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*Concrete Angel* chapter 7 posted

<a href="">i</a> made it to john's house and as soon as i walk in the door i heard him and our mother arguing.
"john we're here." i said sitting the baby in the front room and Bj sat next to her and walking through the house and find them in the kitchen fighting over how much sugar to put in the kool-aid.
"hello i said we're here."
"hey babygirl come here." i dropped the diaper bag and ran into my brother's arms.
"hi momma." i said releasing john.
i waved her and turned my attention back to john.
"ok renee where is my niece.?" he asked.
"in the front room. be right back." i walked back to the the front room, took brandee out her baby phat snowsuit and took her to john.
"here she is." i said handing her to him.
"aw shoot look at my niecey. her so cute but damn, you look like yo daddy. you know you favorite uncle dont like him." he said in baby talk, his form anyway.
"john.!" i said
"what.? its the truth."
"so what bubby. you dont say that in front of his kids."
"ok im sorry babygirl. so what's my niece's name.?" he asked sitting down.
"Brandee Ma'Shell Keyshawna Shane." i replied with a smile rubbing my baby's head full of hair.
"aw that's cute. how'd you come up with that.?" he asked.
"well Bj decided on her being named brandee. spelling and all but ma'shell is brandun's mom' middle name and keyshawna is ms. townsend's middle name."
"so just fuxk me right.?" my mother finally said.
"excuse me but i haven't seen you since you put me out for being pregnant the first time so why put in your mind that i would ever name my kids after you.!" i replied getting close to her.
"that's fuxked up ranee i am still your mother." she said.
"what kind of mother are you.? you've never taken care of me. did you forget you were a crackhead all my life.? do you remember why you went to prison when i was eight. hell do you even remember my birthday." i was all in her face now.
"alright renee now that's enough." john spoke up saying.
"but john---" i said but he cut me off.
"no buts, this is my house and i said stop.! damn, don't you see these kids in here."
"how about i just leave." my mother said grabbing her bag.
"ofcourse your leaving, im so use to seeing the back of your head anyway." i said as she walked out the door.

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don't worry toya that confusion will be over soon lol

sorry there was an error.!!!! bradun shane is TYGA.!

i like this story
my only thing is,
this lil girl is way too grown for her age
she been too grown from she was 8
got me a lil confused

i woke up in the hospital with brandun by my side. he told me i got four stitches over my eye, my left wrist was broken, my jaw was fractured, and i had three broken ribs. thankfully thougg, brandun couldnt tell them my last name so uncle joe and john werent called. but somehow lania, kaydn, <a href="">asia,</a> and <a href="">sammy</a> were there too.
"hey guys what yall doing here.? how'd yall find me.?"
"i was at the movies last night with emily and i saw brandun carrying you out." lania told me.
"yall didnt call john did you.?"
"yes i did and hes on his way but you gotta tell us what happened." kaydn told me.
"i got jumped by these squad bytches for talking to him." i squeezed his hand so he knew not to say nothing. lania could tell i was lying out of all my girls she was the only one who knew michael hit me and i wanted to keep it that way.
we all talked a little more and when john and uncle joe came everybody left. the doctors told me i had to stay for another two days for more test. john stayed with me the whole time
michael never showed his face or even called but brandun was there everyday. he almost didnt even let me leave on my release day. he is so sweet and he really showed he cared even though he barely knew me.
after being home about a week with no call from michael i decided to go see him. the swelling in my face went down so all you can see is the black eye and the bruise on my cheek. i also had a cast on my hand and i was limping a little.
when i got there his mom answerd the door.
"oh my renee honey what happened.?" she said looking so devastated and almost in tears.
"your son ms. harris. we need to talk, please tell me your alone."
"yes baby i am come in here and tell me what happened." we walked in the living room, sat down and i told her everything, including all the times hes hit me before.
"aw renee baby im so sorry. i cant believe that son of mine was treating you like this." she was so hurt.
"its my own fault for letting it happen this long. i just thought maybe things would get better and they did for a while then this happened." she embraced me and allowed me to cry on her shoulder then the door opened.
"hey mom where you at.?" when he saw us together it was like he saw a ghost.
"renee.? what you doing here baby aint you suppose to be on bed.?" he came close and tried to kiss me but his mom stopped him.
"what you doing momma.?"
"keep yo dumb ass away from her. i should beat the fuxk outta you myself. i didnt raise you like this boy. "
"what you talking bout momma.?" he said tryna play confused.
"you know exactly what im talking about. look at her michael. how could you do this.?"
"bytch you told my mom on me." he said giving me a death stare. his mom slapped the shyt outta him.
"you watch your fuxking mouth boy. now look at me. if i i catch you near her or if she ever tells me you put your hands on her again then thats yo ass. do you understand me.?" he looked at me and if looks could kill then i woulda been on fire right about now.
"boy im talking to you. do you understand.? " she said grabbing his chin making him look at her.
"yes ma'am." with that he walked to his room.
"renee let jamal take you home. you and michael need to cool it for a while you know that right.?"
"ms. harris im so done with him. i just wanna move on and erase him from my life."
"i understand that honey. dont erase me though." she hugged me saying.
"i wont, i promise."
leaving that house and michael alone is what best for me. i need to be depending on myself and becoming a stronger person. i gotta start thinking about myself now.

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O mike gt wat he needed damn b more put that work on him lol run it

~Two Years Later~
this year itself has already brought on so much stress. my mother is out and keeps trying to make me move back in with her even though i truely just dont feel safe being alone with her just yet. michael and i are growing apart and he is becoming more violent. i've already had a broken arm, five black eyes, seven busted lips, a fractured rib, and countless bruises all over my arms and back. i've left him ten times since we've been together and each time it only lasted about a week or even less because of the love we share, plus i dont know what i'd do without him in my life.
on our second year anniversary we made love for the very first time and it was amazing. i met him at his aunt darleen's house because she gave him the house for the weekend. he had all the lights cut out and only had candles lit. once i got to the room i was so shocked when i saw what he did to the <a href="">bed</a> . he had <a href="">kc &jojo</a> playing and i felt so special.
"baby i know we had our bad times and all but my love for you never dies, it only grows stronger. so tonight i want you to forget about the past and all the heartache and pain and call this your first time and our new beginning." i was crying and smiling so touched by the words he spoke to me. i love him so much and now i love him even more.
he lead me to the bed and took off each piece of clothing i had on so carefully and slowly then layed me on the bed and took off all his clothes.he kissed me softly then stopped for a second and just stared at me.
"why are you looking at me like that.?" i said kinda feeling uncomfortable.
"because you look so beautiful i'm just savoring this moment." he climbed back on top of me and kissed me passionately. he put a condom on and began to slowly ease inside of me stopping when he saw that i was in pain and kissing away the tears i shedd. after about ten minutes the pain went away and i began to enjoy the moment just as much as he was. he was so gentle about it. we lasted about an hour and forty-five minutes and then he carried me into the <a href="">bathroom</a> and we took a bath together and then we went back to bed peacefully.
the next morning i woke up to michael doing his morning line of coke at the edge of the bed. i know i shouldnt even accept this but hey what can i do about it.? i crawled down to him and put my arms around him and kissed his neck.
"GET THE FUXK OFF ME GIRL.! DAMN .!" he yelled shaking me off him.
"come on now please dont start this today.!"
"shut up with that whinny shyt right now kuz i dnt feel like hearing it."
"whatever then. i dont need this shyt. hit me up when you sober up michael." i said putting my pants on. i got up to get my stuff together to leave but michael quickly got up and slapped me across my face.
"where do you think your going renee.? did i say you could leave.? HUH.?" he hit me again. "answer me girl. did i say you could leave.?" now he had me in the air by my arms shaking me.
"no michael you didnt." i answered crying. he threw me back down.
"didnt think so. now sit there until i say move."
"i shoulda known all that shyt you said last night was bullshyt just so you can get the puccy."
"didnt i say shut your fuxking mouth.?"
i did what he said afraid he may hit me again.

its been five months since that situation happened and i can honestly say michael has improved his behavior. he kept his word to not hit me anymore and he's begun to let me chill more with my girls. today for his birthday we were going out for dinner and a movie.
at dinner i gave him this 16 carat gold chain and bracelet set uncle joe picked out. he really loved it and i was glad to put a smile on his face. everything was going grat until we got to the movies and were in line for our drinks.
while waiting i notice this guy behind us staring me down. he looked to be about 17 or 18 years old and was obvious why he was looking at me. i mean when i first got with michael i had no type of shape to me but now at the age of 12 and i've filled out perfectly. the boy was not too bad looking himself. he was with three other dudes and i guess michael noticed who i was staring at because he immediately snatched me up and drug me into the hall.
"why is it that everytime we go somewhere you have to act like that.?"
"like what im not doing anything."
"bytch i seen yhu looking at that nigga so dont play me like im stupid renee."
"michael im not doing anything and he was looking at me so i looked back. relax, this is your day so lets enjoy the rest of the night please."
he cooled down and we went back to the line. by now the dudes were in front of us and michael pulled me close to his side. each time i tried to move his grip got tighter.
"michael your hurting me," he didnt care. "let me go now.!" i pushed him away and it seemed like he was about to hit me but he changed his mind and walked away to the room our movie was playing in.
"excuse me sweetheart i dont mean to be in your business but i just thought i'd let you know your too pretty to be putting up with him." the guy who was staring at me said.
"well i apprieate your advice but we're good. he's just a little upset right now but he'll get over it."
"if you dont mind me asking, can i know why.?"
"he thought i was flirting with you and that you want me."
"well he's right about one thing, i do want you. the question now is when will you let me have you beacuse if you were mine you wouldnt have to worry about me being jealous. i know if a nigga looking at my woman she must be a baddie and sweetheart are just that"
"im flattered but i love my man and would never leave him." he laughed.
"well my name is <a href="">brandun shane</a> but my friends call me B-More. can i know yours.?"
"its renee. i heard stories about you from my friend."
"really.?" he said with a smile. "like what.?"
"you sell the best dro in columbus." he laughed.
"yeah that's me." then outta no where i feel a strong hand grab the back of my neck and start pulling me away from the line.
"BYTCH WHAT THE FUXK YOU THINK YOU DOING.!" michael yells as he drags me to the restrooms yelling about how im disrespecting him and how he's tired of me. as soon as we got in the mens room he punched me in the face.
"no please.! you said you wouldnt hit me anymore.!" i cried crawling away from him.
"SHUT UP BYTCH.! IMMA TEACH YOU NOT TO DISRESPECT ME IN PUBLIC ANYMORE.!" with that he began punching me over and over then he got up and locked the door and took off his belt.
"michael please stop.! im sorry just stop.!" he ignored my pleds and pulled off my pants and began beating me with his belt buckle. he finished off with four kicks to my stomach and once in my jaw.
"i bet you wont fuxk up again now will you.? SPEAK BYTCH.!"
i couldnt say anything because i was too busy crying and coughing up blood.
"SHUT UP AND GET YO ASS UP.! LAYING THERE LIKE I KILLED YO DUMB ASS. GET UP.!" he said putting his belt back on and opening the door. right when he turned around brandun was at the door and when he saw me he attacked michael. he pulled out his gun and began pistol whipping him. it took ten people to get him off michael and into the hallway.
"let me get my girl yo." brandun yelled shaking everybody off him. he came back and gently scoped me up into his arms.
"its ok renee i got you." was all i heard before i blacked out.

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ok so imma just kill this story now

*The Truth Revealed*
its going on the seventh month since michael and i have been together and honestly i counldnt be more happier. but at the same time michael is not the same person he use to be. he has started being very aggressive and wanted to control where i was and who i was with. he has even hit me before. well that wasnt entirely his fault because i need break a promise i made with him.
on another note, in about two months or so my mother will be getting out of jail but then she has to report to the halfway house and be there for like eight months so they can make sure she's gonna stay clean. she wrote me a letter saying she wanys me to move back in with her when she got back on her feet but im not so sure about that so i never responded.
today michael is suppose to be taking me out somewhere to make up for missing our date last week. he got to my house at around noon and we ended up having a nice little picnic at franklin park. we also took a tour in the conservatory. after all that we put down a blanket and just chilled in the grass.
"renee you are so beautiful. you dont know how happy you make me feel everyday im with you." he said stroking my face.
"aw baby thats so sweet. i never thought in a million years i would ever let a man get closer to me after what happened but you, i just feel safe.." i said laying down on his lap.
"baby what happened that made you not wanna be with men.?" i was stuck for a second because i forgot i never told him about my past.
"huh.?" i said pretending like i didnt hear him.
"i heard what you just said renee so just tell me. we've been through alot lately but you know you can trust me baby. i love you."
"you what.?" hearing those words for the first time made my heart race. i've been waiting so long for him to say that.
"i love you girl."
"baby i love you too." with that i crawled up to him and kissed him long and hard.
"so tell me what happened baby."
"ok, a year or so ago my mother traded me for drugs from her supplier. dude was mad crazy. it lasted like five minutes but only because john came in and killed the guy. that night we moved in with john's friend josh and his mom. we where there for a long time before they made us move in with uncle joe. we never told uncle joe everything that happened because he would have sent me away somewhere and maybe even tell the police what john did causing him to get in trouble and we just couldnt imagine being apart from each other." i had a fear tears in my eyes recalling the days i was with my mom.
"so where is she now and where is your old man.?"
"she's in jail for now but aparently she's about to be getting out on good behavior soon but then she has to go to a halfway house. and as far as my father goes i cant even remember what the man looks like. he ran out on us when i was five aint heard from him since."
"wow baby you just been through somethings i see."
"yea but now its all looking up from here now that i have you."
"and trust me baby i aint going no where."
"and neither am i." we kissed and decided to lay back and enjoy our view of the kids playing and everything else around us.
after about twenty more minutes at the park we packed up and headed to his house so i could finally meet his mother. as we got closer i became nervous about what she may ask me and how she may think of me. it seemed michael could sense my fear because he immediately grabbed me and pulled me close telling me everything would alright and that i had nothing to worry about and that i should loosen up.
we get in the house and he immediately runs to the kitchen so i just make myself comfortable in the livingroom.
"renee come on she's in here." he came back saying after about ten minutes.
"mom this is renee flowers my girlfriend and renee this is my mother <a href="">lillian harris</a> .
"nice to meet you ms. harris." i attempted to shake her hand but she never looks my direction.
"ooookaay. imma leave you two ladies alone for a while. mom where's jamal.?"
"in the basement." and with that he was gone. his mother was cutting up vegetables for what looked like a stew. since thats one of my favorite things to cook i knew we would click.
"ms.harris would you like some help.?" i asked about to wash my hands.
" no thank you. just sit at the table for a second." i did as she asked kinda disappointed at the same time. after she got done with everything she came and sat across from me.
"so lets get right to this, how did you meet my son.?" she said wiping her hands with her towel.
"i was trying to get in the corner store and he wouldn't let me. then when he finally did he followed me around the whole store until i agreed to give him my number." i replied smiling a bit replaying the events of that day in my head.
"how old are you.?"
"i'll be ten in three months. i hope your not thrown off by the whole age difference thing because age shouldn't matter if you love somebody."
"what do your people have to say about the difference.?"
"they dont mind. i mean they did at first but after they saw how good we were together they acceptes us."
"is that so.?"
"yes ma'am michael and my older brother john even became really good friends when i introduced him to my family a few months back."
we went on talking for about another hour or so. it felt really nice having a woman to talk to about things. talking to ms. harris made me realize that i really miss ms. townsend. alot. all in all the night went great and she shows that she could grow to truly care about me. but even if she doesnt i still will be with michael.

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lol yea their something alright

Run it they r cute even though there is an age difference

No runs.???

*Growing Up*
while staying with uncle joe we spent alot of time at the library reading all sorts of books together. he would always say we read because he didnt want any dumb illiterate family members. crazy right.?
one day after school i decided to stop by the store before meeting uncle joe at the library. as im walking and searching through my bag for my wallet i end up accidentally bumping into a group of boys in front of the doors.
"oh im so sorry."
"damn lil mama watch where you going." one boy said.
"i said im sorry."
"nigga shut yo ass up. dont mind him sweetheart its cool." another said.
"ok. wel excuse me im kinda in a hurry." i said trying to go by.
"whoa dont rush off. im <a href="">michael</a> . this is < a href"">pat</a> , <a href="">tey</a> , <a href="">derrick</a> ,and this ignorant fool is <a href="">kae-c</a>. so whats your name.?"
"its renee." i tried to go again but michael blocked me again.
"do you want something michael.?"
"well since you asked i would love it if you gave me your number renee."
"fine but after you let me in the store." with that he moved and i finally walked in the store.
as im walking through the store i notice michael was actually following me around the store.
"you do know that stalking someone doesnt get you their number any faster.?"
"so you think im a stalker now.? wow renee that hurt." he sid patting his heart causing me to chuckle. "but fareal renee im just so intrigued by you."
"intrigued, really." i laughed a little thinking about how corny he was being. if he wasnt so cute i would have shut him down a long time ago.
"yes. so how old are ranee.?" he asked following me to the corner.
"im nine. how about yourself.?" i asked paying for my stuff.
"im fourteen sweetheart."
"oh ok. well i gotta run. it was nice meeting you." i turnes to walk away but he gently grabbed my arm.
"wait you promised me your number."
"fine." i put my number in his phone and left. as soon as i got with uncle joe he called. i explained i couldnt talk and we hung up.
after about four weeks of talking on the phone and me sneaking to see him at derrick's house i decided to invite him to meet uncle joe and john. im just hoping they dont try to keep us apart because michael is a year older than john. im hoping they see how we feel about each other and let us do us. we had just got back from seeing my mom when he called me to let me know he was on his way. i hopped in the shower again and changed into some basketball shorts and a tank top. by the time i was finish changing and everything he was at the door. i zoomed down the steps to answer it.
"hey baby." i said giving him a big hug.
"hey. how are you babe."
"im fine honey." i said shutting the door but then i saw that my friends lania and kaydn were walking up the steps.
"hey bytch dont be tryna act like you aint see us coming." <a href="">lania</a> said.
"hey yall whats up.?" i replied.
"oh nothing just tryna see who that cutie was that just walked up. hey there honey." <a href="">kaydn</a> yelled loud enough for michael to come back to the door.
"hey you two how are yo doing. my name is michael."
" baby these are my girls lania and kaydn."
"hey." they said in unison.
"well its nice to meet you two. baby i think your uncle is calling you."
"oh ok. i'll yall later."
"ok boo." lania said. i shut the door and we began walking towards the back of the house to where john and uncle joe were.
"this house is hella nice babe. what does your uncle do.? michael asd in awe of the layout of my uncle's house.
"he's an investor."
"hell i didnt know that paid this good." he replied still looking around.
"yea i guess. he guys he's here." i said reaching them out back playing basketball.
"come on out here son." uncle joe said. " so whats your name.?"
"it michael. michael harris."
" nice to meet you. im joe or mr black and this is my nephew john." they all dapped each other up then john and michael started playinf ball whe me and uncle joe finished dinner.
by the end of the night you couldnt tear michael and john apart so he could leave. when they finally parted ways uncle joe took us into his den and laid down all his rules and regulations of us dating. basically the normal things any dad would tell their daughter and her boyfriend he told us. the fact he was allowing us to continue seeing each other was all that mattered to me. i have my superman....or so i thought.

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Awww thats soooo sad :(

*Eleven years earlier*
My life was changed forever the night my father, <a href="">david james flowers</a>, walked out on my <a href="">mother</a> when i was five. my older brother john's father left too so i guess having this happen to her twice really fuxked my mother's head up so she turned to drugs.
when she first started doing coke it was almost as if nothing was different. at this time i had just turned six and <a href="">john</a> was ten, she would never do it around us so at times we were home alone for days at a time. but she always came home with big meals or even toys. that was until she got like two years deep and then she started taking stuff from our own house.
one night when i was eight, up late by myself, my mom came home high with some guy who looked about 26. as soon as he seen me he whispered something in her ear that she didnt like until he pulled out a bag with a few rocks in it and told her if she did what he asked then she could have them. she thought for second then agreed. she lead me to her room,laid me in her bed, took my panties off, then left out coming back with him by her side.
"see there you go just like you asked now can i have em." she said itching her arm.
"here bytch." he threw the bag at her and she picked it up and left never looking back at me.
he shut the door and started walking towards me.
"no please go get my mommy, i dont wanna be in here with you." i got up out the bed and stood in the corner thinking about how imma get out this door to john's room downstairs.
"it'll be fine babygirl, come here and sit on my lap for a minute." he said sitting on the bed patting his lap. as he's taking off his coat i try to run out the door but he catches me in the air causing me to start screaming.
"no no no.! get away i want my bubby.! help me.! please.!"
"girl if you dont shut up imma kill you.!" he yelled throwing me on the bed. i went to get up but he pulled his gun out and i changed my mind.
"girl what did i say, now lay still." all i could do was cry and do what i was told because i knew there was no getting out of this.
as he pushes himself in me i cry even harder. it hurt so bad i thought i was going to die. after about five minutes the door burts open and a shot was fired. when i looked up i seen a big whole in the guy's head and john by the door holding a gun. he runs over to me, pulls the guys dicc out and pushes him off me.
"bubby i was so scared. he hurt me so bad." i cried grabbing hom around his neck.
"i got you baby sis aint nobody gonna hurt you ever again." he lifted me up seeing all the blood which angered him even more. he took me into my room and lays me down and packed as much of my clothes as he could. then we went to his room and did the same. we went back and john searched his pocket and finds two big bundles of cash.
we left and went and went four streets down to john's friend <a href="">josh's</a> house, he gives me a bath and lays me on the couch. he explains to josh and his mother, <a href="">ms. townsend</a> , what happened and begs her with the money he found in the guy's pocket if we could stay there. she refused the money but said we could stay with them. you could tell by the look in her eyes that she felt sorry for us.
we stayed there for about three months and nobody even thought to come look for us. ms townsend even threw me a birthday party at the park. sadly though, about a week after my party the police spotted us all at the store. they made us go to ms townsend's pack our stuff and move on with our mother's brother, <a href="'s_Action_Awards.jpg/220px-Jim_Jones_at_the_5th_Annual_Hip-Hop_Summit_Action_Network's_Action_Awards.jpg">joe</a> , while she's in jail for drugs and child endangerment and then when she gets out they are making her go to rehab.

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