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f***. Frank. Ocean

I don't care what anybody say, Chris should have won that Grammy. -_-


put ppl making a big dealabout him not standing i recorded the Grammys and heck Miguel didnt stand either with me looking back at the show.

They better be happy he didn't trip frank as he was walking by
That's some s*** I would have done lol jk

But we all know Fortune was a good album and Chris has grown over the
Pass few years. His new album X will be 10 times better and I KNOW it's gonna
Bring home a grammy.

I like Frank Ocean but obviously I am Team Breezy. People need to get off Chris' d*** though. Like ya'll better be happy he even clapped.

I wouldnt stand either at least he clapped tho

Yeah I would be less mad if it was Miguel. And then people are upset that Chris didn't stand for Frank. -_-

I know at least miguel