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Thuglife | I'm Bout Dat

sup tho! i missed y'all <3


Whats up Lexi?

i gotta pray tonight smfh
this CAN NOT be life

i wanna laugh but i dont cause its not a laughing situtation smh just smh sweet baby jesus

pussy popping on a hand stand

Decent. You?

How you feeling love

Hey Nani!!

Hey yall

Thats how you know that child is going to grow up and be a b****. Haha

hell naw

Still aint get no play Ana, Lol?

im not having kids ughhhh!!

I'm not a drinker but that night I wanted to go outside my comfort zone... I had the worse hangover the next day and I will never drink like that again..

Ijs Bree

You ain't gotta rub it in my face Nani.



I hate when ppl do that.

Bree you shld know about that neither kings let you && Ty do s***

Lol. She not letting Ana get ANY action. She know the deal.

A girl f***ing her dog!? What in thee absolute f***?

I dont even drink like that but I got so messed up for my 21st birthday that I dont even remember half the night..

Or you can stick her outsidr like I was saying.

Oooor just turn in a movie that she likes for her
Play with her for a few mins the movie should catch her attention
Then slip out the room she should be sleep before the movie
is over

Send her outside to play.

real s*** i have bribed her with just about everything
but my car and she still wont go to sleep
trying to play barbies and s***
im about to throw them s***s outside

Kids do know && they think its funny.

killing my damn mood..
im trying to make her take a nap
but i think she knows whats up lol

Aint that a b****. Haha

that pissy moment when you have someone stopping
by to spend TIME
but your family decides they want to come by too and make you
babysit DAMN.. DAMN.. DAMN

Like, is fame that f***ing important to you that you're willing to do s*** like that?

WHY IN THE f***?

Like WTF be wrong with people? I be hoping them people catch stuff. Nasty asses.

s*** was hella f***ing grimy!
Ruined my drinking session.
What the f*** is wrong with the world?


That s*** sound disgusting af


Yo, why did my friend just send me a video of some girl getting f***ed by her dog and then she sucked the dogs d***! I'm so f***ing disgusted, f*** drinking. I cant after that.