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Learning to Love

<a href= >I</a> was getting ready in my room waiting for my friends to show up. We were going to the club to party. It was birthday and I just turned 21 so what better way than to party and drink.... legally. As I was putting my fitting black dress on I heard my door open.
"Taijah!!!" I heard Amy yell
"Up here" I yelled back
<a href=>Amy</a> came in dressed to impress.
"Well damn, if I knew you were gonna pull the little black dress look then I would've done it up" she said
"Shut the hell up girl you look fine."
"Oh I know..." she said sitting on my bed on her phone.
"Oh my gosh guess who is making an appearance at Rocky's tonight while we are there..."
"Who Amy?"
"Chris Brizzle, A$AP, Tyga.. every the f*** body."
"Ok and..." I said trying to play like I wasn't excited
"And.. it's your birthday so tonight I will make it my mission to get us in the VIP section."
"And how exactly are you gonna do that?" I said turning around after finishing with my makeup.
"Well I always heard A$AP had a little vanilla fetish in him.. so"
"Girl... most niggas have a little vanilla fetish in them" I said cutting her off
"Well damn... just play me. Either way we will be up there girl"
"Yea... sure, you ready?" I asked
"No.. I was waiting for you to dive in... yes b**** I'm ready.. let's go." she said getting up.
"Girl let me walk in front...your ass makes me wish mine was bigger so I'd rather not look at it" I said hurrying out the door with her behind me laughing

As soon as we got to the club we saw it was packed. I guess everybody read the same thing Amy read because Rocky's usually is never this packed. I was about to go to the back of the line when Amy gripped my arm up and pulled me to the front where this big burly man was standing.
"Ladies" he said in a husky voice as he opened the rope.
I followed Amy in surprised that that just happened,
"Umm.. what the hell..." I said looking at Amy
"What? Don't give me that look, you know I know everybody."
"Yea.. either that or you f***ed them..." I mumbled
"I heard that slut..." she said making her way to the bar
"Just kidding..." I said following her
After getting our drinks I was dancing with Amy grinding her big ass on me. We get wild when we party.. so this is a usual thing. We switched it up with me twerking on her. Haha.. we play too much.
"Girl... I will be right back..." Amy said
"Wait.. where are you going?"
"Don't worry about it... here," she said looking around and pulling a guy away from some girl who was dancing on him "Dance with him k? I will be back" she said leaving me with him. I will be honest he wasn't bad looking but I didn't know his ass
"Whatsup... so we gonna dance or not?" he said pushing up on me..
Oh hell no... " Umm haha, I fake laughed" I will be right back" I am not drunk enough for that s*** I thought as I went to look for Amy. Where the f*** is this trick at?
Just then a big burly guy came behind me and picked me
"What the f***... put me down.." I said hitting him
"What the f*** is wrong with you"
About 2 minutes later he put me down and I was so mad I didn't realize he led me to the V.I.P. section. I looked aroung confused as to why I was up here until I saw Amy and A$AP chatting on a couch. I walked up to her
"You sneaky b****..."
Amy looked at me laughing.. "You were scared weren't you?"
A$AP started laughing next to her, "Don't worry Ron won't hurt a fly, unless he has to." he said
"Oh s***... I'm sorry Mr. Rocky Sir.. I totally didn't mean to disrespect you.
<a href=> He</a> looked at me like I was crazy, then looked at Amy and started busting out laughing.
"Yo calm down.. call me Rocky" he said holding out his hand. "You are too funny" he said still chuckling and shaking his head.
"Uhhh thanks.. sorry I was just getting over the fact that my best friend had me get hauled over the shoulder by the Hulk in order to get me up here. I mean normal friends just come get you." I said staring at her
"And that's why Im your BEST friend b****. Anyways enjoy yourself. Get to talkin with Tyga, and Chris. They are pretty cool." she said nodding her head to the left where <a href=>they</a> stood.
I stood there staring a little starstruck.
"OMG I see this is gonna be a problem.. come on." Amy said standing up and taking my arm leading me towards them with A$AP behind us, most likely looking at Big Booty Judy over here. We stopped in front of them and they looked up. A$AP dapped them, "Wassup yaw, this is Amy and I'm sorry I didn't get your name?" he said looking at me.
"Just call me Taj"
"And Taj.. they came to chill with us, it's Taj's birthday so show her a good time." he said grabbing Amy back from me and leading her somewhere.
I turned back to see them staring at me.
"Umm hey..." I whispered
"Why you actin so shy... god damn girl" Tyga said
I laughed..." I m sorry I just gotta get used to you or maybe get a little alcohol in my system and you will see the true me." I said to him
"I heard that... bring some more bottles" Tyga said
Chris was still staring at me and honestly I didn't mind... I mean who would?
The bottles came and Chris broke out of his trance.
"So how old you turn today?" he said looking me in my eyes
"21... I'm legal baby.." I said taking a bottle and chugging straight from it.
"Woah... slow your roll.. you gonna be faded before the night even ends"Tyga said taking the bottle back
"Thanks but I have been drinking for awhile.. I can hold it" I said taking the bottle back.
"I like her" Chris said lowly... making it seem like he had a double meaning.
"I will be right back" Tyga said walking over somewhere else.
I laughed and chugged more as Chris stared at me.
"Are you okay?" I said
"What... no.. yea.. I am just lost in thought."
"Okay..." I say turning around and hearing Bring It Back by Travis Porter come on.
"Oh s***... " I said turning back around, "Dance with me" I said grabbing Chris and putting down the bottle..
"Now I didn't know you had a speech problem but I know your ass can dance.. so come on"
I push up on the rail to the V.I. P. section and began twerking on him bringing it back as much as I could.
After awhile I felt his hands being placed on my hips
"God damn" I heard him say under his breathe.
I chuckled slightly and continued putting my torso leveled with my waist bending over even more
All of a sudden I felt a slap on my ass. Oh hell no.I turned around looking at him like he was crazy.
"Why you stop? What happened?" he said looking at me like I was crazy
"Your hand happened..." I said giving him a duh look.
"But you..." he tried to get out
"But I'm not a hoe..."
"I never said you was..." he said
"Umm look only hoes get slapped on they asses at the club"
"And where did you hear that?"
"I don't have to hear it, I know from experience." I said quietly
"Wait wait wait... did you used to be one of those girls?"
"Maybe" I said quickly smirking
"Oh really? Was you one of those hoes who knew how to twerk to every song? Cause to be honest not every song was a twerk song."
"Ummm yes.. every song can be a twerk song, you just gotta find the right hoe..."
"Well how about you? he said
"What? I ain't no hoe"
"No.. no I mean you said you used to... nm"
I started laughing "Im just kidding calm down. Fine I will show you how every song is a twerk song, or you can try and find a girl here who you think can do so"
"I will go with the second option cause I really don't believe you can do it..." he said smiling
"Oh really... okay.. well pick" I said looking out into the crowd
"Okay.. " he said turning around and looking out towards the crowd
"I choose..."



WTF... O_o God don't let her meet up with this b**** nigga Blake!

Run it

Amy's P.O.V.

It's been a month since Taj's incident and there is no sign of her memory returning and no sight of that f***er Blake anywhere. Right now I am sure that is the farthest thing from her mind since she has Chris here entertaining her 24/7. Right now they were in her living room playing Just Dance: The Michael Jackson Experience on Wii. Surprisingly Taj was beating Chris pretty good.

Taj's P.O.V.

I kept laughing as I was wiping Chris' face across the floor in Just Dance. He was getting more frustrated as each song went by. I was 100 points up and he started to get fed up. He started doing <a href=>flips</a>, and other tricks. I had to stop and look at him with a dumb face

"Really?" I asked while looking at him jamming out
He stopped mid <a href=>step</a> to look at me "What?"
"Your obviously a sore loser, so you pull out s*** you know damn well I can't do just beat me."
He sucked his teeth, "Wha.. what? That's not what I was doing.. I just simply was trying to... to.." he stuttered
"To... what.. Chris?" I said stepping towards him
He started moving back, "To um..." i saw him gulp
"To?" I said pushing him back with my finger as I stepped forward and he moved back into the wall.
I got closer to him, my chest to his.. "What were you trying to do?" I said looking at him from above my eyelashes
He gulped again then out of no where smirked a little, "You know this feels like deja vu" he said his voice raspy
I looked at him confused waiting for an explination
"In the club.." he said trying to describe it, "VIP section.." he said waving his hand in my face, "Anything?"
I shook my head no.
"Damn ma... my ego is crushed I mean how could you not remember the first time you laid eyes on this?" he said gesturing towards himself as he sat on the couch.
"Your right... how could I not remember an ego of your size..." I said chuckling
"Oh you tryna bust?" he said getting up from the couch and moving towards me.
I didn't even give him a chance and I started running, "NO!" i screamed
I heard him running after me until I felt someone tackle me on the ground, my head bumping into the floor. I pushed him off of me and rolled over on my back holding my head.
I saw him sit up and look at me, "DAMNNNN, your head is already started to swell ma" he said smirking
"Are you serious?!" I yelled
He took my hand from off of my forehead and inspected again, "Oh nevermind it was just yo big ass head." he said chuckling
"Chris... that really f***ing hurt" I said leaning on the wall holding my head, crawling towards the bathroom I opened the cabinet to get the little mirror, I looked at myself and saw my head was fine, I sighed and leaned back into the counter.

Chris' P.O.V.
"I'm sorry ma" I said crawling over to were she was. She looked so adorable.
"Yea sure you are..." she said looking away from me pretending to hate me
"Can you forgive me?" I asked turning her head to face me?
"I dont know" she said looking at me, "my head still hurts really bad."
"Aiight then let daddy give you a kiss on your booboo" I said moving my face closer to hers
I moved forward as she looked at me with a blank stare, I guess to see if I was really going to do it or not.
I lifted my lips to her forehead and kissed it gently, then looked down into her eyes as I kissed her nose next. I felt her scrunch her nose up when I did that and it only made her even more cute.
"That better?" I asked knowing all I needed to do was kiss her forehead.
"Mhmmm" she moaned staring at me intently contemplating something.
She tilted her <a href=>head</a> to the side still looking at me
"Can I try something?" she said snapping me out of my daze
"Sure" I said hesitantly
"Okay.. close your eyes" she said and I immedietly did thinking I knew exactly where this was going
I heard the water running and some banging

Taj's P.O.V.

Little nigga was probably expecting a kiss, nope.
I slowly filled up the bucket with water.
"You okay?" he asked creasing his eyebrows telling me he was confused
"Yup" I said pouring the water bucket over his head. I just dropped it and started running after hearing him say "Ahh" like he got hit with the bucket.
Of course me being me, I didn't get too far and I slipped on the very water that I soaked him with just seconds ago falling onto my back.
Chris came towering above me and straddled himself on top of me.
Although this was probably an awkward position, I wasn't the least bit uncomfortable.
He bent down and looked at me, water dripping onto my face.
"Ahh, stop your getting water all over me" I shrieked shaking my head.
"Oh it's not okay for me to get you wet, but it's okay for you to get me wet" he said smirking knowing exactly how that sounded.
I chuckled a little bit at him and then looked at his serious face staring down at me.
"Let me try something now" he said serious
"Okay" I said shrugging my shoulders not sure if that was the best decision.
"Close your eyes" he said in a deep voice
I closed them and as soon as I did I felt his lips on mine. I started kissing him back instantly, him now fulling laying on me.
We were in a heavy make out session, him soaking wet, him getting me wet ( ;P) laying on the floor and I didn't care not one bit. Maybe it was the butterflies in the pit of my stomach but whatever it was it felt good. More than good
"What the hell is this??!!!!" I heard Amy's voice ask
I pushed Chris off of me and got up, "Nothing" I walked away into my bedroom to change into dry clothes.

Amy's P.O.V.

I heard a bang, I heard footsteps going across the floor, then I heard what sounded like someone falling. I looked in the living room to see the game still going with no one there to play it.
They better not be doing what I think they are doing I thought walking up the stairs.
Taj and Chris were going at it like a <a href=>couple</a>.

"What the hell is this?" I asked calmly
Taj instantly jumped up when she heard me. Pushing Chris off of her she got up and went in her room shutting the door.
I walked up to Chris as he was getting off the floor smiling like a kid on Christmas
"What the hell Chris?!!!" I whispered
He looked at me shrugging, "What?!! It just happened" he whispered back
"Yea... sure it did... just so happen that your mouth made its way over hers." I said looking at him with a 'Im not dumb' look.
"Ok.. so I may have started it but she certainly didn't stop it." he said smirking
"Look Chris I swear... if she gets hurt.." I said raising my fist
"Is that permission I hear? Is that the green light?" he said not even taking into consideration my fist in his face
"Yes... but.. Chris, she can't know about the situation with Blake.. okay?" I whispered
He stopped smirking and looked at me seriously nodding his head.
"As long as she is happy there is no need for her to know about what happened?" I said knowing it may not be the best solution in the long run, but for now it was good.
"Okay..." he said walking back downstairs

Taj's P.O.V.

After I got up and went in my room as I was changing I heard Chris and Amy talking about something outside my door.
Maybe he is talking about the kiss or something I thought as I walked towards my door putting my ear against it.
"Chris, she can't know about the situation with Blake.. okay?" I heard Amy whisper. Not really a whisper then huh?
I walked away from my door and sat on my bed
"Blake?" I said to myself out loud thinking about high school and prom.
"High school Blake?" I said trying to figure something out.
I picked up my phone and looked through the contacts and saw his number under the B column. I immedietley pressed call and he answered within the first 3 rings.
"Taijah?" he said questioningly from the other line
"Blake?" I asked the same way
"Yea... hey babe, why are you calling?" he said still sounding hesitant
"I was just wondering if you wanted to talk or meet up, I haven't seen you in awhile, I was just wondering what you were up to..." I sort of asked
"YEA.. YEA... that sounds great" he said sounding in a better mood
"Okay great, I will text what days I am available and just pick and date and time okay?" i asked
"Yea sounds great, talk to you later." he said hanging up.

If Amy or Chris was keeping something from me well I am just going to find out by myself, I know damn well they won't tell me or will make up some lie so I will just have to ask the subject matter. If they wanna have secrets, fine, I will have secrets too. Just when I was beginning to like Chris too.... damn.

Blake's P.O.V.

I mustv'e knocked that b**** out harder than I thought unless she is just as dumb as she is sexy. Damn I can't wait to get my hands on her again, if I lay down the charm just right, she will come running back into my arms not even knowing of anything I am capable of. This is perfect, especially since I have been stuck with this b**** and my kid. I ain't gonna lie, the kid was growing on me, the ma not so much. She doesn't handle my needs, but that is exactly why I will have Taj.... again. Cue evil smirk. HA.

Aww mane datz all messed up. she dont remember meetin him. I just hope everything work out smooth for them

This is gooooood. RUN IT!

Run It

Omg run it


*New Reader*

I hate She let Blake back into her life, and that Chris was so quick to say no to her really ticked me off. Amy is a bomb ass friend. She knows Thj like the back of her hand.
Run it i cant wait to see where you take this!

Lol I wouldve respondes exactly like that too lol run it

Chris' P.O.V.

It had been a week since Taj has been in the hospital and I can't help but be a little depressed. She hasn't woken up yet and it is literally killing me inside. Everyday I sit here and wait for her to wake up hoping to get a weight lifted off my shoulders but nothing happens.

"Hey" I heard Amy say as she came walking through the door with a coffee in her hand. She passed it to me and I took a sip

"How is she?" she asked sitting down next to me
"I'm not sure, doctor hasn't been in since yesterday, said they needed to run some tests to make sure there is no damage to any other part of her body when she wakes up.

"So they do say she is going to wake up?" she screamed
"Yea... they just don't know when" I said putting the coffee down

The doctor came strolling in with a worried look on his face and Amy instantly got up.

"Umm... so there seems to have been some damage to her head which could be a problem when she wakes up." he said looking at Taj in the bed

"What kind of problems?" Amy asked concerned as I sat there intently staring at Taj
"Well she may suffer from amnesia, now we don't know for sure if it will short term or long term but we are about 90% sure that she will have it."
"How far back do you think it will go? Do you think she will remember things like her 21st birthday? or.. or even how she got here?"
"No I don't believe she will remember any of that, and that is why you will be there to guide her.. Thank goodness she has known you for years or else you'd be a stranger to her also" the doctor said chuckling

Amy and I looked at him with a blank expression until he stopped laughing.He looked at us clearing his throat, "Well.. I will just be going now" he said smiling again and then walking out of the room"

Amy walked over to Taj's bed and got down on her knees as she started to cry.
"I'm so sorry" she kept whimpering as she held onto Taj's hand.


Taj's P.O.V.

"I was in a beautiful garden, lillies, orchids, and roses everywhere. I wonder where Amy was, probably man hunting as usual, she never gets bored doing that. But something as simple as laying back and watching the breeze blow the flowers back and forth, inhaling the smell of them, no, that was too mundane and nerdy for her. I sat down and laid back into the grass closing my eyes, I could go for a little nap."

I opened my eyes and was blinded by light.

"Amy" I tried to say but my throat hurt and it sounded so manly and rusty that I was surprised I could talk.

"Taj" I heard a raspy male voice say
I was still blinking when I readjusted my focus, what I saw in front of me was definitley not Amy or Blake.
"Who are you?" I said to the mysterious <a href=>stranger</a>
"Ummm... Doc.. DOCTOR!!!!" he yelled not at all answering my question
I didn't know Amy was in the room until I heard stirring and turned my head to look at her waking up the what Im sure was a very uncomfortable hospital chair. Even waking up <a href=>she</a> still looked gorgeous, f***ing b****

"Amy.. what the hell am I doing..." I started to cough because of my dry throat "Water"
She quickly got up and handed me the glass
"I am so glad you are awake" she said as I was drinking
"Well how long have I been asleep?"
"You mean in a coma?" she said looking at me worried
"No.. asleep, we were in my room and I was telling you how Blake asked me out for prom and you were telling me how happy you were. We fell asleep and I woke up in here... in a hospital? Question..." I said looking at her as she waiting for me to ask
"Why am I in the hospital?"
"Ummm well...." she hesitated
"You were hurt... someone beat you up" the mysterious person said.
As I looked closer though I realized this wasn't just any person this was Chris motherf***ing Brown.
"HOLY s***!" I tried to yell
Amy jumped up from my outburst
Amy holding her chest said, "What is wrong with you? Why are you freakin out?"
I pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear, "Chris f***ing Brown is in my room, talking to me, sitting there, talking to me... Chris motherf***ing Brown.. talkin.." she pulled away from me, "Okay I get it god damn, Chris Brown talking to you in the hospital" she said seeming not as excited as i was.
I looked at him and smiled, "Hi..."
"Hey Taj, how you feeling?"
I opened my mouth surprised and looked at Amy, "He knows my name" I whispered towards Amy. I looked back at him and he began smirking, "I'm good, how are you Chris Brown" I said trying to sound very proper.
"Im good, but I'm more concerned about you" he said sitting beside me as I looked at him in awe.
I started touching his hair, running my palms against it, "OMG, when did you die your hair blonde? It makes you look so sex... nice" Oh s***... I looked down embarressed taking my hand away from his head.
After recieving a light chuckle from Chris Amy said snapped
"Oh my gosh Taj knock it off, you know Chris, we met him your 21st birthday."
"Really.. oh my gosh, wait 21st birthday,how did that happen? Amy... did you..." I looked at Chris and scooted closer to the other side of the bed where she was standing. "Did you... sleep with someon.." I was cut off before I could finish
"OMG NO... is that all you think I do?" she said walking out of the room, "I will be back"
I looked at Chris just to see him smiling back at me, I looked down blushing until a question appeared in my mind. Amy said my 21st birthday...
"How long have I been asleep really?" I asked looking at her
"Only about a week and a half" he replied

Chris' P.O.V.

Seeing her respond to me like that was probably the most amusing and cutest thing ever. Even after waking up from having the crap kicked out of her <a href=>she</a> looked amazing. I dont't know if it was my guilt creeping up, me feeling sorry for her, or just me being attracted to her but something made me like her while these 2 weeks past. Something made me want her, and I'm sure I can get her as long as eh doesn't find out that I am indirectly responsible for putting her where she is right now.


Run it?

Run It!!!

Run it

Aww Chris dnt feel guilty it's her crazy ex who need to get his ass beat run it

Amy's P.O.V.

"I was walking in a graveyard, I'm not sure where I was going but my legs were moving. I took a left and ended up at a headstone. When I read it, all I could do was break down and cry, it read Taijah J. Hall."

I woke up in a sweat and heard beeping coming from along side me.

"Taijah!!!! Taijah!!!" I screamed as I started to look around realizing she wasn't there.

"Babe Taijah is back in Cali, you know this." somebody said next to me

I turned and saw A$AP. I immedietley started to cry

"We need to save her, w.. we need to save her babe, she is in trouble!!!" i started to yell looking at him

"Why am I here? We have to go!!" i said getting up out of the hospital bed.

"Woah woah calm down" A$AP said pushing me back down

"No.. Taijah is hurt, I shouldv'e never left her. We have to go."

"What are you talking about babe?" he said looking at me

"Taijah her psycho ex is with her, she is in toruble. Why the f*** do you not understand?!!!!" I screamed in his face getting back up.

After that moment he didn't say anything and just sat there contemplating something in his head as I checked myself out.


We had just landed back in Cali a couple hours. Thank goodness my baby has a jet. We were rushing towards the house in the car that came to pick us up. He still hasn't said a word since the hospital.

"What is wrong with you?!!" I said looking at him

He looked at me snapping out of his daze, "I just.. I guess I'm shocked that Chris wouldn't let her come. It just pisses me off, he knew what was happening and he couldn't even let her come. IT JUST PISSES ME THE f*** OFF!!!" he said punching the back of the driver's seat.

I had never seen him this way and it scared me.
"Babe... I'm sure she didn't even tell him, she is like that, too much pride." i said touching his arm

"I know... but what if she did... WHO THE f*** JUST LEAVES SOMEONE LIKE THAT...? I MEAN... I just don't understand.." he said putting his head in his hands

"Why are you so riled up about this?" I said really concerned

"My mom.. she had the same problem, f***er wouldn't ever leave her alone, my mom asked my dad to stay with him but his wife wouldn't let him so he couldn't at least do my mom this one thing and left her to get beaten up and raped by the f***er. I remember walking into the house seeing him on top of her. That motherf***er was lucky he ran, I still wish I could see him so I could bust a cap in his ass." he said all while keeping his head in his hands.

"Oh my gosh baby... is your mom okay?" I said scared of the answer.

"She is good now, still alive... I swear though she wasn't breathing when I found her, it was the scariest moment of my life, " he said looking up at me with tears in his eyes "I just would never want you to experience some s*** like that." he said hugging me to him

At that moment we pulled up to the house and I went into panic mode as I jumped out the car and ran to the door, opening it with the keys she always hid under the mat. I ran in the living room

"TAIJAH!!!!!" i yelled getting no repsonse

I ran around the whole downstairs calling her name and couldn't find her so I ran upstairs and straight into her bedroom.

"TAIJAH!!!!" I said seeing a <a href=>body</a> laying on the bed. I flipped it over and tears started spilling out of my eyes.

"Taj..." I whispered shaking her. She was not responding, she looked dead.
"TAIJAH!!!!" I said freaking out

I frantically pulled out my phone to call 911 but somebody stopped me and grabbed my phone out my hand. I looked up to see A$AP.

"There's not enough time babe, we gotta go" he said picking up her lifeless body


I was waiting in the hospital when <a href=>Chris</a> came in looking around.

He finally spotted us and ran over getting down on his knees in front of me and holding onto my hands, his eyes watery.
"I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry, I... I didn't know" he said stuttering and looking up into my eyes hoping for forgiveness

I patted his shoulder with a slight smile as tears still ran down my face, "I know you didn't know... it's ok.. just thanks for being here." I said patting him.

Chris' P.O.V.

When I found out what happened I immedietly felt so guilty. I told my manager that I would be taking a break from tour and hopped straight on the jet. I know I didn't help before but I at least owed it to her to be there right?


The doctor came out hours later

"Friends? Where are her parents?" the doctor said questioning Amy looking like he already knew the answer

Amy got up from her seat, "How many times do I have to tell you?!" she said seeming to have already known the doctor

"I know what you told me but according to records they are not deceased so where are they? You can't keep bringing her in here every time battered and bruised, I have to know something!" he said whispering loudly in Amy's face

I got up and pushed the doctor back a little, although I was curious as to where Taj's parents where to now was not the time to ask questions.

"Doc I know you are conserned for your patients but we would really just like to know if she is okay or not..." i said sternly looking him in the eyes

The doctor gave out a long sign and told us to follow him. We came to a room and Amy rushed in. The doctor put her folder in the outside box and told us to take as much time as we needed.

I couldn't help but be curious, I peeped in but only enough to see Amy huddled over what I assumed to be Taj's figure. I grabbed her folder and went into the room and sat on the chair farthest from the bed.

I opened it and out fell many pictures. I picked up <a href=>one</a> and felt sick.

"That was when she refused to go to the store and get him some more beers. She already had a fractured leg from him she couldn't even walk. He beat her senseless."

I looked up to see Amy as she stood there telling me that.I picked up <a href=>another</a> taking in a breathe.

"That's one she had me take, she said she was gonna turn him in but she ended up chickening out and making me take her to Friday's instead" she said chuckling a bit. Then I guess she remembered the situation and broke down crying.

I decided to give her some time and went over towards the bed. What I saw made me want to punch myself in the face. She looked like this <a href=>girl</a> who I recently saw on the news. I started to cry wondering what would have happened if they hadn't gotten here in time.

I don't even know her but damn, I would never want someone to suffer like this. From now on I am going to help her with whatever she needs. After all.. she wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for me.

Smh somebody need to f*** Blake up entirely...

Run it


oh chris you just dont understand run it

Chris's P.O.V.
Taijah just got done telling me how much she would love to go on tour with me because she is inspiring to be a performer too and it would be a great opportunity and a whole bunch of other bulls***.

I don't for one second believe that is why she wants to come on tour with me. At the club she was all stuck up and played the s*** outta me, I ain't gonna lie my ego got torn down a bit. But even then I was still intrigued. If she wants to come she is gonna have to tell me the real reason. Not because I want to pry, but... well because I want to pry.

Either way I don't got time to be babysitting one girl while there are plenty out there who cater to my needs without any work. Plus Rih is f***ing with my head and Taj coming along is only gonna cause more confusion. I'm already having feelings for her and I haven't talked to her for more than a day.

If she comes I know the press and Rih will eat this the f*** alive. I would love for her to come but Imma be a pussy, if that's what you wanna call it, and stay out of the drama for awhile.

"Nope, sorry" I said walking back to the living room hearing her footsteps come after me
"Well... wait, why not?"
I turn around to face her "Because... I barely know you plus what would I get out of it?"
She opened her mouth to answer but didn't say anything
"Exactly.." I turned back around and she pushed me to face her again.
"Please..." she said holding onto my arm for dear life
See there has to be a deeper reason for her coming
"Why do you need to come so bad?" I asked giving her a chance to tell me the truth.
"Because I told you, I want to be a performe..."
"Nope not the answer I was looking for" I said turning around and heading back into the living room.
Turning to A$AP I said "I'm out" and left out the house.

If she couldn't trust me enough to tell me the real reason behind her coming, then how could I trust her to keep anything she sees on the road quiet.If she would of told me that would have been at least something I would have over her, a secret if you will.

Taj's P.O.V.

Throughout me telling him my idea Chris's <a href=>face</a> was one that said " you can't possibly think Im gonna believe that bulls***.
I can't tell him the truth, I can't tell him that I'm using him to hide from my psycho abusive ex. I would seem weak and that's the last thing I wanna seem in front of Mr. Ego. He would think I'd owe him something. Is chivalry really that dead? We can't do anything nice for people anymore I thought as I saw him walk out the door.

"s***!!!" i yelled out loud as Amy came around the corner with a sad look on her face.
I looked at her, "What... why are you so down? I will be fine, I will just take you up on your offer and hide out at yours."
"That's not it, I for sure thought he would say yes. Like I really thought he was feeling you and this would be a piece of cake but..." she said looking at me with worried eyes
"You bought your plane tickets already?" I said hoping she would say no
"Yea..." she said covering her face with her hands.
I lifting her head up, "Hey... I will be fine okay? Just enjoy the trip okay?? Have fun for me and you okay??? " I said asking with reassurance
She nodded a tear coming out of her eye.


Taj's P.O.V. still

It's been only two weeks and Blake somehow found me and weasled his way back into my life. ME and Amy skyped once in awhile but texted each other everyday. She asks me if I have seen him or heard from him and I always say no even though he is kind of living in my house now.

"Taijah!!!!!" I heard my name being yelled from downstairs.
I went running down the stairs careful not to trip, my legs were sore from last night, he got pretty rough sexually.

<a href=>I</a> came down in my comfortable sweats.
"Yes baby?" I said kissing his cheek.
He grabbed my chin tight and moved me back away from his face.
"What the f*** are you wearing?" he said seriously tightening his grip
"I was trying to be comfortable."
He back handed me and I fel to the floor
He let out a breathy laugh and came and helped me up looking me directly in the eyes, "You look like a dyke, go change."

I started to walk back upstairs until he pulled on my jacket to push me back down the stairs and into his arms.
"Where's my kiss?" he said turning me around
I pecked his lips and he grabbed my head tightly and forced his tongue in my mouth. All I could taste was liquor and it made me so nauscous.

He pulled my hair at the back of my head, "I love you baby" he said giving me his signature <a href=>smirk</a>.
"I love you too" I said smiling and walking up the stairs to change.

Blake was in the shower when I got a call from Amy, I wasn't going to answer it but I haven't talked to her in awhile because of the time difference. Chris's tour was currently in Germany.

"Hello" I said picking up
"We don't talk for a couple of days and all I get is a hello?" she said through the phone
"I'm sorry boo I am just tired."
"Really? What have you been doing? It's only like 12 in the afternoon"
"I have been busy with work and things..."
"Oh really, what work cause you sure damn dont have no job"

"BABY!" I heard Blake yell

"Oh s***!! Who is that? Are you hiding things from me? Who's there?" Amy screamed from the other side of the phone
"Nobody" I whispered
"Why are you whispering, tell me who it is."

"Babe... did you not hear me call you?" Blake said walking into the room with a towel around his waist

"Girl.. tell me who it is." Amy kept talking.

Amy's P.O.V.

This little b****. Didn't tell me she has been getting down and dirty while I have been away.

I was on the other line listening waiting for Taijah to reply.

"Girl... tell me who it is." I said still wanting to know

I heard a loud smack and someone yell "I'm sorry"

"Girl.. what is happening? You cool?" I said not sure as to what was going on.

"Listen b****, tell Amy you will call her back, don't tell her anything else, or I swear..." i heard, i had frozen because I recognized that voice, I could recognize that dirty bastard's voice anywhere. What thew hell is he doing there?

"Taijah run!!!!!" i yelled through the phone.
"A.. Amy" i heard Taj say sniffling
"Taijah what the f*** is he doing there? Taijah please don't tell me he has been with you this whole time? Taj you have to leave, it's not safe there" i said seriously upset with her
"L..Listen Amy I have to go okay?" Taj said sniffling
"No.. no Taj stay on the phone, I will call the police or something" i said panicking
"Bye" she said

I suddenly heard another round of smacks and what sounded like stomping through the phone. Her screams of misery and crys of help.
"NO, NO!!!!" I heard Taj scream as tears rolled down my eyes. I was literally frozen in place.
I heard the tearing of fabric and could only cover my mouth as tears streamed down my eyes.
I dropped my phone and fell to the floor clutching the ground as I upchucked. Can you imagine hearing your best friend get torn into by her monster of an ex. It's not a musical melody I will tell you.

I felt someone shaking me and I looked up to see A$AP,
"Amy... Amy baby, what's wrong?"
I couldn't even respond, I was so in shock
"Amy.. baby, listen to me!!!" he yelled shaking me.
After that all I blacked out.

Chris's P.O.V.

I was in rehearsal for the show in Germany when I saw Amy collapse. A$AP rushed over to her as did I.She threw up on the floor as she bawled her eyes out.

What the hell could have caused this, she was good all the other days. A$AP started shaking her trying to get her to say something and she looked out of it. She didn't respond and dropped right in his arms.

Rock immedietley sprung up and rushed out the door. I grabbed my coat and Amy's phone that she seemed to drop on the floor. I rushed out after him and looked at the phone, ending the call. Whoever it was would just have to call back.

That last comment had me rolling.
Imma update either tonight if I have time or tommorow.
I get tests to study for.

How long she been hiden from him. I get a restraining order wait for him to find me nd shoot him in the head. Problem solved

I hope chris says yes blake seems crazy and dangerous run it

@im thatgirl I'm curious to see what he says as well. They met in a club and now she wants to go on tour with Chris. Then again he may say yes because he likes her
Run it!!!

Maybe tonight if I get more feedback

We will have to see, Imma post tommorow

Im interested to see how chris will respond to the whole tour idea seeing as they just met and really dont know eachother! Also im curious to Blake and Taj story?

Any feeback?

Amy's P.O.V.

After that night at the club me and A$AP have been getting real close. I don't know what it was about him but he made me smile.

Me- Hey babe
Him- Whatsup, whatchu doing right now?
Me- Waiting for you to come over
Him- Oh forreal? You at home or you over Taj's?
Me- You know me, I'm never at my house, so you coming or not
Him- I def am baby ;) see you in a bit

I started jumping up and down excited and then my phone beeped again.

Him- calm down

I looked around getting kind of creeped out

Me- how'd you?
Him- Cause after these couple days we have been talking I already know your habits

I smiled and decided to text Taj to see if it was cool that A$AP stop by for sec. She was out getting milk for the cereal that I didn't tell her was all gone.

Me- Is it cool if A$AP comes over for a couple minutes to chill?

While I waited for her to respond I began to watch The Boondocks, I loved this f***ing show. The doorbell rang while I was mid- laugh, I got up to open it and saw <a href=>him</a> standing there.
I smiled and jumped into his arms that he was holding open.

"I missed you" i said into his neck
"In case you didn't realize we just were talking" he said putting me down following me inside the house.
He sat down and I sat on his lap facing him as he looked into my eyes
"So..." he said smirking showing me a bit of his gold grill
"So..." I said widening my eyes and smiling
"You so silly... why did you want me to come over girl?"
"So I could see you, I can't want to see a guy that I like." i said whispering the last part
"What you say?" he said bringing his face closer to mine
"Nothing" I whispered
"Nothing?" he asked moving his face closer
"N..Nothing" i said focused on only him
"Nothing?" he said lightly pecking me on the lips
"No.." i tried to say getting cut off by another one of his kisses.
As he was kissing me all I could think of was the sparks going off in my stomach
The makeout session was getting heavy and he started lifting his hand up my shirt until I felt a buzz on my hip which I'm pretty sure wasn't mine since mine was sitting on the table.
He seemed to not feel it as I kept feeling it buzz he kept kissing on my neck.
"B..Babe" i whispered
"Hmm?" he said while kissing my collarbone
"Let it ring"
"It could be someone important" I said pushing his face up from my neck
He rolled his eyes and pulled his phone out of his pocket picking it up
"Hello?" he answered angrily which made me chuckle

Chris's P.O.V.

I was about to finish up working out and wanted to hang out with Rock so I decided to call him while I was on my last stretch <a href=>running</a> back towards my house.
The phone rang and by the last one he picked up
"Hello?" I heard Rock say angrily
"Damn man.. no need to bite my head off, what you doing?" I asked nearing my house
"I am hanging with Amy"
"Oh, that's why your pissed. I was gonna try to chill but if you chilling with your girl.." i said smirking as I walked into my house
"I AM trying to chill with her so if you wouldn't mind.." he said emphasizing the AM
"Aiight aiight nigga, I will talk to you later" I was about to hang up until I remembered something "W..Wait yo is Taijah there?"
He signed "No"
"Well do you happen to know where she is?" i said hopefully
"No.." I heard him ask something to somebody, guessing it was Amy
"She is out buying some milk or something, will be back in a bit."
"Well since she is gonna be there, ya'll probably ain't gonna do nothing so I'm just gonna stop by.." i tried to sneak in
"Woah.. woah... nobody invited your ass bro.."
"I invited my ass, thanks for the invitation, text me the address" I said quickly hanging up so he wouldn't be able to complain

I hung my head letting out a groan
"What's wrong babe" Amy asked me lifting up my chin
"Chris is coming"
"What's so bad about that?" she said questioning me
"Because... cause I don't know, I was just hoping me could have a little bit more time together before people interrupt." I said kissing her neck again
"Oh yea?" she said as she lifted my face and kissed me. Quickly it became a makeout session until we heard keys jiggling and the door opening. We seperated so fast you wouldv'e thought somebody was holding us at gun point.

Taj's P.O.V.

I walked into my house, only to see Amy and A$AP <a href=*Q0MRAO1GlogD5CFfUkop4wbVrJY9NT8uEAaigUNQIN3Ke6iTU7-f8uyru*BdA8nj5sG*TuXMG/IggyASAPRocky.jpg>looking</a> like they just got caught doing something they weren't supposed to.
I didn't really care, there were other things on my mind, I walked past them into my kitchen sitting on a stool and putting my head in my hands.
I heard someone walk in
"Where's the milk?" I heard Amy ask
"Umm... they were out" I said looking up and smiling at her
"Of milk?" she said not believing my lie
"Uhh yea, I went to the Papi store on the corner" I said making up the best lie possible
"Oh, well that explains it, but then why did it take you so long?" she said still questioning me
"Because they said they had some and stepped into the back to look, had me waiting for like a whole 10 minutes only to come out with nothing." i said off the top of my head
"Mmmhmmm" she said walking closer
I was sweating, I didn't want her to know about me running into Blake or else she would go apes***.
"So... where is the store again?" she said now in my face
"Around the corner"
"And what's the name of it?"
"Umm Lopez Mini Mart"
"And what's the name of the guy who works there?"
"P..Pablo" i said struggling to get out my words
"And who else?" she said squinting her eyes
"Umm Carlos, Louis... Blake" i said not even realizing it
"Blake? Blake your ex Blake?" she said seeming to get red with anger
"Y..Yes" i said closing my eyes in defeat
"Tell me what happened now!" she said in a deep menacing voice
"I bumped into him and.. the f***er recognized me, he told me he was happy to see me, his daughter came up"
"Daughter?!" she yelled
"Yea... and then the baby mom, I met them and she left us to talk which I told her wasn't necessary but she left anyways. He kissed me, and told me that he would catch up with me later and not to run because he would find me" i said staring up at her as I started to cry
"OMG, you need to leave.." she said
"No s*** Sherlock" i yelled at her
"Just tryna help"
"I know I'm sorry I'm just freaking out" I said pacing back and forth after getting up from my seat
"Where will I go...?" I said sitting again and then getting back up to pace, sweating like crazy
"My.. my house, you can come to my house!" Amy screamed
"No Amy! He will hurt you in order to get me I can't let that happen."
"Well I can't just sit around and let you get hurt." she said shaking me by my shoulders
"CHRIS!!" she screamed
"What? What are you talking about?" I said looking at her like she was crazy
"Well me and A$AP have been talking... and you know he is really sweet but also so silly, he has a great personality, he makes me feel like.."
I snapped my fingers in her face, "AMY, pay attention, Chris?"
"Oh yea, he is going on tour in a week, I'm sure he will let you go with him, plus I saw the way you guys were vibing in the club." he said winking
"No Amy, he wouldn't..."
"Really?" she said looking at me with a duh face
"I mean I guess it wouldn't hurt to try right?" I say shrugging
"Yes, and I could come with since A$AP is going with him." she said jumping up and down
"Wh..what's up with you two? Are you together?" i said forgetting about my problems for a moment
"Umm sort of.. before you got here.. we were.." she started to blush
"I don't wanna know what you guys did on my poor couch, just answer the question?" i said waiting for her response
"Yea, I guess you could say that." she said <a href=>smiling</a>
"I'm so happy for you girl" I said hugging her
Our hug was interrupted by loud laughter coming from the living room. We walked out and I saw <a href=>him</a> sitting there laughing.
My only hope of getting out here for awhile, I can't back out now.
"C..Chris?" I yelled

Chris's P.O.V.

ME and Rocky were sitting on the couch laughing about something that happened on The Boondocks. This show is too funny.
"C..Chris?" i heard from behind me
I turned and looked at <a href=>her</a> standing looking as beautiful as ever

What just happened was people from the past don't know how to stay in the past.