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Thuglife | I'm Bout Dat

sup tho! i missed y'all <3


Told you im nice

Ana the add is up!

Bree that's true
Ppl think the same about me man . . . Idk why though
Ima nice person

Ana pssssh now you know better than tht lol

lol ha ok i'd be on the top of the girls
list but ty would be on the
top of the males list

Nope Ana cuz you'd be on top of that list lol

ha that list goes for the freakiest too lol

I'm nowhere near mean. I just joke around a lot. People just think I'm being rude lol.

This is very true!
Dany is the nicest
Then Sneak
Then Ana
Then Me
Then Bree mean asx lol

No one gave me neck Ana.

I've always been nice.

Lies my asx Bree
I caught y'all lol

just down right nasty they are lol

Lies! All lies lol.

how could they lol

They made my table nasty
Took its innocence :(


oooooohhhhh bree broke the tableeeeee

Oh no you won't Bree
Not in my house

I already had to get a new table after you && Ty left

awwww thanks dany.. wait your being super nice today
who gave you neck

mmmmmm mmmmm mmmm bree i like that plate
bree's plate for 500 alex

I'll make Ana a plate of Trey's abs lol.

I'll make you a plate Ana.


wait i have to make my own plate ..
damn.. damn.. damn..

Okay good.
I'm still seeing Trey asx. BLEH. Lol

Weeeeell it's in the kitchen
I'm not getting back up lol
Oh Ana I just posted it on EC.

Chris and Rih.

True. Been working ten times harder than usual.


Cause you been working out more
Makes you eat more times but less food
A least for me

What pic y'all see

Hell yes!

I've been hungry as s*** lately

Ugh. Gotta take trey down off my pic

I made spicy jambalaya
Y'all want some???

Since we sharing and s*** lol

i didnt have class today so
my ass stayed in bed no interruption

Lazy bish!!

I've been working my ass off all week.

Toning up and stuff in the gym

boo you im hungry lol
but i havent been out of my room
all day (lazy day)