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Thuglife | I'm Bout Dat

sup tho! i missed y'all <3


Attention whores Nani!
They obviously have no self respect or confidence

Why do girls post pics in they bra&&panties, little ass baby tees && panties etc. on
fB, Twitter, IG etc.

Like do they not get attention at home so they gotta get it through perverted ppl online that only wanna fck cause the pics makes them look like a hoe . . . .

I'm sorry stuff like that IRRITATES me

idk i just have strange ass taste i guess lol

Whatever, I love Kae and thats all that matters.

Lol Ana. Get Viagra for that.

Um Dany don't get mad boo boo. She just does nothing for us lol. She just look like she can be my lil cousin.

Nani YES! You get me lol.

my d*** goes limp for all
idk why

f*** you ho's!

Kae make my imaginary d*** hard.

Kae makes my imaginary penis soft && limp af
Lol . .. . Idk she just does.

Bree I agree idk why lol
Just something about her

Kae makes my imaginary penis soft && limp af
Lol . .. . Idk she just does.

Bree I agree idk why lol
Just something about her

That's how I am with Cassie, Kae and Kim J. Only b****es id turn lesbian for!

Nani eat my dust lol. And you know how Dany is all infatuated with & obsessed with Cassie ass? Lol. That's how I feel about Rih at the moment. It's just hearts in my eyes when I see her.

It was probably Chris who was the bad influence.

I made him mad begore he went out with the guys, he probably rubbed off on trey

Bree kiss it!

Ana try talking to him hun

idk whats wrong one night with the guys and
he come back with an attitude


Bree if his asx being grumpy still then he aint forgot.


Laughing gives a person a longer life span

Dany stay laughing at s***.

You ain't gotta remind him Nani lol. Damn. Let my nigga forget about that.

he making me mad grumpy barracuda
but i still love him

Lmfao at nani's comment. Hahaha

Hmmm maybe you should leave for a week or so
Let him collect himself

He's prolly still upset about being the first black guy
in TCM-3D && he died

Just give em some time lol

lately he has been idk why?

Hell yea Nani. You better! Lol.

Umm Trey sounding a little abusive lmao....

I can agree with that list . . .


you lucky he told me to stop
snitching before he f***s me up

but i agree chris is up there

Tell him. You know he gon' agree. Chris number 2 & Then Tyga number 3 lol.

damn im telling trey on yall

True, Soso is nice as hell


And true as fck.

Honestly, I feel like it's a tie when it come to niceness between Soso & Dany lol.

Ummm Ana... Trey is number 1 on that list lol.