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2013 Grammys

Chris, you and Rhianna are two of my favorite artists, together or apart. Since you and Ri-Ri are determined to be together with all of the bad baggage, I say kudos to the two of you, make it work!. Having said that, you Chris, with all of your personal negative press, need to stay focused and positive. I noticed while watching the Grammys that you appeared despondent and unhappy, listen here man, when all else fails, SMILE! We love your smile and it shows expressions of content and happiness, whether it is true feelings or not and we want to see you happy. Also, Ri-Ri is into fashion, roll with her, you are a rocker also dress the part. At the Grammys that outfit you had on was not rolling with Ri-Ri. At this point you not only represent Chris Brown, you represent Ri-Ri as well. Its obvious that she wants you in her life, so support her, make her happy, you be happy, but most of all, LOOK HAPPY!!! Heads up, I love Drake also, and you know something man, I think that he was there to get your girl, had you not been in pocket. As a woman I’m telling you, stake your claim!
I love both you and Ri-Ri, and Ri-Ri is my girl, good bad or indifferent so take care of her and show the world how much you love each other and LOOKM HAPPY!!!