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Today I found out that one of my classmates was in a car accident and past away. I didnt know her that well but its crazy to me how stuff like this happens. I mean in a blink of an eye, God can take anyone away and its scary. And to think that this morning I was flipping out because my lifetime sports teacher made me be goalie in soccer this morning. I guess you have to treasure the small things of life.

How was your guys' days today?


Yes Dany has a job. Dany been having a job.

That was sad af Dany... Ugh.

But Dany has a job?!!!! For real?! Lol

Im laying in bed watching bootsie ass twilight. Lmao.

Thats good tho Harlz. A job is good, my ass has one now too.

8 minuites until I finish work lol..
and its kinda our independence day tomorrow (Waitangi Day).. so no work lol.. YUSSSS and its a Wednesday.. then 2 days and I finish my job here lmaooo..

A awe damn.
That's sad.

I'm good. Kinda tired.
What y'all doing?

That`s good =) ..
Me .. I`ve been getting my life on a different track to the one it`s currently on lol.. aka job change

I'm good, been getting myself back on track.

I feel you on that..
I`m good over these ways =), how you doing?