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You First. (Finished!!!) 4-9-13

"This s*** is unbelievable, we can't be late on the first day." I vented to my best friend, <a href="">Breana.</a> "If we don't get to campus on time, we will be, and that's gonna be our asses." She really didn't make things better. As soon as our feet touched campus ground we sprinted towards the building, in mid-stride we both bumped into some niggas that were probably late too. <a href="">They</a> dropped their books and so did we. "My bad." <a href="">I</a> apologized, picking up my books. Bre did the same and then stopped when she noticed them not helping. "Well damn, I don't believe we were the only ones that dropped our books." She huffed. "I just gathered my things and stood up to be blocked by them. Bre stood up and looked at them the same way they were looking at us. "May I help you?" I asked them. "Nah, my bad, I'm Chris this Trey." The light-skinned one introduced himself. "I'm Clarissa, that's Breana. Nice to meet you." I stuck my hand out and they both shook it firmly. "Well uh, we gotta get to class, see you around." Bre grabbed my hand and pulled me to class.

When we walked in all eyes were on us. "Holy s***." Bre and I cursed. "Umm ladies, profanity is not allowed in class. You must be Clarissa and Breana. Please join us." The <a href="">professor</a> said. Just as we took our seats the two guys from earlier walked in. "Sorry I'm late Ms. O, we had some stuff to do." Trey explained. "More like hangovers to get rid of so you can listen in class. Now back to class. Or do we have anymore late students?" Just as she said that the door flew open and these <a href="">people.</a> "Sorry, you know we get caught up in practice." The Hispanic one said, "You need to get caught up in your work because how your grade looks I can tell you aren't giving it any attention. So sit down." The class of course ohh'd and the girl walked up to me.

"Out of my seat hoe." I chuckled. "b****. Swerve to the left and out of my face. Thank you." I focused back on the teacher as the whole class focused on us. "I don't think you heard her." The black girl said. "No, I don't think she heard HER." Bre interfered. "Do we have a problem?" Mrs. O asked, noticing none of us really paying attention. "Yes, this girl is in my seat." I rolled my eyes. "I don't see your name." She pointed to the top left corner. "It's right there. Its in marker." I rubbed it off then put my name on it. "I don't know what you're talking about." I said with a smile on my face, then Mrs. O tapped the ruler on her desk causing us all to jump up. "I have had it with you interrupting my class, everyone that came in late, you now have an extra assignment." We all groaned and threw our hands up.


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Three Weeks Later~~

Mystery Person's POV

I watched as they lifted my casket out of the van. It broke my heart to see the love of my life and my mother cry their eyes out over me and my decision. I never had a chance to be rich and have fans from all different places. I was suprised to see all my old and new friends there. My father cried harder than my mom as he watched his youngest child be lowered in the ground. My sister tried to get to the casket, but people held her back. There I was. Dead. Finished. Over. "Come my child, for I have forgiven you for your sins." God spoke to me from the gates. I slowly approached the golden gates as they opened. I had goosebumps. This is the new me. A new start for Donald Jesus Smith.

Rissa's POV

I watched as they lowered Don's body into the ground. I held onto his mother as she held onto me. Chris shed a few tears. Josh did too. Chris and I had talked about this before going to the funeral. He had forgiven Don a long time ago, so did I. Josh understood where Don came from. He said that if Barbie told him to do something like that it would've been done the second she told him to.

After the funeral there was a nice dinner held in honor of Don. I didn't want him to die and leave like this. "But God makes everything happen for a reason, Selena"His mother would say to me. I knew that. I laughed at her calling me my third middle name. Only Josh and Don called me that when they were mad. Or Don called me my full name, Clarissa Luana Amanda Selena Sanders. ”Te amo Mama, take care of yourself.” I said before leaving. The guys stayed back to help clean and put things up.

As I walked to the front door, I heard Brey and Dakota talking and shuffling things around. "Hello." I called out softly as I unlocked and opened the door. "Rissa! Sweetie are you okay?" Bre asked with genuine concern. Dakota on the other hand was wiping something off her face. I looked at the both of <a href="">them</a> and just brushed it off. "Yeah, I'm fine." Dakota had a huge smile on her face as she looked at Bre and Bre looked at her. "Good, because everybody is going to the Bahamas!" My mouth dropped as I looked at them. "You better pick up that mouth before something fllies in there Auntie." I turned to see my <a href="">Joy</a> walk out of the kitchen. "Joy!" I screeched. She ran to me and hugged me so tight. I sniffed her hair and started kissing her nose. "Auntie stop, you gonna make me sneeze and my boogies are gonna come out." She playfully warned. "Aww okay, just one more." I kissed her nose and she kissed my cheek. "Now where is that beautiful mother of yours?" I heard somebody clear their throat. "Awww, are you talking about little ole me? I'm right here in the kitchen." I walked in the kitchen to see <a href="">The Official Chris Brown Site</a> eating chocolate. "Beauty! Where's my little man and cuzzo?" She rolled her eyes and laughed. "You won't believe what Nick did to my poor little boy. He is forcing Troy to learn basketball. So they went to a all Summer basketball camp. I'm gonna miss my baby." I laughed, Troy was going to want to be as far away from his dad as possible when they came back.


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Awww s*** run it

Rissa's POV

I felt my body jerk back in shock after the gun shots went off. After a while of keeping my eyes closed, I finally opened them. I sighed in relief after I noticed I hadn't been shot. But when I looked up, I saw Josh, Chris, Trey, Don, and Pachino on the ground. I screamed an shrill scream, causing Julia to finally come out of the room. She came out in a hurry, but stopped in mid-stride and fell to the floor at the sight. "Baby!" I heard a familiar voice yell. I turned to see Bre and Dakota running towards Shad and Trey. Now was not the time to ask Dakota why the hell she was calling Shad baby. I turned to see someone with a black hoodie running away. They were slow as hell, I knew I had to catch up with them. "Call the police and get them to the hospital. Go! Now!" I ordered. Without hesitation they did as they were told. I took off running in the opposite direction after the person that was still running. They had to be the killer cause I saw them drop a gun in a bush. I picked it up and followed the person into a dark alley. I c**ked the gun making the person turn around fast. When she did it finally hit me.

"Johina I should've known all along." She smirked at me, obviously forgetting I had the gun in my hand. "Well if it isn't Little Ms. Perfect. What are you going to do kill me?" I chuckled a bit and lowered the gun. "Perfect, I'm far from it. But the second thing I was seriously considering I would." She began to walk towards me and I walked towards her, after dropping my gun in the trash by me. I liked fair fights and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. "Oh! I'm so scared." She said while laughing. "You should be." I warned. She threw her first punch and I grabbed her hand and hit her in her face. She held her jaw while I stood there laughing.She got up and charged after me. Before she could touch me I moved aside and grabbed her by her neck and body slammed her. She started coughing up blood and choking. "Okay b****, I'm done playing games." She spat the blood at me and it landed two inches away from me. "Oh, I was just getting started." I kicked her in her ribs hard and she groaned in pain. I picked her up and threw her against the wall punching her body and face. I was winning until she pulled out a knife and stabbed me in my leg. I screamed loudly and fell down.

"Its my turn now." She started punching me in my ribs and I whimpered and winced in pain. She punched exactly were Don hit me and it made i hurt twice as worse. She forcefully pulled the knife out of my leg and threw it to the side. Then she stomped on my wound continuously. Everytime she stomped, my eyes rolled farther and farther back. Then I heard a voice. It was Chris'. "Babe, don't give up on me now. We didn't get a chance to be happy. Come on fight it, I know you can. I'm doing the same for you. Now do it for me please." He cried, then faded away. "For you baby." I whispered to myself. I gathered myself together and focused my attention on Johina. As she was about to take another stomp, I grabbed her leg and pulled her back, causing her to fall. When she fell to the ground I struggled to get up. She tugged at my leg like a demon trying to stop an angel from going into heaven. It took all the strength in me, but I kicked her off with my free leg and limped to the trash can. When I turned around she had the knife in her hands. I took a deep breath. She slowly raised her hand and aimed the knife at me. She quickly threw it and I pulled the trigger. It hit her between her eyes. But the knife hit me between my chest, near my heart.

Chris' POV

As I laid in the hospital bed. I watched as two girls fought in an alley. The girl with the dark brown hair was winning, until the girl with the blonde hair did something to make her fall back. The Blondie was stomping the hell out of her until the other one pulled her down. But then they both grabbed a weapon and attacked the other. The Blondie was hit in her head with a gun, the other one was- was Rissa. I started to panic. How could I not notice. I started to fight, not only for myself, but for Rissa too. "I'm coming baby, don't worry." I yelled out the window the nurse had opened a few minutes before. As soon as I was about to open the door, my nurse walked in. "Mr. Brown, what is all the yelling for?" She asked, trying to sit me down. I pointed out the window and she walked over to it. "Oh my God! Somebody call 911!" Was the last thing she said before we both rushed outside.

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gawddam how the hell she get her ass whoop and still manage to run down??/
and what happen to selena? i dont remember her leaving
and i really thought rissa beat his ass not the other way around
and this nigga really gona say sorry and realize he dont love josh ex girl -__-
f*** outta here
and i wanted to know what lie they were gona tell rissa
i hope it wasnt rissa ....
run it

Please don't tell me that any of them shot Rissa D:

Rissa's POV

As I laid there, I heard muffled voices. I couldn't move at all, so I laid there. Helpless, hopeless, and mad as hell. I heard footsteps coming closer and began to panic. A tear slid down my face as I heard a door open. "I'm gonna call my sister she'll know what to do." I heard Don's voice. I wanted to jump up and beat him until he bled to death like me, only I'll live. I don't know whether or not he had her on speaker, but I heard everything. "Don you stupid ass! Why the hell would you do some s*** like that? You beat my Pooh, and then expect me to help you? Nigga you got me all types of f***ed up, but that's alright. I ain't doin s*** for you, it's for Rissa and Rissa only. I hope she files a f***in report on yo pussy ass, bye motherf***a!" She yelled. I began to laugh hard as hell in my head. Too bad I couldn't see his face. "Damn, she wasn't even on speaker." I felt a hand rub my cheek and and tensed up when something wet hit my face. "Babe, I'm so sorry." He cried. I felt my blood began to boil as he cried on me.

I figured out a plan while Don was out of my range. When I awoke, I was going to pretend like I didn't remember s***. I was going to lie my ass off. Pretend to be happy that he was there. I want him to lie to my face, I'm just curious about the lies he's going to come up with. I fought the pain and began trying to open my eyes. When I opened them, <a href="">Don</a> staring at me. ”Babe get your hands out your pants and go put a shirt on.” I said, my voice was a little raspy. I smiled a genuine smile, he always did that when he was stressed or mad at something or about something he did. I thought it was still adorable, but I still hated him with a passion, eh I'll forgive him eventually. He looked down at me with red eyes, he was crying hard. ”Baby!” He yelled and gently latched onto me. It hurt a little so I winced a little. ”I'm so sorry.” It was a genuine apology Don had given me in a while. I then remembered my plan. ”Sorry for what Don, what happened to me. Why is the room spinning?” I put my hands on my head to add affection. ”You don't remember?” He asked me. ”I don't, so what happened?” It got quiet fast. ”Donald Jesus Smith, if you don't tell me what the f*** happened I promise you will regret it.” He sighed as he bit his lip. A tear slowly slid down his cheek. ”You bastard!” Somebody yelled. I saw a small figure stand beside Don. It took me some time to realize that it was his sister. When she saw me her tears formed in her eyes. ”Pooh Bear? Do you know what happened. <a href="">She</a> looked at me, her eyes matched Don. She gasped and ran towards me and hugged me tight. It hurt, but I felt safer than I did when Don hugged me. ”Pooh, I'm going to take care of you.” She touched my face and gave me a warm smile. ”Will somebody tell me what the hell happened?” I was getting tired of waiting for an answer. ”She doesn't know Don?” He shook his head no. ”I don't know what?” She looked back at me. ”Pooh, I gotta go talk to this a**hole, when I come back I'll tell you. Okay?” I hated how she talked to me like I was a child. I just crossed my arms and began huffing and puffing as she walked out the door.

I started looking around the room and saw my phone sitting on the stand next to my bed. There was about 15 voicemails: 7 from Chris, 6 from Josh, and 2 from Bre. I listened to them and I was shook. ”Clarissa! I'm on my way! Baby don't worry. Josh and I are almost there. Please God let my baby be okay.” Was the last one Chris sent. I checked the time, it was sent about 15 minutes ago. That was when I heard a somebody banging on the front door. ”Who the f*** is that?” I heard Don say. The person banged on the door again, this time a little harder. ”Julia go in the room.” I got up and walked to the window to see who was at the door. I saw <a href="">Chris,</a> <a href="">Josh,</a> and oh dear God. They even brought <a href="">Trey and Pachino,</a> who used to kill people for a job. But I loved him, besides he gave that up ehen he had his daughter, <a href="">Shai.</a> I shook myself out of my thoughts when I heard the door close. ”Rissa, you need to be in bed baby.” I heard Julia say. Forgetting my pain I raced to Don as he was about to open the door. ”Chris no!” I screamed. <em>Pow! Pow! Pow!</em> Was all I heard after that.
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I love the love!!
Who shot who?

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wow!!! new reader and d@mn girl!!! Just full of drama... but i absolutely love it!!!

run it run it girlie!!!

WTF?!?!?!?!!? RUN IT!


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Damn o he need to be dealt wit for real that blackn out s*** dnt mean s*** she almost dead n y that b**** aint call the cops to gt her sum help dumb b****

Josh's POV

"What the f*** you mean he's planning to kill me?!" I exclaimed. Rissa had just finished telling me about how Don and that crazy b**** Johina trying to kill me. "I'm telling you, she was his house and everything. She called his phone, she even said she loved him." Her voice cracked and I looked at Rissa to see her crying. It broke my heart to see such a bad thing happen to such a good person. "I'm so sorry Rissa, he will pay for this, I promise." I said through clenched teeth. "She will get her one too. But before we do anything, we need to come up with a plan." I nodded my head in agreement. "So, should we tell the others?" She asked me. "Yeah, but no one other than the crew. Other than y'all I can't trust anybody." Rissa stood up and walked over to me and began to rub my ear. "I'll always be here even when I'm dead." I cringed at the word "dead", what if someone was to get hurt while doing this? I pushed the negative thought to the back of my head and began thinking up a plan. Don will pay for breaking my sister's heart. "I can't believe him." I mumbled, but Rissa heard me. "I can't either." I felt a tear on my shoulder and just stood there hugging her in silence. No words were said, just us comforting each other with our presence.

That Night~~

"What the hell you mean he tryna kill you?!" Barbie yelled. "That's the same thing I said." <a href="">She</a> sat up and looked at me. <a href="">I</a> stared back at her before she crawled over to me. "I love you with all my heart, you know that right?" She nodded her head. "I'll never do you like Johina, you are everything I want, need, and much more." She smiled at me letting her dimples show. "I love you too, Josh. Trust, I'll never do what Johina did to you, that's sickening. I never wanna see you hurt, when you hurt I hurt. I love you so so much." I kissed her on her forehead and rubbed her arm. There was a knock on the door, interrupting the silence. "Josh, the crew is here." Rissa yelled. "Aiight, be in there in a few." Barbie kissed me on my lips and got dressed. "So, we lead him on. Rissa, please don't run him off. We need all the time we can get. I want you to act like you did before any of this happen, just don't fall for him again." She rolled her eyes. "Please, like my girl Keisha said, can't say I'm not hurt, I'll be damned if I'm broken!" She sung way off key, causing us all to laugh. "Anyway, do what you can to make him fall for you. I'm not saying f*** him, but you know, care for him like you used to. And Chris, act right. Don't be jealous because he got Rissa and you don't!" I joked. "Man shut the f*** up! Ain't nobody tell you to say all that! He yelled. "If you don't like me it's okay, don't let him get to you." She rolled her eyes at me. "And if I do?" Chris asked in a low husky tone. "I like you too." We all sat watching, staring at them with our "what the f*** <a href="">faces</a> as theirs got closer and closer. "What the f***, I got to pee and y'all already kissing?"

We turned to see <a href="">Dakota</a> walking out of the bathroom shaking her head. "Chris, I thought I told you I wanted to be the first one to see you guys kiss! I can't believe it. But go ahead, I guess I can share this moment." I shook my head and Rissa and Chris gave her the finger as their lips finally touched. Out of instinct I pulled Chris off of her and pulled her back. "Yo Josh, what the f***!" Rissa yelled. "I'm baby sis, I didn't mean for that to happen. Something just came over me and I just did it, sorry you guys." Chris laughed, "Rissa, can I talk to you for a minute?" Rissa nodded and they walked in the other room. "Really Josh, she's not 12 anymore, she knows how to take care of herself now." Barbie lectured me. "I know I know MOM." I walked to the living room to go over some plans with Trey, Bre, Barbie, and Dakota.

Chris' POV

"Chris....mmmm....we stop." Rissa said between moans as we made out on the bed. "I don't wanna." I whined kissing her neck. "No...s***!" She pushed me off of her so I stopped, "Why did you do that?" I asked her with my puppy dog eyes. "Because, I wasn't going to have sex with knowing that I just broke up with Don, and I'd feel bad. I wouldn't want you to have any second thoughts about me. I wanna take things nice and slow. At least wait until the Don situation is over. I can't just use you. Chris, I lov- I mean like you a lot. I don't want to ruin our soon to be relationship by having sex now and then turn around and the 90 day rule on you when we make it official. Plus, I have Don still on my imaginary d*** all the time." Chris laughed so hard that he almost turned purple. "Okay future wifey. I'll see you first thing in the morning to wake you up with breakfast in bed." A huge smile spread across my face, which was soon replaced by a frown. "First I gotta go see you know who. I may not be here in the morning, but you can come pick me up. Maybe fake patch things up with that bastard." He nodded his head and walked towards me. He kissed me one last time before taking my hand and stuffing it down his shorts, "I'll wait as long as you need me to." He whispered then nibbled my ear and walked out the door. I followed behind him saying a quick prayer and then said bye. As I walked out the door I thought on whether or not to call Don, his ass probably f***ing that b**** or some other b****. f*** that, I wanna catch his ass in action.

Don's POV

"Oh s*** girl! Right there!" I groaned, my other other b****, <a href=" Sammi-Sweetheart-Giancola-net-worth.jpg">Selena</a> had me gone. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as she deep throated my d***. "f***" I cursed lowly. Johina or Rissa didn't do s*** like this. I mean I love Rissa, I mean Johina, but I got needs. Let me stop lying to myself, I fell for Rissa the first time I saw her. She was beautiful and nice, and she could grind. Whoo! I can't wait to get up in that, but until then Selena would have to do. Just as I came I felt Selena snatch her mouth off. I winced in pain. "b**** what the- Rissa?" She looked at me teary eyed and I saw that she had Selena by the hair with a knife to her throat. "Really Don, really? I don't believe yo ass! I tried and tried to convince myself I found the one. But no, once again love has failed me. You know what f*** you and the b****!" She dropped Selena and punched me in my face. When she pulled back I saw the blood on her knuckles. I felt something come over me and I blacked out.

~~In The Morning~~

I looked around my room, it was <a href="http://farm5.">trashed</a> and blood was all over me, the floor, and even the walls. "What the hell happened here?" I heard sniffles and looked in the corner to see <a href=" 1057291.1333730267!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/sammi-giancola.jpg">Selena</a> crying in a corner holding something in blanket. She jumped when she saw me and tried to pick up the blanket and run, but wasn't strong enough to do so. "What the hell happened to you Selena! Where's Rissa? And what is that?" I asked. "You. You happened, you blacked out and attacked Rissa, I tried to stop you, but you hit me too. I tried so hard to stop you. Why?! She didn't deserve this. She was so good to you. I hate you! I f***ing hate you so f***ing much!" She yelled at me. "What's in the blanket?" I asked again, now terrified of the answer. "Her body." I felt my legs go numb and I fell to the floor. I crawled to the blanket and the stinch of blood hit me. I saw the blanket moving up and down, I reached down and slowly pulled the blanket back. I jumped back and my skin began to crawl. There she laid, blood covered all over her. She had bruised ribs, s*** her whole body was bruised. I stared at her swollen shut eyes and began crying. I never ment to hurt her, f*** Johina! She never loved me anyway. I need to get her to a hospital. First I got to let the crew know. How am I supposed to explain this s***? ” I'm so sorry baby. Please forgive me.” I brushed my hand across her cheek and she tensed up, she was scarred for life. All because of me and my temper.
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New reader, wtf?!? RUN IT!

On the part when I ment to type Don, so it's supposed to say:

"Oh, my bad! You're Johina! The one DON always talks about. I'm a good friend of his. He is absolutely sprung."

My bad, I got mixed up with the names.

Rissa's POV

On my way home, Don called and asked if I could bring home some soup. My baby wasn't feeling well. As I was looking for the chicken, he likes it when I cook stuff from scratch, I heard someone yell my name. I turned to see <a href="">Chris</a> walking towards me. ”Hey boo, what are you doing here?” I asked, he turned his back towards me and pointed at a beautiful <a href="">woman</a> walking flawlessly towards us. ”I'm here with my sister, Keri, and nephew, King.” I noticed the little <a href="">boy</a> walking beside her. ”Uncle Chris, wait!” He ran to Chris and he picked him up. The boy looked at me and waved, I smiled and waved back. ”Lil Man and Keri, this is my best friend Rissa.” I shook her hand and she pulled me in for a hug. ”Any friend of Chris is a friend of mine. Well, come on King. Lets leave your uncle and Rissa to talk.” Chris put King down and he held his hand out, ”Nice to meet you Rissa.” I shook his hand and he kissed it. ”Same to you Mr. King.” I said blushing. They left and Chris stood there looking at me like I was crazy. ”What nigga?” He smacked his lips, ”Yo cougar ass better not try to get with my nephew.” My mouth dropped to the floor. ”Shut up! He was cuter than you.” I turned to walk away, but he grabbed me from behind and snuggled up against me. ”I'm sorry boo, don't be mad.” I turned to him and hugged him, ”Its okay.” I whispered. ”Don was right you can get addicted to those hugs.” I giggled and pulled out the embrace.

Chris' POV

I couldn't stop staring at her face and body, "Don sure is a lucky man." I said under my breath. "What was that?" Rissa asked turning towards me. "I asked what are you doing here." She smiled that beautiful smile. "Oh, Don was sick and I stopped by here to get some stuff to make soup." I slightly rolled my eyes. "The nigga probably cheatin' by now." I thought to myself. As I walked behind Rissa my eyes fell to her round ass. It was perfect how it sat up and didn't sag. Her hair tickled the top of it and her breast, dear God, those things were just perfect too. But her face is what gets to you, it's not too skinny or fat, not long or wide, her face was a face of an angel. "Chris... Chris...Christopher!"

I snapped out of my daze and turned to see Rissa. "Huh! What's up?" She smirked, "Stop daydreaming about me and go with your sister. She's waiting by the door, she been there for about five minutes." I turned to see Kerri waving at me. "Oh my bad, bye Rissa. See you soon." I hugged and kissed her cheek and walked away. When I got to Kerri she and King waved bye to Rissa and then Kerri hit me upside my head. "Ow! KERRI WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!" I exclaimed. "Muhf***a don't yell at me! You had me waiting while you talked to your secret lover." I shook my head, but I didn't fully deny it. I strapped King in his seat and hopped in the car. I reclined the seat and fell asleep thinking about Rissa.

Rissa's POV

I made my way to Don's house and as I pulled in another <a href="">car</a> pull out. "Is that <a href="">Johina?"</a> I asked myself. It couldn't be. Johina was my brother's first girlfriend, they were inseparable. But she was way too clingy, I once had to threaten her to leave the house for a few hours until my brother came back from my grandma's house. Between you and I, my brother's best friend killed Johina when she threatened to kill us all if Josh didn't get her pregnant and take care of their baby. At first I thought she was pregnant, but she played a sick joke on Josh with a fake baby bump and said it was his to make him fall in love with her. The b**** was crazy. I just shook the thought to the back of my head and hopped out the car. But if it wasn't Johina, who the f*** was it?

I slammed the door mad as hell as I stomped towards the door. I banged on the door. "Who the f*** bangin' on the door?!" I heard Don yell. "Um it's the b**** you been dating for the past 3 months!" I heard him racing down the stairs and the swung open causing me to jump a little. "Baby! You got my food?" I rolled my eyes at him, I showed him the bag and he smiled and puckered up his lips. I walked past him and into the kitchen and started getting out the pots and pans. "What's wrong with you bae?" Don asked hugging me from behind and digging his head in my neck. "Who was that pulling out your drive way?" I asked pushing him back before I fell into his trap. "Some b**** I used to fu- I mean hang with, she was that I cut her off because I was dating you. She was tryna get with me, but I kicked her ass out and she stormed out the house. It was hilarious babe, you should've seen it." I smiled a little and kissed him on his cheek. "What I don't get a real kiss?" He pouted, I shook my head no. "You're sick. I don't do sick, now go take a shower while I cook." He walked past me, but stopped behind me. He smacked and cuffed my butt while I sorta winced, but moaned in pain. I guess you can say I "woaned". "That's alright I like it when you put me on punishment, it gives me time to think about the things imma do to you in bed." He licked my neck and rubbed his hand up and down my thighs. I let out a little moan and then put myself together and pulled away from his grip. "I guess you're gonna have a lot of time to think." He smirked and bit his lip at me and made his way up the stairs. "Dear God, please help me control my sexual hormones with this man, Amen." I prayed.

Don's POV

Damn, I really hope she believed that s***. Me and Johina been f***ing for like five months and I really love her, she told me that Josh broke her heart, and while he's around she just can't find love anymore. So she set me up with Rissa (to be her friend only, but she doesn't have to know all that) just to get a little closer to Josh. Chris been acting real distant, but s***, when I blow his boy's brain out, he can have the b**** all he want. Now I gotta admit, she fine as hell and I do have some feelings for her, but my heart lies with Johina.

Johina's POV

I cruised down the street calling Don's phone to setup the plan. I hated his guts, but he loved me so I'm just using him to get Josh. His ass will pay for breaking my heart. I wanted to have his first born. Not some b**** named Barbie, that's why I'm calling him, to see if I can get an extra casket for her little ass. I'm twice as thick as her, but she's fine as hell. s***, maybe I should save her for myself. Nah! I heard the b**** could fight, and I will not go out of this world with bruises and blood on me. On the third ring somebody answered the phone. "Hello?" It's Rissa! I wonder if she remembers me.

Rissa's POV

I heard Josh's phone ringing so I went to take it to him when I saw Johina's picture pop up. I knew it! That lying ass dog! He f***ing with her and kissing all up on me. "Hello?" I answered. "Um hi, this is Johina, may I ask who's speaking." I rolled my eyes, the b**** knew who the f*** she was talking to. "This is Clarissa, um have we met before?" I asked playing dumb. "Bit- I mean yes we have had a few encounters with each other." I wanted to go through the phone and kill her ass. "Oh, my bad! You're Johina! The one Josh always talks about. I'm a good friend of his. He is absolutely sprung." She laughed. "Well I feel the same way about him, after all that is my baby. Tell him I said I love him." My heart almost broke, she loved him. "Okay I will bye." I hurried off the phone after my heart broke in two. I started crying hard and I couldn't help myself. I actually caught myself falling in love with him. My sadness turned into anger. I raced to his room and started going through it until I found a giant sheet of paper. In big bold letters it said "The Great Plan To Kill Josh! Made by the two geniuses Johina and Don." I covered my mouth after a few more tears slid down my cheek. I folded the paper down and stuffed it in my purse. "Babe there you are? Is my- what's wrong?" I looked up at <a href="">Don</a> with nothing but hate in my eyes. "Something happened to my grandmother, um you know how it is with Grandma. The closest thing I have to a mom. I'm sorry baby, I have to go. I'll make your soup another time. I love you." My voice began to break and tears rolled down my cheek. "I love you too babe. Sorry about your grandma, I know how you feel." He kissed me on my lips and I felt disgusting. I ran out the house and sped to the apartment. "I will kill you first before you kill my brother." I said aloud to myself.

Run it Boo!

Run it Boo!

Run it

Run it

Bre's POV

As we walked through the mall, we got lots of stares by the college boys. We either laughed them off or walked right past them. "Oh s*** b****! Look at those sexy ass niggas there!" Barbie said pointing to a group of extremely sexy <a href="">boys.</a> "Go talk to them Daki, you the only single one." I urged. "Yeah, I'm sure they'll love to have a five-some with you>" Rissa joked. It was funny until Dakota gave her that stare of hers that made everybody uncomfortable. Everybody except for Rissa, that's her twin, she can do the s*** too. "Oh s***! That's Rissa and Dakota Gonzales!" We heard someone from the group yell. Rissa and Dakota looked at each other and said the same thing at the same time. "Oh s***."

Dakota's POV

I really hope nobody would recognize us from the basketball tournament that took place earlier this year. My sister and I beat every single group that came to play with ease. We even dunked on some b****es and we're only 5"4. If Nate Robinson can do it, so can we. "Oh s*** exactly, they comin' over here." Bre announced. "Naw Bre, we don't see them walking our way right now." I said sarcastically. "f*** you Daki, me and Barbs are out. Bye boos!" They walked the other direction leaving us standing there, looking like scared lost puppies. When they all approached us, they were cheesing extra hard, it was cute how the first one would lick his lips and bite them while checking me and my sister out. "So wassup my nigga?" Rissa asked them. I looked at her like she was crazy. The f*** got into her?

Rissa's POV

I don't know what the hell got into me, but it came naturally and I loved it. "Oh not s***. I just had to say wassup to the best female ballers in the world." The first one complimented us. Dakota smiled at him. "No, we are the best ballers period not of our own sex. We the best out of everyone and anyone....Nah, I'm just f***in with you, thanks that means a lot to here you say that." He flashed her a flirty smile and bit his lip and she winked at him. I smacked my lips, "I saw that s***." They all looked at them two and laughed. "Umm, if you don't mind can y'all sign our jerseys?" We both smiled. "We'd be delighted to." They took out their jerseys and handed them to us. My mouth fell wide open, so did Dakota's. "Is there a problem?" The third one asked me. "No it's just you guys are the undefeated college team of the nation. How did I not notice you?" Dakota and I started naming them left to right. "You're Dwayne, Richard, Shane, and your Frankie, where's Gale and Boog?" They all frowned, "They left to go play overseas." We both gasped in shock. "That's terrible. I hope you find two people who can play like them, because they were really good. You all were perfect as a whole team." Dakota sighed. "Hold up," Frankie started, "Why don't y'all fill in their place?" MY eyes almost bulged out my head. "What?! No, we couldn't don't they have a rule against that?" They all shook their heads no happy as hell. We ended up giving into their pouting and all the bulls***. Bre and Barbie are so excited, now they won't have to say that they are at basketball games to watch sweaty, sexy, toned guys run around. I ended up going home by myself. The girls said they'll just call the boys to come pick them up so I left and went to Don's house, but I it was like a second home.

Run it

Aww they are cute!
I dont like Chris b****!
Don is line so sweet and funny!
And all them had,a twerk party to funny!
Run it!

And the baby is doing great!
Im five months now!
Im gona try to put a,pic up today!

Bre!!!!! How is my Junior? @Team.Breezy4Lyfe Thanks for finally revealing yourself, I really appreciate the love.

Been a silent reader, love it