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<em>I ran as fast as I could never looking back.My body was weak and I knew it yet, my adrenaline wouldn't take that as an excuse.</em>

Walking into my bedroom I began to change my clothes when my cell phone began to vibrate. Quickly grabbing it off my bed I placed the phone up to my ear "Hello," I sang into the receiver. The other end was silent for a moment causing me to to say something again. "Hello?" I repeated. I heard a small chuckle "run," the voice said calmly and then ended the call. Instantly I dropped the phone and ran to my closet. Grabbing my nike running shoes I quickly slid my feet into them. I then grabbed my all black hoodie and the black bag that sat at the back of my closet. I raced back to the bed and grabbed the memory chip out of my phone and placed it in my shoe before I placed the whole phone in my back pocket. Just as I made my last move I heard glass shattering downstairs causing my heart to stop. I threw the bag over my back and raced to my bedroom window for a quick exit but that plan was quickly shot down when I seen that I was surrounded.<em> s***! Think Kali....THINK!</em> I raced back over to my closet pushing my clothing to the side and hitting the circuit breaker that was on the back wall. Everything went black as I silently closed myself in the closet. I heard footsteps running up the staircase as I pulled my Glock17 out of the black bag before safely securing the bag back. My breath steadied as the bright lights from the guns of my attackers lit up the room. I watched as they walked around the room searching for me. Flipping the bed, opening the balcony, and checking in my bathroom left only one option in my single bedroom home. As soon as the closet doors opened I began to fire taking the first man in the head and the second in the chest. Jumping onto my feet I raced out of the closet and towards the door when I heard more feet racing up the stairs so I dropped my bag and slid behind the bedroom door. Three more filed into the room as I tried to stay silent in the dark. Once they were all in I began to fire causing them to drop like flies. Grabbing my bag I raced out the room and down the staircase and into the kitchen.<em> You're surround! Where can you go? There has to be a way out!</em> I paced the dark kitchen as I heard what sounded like a stampede running in the house. I quickly slid into the cabinet under the sink silently praising myself for leaving it empty. Buying myself of sometime I thought about how I would get myself out of here alive. Everything became silent as I heard light footsteps all around the house. <em>f***! You've gotta get out of here somehow! This cant be the way you go out!</em> Realistically, I wasn't prepared to take this whole team out by myself so whatever the plan was I was gonna have to be smart about everything I did. Reaching into the bag as silent as I could I grabbed three small hand grenades out placing two of them in my shirt up under my boobs. Pulling out my extra clip I slid it in my coat pocket and pushed the bag to the side. Opening the cabinet slowly I peeped around the kitchen before I stepped out. Crawling across the tiled floors I made it to the dining room when I heard heavy footsteps and a voice "Sir, the target can not be located." Someone responded back to through the walkie "The target is still inside, we've got her surrounded and she hasn't been spotted outside of the location." I looked at my hand and then closed my eyes. I went to stand up when I bumped my china cabinet causing the glass inside to make a loud noise. The guy walking pass me dressed in gear that resembled the swat team spotted me. I rose my gun but the sting of his bullet hitting me in my shoulder caused me to stumble back. I couldn't fight back.....I was out numbered. I tossed the hand grande that i was holding and with out a second thought I ran as fast as I could out of the front door that was now kicked down. The explosion came quicker than I expected because it nearly blew me out of the house. I winced in pain as I landed in my front yard. I had no time to play games so in pain and all I jumped up and ran as fast as I could into the woods that surrounded my now demolished home. I ran as fast as I could never looking back.My body was weak and I knew it yet, my adrenaline wouldn't take that as an excuse. I could hear them yelling for each other to split up and find me as I raced for my life. Reaching in my bra I pulled another grenade out of my chest. Pulling the safety pin off with my teeth I turned around for a brief moment and launched it into the woods creating a little wedge between me and the people who sought to have my head on a platter. My journey was cut short by me coming to a cliff. Looking down the only thing that stood between me and my escape was the gulf of mexico. "Johnson, we have you surrounded," a familiar voice yelled as I seen what seemed like a army of people dressed in swat clothing enclosing on me from every side. I kept my back towards them, turning around slowly moments later I just stood there looking at them coming closer to me. Without a second thought I reached into my chest "Fire," the familiar voice yelled. As I grabbed my last grenade and launched it into the crowd. I felt a couple of stings as I tossed my body backwards and dove into the water.

After three years of silence the Lion had woken.


now if we can get her to add lol

@KRcbrezzy its called tunnel vision...

run it! and do you have another story on here? I forgot the title but its about a designer and she works for chris brown as a favor for Ugo? ive been tryna find the story...
run it

run ittttt!!!!

I love the way this story is going!

just read it and this some bad ass ishh! run it

run it people!!! :)

run it people!!! :)

It really flatters me when silent readers come reveal themselves too express how much they enjoy the story. I really appreciate it!!!

Run it!

I'm not really new to this site, just been a silent reader,,but i gotta tell you..I'm in love with this story already

<a href=>Lo</a> waved at the last of the men walking out of the shop as he began to shut everything down and lock up for the night. He was tired beyond words and the only thing he wanted more than sleep was a fat blunt to mellow his night out. Shutting the lights out he began to walk up the steel steps making his way to his office. Opening his door and walking in the chair spun around causing him to jump out of his skin. "Kali what the f*** yo'! I told you about creeping up on me all the time." He fussed clearly still trying to come down from his state of shock. Kali giggled as she waved around the blunt she kindly rolled up for him. Lo smiled as he walked up to the desk and took a seat on the edge of it. Taking the blunt of her hands he pulled a red Bic lighter out and lit the end of his stick of relief. Kali on the other hand had already drifted off into her own little thoughts as she pulled her knees into her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. Only an hour ago she had just escaped the white house. "You seen him huh?" Lo asked as a cloud of smoke escaped his lips. Kali ignored his comment and remained silent. Lo knew Kali like the back of his hand so he knew that she was feeling a certain way about something. Lo left the question in the air as him and his best friend sat in silence while he smoked his blunt and she tossed around thoughts in her mind. Silence, the one thing the both of them could actually agree on. "I shouldn't have gone there. I mean what if things didn't go as planned?" She cursed herself out loud. Lo blew some smoke out of his nostril and nodded. "True, but you wouldn't be who you are if you wasn't hard headed." Kali smiled and rested her face in the palms of her hands. "Anyways, what you got for me?" She asked turning off her feelings and getting back into business mode. Lo put the blunt out in the ashtray sitting aside him and went across his room to grab his lap top. "You are the number one person on the most wanted list. Dead or alive. Congratulations." Lo announced with a smile as he pulled up a web page. Kali sat up straight in her chair and began to study the page. "How long do we have?" She asked silently. Lo looked up at her "Well, since your little quickie with President Houston they know that your back on their soil I'm sure. There is not getting out now." He said talking around the question. Kali sighed "kill or be killed," she mumbled. Lo nodded "you right about that one," he said still typing away on his computer. "What's in their database?" Kali asked Lo as she played with her fingers trying to figure out her next step. Lo was the best computer hacker in the world. He and Kali met years ago when she first started out with the CIA.....she was basically sent to take him down. Moral of the story is she scratched his back and now he is scratching her's. Needless to say a beautiful friendship bloomed out of their encounters. "This is going to take a while," he said looking up at her.

run it

Yes! Yes! Yes! I knew there was something between them! I just knew it! That little scene though was FIRE!! I wonder more about their relationship tho. How did it happen and so on? Does his wife know? Why is she trying to kill him. Damn right that wasnt a dream! She was obviously there she and he both know it. i want more!

Run it

David walked into his office and locked the door. He had been in meetings all day. Being the President of the United States was no joke. The pressure was on especially with the new gun control policies that were in demand to be set. One disaster after another was seeming to happen more frequent now days and David had to be the voice of reason for the whole entire nation. Walking up to the mini bar David poured him a shot of whiskey and walked over to his desk where he proceeded to have a seat. Loosing his tie and unbuttoning the first two buttons on his shirt he kicked back and with his feet up on the desk. Picking up the remote he turned on the radio and let the smooth sounds of Sade' blare out of his speakers. He then used the same remote to turn off the lights in the room so now the only source of light was the moon light that peeked in from the wonderful view in the room. "You know I've always loved this song," David heard a voice say. He quickly sat up in his Chair and spun around to see Kali naked sitting on the window ledge. Her silhouette was breathing taking as the moon outlined her curves and glowed upon her butternut skin. Her long tress covered each breast. Her her ruby red lips added an appeal to her; resembling iconic Marilyn Monroe. She looked innocent....they way he remembered her. Every inch of him wanted to strangle her and call in security, but his heart wouldn't let him. After all of this time she still made him feel like a shy teenage boy in her presence. He cleared his throat as straighten his posture trying to gain some control over this situation. "You tried to kill me," He blurted. Kali smiled showing off her dimples and glanced out of the window. "I wouldn't have missed," she said nonchalantly. Something deep down in David believed her but his pride wouldn't let that show. "Bulls***, then if not you then who?" He semi-yelled. Kali ran her tongue over her upper lip seductively and giggled. "Mr.President don't hold you panties in a bunch. If I told you everything that I knew then I would have to kill you." She smiled "and I will succeed." Dave took another sip of his drink and looked up at her gazing at the stars again. Naked, there she was in his office vulnerable and unarmed. "How did you get into my house?" He asked ignoring her comment. She hunched her shoulders and blushed. He knew deep down inside that she would never tell. He picked up his phone to see that the line was silent. "I covered all my bases," she mumbled still gazing at the stars. David sighed "come here," he said sounding defeated. Kali ignored him as she continued staring out of the window. David stood up from his seat and gently grabbed her hand motioning for her to stand up. Once she stood up David instantly embraced her. Breaking their embrace Kali stood back and looked him squarely in the eyes. "I shouldn't be here," she mumbled. David became almost scared that she was going to leave. He grabbed her hand "Please," was all he mumbled. She turned around and looked down at her bare feet then up at him. He smiled and placed his index finger under her chin and kissed her lips. "I missed you," he whispered before kissing her lips again. She hesitantly invited him in by parting her lips and nearly melting in his arms. Picking her up he placed her on top of his desk, gently pushing her body backwards. Pushing her hair to the side he began to place soft kisses on each breast slowly turning her on. Kali pushed him away as she sat up pulling him directly in between her legs unfastening his belt and pants. Once his underwear and pants hit his ankles, she wasted busting his white button down open and leaving his tie on. She ran her stiletto nails down his chest and purred. He bit down on his lip taking in her exotic features and she placed all of him in her mouth. He growled as he warm moist mouth slid his erect penis in and out of her mouth almost making his toes curl. She would take it deep down in her throat and play with his balls at the same time making him weak in the knees. The faster she went the more inaudible his words became. Within seconds his peek was being reached, but she quickly popped him out of her mouth. He went to grab his penis but she wouldn't allow him. She turned over on the desk on all fours, spreading her legs wide enough to see all of her. Arching her back she moaned at how the cool air brushed against her warm wet vagina. David stroked his penis with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. Soon he grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as he entered her slowly causing her to moan out another low seductive growl. He slowly stroked in and out of her as his eyes rolled in the back of his head at how tight she still was. Enjoying the feeling he began to want to feel more of her as his speed began to pick up causing her to roll her hips and throw her ass back on him. She held onto the edge of the desk as she f***ed him back trying to hold in her cries. He could feel her wall contracting on his erect penis causing him to pull out. He heard her whimper as he flipped her onto her back suddenly kneeling down slowly licking and sucking on her clitoris. She arched her back grabbing his head and rolling her hips. He knew she was ready but he wanted to make it last. Sitting down in his chair he pulled her over to him. "Turn it around," he demanded. She knew exactly what he wanted she turned around so that her back was facing his chest and slid onto his penis. Riding him reverse cowgirl she put her all into the motions she made often looking back at his face. Bending over and grabbing his ankles she pounced up and down on his penis. Slapping her ass and grabbing her hips he began to match her rhythm moving his hips into her. The more that their bodies crashed into each other the closer to their climax they were. "Let me see your face," he growled. She turned half way around with him still inside of her. Placing her left leg on his shoulder she leaned on the desk while facing him still pouncing on his penis. "f***," she whimpered feeling herself filling up with sweet juices. "f*** this d***," he growled slapping her ass hard. "s***," the both said in unison as they released.

David's eyes fluttered open as he looked around, to only see that he was in bed with his wife. That dream seemed so real. He couldn't believe that after all of these years Kali still was a major thought on his mind. He sat up in his bed and walked into the bathroom. He handled his business and washed his hands. He walked back into his room and sat on the side of his bed. He took a swig of his water that sat at his bedside and let out a sigh. Glancing across the room he noticed a red stain on his white shirt that was sprawled out on the chair. He got up from the bed fairly quickly and grabbed it. <em> She was here</em>.

Run it!!

Run it!!

<em> Olivia slouched down in the backseat of the car and folded her arms. Pulling her legs into her chest and wrapping her arms around them she buried her face in her thighs. She couldn't understand why she was here. Her father knocked on the window causing her to look up at him and then place her head back in her arms. He gently opened the door and kneeled down to her level. "Rosebud, you've been hiding out here for an hour. Don't you want to come see your new house?" He asked. Olivia shook her head with it still being buried in her arms. Alvin sighed and drug his hand over his face he knew that he should of listened to his wife Alicia and waited until they showed her the house and then explain the move.</em>

Kali Rose'

Five weeks.....

Five weeks of waking up in cold sweats,
Five weeks of the healing of my wounds,
Five weeks of training,
Five weeks of the memories,
Five weeks of preparation.

I sat at the small desk in the room that I basically grew up in and looked at the books that laid on my bed. Quickly I turned my head in the opposite direction and began to bite on my nails. You would think that a twenty-five year old woman whose been in a lot of life or death situations wouldn't have any fears right? Yeah, I thought so too until Osamu placed these memories that I had blocked out back into my head. I found myself glancing back over to the twin size bed where the old journals rested. Taking a deep breath I jumped up and grabbed on of the books; it didn't matter which one and opened it.

<em>May 18, 1997

I am so angry that I had to move. I miss all of my friends, my house, my school, and the park. We now live in a small town in Settle and it rains almost everyday. We even had to change our names. Dad says that we can't talk about California where we use to live and he also said that I can't even tell people that my name is Olivia anymore. I just don't understand.The cool part about it was that I got to change my birthday. So now I am three years older than what I really am because mommy says that I'm a big girl now. Yesterday, my mom and dad asked me what did I want my new name to be and I was so upset that I had to change my name I ignored them. Later that night my daddy came into my room and we had a long talk. We talked about California and all the things that we use to do and then I asked him would I still be his rosebud or did we have to change that too? He smiled at me and said "I have an idea." I sat up and listened intently. "How about we name you Kali Rose'," he said looking at me. "Kali Rose," I repeated silently letting it roll off of my tongue. "That way you will always have home with you and you will know for sure your always going to be my rosebud." A smile crept across my lips for the first time since we've been here and I hugged him. I loved it. I was now Kali Rose' a thirteen year old Iowa native. Sadly, that was the day I officially said goodbye to ten year old Olivia Wells.

November 6, 1999

Dad and I were sitting down watching the news when a breaking story came on. It was a guy talking about a mission that went wrong overseas and that the government was trying to cover it up. He began explaining that thousands of people were killed and it was all done to steal oil. I noticed my dad become serious as he jumped up and ran to the window peeking out of it. He then turned his focus back to the television as the reporter kept interviewing the man. "Alicia," my dad yelled out to mom. Soon I heard her jogging in the family room and once she did she froze in her tracks and whispered "oh s***," under her breath. I looked around the room as they stared intently at the screen which caused me to pay attention so I could find out what was making my parents act this way. "I was apart of a special team called Group 87. We were sent away on a mission in a small Islam town to do a mission that we later found out was to wipe out an entire town. Once our mission was done the government gave us each forty thousand dollars and told us to fall off of the face of the earth. They made the world think that we died honorable men fighting for our country but truthfully we were just another pig for the lab and once the experiment was done they disposed of us. No pension, no benefits, no nothing. All these years of service and they made us drop it all and walk away from our livelihood .

November 28, 1999

Last night I couldn't sleep so I crept downstairs to get a late night snack when I heard my parents talking. "Alvin four members of group 87 have been killed since Bobby went public about this. We could be next." She worried. "We are next sweetie, we all were giving a second chance even though they could of killed us and went on about their business. They wanted us to disappear so none of these would happen. Bobby has signed all fourteen of our death certificates." He said with anger apparent in his tone. "No," my mother sobbed. I could hear my dad walk over to her "Alicia, I need you to be strong for me. Just know that I will come up with a plan." </em>

I closed the book because I couldn't bare to read anymore. I hadn't noticed that I'd been crying the whole time.

Run this

Run this

What the hell? What did she even do?! I don't believe this s***. Oh and as for you lady, how are you gonna call her a whore and disrespect her, then turn around and say "Weapons aren't allowed in a holy home." Shut that s*** up!!
Run it

Why do they wanna kill her?

Run it

This is crazy why is she trying to kill the president what is wrong with her what happened why do they want her dead so many questions I hope no one gets hurt

<em> "You know that I love you right?" Olivia's father said as he knelt down in front of her. She nodded her head and refused to look him in the eyes. The pout on her lips hurt his heart, but he knew that he to go. This was the only thing keeping food on the table and the bills paid. "But, you said that you would be here forever and ever daddy." She whined in a scratchy tone. "I know rosebud, but it is my duty to this country to protect and serve justice." He explained before holding his arms out and hugging her. After she hugged her father she watched as he and her mother embraced one another before he walked out the house and got into the taxi.</em>

<a href=>Kali Rose'</a>

Tokyo, Japan:

Kali sat in the back of the taxi cab observing her surrounding and taking everything in. Japan was like a international New York it a sort of sense. The constant movement and the way the city lit up at night was all a constant reminder of what the big apple offered. I spoke in Japanese letting the taxi driver know that he could pull over and let me out. He turned around and smiled "Your Japanese is very good ma'am." I laughed because this whole time I hadn't realized that he spoke fluent English. "Thanks, so is your English." He pulled over and I passed him some money before I jumped out of the taxi in front of a building that I hadn't seen in years. Readjusting my backpack I scurried into the old spice store only to be welcomed by traditional Japanese music and the burning of incense. I took in my surroundings as I walked up to the desk and ran my fingers across the wind chimes that were resting on the desk. I heard a voice yell from the back indicating that they would be up front shortly. I walked away from the desk and decided to look around at all the different herbs and spices that the store offered. I heard A voice asking how they could help me today in Japanese. I turned on my heels and came face to face with
<a href=>him</a>. He smiled with his eyes yet, his face held a poker face. "Michiko," he said above a whisper calling me the name that he's given me the first time I ever was placed under his wing. The Japanese meaning for Michiko is "beautiful wise child." I dropped my backpack to the ground and I bowed my head in respect for this man "Osamu," I said above a whisper. He nodded his head and walked pass me towards the door where he closed and locked it. Now standing with his back facing the door he looked at as I looked at him. "You came to me in a dream a week ago. What has happened child? He asked never changing his facial expression. "They seek to take my life again," I said as I felt all the stress my body had endured take over at me at once. I was safe for the time being and it was time to heal correctly.

I love this story so much. Haha
You can tell Kali is good at what she does.
I feel like the first lady has something to do
with wanting President Houston killed.
I feel like thats what she hired Johnson to do.

Run it

Run it

<a href=>Kali Rose</a>

I walked quickly into the Mexico City International airport in a hurry. Walking through large crowds of people I made my way towards the lockers. 11-28-10 were the numbers I entered to open the door. Inside was a black backpack in which I pulled out and quickly locked the door back. Placing the bookbag securely on my back I blended into a crowd of people and made my way into the ladies room. Walking into an open stall I sat on the toilet and unzipped the bag. Looking in it I pulled out a passport with my picture and a different name. I then reached back into the bag pulling out a wallet a shoving it into my hoodie. Once I was done raced out of the bathroom and once again blended in a crowd of people as I made my way to the desk to book a flight. "Hola, ¿en qué puedo ayudarle hoy?" The clerk asked me with a smile across her face. "Billete de ida y vuelta a Japón por favor," I asked not in the mood for smiles. "Seguro." She began typing on her computer and moments later she looked at me with that dingy smile of hers "Ese será 1.480 dólares señora. Ojalá que ser en efectivo o crédito?" I pulled out my wallet "dinero en efectivo." I said simply. After handing her the money she then took a few moments and printed out my ticket and directed me to my tunnel.

<A href=> First Lady Patricia Houston</a>

The first lady had just left an anti-abuse conference speaking out about domestic violence. She was a very passionate woman and the people loved her and the efforts she made standing behind her husband and giving young black girls someone to look up to. She was the first youngest African-american first lady and the public eye was always fixated on her at all times. Sitting back in the SUV as she rode through various parts of Washington, D.C. she thought about her husband and how attentive he had been to her lately. She loved <a href=http://cdn.necoleb****>Victor</a> with all her heart. Marrying right after high school she hadn't regretted it all.

Pulling up in front of the gates that led to the white house excited her. She wanted nothing more than to lay down and rest after such a long day. Once the truck was parked in front of her home she waited while all the secret service men rushed out the house and towards her truck causing her to frown. It wasn't out the normal that the S.S. (secret service) would come out and escort her in, but the large number that came out had her mind racing. Rushing out of the car she looked at the head guard "
< a href=>John</a> is Victor okay?" She asked with a hint of worry in her voice. John nodded his head "Yes, ma'am." Without saying anything else she rushed into the house and towards her husband's office. Once she made it into his office she opened the doors to see him with his feet up on the desk talking on the phone. Her heart slowed as she seen him in his usual demeanor. She turned to leave out of the room when he stopped her. "Honey," he said as he placed the phone down. She turned around "Yes," he said smiling at him. He signaled for her to come have a seat on his lap. Making her way into the room she took a seat on her husband's lap. "Yes, dear?" She said looking down into the brown eyes she once fell in love with. "I think you should go on a little vacation. You know take some time off with your mom and your sister." He said looking her in the eyes. She nodded "That's a wonderful idea honey. Maybe I should start planning something for May." She agreed. Victor's eyes got big "That's four months away. Why not something like tomorrow." He suggested. Patricia jumped up and looked at him "Tomorrow? Why are you trying to ship me away Victor. Tell me what's going on." She demanded knowing her husband all to well. She noticed how visibly uncomfortable he became. He began to fumble with his tie as she placed her hands on her hips staring at him intently. "It's agent Johnson, she's back." He said simply. Patricia frowned "What do you mean she's back? I thought she was killed four years ago!" She semi yelled. Victor said nothing as he sighed. "I think you should lay low for a while until I can get this handled." Victor suggested. Patricia shook her head "No, I will not leave your side. Not now not ever." With that being said she stormed out of the room and upstairs to her office. Once she was in her office she closed the door making sure it was locked and took a seat at her desk. Opening her drawer she pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number.

1. Hola, ¿en qué puedo ayudarle hoy?

2. Billete de ida y vuelta a Japón por favor.

3. Seguro.

4. Ese será 1.480 dólares señora. Ojalá que ser en efectivo o crédito?

5. dinero en efectivo.

1. Hello, how may I help you today?

2. Round trip ticket to Japan please.

3. Sure.

4. That will be 1,480 dollars ma'am. Would that be cash or credit?

5. Cash.


Damn, President Houston is sexy as f***!
If he really was our president my ass would be a politician for sure!
So Kali tried to kill him huh?
I wonder why?
Damn, abuela is mean as hell.
Sounds like something my abuela would do haha

Run it

<em>"Daddy your home!" seven year old Olivia squealed as she raced towards her father. Scooping his only child up into his arms he twirled her around before planting a kiss on her forehead. Olivia whom was still engulfed in the arms of her father looked down at his luggage and then back up at him. "Daddy, does this mean your going to stay forever and forever? She asked getting excited. He shook his head with a smile spread across his lips "I will be here for a while rosebud," he said twirling her around again. "Now where is your mother?" He asked his daughter as she pointed out back towards the garden.</em>

<a href=> Kali Rose'</a>

"I think she's dead," I heard a small voice whisper. "What if she wakes up and she's a zombie and wants to eat all of our guts," another voice whispered in an animated tone. My body was weak and as I struggled to open my eyes it felt like the hardest thing to do. My eyes finally opened and the small children that happen to be a little boy and girl both started screaming as they raced away from my side and out of the room. My senses instantly made me sit up even though my body was against the whole idea. I looked around the room I was in; it was as small as a shoe box. A twin-size bed in which I was sitting on, a small dresser, and a window was all of the things that made the room up. "Are you okay?" a younger <a href=>lady</a> about in her late twenties asked as she rushed to the bedside. I just looked at her with a puzzled look and she sighed placing her hand on mines "My father and Fiance' were out docking the boat when they found you on shore unconscious with multiple gun shot wounds." She explained with a sincere voice. "How long have I been here?" I asked with a raspy voice. "A week," the lady answered me. "Mamá has been keeping up with your wounds. She's the best nurse in our town." The lady further explained. Did she just say town? I silently thought to myself. "Whe...where am I?" I asked. "Valle De Bravo, Mexico" The woman said in a proud tone. " I nodded my head just as an older <a href=>lady</a> walked in. "Ella despertó eh? Bueno, ahora averiguar qué demonios está en. No quiero ningún mafioso en mi casa," she said waving her hands. "Mama que no es forma de tratar a los huéspedes." The younger lady said looking over at her mother. "Su padre trae a esta puta americana en esta casa y espera que yo haga un milagro." The older lady said while grabbing the bowl from the window seal and walking over to me. The younger lady smiled at me and I just looked from her to the old bag. "Usted debe ser el opuesto a esto. Su pecho se ve hermosa y alegre. ¿Te das cuenta de que tiene un novio caminando por aquí." The older lady ranted as she pulled off my bandage unexpected causing me to wince in pain. "Mamá," the younger girl fussed looking at her mother. "Mire, yo no pedí estar aquí. Por favor, dame el arma y la ropa y con mucho gusto salir de su casa inmediatamente." I said looking the old bag in her eyes squarely. "Por el amor de dios. Ella habla español?" She asked looking at me with astonishment. "Sí, ahora me dicen que mi mierda es." I said standing to my feet.
The old lady pointed over to the dresser. I moved as as fast as I could over the dresser and seen my clothes but the cell phone was gone as well as my memory chip. "¿Dónde está mi glock 17?" I asked looking at the old lady in particular. "Las armas no están permitidas en un hogar santo." The old lady folding her arms and looking away. The younger lady stood to her feet "Your other things are out back in the lock box." She said as she went to retrieve my things leaving me and the old lady in the room. "Tatuajes, heridas de armas de fuego, y su ropa elegante. Lo sé todo sobre tu tipo. Puede que no conozco los detalles, pero se dirige hacia el camino equivocado," She said before leaving out of the room.

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"Mr. President, what plans do you have to bring our troops home?" A reporter asked as she held her tape recorder out for his response. The president was in a conference meeting discussing his political issues when one of his guards walked up and whispered something in his ear. "Ma'am that was good question. I will address those issues at another time. As for right now my duty calls and I'm sadden to end this conference in such a intense way." He said as he walked away from the podium. The crowd was in an up roar and the flashes of different cameras went off as he was escorted out of the room in the white house. Once out of the public eye he fixed his tie and walked swiftly to his office. Once he made it to his double doors two guards opened them and he walked in as the Chief of the CIA stood to his feet to greet him. "President <a href=>Houston</a>, It's my pleasure sir." He said shaking his hand. Pres.Houston walked around his table and took a seat at his desk. "<a href=> Fillmore</a> what is so important that made you barge into my home and demand to see me?" Pres. Houston asked. "It's agent <a href=>Johnson</a>, she's came back on the radar and killed a dozen agents and left about nine severely wounded." Fillmore explained. Pres. Houston sat back in his chair and looked squarely in Fillmore's eyes. "You mean to tell me that the woman that tried to assassinate me, has been alive all this time and you stupid f***s are just telling me!" He yelled. Fillmore sighed "Sir, we thought she was dead as well. She did a sneak attack on my soldiers and the few that were fortune to live identified Johnson as the attacker." "I dont care what you have to do. Kill her and make sure it's soon." Pres.Houston yelled again. "Yes sir," Fillmore said as he stood to his feet and exited the office.


1. Ella despertó eh? Bueno, ahora averiguar qué demonios está en. No quiero ningún mafioso en mi casa.

2. Mama que no es forma de tratar a los huéspedes.

3. Su padre trae a esta puta americana en esta casa y espera que yo haga un milagro.

4. Usted debe ser el opuesto a esto. Su pecho se ve hermosa y alegre. ¿Te das cuenta de que tiene un novio caminando por aquí.

5. Mire, yo no pedí estar aquí. Por favor, dame el arma y la ropa y con mucho gusto salir de su casa inmediatamente.

6. Por el amor de dios. Usted habla español?

7. Sí, ahora me dicen que mi mierda es.

8. ¿Dónde está mi glock 17

9. Las armas no están permitidas en un hogar santo.

10. Tatuajes, heridas de armas de fuego, y su ropa elegante. Lo sé todo sobre tu tipo. Puede que no conozco los detalles, pero se dirige hacia el camino equivocado.

1. She's woke huh? Good, now find out what the hell she's into. I dont want no gangster under my roof.

2. Mama that's no way to treat guest.

3. Your father brings this american whore in this house and expects me to perform a miracle.

4. You should be the one opposing to this. Her perky breast and beautiful looks. Do you realize that you have a fiance walking around here.

5. Look I didn't ask to be here. Please give me my gun and clothes and I will gladly leave your house immediately.

6. For the love of god. You speak spanish?

7. Yes, now tell me where my s*** is.

8. Where is my glock 17?

9. Weapons are not allowed in a holy home.

10. Tattoos, gun wounds, and your fancy clothing. I know all about your type. I might not know the details, but you are headed towards the wrong path.