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Thuglife | I'm Bout Dat

sup tho! i missed y'all <3


Okay!! :)

Ayeee Nani. Chill lol.

Sorry Ana. Me & Nani have a hot wing ritual thing lol.

i love how bree didnt ask if i wanted

DANY!!!!... come share cupcakes with me :)


High asx pothead gecko lookin asx nigga


They gone...

Me & Ty tore 'em up lol.

I want some!!!

Oooh YES !!!
I am on THE way Bree lol
And I texted you gua

The furk? Dany you a bad influence.

Nani come help me eat these hot wings lol

I accidently posted twice. Sowwy

Ok I'm very confused

Handle that ass!

ass handling

Handle that ass!

He gon have to stop that
I got bad asthma

I dont want Justin.

I'm just saying that, he, I, Chris, Kae and Cassie all kicked it and now the Biebs smokes.

All, i canz says iz i'm donez

Uhn uhn
Justin belong to Nani
My name tatted on his dck lol

Bree ummm I already got tatts there


Get it on yo ass Nani lol

I introduced the biebs to that good stuff too!

I meant wit peeps smoking, You know JB smoke now too, or so i hear @NaNi oh, true i was thinking bout getting a new tat, but idk?

Oh true, that was my jawn @SoSo

Eeeh I might get it on my thigh or wrist

Upper arm tatts on females are ratchet af to me

idk Nani maybe you should get it...
on one of your upper arms or back?

kandy put some damn clothes on boo boo!

Summer you talm bout Love Department?

Nooooooo Summer I even here
Question is where YOU been lol

*Streaks through post*

Nani, where you been?...

Damn right Kae do!
She even got herself a new hookah tip on the go.

ok ok i added to ds

and damn dany you turning all they asses out
to the s***...

Sooo Kae do too???