of his voice set something off in me, causing the only resistance i had left, to vanish. I released my juices onto his thick member and immediately my legs turned to jelly. I fought to catch my breath and after a few moments, Chris gently let me down when he was sure I could stand. Sliding out of me I realized he hadn't had his release yet and frowned slightly. Dropping myself to my knees harder than I intended to, I was at eye level with his hard on. I smirked.

"Baby what are you--uhh..." He moaned as I licked up and down his long shaft. Twirling my tongue around the tip of his d***, I took the entire length into my mouth and almost a second after Chris' hands came to the back of my head as I bobbed my head back and forth. I could taste myself on him which turned me on. I relaxed my throat taking all of him into my mouth and hummed gently just to set him off. He fisted what little hair I had and groaned loudly into the night.

"f*** baby, yeah right...there.." He moaned. I was glad that even in my drunken haze I was able to satisfy him.

"You ready for me baby?" Asked Chris strained. I hummed my response causing his d*** to jump with excitement and as he groaned and released, I licked up and swallowed every remnant of his seed before standing up on my feet again with a cheeky grin.

Chris leaned forward, bracing his hands on either side of me against the wall, trapping me between them as he caught his breath. I wiped my mouth and licked my lips as I watched him with seductive eyes.

Finally looking up at me, Chris kept his gaze solely on my eyes as I did the same.

"I love you." He spoke for the first time in minutes. I smiled.

"I love you." I replied. He leaned in to peck my lips sweetly.

"We should get back to our parties." I smiled knowing the other girls would start to wonder where I went.

"Aight." Chris smirked, neither of us made a move to leave. I giggled.

"Tonight." I joked latching together my corset as Chris chuckled and pulled his pants back up.

"Shut up dummy." He said as he zipped his fly and buckled his belt.

We walked to the entrance of the alley and turned to look at each other.

"You go first. I'll watch you and make sure you get back okay." Said Chris slurring his words.

"Creep." I giggled.

"Shut up." He grinned, eyes even more red as he stood there under the street light.

"Nice crown by the way." I laughed tapping the crown on his head that read "I'm the Bachelor". He touched it and smiled.

"Nice ribbon." He tpuched the ribbon pinned right by my breast that read "#1 Bachelorette". I rolled m eyes playfully and reached up to peck his lips once more before speeding down the sidewalk in a jog.

"See you at the alter!" I heard him yell from behind me. I grinned and spun around continuing my run backwards.

"Can't wait!" I yelled back before turning and speeding off into the night.

I knew that night, that everything was set in stone and that Chris was the one I was meant to be with forever.

<em>To feel like you finally have it all..</em>


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<strong>2 Months Later..</strong>

"Da!....Dada!" Called out <a href="">Alayah</a> to her father who grinned widely back at his daughter. He rolled onto his back and placed his head just in between her legs and made kissy faces at her as she sat up on her own. I watched curled up on the couch eating an apple.

"I feel betrayed." I pouted watching the two of them interact. Alayah hardly ever called out to me whenever she could. She was a serious daddy's girl. <a href="">Chris</a> covered his teeth with his lips and pretended to bite Alayah's chubby legs, she giggled loving whenever he did that.

"That's my baby!" He grinned.

"But I pushed her out!" I whined like a five year old earning a chuckle from Chris.

"She'll cling to you soon enough baby, but she a daddy's girl and before she grows out of that I need to take full advantage." Said Chris. I smirked nonetheless and watched him grab Alayah as she stood to her feet, using his head as her support, and raise her above his head and throw her up into the air. He then rolled over onto his stomach cradling Alayah into his naked chest and pretended to bite her bare stomach. She giggled hard and smiled from ear to ear. Chris pretended to beat her up using her own hands to do the job. I watched him play rough with a disapproving look.

"Chris be gentle man! She's 10 months old." I scolded. Chris sucked his teeth and smirked.

"I'm just playin' Mags. She loves to play fight anyways look at her." He defended himself continuing with the rough play. I bit into my apple keeping a watchful gaze on him, waiting for the moment Alayah started to cry so that I could slap him behind his head, but the moment never came.

Chris looked over at me before reaching for the apple in my hand. I handed it over and watched him take a bite and chew up the small piece before taking it out of his mouth and feeding it to Alayah. She took it without hesitance and chewed it with her two front teeth before swallowing happily.

"Da!" She yelled.

"Yesh baby!" Smiled Chris in a childish voice placing kisses all over her face.

"We gotta get her ready and drop her off at my moms soon. What time does your party start tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Ten. I gotta be at Tray's for 9:30 though." I nodded looking at the time that marked 7:46pm. Tonight was the last night I would see Chris until the wedding . Friday, was the last day any of us two would spend in the single world ever again and Saturday morning was the wedding.

After months of planning and reassuring, Chris and I were ready to say our "I do's" and tie the knot. I had never been more happy.

"When you leavin' out tomorrow morning to go to the hotel?" He asked me.

"Mackenzie and Mike should be here around the same time to take us both away from each other." I frowned not really sure. I was waiting for Mackenzie's call.

"Aight. Ain't nothin' unforgivable happenin' with y'all tomorrow night right?" Asked Chris. I snorted and rolled my eyes.

"No dad. What about you?" I rose a brow.

"N-nah. Not that I know of. I mean Tray did plan it though so..." I reached down and swatted Chris' leg creating a sting.

"Ow!" He yelled.

"Da!" Yelled Alayah with a smile earning a laugh from me.

"I'm not playin' Chris--"

"I'm not playin' with you! I don't wanna hear about some nigga's d*** all in ya face tomorrow. I will leave my party and ruin yours." He said trying hard to be serious.

"Yeah?" I challenged.

"Yeah!" He returned.

"Let me hear about you having stripper pussy in your face and I'll gladly leave my party with pliers and come over to yours to ply your nuts off." I threatened with a smirk. Chris' eyes grew wide with fear.

"I knew you'd do some twisted s*** like that. Them nigga's don't believe me." He murmured loud enough for me to hear. I had to laugh.

"Chris I'm kidding. I don't care about what you do at your party." I laughed.

"You don't?" He said sitting up now.

"I mean don't go out and f*** anyone or anything, but you're allowed to have a lap dance or two. That's it though!" I pointed at him. He released a breath.

"Aight well...I mean it's only fair that you're rewarded with one lap dance tomorrow." He shrugged painfully. I knew it was eating him up inside, but the fact that he was trying to be lenient that way was warming me up inside.

"You're so generous." I said with a vice full of sarcasm. Chris rolled his eyes.

"Well I don't want no niggas feelin' on you." He said. I laughed.

"I'm gonna miss you after tonight. I haven't slept without you in a while. Tomorrow we're not even allowed to use our phones!" I exclaimed. Chris laughed and raised Alayah off of him and put her to play with her toys so that he could join me on the couch. I allowed him to sit in my former spot and rested my head in his lap. He bent down and pecked my lips.

"I'll miss you." He said in a sing song voice.

"You're corny." I returned in the same voice and a chuckle. He covered my face with his large hand and I laughed.

"Da!" Yelled Alayah. I sighed wishing she had called me for once.

"You'll never betray me right mamas?" I turned to Indigo who lay comfortably by my feet on the couch. She rose her neck up and looked at me questionably as if she were trying to understand me. I just laughed and rubbed behind her ears gently. She licked my hand.

"Ma!...Ma!" Screamed Alayah looking to me while crawling over to the couch. I laughed and waved to her.

"Love you too baby." I smiled to her grinning face.

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Chris POV

I stood on the pedestal fit for one, while the seamstress who looked to be well in her sixties measured and matched me with her fabric and needles. I was still as a stick watching my boys fool around and make jokes waiting their turns. I itched to do the same knowing that my immaturity needed a certain amount of time to shine every twenty-four hours.

"Man y'all stupid. I am not doin' all that at my bachelor party." I giggled at their insane ideas.

Tyson's POV

"Are you crazy? I'm not gonna do that at my bachelorette party!" I exclaimed shooting Brooke and her idea down as I washed dishes in the sink. Mackenzie, Paige and my Aunt Cameron sat around me at the kitchen island brainstorming ideas.

"Aw come on Mags, this only happens once! Three times if you're my mother but still. A naked chiseled man would be a great way to spend your last night of freedom." Spoke Brooke using Chris' nickname for me. I rolled my eyes.

Chris' POV

"Breezy come on, you need to be goin' all out, I mean..this night gon be ya last night to participate in the single world. You 'bout to be tied down to Tyson for life. A few titties and pussy in ya face ain't that big of a deal." Said Tray, trying desperately to reason with me.

"Do you even hear yourself right now?" I stared blankly at him. Michael, Jeremiah, Jesse, Justin and Clyde all laughed at my reaction.

"If Mags ever finds out about that s*** goin' down while she wasn't around, she'd whip that ring right back at my face...right after she cuts my balls off!" I freaked out envisioning the whole thing. I cringed inwardly earning a laugh from my seamstress.

Tyson's POV

"Chris would kill me AND the chiseled male stripper if he ever found out! And he knows people..he'll do it!" I panicked internally while I pictured the entire thing happening. I shook my head and rid myself of the bloody picture.

"Stop being such a pansy and let us do this for you!" Said Mackenzie.

Chris' POV

"Chris, man. As your homeboy, I'm tellin' you, just trust us. We ain't gon' let it get that far. You'll have a good time nigga. Mike's party went fine! He had strippers all over him and Mack never found out a thing!" Exclaimed Jeremiah.

Tyson's POV

"Yeah come on Boss, it can't be that bad, plus I've never seen a male stripper in the flesh before." Said Paige.

"You will have a great time! I did at my bachelorette party! And Mike had a great night! Jeremiah told me all about the strippers, I saw pictures too. It's harmless fun!" Smiled Mackenzie. I sighed drying the sink.

Chris' POV

"Mike's never f***ed up like I have though. I'm just trynna make her my wife y'all. I really don't even need a party. I'd much rather curl up with my girl the night before the wedding and--"

A chorus of "dah's" and "boo's" erupted from the guys mouths.

"You done turned into a b****." Said Tray shaking his head in disappointment.

"Nigga you sound like a teddy bear." Said Jeremiah in between laughs. I rolled my eyes.

"You're an even bigger pussy than Mike was." Laughed Jesse as he held his stomach and leaned on a crouched Jeremiah who laughed hard himself.

"They're kinda right man." Laughed Michael. I rose my hands in the air and looked at him.

Tyson's POV

"Man, you turned soft on us Boss." Said Paige shaking her head.

"Yeah you're like a super woos now." Agreed Brooke.

"Uh hello! I'm a mother now! There are certain things I shouldn't be doing now! Aunt Cam?! A little help!" I waved my hand in the air while I defended myself. My aunt simply laughed highly amused.

"I'm sorry I can't take your side this time Ty-Marie. Every bride to be deserves a good last night in the single world. This party is a great idea." Reasoned my aunt. I sighed giving in knowing that this would happen whether or not I gave my permission.

Chris POV

"Mike man, you supposed to have my back! You done married Mack, you know what I'm talkin' about!" I tried defending myself.

"I'm sorry man. I do understand but they're right, you shouldn't worry..Celebrate!" He grinned.

I watched them all recover from their laughter. Thinking about it harder, a bachelor party wouldn't be so bad after all, and it would be cool to kick it with the boys for once. I just really didn't want anything bad to happen, not with the biggest day of my life following right behind.

Sighing my shoulders dropped and my chest deflated as I gave in.

"Nothin' better happen, or imma make Clyde f*** y'all up and make Tyson cut off all your balls after she does mine." I threatened pointing at all of them. Their laughter once again filled the room.

Tyson's POV

"I'm not doing this because I want to!" I made clear. The girls clapped in happiness.

"And Chris CAN'T find out. He can get super jealous not to mention he has a temper, he'll kill someone and then he'll kill me!" I threw at the girls who only waved me off.

"No offense Boss, but you should start wearing dresses an skirts cause clearly Chump wears the pants in your relationship." Laughed Paige along with everyone else.

Chris' POV

"Dawg, seems like she already has cut ya balls off!" Blurted Tray earning a fresh batch of laughs. I watched as they cackled and looked down to catch the seamstress laughing as well. I looked back at my friends.

Tyson's POV

I glared daggers at them all.

"...b****es." I murmured dashing the towel on top of the granite counter.

Chris' POV

"...f*** all y'all." I mumbled with a deep frown.

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"It's the middle of the night, we in the middle of our lives baby, so let your hair down nobody is around.." Sang Chris as we lounged on the living room couch. I lay lazily across his lap on my tummy while one of his hands rested on the cup of my behind and the other behind his head for support.

"You ever think about singing again? Like do you miss it?" I asked him.

"Once in a blue moon. But, then reality hits me and I'm good again." He smirks.

"I'd rather never know that world again, if it meant keeping my life in order." He said. I was satisfied with his answer so I dropped the subject.

" you still have your kit here?" I asked him out of the blue.

"Yeah why?" He questioned, I could practically hear his eyebrow raise.

"Wanna give me a new tat?" I asked with a tiny smirk.

"In our living room?" He asked slightly confused.

"Right here in our living room." I said. He tapped my butt signaling for me to get up and I did as told.

"Hol up." He beamed hopping off of the back of the couch. Chris had always wanted to give me a tattoo, but there was never a right time.

A few moments later he reappeared with his tattoo kit and tools. I rolled my eyes at his enthusiasm.

"You're enjoying wanting to prick me with ink too much." I laughed.

"Can I do whatever I want?" He asked with the wide eyes of a child.

"Fine, but nothing idiotic." I warned.

"What about a butt tattoo? One that says "property of Chris"." He thought out loud. I crossed my eyes at him.

"Are you out of your f***ing mind?" I asked calmly. He waved me off sucking his teeth.

"Imma surprise you. Turn over." He instructed, tapping the exposed skin on my butt that peeked shamelessly out of my boy shorts. I did as told and turned over onto my stomach, resting on the carpeted floor of our living room. Chris straddled me, taking my mind to a dirty place.

"I know you gettin' horny on me. I heard that grunt. I got me a nasty lil' freak uh?" He laughed. I huffed wanting to turn over and slap him but he applied pressure with his hips trapping me there.

"You're never getting any from me again." I teased. Chris smacked his lips.

"Nigga, if I were to strip you dry right now and shove my piece in you from behind, you'd tell me to stop?" He questioned. I contemplated the event taking place and immediately my cheeks heat up and I blushed fire red. Chris giggled goofily. I remained speechless.

"Hornball." He chuckled. I could hear him fumbling with his tools.

"Tease." I spat. He laughed spreading Vaseline around my shoulder.

"Baby you already have so many tats, like there's barely any free space. Only by your right shoulder blade. Imma do it there, aight?" He told me prepping himself. The buzzing of his gun warned me.

"I don't care just give me a pretty one." I whined resting my face flat against the pillow I had grabbed before laying on the floor.

"I need music to distract me right now." I spoke. I felt Chris fumble for his phone and the moment "Money Trees" by Kendrick Lamar began to play I settled down and waited for him to begin.

"I kinda miss your long hair." He spoke as the needle pierced the skin above my shoulder blade.

"Me too some days. I was thinking of putting in extensions for the wedding. I don't want a short hairstyle for the kind of dress I have.

"You like the way it came out?" He asked about my dress.

"I love it. I can't wait to wear it." I beamed.

"I can't wait to see you in it. Me and the boys gotta get fitted tomorrow. So we gon' be gone all day." He said letting me know. I nodded and shut my eyes.

"What are you doing?" I asked Chris in curiosity. He was the type of person to tattoo a penis on your back and not tell you.

"I'm freestylin' just wait Mags." He smacked his teeth.

"Okay!" I returned with just as much attitude. The sting that spread through my buttcheek let me know that Chris had just slapped me there.


"Shhh! You gon wake up the baby, dummy! And don't be givin' me no attitude either, 'fore I tattoo a d*** on that ass." He hushed me through his laughter. I stuck up my middle finger and soon he too hushed himself.

"Just shut up and let me do this. Stupid." He sulked. I smiled triumphantly and relaxed.

Letting him mark me with an image from his own imagination.

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Ending?!? my heart stopped for a second! this story may be filled with a lot of stuff but it surely is refreshing to my soul...

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<strong>1 Month Later..</strong>

"Okay I knowww that you hate, hate, hate dressing up, so please tell me that the sketch of your wedding dress wasn't one of a pantsuit?!" Begged Mackenzie. We sat patiently in the waiting room of a boutique that I had been tipped off had the best designer in town. We were joined by my mother, aunt, Brooke, Paige, Jessica and Daya. I rolled my eyes at Mackenzie with a lazy smirk. Her pregnancy hormones had her all over the place some days.

"I thought I was crazy during pregnancy--" my words were cut short as she raised her hand and slapped me in the arm. I jumped at the sting.

"OW! I promise it's nice you crazy bastard! You know I like different, I wanted something classic and...vintage...and elegant yet simple..I can't describe it, you just have to see it!" I hushed her, excited to see and try on my dress for the first time since I had dropped in my order and sketch a month ago.

"Fine." Mackenzie huffed. The designer came out a moment later with a pleased smile. I grinned back at her.

"Tyson how are you?!" She spoke gleefully in her thick Hungarian accent.

"Hi Francesca!" I waved and introduced everyone to her. She waved me over and I stood to my feet to follow her behind the curtain, leaving everyone to wait.

"Tadaaa!" She said revealing my dress that hung freely on a hook and rack for itself. My eyes watered at the sight alone. I clasped my hands together and placed them beneath my chin.

"Oh my goodness...I love it. Thank you--"

"Wait no no. Try on first, cry after!" She grinned helping the <a href="">dress</a> off of the hanger. She unzipped the plastic and released the dress from its package. I wiped my eyes dry and stripped quickly out of my current outfit and shimmied into my dress.

I knew at first site of me in it, that it was perfect to marry Chris in.

I stepped out from behind the curtains only to be captured under the gaze of my family and friends. I turned to look at them from the full length mirror giving them a perfect view of the back of my <a href="">dress</a>

"So? What do you guys think?" I questioned. I watched my mother for her reaction.

"Ma?.." I smiled tearfully. Her hands came up to her face to cover her mouth and she shook her head a bit. I laughed nervously and turned to face her. The tears instantly rushed down her face and she stood to her feet to walk over to me.

"It's so you, and look timeless baby." She cried. I sniffed back my tears to catch her in a warm embrace.

"So it's a yes?!" I asked. A chorus of "yes" rang out through the room of the boutique and I felt my spirits lift.

"Your tats look wicked in that dress Ty!" Said Brooke.

"And your curves are bangin' boss." Said Paige with a thumb up in the air. I smiled my thanks. Mackenzie rushed up to me and took my hands.

"How'd I do?" I smirked at her crystal green watery eyes. She squeezed my hands applying pressure onto my ring. The feeling captivated me for a moment.

This was real, I was really marrying Chris.

I felt the tear slip down my cheek.

"You did..fantastic Ty. And you look gorgeous..Chris is gonna love it." She cried. I nodded and sniffed.

"This is really happening?" We laughed and wiped each others eyes.

"Yeah!" She grinned.

"I love you." I smiled at Mackenzie's words.

"I love you too Kenz." I returned enveloping her into a hug.

Drama! Yes! Love it! Robyn shoulda got her ass kicked but telling her off was more classy lol

Great Add!

RUN IT!!!!